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Chat log

00:00:172Maidens1Cup weee ... nigulas :)
00:00:20Pufff-Reis ck
00:00:20nigulas -bara
00:00:35P3PSI magina ?
00:01:012Maidens1Cup want me to dazzl?
00:01:07coolass wel not actually
00:01:202Maidens1Cup what do i take?
00:01:21nigulas get sd
00:01:22nigulas and cm
00:01:55coolass pick forest
00:01:55coolass hero
00:02:01coolass i want solo bot
00:02:062Maidens1Cup i go top ?
00:02:08nigulas get
00:02:112Maidens1Cup to place wards?
00:02:11nigulas lion
00:02:21nigulas pudge
00:02:22nigulas sd
00:02:22nigulas top
00:02:312Maidens1Cup lets do this!!! :D
00:02:31coolass pojetz forest?
00:02:34Pojetz nty
00:02:35coolass chic
00:02:36coolass k
00:02:40coolass ok
00:02:45101010 -afk
00:02:45coolass why not
00:02:48P3PSI crix ?
00:02:48coolass pull atleast
00:02:49P3PSI -clear
00:02:53101010 afker
00:02:56Pojetz i m not good forest man
00:02:57coolass who
00:03:00nigulas :D:D
00:03:03svents captain is afk
00:03:10svents puff
00:03:12svents who is mid?
00:03:29nigulas ss
00:03:29coolass pull
00:03:30coolass asap
00:04:32P3PSI gj
00:04:33Aleks875 sa
00:04:332Maidens1Cup omg
00:04:35Aleks875 sd idiot
00:04:392Maidens1Cup what are you doing?
00:04:522Maidens1Cup you rot and get novaed
00:04:54Aleks875 -disablehelp
00:04:562Maidens1Cup and keep rooting
00:05:02P3PSI go sd ?
00:05:04Aleks875 reatrd
00:05:302Maidens1Cup just lol
00:05:35P3PSI ss top
00:05:54Countertrap ss
00:06:21P3PSI i tp mid
00:06:222Maidens1Cup pudge just care a bit
00:06:242Maidens1Cup thats all
00:06:402Maidens1Cup ss top
00:06:44nigulas y
00:06:46nigulas they both here
00:07:032Maidens1Cup ggogogogo
00:07:10Aleks875 o,mg
00:07:202Maidens1Cup sry
00:07:20Countertrap -ms
00:07:22Aleks875 stop it
00:07:30Pufff-Reis ss
00:07:352Maidens1Cup well normally you want disrupt first to be sure
00:07:37P3PSI ss top
00:07:402Maidens1Cup but nvm
00:07:51Pufff-Reis re
00:07:55Aleks875 I CANT HOOK WHEN 3 COPIES
00:08:022Maidens1Cup chill
00:09:032Maidens1Cup gank top
00:09:032Maidens1Cup plz
00:09:22P3PSI ss top
00:09:412Maidens1Cup try hook ?
00:09:47Aleks875 no mana
00:10:03P3PSI ult i soon
00:10:09101010 no need
00:10:212Maidens1Cup ofc
00:10:23P3PSI gj
00:10:26Pufff-Reis b
00:10:26Countertrap ff
00:10:302Maidens1Cup could really need gank
00:10:372Maidens1Cup on lich/magina
00:10:432Maidens1Cup we are getting destroyed :S
00:10:46P3PSI i go mana boots or ?
00:11:162Maidens1Cup gj
00:11:28nigulas ss
00:11:44svents omfg
00:11:45svents epic
00:12:07svents ss2
00:12:162Maidens1Cup :(
00:12:242Maidens1Cup hp?
00:12:25P3PSI i go mana boots ?
00:12:26P3PSI 4
00:12:31nigulas why u mid?
00:12:31Countertrap so go
00:12:342Maidens1Cup dammit^^
00:12:472Maidens1Cup ss top
00:12:482Maidens1Cup lich
00:12:54svents ta hookis?:DDD
00:12:56nigulas y
00:13:02svents mööda?
00:14:212Maidens1Cup care
00:14:222Maidens1Cup bot
00:14:392Maidens1Cup who?
00:15:022Maidens1Cup still works i gues -.-
00:16:20P3PSI magina hope u get fat
00:16:36Countertrap mana
00:16:442Maidens1Cup faster relexes plz
00:17:582Maidens1Cup plz
00:18:012Maidens1Cup those hooks
00:18:022Maidens1Cup hit em
00:18:082Maidens1Cup no reason to fail
00:18:15svents stop hating
00:18:43nigulas fucking
00:18:44nigulas fog lucker
00:18:45nigulas noob
00:18:47nigulas no words
00:18:582Maidens1Cup me :S ???
