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-34 X
-3 TS

94% | 1707 X | 1493 TS

-24 X
-2 TS

93% | 1658 X | 1523 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

57% | 1279 X | 1339 TS

+3 X
-3 TS

54% | 1261 X | 1330 TS

-24 X
-5 TS

45% | 1156 X | 1319 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

92% | 1659 X | 1488 TS

+45 X
+3 TS

84% | 1587 X | 1375 TS

-32 X
+2 TS

70% | 1411 X | 1346 TS

+29 X
+4 TS

62% | 1285 X | 1377 TS

+35 X
+3 TS

49% | 1207 X | 1327 TS

Chat log

00:00:13TheyCallMeHaci yew, dazzle me mid ?
00:00:21yeW- lets c
00:00:30AliBaba dassle to me
00:00:30m1shjaAa zz
00:00:30yeW- i think ima ban tiny
00:00:30MnmlArT som1 will take
00:00:30BoNeshaw ban commander
00:00:30MnmlArT bs then
00:00:30yeW- ban tiny
00:00:31MnmlArT bs
00:00:31MnmlArT zzz
00:00:31yeW- unpausin
00:00:31yeW- in
00:00:31yeW- 3
00:00:31yeW- 2
00:00:31yeW- 1
00:00:43MnmlArT am ?
00:00:45yeW- u?
00:00:46BoNeshaw mrk u can solo
00:00:47BoNeshaw if u wish
00:00:48MnmlArT y
00:00:49MnmlArT sure
00:00:51MnmlArT need my
00:00:51mrk ouk
00:00:53MnmlArT procent
00:00:54MnmlArT back :D
00:00:54BACKENiZER- are you kidding me?
00:00:55TheyCallMeHaci i play
00:00:57MnmlArT lost 20
00:00:57BACKENiZER- mrk and solo??
00:00:59MnmlArT in 2 days . . .
00:01:00yeW- :D
00:01:02AliBaba what you want `?
00:01:03MnmlArT can i play
00:01:03MnmlArT am
00:01:03MnmlArT please
00:01:03TheyCallMeHaci no
00:01:03yeW- srpski
00:01:03MnmlArT please
00:01:03MnmlArT dude
00:01:03m1shjaAa wata pick?
00:01:03MnmlArT yew
00:01:04BoNeshaw ?
00:01:04MnmlArT told him
00:01:06MnmlArT mate
00:01:07yeW- :D?
00:01:07MnmlArT please
00:01:10AliBaba you play it ?
00:01:10BACKENiZER- '
00:01:12yeW- cant rly force him mate
00:01:12TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:01:12BoNeshaw get krobe?
00:01:12MnmlArT i know
00:01:12BoNeshaw levi
00:01:12BoNeshaw wd
00:01:12m1shjaAa i need tide so much(
00:01:13BoNeshaw jakiro
00:01:13MnmlArT but i said
00:01:13BoNeshaw aa
00:01:14BoNeshaw etc
00:01:16MnmlArT first . . .
00:01:20yeW- magina would you min givin him am
00:01:21yeW- D
00:01:23yeW- THERE
00:01:24BoNeshaw no more carry
00:01:24yeW- TRIED
00:01:25BoNeshaw needed
00:01:27BoNeshaw just tank
00:01:29MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:30MnmlArT -clear
00:01:31MnmlArT hate
00:01:31BoNeshaw and stun
00:01:32MnmlArT 2
00:01:32BACKENiZER- me cent
00:01:32yeW- get tide
00:01:32MnmlArT play
00:01:34MnmlArT suports
00:01:36mrk cent tide
00:01:37yeW- -clear
00:01:38MnmlArT 2 noobs
00:01:39TheyCallMeHaci lion top with me ?
00:01:39yeW- tide
00:01:41MnmlArT like that haci
00:01:47yeW- -ma
00:01:49yeW- hm
00:01:50DeMiaN wd
00:01:53DeMiaN u got wards
00:01:56BoNeshaw hmm
00:01:59MnmlArT y
00:01:59mrk chicken
00:01:59MnmlArT so
00:02:01yeW- rsly
00:02:04yeW- whats with the int heroes
00:02:05yeW- lol
00:02:07BoNeshaw cent u semi woods with me or?
00:02:08yeW- we got no tank
00:02:12MnmlArT y
00:02:12MnmlArT gg
00:02:19mrk mishajajah
00:02:19yeW- -ma
