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96% | 1757 X | 1513 TS

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90% | 1635 X | 1472 TS

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80% | 1495 X | 1394 TS

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95% | 1745 X | 1504 TS

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56% | 1228 X | 1366 TS

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-11 TS

45% | 1243 X | 1237 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Smoothie [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 156 seconds.
00:00:04Laier trololoool
00:00:06Laier world record?
00:00:14SveTlianA-HurT TROLOLO
00:00:17SveTlianA-HurT UR POOR
00:00:17Laier y
00:00:17Laier im from russia
00:00:17Ain_Soph_Aur -bs
00:00:17Astrocreep ur from a place where dumb fucks come from
00:00:17yeW- what do i ban
00:00:17Laier ASTRO 3rd pick
00:00:17Laier OK
00:00:17SveTlianA-HurT Slark
00:00:17Strawberryjuice me and smoothie one lane
00:00:17Laier top it is then
00:00:17Smoothie my mouse straw,,,,
00:00:17Smoothie extrem slowly.. !
00:00:17Strawberryjuice -.-
00:00:17Smoothie ty
00:00:17SveTlianA-HurT slark or sf
00:00:17SveTlianA-HurT sd
00:00:17Strawberryjuice dann geh auf systemsteuerung xD
00:00:17SveTlianA-HurT *
00:00:17yeW- ur
00:00:17Rhasti slark
00:00:17Smoothie english please ;)
00:00:17yeW- hm
00:00:17Strawberryjuice o im sry
00:00:17McNabb ?
00:00:17Smoothie :D
00:00:17Astrocreep geo?
00:00:17Strawberryjuice with me is not good cherry eating xD
00:00:17Astrocreep lesh?
00:00:17yeW- lesh
00:00:20MnmlArT meepo
00:00:21MnmlArT haha
00:00:23MnmlArT yewbackaaaaaaaaaa
00:00:25McNabb can do tiny
00:00:26yeW- :d
00:00:32Laier you go ursa again?
00:00:33yeW- soimeone play ursa?
00:00:36yeW- u sure?
00:00:41Laier gogo
00:00:42Rhasti lol take slark and gg
00:00:45Laier i rape your guts
00:00:48Strawberryjuice sry dann
00:00:48Strawberryjuice -.-
00:00:55Strawberryjuice take lich
00:01:02yeW- someone play ursa
00:01:04yeW- woods
00:01:05Smoothie tell me what to take please
00:01:05McNabb ogre anyone?
00:01:06yeW- so sf can solo top
00:01:07MnmlArT why lol
00:01:09Smoothie first game here
00:01:10MnmlArT enough
00:01:11Laier mcnabb
00:01:11MnmlArT carry
00:01:14Laier take carry
00:01:21MnmlArT woods
00:01:21yeW- lol
00:01:21MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:22McNabb anyone play ogre?
00:01:22MnmlArT -clear
00:01:28yeW- tard pick imo
00:01:29Laier we need carryyyyhhhh
00:01:29McNabb orange?
00:01:30yeW- but nvm
00:01:30MnmlArT u said
00:01:32MnmlArT go woods
00:01:33yeW- ye4
00:01:34McNabb can u go ogre?
00:01:35Strawberryjuice who carry than?
00:01:36Smoothie i can play it
00:01:37yeW- but ursas way better
00:01:38yeW- u can rosh
00:01:39Smoothie what u want!?
00:01:43McNabb get me sa
00:01:44yeW- gief team sum gold
00:01:48Smoothie FULL NAME
00:01:51SveTlianA-HurT ench was best wooder actually
00:01:51McNabb stealth
00:01:51Laier stealt assassin
00:01:54Laier litle blue man
00:01:58Smoothie -swap 2
00:01:59McNabb -swap 5
00:02:03Strawberryjuice nice
00:02:04Strawberryjuice we fck em
00:02:04yeW- -m
00:02:05Strawberryjuice xD
00:02:05yeW- -ma
00:02:10Strawberryjuice me and smoothie top
00:02:11Strawberryjuice mates
00:02:15MnmlArT why
00:02:17MnmlArT the fuck
00:02:25MnmlArT should i pick ursa whit sf and meepo
00:02:27McNabb bad lanes
00:02:28MnmlArT on my team ?