00:19:01nigulas that
00:19:02nigulas sk
00:19:43P3PSI 2000 + ramge `?
00:19:58Aleks875 not
00:19:592Maidens1Cup okay ...
00:20:042Maidens1Cup we just fail to much :D
00:20:082Maidens1Cup giving to many kills
00:20:08Aleks875 man
00:20:10Aleks875 mana
00:20:13svents worth it?:D
00:20:232Maidens1Cup shut up svents :D
00:20:302Maidens1Cup im playing with your best friend
00:20:40svents oh my best friend
00:20:45svents oh u mean aleks
00:20:52svents he is too gosu i know
00:21:58nigulas gj guys
00:21:59nigulas dazzle
00:21:59nigulas sd
00:21:59Countertrap wehy waste?
00:22:09nigulas stay farm and shit
00:22:10nigulas while we def
00:22:38svents sry cm
00:22:43Countertrap np
00:22:452Maidens1Cup DAT (and all the other) HOOK(s)
00:22:472Maidens1Cup -.-
00:22:512Maidens1Cup QQ
00:23:28Aleks875 lol
00:23:32Aleks875 mana
00:23:47nigulas SD
00:23:49nigulas USE SPELLS???
00:23:532Maidens1Cup was on phone
00:24:012Maidens1Cup brother called
00:24:33coolass ff
00:24:422Maidens1Cup LOL
00:25:05Countertrap blink?
00:25:13101010 cd
00:25:50svents stun???
00:25:52svents omfg
00:26:23Countertrap go in smoke
00:26:25Countertrap ward here
00:27:302Maidens1Cup magina still freefarming
00:27:31Countertrap come mid???
00:27:34Countertrap 5
00:28:01Countertrap ff
00:28:52P3PSI magina item ?
00:28:54Countertrap tide is a teamhero you know?
00:29:00svents nope
00:29:05svents thank u for saying
00:29:09svents now i know
00:29:25Countertrap so mby come when all fight and dont farm
00:29:382Maidens1Cup mek rdy
00:29:49nigulas 150 agha
00:29:50nigulas thn im rdy
00:30:172Maidens1Cup no solo plz
00:30:25coolass well i wudnt die
00:30:30coolass if i wasnt in windows
00:30:36nigulas WHTY U GO
00:30:37nigulas THERE
00:30:38nigulas RETARDS
00:31:022Maidens1Cup no excuses ... was just dumb
00:31:11svents imba combo?
00:31:132Maidens1Cup thought i would amplify afterhook
00:31:152Maidens1Cup after hook
00:31:202Maidens1Cup but sadly no hit
00:31:222Maidens1Cup on hook
00:31:562Maidens1Cup no ultiee
00:31:572Maidens1Cup s
00:32:56nigulas ???
00:32:562Maidens1Cup LOL
00:33:102Maidens1Cup one time you hit impossible hook
00:33:132Maidens1Cup then you hit easiest
00:33:162Maidens1Cup in the worls
00:33:172Maidens1Cup d
00:33:202Maidens1Cup how
00:33:59101010 get wards
00:34:01Aleks875 ench
00:34:05Aleks875 get vanguard
00:34:10Aleks875 u have low hp
00:34:202Maidens1Cup care all ss
00:34:20Pojetz y
00:34:24Pojetz or agha?
00:34:29Aleks875 vang
00:34:32Aleks875 maybe
00:34:322Maidens1Cup gather and get bot?
00:34:472Maidens1Cup three-five bot
00:34:51Pojetz vang or agha?
00:34:55nigulas agha
00:34:562Maidens1Cup agha
00:34:57svents cant w8 lich?
00:34:59svents i would ulti
00:35:59Pojetz :D:D:D:D:D:D
00:36:05coolass nigulas
00:36:07coolass 4th time
00:36:08svents wp
00:36:08nigulas ?
00:36:10coolass u ufcked up
00:36:13coolass everything with toss
00:36:18nigulas ?
00:36:19nigulas i fucked up?
00:36:22nigulas not my fault
00:36:23coolass i could stun him
00:36:25svents say thanks guys
00:36:25nigulas he is dark hole
00:36:27coolass if i wasnt in air
00:36:28svents i fcking won this battle
00:36:342Maidens1Cup cm
00:36:36Pojetz ok i ll go vang , need fast hp
00:36:51coolass or just dildo in ass
00:37:15svents invis bot
00:37:17svents if some1 wants
00:37:242Maidens1Cup DAT FORTIFY
00:38:04svents w8cm
00:38:07svents w8 my ulti
00:38:352Maidens1Cup ?
