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Chat log

00:00:17l0ve_my_b0ng ?
00:00:17Rasmus.Seebach isdroning jeg smasker dig
00:00:17Jerkku huskar
00:00:17acchilies love my bong know the rules??
00:00:17l0ve_my_b0ng no me new here
00:00:17l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:00:17l0ve_my_b0ng xd is?
00:00:17McNabb invo
00:00:17l0ve_my_b0ng rd?
00:00:17acchilies listen... you are last pick... you gotta buy chick...
00:00:23acchilies this is rd... but these two heros are banned...
00:00:30acchilies so you cant pick husk or invoker...
00:00:37vaityl lol
00:00:51acchilies you need to buy chick and share with us...
00:00:54WhiteNoiZe me silencer
00:00:55l0ve_my_b0ng yy
00:00:56l0ve_my_b0ng np
00:00:59WhiteNoiZe pick
00:01:03McNabb u pro brown?
00:01:08l0ve_my_b0ng i know
00:01:10l0ve_my_b0ng how to
00:01:10l0ve_my_b0ng y
00:01:13McNabb k
00:01:21McNabb get sandking
00:01:25McNabb rhasta
00:01:30McNabb lina
00:01:31l0ve_my_b0ng nah
00:01:32l0ve_my_b0ng y
00:01:33l0ve_my_b0ng lina may
00:01:34l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:01:44vaityl dk
00:01:52McNabb more carrys
00:01:57VVindoWz lanes?
00:02:00Jerkku hahahahahah
00:02:07Jerkku gg
00:02:08VVindoWz LANES
00:02:18-HewaL- top or down?
00:02:19VVindoWz me bot?
00:02:19WhiteNoiZe dk top
00:02:22McNabb sandking go bot
00:02:22WhiteNoiZe dk top
00:02:23Jerkku i dont care
00:02:28Jerkku its lost anyways
00:02:29McNabb bara lina top
00:02:29WhiteNoiZe but i do
00:02:30Jerkku :)
00:02:32-HewaL- lol
00:02:47l0ve_my_b0ng hm
00:02:49l0ve_my_b0ng but some farm
00:02:50l0ve_my_b0ng i need
00:02:50-HewaL- its not lostgame
00:02:53l0ve_my_b0ng not muhc
00:02:54l0ve_my_b0ng but some
00:02:55Jerkku it is
00:02:56WhiteNoiZe no
00:02:57Jerkku believe me
00:03:01-HewaL- how come
00:03:03McNabb bara can pull if hard lane
00:03:15VVindoWz np
00:03:42-HewaL- ?'
00:03:42VVindoWz ?
00:03:42McNabb ?
00:03:42Jerkku got huge delay
00:03:42WhiteNoiZe now?
00:03:42Jerkku sec
00:03:42VVindoWz :)
00:03:42l0ve_my_b0ng 1 denie
00:03:42-HewaL- fix
00:03:42l0ve_my_b0ng i did
00:03:42l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:03:42-HewaL- :/(
00:03:42WhiteNoiZe care arrow
00:04:05l0ve_my_b0ng xD
00:04:06l0ve_my_b0ng XD
00:04:38McNabb ss
00:05:10-HewaL- LOL
00:05:13l0ve_my_b0ng ty
00:05:14l0ve_my_b0ng tusk
00:05:17-HewaL- freekill
00:05:21l0ve_my_b0ng y
00:05:42l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:05:42l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:05:43l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:05:43l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:05:49McNabb ss
00:05:54McNabb re
00:06:00VVindoWz go pull
00:06:05-HewaL- samir
00:06:19VVindoWz pull ff
00:06:23VVindoWz pull ffs
00:06:27l0ve_my_b0ng lol
00:06:33VVindoWz lane to pushed
00:06:33l0ve_my_b0ng u meele??
00:06:41VVindoWz they melee also
00:07:07l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:07:16-HewaL- 1miss
00:07:18-HewaL- t
00:08:05WhiteNoiZe slark?
