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95% | 1729 X | 1516 TS

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87% | 1558 X | 1472 TS

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+2 TS

52% | 1247 X | 1307 TS

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94% | 1705 X | 1487 TS

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66% | 1371 X | 1348 TS

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50% | 1200 X | 1339 TS

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-6 TS

42% | 1213 X | 1237 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Pufff-Reis [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Aleks875 with 58 seconds.
00:00:082Maidens1Cup gl hf
00:00:18yeW- hmhmmm
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19svents banni see doom
00:00:19mrk doom
00:00:19Pufff-Reis ywe doom?
00:00:192Maidens1Cup your not on aleks team if thats any conciliation : )
00:00:19Pufff-Reis k
00:00:19mrk well that's a bonus
00:00:19Aleks875 batanicXD
00:00:19yeW- erm
00:00:19svents fcking moron
00:00:19yeW- what do i ban
00:00:19svents stfu already
00:00:19Aleks875 XDDD
00:00:19svents strom
00:00:19svents v6iks siia
00:00:19svents selle
00:00:19Aleks875 team of batans
00:00:19svents asja teha
00:00:19Aleks875 gg
00:00:19svents et saaks muteda kedagi
00:00:19svents aleks
00:00:19Aleks875 dont whine plz
00:00:19svents saaks insta mute
00:00:19yeW- furi ban
00:00:19Aleks875 if u lose again ok?
00:00:19yeW- ?
00:00:19mrk saab ikka
00:00:19yeW- orrr
00:00:19yeW- bone
00:00:19yeW- or morph
00:00:19yeW- o rtinker
00:00:19yeW- or sf
00:00:19Aleks875 promise batans?
00:00:19mrk squelsh töötab bnetist välja
00:00:19mrk s
00:00:192Maidens1Cup if we have any super morph players
00:00:192Maidens1Cup now is the time : )
00:00:19yeW- or ogre
00:00:19vaityl furi
00:00:19mrk i wanted morph :D
00:00:19yeW- oO
00:00:192Maidens1Cup no doom
00:00:19WhiteNoiZe i want aa
00:00:19svents see squelch
00:00:19svents ei tööta mul
00:00:19yeW- furi
00:00:19yeW- ogre
00:00:19mrk what u want?
00:00:19yeW- actually
00:00:19mrk furi?
00:00:19yeW- ogre ban
00:00:242Maidens1Cup then get him :)
00:00:31yeW- get dazzle
00:00:31yeW- pls
00:00:322Maidens1Cup no morph then ?
00:00:34yeW- furi anyone?
00:00:35mrk ill swap
00:00:38WhiteNoiZe k
00:00:40WhiteNoiZe i pick
00:00:41yeW- puff furi?
00:00:42vaityl me
00:00:44yeW- dazzle anyone?§
00:00:47vaityl no
00:00:48yeW- dazzle
00:00:58svents go fck urself yew
00:00:59svents cunt
00:01:01svents my skele
00:01:032Maidens1Cup :D
00:01:04mrk dazzle/slar
00:01:05yeW- ah noes
00:01:07Aleks875 whine
00:01:08mrk sky
00:01:09Aleks875 ...
00:01:10yeW- pause 321, lets rmk
00:01:14Aleks875 he always do it
00:01:19svents aleks u stuf
00:01:22yeW- ^^
00:01:27yeW- aleks is talkative toay
00:01:30yeW- what u goin aleks
00:01:322Maidens1Cup so what do we take ?
00:01:34WhiteNoiZe u want morph?
