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-2 TS

96% | 1773 X | 1496 TS

-46 X
-2 TS

92% | 1615 X | 1517 TS

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-2 TS

90% | 1643 X | 1443 TS

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-3 TS

43% | 1141 X | 1314 TS

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94% | 1702 X | 1487 TS

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69% | 1386 X | 1354 TS

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+2 TS

69% | 1350 X | 1386 TS

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60% | 1261 X | 1387 TS

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+8 TS

59% | 1382 X | 1245 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Palle many fun heroes_D
00:00:17PeterLars ban omni and try to take wl
00:00:17fUNCh dreamteam
00:00:17siemenlinko i could play clock werk
00:00:17PeterLars stfu funch
00:00:17Palle i think im gonna roam with axe
00:00:17DayDream no its daydream
00:00:17fUNCh peter just feed and np
00:00:17PeterLars u say that
00:00:17PeterLars fucking noob
00:00:17BoNeshaw ban morph
00:00:17Mercury wl
00:00:17LovoHoro warlock ban
00:00:25PeterLars anyone omni
00:00:42BoNeshaw get krobe
00:00:44BoNeshaw or naga
00:00:48BoNeshaw to own omni
00:00:53BoNeshaw or skywrath
00:00:59BoNeshaw skywraths
00:01:01BoNeshaw silence
00:01:03BoNeshaw owns omni
00:01:05BoNeshaw or pucks
00:01:11Palle im woods
00:01:11BoNeshaw or krobes
00:01:12BoNeshaw _:D
00:01:16fUNCh sky is nice
00:01:17Palle who the fuck goes hook lvl 1 :D
00:01:19siemenlinko i can take skryw
00:01:20slc2 any want solo?
00:01:21fUNCh vs all 3 of em atm
00:01:22siemenlinko but i havent
00:01:23PeterLars mee :D
00:01:23siemenlinko play
00:01:24fUNCh i can solo
00:01:25siemenlinko at it hero
00:01:32BoNeshaw then dont :D
00:01:35DayDream -swap 1
00:01:36siemenlinko clock?
00:01:37Mercury -swap 3
00:01:39PeterLars y
00:01:42Mercury viper mid?
00:01:44PeterLars wd
00:01:44fUNCh k
00:01:47PeterLars or cm
00:01:50slc2 i would be bad to pick a ursa when viper and jugger
00:01:53Palle or krob
00:01:57slc2 so no solo srry
00:02:00Palle im woods
00:02:11Palle i come btm when u lvkl 5
00:02:21Mercury ursa sku bot
00:02:24Mercury sky*
00:02:27LovoHoro wjhy not woods
00:02:27PeterLars pull lige også
00:02:29fUNCh jugger solo mid ma solon top ?
00:02:34Palle puller anden
00:02:34Mercury naah
00:02:38PeterLars ursa last pick :D
00:02:38LovoHoro sky needs better solo
00:02:39BoNeshaw check runes
00:02:42LovoHoro Dude
00:02:46LovoHoro Im on x almost second in oru team
00:02:50LovoHoro Just low ts
00:02:54LovoHoro and played supports mostly
00:02:58Mercury ursa good on lane too
00:03:06LovoHoro yes long lane
00:03:07Mercury with sky awsome
00:03:09LovoHoro with out tower defense not
00:03:10slc2 i dont get it why we have 3 agis....
00:04:17slc2 god hook
00:04:20PeterLars ^^
00:04:20LovoHoro you not goign soul ring??
