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-45 X
-1 TS

98% | 1832 X | 1587 TS

-22 X
-1 TS

88% | 1622 X | 1433 TS

+27 X
-1 TS

53% | 1254 X | 1320 TS

+6 X
-1 TS

45% | 1126 X | 1352 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

9% | 938 X | 1153 TS

+25 X
+1 TS

97% | 1792 X | 1507 TS

+10 X
+5 TS

81% | 1502 X | 1404 TS

-8 X
+1 TS

59% | 1308 X | 1322 TS

-6 X
+2 TS

53% | 1247 X | 1328 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

46% | 1141 X | 1344 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Sepetos -sd
00:00:05dhgf invo
00:00:07dhgf u want sepe?
00:00:07Sepetos necrolyte ck troll
00:00:08yeW- ^pit
00:00:09yeW- luna
00:00:10yeW- ench
00:00:11AliBaba sf sven enigma
00:00:11Sepetos no i dont play invo
00:00:13eWeresT lion skele veno
00:00:18svents cw,cm,weaver
00:00:20dhgf invo jugger slarda
00:00:22yeW- what u guys have
00:00:22dhgf cw?
00:00:25Sepetos slarda imo
00:00:27svents clock
00:00:27VVindoWz necrolic bb broodmother
00:00:28Joda pugna omni naga
00:00:30Astrocreep gyro cent sil
00:00:33yeW- omni
00:00:35yeW- obviouslyt
00:00:37VVindoWz gyro for me
00:00:39svents clock,cm,weaver
00:00:43dhgf belka
00:00:44VVindoWz GYRO
00:00:44dhgf what u have
00:00:45AliBaba want visage
00:00:48yeW- l0l
00:00:52svents i go weaver imo
00:00:52Sepetos mm
00:00:55Sepetos clock could b
00:00:57Astrocreep i give gyro
00:00:58dhgf ye
00:01:00dhgf i can play clock
00:01:03Astrocreep then u take necro from me ali
00:01:04svents fck it
00:01:05VVindoWz i got visage bb broodmother
00:01:06eWeresT fucking omni they have
00:01:07svents u have so shitty
00:01:10Sepetos yea
00:01:13svents heroes
00:01:16Astrocreep 3 way swap?
00:01:17AliBaba what you want ?
00:01:18svents dont wanna play them :S
00:01:18Sepetos indeed
00:01:20Astrocreep wat u got
00:01:22dhgf same
00:01:25AliBaba sf engima sven
00:01:26dhgf wanna gimme clock?
00:01:27Astrocreep pick visage and lets swap
00:01:27dhgf who had it
00:01:30svents i had
00:01:30Astrocreep sven
00:01:32svents but i wont
00:01:33AliBaba -sw
00:01:34VVindoWz -swap 3
00:01:34dhgf onvi slarda jugger
00:01:36AliBaba -swap 5
00:01:37svents fcking skele
00:01:37dhgf :/
00:01:38svents oli sul
00:01:38AliBaba -swap'
00:01:39Sepetos go slardar
00:01:39svents omfg
00:01:40VVindoWz -swap 4
00:01:42dhgf fuck
00:01:42svents anna skele
00:01:43Astrocreep -swap 5
00:01:43svents skele
00:01:44AliBaba -swap 4
00:01:47svents saan siis v6in anda
00:01:48AliBaba -clear
00:01:48yeW- gyro top
00:01:48Sepetos need some ranged also
00:01:49dhgf can play
00:01:50eWeresT hilja
00:01:52Sepetos go cm mby
00:01:52dhgf jugger
00:01:52AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:01:55dhgf anna
00:01:56yeW- rest bot
00:01:56dhgf clcok
00:01:56Sepetos pick and LANES
00:01:57Sepetos go
00:01:58yeW- visage get wards
00:02:09AliBaba oh
00:02:14svents now
00:02:17svents this moron afk?
00:02:17eWeresT belka ?
00:02:17dhgf we got afk
00:02:17VVindoWz ?
00:02:17svents wtf
00:02:17dhgf we got afk
00:02:17eWeresT WOOO
00:02:17yeW- -afk
00:02:17svents he gonna pick carry obv
00:02:17Sepetos WTF IS THIS SHIT
00:02:17AliBaba belga ? :D
00:02:17svents i know him
00:02:17VVindoWz -afk