00:01:37mrk y
00:01:372Maidens1Cup no
00:01:38McNabb need a tank
00:01:38Aleks875 bone
00:01:42yeW- ye i an see that
00:01:42WhiteNoiZe -swap 1
00:01:422Maidens1Cup i can sladar
00:01:43mrk -swap 4
00:01:43svents cuz we flamed him last game
00:01:45McNabb slardar
00:01:50Aleks875 dont worry
00:01:56McNabb slardar come bot
00:01:59Aleks875 let me mid
00:02:02Aleks875 and i will rape
00:02:04Aleks875 all
00:02:05svents leks go og
00:02:09svents aleks
00:02:10svents go go
00:02:13yeW- k
00:02:14svents ur imba bone i know
00:02:16yeW- thatll be fun
00:02:19yeW- vaityl
00:02:20yeW- go botp ls
00:02:21yeW- aleks mid
00:02:26McNabb lvl 3 we kill slardar ok?
00:02:27vaityl ffs
00:02:27Aleks875 ty
00:02:312Maidens1Cup k
00:02:37McNabb i sleep u go stun and then we kill
00:02:382Maidens1Cup i go stun and stun-hit
00:02:412Maidens1Cup (bash
00:02:422Maidens1Cup )
00:02:43yeW- pullst du mal?
00:02:43Aleks875 i will help at 6 lvl
00:02:51Pufff-Reis jo
00:02:52McNabb s
00:02:54yeW- aigh
00:02:56yeW- just farm
00:02:582Maidens1Cup so hopefully i got boots before 3
00:02:59svents aa move
00:03:00svents pls
00:03:00McNabb max stun, 1 sprint then bash
00:03:102Maidens1Cup k
00:03:132Maidens1Cup rune top
00:03:14Pufff-Reis willst fb probieren?
00:03:21yeW- dazzle
00:03:22mrk care furi
00:03:23yeW- up courier asap pls
00:03:23mrk always
00:03:26yeW- lets c
00:03:27yeW- ther heroes
00:03:28yeW- pull first
00:04:36svents hahahahha
00:04:55yeW- ss
00:05:082Maidens1Cup dazzlE?
00:05:112Maidens1Cup or ?
00:05:33McNabb gj
00:05:362Maidens1Cup u2
00:05:52yeW- ss
00:05:52yeW- 2
00:06:02McNabb ss
00:06:02McNabb 1
00:06:12mrk ss
00:06:17mrk re
00:06:33Countertrap me pipe
00:06:582Maidens1Cup sleep
00:07:02yeW- ss
00:07:02yeW- 2
00:07:07yeW- furi
00:07:16mrk ss
00:07:17mrk clinkz
00:07:232Maidens1Cup sry
00:07:27McNabb np
00:07:32yeW- $fucin nues ^^
00:07:33yeW- nukes
00:07:36Pufff-Reis jo
00:07:492Maidens1Cup slep
00:07:53McNabb oom
00:08:04McNabb :D
00:08:23yeW- lolz
00:08:24Aleks875 ss?
00:08:25yeW- mid fail
00:08:25yeW- hard
00:08:412Maidens1Cup three bot
00:08:46McNabb slardar
00:08:49McNabb take tango
00:08:52mrk ss
00:08:55yeW- furi
00:08:562Maidens1Cup thx
00:09:05svents rune bot
00:09:07svents rune on botis
00:09:20mrk mul 37cs
00:09:36WhiteNoiZe bla
00:09:532Maidens1Cup come gank bot
00:10:00mrk omw
00:10:01mrk invis
00:10:042Maidens1Cup ¨daz first
00:10:09mrk go
00:10:10Aleks875 SS mid
00:10:26mrk my bad
00:10:272Maidens1Cup :S
00:10:30mrk misclicks
00:10:32mrk happen so often
00:10:372Maidens1Cup hoped you would wave sooner
00:10:41mrk ye i wanted
00:10:42WhiteNoiZe y
00:10:44WhiteNoiZe dream on
00:10:46mrk i also canceled invis with bottle
00:11:00WhiteNoiZe nc
00:11:04svents omfg
00:11:12WhiteNoiZe so imba lucky
00:11:12yeW- -ma
00:11:18vaityl no
00:11:342Maidens1Cup one more and lvl 6
00:11:392Maidens1Cup ss mid
00:11:40Aleks875 ss mid
00:11:412Maidens1Cup care
00:11:432Maidens1Cup bot
00:11:462Maidens1Cup re
00:12:03yeW- tp
00:12:03yeW- furi
00:12:05yeW- svents
00:12:06yeW- kill
00:12:122Maidens1Cup should have waited one creep :S
00:12:162Maidens1Cup told you
00:12:23mrk doesnt matter
00:12:36mrk go help others
00:12:42WhiteNoiZe GANG TOP NOW
00:12:462Maidens1Cup omw
00:12:54mrk ss lclinkz
00:13:15yeW- lolz
00:13:18yeW- how much gold morph
00:13:18yeW- now
00:13:19yeW- 3k?