00:02:33SveTlianA-HurT that's an outpick
00:02:35yeW- doesnt matter
00:02:38yeW- since ur woods
00:02:39McNabb u gonna let me farm tiny?
00:02:43SveTlianA-HurT ain_soph is gay
00:02:44Astrocreep well
00:02:45Strawberryjuice or tiny up also
00:02:45yeW- u wont be able to gang before 6 anyways
00:02:48MnmlArT y
00:02:49yeW- so
00:02:49Astrocreep i was going ursa but he picked
00:02:50MnmlArT so
00:02:50Smoothie we can swap lane
00:02:52yeW- might as well ursa
00:02:55yeW- so at 6 u can rosh
00:02:56MnmlArT ok dude
00:02:59yeW- even 5 if ur fast
00:03:08Strawberryjuice pass auf
00:03:10Laier wut
00:03:11Laier was afk
00:03:15Strawberryjuice nicht zu weit vor die machen oft fb
00:03:16yeW- -m
00:03:17yeW- -ma
00:03:21Smoothie yy
00:03:25McNabb u let me farm?
00:03:29Laier ofc
00:03:30Laier my horse
00:04:05MnmlArT -c
00:04:06MnmlArT -cs
00:04:11MnmlArT -co
00:04:33SveTlianA-HurT thx to ur pool
00:04:34SveTlianA-HurT i die
00:04:37yeW- haha
00:04:41MnmlArT tnxz
00:04:42Strawberryjuice sec
00:04:43MnmlArT tnx
00:04:43Smoothie gj
00:04:45MnmlArT 2 ur brain
00:04:45Strawberryjuice u2
00:05:01MnmlArT when i see ur items
00:05:04MnmlArT that is enough
00:05:05MnmlArT for me
00:05:12Astrocreep ss
00:05:12Laier wait
00:05:13Laier got inv
00:05:29SveTlianA-HurT lc pick talks about brain
00:05:34MnmlArT yew from where is that pick
00:05:34Strawberryjuice no hotkeys
00:05:35Strawberryjuice -.-
00:05:38MnmlArT y i do
00:05:40MnmlArT puck
00:05:46yeW- ?
00:05:53yeW- wot?
00:05:53Laier bullshit
00:05:58MnmlArT from what country is puck
00:06:00Laier that i had no full mana :/
00:06:04yeW- dunno
00:06:13MnmlArT bird ?
00:06:17MnmlArT wp sf
00:06:20Strawberryjuice waste xD
00:06:30MnmlArT my pull again i guess ?
00:06:41SveTlianA-HurT cant do shit vs those
00:07:01MnmlArT yew send it 2 me when it give u item
00:07:08yeW- need ifrst soz
00:07:25Strawberryjuice woods
00:07:26Strawberryjuice komm
00:07:30Smoothie this miuzs
00:07:31Strawberryjuice komm
00:07:32Smoothie mouse
00:07:33yeW- -ma
00:07:42yeW- lolz
00:07:43MnmlArT they are after me
00:07:45Laier want me to save
00:07:46Laier puck?
00:07:47Laier or take?
00:07:50Ain_Soph_Aur take8
00:07:56Smoothie mid
00:08:02yeW- lool
00:08:05Strawberryjuice gogogo
00:08:06MnmlArT stupid
00:08:08MnmlArT crab
00:08:13yeW- 3 mid
00:08:14yeW- lolz.
00:08:22Strawberryjuice komm
00:08:25Smoothie oom
00:08:27Strawberryjuice auf den legion
00:08:29Smoothie english :D
00:08:38Laier check top rune
00:08:40yeW- one of those sad games
00:08:41Laier i go bot
00:08:42yeW- i guess
00:08:47Strawberryjuice gj wasn nab
00:08:56Laier yew will plug!