00:02:17yeW- cancer belka
00:02:17AliBaba k
00:02:17yeW- -ma
00:02:17yeW- -afk
00:02:17yeW- -clear
00:02:17VVindoWz he always fails
00:02:17yeW- lets play
00:02:17Belka okj
00:02:17yeW- he'll get banned in 2 mins
00:02:17VVindoWz BELKA FFS
00:02:17dhgf PICK
00:02:17dhgf hero
00:02:17dhgf ffs
00:02:17Sepetos pick something usefull
00:02:17VVindoWz y
00:02:17Belka no
00:02:17dhgf and CHICKEN TOO
00:02:17yeW- its better that way
00:02:17Sepetos what u got
00:02:17eWeresT what do u have , DONT pick a carry
00:02:17VVindoWz go go then
00:02:17Sepetos get ranged
00:02:19Belka buch
00:02:24Sepetos plz
00:02:24dhgf FUCKING IDIOT
00:02:25Sepetos u had it
00:02:28Sepetos and u go afk
00:02:33eWeresT rofl
00:02:34VVindoWz hahahahahahahaha
00:02:38dhgf fuck my life
00:02:47eWeresT ff
00:03:51dhgf tajuks varem :/
00:04:07eWeresT no ma ei tea mis skill sul on ju
00:04:12dhgf FUCK MY LIFe
00:04:14Astrocreep wow
00:04:28dhgf pullid ka+
00:04:29dhgf või ei
00:04:40eWeresT ei
00:05:41yeW- sven
00:05:43yeW- gabng mid
00:05:49svents dont
00:05:51Astrocreep omw
00:05:53svents fcking autoattack ffs
00:05:58Sepetos wards
00:05:58yeW- ss mid
00:06:09Astrocreep can kill?
00:06:11yeW- ye
00:06:28Sepetos ah sven miss
00:06:28Sepetos gg
00:06:31dhgf ff
00:06:41Sepetos no wards lastpick butcher
00:06:42Sepetos ...
00:06:49yeW- again
00:06:59eWeresT TULEB ju
00:07:20Joda does missle hit invis?
00:07:26VVindoWz no
00:07:33yeW- gj
00:07:35Joda dont do it on weaver then=:P
00:07:36Astrocreep gj
00:07:46Astrocreep invo?
00:07:50AliBaba y
00:07:52VVindoWz come
00:07:54Sepetos b pudge
00:08:02eWeresT oh god
00:08:09dhgf FF
00:08:11dhgf MIDA VITTU
00:08:13dhgf SA TÜRA TEED
00:08:16eWeresT ma jäin seda venda vaatama
00:08:19dhgf f
00:08:20eWeresT ja ära türa hüple
00:08:26VVindoWz gj
00:08:29eWeresT see mäng on lost. mida sa kisad
00:08:37dhgf tahan ja kisan
00:08:40svents ss2
00:08:45Astrocreep ss
00:08:47eWeresT okei ret
00:08:56dhgf bot miss 1
00:08:57dhgf went mid
00:08:58svents re2
00:09:00AliBaba go mid ?
00:09:06yeW- yr
00:09:33VVindoWz need 1 creep
00:09:37Sepetos plz
00:09:43Sepetos they got whole map controlled
00:09:52VVindoWz idiot
00:10:22dhgf -il
00:10:57Sepetos 4gangs mid
00:10:58AliBaba be ready
00:10:58Sepetos np...
00:11:08svents ss2
00:11:10dhgf this is over
00:11:16dhgf was*
00:11:25dhgf when we had weaver and belka
00:11:50Joda stun
00:11:58yeW- ss.
00:13:35Sepetos np svents carry
00:13:52eWeresT NICE
00:13:52dhgf gj belka
00:13:55Sepetos wtf deny sk
00:13:55dhgf for singelhandedly
00:13:58eWeresT NICE GLYPH
00:14:00dhgf ruining a game
00:14:02eWeresT WTF
00:14:10dhgf MAD HOOK
00:14:14dhgf teach me pls
00:14:19Sepetos hahha
00:14:41eWeresT D::D:D:D
00:14:43dhgf ULTI MBY :D:D:D::D:D
00:14:44eWeresT :D:D:D:D:D
00:14:45eWeresT D:D:D::D:D
00:14:49Sepetos use ur skills
00:15:04eWeresT imba
00:15:06Sepetos u know what that hook is?
00:15:19svents what items i go?
00:15:22Sepetos take manaburn on invoker
00:15:27Sepetos go items which own
00:15:45dhgf its 1/13
00:15:49dhgf we wont come back from this
00:15:51dhgf 4v6
00:15:52Astrocreep he ww?
00:15:53eWeresT feeders
00:15:56yeW- dunno
00:15:59svents well
00:16:03Sepetos go all bot
