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-23 X
-5 TS

97% | 1804 X | 1515 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

88% | 1620 X | 1440 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

88% | 1675 X | 1381 TS

-12 X
-12 TS

70% | 1459 X | 1284 TS

-7 X
-4 TS

11% | 952 X | 1159 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

92% | 1671 X | 1495 TS

+23 X
+2 TS

82% | 1519 X | 1418 TS

+11 X
+8 TS

73% | 1445 X | 1344 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

67% | 1347 X | 1370 TS

+13 X
+3 TS

63% | 1337 X | 1330 TS

Chat log

00:00:22MYuksel aaah
00:00:22MYuksel i could akasha middle
00:00:22MYuksel really goood
00:00:22MYuksel ,
00:00:22BoNeshaw anyone want ud?
00:00:22coolass voitetaa nt
00:00:22BoNeshaw or lkycan?
00:00:22Palle somebody wanna make combo with aa?
00:00:22Palle btm?
00:00:22Palle like naga
00:00:22MYuksel hm
00:00:22coolass naeh
00:00:22Palle i play aa
00:00:22BoNeshaw ban ud
00:00:22Ain_Soph_Aur -lycan
00:00:22MYuksel hvad med combo axe aa ?
00:00:26Palle lort
00:00:28coolass jesss
00:00:29Palle skal have carry
00:00:30BoNeshaw wlock better than lycan imo
00:00:35MYuksel ok jeg går naga
00:00:36coolass true
00:00:39BoNeshaw or pretty muich anything :D
00:00:43coolass jes
00:00:44coolass axe mulle
00:00:47MYuksel ain_soph uplaying ?
00:00:50MYuksel akasha ?
00:00:51Ain_Soph_Aur y
00:00:53MYuksel k
00:00:54MYuksel nice
00:00:54MYuksel good
00:00:55Palle lets try fb
00:00:56Palle btm
00:00:59Palle got boots
00:01:06BoNeshaw u cant jungle both
00:01:06seppotehgreat some waNTs?
00:01:06MYuksel hvad med jugger ?
00:01:09MYuksel har lyst til at spille ham
00:01:11coolass i go solo top
00:01:16coolass let enigma jugnel
00:01:19MYuksel hvad siger du palle ?
00:01:21BoNeshaw ok
00:01:22coolass bottom players
00:01:24coolass buy wards
00:01:29coolass so that u can prevent them pulling
00:01:32coolass wards there
00:01:36coolass and we have nice start
00:01:40Palle omfg
00:01:44coolass veno
00:01:45coolass last
00:01:47coolass or bane
00:01:47seppotehgreat want me to pull?
00:01:51coolass n1
00:01:54coolass yeah
00:01:56coolass pullaa taas
00:01:57seppotehgreat k
00:01:58Palle no point in that lane
00:02:05coolass nyt viedää
00:02:05BoNeshaw check runes plz
00:02:06Palle well lets try fb alligevel
00:02:23MYuksel dont like naga, so sry :D
00:02:28coolass let backe farm
00:02:36coolass ootko pelannu tol palo
00:02:38coolass paljo
00:02:41BoNeshaw täl?
00:02:44coolass ei ku
00:02:46coolass backen
00:02:49coolass sirenil
00:02:54coolass axe > abba
00:02:57coolass .d
00:03:08coolass dd aba
00:04:55Affliction remember you can
00:05:01Affliction net jugger in spin
00:05:08Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:05:09Affliction -ii
00:06:04MYuksel :)
00:06:05coolass hyvä
00:06:06Affliction gj
00:06:15BoNeshaw ss
00:06:32Ain_Soph_Aur ss mid
00:06:58Palle ss
00:07:01BoNeshaw ss qop
00:07:02BoNeshaw but he oom
00:07:21Palle ss
00:08:11BoNeshaw ss
00:08:49SveTlianA-HurT ar2ane
00:08:51BoNeshaw check BOT RUNE
00:08:53BoNeshaw plz
00:08:55BoNeshaw before qop
00:09:00coolass chekc