00:02:20mrk chicken
00:02:20BoNeshaw get stun and dd
00:02:22BoNeshaw would rape
00:02:23yeW- hope storms mi
00:02:24m1shjaAa ofg
00:02:24yeW- d
00:02:25BoNeshaw i go
00:02:27BoNeshaw slow
00:02:29m1shjaAa allways forget
00:02:32MnmlArT it is
00:02:34MnmlArT for sure
00:02:34m1shjaAa i buy asap
00:02:35yeW- not fuckin dazzle
00:02:35yeW- :D
00:02:36mrk y ok
00:02:37m1shjaAa sry pls
00:02:39MnmlArT dude
00:02:41MnmlArT yesterday
00:02:44MnmlArT dazzle
00:02:46MnmlArT rape lina
00:02:50yeW- ll
00:02:51MnmlArT dedexers vs mrk :D
00:02:52AliBaba no chick ?
00:02:55MnmlArT dedu
00:02:57BACKENiZER- no!!
00:02:57m1shjaAa asap
00:02:59yeW- dazzle
00:03:00AliBaba bah
00:03:00BACKENiZER- no chickens anymore
00:03:01yeW- is tough shit
00:03:01yeW- mod
00:03:02AliBaba didnt see
00:03:06AliBaba relax girl
00:03:08yeW- fuckin
00:03:11yeW- lame attack animation
00:03:16MnmlArT dazzle
00:03:16MnmlArT here
00:03:19yeW- good
00:03:27BACKENiZER- xD
00:03:42mrk gg
00:03:44yeW- share
00:03:44yeW- pls
00:03:56yeW- SHRE
00:03:57yeW- UNIT
00:04:08MnmlArT share
00:04:49MnmlArT at 3
00:04:50MnmlArT thd
00:04:54BoNeshaw go wd?
00:05:15mrk chicken
00:05:19DeMiaN kill
00:05:23mrk share
00:05:26AliBaba :D
00:05:28AliBaba kooran
00:05:42MnmlArT i am
00:05:42MnmlArT b
00:05:43edgarass learn 3 skill
00:05:51MnmlArT hell
00:05:54MnmlArT dude
00:05:56MnmlArT i have
00:05:59MnmlArT maeldict
00:06:00MnmlArT wtf
00:06:03BoNeshaw alibaba
00:06:04BoNeshaw make
00:06:08BoNeshaw tranquil boots and jango
00:06:09BoNeshaw plz
00:06:11BoNeshaw epic for ur hero
00:06:14MnmlArT am
00:06:15mrk ss
00:06:17MnmlArT go manta vanguard
00:06:18TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:06:19MnmlArT we need
00:06:19MnmlArT u 2
00:06:20MnmlArT tank
00:06:23TheyCallMeHaci ye i knwo
00:06:37mrk SS BS
00:06:38yeW- ss mid going ti
00:06:39MnmlArT at 3
00:06:39yeW- top
00:06:40MnmlArT or 4
00:06:41MnmlArT go
00:06:48BoNeshaw got grave
00:06:48yeW- CARE TOP
00:06:49mrk re
00:06:54MnmlArT harass
00:06:55MnmlArT him
00:06:55yeW- re
00:06:56BoNeshaw need lvl 3
00:06:56MnmlArT all the
00:06:57MnmlArT time
00:06:59BoNeshaw to kill wd
00:07:15MnmlArT go
00:07:28m1shjaAa go bot
00:07:41yeW- lion
00:07:42yeW- lil gang
00:07:44DeMiaN k
00:07:51BoNeshaw fuck
00:07:52BACKENiZER- :D
00:07:55BoNeshaw u got instagippoed
00:07:56yeW- he inc
00:07:58yeW- i take rune bot
00:07:59BoNeshaw tried grave
00:08:03mrk ss bs
00:08:03yeW- wait my 6
00:08:05mrk someone coming mid
00:08:06DeMiaN k
00:08:07mrk call ss
00:08:09DeMiaN brbsec
00:08:15yeW- ss stir
00:08:23MnmlArT go thd
00:08:57BoNeshaw ffs
00:08:59BoNeshaw dont stop
00:08:59mrk ss
00:09:02yeW- after wave
00:09:06MnmlArT a ?
00:09:07m1shjaAa need halp up
00:09:08yeW- -afk
00:09:09MnmlArT ty
00:09:10m1shjaAa help
00:09:14mrk need rune
00:09:16MnmlArT kill need
00:09:18MnmlArT 30
00:09:19MnmlArT mana
00:09:24m1shjaAa D
00:09:25mrk damn
00:09:26mrk man
00:09:29yeW- pff
00:09:31AliBaba :
00:09:32yeW- srsly
00:09:36MnmlArT b
00:09:37MnmlArT dead
