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Chat log

00:00:00101010 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 75 seconds.
00:00:16101010 boring pool
00:00:16Aerwyn ye
00:00:16Aerwyn :( well nigulas wants butcheeeeeeeeer
00:00:16DayDream can some1 get me wd
00:00:16yeW- how would u know
00:00:16que2stress ban void
00:00:16Aerwyn everybody wants pudge :P
00:00:16svents ban yew
00:00:16svents go go
00:00:16yeW- i ban pudge
00:00:16yeW- ?
00:00:16yeW- ,
00:00:16yeW- ?
00:00:16yeW- weaver
00:00:16que2stress ban void
00:00:16svents ban
00:00:16yeW- fuck void
00:00:16nigulas -naga
00:00:16Mercury ban meepo
00:00:18yeW- anyone wants pudge?
00:00:24yeW- or voidµ? :D i can butcher
00:00:56nigulas soon ill have enough skill with this fucker
00:00:56101010 someone pick centaur to me plz
00:00:58nigulas to blow ur mind
00:01:19yeW- get me void
00:01:22nigulas bara aiai captain
00:01:32que2stress void and necro
00:01:34101010 aerwyn what u want?
00:01:37nigulas yess
00:01:38que2stress or chen
00:01:39nigulas random -swap 1
00:01:40nigulas is best
00:01:45Aerwyn ?
00:01:45yeW- -swap 4
00:01:50que2stress get necro/chen
00:01:51yeW- sile is good against cent's ulti
00:01:53Mercury well we have 1 feeder
00:01:59svents l2hen bara siis?
00:01:59Mercury now
00:02:07nigulas y
00:02:07nigulas võta
00:02:08nigulas see
00:02:12yeW- wud b nice if u cud gang lvl 3 cm
00:02:18Aerwyn why asking me what i want? :D
00:02:20Aerwyn k
00:02:21svents -clear
00:02:22Mercury il be top with wd
00:02:23nigulas bara
00:02:26nigulas alla
00:02:26nigulas siis
00:02:27Aerwyn i'll try <3
00:02:28nigulas las nad omavad
00:02:29nigulas topis
00:02:30nigulas pulli
00:02:31nigulas lihtsalt
00:02:34nigulas ja farmi neid neutraleid it was cm duh
00:02:39nigulas kui ei saa farmi lane
00:02:41nigulas ei koti see sile
00:02:42nigulas üldse
00:02:44nigulas 100% juust
00:02:46que2stress if u cant talk
00:02:52que2stress someone other has to do it
00:02:52svents bootsid :Dd
00:02:54yeW- do me a favor tho
00:02:54svents first item vennal
00:02:56svents ok :DDD
00:02:56yeW- n go fuckin bot
00:02:58yeW- n not pt :D
00:03:10nigulas never pt on meepo
00:03:11nigulas useless
00:03:18yeW- mana boots
00:03:20yeW- would b fun
00:03:23nigulas tranq
00:03:56yeW- easy gang
00:05:13Aerwyn chen
00:05:15Aerwyn come farm
00:05:16Aerwyn i gang mid
00:05:22nigulas :D FUCK
00:05:30svents wp sile
00:05:35Aerwyn chen
00:05:36Aerwyn come farm
00:05:37Aerwyn top
00:05:38que2stress gw
00:05:40Aerwyn i go gangmid shall i go mana boots?
00:05:59que2stress do what u want
00:06:03que2stress i got aura anyway
00:06:46Aerwyn yew
00:06:49Aerwyn let creeps push
00:06:53Aleks875 go maidne
00:07:18nigulas chick??? talk about close
00:08:09svents retard?
00:08:10Aleks875 bara
00:08:14Aleks875 noob
00:08:14que2stress that is a funny silecner
00:08:19svents under tower
00:08:21svents go yeah
00:08:22svents moron
00:08:23yeW- ss mid
00:08:25yeW- up courier
00:08:26yeW- ss meepo idiotic actually =p
00:08:43svents ss pudge
00:08:44yeW- easy gang
00:09:05yeW- ss one meepo
00:09:05yeW- top
00:09:13que2stress ss bara so slow stun though not gonna waiste ulti
00:09:36Aerwyn thoguht u eat = fail
00:10:00svents l2hme
00:10:24nigulas wtf
00:10:25nigulas is this
00:10:26nigulas void
00:10:28nigulas webproof?