00:08:57Laier for sure
00:09:03yeW- ss puck
00:09:07Laier riki
00:09:08MnmlArT tiny ss
00:09:11Laier go
00:09:34MnmlArT ogre around
00:09:36Smoothie i go roam
00:09:39Smoothie straw
00:09:47Strawberryjuice wait me
00:10:12Strawberryjuice -.-
00:10:47yeW- ss lots
00:10:49MnmlArT y
00:11:18McNabb puck?
00:11:21MnmlArT i will duel
00:11:28Ain_Soph_Aur u just had to wait
00:11:31MnmlArT after pull
00:11:36McNabb ogre goed
00:11:36MnmlArT or not
00:11:37yeW- -ma
00:11:49Smoothie goed?
00:11:49MnmlArT should i midas or ?
00:11:52Strawberryjuice because oggri is my mate
00:11:52McNabb go'ed
00:11:53yeW- nah
00:12:03Smoothie means?
00:12:03yeW- help
00:12:21MnmlArT .
00:12:30Strawberryjuice top
00:12:31Strawberryjuice lenni
00:12:33Strawberryjuice *y
00:12:38Strawberryjuice ulti cd
00:12:48Astrocreep b
00:12:51Astrocreep they dive
00:13:11yeW- duel?
00:13:12yeW- t_t
00:13:16MnmlArT cant
00:13:19yeW- u cudda
00:13:19Strawberryjuice ulti now
00:13:26Smoothie only stun
00:13:33Astrocreep come
00:13:58Smoothie 1 mANA!
00:14:02Smoothie sry
00:14:03Strawberryjuice ^^
00:14:06Strawberryjuice np
00:14:12Smoothie care
00:14:14Strawberryjuice hab travels
00:14:14Strawberryjuice xD
00:14:17Smoothie k
00:14:58Strawberryjuice ulti cd
00:15:01Smoothie top ss
00:15:04MnmlArT b
00:15:06MnmlArT riki here
00:15:17MnmlArT go
00:15:18yeW- up courier
00:15:20Strawberryjuice tower
00:15:21yeW- biy more wards
00:15:34yeW- lol lich farm
00:15:35Smoothie RUN TINY
00:15:42MnmlArT HEAL ?!
00:15:44MnmlArT NECRO
00:15:44MnmlArT WTF
00:15:49Rhasti smoke ?
00:15:53MnmlArT u were
00:15:56MnmlArT in reaver
00:15:56Strawberryjuice v
00:15:57yeW- stfu
00:15:57Strawberryjuice b
00:15:57yeW- team
00:16:03MnmlArT fu
00:16:03Smoothie go
00:16:04MnmlArT yew
00:16:05Smoothie all btm
00:16:20Strawberryjuice sec
00:16:21Strawberryjuice pls
00:16:23yeW- K
00:16:23MnmlArT 1
00:16:23yeW- K
00:16:23Laier hes mouse fucking up
00:16:23MnmlArT 2
00:16:23MnmlArT 3
00:16:23MnmlArT 4
00:16:23yeW- k*
00:16:23MnmlArT 5
00:16:23MnmlArT 6
00:16:23MnmlArT 7
00:16:23MnmlArT 10
00:16:23MnmlArT 15
00:16:23MnmlArT 20
00:16:23Laier wow
00:16:23Laier you can count?
00:16:23MnmlArT y ^_^
00:16:23SveTlianA-HurT obviously
00:16:23Strawberryjuice kk
00:16:23yeW- ye, he's one of those elites who been to school
00:16:23Strawberryjuice rdy
00:16:23Strawberryjuice 321
00:16:27yeW- sp ^^
00:16:30MnmlArT go
00:16:32MnmlArT yew
00:16:35yeW- *atro
00:16:36yeW- up courier
00:16:38yeW- iom oom
00:16:38yeW- cant
00:16:41yeW- UP COURIER
00:16:41Astrocreep sec
00:16:55yeW- i just need to farm
00:16:56yeW- some more
00:17:12Laier dive
00:17:21yeW- atro n necro
00:17:22yeW- buy tps
00:17:33MnmlArT is it fuckin possible that every stun is multi cast ?
