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-28 X
-1 TS

91% | 1672 X | 1462 TS

-32 X
-5 TS

82% | 1497 X | 1417 TS

+9 X
-2 TS

69% | 1320 X | 1419 TS

+10 X
-3 TS

63% | 1372 X | 1289 TS

+14 X
-2 TS

41% | 1145 X | 1287 TS

-12 X
+1 TS

97% | 1808 X | 1532 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

70% | 1361 X | 1399 TS

-28 X
+2 TS

67% | 1322 X | 1385 TS

+1 X
+2 TS

55% | 1246 X | 1341 TS

+27 X
+2 TS

47% | 1206 X | 1312 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Joda [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Pufff-Reis with 82 seconds.
00:00:16diesel who wants wl?
00:00:16diesel joda
00:00:16diesel can u play wl
00:00:16diesel Joda
00:00:16diesel can u play wl?
00:00:16diesel puff reis
00:00:16diesel can u play wl?
00:00:16Ofir i can
00:00:16diesel can u handle?
00:00:16Ofir y
00:00:16diesel what do u play better, wl or dazzle?
00:00:16Joda i can do dazzle
00:00:16diesel k
00:00:16Ofir wl easyer
00:00:16Joda dont wanna do wl
00:00:16diesel -lich
00:00:16diesel Joda u should be semicarry or something imo
00:00:16diesel or puff reis
00:00:16extremewaari wl
00:00:16diesel semicarry
00:00:16Pufff-Reis wari picks lesh and gg
00:00:23extremewaari my dazzle :(
00:00:29Joda let some1 else take dazzle then
00:00:32Joda so i can do semi
00:00:35extremewaari take ck
00:00:43Joda i do cent or nessaj
00:00:56Joda i dont do dazzle ok?
00:01:04diesel get me
00:01:08extremewaari rhasta
00:01:10diesel xin
00:01:15extremewaari and
00:01:15diesel -swap 2
00:01:15Joda -swap 1
00:01:25extremewaari take rhasta
00:01:29extremewaari rhasta ck alne
00:01:33Idx y
00:01:35PinaryB we top
00:01:39extremewaari last
00:01:47extremewaari rex
00:01:48svents whats banned?
00:01:51svents was afk
00:01:52PinaryB wl
00:01:53Idx lich wl
00:01:53extremewaari take rex
00:01:54PinaryB lich
00:02:03extremewaari rex last
00:02:05Joda rex cent
00:02:23extremewaari u dont have good line up now
00:02:25Joda haha i was lookign at scourge whole time
00:02:27svents np
00:02:28Idx eza goes solo?
00:02:34svents nop
00:02:35Aleks875 ?
00:02:39Aleks875 i can
00:02:40extremewaari but np
00:02:55extremewaari aleks where is ur items?
00:02:56acchilies 2 melee top??
00:02:59extremewaari waht ur buying?
00:02:59Idx atleast eza got some tangoes
00:03:09diesel damn guys-.-
00:03:12Aleks875 mana boots
00:03:13Joda :/
00:03:16diesel switch
00:03:19Aleks875 no mana heal
00:03:20diesel if u cant
00:03:21Ofir np tp early
00:03:21diesel handle
00:03:22diesel top
00:03:23Ofir y
00:03:33diesel gj
00:03:55Aleks875 cent
00:03:58Aleks875 stop lose hp
00:05:49Joda hm
00:06:00Ofir i go bot
00:06:03svents i go wood
00:06:05svents woods
00:06:06svents fck it
00:06:07Aleks875 ok
00:06:10svents cant farm at all
00:06:16Aleks875 2 ranged
00:06:31svents well u cant harass
00:06:33svents thats also
00:07:25diesel mirana
00:07:27diesel wth was that?
00:07:33diesel why would u run away?
00:07:39svents tapame
00:07:44Pufff-Reis you fail you do spirits if he is stunned gg
00:07:49Aleks875 ss
00:07:51Aleks875 mirana
00:08:13acchilies nice miss
00:08:30Joda stun?
00:08:30Joda tc
00:08:32acchilies 3 top
00:08:37Ofir yes
00:08:38diesel care bot
00:08:39diesel mid missing
00:08:40svents pullin
00:09:00Aleks875 ss
00:09:03Aleks875 mirana
00:09:27extremewaari mid ss
00:09:48diesel mdi misisng
00:10:29diesel 4 seconds
00:10:32diesel its like EVERY time
00:10:37diesel there should not be 2-4
00:10:44diesel coz it irritating