00:09:41MnmlArT zzzz
00:09:44edgarass fucking shit
00:09:46BoNeshaw gj
00:09:46MnmlArT needed
00:09:47MnmlArT 30
00:09:47MnmlArT mana
00:09:49MnmlArT told u
00:09:57m1shjaAa am
00:09:57mrk i cant stop bs anymore
00:10:11yeW- k
00:10:12MnmlArT wow lyon
00:10:13yeW- go tetris
00:10:15DeMiaN yy
00:10:19DeMiaN tetris inc
00:10:21yeW- ^^
00:10:26yeW- focus mec
00:10:27m1shjaAa b
00:10:28yeW- xD
00:10:28BoNeshaw cent
00:10:29edgarass ss2
00:10:31BoNeshaw lets rape now
00:10:31BACKENiZER- ?
00:10:34BoNeshaw got phases
00:10:34MnmlArT SS 2
00:10:35BoNeshaw to own
00:10:38BoNeshaw but a bit low mana :)
00:10:46edgarass if they come dont run
00:10:50edgarass me icewall
00:10:51mrk ss
00:10:52mrk lion
00:10:55BoNeshaw b
00:10:57MnmlArT y
00:10:57BoNeshaw wait mana
00:11:02m1shjaAa ok got 6
00:11:03MnmlArT omw
00:11:06m1shjaAa now i roam
00:11:09BoNeshaw now
00:11:12BoNeshaw got for 2 spells
00:11:18yeW- illu
00:11:23yeW- srsly
00:11:23BoNeshaw just go in
00:11:30BoNeshaw ss
00:11:30BoNeshaw 2
00:11:38mrk yeah
00:11:40TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:11:42mrk both used spells mid :P
00:11:44mrk i noticed
00:11:50TheyCallMeHaci ..
00:11:50MnmlArT edgar
00:11:50MnmlArT some
00:11:50m1shjaAa wd
00:11:50MnmlArT wards
00:11:50MnmlArT pls
00:11:50m1shjaAa kill
00:11:50MnmlArT cause i am not
00:11:50MnmlArT going 2
00:11:50MnmlArT buy
00:11:50MnmlArT them
00:11:50MnmlArT now
00:11:50edgarass i dont wven have boots
00:11:50TheyCallMeHaci is he out ?
00:11:50yeW- dunno
00:11:50MnmlArT yew
00:11:50yeW- ye
00:11:50MnmlArT not radi
00:11:50MnmlArT ?
00:11:50BoNeshaw fuffuu
00:11:50yeW- meh
00:11:50MnmlArT force staff
00:11:50BoNeshaw nice game
00:11:50MnmlArT ?
00:11:50BoNeshaw pretty even
00:11:50yeW- games probz
00:11:50MnmlArT y
00:11:50yeW- over
00:11:50yeW- so
00:11:50yeW- fucker
00:11:50yeW- french
00:11:50yeW- fag
00:11:50MnmlArT we had this
00:11:50yeW- ye
00:11:50TheyCallMeHaci free game, and he leave
00:11:50TheyCallMeHaci plug
00:11:50yeW- P L U G
00:11:50BoNeshaw y right free game
00:11:50BoNeshaw we got nice heroes too
00:11:50MnmlArT :D
00:11:50DeMiaN Asd
00:11:50DeMiaN Asd
00:11:50DeMiaN ASd
00:11:50DeMiaN ASd
00:11:51DeMiaN ASd
00:11:52m1shjaAa who1
00:12:09DeMiaN ur the fucker french fag
00:12:13yeW- XDD
00:12:17MnmlArT :D
00:12:19m1shjaAa oom
00:12:22yeW- il t'arrive quoi
00:12:23MnmlArT u rly tunisian
00:12:25yeW- pourquoi tu lagges
00:12:40m1shjaAa lol
00:12:45mrk wtf
00:12:48mrk you just silenced krobe
00:12:48DeMiaN chais aps
00:12:52DeMiaN ma mere vient de rentrer
00:12:53MnmlArT wp
00:12:56DeMiaN d'une semaine de vacance
00:12:56yeW- ? D
00:12:59DeMiaN elle fout le bordel
00:13:02MnmlArT lol
00:13:04MnmlArT french
00:13:06MnmlArT people
00:13:06MnmlArT :D
00:13:06DeMiaN elle m'appelle toute les 2secs
00:13:13yeW- ^^
00:13:14mrk krobe
00:13:16mrk u tanked creeps
00:13:19mrk for 50% of ur hp
00:13:20yeW- Ahhh, ces m?res...^^
00:13:22MnmlArT pettit
00:13:23MnmlArT de la
00:13:23mrk while attacking bs
00:13:23mrk :P