00:08:12McNabb ss
00:08:12WhiteNoiZe awesome how u play
00:08:13McNabb bs
00:08:42l0ve_my_b0ng wp
00:08:43-HewaL- THANKS ALOT TUSK
00:08:45VVindoWz hahahahahahahahahha
00:08:47McNabb gj folkes
00:08:47Isdronningen np
00:09:03-HewaL- somebody change lane ?
00:09:06l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:09:19l0ve_my_b0ng 2 much
00:09:20l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:09:26McNabb ss
00:09:53l0ve_my_b0ng miss 2
00:09:54l0ve_my_b0ng top
00:10:04vaityl 5 lvl
00:10:06vaityl om mid
00:10:07vaityl hahah
00:10:30vaityl afk
00:10:35l0ve_my_b0ng ?
00:10:52vaityl fuclin bs
00:10:53l0ve_my_b0ng wt
00:10:54l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:11:14McNabb lol
00:11:22Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:11:25McNabb dead
00:11:30VVindoWz pregnanty
00:11:36Isdronningen we need you to gang soon blood
00:11:51Jerkku hard to play with this delay
00:11:53Jerkku but i try
00:12:00Isdronningen okay'
00:12:25Jerkku and we got no wards
00:12:37vaityl we got noob at mid
00:12:43Isdronningen thats becouse of bottle silencer ^^
00:12:44Jerkku y
00:12:51acchilies mana??
00:12:51WhiteNoiZe y
00:12:59WhiteNoiZe how fed are u plz
00:13:38l0ve_my_b0ng sick
00:13:41l0ve_my_b0ng but
00:13:43l0ve_my_b0ng we got twr
00:13:45McNabb ffs potm
00:13:48McNabb just hit him
00:13:56l0ve_my_b0ng back
00:13:57l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:13:58l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:13:59Rasmus.Seebach bad
00:14:35l0ve_my_b0ng husos
00:14:45l0ve_my_b0ng Bara
00:14:48l0ve_my_b0ng no bash skilled?!?!
00:14:49l0ve_my_b0ng or wtf
00:14:56VVindoWz i just want to farm 1 item :(
00:15:23Jerkku lol
00:15:27WhiteNoiZe xD bs
00:15:34Isdronningen b
00:15:38Jerkku why should i stay there and die ?
00:15:47WhiteNoiZe i can ulti
00:15:48Isdronningen brug nu hjernen rasul
00:15:57-HewaL- hvorfor gør du det der ?
00:15:58Isdronningen jeg har ikke mana
00:16:00WhiteNoiZe and why u stay there to die?
00:16:02Isdronningen du har ikke liv
00:16:09-HewaL- idk
00:16:16-HewaL- måske
00:16:18l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:16:19l0ve_my_b0ng arrow
00:16:32-HewaL- glem dota spillet
00:16:44-HewaL- er det samir eller omar der spiller seriøst
00:16:57VVindoWz den var tæt
00:17:04Isdronningen meget
00:17:15-HewaL- hjælper dig ikke tusk
00:17:33Rasmus.Seebach omm
00:17:34vaityl omg
00:17:50l0ve_my_b0ng LOOOL
00:17:52l0ve_my_b0ng U LUCKER
00:17:53l0ve_my_b0ng WTF
00:17:58Jerkku ''lucker''
00:18:00Jerkku 4v1
00:18:00acchilies they raped you... :)
00:18:00WhiteNoiZe lol
00:18:01Isdronningen so lucky ok
00:18:02WhiteNoiZe lock
00:18:03l0ve_my_b0ng its abort
00:18:05WhiteNoiZe 4 man gan
00:18:06WhiteNoiZe g
00:18:07l0ve_my_b0ng and i was stunned
00:18:08l0ve_my_b0ng su
00:18:32McNabb lol
00:18:42l0ve_my_b0ng achj
00:18:44l0ve_my_b0ng fu
00:18:45l0ve_my_b0ng team
00:18:46l0ve_my_b0ng rly
00:18:51McNabb u go vs 5?
