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98% | 1859 X | 1567 TS

+22 X
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92% | 1643 X | 1489 TS

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63% | 1327 X | 1347 TS

+48 X
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61% | 1294 X | 1360 TS

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87% | 1576 X | 1457 TS

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80% | 1493 X | 1404 TS

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80% | 1513 X | 1375 TS

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72% | 1431 X | 1355 TS

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-2 TS

70% | 1472 X | 1299 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Affliction [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 219 seconds.
00:00:16Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:16BoNeshaw voisin tinyttää
00:00:16Affliction -ii
00:00:16Affliction -don
00:00:16Affliction -hhn
00:00:19McFele fenix
00:00:19m1shjaAa sry didnt c pool
00:00:19BoNeshaw ooks solo?
00:00:19Buttons best be
00:00:19Affliction why should you ?
00:00:19Strom anyone want phoenix?
00:00:19Buttons n
00:00:19Affliction iam bad with it
00:00:19McFele ban hi dude
00:00:19DeMiaN plop
00:00:19Buttons is sf in pool
00:00:19fUNCh pole millega comboda seda eriti
00:00:19Strom phoenix
00:00:19fUNCh või noh
00:00:19fUNCh tegelt
00:00:19fUNCh pit + phoenix oleks võinud olla küll :D
00:00:19fUNCh aga nvm
00:00:19m1shjaAa pick sd for me?
00:00:19DeMiaN deduuu
00:00:19Casberry []gogo ban
00:00:19DeMiaN 4min to load
00:00:19DeMiaN and can't ban
00:00:19DeMiaN sad
00:00:19fUNCh tegin eelmine mäng
00:00:19DeduXserS wat ban
00:00:19fUNCh antimage
00:00:19fUNCh dagoniga
00:00:19fUNCh suht imba
00:00:19fUNCh :D
00:00:19DeduXserS abaddon
00:00:20m1shjaAa depends what u pick)
00:00:25m1shjaAa sd for me pls
00:00:26DeduXserS i pick medusa
00:00:38DeduXserS or
00:00:42DeduXserS u wanted this
00:00:44m1shjaAa y
00:00:58m1shjaAa i pick dusa for u?
00:01:04DeduXserS it was joke
00:01:07Strom thd good, ogre good
00:01:09m1shjaAa ...
00:01:10DeMiaN what u intend
00:01:11Strom rexxar good, clock good
00:01:12DeMiaN to play dedu ?
00:01:18DeduXserS pick me morph
00:01:20fUNCh cant pick too much good
00:01:23fUNCh good + good = bad
00:01:26DeduXserS -swap 3
00:01:26DeMiaN -swap 1
00:01:31m1shjaAa morf
00:01:36DeMiaN misha
00:01:38DeMiaN u pick for me
00:01:38m1shjaAa i mean sd is for me
00:01:39DeMiaN -clear
00:01:40DeMiaN yy
00:01:46Affliction i stay in lane
00:01:50Strom clock is good, pit decent
00:01:54fUNCh let me solo top p lz
00:01:55Strom medusa worst pick ever
00:01:57DeMiaN hmm
00:01:58DeduXserS mitä se tiny alhaal tekee
00:01:59DeMiaN puck
00:02:05DeMiaN -swap 5
00:02:07m1shjaAa -swap
00:02:07Buttons lanes strom
00:02:08fUNCh strom liinid ?
00:02:10m1shjaAa -swapall
00:02:12Strom huskar mid
00:02:20Strom legion + ogre top
00:02:24fUNCh kamoon
00:02:24m1shjaAa active pls
00:02:25Strom legion may pull/forest if wishes
00:02:25DeduXserS mighty demian mid then
00:02:26m1shjaAa pucj
00:02:28fUNCh miks sa nusssid
00:02:28Affliction ii
00:02:29Strom dazzle + medusa bot
00:02:32Affliction i wall
00:02:34Affliction will
00:02:36Affliction pull
00:02:36DeMiaN why don't u
00:02:40DeMiaN ur supposed to
00:02:43Buttons i swear
00:02:46m1shjaAa last game i was controled 2 times
00:02:47Buttons deduxsers only plays
00:02:49Buttons morph/sf
00:02:51Buttons every game
00:02:53fUNCh tead mida oodata mult
00:02:54DeMiaN not my pb
00:02:55m1shjaAa and i unshare and was nervious
00:02:56fUNCh strom
00:02:56DeMiaN activate just
00:02:58fUNCh selle eest
00:02:59Strom funch, mina nussin? see mcfele võttis medusa vastu mu soove
00:03:10fUNCh no oleks lasknud mul topis carrida
00:03:25Affliction FB?