00:13:382Maidens1Cup what do i buy?
00:13:432Maidens1Cup invis
00:13:44yeW- ye
00:13:44yeW- wp
00:13:45mrk let me
00:13:46mrk invis
00:13:46yeW- make it deniable
00:14:05yeW- gj aleks
00:14:07yeW- can u leave
00:14:08yeW- now
00:14:24mrk ill just farm mid
00:14:25yeW- haah
00:14:27yeW- eagle horn
00:14:31yeW- u fuckin loser
00:14:312Maidens1Cup sure
00:14:44svents slardar
00:14:46yeW- the one time
00:14:47svents get treads
00:14:51yeW- i trust u with mid
00:14:52yeW- u fail
00:14:54yeW- like theres no tomorrow
00:15:062Maidens1Cup omw bot
00:15:15mrk oh well
00:15:16McNabb y
00:15:20mrk 3 people mid
00:15:22mrk suddenly
00:15:34yeW- tp
00:15:38Pufff-Reis cd
00:16:15WhiteNoiZe GANG TOP
00:16:212Maidens1Cup omw soon
00:16:22mrk bane
00:16:242Maidens1Cup just need mana
00:16:28McNabb im ready
00:16:32yeW- come
00:16:33WhiteNoiZe -3
00:17:45mrk gj
00:17:47yeW- dipshit aleks
00:17:47WhiteNoiZe oom
00:17:47yeW- wp
00:18:21WhiteNoiZe slardar
00:18:52yeW- did he get any last hits
00:18:53yeW- mid?
00:18:592Maidens1Cup now i get bkb or janggo?
00:18:59mrk i had 40cs 5 min
00:19:02mrk almost
00:19:03yeW- my god
00:19:04mrk and 20 deny
00:19:13svents sry guys
00:19:16svents my game is fcked up
00:19:17svents these
00:19:19svents mfckers
00:19:26svents were so lucky top
00:19:52yeW- b top
00:19:57yeW- ...
00:20:04yeW- ulti
00:20:04yeW- furi
00:20:06Pufff-Reis cd
00:20:12yeW- tp then
00:20:30yeW- lolz
00:20:34svents i knew itm
00:20:37svents knew it"
00:20:40yeW- wow ur goo
00:20:41Pufff-Reis pro
00:20:44yeW- u knew a furi wud do that
00:20:51svents and he died
00:20:53svents :)
00:21:10yeW- b
00:21:18McNabb sup
00:21:252Maidens1Cup sup sup :D
00:21:442Maidens1Cup im the only one having fun D:
00:22:01yeW- ye
00:22:03Aleks875 go rosh
00:22:05svents mrk palju cs on?
00:22:09mrk 97
00:22:12Aleks875 w8 me
00:22:16svents n1
00:23:13svents aa ulti
00:23:35vaityl )
00:23:38WhiteNoiZe get fuckin furi
00:23:46svents ahahah
00:23:48yeW- wot
00:24:07mrk they tp
00:24:11yeW- shudda sent him top
00:24:14McNabb b
00:24:15yeW- this dude blows
00:24:162Maidens1Cup ya
00:24:41yeW- furi
00:24:58McNabb dont go solo like that
00:25:032Maidens1Cup im7odumb:S
00:25:052Maidens1Cup imdumb
00:25:08mrk come
00:25:08Countertrap ward here
00:25:22svents i use silence
00:25:28svents and u windwalk :DDD
00:25:30Aleks875 whine
00:25:31svents da fuuq???