00:17:44Smoothie tower
00:17:50yeW- lemme mid
00:17:52Strawberryjuice du auch so laggs?
00:17:55Smoothie ne
00:18:19MnmlArT b
00:18:20MnmlArT necro
00:18:21MnmlArT wtf
00:18:25Strawberryjuice ^^
00:18:36MnmlArT care
00:18:44Smoothie b
00:18:44Strawberryjuice b
00:19:07Laier had to do it
00:19:10Laier lazer beam
00:19:11Laier xD
00:19:15Smoothie wards bought
00:19:18yeW- wards
00:19:19yeW- WARDS
00:19:19yeW- MORE
00:19:43Strawberryjuice geo?
00:19:44Strawberryjuice xD
00:19:45yeW- ward here
00:19:48Smoothie wards
00:19:54yeW- suyp
00:19:57Rhasti come
00:20:01Rhasti got dust
00:20:33Laier gimme salve lich
00:20:34Laier pls
00:20:39Laier ty
00:21:47Rhasti dd
00:21:56yeW- do they have wards
00:22:00MnmlArT y
00:22:55Strawberryjuice coud
00:22:56Strawberryjuice pls
00:22:58Strawberryjuice fuck you
00:23:00Strawberryjuice fuck you all
00:23:01Strawberryjuice just go
00:23:02McNabb lol
00:23:06Strawberryjuice my gd guys
00:23:08Strawberryjuice riki cloud
00:23:11Strawberryjuice you ulti puck
00:23:21Ain_Soph_Aur man u don't have to be first
00:23:25Strawberryjuice well
00:23:27Strawberryjuice im laggy
00:23:27Strawberryjuice -.-
00:23:29Ain_Soph_Aur i did my ulti
00:23:32Strawberryjuice y
00:23:35Strawberryjuice riki didnt cloud
00:23:38Strawberryjuice just blink on atrop
00:23:39Strawberryjuice and cloud
00:23:40Smoothie we just got raped :)
00:23:45Smoothie accept it
00:24:21MnmlArT omw bot whit haste
00:24:22SveTlianA-HurT u just had to ulti
00:24:34Laier gang him
00:24:36SveTlianA-HurT but i guess u wanted to last hit
00:24:45Rhasti it was 50%
00:24:49Rhasti +
00:24:53SveTlianA-HurT SO WHAT?
00:24:56Laier ffs
00:24:57yeW- what
00:24:58Strawberryjuice xD
00:24:59SveTlianA-HurT wtih last raze
00:25:01SveTlianA-HurT he would die
00:25:28Rhasti no team play
00:25:32yeW- oh lord
00:25:34yeW- shut
00:25:36yeW- ur FUCKING
00:25:39yeW- cunt mouth
00:25:40yeW- u whore
00:25:43Smoothie b
00:25:53Rhasti fucking kid
00:25:56yeW- feeds
00:25:57Rhasti 13yo ?
00:25:58MnmlArT :DDD
00:26:01yeW- n talks about no team play
00:26:04yeW- at least keep it shut
00:26:18MnmlArT -cs
00:26:28SveTlianA-HurT ty
00:26:51McNabb sup
00:26:55Strawberryjuice someone top pls
00:26:56Strawberryjuice for geo
00:27:00MnmlArT what sup means
00:27:05SveTlianA-HurT support
00:27:10yeW- lool
00:27:15MnmlArT rly oO
00:27:17yeW- means whats up
00:27:18SveTlianA-HurT no.