00:03:26fUNCh usefull
00:03:27fUNCh as shit
00:03:37DeduXserS bone sie oot pullimis hommis
00:03:53Buttons my bad sry
00:04:06Affliction pullin
00:04:11BoNeshaw puhelimes
00:04:13DeduXserS pullaa
00:04:44DeMiaN ss
00:04:49DeduXserS mnee nyt vittu pullaa
00:04:53DeduXserS ei täst tuu vittuakaa
00:05:27Strom ss mid puck
00:05:35DeduXserS voisit kiertää selkää ja tapetaa
00:05:43BoNeshaw puhelimes
00:05:48Strom ss mid puck!!!
00:05:51Strom ok re
00:05:52DeMiaN ss
00:06:35Affliction take ity
00:06:36Affliction it
00:06:52DeMiaN ss
00:06:53DeMiaN bot
00:06:54DeMiaN with rune
00:07:05DeduXserS voitko koht pelaa
00:07:13DeduXserS vai pausetaako
00:07:14BoNeshaw joo
00:07:32Strom puck inc top
00:07:57DeMiaN Serious N
00:07:59DeMiaN ?
00:08:08fUNCh faster ?
00:08:46Buttons wtf funch
00:08:49m1shjaAa if u use me agan
00:08:54m1shjaAa i take control of
00:09:00DeduXserS aha morph
00:09:03fUNCh killing morf is bad ?
00:09:05BoNeshaw exä itkee puhelimes huoh
00:09:14Buttons suiciding him when hes alrdy low
00:09:17Buttons good trade..
00:09:26fUNCh he is freefarmimmng
00:09:27Buttons mb wait for a better opportunity
00:10:11DeMiaN rape bot
00:10:46DeduXserS jaa en saanu kumpaakaa
00:10:50fUNCh oleks minu juurde tulnud ja kedagi attackinud oleks gravenud
00:10:52DeduXserS ihme
00:10:53fUNCh oleksid vähemalt 1 maha saanud
00:11:02Strom arvatavasti
00:11:03DeduXserS älä nyt viitti ottaa creeppei
00:11:10DeduXserS mul 4 assistii ja 0 tappoo ku idlasit
00:11:11Buttons so bad
00:11:12Buttons sry
00:11:29DeduXserS tapetaa
00:11:35DeduXserS dazzle
00:11:36DeduXserS instaan
00:11:47Affliction urn me
00:11:56DeduXserS suck it
00:12:16Strom I urned you for what? so you can leave me? :D
00:12:18DeduXserS Wtf
00:12:23DeduXserS Demian dominating
00:12:26Affliction well
00:12:29DeMiaN loool
00:12:32Affliction if you used befor :/
00:12:39DeMiaN u weren't talking when i was holyshit with qop
00:12:41Affliction i wont be that scared
00:12:48DeduXserS actually i did
00:13:12DeduXserS torni
00:13:21fUNCh go duell
00:13:30DeMiaN 3top
00:13:31DeMiaN gogo guys
00:13:39DeMiaN or go husk
00:13:40DeMiaN better
00:13:46DeduXserS ahhaha
00:13:56DeduXserS tåää
00:13:57DeduXserS viel
00:14:14DeMiaN wards pls
00:14:15DeMiaN ...
00:15:47DeMiaN lool
00:15:48fUNCh ff
00:15:56Strom yea, this game is looking real ugly
00:16:05Strom we don't have early game, because we had some shitty picks
00:16:08Strom especially medusa
00:16:11Strom we don't have lategame
00:16:14Strom because we have some shitty picks
00:16:17Strom especially medusa
00:16:20Strom and we can't push
00:16:24Strom because we have some shitty pushers
00:16:26Strom especially medusa
00:16:34DeMiaN wards guys
00:16:35DeMiaN necro sd
00:16:38Strom only way we'll win is if we outfarm/play them
00:16:45Buttons it begins with
00:16:49Buttons stop dieing to morph
00:16:56Casberry ube
00:16:57Strom I haven't died to morph once
00:16:59Casberry fuck 8elay
00:17:01Buttons not you
00:17:07fUNCh morf just got 1.4k from last 4minutes
00:17:23DeduXserS mid tower
00:17:58DeduXserS they push
00:17:59DeduXserS w(/e
00:18:00DeduXserS go mid
00:19:01Affliction ?!
00:19:01Casberry wtf ?
00:19:03Strom no clue
00:19:03Affliction :D
00:19:09Affliction :/
00:19:09fUNCh stop lagging AFJEHS<erijoewrgw
00:19:11m1shjaAa maby his mom join the room?
00:19:15Strom Demian, you lag
00:19:15DeduXserS :D
00:19:15DeduXserS "oh wait i lagg"
00:19:15Affliction atleast he isnt bullshiting us
00:19:15Affliction -hhn
00:19:15DeduXserS blah
00:19:15DeduXserS -ii
00:19:15DeduXserS -es
00:19:15DeduXserS -water 6 6 6
00:19:15DeduXserS -weather moonlight
00:19:15m1shjaAa who for balance?
00:19:15DeduXserS -ma
00:19:15DeduXserS -apm
00:19:15DeduXserS prolly fucnh?
00:19:15m1shjaAa or ogr
00:19:15Buttons smd
00:19:15m1shjaAa but ogr stronger i think
