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Chat log

00:00:00AliBaba [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 119 seconds.
00:00:07Laier sorry
00:00:10Laier was watching movie
00:00:18Laier fuck that marsbar and keltos sucked last game
00:00:18Laier for real
00:00:18sebralane hey siim
00:00:18sebralane tulid feedima?
00:00:18BT yo
00:00:18yeW- FEEDIMA
00:00:18BT huj
00:00:18McNabb lc
00:00:18BT ma oman
00:00:18BT ns
00:00:18Affliction Den ville jeg have
00:00:18Affliction :/
00:00:18sebralane sa pole nkn miljon aastat pelanud
00:00:18Laier why
00:00:18BT tegin 30-3 stormi enne
00:00:18McNabb am anyone?
00:00:18Laier you left magina pool?
00:00:18Laier i can
00:00:18BT ja mingi 25-7
00:00:23BT ja sellised skoorid
00:00:24BT npnp
00:00:49Laier well
00:00:50yeW- can i mid
00:00:51Laier that ursa is shit :D
00:00:54McNabb get me tiny
00:00:54Laier what you want?
00:00:54BT go
00:00:57VVindoWz tiny can fuck am easily
00:00:58Laier -swap 1
00:00:59McNabb -swap 3
00:01:02sebralane teen rhazta sinuga?
00:01:11BT kk
00:01:11VVindoWz slardar -armor
00:01:20Laier lol
00:01:22Laier es in pool :D
00:01:35Laier get es and lesh
00:01:37Laier es lesh
00:01:38Laier plx
00:01:38McNabb need some ranged
00:01:41VVindoWz omg this ali
00:01:48McNabb lesh
00:01:51McNabb k
00:01:53tba sry
00:01:55AliBaba haha. lol
00:01:58sebralane am teeb leole 2ra ju
00:01:59BT head herod neil
00:01:59VVindoWz -swap 4
00:02:00AliBaba skulle hente kaffe
00:02:00BT :DDDDD
00:02:00Laier that abba was kinda shit
00:02:05BT huj teeb
00:02:05Laier ursa eats abba alive :D
00:02:08BT panen 2 criti
00:02:10BT ja sureb
00:02:12sebralane sul pole mana, et ultida :D
00:02:16VVindoWz -swap 4
00:02:18Affliction :)I
00:02:20BT ega kritid mana vaja
00:02:28BT shit
00:02:28Laier aa should be top
00:02:29sebralane ulti vajab
00:02:30Laier since hes range
00:02:35AliBaba -swap 5
00:02:35BT could have taken rosh lvl 1
00:02:37tba ??
00:02:39McNabb u need babysit
00:02:49yeW- ye
00:02:49tba shall i go top``??
00:02:50yeW- i always forget
00:02:53yeW- np
00:02:53Laier na
00:02:54yeW- lvl 2 it is
00:02:56tba k
00:02:58VVindoWz leave me alone
00:03:01VVindoWz i will farm 30min
00:03:06yeW- 3 top
00:03:06yeW- ?
00:03:07Affliction ruen bot
00:03:10Affliction care midt and bot
00:03:11sebralane ali is down
00:03:30BT tra see abba
00:03:31BT gay hero
00:03:39tba ss 1
00:03:49tba re
00:04:22sebralane pullin?
00:04:29BT tee dobule
00:04:32sebralane k
00:05:33Swagga oom
00:05:58Swagga b
00:06:05Laier why
00:06:09Laier you lvling that shitskill?
00:06:13AliBaba ss
00:07:04Laier bot ss1
00:07:14Swagga b
00:08:21Swagga lol
00:08:24Affliction :/
00:08:29Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:08:30Affliction -ii
00:08:31Affliction -don
00:08:32Affliction -hhn
00:08:35VVindoWz ss
00:08:38Swagga ss
00:08:52yeW- ss tiny
00:08:56McNabb ss mid
00:08:58McNabb care top
00:09:02yeW- if dd lemme
00:09:09Laier ok
00:09:09Laier !
00:09:11yeW- oops
00:09:15yeW- rosh gold
00:09:16yeW- inc
00:09:16yeW- team
00:09:17yeW- :!D
00:09:34BT haige hero
00:09:36AliBaba rosh dead
00:09:42Swagga gj
00:09:45sebralane tal on sl
00:09:51Swagga det var flot skatter
00:09:55Affliction u2
00:10:30tba i am back
00:11:13tba ss 1
00:11:37yeW- get wards
00:11:43yeW- ive bought two alrdy + courier up
00:11:59McNabb Zzzz
00:12:20Swagga inc top
00:13:10Laier np
00:13:11Laier dont watch
00:13:41Laier gg
00:16:15sebralane ff
00:16:18yeW- lolz
00:17:01Swagga b
00:17:03Swagga b mid
00:17:10Swagga he got dagger
00:17:14Laier and?