00:09:03Ain_Soph_Aur ss mid
00:09:15MYuksel that magic
00:09:17MYuksel go throw
00:09:18MYuksel nice
00:09:53BoNeshaw ss qop
00:10:01seppotehgreat no vittu
00:10:05coolass ei mitää
00:10:07coolass iha ok alku mul
00:10:08coolass silti
00:10:30Palle denty
00:10:53BoNeshaw obs?
00:10:57Affliction oin it
00:11:00BoNeshaw qop miss
00:11:16Affliction here
00:11:29MYuksel abba bot
00:11:44Palle veno icn mid
00:12:08BoNeshaw kill kmid
00:12:10BoNeshaw got ult
00:12:18seppotehgreat oom
00:12:28BoNeshaw twr
00:12:29BoNeshaw gogo
00:12:34MYuksel :D
00:12:54Ain_Soph_Aur ...
00:12:56coolass tuun
00:12:57BoNeshaw twr
00:13:07Ain_Soph_Aur u really messed up with pick
00:13:24Palle y
00:13:31coolass VITU ÄPÄRÄT
00:13:32coolass L7p
00:13:36coolass ei vittu
00:13:39BACKENiZER- r0fl
00:13:49coolass en olis kuollu
00:13:53coolass ellette vittu juoksis
00:14:38BoNeshaw mid twr
00:14:55Palle def mid
00:15:17MYuksel akasha
00:15:21MYuksel reg
00:15:52MYuksel reg top
00:16:30Palle its funny how 1 pick can lose a game
00:16:32coolass oom
00:16:54coolass kyl tää täst ku saat itemeit
00:16:56coolass ja mulle lbikki
00:17:04coolass TP
00:17:13coolass pro
00:17:17BoNeshaw tps idiots?????
00:17:20BACKENiZER- did
00:17:22Ain_Soph_Aur u just can't wait my slow don't you?
00:17:30BoNeshaw top twr
00:17:31BoNeshaw gogo
00:17:37BoNeshaw dd qop
00:17:46coolass mi sseo
00:18:16BoNeshaw go twr
00:18:18BoNeshaw got ult
00:18:29BoNeshaw mana
00:19:27coolass onneks wlock osaa <8
00:19:35BoNeshaw failasin joo
00:19:36coolass good
00:19:38coolass ei ku
00:19:39coolass siis
00:19:41coolass et selvisit
00:19:44coolass gj
00:19:45seppotehgreat ois voinu inferna kyl
00:19:46BoNeshaw failasin in fil
00:19:47seppotehgreat hakata
00:19:48seppotehgreat :D
00:19:52Palle just ff at 25
00:19:54BoNeshaw voi ohjaa inffii
00:19:56BoNeshaw jos lähtee
00:19:59BoNeshaw karemii
00:20:09Palle would have picked axe if I knew u were an idiot
00:20:20MYuksel :D
00:21:25BoNeshaw axe dagger farm?=
00:22:08Ain_Soph_Aur ...
00:23:04coolass vittu ku ei oo blink
00:23:09BoNeshaw farmaa
00:23:14BoNeshaw enigma
00:23:16BoNeshaw def mid?
00:24:19Palle soooo unlucky
00:24:25BoNeshaw go twr
00:24:25coolass pakko kai healaa
00:24:26BoNeshaw spoon ulti
00:24:28Ain_Soph_Aur about?
00:24:32Palle my ult
00:24:36Palle could have killed 3
00:24:43Palle just a little of
00:24:46Ain_Soph_Aur your ulti has nothing to do with luck
00:24:51Palle i know
00:24:55BoNeshaw nice ulti enigma
00:24:56Palle but they moved away last sec
00:24:59Affliction y
00:25:00Palle just bad predicting
00:25:01BoNeshaw but midnighrt
00:25:02BoNeshaw pulse
00:25:03BoNeshaw would own
00:25:06seppotehgreat y
00:25:06BoNeshaw u got it?
00:25:12seppotehgreat y
00:25:33BoNeshaw take
00:25:34BoNeshaw it off
00:25:49BoNeshaw naga
00:25:51BoNeshaw u go diffu=
00:25:52BoNeshaw ?
00:25:54BACKENiZER- y
00:25:59BoNeshaw help top
00:26:26MYuksel ..
00:26:32BoNeshaw DEF MID
00:26:33BoNeshaw TWR
00:26:33BoNeshaw NOW
00:26:51Ain_Soph_Aur feel like 2v5
00:26:54Ain_Soph_Aur all the time
00:27:04MYuksel feel like gg, when naga can stop my wave.
00:27:06BoNeshaw go