00:04:24slc2 no
00:04:28LovoHoro lol
00:04:30LovoHoro imba double nuke
00:05:01LovoHoro got boots
00:05:11LovoHoro let me farm and we do fine
00:05:15LovoHoro i get free farm
00:05:28slc2 really?
00:06:23LovoHoro pro :D
00:06:30PeterLars wrong hero hook :D
00:06:42Palle go?
00:06:51Palle next wave
00:06:55PeterLars y
00:06:55LovoHoro soon phase boots
00:07:02slc2 good
00:07:16Palle hook?
00:07:20BoNeshaw ss
00:07:31PeterLars igen
00:07:31PeterLars kom
00:07:57PeterLars omg
00:08:12BoNeshaw me first
00:08:14LovoHoro :D
00:08:18slc2 gj
00:08:18LovoHoro Last pick ursa raping you
00:08:22Palle hold kæft du suger
00:08:26PeterLars siger du
00:08:38Palle ja
00:08:40Palle reuse
00:08:50fUNCh ss mid
00:09:07slc2 lets kill axe w8 me
00:09:16PeterLars ss bot
00:09:23slc2 morron!
00:09:36LovoHoro oh he made
00:09:37Palle ss btm?
00:09:37LovoHoro the heal boots
00:09:39LovoHoro hes fast :D
00:09:41Palle fucking noob
00:09:44Palle gal du suger
00:09:52BoNeshaw was fighting
00:09:52siemenlinko ¨gank up
00:09:55BoNeshaw didnt say miss srry
00:09:57BoNeshaw buy obs
00:10:13Palle can we get mid?
00:10:16BoNeshaw dunno
00:10:17BoNeshaw only
00:10:22BoNeshaw low mana
00:10:32Palle 2 raxes
00:10:35slc2 ursa tower
00:10:41slc2 follow me
00:10:44slc2 come
00:10:47PeterLars care
00:10:51PeterLars ss bot
00:10:55BoNeshaw ss
00:10:59LovoHoro y
00:10:59LovoHoro mid
00:11:00slc2 we inc mid
00:11:14BoNeshaw 3 mid
00:11:16BoNeshaw for real
00:11:18BoNeshaw need obs
00:11:19BoNeshaw planted
00:11:23BoNeshaw and ur not helpign
00:11:24BoNeshaw gnak
00:11:25BoNeshaw at all
00:11:28LovoHoro again mid
00:11:30BoNeshaw i owned mid
00:11:32BoNeshaw killed him solo
00:11:33BoNeshaw but
00:11:34BoNeshaw now...
00:11:35slc2 2sec
00:11:41LovoHoro you need just slow
00:11:52slc2 w8 me
00:11:56BoNeshaw ss viper
00:11:56Palle ss all
00:11:57LovoHoro give salve for viper
00:12:04slc2 push mid
00:12:10LovoHoro ik go farm
00:12:14BoNeshaw clock
00:12:15fUNCh ss mid
00:12:15BoNeshaw gank
00:12:20fUNCh re
00:12:21siemenlinko ok
00:12:21LovoHoro pudge ss bot
00:12:31BoNeshaw go axe
00:12:48siemenlinko omfg
00:12:50siemenlinko diito
00:12:50slc2 nice funch
00:12:51siemenlinko idiots
00:12:58Palle ?
00:12:58siemenlinko axe most fail
00:13:11siemenlinko item building
00:13:33slc2 kill top
00:13:35BoNeshaw go rusa
00:13:38slc2 wd
00:14:02Mercury pudge here
00:14:06slc2 jep
00:14:13BoNeshaw FFS
00:14:14BoNeshaw GUYS
00:14:16BoNeshaw DO U HAVE TPS
00:14:20slc2 need one tp
00:14:21slc2 top
00:14:23BoNeshaw top
00:14:24BoNeshaw buy tps
00:14:26BoNeshaw stop farm
00:14:28BoNeshaw UR OUR GANK
00:14:31LovoHoro oh fuck
00:15:13DayDream ss2 bot
00:15:32slc2 viper hood?
00:15:37siemenlinko i do nto gank cause udont blue
00:15:37slc2 pipe?=
00:15:40Palle ss btm
00:15:43BoNeshaw dude
00:15:44BoNeshaw im sf
00:15:46BoNeshaw and
00:15:47siemenlinko aso
00:15:48BoNeshaw ive ganked
00:15:51siemenlinko retarted sf