00:16:05svents necro and skele
00:16:05Sepetos bottom tower
00:16:06Sepetos ALL BOT
00:16:09svents all good latgame
00:16:19Sepetos COME
00:17:21AliBaba fags
00:17:23Sepetos next too
00:17:54eWeresT b?
00:18:39svents fck
00:18:39svents omfg
00:18:41svents nice luck
00:18:47Sepetos np we got 2towers
00:18:50Sepetos and got some kills
00:18:55Sepetos we go with 5 rest of the game
00:19:00Sepetos next all b ready to go mid
00:19:23Sepetos ill go mekans
00:19:27Sepetos ah
00:19:27Sepetos ok
00:19:31Sepetos ill go pipe
00:19:31dhgf go mid
00:19:32dhgf with 5
00:19:39dhgf svents
00:19:41dhgf tule mid
00:19:42svents y
00:19:43svents i come
00:19:44Sepetos ALL MID
00:19:46svents jsut deffed bot
00:19:50dhgf -il
00:20:36yeW- cmon
00:20:37yeW- t_t
00:20:42Joda cds
00:20:53Sepetos weaver go dmg now
00:20:58svents ye
00:21:01Sepetos like mkb or radi which u like
00:21:02svents i go mkb prolly
00:21:06eWeresT b
00:21:07Sepetos orchid not bad either
00:21:10Sepetos for omni
00:21:20Sepetos all mid now
00:21:21Sepetos come
00:21:25Sepetos come mid
00:21:26Sepetos pudge
00:22:01AliBaba Svans
00:22:17yeW- srsly
00:22:35Sepetos invoker take emp
00:22:37Sepetos need em lose mana
00:22:43eWeresT specialli omni
00:22:55dhgf k but
00:22:59yeW- rdy
00:23:00yeW- to ulti
00:23:00dhgf its like 4 sec atm
00:23:01yeW- gyro
00:23:07VVindoWz too late
00:23:08dhgf so need to lvlup some wex
00:23:10VVindoWz already done
00:23:12dhgf b
00:23:13dhgf mid
00:23:13dhgf b
00:23:13dhgf b
00:23:13dhgf b
00:24:24dhgf just go with 5
00:24:28Sepetos y
00:24:29Sepetos come top all
00:24:30dhgf properly pls
00:24:33Sepetos we can gang better here
00:24:33yeW- wards visage
00:24:39svents we have done prettyc crazy comeback
00:24:43AliBaba upg then
00:24:58eWeresT FUcfking car
00:24:59eWeresT e
00:25:05eWeresT xx
00:25:08eWeresT zz
00:25:09yeW- srslyu?
00:25:13yeW- ulti for belka?
00:25:17AliBaba :D
00:25:21VVindoWz 40sec cd
00:25:24Sepetos wait sk
00:25:25yeW- meant sven
00:25:28dhgf and pudge
00:25:30dhgf belka
00:25:31dhgf please
00:25:33dhgf come with us
00:25:34Sepetos pudge doesnt help much
00:25:36Belka yyy
00:25:37dhgf still
00:25:40dhgf some meat
00:25:40Belka y
00:25:53dhgf cant use emp
00:25:54Sepetos ward there would help
00:25:57dhgf need QQQ
00:26:03Astrocreep who take
00:26:06yeW- i'll
00:26:09VVindoWz hahahahahhahahahaha
00:26:10Sepetos gogogo
00:26:45VVindoWz can anyone carry gem ?
00:27:11Astrocreep omni can i guess
00:27:12eWeresT b?
00:27:16Sepetos no
00:27:21eWeresT jesus
00:27:46Sepetos well
00:27:47Sepetos 5v4
00:27:49Sepetos cant do anything
00:27:56eWeresT pudge :D:SAD:AS:D
00:27:59eWeresT DONT GO NOW
00:28:00eWeresT PLS
00:28:01eWeresT B
00:28:08eWeresT UR 5 min too late
00:28:09Joda encchyyy
00:28:20dhgf fuck this pudge
00:28:22dhgf and his life
00:28:22svents .,sd öfsa'dga
00:28:22svents as
00:28:26dhgf die in a cancer fire
00:28:26svents it was my bad
00:28:26dhgf pls
00:28:26Sepetos BELKA
00:28:27svents also :S
00:28:29Sepetos CAN U COME WITH US
00:28:31svents i fcking failed also
00:28:35eWeresT u say "yyyy" and then go back farming alone
00:28:36yeW- -ma
00:28:37eWeresT wtf ??
00:28:43Sepetos we go mid next
00:29:08dhgf belka
00:29:09dhgf come mid