00:27:32MnmlArT FUCKIN
00:27:33MnmlArT OGRE
00:27:53Astrocreep place
00:28:01MnmlArT necro
00:28:03MnmlArT dont make meka
00:28:04MnmlArT botard
00:28:07MnmlArT meepo have
00:28:14MnmlArT u need like vanguard pipe
00:28:15Laier oh
00:28:18Laier so he had that lothar
00:28:22yeW- ur tell inem
00:28:24yeW- ur tellin me
00:28:26yeW- what items
00:28:28yeW- to buy to meepo,
00:28:29MnmlArT no
00:28:35MnmlArT i am tellin
00:28:37MnmlArT necro
00:28:40yeW- oh :p
00:28:45Laier care for lothar geo
00:28:54Smoothie just move
00:28:57McNabb bl
00:29:23MnmlArT go duel
00:29:35Strawberryjuice u so lucky
00:29:38Strawberryjuice that this puck
00:29:42Strawberryjuice went away and i have laggy
00:29:49McNabb :FD
00:29:50yeW- fuck
00:29:51yeW- Lol
00:29:52yeW- :p
00:30:44MnmlArT radiance lol
00:30:58yeW- someone
00:31:00yeW- buy a fuckin gem
00:31:01yeW- mb
00:31:04yeW- -ma
00:31:05Astrocreep when i got 700
00:31:20MnmlArT TARD
00:31:23MnmlArT MEEPO HAVE IT
00:31:28MnmlArT SINCE MINUTE 11
00:31:40Strawberryjuice gj
00:32:51Strawberryjuice there am i porting
00:33:04Laier yew pushing 2 lanes alone
00:33:07Strawberryjuice nearly
00:33:11Smoothie cmon pubck!
00:33:50yeW- yeye
00:33:53MnmlArT dead
00:33:55Laier all
00:33:56Laier now
00:33:56Smoothie down
00:34:01MnmlArT omw
00:34:24MnmlArT war
00:34:25MnmlArT warded
00:34:26Astrocreep where chic
00:34:41Strawberryjuice OMG
00:34:56MnmlArT HELP HIM
00:34:58Smoothie ty
00:34:59Smoothie tiny
00:35:02Strawberryjuice riki
00:35:02Smoothie that was stupid
00:35:05MnmlArT he is not using meka or heal .
00:35:13Smoothie throw me into geomancer
00:35:16Strawberryjuice gj
00:35:17Smoothie until he cast
00:35:17Strawberryjuice kill gem
00:35:18McNabb ty
00:35:20Strawberryjuice or take it
00:35:46Strawberryjuice wheres gem?
00:35:50McNabb killed it
00:35:56Ain_Soph_Aur ..
00:35:59Ain_Soph_Aur meepo got lot5
00:36:02McNabb oh
00:36:18MnmlArT care
00:36:19MnmlArT warded
00:36:28yeW- gem
00:36:29yeW- em
00:36:31yeW- buy one gem
00:36:45Astrocreep lost
00:37:33McNabb zzz
00:37:41Strawberryjuice -.-
00:37:46Strawberryjuice was ein gelagge
00:38:50MnmlArT ur sick
00:38:55MnmlArT u know that right
00:39:02yeW- why?!
00:39:10MnmlArT cause u can handle
00:39:11yeW- meh why u go
00:39:11MnmlArT 6
00:39:12yeW- we cant
00:39:12MnmlArT heroes
00:39:26Smoothie go rax
00:39:45Laier yew rapes you alone
00:39:45Laier xd
00:39:52SveTlianA-HurT gem puck
00:40:11Ain_Soph_Aur why all tp???
00:40:14Ain_Soph_Aur kiding me?
00:40:37yeW- need all
00:40:53yeW- WHY
00:40:58MnmlArT .
00:41:02yeW- what a shit fag
00:41:20MnmlArT u want gem,
00:41:27Laier go mid
00:41:28MnmlArT or dust
00:41:32MnmlArT or sentry
00:41:37McNabb bl
00:42:16MnmlArT GEM
00:42:17MnmlArT GEM
00:42:18MnmlArT GEM
00:42:22Strawberryjuice omg
00:42:30MnmlArT wp
00:42:46Ain_Soph_Aur just amazing
00:42:54Ain_Soph_Aur we just have to push
00:42:57Ain_Soph_Aur and u rush in
00:43:00Ain_Soph_Aur like tard
00:43:05Strawberryjuice who
00:43:07MnmlArT riki is alive
00:43:15Ain_Soph_Aur tin
00:43:22Ain_Soph_Aur go heal riki??
00:43:27Ain_Soph_Aur why are you doin???
00:43:32Ain_Soph_Aur ...