00:19:15DeduXserS :DDDDD
00:19:15DeduXserS irgfkgdiiogkdj
00:19:15m1shjaAa so who?
00:19:15McFele roll for it
00:19:15Affliction lol
00:19:15Affliction :D
00:19:15Affliction -roll
00:19:15DeduXserS i roll
00:19:15DeduXserS -
00:19:15DeduXserS -rickroll
00:19:15Affliction -rickroll
00:19:15DeduXserS -rickroll
00:19:15DeduXserS -rickroll
00:19:15Affliction -msa
00:19:15m1shjaAa i refuse to roll
00:19:15DeduXserS -roll
00:19:15Affliction -ma
00:19:15DeduXserS -roll 999
00:19:15DeduXserS -roll 999
00:19:15m1shjaAa SOOOOOO?
00:19:20Strom Medusa balances
00:19:21McFele -roll
00:19:25Casberry -rickroll
00:19:25fUNCh :D:D:DS
00:19:25Buttons dat
00:19:25Affliction Cya
00:19:25DeduXserS strom kick someone!
00:19:25Buttons controversy
00:19:25m1shjaAa FAST
00:19:25m1shjaAa DUSA
00:19:25Strom there is no controversy
00:19:25m1shjaAa SAY BUY
00:19:25Strom McFele balances
00:19:25Affliction bye
00:19:27m1shjaAa BYE
00:19:28McFele fu not fait bitch, highest lvl best famr and i leave, dickheads
00:19:29Affliction BUY = shop
00:19:29Buttons mcfele leave
00:19:34BoNeshaw lol
00:19:35Buttons lol
00:19:36BoNeshaw nyt vois oelkaa
00:19:37Buttons ban that cunt
00:19:41Strom "highest level, best farm, shittiest hero, no teamplay, 0% medusa win ratio"
00:19:48DeduXserS WHO SOLD ITEMS
00:19:55BoNeshaw dedu ootko mubmles
00:20:04DeduXserS en mä
00:20:07DeduXserS meen nukkuu aamu 6.00 töihi
00:20:12Buttons lez go
00:20:14BoNeshaw sori
00:20:16BoNeshaw olin puhelimes
00:20:22BoNeshaw ei pystyny katkasee ku exä itki siin
00:20:22Buttons funch wtf you build
00:20:25Buttons with claymore
00:20:26fUNCh loltharz
00:20:27DeduXserS koko löane meni vituiks
00:20:31Buttons oh my
00:20:32DeduXserS ootko muute
00:20:33BoNeshaw uskon
00:20:35DeduXserS shawi vai se toine
00:20:45BoNeshaw mitä oikei tarkotat :D
00:20:59DeduXserS :D
00:21:01DeduXserS ei kannattais
00:21:08Casberry reg
00:21:22BoNeshaw no johetaa
00:21:23BoNeshaw ez
00:21:26BoNeshaw daguki
00:22:11DeduXserS :P
00:22:13Strom ah tiny dagger
00:22:47BoNeshaw heal?
00:22:48Strom affliction, are you building 2nd treads?
00:22:50Strom for other leg?
00:22:57BoNeshaw ty
00:22:59Affliction ehm
00:22:59Affliction :D
00:23:02Affliction bash
00:23:12Affliction and forgot my glove
00:23:51Strom don't touch medusa
00:24:19Buttons why
00:25:04DeduXserS sd i come
00:25:52Affliction ok
00:25:56Affliction no more hunt
00:25:56DeduXserS ok gg no re
00:26:02Affliction hit and run
00:26:03Affliction :/
00:26:14Buttons is always like this
00:26:20BoNeshaw alus toi sp
00:26:23BoNeshaw tuli vaa tornil
00:26:27Buttons 1 disable on team
00:26:27DeduXserS nii
00:26:31BoNeshaw kattoks se et en pelaa :D
00:26:32Buttons minus your ulti
00:26:35DeduXserS joo
00:26:39DeduXserS tapetaa
00:26:39Buttons just bad picks
00:26:55DeduXserS tuu
00:27:05BoNeshaw cd
00:27:09BoNeshaw rdy
00:27:32DeduXserS +10dmg np
00:27:37Affliction np
00:28:56Strom rsiky
00:29:28Buttons linkens
00:29:41DeduXserS illus me
00:29:59BoNeshaw didnt u hear
00:30:00BoNeshaw lothar
00:30:01BoNeshaw sound
00:30:03DeduXserS ya
00:30:03fUNCh natuke hiljaks jäin healiga :D
00:30:04DeduXserS so wat
00:30:07BoNeshaw and huskar so aggressive
00:31:24Affliction b
00:31:31DeduXserS illu me
00:31:32DeduXserS so i can
00:31:33DeduXserS replic
00:31:56Strom ??
00:32:15Strom hard to win when people duel replicas :D
00:32:26DeduXserS :D
00:32:30Affliction :D
00:32:31DeduXserS i rofl
00:32:37DeduXserS it was epic juke
00:32:41DeduXserS sd did illus on me
00:33:28Strom oh well
00:33:30Strom I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:33:32Buttons I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:33:38fUNCh I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:33:40Affliction I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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