00:19:04l0ve_my_b0ng this like pub here
00:19:05l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:19:14-HewaL- b
00:19:57Jerkku ty
00:20:25-HewaL- wasted
00:20:25l0ve_my_b0ng 2 late
00:20:26Jerkku omw
00:20:35l0ve_my_b0ng arrow
00:20:56VVindoWz omg
00:20:57l0ve_my_b0ng the arrows of potm
00:20:58l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:21:00Isdronningen use imba bottle silincer
00:21:00l0ve_my_b0ng 1 hit in game?
00:21:05Rasmus.Seebach mmmmmmmmmmm
00:21:12WhiteNoiZe its empty?
00:21:17Rasmus.Seebach why you think only 1 hit??
00:21:31l0ve_my_b0ng nichmal
00:21:31l0ve_my_b0ng einer
00:21:32l0ve_my_b0ng denk cih
00:21:39Rasmus.Seebach english
00:21:44l0ve_my_b0ng not 1
00:21:45l0ve_my_b0ng u hit
00:21:46Jerkku sry dk
00:21:46McNabb take
00:21:50VVindoWz -ms
00:21:50l0ve_my_b0ng k
00:21:57l0ve_my_b0ng wt
00:21:59l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:22:04l0ve_my_b0ng ehm
00:22:05l0ve_my_b0ng MIRA
00:22:06l0ve_my_b0ng WTF
00:22:07l0ve_my_b0ng U DOOO
00:22:08l0ve_my_b0ng LOOL
00:22:16l0ve_my_b0ng guys
00:22:21l0ve_my_b0ng this more trash than pub?^^
00:22:24l0ve_my_b0ng xD
00:22:36l0ve_my_b0ng dust
00:22:37l0ve_my_b0ng vs
00:22:39l0ve_my_b0ng slark?
00:22:41l0ve_my_b0ng ehm^^
00:22:44Rasmus.Seebach expecialy a lina with dagon wtf
00:22:50l0ve_my_b0ng its n1
00:22:51l0ve_my_b0ng vs
00:22:52l0ve_my_b0ng low hp
00:22:55l0ve_my_b0ng mr pro
00:22:55McNabb bara get bkb
00:22:56Rasmus.Seebach sure
00:23:17-HewaL- afk tusk
00:23:31l0ve_my_b0ng omw
00:23:34l0ve_my_b0ng w8
00:23:39l0ve_my_b0ng a hit
00:23:40l0ve_my_b0ng n1
00:23:46McNabb fucking sile
00:23:55McNabb he fuckes me up
00:24:02McNabb gg
00:24:08McNabb cant go 3
00:24:13McNabb need 5
00:24:16McNabb bara need u soon
00:24:17WhiteNoiZe Sry bad silence
00:24:26l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:24:27McNabb fuck i hate sile
00:24:28l0ve_my_b0ng ck
00:24:29l0ve_my_b0ng farms
00:24:30l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:24:32l0ve_my_b0ng this is well
00:24:36l0ve_my_b0ng ah
00:24:38l0ve_my_b0ng and feed
00:24:38l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:24:55Jerkku i do radi it fucks up their blinks
00:25:00l0ve_my_b0ng lothars
00:25:02l0ve_my_b0ng o lol
00:25:02Isdronningen yeah
00:25:13McNabb ffs bara
00:25:15McNabb kurdi
00:25:19McNabb STOP SOLO
00:25:22l0ve_my_b0ng thorm
00:25:24l0ve_my_b0ng throw
00:25:24l0ve_my_b0ng me
00:25:27Isdronningen hapz! :;D
00:25:36WhiteNoiZe xDDDD
00:25:38l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:25:38McNabb b
00:25:38McNabb b
00:25:39McNabb b
00:25:39McNabb b
00:25:40WhiteNoiZe ass
00:25:58l0ve_my_b0ng MIRA
00:25:59WhiteNoiZe haha
00:26:00l0ve_my_b0ng hit
00:26:02l0ve_my_b0ng HAHA
00:26:06-HewaL- dont ambush me again
00:26:08-HewaL- haha
00:26:08l0ve_my_b0ng this team
00:26:10l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:26:12l0ve_my_b0ng tell me pls
00:26:14McNabb yeah
00:26:15vaityl mp
00:26:17l0ve_my_b0ng is this site so noobish
00:26:19l0ve_my_b0ng or unluck?