00:43:43Smoothie sf gem
00:43:53McNabb i got gem
00:44:19MnmlArT can bet
00:44:25MnmlArT ur screen server is meepo :D
00:44:35SveTlianA-HurT saver*
00:44:39MnmlArT saver
00:44:39MnmlArT y
00:44:57MnmlArT ?
00:44:58Smoothie care
00:45:01yeW- go$
00:45:24MnmlArT chese
00:45:28MnmlArT CHEESE
00:45:30MnmlArT CHEESE
00:45:35Astrocreep gem
00:45:44Smoothie he got gem
00:45:47MnmlArT cheese
00:45:48MnmlArT here
00:45:50McNabb oh fuck
00:46:03McNabb dunno what to do cant fight him
00:46:07yeW- fuck
00:46:10Smoothie NOW END
00:46:11Smoothie try to end
00:46:15Strawberryjuice ypls
00:46:18yeW- k about time i got that ac
00:46:18Strawberryjuice i dont see anything
00:46:19Strawberryjuice xD
00:46:21Strawberryjuice so laggy
00:46:27Smoothie this shit mouse..
00:46:38Astrocreep lol
00:46:45yeW- sf take cheese
00:46:48Smoothie 60 seconds
00:46:54Rhasti take gem
00:46:56SveTlianA-HurT ty
00:46:56MnmlArT ro bane
00:47:02MnmlArT sf dude
00:47:03Smoothie 40
00:47:09MnmlArT orb efect mask of death eos
00:47:39Strawberryjuice B
00:47:52Smoothie b
00:47:52Smoothie b
00:47:53Smoothie b
00:48:03SveTlianA-HurT lifesteal + skadi works
00:48:07MnmlArT ok
00:48:16SveTlianA-HurT give gem
00:48:24SveTlianA-HurT ty
00:48:56yeW- gater
00:48:57yeW- gather
00:48:57yeW- go
00:49:09yeW- omw
00:49:10MnmlArT take ?
00:49:38yeW- ..
00:49:43MnmlArT omw
00:49:58Laier dd geo
00:49:59McNabb dd
00:49:59Laier care
00:50:00Laier care
00:50:02Smoothie mid
00:50:16yeW- b
00:50:18Strawberryjuice someone wants gem?
00:50:20Strawberryjuice ill buy
00:50:23Ain_Soph_Aur i have
00:50:23McNabb k
00:50:24Laier we got gem
00:50:29Strawberryjuice lol
00:50:30Strawberryjuice sry
00:50:31Strawberryjuice than
00:50:33yeW- -apm
00:50:52yeW- dunno what to od
00:50:54yeW- go m?od
00:50:56yeW- mid it is
00:51:03MnmlArT sec
00:51:21Strawberryjuice nice one
00:51:38Strawberryjuice gj
00:51:41MnmlArT wp yew
00:51:50Laier not
00:51:53Laier lost raxes from base
00:51:55Laier if you didnt notice
00:52:05McNabb so op that hero
00:52:05Laier and we cant go
00:52:06Laier there
00:52:06Laier idiot
00:52:12SveTlianA-HurT i had money to buy back
00:52:16Strawberryjuice ...
00:52:17Ain_Soph_Aur why ub???