00:13:25MnmlArT touret
00:13:28AliBaba it was a plan
00:13:30yeW- lmao
00:13:31DeMiaN that doesn't mean
00:13:32yeW- u gonna throw in
00:13:33edgarass take wards
00:13:33AliBaba but it failed
00:13:34m1shjaAa reuse
00:13:37yeW- every sp reference?
00:13:47mrk need wards
00:13:50mrk and active ganging
00:13:52yeW- -ma
00:13:59yeW- take it
00:14:11BoNeshaw why?
00:14:15MnmlArT go
00:14:15BoNeshaw use
00:14:16MnmlArT kill
00:14:17BoNeshaw that on twrs
00:14:20MnmlArT am go
00:14:25MnmlArT have
00:14:27MnmlArT all skills
00:14:33AliBaba its a plan
00:14:33mrk mine peale ma hüppan
00:14:58BoNeshaw krobe
00:14:58mrk lion is mid
00:14:59BoNeshaw buy boots
00:15:00BoNeshaw now
00:15:03BoNeshaw or ur useless
00:15:09DeMiaN yew
00:15:10DeMiaN come
00:15:10DeMiaN fag
00:15:14DeMiaN easy
00:15:15DeMiaN kill
00:15:25BoNeshaw krobe
00:15:30BoNeshaw CNA U BUY BOOTS?
00:15:32MnmlArT "D
00:15:36BoNeshaw ur hero needs ms
00:15:51yeW- ty
00:15:57mrk cd
00:16:30BoNeshaw thats sad
00:16:34yeW- jaki up courie
00:16:35mrk just lost free tower
00:16:38BoNeshaw well
00:16:40BoNeshaw u go in
00:16:42BoNeshaw with low mana
00:16:44edgarass def bot
00:16:48mrk why would am be there
00:16:49MnmlArT omw
00:16:50mrk i woulda ran
00:17:40MnmlArT go
00:17:40MnmlArT go
00:17:42MnmlArT yew :D
00:17:45MnmlArT dazzle
00:17:46MnmlArT siht
00:17:52yeW- ^^^^
00:17:55BoNeshaw hmm
00:17:57BoNeshaw can i say lol
00:18:01yeW- pls
00:18:25yeW- hm
00:18:27yeW- dont have much gold
00:18:31MnmlArT :D
00:18:31MnmlArT haha
00:18:34DeMiaN stop bragging
00:18:37yeW- :DD
00:18:41m1shjaAa brain dead cent
00:18:47m1shjaAa that moove
00:18:48DeMiaN guess tunisians not used to it
00:18:49m1shjaAa i mean
00:19:02BoNeshaw krobe
00:19:04BoNeshaw u have no idea
00:19:09BoNeshaw how bad build vnaguard is?
00:19:12BoNeshaw fopr ranged
00:19:14BoNeshaw and ur hero
00:19:14MnmlArT push
00:19:23BoNeshaw do freaking jango
00:19:24BoNeshaw it give
00:19:26BoNeshaw hpo mana
00:19:27BoNeshaw ms
00:19:29BoNeshaw to ur ghosts
00:19:30BoNeshaw too
00:19:33BoNeshaw and ias
00:19:45yeW- -afk
00:20:10yeW- ^^
00:20:16DeMiaN np
00:20:18MnmlArT sick
00:20:19mrk meh
00:20:19MnmlArT mael
00:20:21MnmlArT dickt
00:20:22yeW- demian too pro
00:20:23mrk all the time in the world for allies
00:20:24mrk to go anywhere
00:20:27yeW- misses stun and brags
00:20:28BoNeshaw krobe
00:20:29BoNeshaw u cant
00:20:29MnmlArT :D
00:20:31BoNeshaw hit anything
00:20:31DeMiaN =)))
00:20:32yeW- ^^
00:20:33BoNeshaw with ur ulti
00:20:33DeMiaN man
00:20:37MnmlArT bkb
00:20:37DeMiaN i'm on a good row
00:20:38MnmlArT soon
00:20:41DeMiaN my potm owned ur ck
00:20:44BoNeshaw build fucking
00:20:45DeMiaN and my wr was decent
00:20:45BoNeshaw tranquil
00:20:46yeW- ur potm
00:20:47BoNeshaw or phase
00:20:52yeW- wasnt against a pudge mid
00:20:57MnmlArT tp
00:20:58MnmlArT yew
00:21:01MnmlArT dont be greedy
00:21:02MnmlArT pls
00:21:03DeMiaN was 1v2 top soo
00:21:08yeW- 2 bobs
00:21:08MnmlArT yew
00:21:08yeW- ye
00:21:11yeW- what?!
00:21:14MnmlArT . . .