00:17:27Swagga u are paper
00:17:31tba care
00:17:32Laier he daggers
00:17:34Laier i blink
00:17:59Swagga they got wards
00:19:35Laier care now
00:19:38Laier or that ursa eats you alive :D
00:19:51tba ill
00:20:00McNabb ward at rosh
00:20:20McNabb oom
00:20:23Affliction b
00:20:25McNabb b
00:20:26Affliction asdas
00:20:37Affliction FIUUUUCUCK !
00:20:37Affliction asdsa
00:20:38Affliction asd
00:20:38Affliction asdasd
00:20:38Affliction asd
00:20:39Affliction asd
00:20:39McNabb told u
00:20:42McNabb ward rosh
00:20:43Swagga u cunt
00:20:45Swagga fuckin jew
00:20:46Affliction Ikke flere smøger
00:20:46Affliction :/
00:20:57Swagga skal du have prince?
00:21:08yeW- me
00:21:08yeW- regn
00:21:11McNabb get wards
00:21:13McNabb abba aa
00:21:21sebralane wassap
00:21:37Laier b
00:21:41Laier NOW
00:22:04McNabb Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:22:44McNabb grønland stop nu solo
00:22:51sebralane am is fat
00:22:53Affliction yy
00:23:05tba dd
00:23:28Swagga plz
00:23:31Swagga i get dagger
00:23:33Swagga after
00:23:37Laier can you ward
00:23:39Laier that rosh now
00:23:40Laier pls
00:24:10McNabb y
00:25:21yeW- *srsly team?
00:26:42Laier tinyy
00:26:44Laier why not go in :/
00:26:46Laier bot raxes
00:26:47Laier def
00:26:50sebralane no tp
00:27:27Laier rosh up
00:27:27Laier ?
00:27:31BT 0-5
00:27:33BT xDD
00:27:55yeW- wards
00:28:07sebralane mongol kurdi best
00:28:15VVindoWz din mor
00:28:37sebralane lal
00:28:40McNabb oom
00:28:41Affliction :/
00:28:48yeW- wards pls XD
00:28:54Affliction hva fanden skete der ?
00:28:55sebralane help plant then
00:29:01yeW- buy em
00:29:01McNabb ja du er der jo ik
00:29:02yeW- ill plant
00:29:05sebralane i have 1 ward
00:29:11AliBaba in chick
00:29:17Affliction jamen hvordan slap han vøk ?
00:29:22McNabb blinkede
00:29:41Swagga fags
00:29:45sebralane indeed
00:30:16sebralane inc mid
00:30:46yeW- oopsie
00:30:48sebralane gj
00:30:51Laier y
00:30:52yeW- shh
00:30:55sebralane u went for ancient camp
00:30:58sebralane I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:03yeW- im the reason we havent ffed
00:31:06Affliction lo2 toss
00:31:07Laier take it
00:31:07yeW- so chill will u
00:31:07Affliction :D
00:31:17Laier tiny take aegis?
00:31:20Laier i take cheesE?
00:31:24McNabb k
00:31:25Swagga y
00:31:32sebralane go kill some1
00:31:41McNabb :D
00:31:44yeW- tc
00:31:45McNabb worth it?
00:31:47yeW- ah k
00:31:48yeW- no ulti
00:31:49yeW- lolz
00:31:52yeW- thougt he had ulti
00:32:03Affliction me ?
00:32:05yeW- sad shit team
00:32:07yeW- no, tc
00:32:15AliBaba sad solo player
00:33:13BT sain killi
00:33:14BT win
00:33:21Affliction should have runed
00:33:21Affliction :/
00:34:05VVindoWz bkb needed
00:34:07Laier who got my stick btw
00:34:07Laier :)
00:34:09McNabb have to go 5
00:34:09Swagga big foot
00:34:10VVindoWz for u ursa
00:34:10tba abba
00:34:39sebralane viisakas
00:34:54AliBaba car
00:34:55AliBaba e
00:35:20sebralane ;d
00:35:38Affliction yy
00:35:54Swagga again
00:35:59Laier def it
00:36:21VVindoWz bye bye game
00:37:32Laier so smart
00:37:34Laier i said def it
00:37:45VVindoWz what to build ?
00:37:54Affliction dunno why you hunt instead of takeing rax
00:37:55Affliction :&/
00:38:12yeW- s&y
00:38:22tba care
00:38:28Laier its not up
00:38:30Laier so why you there?