00:27:07BoNeshaw base
00:27:07BoNeshaw twr
00:27:12coolass mana
00:27:12SveTlianA-HurT wave?
00:27:12Ain_Soph_Aur its wellkonw
00:27:13MYuksel fury'
00:27:15Ain_Soph_Aur well know
00:27:21BoNeshaw agha now
00:27:22Palle feel like gg when we have no stun and i pick aa
00:27:24Ain_Soph_Aur everybody know about that
00:27:30MYuksel i didnt
00:27:32BoNeshaw a bit slow
00:27:34BoNeshaw cos of jango
00:27:41Ain_Soph_Aur and u make agha
00:27:45Ain_Soph_Aur wich is useless
00:28:05Affliction reuse
00:28:08Affliction -hhn
00:28:11Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:28:12Affliction -ii
00:28:13Affliction -don
00:28:15coolass i go pipe
00:28:15coolass okl?
00:28:37BoNeshaw why not
00:28:45BoNeshaw top all
00:29:21Ain_Soph_Aur outpicked hard
00:29:28BoNeshaw go base
00:29:30BoNeshaw got infs
00:29:31BoNeshaw even
00:30:08MYuksel wave i ulti
00:30:24coolass damn
00:30:49coolass hmmmm
00:30:50coolass no joo
00:30:52coolass koht hoodi
00:30:53coolass ja siitä pipe
00:30:59coolass kyl tän piotäis olla meidän prli
00:31:06BoNeshaw joo
00:31:08coolass care
00:31:09BoNeshaw mut nagal ei itemii
00:31:12coolass oh
00:31:14BoNeshaw he needs
00:31:14coolass illu
00:31:15BoNeshaw diffu
00:31:17BoNeshaw to own
00:31:17coolass manta
00:31:22coolass diffu hp
00:31:47coolass care
00:32:09MYuksel u slow
00:32:34BoNeshaw my tp
00:32:34BoNeshaw cd
00:32:36BoNeshaw 15s
00:32:39BoNeshaw care
00:32:48coolass tonne wardi
00:33:06BoNeshaw gone
00:33:08BoNeshaw just push top
00:33:20BoNeshaw or mid
00:33:21BoNeshaw go mid
00:33:22BoNeshaw ?
00:33:37BoNeshaw axe what u afraid
00:33:38BoNeshaw ffs
00:33:40BoNeshaw we got ultis
00:33:41BoNeshaw to hlep
00:33:42coolass ootan
00:33:45coolass et näen enemmän
00:33:46BoNeshaw älä oota
00:33:48coolass ku pari
00:33:51BoNeshaw meidä tornil
00:33:53BoNeshaw ...
00:33:57coolass okei
00:34:04coolass jos niin sanot
00:34:10BoNeshaw nvm
00:34:11BoNeshaw meni jo
00:34:19BoNeshaw onha se aba
00:34:21BoNeshaw huono target
00:34:25coolass aivan
00:34:25BoNeshaw oltii vaa lähel meidäbasee
00:34:37MYuksel b
00:34:38MYuksel def base
00:34:46BoNeshaw team?
00:34:47BoNeshaw sup?
00:34:48BoNeshaw go mid
00:34:49BoNeshaw ?
00:34:54Palle 20 sec til ult
00:34:58coolass enigma go manaboots pls?
00:35:13BoNeshaw just go in
00:35:56seppotehgreat go gank one fight
00:36:00seppotehgreat first*
00:36:03MYuksel agha bad
00:36:03BoNeshaw what hapopened
00:36:03MYuksel ye
00:36:03BoNeshaw top
00:36:04BoNeshaw enigma
00:36:05BoNeshaw ulti
00:36:06Ain_Soph_Aur it is
00:36:10Ain_Soph_Aur it carry nothing
00:36:10SveTlianA-HurT it is
00:36:26BoNeshaw JUST
00:36:27BoNeshaw GO WITH 5
00:36:30BoNeshaw GET LANE TWRS
00:36:37Affliction we was 5 and got raped
00:36:37Affliction :/
00:36:46BoNeshaw we went base
00:36:47SveTlianA-HurT no dmgs no as no ms
00:36:50SveTlianA-HurT no armor
00:36:51BoNeshaw and jugger aa
00:36:54BoNeshaw luckboxed us
00:36:55BoNeshaw enigma
00:36:56BoNeshaw didnt
00:36:59BoNeshaw get proper ulti
00:37:05seppotehgreat died
00:37:07BoNeshaw y
00:37:08seppotehgreat on haras
00:37:09BoNeshaw me also
00:37:14BoNeshaw go mid