00:15:52BoNeshaw i need to farm
00:15:52fUNCh after phase+ lothar
00:15:57slc2 fuck lothar
00:16:01BoNeshaw i got more assist
00:16:02BoNeshaw than u
00:16:03BoNeshaw so stfu
00:16:03slc2 shitty item
00:16:11siemenlinko kid
00:16:44BoNeshaw omw
00:16:44slc2 we need the heal from the omni:D
00:17:00BoNeshaw twrs
00:17:03siemenlinko stealert
00:17:04siemenlinko palle
00:17:05slc2 w8 me
00:17:15Palle ?
00:17:19LovoHoro ulti :D??
00:17:23Palle i didnt ult
00:17:26LovoHoro it has long range
00:17:38BoNeshaw b top
00:17:42slc2 focus wd
00:17:47slc2 repel me please
00:17:53BoNeshaw tp cd
00:18:01fUNCh rune warded
00:18:07PeterLars kom her
00:18:09slc2 jep
00:18:17RanDom help top
00:18:56Palle got cd
00:19:00slc2 kill?
00:19:01BoNeshaw hawk?
00:19:05LovoHoro go
00:19:06slc2 jug ulti?
00:19:25BoNeshaw hawk??``
00:19:37PeterLars come
00:19:37PeterLars top
00:19:46Mercury dont go
00:19:54slc2 they def it much:D
00:20:03BoNeshaw top twr
00:20:05BoNeshaw i come
00:20:12BoNeshaw reuse
00:20:13Palle then they get btm
00:20:19BoNeshaw go
00:20:22BoNeshaw go
00:20:24Palle hook
00:20:25BoNeshaw were 5
00:20:28Mercury 4
00:20:28slc2 need ursa
00:20:33LovoHoro i get rosh
00:20:37LovoHoro or?
00:20:48LovoHoro viper tele
00:20:49LovoHoro i go too
00:20:55LovoHoro no thern
00:20:59Mercury 5 top
00:21:02BoNeshaw gio on
00:21:06Palle i dont have tp
00:21:07slc2 just focus wd
00:21:11slc2 then gg
00:21:26BoNeshaw b
00:21:34Palle god those hooks
00:21:59LovoHoro 'oom
00:22:37slc2 that fucking clock kills me every time
00:22:48LovoHoro jugger too pussy
00:22:56Mercury truu
00:23:05LovoHoro would be easy fight between towers
00:23:06LovoHoro with al
00:23:58Palle get top`?
00:24:00RanDom y
00:24:05Palle go
00:24:10slc2 hun
00:24:10PeterLars SO
00:24:11slc2 hund
00:24:29LovoHoro def?
00:25:18slc2 repel???
00:25:25slc2 ty m8
00:25:30slc2 nice save
00:25:32BoNeshaw figh
00:26:25slc2 ursa bkb please
00:26:41BoNeshaw me plz
00:26:52BoNeshaw -ms
00:26:55BoNeshaw -ms
00:27:02BoNeshaw -ms
00:27:06BoNeshaw -ms
00:27:11Palle why no diff sf?
00:27:19BoNeshaw i thought about it
00:27:21slc2 gj clock
00:27:23BoNeshaw but id be so weak
00:27:24siemenlinko XD
00:27:25slc2 u really killed the rune
00:27:28BoNeshaw io go next
00:27:30siemenlinko yeah
00:27:31Palle kk
00:27:33Mercury ursda
00:27:34siemenlinko didnt get money :(
00:27:40LovoHoro sry phone
00:27:43LovoHoro re now
00:27:44LovoHoro gotr dagger
00:28:09LovoHoro chciken so slow .<
00:28:16slc2 go
00:28:24BoNeshaw ty
00:28:27Palle np
00:28:35siemenlinko nii dageri
00:28:38siemenlinko sul
00:28:39Palle ursa blino
00:28:39siemenlinko :D
00:28:41Palle blink
00:28:47LovoHoro Pakko pullaa
00:28:50slc2 u love it
00:28:52siemenlinko heh
00:29:02siemenlinko juuuu
00:29:13Palle ss all
00:29:18Palle we need wards
00:29:18LovoHoro he has ghost scep vs me
00:29:19LovoHoro ops
00:29:23LovoHoro mana
00:29:34slc2 get eth blade then:D