00:29:10dhgf lets go
00:29:16Joda time for lategame vanguard
00:30:47yeW- meh
00:30:48yeW- gem needed
00:30:52VVindoWz y
00:30:54Sepetos tower again
00:30:56Sepetos like np
00:31:10Sepetos ewerest nice lasthitting
00:31:57eWeresT 'what was that
00:31:58Sepetos nobody else awake
00:31:59Sepetos basic
00:32:13Astrocreep lol
00:32:15yeW- :p
00:32:18Astrocreep i walked by pudge
00:32:18Sepetos nooo weaver
00:32:43Sepetos lets go with 5 plant wards
00:32:46Sepetos someone get smoke
00:32:47Sepetos ill get wards
00:32:59AliBaba take
00:33:07yeW- lemme
00:33:08Sepetos come
00:33:12AliBaba kal
00:33:13AliBaba b
00:33:15yeW- :D
00:33:20yeW- i haz gem
00:33:20AliBaba :D
00:33:20yeW- btw
00:33:21svents w8
00:33:22Sepetos come ff
00:33:22svents 200 for mkb
00:33:23Sepetos s
00:33:27Belka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:32Sepetos gg
00:33:41dhgf b
00:33:43dhgf butcher
00:33:56eWeresT b
00:33:56eWeresT base
00:34:07Sepetos skele could make diffu
00:34:23Sepetos wait me now there mid
00:34:25Sepetos and we go plant wards
00:34:26Sepetos dont go
00:34:35Sepetos sentries on omni
00:35:28yeW- ffs
00:35:31yeW- stop dyin like that
00:35:43Sepetos mid
00:35:45svents got gem
00:35:46Joda we split too much
00:35:48Sepetos nice
00:35:51VVindoWz y
00:35:52svents i destroy it?
00:35:57Sepetos not yet
00:36:01dhgf to base
00:36:16Astrocreep aim who first
00:36:22yeW- necro
00:36:22eWeresT roshan up again
00:36:23Astrocreep blue?
00:36:29Sepetos go take fast
00:36:36yeW- they rosh
00:36:38yeW- nuke it
00:36:39yeW- gyr
00:36:59Sepetos go kill
00:37:46eWeresT rosh now ?
00:37:48Sepetos y
00:37:49Sepetos go
00:39:00svents lsot gem
00:39:01svents omfg
00:39:36eWeresT fck :D
00:39:39svents neiö
00:39:40svents gem
00:39:40svents gem
00:39:41svents gem
00:39:42eWeresT surin mingi 3 korda
00:39:43svents :DDD
00:39:50svents kaotasin gemi ära
00:39:55svents oleks pidanud sita minema viskama
00:39:58yeW- meh
00:39:59svents h2vitama:S
00:40:01yeW- 3 rez in a row
00:40:02yeW- annoyin
00:40:09yeW- -ma
00:40:23dhgf :D:D::D:D
00:40:23svents and belka:D
00:40:25svents wtfd
00:40:28svents hge did on rohsan
00:40:30dhgf pudge wanted to make hood
00:40:33dhgf but had no room
00:40:33svents how he died rofl :D
00:40:37dhgf so he sold
00:40:39Sepetos :DD
00:40:41dhgf cloack
00:40:45svents :DDd
00:41:04Sepetos can someone take wards
00:41:05Sepetos and we go top
00:41:07Sepetos with smoke
00:41:08Sepetos and plant obs
00:41:11svents u saw how he died on roshan?:D
00:41:13Sepetos there
00:41:15eWeresT they are destroying em
00:41:17Sepetos all top
00:41:18Sepetos with smoke
00:41:19svents yew just autoattacked him to death :D:D
00:41:26svents belka
00:41:31svents didnt notice or wtf:DDD
00:41:34Sepetos ALL TOP
00:41:37Sepetos belka too
00:41:39Sepetos come top all
00:41:54svents illu
00:42:26yeW- t-t
00:42:26Sepetos sry i needed to use ur hero
00:42:28svents mid
00:42:29svents mid
00:42:30svents mid
00:42:35Sepetos u took enchas gem
00:42:36Sepetos BELKA
00:42:38Sepetos GO MIDLE
00:42:38svents i did
00:42:47Sepetos invoker
00:42:47Sepetos go mid
00:42:49yeW- get me a new gem
00:42:51svents 'come mid
00:42:54svents we can push
00:43:04Joda go all 5!