00:26:22VVindoWz -ms
00:26:24McNabb unluck
00:26:28l0ve_my_b0ng hm
00:26:28l0ve_my_b0ng k
00:26:29l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:26:31-HewaL- i dont believe in luck
00:26:32McNabb look at peoples stats in this game
00:26:33l0ve_my_b0ng cause
00:26:35l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:26:36l0ve_my_b0ng and mira
00:26:39l0ve_my_b0ng ui ui ui
00:26:54Rasmus.Seebach keep talking lina
00:26:55l0ve_my_b0ng tiny
00:26:55McNabb STOP SOLO
00:26:58McNabb U WILL DIE
00:26:58l0ve_my_b0ng move togethj
00:27:05l0ve_my_b0ng bs
00:27:05l0ve_my_b0ng easy
00:27:16l0ve_my_b0ng #care
00:27:22l0ve_my_b0ng wtf ptm
00:27:32McNabb charge
00:27:47l0ve_my_b0ng epic
00:27:48l0ve_my_b0ng noob
00:27:50l0ve_my_b0ng potm
00:27:53McNabb ff
00:27:55l0ve_my_b0ng SHE LEAPS FOR COME TO U
00:27:57l0ve_my_b0ng WTF?!?!?
00:27:59VVindoWz seee
00:28:03VVindoWz u guys cant do shit
00:28:05l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:28:06l0ve_my_b0ng pls
00:28:07VVindoWz u go 4v5
00:28:09l0ve_my_b0ng u rly not so good
00:28:11Jerkku lina what the hell u cry there
00:28:14VVindoWz shut the fuck up u asshole
00:28:17Jerkku u built dagon
00:28:17VVindoWz go lick some ass
00:28:17l0ve_my_b0ng mask arent good item
00:28:17-HewaL- b
00:28:18Jerkku so su
00:28:20l0ve_my_b0ng hehe
00:28:37l0ve_my_b0ng its not bad if team play good
00:28:38l0ve_my_b0ng trust me
00:28:39Jerkku nort make manaboots ?
00:28:40McNabb rasmus hvorfor picker du mirana når du ik kan spille den?
00:28:40l0ve_my_b0ng but k
00:28:52l0ve_my_b0ng toss
00:28:53l0ve_my_b0ng me
00:29:26-HewaL- b
00:29:34l0ve_my_b0ng COME
00:29:35l0ve_my_b0ng OMG
00:29:36l0ve_my_b0ng 1 o1
00:29:43WhiteNoiZe WTF
00:29:45Jerkku ?
00:29:47-HewaL- dagon really?
00:29:50l0ve_my_b0ng me oom?
00:29:51l0ve_my_b0ng lol
00:29:58WhiteNoiZe so freakin easy kill
00:30:04l0ve_my_b0ng but np 1 stun
00:30:07l0ve_my_b0ng and i rape u^^
00:30:08-HewaL- lina=easykill
00:30:18l0ve_my_b0ng yy i saw it on top
00:30:19McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:20l0ve_my_b0ng pro dk^^
00:30:26-HewaL- one left hook from me you death
00:30:35Jerkku free food this potm
00:30:41Jerkku lvl 9
00:30:48Rasmus.Seebach zzzzzzzzz
00:31:01WhiteNoiZe slark
00:31:08WhiteNoiZe omg
00:31:10l0ve_my_b0ng np
00:31:11l0ve_my_b0ng m8
00:31:15l0ve_my_b0ng g
00:31:16l0ve_my_b0ng o
00:31:20l0ve_my_b0ng me reg pls
00:31:22WhiteNoiZe u need a little bit feed
00:31:28WhiteNoiZe otherwise its unfair
00:31:29Isdronningen ^^
00:31:34l0ve_my_b0ng Ty
00:31:48l0ve_my_b0ng team
00:31:49l0ve_my_b0ng y
00:31:51l0ve_my_b0ng 4 guys
00:31:53WhiteNoiZe bs still think this is lost?
