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Chat log

00:00:00P3PSI [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Kastrup with 50 seconds.
00:00:12KeLToS strom, i need 2 ask something
00:00:17Strom back
00:00:17KeLToS did u get my banreQ on nigulas
00:00:17Strom -ck
00:00:17slc2 give me sk
00:00:17extremewaari phoe
00:00:17extremewaari k
00:00:18slc2 ty
00:00:23extremewaari sandking?
00:00:26extremewaari or leo
00:00:26slc2 yes
00:00:29slc2 sandking
00:00:30extremewaari k
00:00:36KeLToS hvor er du jamie
00:00:37que2stress orange
00:00:39Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:40que2stress which hero u want?
00:00:40slc2 hjemme:)
00:00:43Iho tuskar
00:00:46slc2 hvor er du
00:00:47P3PSI tuskar aba ?
00:00:49KeLToS hygge
00:00:49P3PSI -clear
00:00:52extremewaari take morph for me
00:00:54extremewaari oh
00:00:56extremewaari np
00:00:56que2stress u get abba ok?
00:01:00extremewaari u can play it
00:01:01Strom keltos, dunno ... if you made it in then probably
00:01:02P3PSI roger boss
00:01:10KeLToS yes i did
00:01:11extremewaari hmm
00:01:17extremewaari panda
00:01:23slc2 -swap 1
00:01:23extremewaari -swap 4
00:01:27P3PSI uwant ?
00:01:29P3PSI -clear
00:01:29KeLToS vil du ha magnus eller sk
00:01:31KeLToS -clear
00:01:33slc2 sk
00:01:33extremewaari take bane or lion
00:01:33que2stress hm
00:01:36Strom pit good, lion good, tc good
00:01:41Strom bane good
00:01:42extremewaari morph mid
00:01:42slc2 du har set mig spille magnus ikke=
00:01:43Iho gyro
00:01:46mansikka some range would be cool
00:01:46que2stress ya pit it be
00:01:48extremewaari dont take gyro
00:01:51P3PSI -swap 3
00:01:52extremewaari take bane
00:01:52que2stress -swap 5
00:01:55extremewaari i can lpay it
00:02:03extremewaari if u want play panda
00:02:04Strom I'll take mid
00:02:05Iho i play hero whit i can play
00:02:12Strom so, lets do skeleton king + lion bot
00:02:13mansikka pit aba top?
00:02:14Strom and abba + pit top
00:02:16que2stress yep
00:02:20extremewaari so why u cant play abne?
00:02:20slc2 lanes?
00:02:23Mercury wards
00:02:23que2stress ty
00:02:28extremewaari morph mid?
00:02:38Iho this is much better
00:02:38Mercury strom ma ostsin wardid
00:02:38KeLToS lanes
00:02:43Strom ma ka
00:02:44extremewaari i go mid
00:02:48extremewaari sk top
00:02:49KeLToS yea rest
00:02:51Mercury milleks?
00:02:53extremewaari gyro magnud bot
00:02:58Strom et ruuni juures 100% ward oleks
00:03:07Strom ma ei saa olla kindel, et need 2 wardi kuhugi ilmuvad
00:03:23slc2 er du på net keltos?
00:03:24Strom sss
00:03:29KeLToS ja, emre siger du skal komme
00:03:29Strom re
00:03:37slc2 næh
00:03:44Mercury you pull?
00:03:56mansikka no
00:04:02slc2 igen
00:04:30slc2 klar+
00:04:34Kastrup y
00:05:05slc2 check
00:05:16que2stress sk runs mid
00:05:24Strom thx for blink
00:05:31extremewaari they have obs
00:05:39slc2 kommer top pit
00:06:29Strom ss
00:06:36Strom re
00:07:04slc2 min mus er mærkelig
00:07:07P3PSI b
00:07:08Strom ye, panda top
00:07:58P3PSI ss top
00:08:01extremewaari mid ss
00:08:32Strom ss
00:08:59que2stress ss
00:09:00Strom ss
00:09:15Strom haste panda top
00:09:16Strom top b
00:09:17Strom top b
00:09:18Strom top b
00:09:20extremewaari omw top
00:09:22Strom top b
00:09:23Strom top b
00:09:37extremewaari mid ss
00:09:41que2stress where her runs :D1
00:09:53Mercury get gyro?
00:09:56P3PSI ss top
00:10:19slc2 dont u have rocket?
00:10:22KeLToS kom
00:10:25KeLToS neger
00:10:48KeLToS panda bot lets go
00:10:58slc2 rocket
00:11:13Strom panda inc bot
00:11:18Strom tp bot guys
00:11:20Strom for def
00:11:33slc2 iho ur so fucking bad
00:11:43slc2 why the fuck didnt u use rocket from the beginning?=???
00:11:51slc2 damn u suck
00:12:04slc2 fuck han er dårlig
00:12:08P3PSI ss to
00:12:16que2stress b
00:12:29que2stress may i farm mana boots here?
00:12:30que2stress 200g
00:12:35mansikka sure thing friend
00:13:06que2stress i wont farm it :D
00:13:08KeLToS go
00:14:24Kastrup -ii
00:14:38P3PSI ss top
00:15:30KeLToS glem d
00:15:41mansikka fuck :D
00:15:41P3PSI ..