00:38:58Laier b
00:38:58Laier b
00:38:59Laier b
00:39:01Swagga b
00:39:13McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:49Laier abba come
00:39:51sebralane ei saa
00:39:51sebralane b
00:40:26Swagga theyre gonna rosh
00:40:42Affliction have to push top
00:40:48Laier y
00:40:52Laier need 150
00:40:53Laier for manta
00:40:55sebralane nice items mongol
00:41:20yeW- ty fucktard
00:41:22yeW- :D
00:41:31yeW- back at u
00:41:32Laier why would we go push 4v5
00:41:41VVindoWz heart ?
00:41:43McNabb aa die instant anyway
00:41:49tba y
00:41:50Affliction get ghost
00:41:52Swagga go halbred gyts
00:41:54Affliction tba
00:41:57tba y
00:41:58Swagga y
00:41:58Laier care
00:41:59Laier care
00:41:59Laier care
00:42:06Swagga go?
00:42:21VVindoWz radiance or heart ?
00:42:24yeW- radi
00:42:29BT xDDDD
00:42:31sebralane radi and divine
00:42:31yeW- XD
00:43:28McNabb fuck of
00:43:34Affliction bd `?
00:43:35yeW- bd?
00:43:36Laier thats bd
00:43:37Laier btw
00:43:39BT no
00:43:41Laier you came from mid
00:43:42sebralane from mid
00:43:42Laier without creeps
00:43:44Laier = bd
00:43:50Laier keep hitting them noob
00:43:51Laier its bd
00:43:59Laier k banned
00:44:17Affliction push top
00:44:21BT y0 wannabe pro
00:44:24BT laier
00:44:25yeW- :po
00:44:27yeW- :ds
00:44:55AliBaba got refresher
00:45:02Swagga magina buy a tp
00:45:09Swagga coom
00:45:09sebralane dd
00:45:11Laier nice
00:45:12Laier ulti
00:45:12McNabb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:45:15Swagga ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!
00:45:17Swagga uiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
00:45:20Swagga ccccccccccccccccc
00:45:21Swagga kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
00:45:24Swagga my life
00:45:51sebralane retard with a capital R
00:46:14McNabb very
00:46:17Swagga Fuck You Jew
00:46:25yeW- sup with the capital letters
00:46:44BT sebra sul dota 2 on?
00:47:39McNabb throne
00:47:45yeW- k
00:47:47yeW- lets gather
00:47:47Swagga ill def
00:47:47yeW- lol
00:47:49Swagga go push
00:47:54McNabb GRØNLAND
00:47:56sebralane and mongol kurdi did radi
00:47:56McNabb DE VIL DEF
00:47:57sebralane ban inc
00:47:57McNabb FFS
00:47:58sebralane ?
00:48:04AliBaba why ?
00:48:05VVindoWz why ?
00:48:11VVindoWz idiot
00:48:11Laier take bot
00:48:12Laier lane
00:48:12Laier tiny
00:48:13sebralane ruine
00:48:14Laier cant throne
00:48:23BT BD
00:48:24BT OMH
00:48:26BT BD
00:48:27Laier nope
00:48:28BT OMH
00:48:29BT OMDSHGM
00:48:31Laier came from mid with creeps :)
00:48:31BT OMG
00:48:33BT BAN
00:48:41BT nub
00:48:47Laier you just mad
00:48:48yeW- RAGE
00:48:57Laier coz you noob got served
00:49:01BT :DD
00:49:01sebralane go mid now
00:49:03BT "OK"
00:49:12yeW- bitch got serbed
00:49:12BT u are just like infect
00:49:13yeW- served
00:49:16BT nerd wannabe pro
00:49:28Swagga def
00:49:35Laier def base
00:50:27McNabb aa def
00:50:35BT wow
00:50:41BT u are making bf
00:50:41Laier def top and bot lane
00:50:45BT min 46
00:50:45McNabb we could actually win this
00:50:55yeW- u probz will
00:50:57Laier and you making? WUT NOTHING
00:51:09BT nope
00:51:12BT im making ac
00:51:14BT bitch
00:51:14Laier gz
00:51:41McNabb gggg
00:51:47yeW- where the fuck is le team
00:51:55sebralane mongolkuridforthewin!
00:52:02Laier wp guys
00:52:16yeW- why
00:52:18yeW- do u still have cheese
00:52:34yeW- u died twice in a row
00:52:35Affliction AM why didt you go rax ? :D
00:52:38yeW- without being able to use it
00:52:38yeW- ?