00:43:06Joda together...
00:43:09Sepetos belka GO
00:43:10yeW- sven n visagfe
00:43:10Joda for once
00:43:14yeW- are utterly useless
00:43:14Sepetos can i use ur hero
00:43:16Sepetos for fight
00:43:16Sepetos belka?
00:43:27Sepetos u go farm my hero
00:43:29yeW- GEM
00:43:33svents omfg
00:43:40yeW- lol
00:43:41yeW- dont
00:43:59svents neil gem
00:44:00svents omnil
00:44:08dhgf no mul polnud muud teha
00:44:09Sepetos destroy the gem
00:44:12Sepetos no reason to keep it
00:44:12svents aa
00:44:13svents wtf
00:44:14Sepetos they got no invis
00:44:15eWeresT mingi 4ndat korda kaotasime gemi uuesti ära ?
00:44:18svents kuidas nad n2gid
00:44:22eWeresT miks te türa seda katki ei tee
00:44:22svents ma kaotasin jh
00:44:23svents my bad
00:44:31svents aga omnit polnud atm seal
00:44:34svents kuidas nad n2gid?:D
00:44:38svents dust wardid?D:
00:44:40yeW- ENOUG
00:44:40svents v6i uus gem
00:44:42yeW- OF THIS WANKING
00:44:47AliBaba sec oom
00:44:56eWeresT wtf should i build
00:45:00Joda sven drop ur gem in chicken
00:45:05svents ac
00:45:06svents imo
00:45:16dhgf ill make diffu?
00:45:17VVindoWz i can buy gem if u want?
00:45:18svents or deso
00:45:20yeW- lol
00:45:22yeW- tardness
00:45:22yeW- ftw
00:45:23eWeresT deso olemas
00:45:23dhgf tal on juba
00:45:24Joda we got 2..
00:45:25yeW- we have two gems
00:45:27dhgf sepe?
00:45:28svents siis ac
00:45:31dhgf me diffu?
00:45:31Joda sven drop urs
00:45:31Sepetos what
00:45:33VVindoWz ok though
00:45:33Joda save in base
00:45:33Sepetos u go diffu
00:45:34Sepetos y
00:45:34Astrocreep ok
00:45:43VVindoWz need some mana reg :(
00:45:44Sepetos smoke gang top
00:45:44Sepetos ok
00:45:45Sepetos all
00:45:46Sepetos now
00:45:53Sepetos TOP
00:45:58svents gather
00:45:58Joda stop farm
00:45:59svents here
00:46:01Sepetos got smoke?
00:46:02Joda gank and push
00:46:09Sepetos ok u go
00:46:10Sepetos we come here
00:46:19dhgf 3 mid tho
00:46:25yeW- mid
00:46:43yeW- repel
00:46:45dhgf come
00:46:46dhgf sepe
00:46:47Sepetos obs there need
00:47:11dhgf I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:12eWeresT I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:19svents so bad
00:47:19Sepetos wtf
00:47:22dhgf fuck this belka
00:47:23svents teamfight
00:47:25Sepetos there was no fuckin sense u to go there without me
00:47:27Sepetos without wards
00:47:30Sepetos without all in smoke
00:47:31VVindoWz i def top with ulti
00:47:33dhgf didnt see that
00:47:35dhgf u werent with us
00:47:45Sepetos well it was gg now...
00:47:54eWeresT how gyro has such items ?:D
00:47:59Joda bot
00:48:00svents agha ulti
00:48:04svents see nii imba ju
00:48:04Sepetos cause they rape us?
00:48:08svents lihtsalt farmi rahus
00:48:18eWeresT cd on ikka 40 sekki
00:48:18svents ja belka
00:48:21svents feeedis teda
00:48:24svents r2ngalt ju
00:48:24eWeresT nojah
00:49:07svents rly?:DDDd
00:49:10svents wtf
00:49:14svents nice range indeed:DDD
00:49:24svents belka
00:49:26svents hook
00:49:27svents to base
00:49:29svents omfg
00:50:10dhgf fucking brain cancer belka
00:50:12dhgf g fucking g
00:50:26eWeresT end it
00:50:32eWeresT yeey
00:50:34Belka I PLAYED FIRST
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