00:31:53McNabb oom
00:31:54l0ve_my_b0ng 4 fucking guys
00:31:56l0ve_my_b0ng i just go rune
00:31:57l0ve_my_b0ng and wp
00:31:59l0ve_my_b0ng WP
00:31:59Jerkku not anymoar
00:31:59l0ve_my_b0ng rly
00:32:02Jerkku they are so bad
00:32:03l0ve_my_b0ng this is less than pub
00:32:04l0ve_my_b0ng rly
00:32:05WhiteNoiZe thx
00:32:06l0ve_my_b0ng !ff
00:32:06Jerkku seriously
00:32:07l0ve_my_b0ng ?
00:32:08McNabb dude
00:32:08l0ve_my_b0ng how ff
00:32:08Rasmus.Seebach u2 lina
00:32:10l0ve_my_b0ng this shit
00:32:11McNabb this is noob game
00:32:18McNabb look at their skill stats
00:32:24WhiteNoiZe next time be more confident :D
00:32:33l0ve_my_b0ng xdD
00:32:35l0ve_my_b0ng look bara items
00:32:36l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:32:39l0ve_my_b0ng he goes for
00:32:40l0ve_my_b0ng mkb
00:32:43l0ve_my_b0ng no life
00:32:45l0ve_my_b0ng but madness
00:32:47l0ve_my_b0ng and mkb
00:32:49l0ve_my_b0ng xDDD
00:32:50McNabb true
00:32:57VVindoWz no they 5
00:33:16McNabb !!!!!!!!!
00:33:20vaityl b
00:33:23VVindoWz omg
00:33:25VVindoWz no dust ?
00:33:55WhiteNoiZe run?
00:33:57l0ve_my_b0ng die
00:34:10-HewaL- sorry
00:34:22vaityl omg
00:34:23l0ve_my_b0ng wp
00:34:24WhiteNoiZe ASS
00:34:24l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:34:27l0ve_my_b0ng i know
00:34:31l0ve_my_b0ng how to
00:34:32l0ve_my_b0ng xD
00:34:36l0ve_my_b0ng GUYS
00:34:38l0ve_my_b0ng wtf
00:34:50l0ve_my_b0ng hm
00:34:51l0ve_my_b0ng kj
00:34:51WhiteNoiZe bitch
00:34:52l0ve_my_b0ng k
00:34:55l0ve_my_b0ng all dead again
00:34:58l0ve_my_b0ng no worth^^
00:34:59vaityl dont fuckin steal
00:35:14McNabb dagger sk?
00:35:22VVindoWz im going ac
00:35:25VVindoWz and bkb after
00:35:35McNabb bkb should be first item
00:35:39VVindoWz ok then :)
00:35:42l0ve_my_b0ng get me?
00:35:45-HewaL- ros
00:35:48vaityl no
00:35:51l0ve_my_b0ng n1 try
00:35:53l0ve_my_b0ng but mh
00:35:56l0ve_my_b0ng shows all
00:35:57McNabb b
00:35:57l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:36:09vaityl go
00:36:10Jerkku no rosh
00:36:10McNabb he bates
00:36:12l0ve_my_b0ng potm
00:36:12l0ve_my_b0ng b
00:36:17l0ve_my_b0ng lvl 11
00:36:18l0ve_my_b0ng pro
00:36:19l0ve_my_b0ng pls
00:36:25l0ve_my_b0ng not
00:36:27l0ve_my_b0ng or may
00:36:27vaityl v
00:36:28vaityl b
00:36:28l0ve_my_b0ng they
00:36:29l0ve_my_b0ng do
00:36:59McNabb and sk goes for farm
00:37:01l0ve_my_b0ng siiick
00:37:08-HewaL- Ass wp lina
00:37:19WhiteNoiZe NOW
00:37:25l0ve_my_b0ng ?
00:37:26l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:37:31McNabb lina where u from?
00:37:34l0ve_my_b0ng ger
00:37:38l0ve_my_b0ng u?