00:21:22yeW- want a tp?
00:21:29MnmlArT got it now
00:21:33yeW- had no money
00:21:37MnmlArT Lol
00:21:39MnmlArT u had
00:21:41MnmlArT 1500
00:21:42yeW- ye
00:21:43MnmlArT recipe
00:21:44MnmlArT 1350
00:21:45yeW- radi
00:21:46yeW- receipt
00:21:47yeW- and a tp
00:21:49yeW- for myself
00:21:50MnmlArT 2
00:21:50MnmlArT tps
00:21:51MnmlArT :D
00:21:58yeW- wuda needed 1600
00:22:06yeW- 1620
00:22:07DeMiaN can we talk bout smth else
00:22:10yeW- ^^
00:22:13MnmlArT :D
00:22:16MnmlArT mexico
00:22:17MnmlArT won
00:22:19MnmlArT vs brasil
00:22:24MnmlArT football
00:22:24BoNeshaw def bot
00:22:24DeMiaN what sport ?
00:22:25MnmlArT oi
00:22:26BoNeshaw with 5?
00:22:28BoNeshaw we got nice
00:22:29DeMiaN lool serious ?
00:22:29BoNeshaw ultis
00:22:30BoNeshaw ?
00:22:32MnmlArT y
00:22:33BoNeshaw cvome?
00:22:40BoNeshaw there only
00:22:41BoNeshaw 4
00:22:46BoNeshaw go in
00:22:47mrk go
00:22:55TheyCallMeHaci go
00:23:37edgarass was silenced
00:23:39m1shjaAa not bad i think
00:23:41edgarass go bot again
00:23:44edgarass they dont have ulties
00:23:44BoNeshaw u could run?=
00:23:45mrk ofc its bad
00:23:45MnmlArT go
00:23:47mrk we lost 2 for nothing
00:23:50mrk and coulda killed extra 2
00:23:58m1shjaAa thatass bad
00:24:26MnmlArT i am so
00:24:28MnmlArT awsome
00:24:28BoNeshaw kill this hunting
00:24:29BoNeshaw noob
00:24:30BoNeshaw ffs
00:24:32MnmlArT awesome
00:24:34MnmlArT or w\e
00:24:35MnmlArT :D
00:24:37yeW- ur a cocksucker
00:24:39yeW- is what u are
00:24:39yeW- mate
00:24:43MnmlArT .!>
00:24:45MnmlArT .!.
00:24:46MnmlArT yew
00:24:48MnmlArT bastard
00:24:58yeW- speakin words of truth
00:25:00yeW- makes me a bastard
00:25:01yeW- ?
00:25:05MnmlArT y
00:25:10MnmlArT truth
00:25:15BoNeshaw move ffs
00:25:16BoNeshaw ur low
00:25:16yeW- so ur a cocksucker?
00:25:18BoNeshaw i try grave
00:25:19MnmlArT is painfull
00:25:20MnmlArT u know
00:25:20BoNeshaw but stunned
00:25:51BoNeshaw cent dagger would help
00:25:52BoNeshaw alot
00:26:00MnmlArT u love
00:26:00MnmlArT me
00:26:03MnmlArT i know that
00:26:04MnmlArT :D
00:26:04yeW- i dont, rly
00:26:08MnmlArT yes
00:26:10MnmlArT u do
00:26:15MnmlArT admit it
00:26:22m1shjaAa ff
00:26:29BoNeshaw just def
00:26:31MnmlArT yew
00:26:33MnmlArT <3
00:26:33MnmlArT :D
00:26:35yeW- lol
00:26:36m1shjaAa bs and am
00:26:40TheyCallMeHaci need 300
00:26:40TheyCallMeHaci top
00:26:41BoNeshaw y
00:26:41TheyCallMeHaci pælz
00:26:41BoNeshaw spo
00:26:43BoNeshaw we got silence
00:26:44yeW- MY TOP
00:26:44MnmlArT me
00:26:44BoNeshaw stun
00:26:45MnmlArT 2
00:26:45BoNeshaw etc
00:26:45MnmlArT need
00:26:49BoNeshaw just minsta em
00:27:23BoNeshaw and magic sticks plz
00:27:30BoNeshaw none of u have
00:27:34edgarass b?
00:27:35BoNeshaw best item in game after tp
00:27:54MnmlArT haha
00:27:55MnmlArT ur dead
00:27:58edgarass 3v5 not a good idea :)
00:28:03m1shjaAa DONT U SE ME
00:28:14BoNeshaw can u ulti so i dont die instagipped`?
00:28:22BoNeshaw and all of
00:28:23BoNeshaw us
00:28:24BoNeshaw almost