00:10:39yeW- no? :p
00:10:46nigulas tulen chen pls start using ur ulti. :P
00:11:59que2stress or tps
00:12:28svents wtf??
00:12:42yeW- right
00:13:12nigulas sile use ulti
00:13:13nigulas for once+ :D
00:13:35Aerwyn k
00:13:36Aerwyn sure
00:13:43Mercury :D
00:13:44Aerwyn fuckn this :D
00:14:05Aerwyn lol pudge :D
00:14:19que2stress we must do this better they are team we're not also easybash with 4 stuns
00:14:57yeW- use nets?
00:14:58yeW- what a noob
00:15:03101010 was cd
00:15:08yeW- both of t hem?
00:15:09yeW- ye
00:15:09svents p2ris hea mc sul ma vaatan :D
00:15:11101010 yep
00:15:19yeW- b mid
00:15:22yeW- -ma
00:15:31yeW- get me a tp
00:15:31yeW- ls
00:16:01que2stress well people
00:16:02que2stress tell me
00:16:10que2stress that we dont play together
00:16:20yeW- n1
00:16:21yeW- ks
00:16:31que2stress htey move with 4 all the time
00:17:35nigulas HAHAHA
00:17:37nigulas im a retard
00:17:46que2stress a lucky one :D
00:18:15que2stress can anyone tell my
00:18:23que2stress why i always get caqught by 3 people easybash? :P
00:18:36que2stress and why
00:18:37que2stress we are never
00:18:39que2stress 3
00:18:41que2stress or more together
00:18:43yeW- get wards
00:18:44yeW- n smoke
00:18:55yeW- courier still not uppd
00:18:57svents mida ehitada üldsE?
00:19:02Aerwyn need towers
00:19:02Mercury bkb
00:19:05Mercury mom seriously
00:19:14que2stress GAIN
00:19:18que2stress again NOT FUCKING AGAIN This witchdoctor is luckiest bitch ever
00:19:33que2stress they move doesnt even know when to stun
00:19:36que2stress always with 4 and he just gets lucky
00:19:39que2stress why dont we? ask others died 4 times triying to do anything
00:19:59que2stress AGAIN
00:20:00que2stress AGAIN
00:20:01que2stress NO ONE MID
00:20:02que2stress WHY
00:20:05que2stress IS THAT SO?
00:20:17que2stress CENT
00:20:17yeW- cent
00:20:18que2stress cARRY
00:20:19yeW- join the game
00:20:19yeW- mb
00:20:20que2stress A TP
00:20:22que2stress AND JOIN GAME
00:20:24Aerwyn farming blink.
00:20:29Aerwyn uselesss without it "farming blink" "losing the game"
00:20:35que2stress 18 fucking min
00:20:39Aerwyn lol
00:20:41Aerwyn :D
00:20:47yeW- hook
00:20:48yeW- ffs
00:20:51yeW- jesus
00:21:19yeW- mystic staff
00:21:20yeW- lol
00:21:42yeW- get creeps
00:21:43yeW- n go rosh
00:21:45yeW- chen
00:21:49que2stress get tiower
00:22:00yeW- blah
00:22:03yeW- always the same
00:22:11que2stress good
00:22:11que2stress team
00:22:12que2stress very nice
00:22:12Aerwyn ff
00:22:14que2stress wp
00:22:15que2stress chen
00:22:25yeW- shudda gone geo myself imo, bad decision there
00:22:29que2stress no way we cant win this
00:22:33que2stress teamplay
00:22:35que2stress does not exist
00:23:11que2stress can u ply team?
00:23:13svents wtf
00:23:28svents wtf
00:23:30svents chicken did here???
00:23:32svents guys
00:23:40svents who took it herWE????
00:23:44Mercury dunno
00:23:47svents rly
00:23:47Mercury someone stupid
00:23:50Mercury i sent ti back
00:23:54DayDream i wanted to get it out of here too
00:24:06svents aleks nice items
00:24:08DayDream well i guess that leaves 1
00:24:11yeW- creeps
00:24:12yeW- getem
00:24:15yeW- so we can rosh
00:25:15que2stress butcher get pipe plz
00:25:18Aerwyn why??
00:25:20Aerwyn rylai
00:25:23que2stress ?