00:52:22McNabb 100 hp
00:52:35yeW- mfg
00:53:00yeW- go
00:53:14MnmlArT go my ass
00:53:16yeW- jesus
00:53:17yeW- FUCKING
00:53:18yeW- CHRIST
00:53:25Laier its bd
00:53:25yeW- sleep one
00:53:25Laier if you take that tower
00:53:25Laier btw
00:53:25yeW- ulti one
00:53:26Smoothie its allowed
00:53:27yeW- n duel
00:53:28Laier its not
00:53:29Strawberryjuice no
00:53:29McNabb wh ocares
00:53:32yeW- thats 3 fuckin disable
00:53:53Laier someone who doesnt wanna get banned mby cares :)
00:53:59MnmlArT well
00:54:01MnmlArT i used
00:54:02MnmlArT bkb
00:54:02McNabb i wasent there:D
00:54:06MnmlArT and he didnt do shit
00:54:22yeW- -apm
00:54:26MnmlArT -apm
00:54:51Laier next rosh
00:54:53Laier is with cheese
00:54:54yeW- we need that
00:54:56Laier cant let them get that :/
00:54:58yeW- go mid
00:54:58Smoothie it already was
00:55:29Ain_Soph_Aur thx riki
00:55:31Ain_Soph_Aur !ff
00:55:33Ain_Soph_Aur I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:35MnmlArT u want
00:55:36MnmlArT sf
00:55:44McNabb base will die thne
00:55:44yeW- tower go
00:56:00Strawberryjuice so geo has 3 lifes
00:56:02Strawberryjuice he rebuys
00:56:40MnmlArT omfg
00:57:01Laier def base
00:57:02Laier lich
00:57:13Strawberryjuice ill be dead by geo
00:57:59yeW- lol
00:58:05yeW- shudda just killd him
00:58:06yeW- blah
00:58:07yeW- bnad move
00:58:10Laier bl
00:58:11Smoothie try?
00:58:34Laier you didnt bl me
00:58:34Laier :/
00:58:41Smoothie was cd
00:58:45Smoothie soory :/
00:58:54Laier yew
00:58:57Laier sup with these games
00:58:57yeW- laier
00:58:58Laier :D
00:59:01yeW- ^^
00:59:05Laier this and last 1
00:59:15Strawberryjuice riki go i def
00:59:16Laier yew alive
00:59:18Laier in15sec
00:59:19Laier b mid
00:59:28Laier b mid
00:59:29Laier b
00:59:36yeW- rly? t_t&
00:59:37Laier yew alive
00:59:38Smoothie geo re !
00:59:38MnmlArT 3 vs
00:59:39MnmlArT 2
00:59:41MnmlArT and u go b
00:59:42MnmlArT .
00:59:43Laier yew
00:59:44Laier here
01:00:47Laier fight mid?
01:01:13Ain_Soph_Aur dunno what to do u never want to push
01:01:38Strawberryjuice B
01:01:42yeW- we lose
01:01:45yeW- teamfight
01:01:53Strawberryjuice can u end pls
01:01:54yeW- ugess the only way
01:01:59Rhasti u can destroy tree by urself
01:02:00yeW- is when they pus
01:02:00Strawberryjuice lets win it xD
01:02:00yeW- h
01:02:13MnmlArT b
01:02:18Ain_Soph_Aur take the gel
01:02:20Ain_Soph_Aur gem
01:02:28Ain_Soph_Aur at base
01:02:34McNabb they wont come
01:02:35Smoothie no slot
01:02:37Laier they waiting for rosh
01:02:39Ain_Soph_Aur wards could win this
01:02:46SveTlianA-HurT give
01:02:47SveTlianA-HurT my
01:02:48SveTlianA-HurT wanfd
01:02:54SveTlianA-HurT ty
01:02:59Ain_Soph_Aur and smoke
01:03:01Strawberryjuice i wont set em
01:03:06Strawberryjuice i have lag like hell
01:03:20Laier ogre bl
01:03:21Laier me
01:03:22Laier allways
01:03:25Ain_Soph_Aur a bkb butter riki
01:03:26yeW- uy go mid
01:03:27Ain_Soph_Aur could win
01:03:27yeW- i go top
01:03:29Ain_Soph_Aur alone
01:03:30Strawberryjuice go?
01:03:31Astrocreep who gem
01:03:32yeW- everyone mid
01:03:35Laier go
01:03:36Astrocreep i dont wanna carry
01:03:59Laier he bo:d
01:04:04Laier top
01:04:05MnmlArT go yew
01:04:15yeW- emh
01:04:16yeW- its over
01:04:17MnmlArT I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:04:19Laier throne
01:04:22Ain_Soph_Aur y
01:04:22Laier blme
01:04:23Laier ogre
01:04:26yeW- mwell
01:04:27yeW- i tried
01:04:40Laier true
01:04:46yeW- too much cancer tho
01:04:49yeW- I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:04:53Strawberryjuice GO THONE
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