00:28:25m1shjaAa yes if i where nea
00:28:25TheyCallMeHaci go mied
00:28:26m1shjaAa r
00:28:27edgarass this is warded
00:28:29MnmlArT ok
00:28:34edgarass yeah go and end this shit
00:28:41MnmlArT care
00:28:42MnmlArT smoke
00:28:43MnmlArT mb
00:28:54mrk wards please
00:29:02MnmlArT travel
00:29:03MnmlArT tp
00:29:05MnmlArT allways
00:29:06MnmlArT blue
00:29:12MnmlArT i tought it is sentinel
00:29:12yeW- hmm?
00:29:14BoNeshaw kill top all plz
00:29:15MnmlArT allways
00:29:21yeW- u noob
00:29:21yeW- ll
00:29:23yeW- k go mid
00:29:32MnmlArT y
00:29:40mrk need regen
00:29:41mrk will tp in10
00:29:49mrk kill
00:29:50mrk got silence
00:29:54yeW- -m
00:29:57yeW- -ms
00:29:58MnmlArT rape
00:29:58MnmlArT me
00:30:00MnmlArT rape me
00:30:05MnmlArT my friend
00:30:12yeW- lol
00:30:19mrk ROFL TIDE
00:30:30BoNeshaw for real
00:30:32BoNeshaw tide
00:30:33m1shjaAa FOR REAL
00:30:34BoNeshaw ...
00:30:35mrk just use that god damn ulti
00:30:37BoNeshaw how fucking hard
00:30:37BACKENiZER- brain dead
00:30:38mrk as soon as possible
00:30:39BoNeshaw is it to use
00:30:42m1shjaAa IT WAS CD
00:30:45mrk it was not
00:30:46BACKENiZER- no it was nor
00:30:48BACKENiZER- not
00:30:49mrk we can see
00:30:50m1shjaAa and some morron used me again
00:31:04BoNeshaw ye aused magic stick
00:31:08m1shjaAa FIU
00:31:13MnmlArT b
00:31:15MnmlArT thd
00:31:20mrk i
00:31:21BoNeshaw magic
00:31:22BoNeshaw stick
00:31:22mrk checked
00:31:23BoNeshaw only
00:31:23mrk right before
00:31:25mrk u went in
00:31:25BoNeshaw when u were dying
00:31:28mrk before wd bkb
00:31:30m1shjaAa SU
00:31:31mrk i saw it was off cd
00:31:38MnmlArT i hate u so much
00:31:39MnmlArT yew
00:31:43yeW- lol
00:31:44m1shjaAa some one used mine ult after wd bkb
00:31:45BoNeshaw im fucking sorry
00:31:47yeW- u are
00:31:48BoNeshaw for clicking stick
00:31:49yeW- a sick person
00:31:49yeW- mate
00:31:52BoNeshaw to make u las longer
00:31:53MnmlArT middle age crysis :D
00:31:53BoNeshaw lol
00:31:56DeMiaN can we
00:31:57BoNeshaw cant watch
00:31:57DeMiaN END
00:31:58DeMiaN pls
00:32:00BoNeshaw that much fiaLING
00:32:18m1shjaAa die canser
00:32:25m1shjaAa of balls
00:32:33BoNeshaw :D
00:32:33MnmlArT can we go end
00:32:34m1shjaAa that who hit mine ult
00:32:35TheyCallMeHaci y
00:32:37yeW- k go
00:32:42MnmlArT omw
00:32:45BoNeshaw wait
00:32:46BoNeshaw 5
00:32:48edgarass wait me
00:32:48BoNeshaw and at twr
00:32:49BoNeshaw plz
00:33:03MnmlArT care cent tide
00:33:04MnmlArT dager
00:33:05BoNeshaw just insta bs
00:33:10MnmlArT ok just cent :D
00:33:11BoNeshaw he has no hp
00:33:12DeMiaN rosh ?
00:33:13DeMiaN then end ,
00:33:14TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:33:21mrk come
00:33:23MnmlArT fuuu
00:33:24BoNeshaw and storm kill lions?
00:33:24TheyCallMeHaci for me then i go in
00:33:25TheyCallMeHaci first
00:33:36DeMiaN gj yew
00:33:39yeW- well eat my shit
00:33:45edgarass idiots
00:33:47MnmlArT u and
00:33:48MnmlArT rosh
00:33:48MnmlArT ffs
00:33:49BoNeshaw gj ppl
00:33:50MnmlArT go end
00:33:51MnmlArT tards