00:25:26que2stress what
00:25:29Aerwyn killed
00:25:29Aerwyn troll
00:25:32que2stress oh sry
00:25:33Aerwyn 70 money
00:25:35que2stress i was chatting
00:25:39que2stress then it was auto attack
00:25:40que2stress sry
00:25:44que2stress didnt wath
00:26:10que2stress hehe bkb on sb
00:26:14que2stress hf
00:26:17yeW- b
00:26:18svents s&y sile
00:26:22svents t6siselt w:DDDDDD
00:26:23yeW- bb
00:26:42Aerwyn ?
00:26:47yeW- hm
00:27:47svents 1 hit insta bash :DDDD
00:27:49svents nice yew
00:27:52svents w/e rly
00:27:56que2stress finaly teamfight
00:27:59nigulas bara
00:28:00nigulas pls
00:28:02nigulas seleta mulle
00:28:03nigulas n ahhui
00:28:03nigulas sa
00:28:04yeW- gogo
00:28:05nigulas ultid
00:28:06nigulas mingit
00:28:08nigulas kuradi pudget?
00:28:12nigulas kõige tangim vend
00:28:12que2stress chen
00:28:14svents sest tal oli male peal
00:28:15nigulas peale centi
00:28:16yeW- go rosh chen
00:28:22nigulas sinu ülesanne
00:28:23nigulas on
00:28:23svents mai n2inud cmi
00:28:23nigulas cm
00:28:24nigulas maha võtta
00:28:29svents jaseda cheni
00:28:37nigulas jah
00:29:05nigulas we need wards
00:29:20yeW- chill
00:29:38Aerwyn toer
00:29:46svents hea hook :DDDD :D
00:30:09Aerwyn mana
00:30:12que2stress cd
00:30:59nigulas wd ogre :D
00:31:00nigulas hello?
00:31:10nigulas STOP FOCUSING
00:31:10DayDream last hp
00:31:11nigulas CENT
00:31:16nigulas and pudge
00:31:17nigulas kill
00:31:19nigulas cm chen
00:31:19nigulas and
00:31:20nigulas they die
00:31:21nigulas like
00:31:22nigulas fucks
00:33:19yeW- come top all
00:33:46nigulas wd
00:33:47nigulas carry
00:33:48nigulas a fucking
00:33:49nigulas TP
00:33:52yeW- someone vlads
00:33:53yeW- pls
00:34:21yeW- -ms
00:34:27yeW- i go in
00:34:28yeW- on meepo
00:34:29que2stress wait
00:34:29Aerwyn void ulti?
00:34:30que2stress meka
00:34:31que2stress coming
00:34:41que2stress whos crystalis?=
00:34:44yeW- mine
00:34:56que2stress take it
00:34:57que2stress its there
00:34:58yeW- k
00:35:11svents pff
00:35:26nigulas kuhu
00:35:29nigulas sa jälle jooksid
00:35:30nigulas svents?
00:35:32svents cmi
00:35:32Aleks875 imba fail mid
00:35:33svents peale
00:35:34Aleks875 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:35svents kuhu mujale
00:35:36nigulas läbi
00:35:36svents tra
00:35:37nigulas 20 venna
00:35:37que2stress ehm
00:35:39yeW- lol
00:35:39que2stress actually
00:35:39nigulas ?
00:35:42que2stress best fail was u bot :D
00:35:45svents neil mingi selline heal
00:35:50svents mai saa seda
00:35:54svents cheni v6i cmi elus maha
00:36:15nigulas ???
00:36:18nigulas how can one
00:36:20nigulas suck so mucgh
00:36:30DayDream need meie lastpickid on ikka sparta tüübid
00:36:47Mercury tra selle pärast mulle ei meeldi bronze
00:36:47que2stress cmon svents doesnt suck that muhc
00:36:50que2stress he has his moments aa yew went away :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:37:03yeW- ye well
00:37:06yeW- no reason to stay :p blue death + others easybash Silencer sny :D
00:38:18svents ei ulti voidi
00:38:20svents mida iganes
00:38:43yeW- hm
00:38:48yeW- easy bite on the one tping there
00:38:50yeW- cd?
00:38:52que2stress y cd
00:38:55yeW- k
00:39:03Mercury aleks if you don't know what items to make then ask
00:39:06DayDream s&y silencer
00:39:07que2stress im not svents
00:39:10que2stress whaty thinking
00:39:11DayDream woohooo
00:39:16DayDream 1 in a million
00:40:13DayDream I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] i was afraid that i migth fail more
00:40:23nigulas team faggot gives u freewin with pudge
00:40:28que2stress it was not free
00:40:34que2stress 9 deaths on me
00:40:34nigulas right
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