00:38:582Maidens1Cup disrupt who?
00:39:58Pufff-Reis rosh fast
00:40:38Countertrap vagina join fights?
00:40:53Aleks875 b
00:41:242Maidens1Cup one tp
00:41:27nigulas i go
00:41:34nigulas dont
00:42:172Maidens1Cup i go pipe?
00:42:212Maidens1Cup or janggo?
00:42:43P3PSI I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:06Pufff-Reis I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:292Maidens1Cup anyone else pipe`??
00:43:34Aleks875 me
00:43:362Maidens1Cup k
00:44:49Aleks875 -st
00:45:162Maidens1Cup lets try mid?
00:45:17P3PSI smoke and gang ?
00:45:23Pufff-Reis ff?
00:45:29Pufff-Reis am useless
00:46:40Pojetz idiot
00:46:41nigulas :D
00:46:412Maidens1Cup lol
00:46:41coolass :D
00:46:42nigulas how
00:46:42Pojetz pudge
00:46:42nigulas can
00:46:44nigulas u fucking
00:46:44nigulas suck
00:46:45P3PSI gogo mid ?
00:46:45nigulas so m uch?
00:46:55Pojetz u need bkb
00:46:58nigulas he
00:46:59Pojetz tiny and pudge
00:47:00nigulas needs to quit
00:47:00nigulas dota
00:47:10svents am
00:47:10Countertrap 10secs
00:47:13svents go push top
00:47:16svents get top twr
00:47:53coolass <<<<<<<<<<
00:47:55coolass zzzzzzzz
00:47:56coolass end pls
00:48:01P3PSI rosh up ?
00:48:05svents not yet
00:48:35P3PSI b
00:48:35P3PSI b
00:49:012Maidens1Cup care combo
00:49:05P3PSI tp home
00:49:412Maidens1Cup aura
00:49:422Maidens1Cup dazz
00:50:292Maidens1Cup need gem
00:50:302Maidens1Cup and np
00:50:51svents wp am
00:50:51P3PSI gg am
00:50:562Maidens1Cup goggo
00:50:57Aleks875 owned
00:50:572Maidens1Cup try
00:51:002Maidens1Cup for tower
00:51:112Maidens1Cup ulti dont work on tower dazz
00:51:16101010 cant win aleks is too pro
00:51:25nigulas sk ulti
00:51:48Aleks875 sorry
00:51:52Aleks875 but u can suck
00:51:56Aleks875 if u cant win
00:52:08coolass NUFF SAID
00:52:12coolass U CAN SUCK IF U CANT WIN
00:52:132Maidens1Cup smoke
00:52:15coolass PERIOD
00:52:152Maidens1Cup gank
00:52:162Maidens1Cup plz
00:52:20101010 rosh
00:52:21nigulas rosh
00:52:31Aleks875 rosh
00:52:36Aleks875 kill
00:52:38Aleks875 him for me
00:52:40Aleks875 fast
00:52:422Maidens1Cup plz
00:52:432Maidens1Cup come
00:53:212Maidens1Cup and now you come?
00:53:37svents go go mid
00:53:38svents fast
00:53:38nigulas pudge
00:53:402Maidens1Cup heard about bad hooks?
00:53:40nigulas Lost this game
00:53:43nigulas with those
00:53:44Pojetz hhaha öudge
00:53:45nigulas other retards
00:53:47nigulas who like to suecide
00:53:53Aleks875 gg
00:53:55svents aleks gosu
00:53:57Aleks875 die solo
00:53:57nigulas mis kuradi gg
00:53:58nigulas aleks
00:53:59nigulas idioot
00:54:00nigulas noob
00:54:00Aleks875 imba team
00:54:05svents ma tean ju :D
00:54:29nigulas sd just spamm
00:54:31nigulas ur spell
00:54:49svents i deff
00:54:50svents guys
00:54:50svents why
00:54:59svents the fck u ddidnt just push ffs
00:55:03Countertrap b
00:55:03P3PSI b
00:55:032Maidens1Cup bad8ankslos7us7his
00:55:24Aleks875 go mid
00:55:272Maidens1Cup bad Ganks LosT Us This
00:55:312Maidens1Cup need SMoke
00:55:35coolass :D
00:55:40coolass on heroin
00:55:43Pojetz i go bkb
00:55:45Countertrap b
00:55:47coolass i go mkb
00:55:59Countertrap def mid alöl
00:56:03Pufff-Reis wasn mitm tel?