00:33:51BACKENiZER- krdi juut üritab papzi eest ära teleda?
00:33:54MnmlArT now we can lose
00:33:54yeW- Dd
00:33:54mrk :D
00:33:56BoNeshaw go
00:33:56mrk napilt läks
00:33:57BoNeshaw we have ultis'
00:33:59yeW- chill
00:34:00yeW- lol
00:34:04MnmlArT i am
00:34:07yeW- theres no losin this
00:34:11MnmlArT ahahhaahah
00:34:13MnmlArT thd
00:34:13MnmlArT :D
00:34:26yeW- b
00:34:27MnmlArT thd
00:34:28yeW- hes gonna kill u
00:34:28BoNeshaw twr
00:34:28MnmlArT why b
00:34:30mrk ye
00:34:31BoNeshaw go oin
00:34:31mrk go next
00:34:35MnmlArT lol
00:34:36MnmlArT lol
00:34:37AliBaba :D
00:34:37MnmlArT lol
00:34:38mrk go there
00:34:38mrk fast
00:34:40mrk i guess its low
00:34:41yeW- haha
00:34:42MnmlArT he ulted
00:34:43MnmlArT rosh
00:34:48yeW- :DD
00:35:02MnmlArT why
00:35:03MnmlArT ffs
00:35:04MnmlArT waste
00:35:05MnmlArT like that
00:35:09DeMiaN stfu
00:35:09yeW- 50s
00:35:09DeMiaN mofo
00:35:11yeW- lol
00:35:13yeW- beside
00:35:15yeW- didnt c u
00:35:24edgarass ff idiots
00:35:29edgarass stryg attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:35:41mrk gj
00:35:41yeW- attack who
00:35:42edgarass fucking moron jew
00:35:42MnmlArT thd
00:35:42yeW- ll
00:35:43MnmlArT pls
00:35:48BoNeshaw b
00:35:49edgarass what?
00:35:49yeW- ¨¨
00:35:50BoNeshaw am'
00:35:52yeW- pls stfu
00:35:56yeW- let the grown ups talk
00:35:59yeW- is what he meant
00:36:00edgarass fucking stryfg running around i cand do proper ulti or icewall
00:36:08yeW- ye
00:36:14yeW- becaue i have an aoe stun
00:36:16yeW- which regroups them
00:36:21yeW- so u can ulti
00:36:24DeMiaN CHEATER
00:36:27yeW- ^^
00:36:32DeMiaN BUSTED §
00:36:32mrk TIDE
00:36:33BoNeshaw HELP
00:36:35BoNeshaw STORM
00:36:35BoNeshaw FFS
00:36:40MnmlArT go mid
00:36:41MnmlArT again
00:36:45BoNeshaw lol
00:36:46BoNeshaw i tell u
00:36:52mrk fucking tide
00:36:54mrk so braindead
00:36:55BoNeshaw but mrk
00:36:56BACKENiZER- rofl
00:36:58BoNeshaw i know
00:36:58mrk ye i fucked up
00:36:59BoNeshaw but
00:36:59mrk coulda ran
00:37:00BoNeshaw why
00:37:00mrk 100 times
00:37:01BoNeshaw u
00:37:01yeW- k
00:37:02yeW- lol
00:37:03BoNeshaw fight
00:37:03BoNeshaw him
00:37:04BoNeshaw 1v1
00:37:06BoNeshaw why on earth
00:37:09DeMiaN u saw me
00:37:12DeMiaN soloing rosh ?
00:37:21mrk we coulda even killed him
00:37:22mrk with tide
00:37:23DeMiaN lion lvl 12 solo rosh that's nicee
00:37:23mrk ravage
00:37:27mrk since he wasted manta
00:37:31mrk which i baited on purpose
00:37:59yeW- loooooooooool
00:38:01mrk ULTI KROBE
00:38:22mrk ggwp
00:38:22mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:25AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:26mrk krobe tide
00:38:28mrk start thinking for uself
00:38:32MnmlArT gg wp
00:38:32mrk dont wait others to tell u what to do
00:38:44m1shjaAa ha
00:38:44BoNeshaw they
00:38:45BoNeshaw are
00:38:46BoNeshaw lioke
00:38:50BoNeshaw zombies
00:39:31BACKENiZER- :D
00:39:42yeW- luckster
00:39:53mrk in dota being active and knowing what to do
00:39:54mrk wins games