00:29:44slc2 then he dont luaght anuy more
00:30:27BoNeshaw lol force
00:30:38Palle it rox
00:30:42BoNeshaw naa
00:30:43LovoHoro i think i gohex
00:30:44BoNeshaw u wont get
00:30:46BoNeshaw imba 3 calls
00:30:48BoNeshaw with that range
00:30:50Palle nope
00:30:57slc2 i think u should get that bkb
00:31:03LovoHoro omni could repel :S
00:31:08LovoHoro im always oom
00:31:23Palle omg
00:31:34Palle full hp and no1 wants to tank a little
00:31:42Palle that was fucking retarded
00:31:46LovoHoro urn me
00:31:51BoNeshaw klil my
00:31:52BoNeshaw ult
00:31:53BoNeshaw rdy
00:31:55Palle mr pudge aka good for nothing
00:31:57LovoHoro ty
00:32:04siemenlinko pduge ur hooks
00:32:07siemenlinko are shits
00:32:08BoNeshaw go
00:32:11BoNeshaw i come ulti
00:32:13BoNeshaw bait em
00:32:14slc2 wuhuu finnaly euls
00:32:15Palle rosh is up
00:32:21Palle and we need it
00:32:35Palle come plz
00:32:45BoNeshaw lol
00:32:46Palle ..
00:32:47BoNeshaw i coudl use that farm
00:32:59slc2 gogo
00:33:00Palle I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:15slc2 hvad nu?
00:33:18BoNeshaw manta done
00:33:23slc2 tog han dine creeps eller sådan`?:D
00:33:24LovoHoro you think hex is bad opinion?
00:33:31slc2 i think bkb rocks
00:33:31Palle just ff'
00:33:47BoNeshaw check rosh
00:33:51Palle lol
00:33:55Palle we had the chance
00:33:56Mercury wards rock
00:33:57PeterLars he is dead
00:34:02BoNeshaw go mid twr
00:34:03BoNeshaw then
00:34:34siemenlinko look
00:34:37BoNeshaw 4 illus
00:34:42Palle rosh fast
00:35:34BoNeshaw we could
00:35:35BoNeshaw just
00:35:36BoNeshaw push
00:35:37BoNeshaw all twrs
00:35:38BoNeshaw wih 5
00:35:42PeterLars yeah
00:35:45PeterLars but axe is slow
00:35:58Palle hahaha
00:36:01BoNeshaw -ms
00:36:04BoNeshaw go mid all
00:36:05BoNeshaw plz
00:36:09BoNeshaw stop farm
00:36:14BoNeshaw im the only one who should farm
00:36:20BoNeshaw let me sols
00:36:37LovoHoro that random is 4% and hes soon bkb and got gs already
00:36:39BoNeshaw i need souls
00:36:41BoNeshaw so let me ffs
00:36:42LovoHoro i mean
00:36:43LovoHoro agha
00:36:44LovoHoro and gs ready
00:36:48Palle yy
00:36:50BoNeshaw fcking supportfamrers
00:37:04BoNeshaw def top all
00:37:47LovoHoro this wd owns
00:38:06Palle mid
00:38:14BoNeshaw hmm
00:38:17BoNeshaw do we need diffu
00:38:18LovoHoro force eul axe
00:38:19PeterLars urn me
00:38:21BoNeshaw 2,4k
00:38:23Palle lol
00:38:39BoNeshaw urn?
00:38:40PeterLars see u
00:38:43PeterLars fuck this axe
00:39:05Palle btm twr?
00:40:16BoNeshaw diffu done
00:40:21BoNeshaw now no lifesteal :(
00:41:16Palle WHAT?
00:41:19BoNeshaw bot
00:41:20BoNeshaw twr all
00:41:22Palle AXE not an int hero?
00:41:40BoNeshaw hunger spam
00:41:41Palle omw
00:41:42BoNeshaw is nice
00:41:43BoNeshaw but still
00:41:45BoNeshaw dagger
00:41:47BoNeshaw best item
00:42:07BoNeshaw def top twr
00:42:09BoNeshaw u got tps?
00:42:12siemenlinko nohell
00:42:14siemenlinko buying
00:42:15Mercury ursa get gem?