00:25:32Aleks875 whine
00:25:35svents :DDDD
00:25:36svents :DDDD
00:25:36Aleks875 batanikXD
00:25:40svents nice bugs FTW
00:25:45Aleks875 whine
00:25:47Aleks875 more
00:25:49Aleks875 I like it
00:25:55Aleks875 get pleasure
00:25:56Aleks875 XD
00:26:41McNabb noob svents
00:26:45svents my bad
00:26:47svents i fcking
00:26:50svents clicked nuke
00:26:53svents but this fcker
00:26:57svents attacked him -.-
00:27:20Aleks875 ahah
00:27:212Maidens1Cup svets
00:27:22Aleks875 whine
00:27:232Maidens1Cup dont laone
00:27:23svents tuskar
00:27:24svents there
00:27:26svents alse
00:27:27yeW- B
00:27:27svents invis
00:27:30svents i wasnt alone
00:27:53yeW- fuckin
00:27:54yeW- t_t
00:27:552Maidens1Cup need dust
00:28:05WhiteNoiZe gem
00:28:07McNabb i get gem
00:28:142Maidens1Cup love the shootgun move :)
00:28:162Maidens1Cup boom boom
00:28:21svents check it
00:28:29yeW- rly?
00:28:36yeW- ulti
00:28:42svents bb
00:28:43yeW- what a fuckin
00:28:43yeW- nobo
00:28:46vaityl I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:50yeW- waits until theres fog
00:28:51yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:54yeW- all ff now
00:29:07yeW- go type ff
00:29:12Aleks875 atropos imba too?
00:29:19yeW- u better stfu
00:29:23Aleks875 haha
00:29:27yeW- cant
00:29:29Aleks875 u suck vs atrop
00:29:30yeW- outfarm a morph mid
00:29:31McNabb get rosah?
00:29:342Maidens1Cup nah
00:29:372Maidens1Cup gank first
00:29:442Maidens1Cup shoot
00:29:55McNabb b
00:29:55yeW- shame this aleks
00:30:09WhiteNoiZe THHX
00:30:14WhiteNoiZe fuckin team
00:30:23yeW- lolz
00:30:35yeW- yes
00:30:36yeW- send me right
00:30:55Countertrap atro gem
00:30:58Countertrap I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:58mrk oom
00:31:08yeW- go
00:31:082Maidens1Cup np
00:31:08yeW- type ff
00:31:08McNabb who cares
00:31:08yeW- -clear
00:31:08svents ??
00:31:082Maidens1Cup :D
00:31:412Maidens1Cup oom
00:31:54McNabb svents can u buy some wards now?
00:31:59svents ye
00:32:10yeW- dont join next aleks
00:32:10yeW- ty
00:32:142Maidens1Cup i go S&y?
00:32:18svents get dust
00:32:192Maidens1Cup or bkb?
00:32:20svents dusts
00:32:21Aleks875 stfu
00:32:22svents pls guys
00:32:24Aleks875 next time
00:32:24yeW- no seriously
00:32:25yeW- stop dota
00:32:25Aleks875 np
00:32:262Maidens1Cup we got gem ?
00:32:28yeW- np ye
00:32:33svents oh ye
00:32:36svents my bad
00:32:36McNabb y
00:32:572Maidens1Cup im not that stupid ;)
00:33:22svents aa ulti
00:33:252Maidens1Cup aa ulti
00:33:27yeW- aleks go take
00:33:29yeW- since u a noob
00:33:36yeW- nvm
00:34:10yeW- can we ff
00:34:10yeW- ty
00:34:18svents furi imba hp
00:34:22svents 2 hps?