00:39:59mrk not staying back with fullhp
00:40:41yeW- lol
00:41:00mrk rofl
00:41:02yeW- ye
00:41:02yeW- ¨^'
00:41:03mrk cliff
00:41:14BoNeshaw ULTUI
00:41:16BoNeshaw ULTI
00:41:19BoNeshaw i tell ya
00:41:23BoNeshaw these are zombies
00:41:26m1shjaAa CD
00:41:26yeW- ool
00:41:26DeMiaN RAMPAGE
00:41:28m1shjaAa CD
00:41:29mrk KROBE
00:41:30mrk ULTI
00:41:30m1shjaAa of ult
00:41:35mrk which he never uses
00:41:36BoNeshaw we know
00:41:37BoNeshaw but
00:41:37mrk at the right time
00:41:39BoNeshaw krobe
00:41:40m1shjaAa dont think u the smartest one
00:41:43BoNeshaw tide
00:41:47BoNeshaw we were talking to krobe
00:41:48BoNeshaw ...
00:41:49BoNeshaw mr
00:41:50BoNeshaw smartass
00:41:55m1shjaAa dont talk
00:41:59m1shjaAa to anyone
00:42:01m1shjaAa PLAY
00:42:01mrk krobe ulti is one of the most imbalanced skills ever
00:42:02BoNeshaw mby u learn something?
00:42:06m1shjaAa u only flame
00:42:07yeW- i silence
00:42:08yeW- t
00:42:10m1shjaAa and use mine hero
00:42:10yeW- then i diffu u
00:42:14yeW- im smart aint i
00:42:15DeMiaN SMART
00:42:28MnmlArT well
00:42:30MnmlArT all yews
00:42:32MnmlArT are smart
00:42:38yeW- -ma
00:42:54BoNeshaw focus bs
00:42:55BoNeshaw all
00:42:58BoNeshaw spells
00:43:21m1shjaAa I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:35AliBaba ?
00:44:23edgarass lol again :D
00:44:28edgarass i suck
00:44:30yeW- ye
00:44:33yeW- but curiously
00:44:37yeW- u play good vs me
00:44:40MnmlArT :D
00:44:44MnmlArT he is skin
00:44:44MnmlArT head
00:44:47yeW- n u aint the only one
00:44:48MnmlArT from russia
00:44:54yeW- sometimes i think its a conspiracy
00:44:57MnmlArT y
00:44:58MnmlArT dude
00:44:59MnmlArT i tis
00:45:00yeW- agaisnt the yew
00:45:02MnmlArT it is
00:45:03MnmlArT no
00:45:07MnmlArT cause ur
00:45:08MnmlArT the best
00:45:12yeW- YE
00:45:12MnmlArT all give
00:45:14yeW- IGHT
00:45:18MnmlArT 200 %
00:45:20MnmlArT vs u
00:45:30BACKENiZER- ez
00:45:34yeW- e
00:45:46yeW- between that bug
00:45:47m1shjaAa Dead cant "e"
00:45:50BoNeshaw go kill
00:45:51BoNeshaw storm?
00:45:53yeW- and tides ulti
00:45:53BoNeshaw omw
00:45:56yeW- ez i
00:45:57yeW- idd
00:46:13MnmlArT can we gather
00:46:14MnmlArT end
00:46:17TheyCallMeHaci tye
00:46:22mrk dont go far
00:46:23mrk from base
00:46:25mrk we die outside
00:46:30mrk + megas foc
00:46:34BoNeshaw y
00:46:35yeW- go
00:46:35BoNeshaw am
00:46:35yeW- mid
00:46:36yeW- i bot
00:46:39yeW- i BoT
00:46:40yeW- i mean
00:46:42BoNeshaw can solo many of us
00:47:02BoNeshaw cent
00:47:05BoNeshaw magic stick
00:47:07BoNeshaw helps
00:47:09BoNeshaw for mana
00:47:16mrk ROFL
00:47:17mrk ME
00:47:27mrk ggwp
00:47:27mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:34BACKENiZER- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:39DeMiaN COULDN4T KS
00:47:49MnmlArT gg wp
00:47:50TheyCallMeHaci slielnce me
00:47:52m1shjaAa I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:56AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:05yeW- ^^
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