00:42:15PeterLars no get me one
00:42:20LovoHoro i get my hex
00:42:23LovoHoro 500g
00:42:56Palle I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:59BoNeshaw pudge
00:43:00BoNeshaw fight
00:43:00BoNeshaw ffs
00:43:02BoNeshaw i cant tankl
00:43:03slc2 mid
00:43:04PeterLars fuck this axe
00:43:05BoNeshaw we could kill em
00:43:43LovoHoro pff
00:44:32BoNeshaw lol have to win this alone
00:44:35BoNeshaw shitface axe
00:44:42BoNeshaw dont get only item reguired
00:44:48BoNeshaw and ppl wont tank for me
00:44:59LovoHoro -ii
00:45:00siemenlinko i will make blade amil
00:45:07Mercury ursa dont goalone
00:45:13LovoHoro ill do rosh
00:45:43BoNeshaw butter or crit
00:45:49PeterLars kill
00:46:02LovoHoro repel
00:46:08siemenlinko rege
00:46:27slc2 hund
00:46:29LovoHoro some1 want cheese?
00:46:35slc2 me!
00:46:35Palle gem on viper btw
00:47:02Palle why not destroy healing ward?
00:47:04BoNeshaw go viper
00:47:11PeterLars he got gem
00:47:14slc2 go get rosh
00:47:35BoNeshaw yea i shjould have done it
00:47:36PeterLars rocke
00:47:37PeterLars t
00:47:46Palle lol
00:47:49PeterLars hahaha
00:47:50slc2 shhit srry
00:47:52BoNeshaw b
00:47:59slc2 i wanted the cheese
00:48:00Palle gather and gfight rahter
00:48:03slc2 srry dude
00:48:05Palle all top
00:48:06BoNeshaw cna u stop going with 4
00:48:07LovoHoro fuck you
00:48:08LovoHoro i take roshan
00:48:13LovoHoro and you retards take aegis + cheese
00:48:18siemenlinko ok
00:48:19siemenlinko top
00:48:20Mercury you can have chees
00:48:20slc2 i didnt mean to take it
00:48:24siemenlinko got blade mail
00:48:28LovoHoro ty
00:48:30Palle 2 late
00:48:34slc2 useless guy gets agies:D
00:48:36siemenlinko same for u
00:48:37BoNeshaw does skadi work with diffu?
00:48:37siemenlinko idiot
00:48:43BoNeshaw with ranged
00:48:43Palle y
00:48:47BoNeshaw u sure?
00:49:13LovoHoro fucking axe
00:49:17LovoHoro and cask
00:49:19BoNeshaw gg
00:49:22BoNeshaw 5 on me
00:49:24BoNeshaw axe no dagger
00:49:30BoNeshaw have fun loosing
00:49:32BoNeshaw retards
00:49:40siemenlinko axe
00:49:41siemenlinko fail
00:49:42siemenlinko whole
00:49:43siemenlinko game
00:49:45Palle are u really saying its coz of me haahahaha
00:49:45siemenlinko no dagger
00:49:46PeterLars he sucks
00:49:49BoNeshaw naa he played ok
00:49:50BoNeshaw but
00:49:54BoNeshaw he doesnt build dag
00:49:54BoNeshaw gg
00:49:55siemenlinko u didnt know that axe isnt int
00:49:56BoNeshaw ret
00:49:56siemenlinko hero
00:50:02Palle if that big fatr pudge had just tanked a little
00:50:09PeterLars stfu
00:50:13BoNeshaw stfu
00:50:14PeterLars u have to jump and call
00:50:15BoNeshaw ur fault
00:50:18BoNeshaw if u dont build
00:50:21BoNeshaw dagger with axe
00:50:23BoNeshaw ofc u loose
00:50:26BoNeshaw 90% of games
00:50:31fUNCh mid after ?
00:50:37Mercury mid
00:50:40BoNeshaw and go
00:50:41BoNeshaw with 4
00:50:42DayDream mid
00:50:51Mercury b now
00:50:57Mercury b
00:50:59BoNeshaw -ms