00:15:51Strom damn
00:16:14Strom -st
00:16:46que2stress nooo
00:16:56Strom you guys didn't see me come I take it
00:16:56KeLToS recognize
00:16:57Kastrup pudge top
00:16:58KeLToS :D
00:17:00Strom why otherwise scare him
00:17:04slc2 du skal slå lidt tidligere næste gang
00:17:07Kastrup and b mid
00:17:21KeLToS no ulti
00:17:32que2stress ehm
00:17:33que2stress why
00:17:36que2stress u dont shield me D
00:17:40P3PSI sry
00:17:43P3PSI didnt se ur hp
00:17:46P3PSI was low my self :/
00:17:50que2stress ye
00:17:51que2stress i see
00:17:56que2stress got fuill low hp :D
00:18:06P3PSI hehe
00:18:21P3PSI ss tp
00:18:29Kastrup gyro
00:18:38Kastrup 3 mid
00:18:39Kastrup all come
00:19:32KeLToS ;D
00:19:52Kastrup missle
00:19:54slc2 he cnat die
00:20:00Kastrup to late now
00:20:17Kastrup b
00:20:21Kastrup stun first next
00:20:29slc2 havde ikke mana til det der
00:20:53Kastrup wtf?
00:20:57extremewaari mouse!
00:21:02extremewaari didint move
00:21:26KeLToS ig ot dagger and ulti
00:21:32Iho nice
00:21:38Iho we got good aoel
00:21:39KeLToS bait mid
00:21:45Kastrup -afk
00:21:56Kastrup what was that b4 apnda?
00:21:57Kastrup panda*
00:22:00slc2 panda eat tree
00:22:08slc2 eat the tree
00:22:08extremewaari my mouse didint work
00:22:26Strom damn, 5 there
00:22:29Iho hah
00:22:34Iho wards needed
00:22:54Mercury well abba could help instead of farming
00:22:59Strom ye
00:23:27que2stress suicide tp :D
00:23:37que2stress but worth it
00:24:57slc2 gyro be more agrresiv
00:26:08Kastrup urn
00:26:38slc2 ff
00:26:49Strom focus tower pls
00:26:57Strom tower pls
00:27:47Kastrup pit first
00:27:49KeLToS b
00:27:49Kastrup or lion
00:27:55Strom b
00:27:57extremewaari base def
00:28:11KeLToS ulti in 10
00:28:23slc2 20
00:29:09Strom this is the shit that happens when we stay after I say b
00:29:10Mercury you need mkb
00:29:10Strom 5 die
00:29:19Strom need to stop this bullshit, and play by the book
00:29:25mansikka :<
00:29:26P3PSI roger boss
00:29:33Kastrup hmm what should i aim for
00:29:35Kastrup etheral blade
00:29:37Kastrup for sk?
00:29:37Strom morph not a good hero feed
00:29:39mansikka bullshit is fun :<
00:29:39Kastrup or diffusal for sk?
00:29:46extremewaari ether
00:29:52extremewaari i use drunk for sk
00:29:58P3PSI any item u want me 2 go ?
00:29:59P3PSI hex ?
00:30:08Strom umm
00:30:12que2stress basher
00:30:13Strom do we havep ipe?
00:30:14Strom pipe
00:30:15que2stress meka
00:30:17que2stress me pipe
00:30:22slc2 hahahahah:;D
00:30:25KeLToS yea fik 3
00:30:32KeLToS all bot? i got uilti
00:30:45P3PSI 2 late for meka ?
00:30:49Strom imo so
00:30:51Kastrup they tp
00:30:52Kastrup pit
00:30:55P3PSI ur cap
00:31:05que2stress meka always good
00:31:10que2stress def mid
00:31:11Strom I don't think so
00:31:12que2stress also good
00:31:18Strom def mid yes
00:31:29mansikka sry tp cd
00:31:40que2stress good to know
00:31:50extremewaari b
00:32:00Strom tired to save ya que
00:32:00que2stress mbu help sk`?
00:32:04Strom but unfortuante lion passed by
00:32:15KeLToS b
00:32:59que2stress i hel
00:33:26Strom I'm b
00:33:56mansikka me?
00:34:00que2stress y
00:34:02que2stress take it
00:34:03Strom just realized I was carrying a tp scroll for 20min, lol
00:34:07extremewaari ulti
00:34:22extremewaari b
00:34:24Strom lets push mid
00:34:36slc2 jeg er helt blank
00:35:34slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:35extremewaari I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:39KeLToS I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:49que2stress wp
00:35:58Strom bot as well
00:36:05KeLToS ff go next
00:36:10slc2 jep please
00:36:12mansikka wp pit
00:36:19mansikka & others
00:36:24que2stress all good
00:36:28slc2 ha!
00:36:30Strom b
00:36:40extremewaari I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:43slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:56mansikka ty :)
00:37:17que2stress k top and end
00:37:27Strom ye
00:37:29Strom lets do it
00:38:49Iho I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:38:58Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:39:40Strom -st
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