00:52:42Laier i took whole top lane
00:52:43BT yes?
00:52:45yeW- aight
00:52:47Affliction nvm
00:52:48Affliction :D
00:52:54Laier :)
00:52:55yeW- well then lets get another cheese
00:52:56BT i havent been able to use my ulti either
00:53:02Laier care
00:53:04Laier they coming
00:53:06Laier all to rosh
00:53:21Laier ursa there allready
00:54:14Laier gj abba
00:54:15Laier :D
00:54:15sebralane usesl
00:54:18sebralane soulring
00:54:20sebralane tc!
00:54:21sebralane soulring
00:54:26Laier bt how many aegis you need
00:54:29sebralane I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:29Laier to get even 1 kill?
00:54:36McNabb many more
00:54:37Laier ohh wait you didnt kill any1
00:54:39tba need
00:54:43Laier take that rax
00:54:49VVindoWz slark with 0 kills
00:54:58BT umustbereallypro
00:55:04BT winningonegame
00:55:07BT GRATZ
00:55:10BT prosvenplay
00:55:12BT lastgame
00:55:14Laier you still mad?
00:55:19BT no
00:55:24BT neverbeen
00:55:28McNabb b
00:55:34Laier es b
00:55:38yeW- GO
00:55:40Affliction ad
00:55:41BT itsjustthat
00:55:44BT uaresobad
00:55:44Affliction hvis vi taber mi :D
00:55:47Affliction nu
00:55:47BT andtalkingnshit
00:55:59Laier better stats than you so im better
00:56:00Laier GG
00:56:01Laier eod
00:56:01McNabb ved ik hvorfor du charger ind i 5
00:56:05BT OK
00:56:08BT lookatlastgame
00:56:14BT 7
00:56:19sebralane tule
00:56:22sebralane 2ra raiska aega
00:56:26Affliction Get bkb AM
00:56:27Affliction :D
00:56:40sebralane gg
00:57:01Laier and we lost
00:57:02McNabb gg
00:57:03Laier imba
00:57:04Laier :DDD
00:57:05McNabb y
00:57:05tba gg
00:57:09BT U MAD MR bigtalk
00:57:15yeW- wp ursa
00:57:16yeW- ty
00:57:49McNabb abba am go throne
00:57:50McNabb i def
00:57:57AliBaba -ii
00:58:00Laier abba
00:58:00Laier come
00:58:01Laier now
00:58:55McNabb b
00:58:55McNabb b
00:58:56McNabb b
00:59:00Laier i got bo
00:59:01Laier np
00:59:03McNabb k
00:59:06Swagga abba too?
00:59:07sebralane tp ursa
00:59:08Affliction no
00:59:09Affliction :/
00:59:10McNabb fucked up game
00:59:16BT am too pro
00:59:31Laier kill him
00:59:32Laier hes alone
01:00:00yeW- b
01:00:25AliBaba Æ:s,psdfbdf'
01:00:25AliBaba fgbn
01:00:26AliBaba nFG
01:00:31VVindoWz lille luder ali
01:00:43McNabb am
01:00:44McNabb come
01:00:46McNabb and abba come
01:00:47Laier since
01:00:47McNabb mid
01:00:50Laier when we lost all raxes also?
01:00:54Affliction hagvbge tp
01:00:56Affliction have tp
01:01:03McNabb 50 sec
01:01:04Affliction i push top a little
01:01:06Affliction and come
01:01:25McNabb grønland nu
01:01:30McNabb go dreng
01:01:32Affliction stfu
01:01:39Affliction har ikke BO'
01:01:43sebralane we dont def ursa?
01:02:24McNabb b
01:02:41Laier well gg
01:02:44Laier bo cd
01:02:44Swagga dat radiance
01:02:54Swagga dat radiance
01:03:03Laier he just killed himself on creeps
01:03:03Laier :D
01:03:05Laier they rosh
01:03:54BT y0 bigmouth
01:04:18yeW- ffs
01:04:18VVindoWz fu
01:04:19BT im gonna cry now
01:04:21yeW- shudda killd throne
01:04:21AliBaba why you fucking chase ?
01:04:22Swagga WHA ?Å
01:04:23VVindoWz why dont u take rax
01:04:23Swagga IAN BJ^LA
01:04:38yeW- i will rape
01:04:39yeW- ur sisters
01:05:01McNabb THRONE
01:05:12Laier gg
01:05:13sebralane gg
01:05:13AliBaba wp
01:05:14AliBaba gg
01:05:16yeW- XD
01:05:16BT GG
01:05:17BT :DDDDD
01:05:18yeW- SAD GFAME
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