00:37:40McNabb dk
00:37:45Rasmus.Seebach lina belongs in a zoo
00:37:46l0ve_my_b0ng np my eng is fine^^
00:37:49l0ve_my_b0ng go nxt togeth?
00:37:55-HewaL- true that
00:38:03l0ve_my_b0ng hehe
00:38:04McNabb add me to friend list and lets find a proper game
00:38:05l0ve_my_b0ng may
00:38:09-HewaL- in a prison zoo
00:38:09l0ve_my_b0ng crazy monkey^^
00:38:20l0ve_my_b0ng google
00:38:28l0ve_my_b0ng zoo FRANKFURT AM MAIN
00:38:29l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:38:39l0ve_my_b0ng u will get some big
00:38:48l0ve_my_b0ng y
00:38:50l0ve_my_b0ng A KILL
00:38:52l0ve_my_b0ng wp
00:39:00l0ve_my_b0ng xD
00:39:21l0ve_my_b0ng nub rly
00:39:25l0ve_my_b0ng lothars
00:39:28l0ve_my_b0ng sucks^^
00:39:34Jerkku dont think so
00:39:37Jerkku killed u with it
00:39:38Jerkku so
00:39:44l0ve_my_b0ng y cause u so proooo
00:39:58l0ve_my_b0ng LOL
00:40:00l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:40:02l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:40:38l0ve_my_b0ng wt
00:40:39l0ve_my_b0ng bara
00:40:50WhiteNoiZe b
00:40:52VVindoWz cd
00:41:31McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:34Isdronningen hmm
00:41:35McNabb just ff
00:41:38acchilies I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:38VVindoWz this team so suck
00:41:44VVindoWz why going always alone ?
00:41:44-HewaL- hate?
00:41:46VVindoWz try 5v5
00:41:50VVindoWz fuck it
00:41:53McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:53VVindoWz i just shut up
00:41:53-HewaL- reg
00:41:54McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:55McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:59VVindoWz and i am not ff?ng
00:43:02-HewaL- its was a lost game?
00:43:07WhiteNoiZe gg
00:43:10Jerkku yea yea
00:43:11Jerkku wp all
00:43:20McNabb i amazing how useless tiny is vs sile
00:43:22Rasmus.Seebach ok
00:43:26Jerkku yep
00:43:32WhiteNoiZe right :D
00:43:44McNabb and i owned bs mid
00:44:05Jerkku yea cause had that delay
00:44:25WhiteNoiZe xD
00:44:37l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:44:39l0ve_my_b0ng n1 try
00:44:42Isdronningen haters gonna hate ^^
00:45:01McNabb sup
00:45:01l0ve_my_b0ng gj
00:45:02-HewaL- hhihiih
00:45:05VVindoWz I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:08Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:37McNabb I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:39McNabb lina
00:45:41l0ve_my_b0ng how
00:45:41McNabb ff
00:45:42l0ve_my_b0ng ?
00:45:42Jerkku need reg
00:45:46McNabb just ff
00:45:49WhiteNoiZe refresher or what :D
00:45:51l0ve_my_b0ng k
00:45:54l0ve_my_b0ng 1 fight
00:45:54l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:45:56l0ve_my_b0ng some fun
00:45:57l0ve_my_b0ng and ff
00:45:57l0ve_my_b0ng ^^
00:46:01Isdronningen y
00:46:03Jerkku dont matter anymore :D
00:46:09Jerkku so do what u like
00:46:38l0ve_my_b0ng so we
00:46:38McNabb end ?
00:46:39l0ve_my_b0ng see
00:46:41l0ve_my_b0ng bs coming
00:46:41Jerkku go all just bot
00:46:43Jerkku ff ?
00:46:44l0ve_my_b0ng fokus
00:46:46l0ve_my_b0ng him
00:46:48Jerkku we come bot y
00:46:58l0ve_my_b0ng h
00:46:58l0ve_my_b0ng m
00:47:00l0ve_my_b0ng I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:47:00-HewaL- ALL BOT
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