00:37:15seppotehgreat ok
00:37:16BoNeshaw entry'
00:37:17seppotehgreat gogogogo
00:37:26SveTlianA-HurT gj agha
00:37:28coolass heal me soon
00:37:28SveTlianA-HurT oh wait..
00:37:33BoNeshaw y
00:37:34BoNeshaw waited
00:37:35BoNeshaw aa
00:37:48BoNeshaw sleep
00:37:49MYuksel :D
00:37:50BoNeshaw and focus rax
00:37:51BoNeshaw sleep
00:37:51BoNeshaw em
00:38:18Ain_Soph_Aur chase axe
00:38:19Ain_Soph_Aur y
00:38:23coolass gj
00:38:25Ain_Soph_Aur worth it
00:38:33Ain_Soph_Aur no meka no pipe
00:38:49Palle i didnt care after jug pick
00:38:52Palle so useless with aa
00:39:00Palle knew from start it would be shit game
00:39:09SveTlianA-HurT leave so
00:39:11Palle lol
00:39:14Affliction help rosh
00:39:30BoNeshaw lothar done
00:39:33BoNeshaw hmm
00:39:33coolass jee
00:39:37Ain_Soph_Aur no diffu but we8 got agha !
00:39:43BoNeshaw hex
00:39:45BoNeshaw or what
00:39:48coolass ref
00:39:51coolass = imboin
00:40:08BoNeshaw ffs
00:40:09BoNeshaw dropped
00:40:10BoNeshaw my items
00:40:32BoNeshaw axe
00:40:34BoNeshaw HELP?
00:41:04BoNeshaw take
00:41:57Ain_Soph_Aur u should stop dota
00:42:00BoNeshaw tree
00:42:02MYuksel y i should
00:42:07MYuksel having one bad game
00:42:10MYuksel then i should stop dota
00:42:12MYuksel fuck u
00:42:13MYuksel noob
00:42:21SveTlianA-HurT ur stupid in fact
00:42:28SveTlianA-HurT going agha when there's a wl
00:42:30MYuksel wao
00:42:31Ain_Soph_Aur u don't know the basics
00:42:31MYuksel wao
00:42:35MYuksel ye ok
00:43:23MYuksel haha
00:43:23coolass hees
00:43:23seppotehgreat gj
00:43:26MYuksel f
00:43:26MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:27SveTlianA-HurT pro agha
00:43:37SveTlianA-HurT + aghanim vs a hero with illusion
00:43:42MYuksel ye i know
00:43:43MYuksel i failed
00:43:44MYuksel okay
00:43:45SveTlianA-HurT worst idea ever
00:43:51MYuksel and failed bulied
00:43:52MYuksel :D
00:43:58MYuksel from start it was gg
00:44:07SveTlianA-HurT since u picked jugg y
00:44:08MYuksel could not farm, could not kill, cuz he can stop my fury
00:44:14SveTlianA-HurT aba aa akasha was good pick
00:44:15coolass go top
00:44:16coolass all
00:44:48coolass tuu seppo
00:45:38Palle base
00:45:59coolass joog
00:46:00coolass iha kiva
00:47:11Palle we could ff :D
00:47:14MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:28BoNeshaw sup
00:48:29BoNeshaw axe
00:48:31BoNeshaw we could have
00:48:32BoNeshaw finished
00:48:36coolass i was
00:48:37coolass dead
00:48:41BoNeshaw k
00:48:42coolass lopeta toi itkemine jo
00:48:43coolass 1
00:48:50coolass oot samanlaine ku livinnoob
00:49:03BoNeshaw mul
00:49:03BoNeshaw o
00:49:05seppotehgreat axe
00:49:05BoNeshaw vaa kiire
00:49:06seppotehgreat go mid
00:49:10seppotehgreat come
00:49:11coolass go
00:49:12BoNeshaw jote
00:49:15BoNeshaw olis kiva finishaa
00:49:20coolass mennää
00:49:38coolass nagaa wardaad
00:49:39coolass xd
00:49:47BoNeshaw refu <3
00:49:51BoNeshaw just go mid
00:49:55coolass LYÖ
00:50:09Ain_Soph_Aur ...
00:50:54coolass jos io kiire
00:50:55coolass ni tapa
00:50:59coolass puu
00:51:06BoNeshaw ei ny sekoist oo kiinni
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