00:51:00Mercury no
00:51:02BoNeshaw my souls
00:51:02Mercury all alive
00:51:03BoNeshaw pudge
00:51:11BoNeshaw wait
00:51:13BoNeshaw WAIT'
00:51:14fUNCh and D ?
00:51:14BoNeshaw SOULS
00:51:17BoNeshaw at base
00:51:20BoNeshaw THEY GOT AEGIS EVEN
00:51:21slc2 gj
00:51:31PeterLars sky got it
00:51:32PeterLars fuck sky
00:51:37slc2 we should gank one and go mid
00:51:44LovoHoro need wards for gank
00:51:46BoNeshaw axe
00:51:47BoNeshaw could u plz
00:51:48siemenlinko nuke down first viper
00:51:49BoNeshaw get dagger
00:51:50BoNeshaw next
00:51:52slc2 no we dont
00:51:53BoNeshaw need u to start
00:51:57LovoHoro can some1 plant if i get wards?
00:51:59slc2 they might smoke now
00:52:02Palle lets akll go top
00:52:05Palle no twr
00:52:08BoNeshaw we cant push
00:52:09PeterLars and die again?
00:52:10Palle last rtry
00:52:12BoNeshaw no
00:52:16BoNeshaw dont suicide
00:52:21BoNeshaw they got aegis
00:52:22Palle smoe htne
00:52:25Palle smoke
00:52:26fUNCh reuse
00:52:31BoNeshaw just def
00:52:40BoNeshaw dont go mid
00:52:40PeterLars fuck u and ur smoke
00:52:41BoNeshaw its bait
00:52:42BoNeshaw aegis
00:52:46BoNeshaw def at nbase
00:52:55Palle i jump here
00:52:59PeterLars go die
00:52:59PeterLars there
00:53:01PeterLars cunt
00:53:02BoNeshaw b
00:53:04BoNeshaw dont
00:53:05BoNeshaw aegius
00:53:07BoNeshaw cheese
00:53:08BoNeshaw AT BASE
00:53:09BoNeshaw FFS
00:53:10BoNeshaw TP
00:53:12Mercury we dont ahve to push
00:53:26LovoHoro we get entry easy
00:53:27LovoHoro i jump + hex
00:53:40BoNeshaw axe
00:53:44BoNeshaw we are not in position
00:53:46BoNeshaw to rush
00:53:59Mercury care
00:55:30siemenlinko n1
00:55:31siemenlinko force
00:55:38PeterLars he is good
00:55:48siemenlinko y but fail force
00:55:49siemenlinko :D
00:55:52Palle better then 3-9 pudge
00:55:52LovoHoro push?
00:55:54LovoHoro they hace no axe
00:55:56LovoHoro for minuite
00:56:00siemenlinko yeah
00:56:00PeterLars yeah
00:56:02PeterLars go after
00:56:04RanDom yea
00:56:04PeterLars kills noob
00:56:14BoNeshaw aegis gone?
00:56:21PeterLars no
00:56:26BoNeshaw 'go ursa
00:56:27BoNeshaw all
00:56:28Mercury can anyone buy me gem?
00:56:31LovoHoro i have
00:56:32LovoHoro gem
00:56:34Mercury k
00:56:34Palle he only got cheese
00:56:36Mercury b
00:56:37fUNCh gem on cd too
00:56:57LovoHoro how lnog cd was on cheese
00:56:57fUNCh get rosh and go mi ?
00:57:02LovoHoro if you have 2 cheese
00:57:07BoNeshaw i ty nin ja push
00:57:09BoNeshaw if u bait somewhere
00:57:11BoNeshaw top no twr'
00:57:42LovoHoro mid and rosh after
00:57:43BoNeshaw def at base
00:58:19Palle GG
00:58:41Palle I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:45siemenlinko I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:19LovoHoro ops :D
00:59:33Mercury b
01:00:12siemenlinko xD
01:00:22BoNeshaw this team should go bnet
01:00:23PeterLars haha
01:00:26PeterLars axe dead
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