00:10:49diesel its ALWAYS 4 sec
00:10:53diesel i've never got 2 secs :D
00:12:44diesel u come mid
00:12:45diesel and steal farm?
00:12:47extremewaari tower
00:12:47diesel go gank
00:12:49diesel someone
00:12:56acchilies 3 top
00:13:00Joda ur lvl 7
00:13:02Joda start gank
00:13:16Joda cant gank 3 with 2
00:13:17Joda nee dur xin
00:13:25extremewaari dazzle
00:13:34extremewaari ck
00:13:35Aleks875 tower
00:13:37PinaryB ret
00:13:42Idx well played idiot
00:13:43Joda dd mriana
00:13:45Joda come
00:14:23Joda twr
00:14:24Aleks875 all bot
00:14:27Aleks875 get up
00:14:27acchilies does some1 care to come top??
00:14:30acchilies any1??
00:14:36Aleks875 enemy bot
00:14:46extremewaari b
00:15:27diesel *FUICK
00:15:28diesel U
00:15:55extremewaari mahna
00:15:57Ofir b
00:15:57Ofir b
00:16:14Joda rage tc :D?
00:16:17Ofir ^^
00:17:59extremewaari centa have degger
00:18:00extremewaari dagger
00:18:01extremewaari good
00:19:23diesel let me
00:19:23diesel get
00:19:24diesel op
00:19:24diesel please
00:19:25diesel top
00:19:29diesel go mid
00:19:30diesel magna
00:22:02Joda gank more!
00:22:11svents miks teed bfury?
00:22:29svents armlet imo parem
00:22:31Idx mana regen>all
00:22:36svents nojh
00:22:43svents sai teinud soul ringi
00:22:48PinaryB def
00:22:50PinaryB this
00:22:52Idx go
00:22:55diesel oom
00:23:14diesel NOW
00:23:16diesel u ulti?
00:23:16diesel dude
00:23:17diesel srsly
00:23:22diesel wtf uis the matter with u
00:24:50Joda tower top
00:25:08Aleks875 magnus have dagger
00:25:41Ofir b
00:25:41Joda come top
00:25:52Idx top al
00:28:01acchilies tc we gota sync our ultis...
00:28:04Ofir ya
00:28:12Ofir i must stun first
00:28:15extremewaari ?_
00:28:17Joda no m,agnus first
00:28:19Joda and tc after
00:28:23Ofir ok
00:29:00diesel DAZZLE
00:29:10diesel k nvm
00:29:11diesel dont save me
00:29:14diesel u only save ur own ass
00:29:18diesel no heal no grave
00:29:21diesel srsly
00:29:25svents im b
00:31:08Joda gooo
00:31:09Joda why b
00:31:17diesel can I count on u?
00:31:38Ofir ,eet
00:31:43Idx 3 top
00:31:44Idx puching
00:31:45Ofir rosh
00:31:49svents omw
00:31:49Ofir they are
00:31:53Ofir not
00:32:03diesel b
00:32:05diesel manga not here
00:32:24diesel kill
00:32:31diesel nvm
00:32:41svents kiiremini
00:32:42svents blink
00:32:45svents selle range suurem ju
00:33:25Joda not 1 fight together in 30 minm
00:34:07svents mana
00:34:36Ofir gj
00:34:55Ofir ck coming
00:35:51Ofir damn close
00:36:02Ofir one more shot on ck
00:36:31extremewaari lets push together
00:37:05Ofir yeah
00:38:13Idx tp me
00:40:35diesel tc u just chill behind and then die alone -.-
00:41:10svents kumb teist kasutas?:D
00:41:12Ofir lesh got invis
00:41:14Ofir in bottle
00:41:40Joda dunk
00:42:14extremewaari b
00:42:39acchilies def
00:43:03Joda need goo ltis now
00:43:38diesel great
00:43:42Joda cant see a shit with lesh ulti on
00:43:44diesel Joda
00:43:50diesel why dont u fucking save me
00:43:54diesel always on u
00:43:57Joda i didnt see u
00:44:14diesel can u like
00:44:15Joda dont see shit when lesh uses spells
00:44:20diesel CHECK me out next time?
00:44:24diesel or look where i am
00:44:30diesel oh
00:44:32diesel there is no next time
00:44:46Joda just su, wouldnt have done any different if u survived
00:44:52diesel ofc not
00:47:39extremewaari aleks
00:47:40extremewaari tp me
00:47:45extremewaari ty
00:48:05PinaryB tp me pls
00:48:07diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:18svents gg
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