00:34:27yeW- graved
00:34:27Pufff-Reis dunno
00:34:38svents oh dazzle graved u furi?
00:34:41yeW- ye
00:34:46svents oh ok :D
00:34:48vaityl I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:55yeW- well
00:34:57yeW- im to blame
00:35:01yeW- for lettin that dipshit mid
00:35:09svents u mean aleks?:DDD
00:35:18svents he is imba
00:35:232Maidens1Cup ^^
00:35:25McNabb gem
00:35:32Aleks875 y
00:35:38Aleks875 i am so bad
00:35:412Maidens1Cup tower?
00:35:45Aleks875 cose real good player
00:35:45Pufff-Reis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:48Aleks875 its u
00:35:51Aleks875 svents
00:35:54yeW- just
00:35:56yeW- can u type ff
00:35:58yeW- we're sick of u
00:36:00Aleks875 u the best of history dota
00:36:06Aleks875 all know u
00:36:07svents aleks we all know
00:36:08Aleks875 skill
00:36:09McNabb wtf im not suposed to die
00:36:11svents ur gosu
00:36:15yeW- TYPE
00:36:16yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:17yeW- ALEKS
00:37:02WhiteNoiZe höhö
00:37:02mrk damn
00:37:172Maidens1Cup dammit
00:37:192Maidens1Cup dammit
00:37:232Maidens1Cup tusk
00:37:25svents gem
00:37:26svents gem
00:37:27svents gem
00:37:28svents gem
00:37:32svents ok l2inud :DD
00:37:39WhiteNoiZe ?????????????
00:37:43yeW- poison
00:38:03WhiteNoiZe there is no such thing called poison
00:38:04svents DDD
00:38:07svents nice atro :DDD
00:38:10yeW- what?
00:38:112Maidens1Cup McNabb...WP :)
00:38:23yeW- what do u think killed u
00:38:29yeW- if not dazzle's poison
00:38:45WhiteNoiZe i quote movies forget it
00:38:53yeW- oh
00:39:02yeW- ur that kinda guy
00:39:22WhiteNoiZe and now?
00:39:292Maidens1Cup wepu7upwards
00:39:37yeW- dunno
00:39:39yeW- waitin for aleks
00:39:39yeW- to ff
00:39:422Maidens1Cup rape Them AGAIN and OGGOGO :D
00:39:47WhiteNoiZe me too
00:39:57McNabb 'gpo bot
00:39:59McNabb go bot
00:40:01yeW- because he reckons he hasnt ruined enuf
00:40:09Aleks875 russian neever give up
00:40:15Aleks875 not like americans
00:40:19Aleks875 or estonians
00:40:20Aleks875 XD
00:40:20yeW- wow
00:40:22yeW- thats deep
00:40:232Maidens1Cup sry
00:40:27yeW- cold war is over mate
00:40:35svents :DDDd
00:40:40svents hahaha yew xDDDDD
00:40:42Aleks875 dota not ended
00:40:46yeW- ^^
00:40:49svents i think
00:40:58svents aleks doesnt know anything about history so
00:40:582Maidens1Cup get bot
00:40:59yeW- dude thinks he's still in the 70s or smtg
00:40:592Maidens1Cup now
00:41:00svents :DDD
00:41:002Maidens1Cup fast
00:41:32McNabb comon mrk lets end
00:42:08Aleks875 americans really suck
00:42:10Aleks875 ?
00:42:31yeW- one of the lamest game
00:42:32yeW- ever
00:42:40svents why so`?:(
00:43:05Aleks875 dont know why u whine
00:43:09Aleks875 I get fun all time
00:43:09svents aleks is too gosu u know
00:43:16Aleks875 all game
00:43:25Aleks875 really?
00:43:27svents fun how?
00:43:49Aleks875 ty
00:43:50Aleks875 gg
00:43:542Maidens1Cup gg
00:43:56mrk losing the game every time for ur team
00:44:01mrk doesnt sound like fun
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