00:56:042Maidens1Cup dont clump up
00:56:052Maidens1Cup plz
00:56:062Maidens1Cup the
00:56:062Maidens1Cup y
00:56:06Countertrap du hast aufgelegt
00:56:062Maidens1Cup kill you
00:56:06Pufff-Reis ne
00:56:062Maidens1Cup with ulti
00:56:062Maidens1Cup s
00:56:06Countertrap kp
00:56:06Aleks875 i have pipe
00:56:062Maidens1Cup use it then
00:56:06Pojetz u need bkb
00:56:06Pojetz too
00:56:06Pojetz i go bkb
00:56:06Pojetz and u
00:56:06Aleks875 need money
00:56:06svents so who will balance?
00:56:06svents puff?
00:56:06Countertrap magina
00:56:06Pufff-Reis dno
00:56:06Pojetz i get ac
00:56:06Pojetz and then need bkb
00:56:06Pojetz and its win
00:56:062Maidens1Cup tiny have
00:56:062Maidens1Cup ac
00:56:06P3PSI hate
00:56:06P3PSI this
00:56:06P3PSI disconnect
00:56:06P3PSI time
00:56:062Maidens1Cup so what now?
00:56:062Maidens1Cup leave for balance?
00:56:06P3PSI play on
00:56:06svents we have to balance
00:56:062Maidens1Cup or?
00:56:06Countertrap dunno
00:56:06svents some1 of us has to balance
00:56:062Maidens1Cup but its
00:56:062Maidens1Cup gg
00:56:06svents from our team
00:56:062Maidens1Cup we
00:56:06101010 you can ff
00:56:062Maidens1Cup now
00:56:062Maidens1Cup no
00:56:062Maidens1Cup dps :S
00:56:06Pufff-Reis some
00:56:06Pufff-Reis some
00:56:06Pufff-Reis want to
00:56:06Pufff-Reis go?
00:56:06P3PSI i
00:56:06P3PSI ca
00:56:06P3PSI go
00:56:062Maidens1Cup sk leavE? :D
00:56:06Aleks875 sell
00:56:06P3PSI but make sure you win
00:56:06P3PSI over
00:56:06P3PSI alex
00:56:06Aleks875 and buy bkb
00:56:06svents ahaha
00:56:06P3PSI win
00:56:06P3PSI -clear
00:56:06svents ofc we win
00:56:06Pojetz who
00:56:06svents biggest
00:56:06P3PSI k
00:56:06svents problem was tiny
00:56:06Pojetz dont sell
00:56:06svents now its ez
00:56:06P3PSI then i
00:56:06Pojetz ax
00:56:06P3PSI can
00:56:06P3PSI leav
00:56:062Maidens1Cup ac
00:56:06Pojetz its good for otger
00:56:06svents just
00:56:06svents puff
00:56:062Maidens1Cup give AC
00:56:06Pojetz team
00:56:062Maidens1Cup to
00:56:06svents dont sell lich items then
00:56:10svents we can use him
00:56:10P3PSI lol
00:56:10Pufff-Reis lich
00:56:15P3PSI gg
00:56:18P3PSI win ;)
00:56:56coolass thonre
00:57:032Maidens1Cup sell or?
00:57:07101010 omg
00:57:27101010 epic missclick fail
00:57:28Countertrap so geil der typ-100x
00:58:472Maidens1Cup get bot
00:58:522Maidens1Cup fast
00:59:58Pojetz oomh
01:00:102Maidens1Cup gather and go
01:00:14Pojetz i take ac for real
01:00:252Maidens1Cup got gem
01:00:272Maidens1Cup btw
01:00:38Pojetz dont g
01:00:412Maidens1Cup hide him
01:00:432Maidens1Cup at secret
01:00:45Pojetz b
01:00:45Pojetz b
01:00:45Pojetz 1
01:00:46Pojetz b
01:00:46Pojetz b
01:00:50Pojetz b
01:00:50Pojetz 1
01:00:50Pojetz b
01:00:51Pojetz b
01:00:51Pojetz b
01:00:58Pojetz IDIOTS
01:01:32Pufff-Reis ff?
01:01:34Countertrap I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:46coolass gob ot
01:01:512Maidens1Cup who controll?
01:01:532Maidens1Cup i can
01:01:552Maidens1Cup if you want
01:03:14coolass push
01:03:142Maidens1Cup gogog
01:03:48Aleks875 -st
01:03:532Maidens1Cup care ultie
01:03:58svents puff
01:03:59svents play lich
01:05:02Aleks875 g
01:05:142Maidens1Cup Gg
01:05:23Aleks875 XD
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