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Chat log

00:00:00slc2 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 89 seconds.
00:00:06101010 sd...
00:00:10yeW- xD...
00:00:12AliBaba am ck ench
00:00:13yeW- luna
00:00:16tba razor warlock and tiny
00:00:17Iho destroy wisp brood
00:00:212Maidens1Cup lesh, alc, phantom lancer
00:00:25101010 sniper, ES, furion
00:00:252Maidens1Cup i can wisp
00:00:29Iho i can lesh
00:00:29dhgf tide enigma drow
00:00:33yeW- get am
00:00:33slc2 lina lg morp
00:00:34XXL get aoe
00:00:35XXL shit
00:00:36XXL much
00:00:37yeW- for slc2
00:00:382Maidens1Cup get tide, es og lesh?
00:00:39Iho -swap 5
00:00:412Maidens1Cup and lesh
00:00:42Iho lesh
00:00:472Maidens1Cup -swap
00:00:47dhgf me lag?
00:00:48yeW- WHY
00:00:49Iho -swap 5
00:00:492Maidens1Cup -swap 4
00:00:50yeW- WOULD YOU PICK
00:00:51yeW- DUSA?
00:00:59yeW- dusa bot
00:01:00tba he is noo
00:01:02tba b
00:01:03yeW- slc2
00:01:04yeW- play am?
00:01:10slc2 yea
00:01:13yeW- get him am
00:01:24slc2 -swap 4
00:01:26AliBaba -swap 2
00:01:29XXL nice
00:01:302Maidens1Cup i go where?
00:01:33XXL we got so much betetr
00:01:34XXL heroes
00:01:41Iho i solo bot???
00:01:41XXL well nigma woods?
00:01:43yeW- wl bot
00:01:44dhgf yes
00:01:46XXL so lesh
00:01:47XXL solo bot
00:01:48XXL and
00:01:49XXL es wisp
00:01:50XXL top
00:01:532Maidens1Cup k
00:01:59yeW- ali wodos
00:02:00yeW- puli
00:02:02yeW- plul
00:02:05XXL up chick
00:02:06yeW- pullin
00:02:06XXL fast
00:02:07AliBaba puli y
00:02:07yeW- **
00:02:10yeW- :D
00:02:11AliBaba :D
00:02:132Maidens1Cup k
00:02:23yeW- -ma
00:02:27XXL :SD
00:02:30Iho take my wards eni¨¨'
00:02:35tba ss 2
00:02:37yeW- ?
00:02:38yeW- ?
00:02:40yeW- ?
00:02:42tba re 1
00:04:03slc2 ss es
00:04:10slc2 re
00:04:16AliBaba -cs
00:04:29XXL share
00:04:30yeW- ...
00:04:33XXL xD
00:05:28dhgf come
00:05:28dhgf kill
00:05:30dhgf that miserable
00:05:31dhgf fuck
00:05:32dhgf pls iho
00:05:49XXL gank mid?
00:06:06XXL lol
00:06:08XXL these creeps
00:06:10XXL -.-
00:06:19XXL ss mid
00:06:32yeW- ss mid sk
00:06:442Maidens1Cup ss top
00:06:49dhgf bot miss 1
00:07:13dhgf gtfo
00:07:43yeW- up courier
00:07:44yeW- rasmus
00:08:052Maidens1Cup gj
00:08:11101010 gl :D
00:08:20XXL ss mid
00:08:21XXL luci
00:08:22XXL care
00:08:37yeW- up courier!!
00:08:412Maidens1Cup omw with wards top
00:08:58slc2 ss 2
00:09:08Iho care
00:09:17Iho care
00:10:00XXL ss
00:11:17XXL gank him
00:11:31yeW- wards
00:11:32yeW- up courier..
00:11:37slc2 lesh top
00:11:52slc2 3 top
00:12:06slc2 def
00:12:07slc2 def
00:12:24XXL gj boys
00:12:25XXL luci
00:12:27XXL comin
00:12:27XXL top
00:12:432Maidens1Cup shit
00:12:482Maidens1Cup ran out of mana
00:13:46XXL fuck my team
00:13:48XXL fuck
00:13:54yeW- u kiddin right?
00:14:01XXL saw
00:14:05XXL what lasthit from es?
00:14:08XXL hahhahaha
00:14:10XXL what tard
00:14:12yeW- ur whinin about lasthits?
00:14:13XXL Actuslly
00:14:16yeW- watch that dusa
00:14:18XXL yup
00:14:23tba he is so noob
00:14:28Iho wisp
00:14:29XXL liek me
00:14:56yeW- get wards
00:15:29yeW- go farm
00:15:30yeW- top
00:15:33yeW- am
00:15:49slc2 im kinda useless
00:16:22XXL ss mid
00:16:28Iho es
00:17:552Maidens1Cup b
00:18:15AliBaba care
00:18:32yeW- go
00:18:422Maidens1Cup gj :D
00:18:43yeW- lol
00:18:56yeW- joke much mate
00:19:43yeW- time to plug
00:19:44XXL lemme
00:19:44yeW- ramus
00:19:45XXL psl
00:19:46XXL alone
00:20:152Maidens1Cup figures :P
00:20:252Maidens1Cup care bot
00:21:06XXL hehe
00:21:32XXL ??
00:21:35dhgf omg :D
00:21:37yeW- lolz
00:21:40dhgf :D
00:22:012Maidens1Cup come on
00:22:032Maidens1Cup angle it
00:22:202Maidens1Cup es ...
00:22:272Maidens1Cup they need to cross the line :P
00:22:31Iho lets push?
00:22:33XXL elmme
00:22:35yeW- lemme rune
00:22:38101010 100 to dagger
00:22:46XXL d
00:22:512Maidens1Cup blink in two
00:22:532Maidens1Cup for es
00:23:25XXL fuckign
00:23:27XXL news
00:23:30XXL newbs
00:23:482Maidens1Cup and you blame us sololy?
00:23:48XXL es got dagger ult
00:23:51XXL still no come
00:23:512Maidens1Cup solely?
00:23:55101010 didnt had
00:23:59XXL u had
00:24:05XXL i am not blind
00:24:06101010 lol
00:24:10101010 YES YOU ARE
00:24:12yeW- what? :D
00:24:142Maidens1Cup well next time we rape them
00:24:15XXL nothing
00:24:16Rasmus.Seebach haste top
00:24:19XXL tried to allies
00:24:21yeW- k
00:24:29101010 when i had blink 2 of you guys was dead
00:24:43101010 and i tryied to come but u were also dead before i was there
00:25:55XXL WTF
00:25:56XXL see
00:26:05XXL cant get
00:26:07XXL this man
00:26:37yeW- ty :/
00:26:44tba np
00:26:59tba kill top
00:27:07yeW- this dusa
00:27:08yeW- omfg.
00:27:11tba so bad
00:27:17yeW- am
00:27:19yeW- all
00:27:20yeW- go
00:27:20yeW- rosh
00:27:38yeW- ah k
00:27:562Maidens1Cup come enigma
00:27:572Maidens1Cup with me
00:28:01slc2 let me take yew
00:28:03yeW- ofc
00:28:17101010 happy now?
00:28:21XXL yup
00:28:252Maidens1Cup twoer
00:28:29slc2 def top
00:28:34XXL well
00:28:35XXL need mana
00:28:40101010 cd
00:28:45101010 omg
00:28:48101010 missclick ulti
00:28:55slc2 tp please
00:29:472Maidens1Cup need ALL
00:29:502Maidens1Cup not just four
00:30:002Maidens1Cup lesh would have gotten ultra their
00:30:022Maidens1Cup np :)
00:30:12yeW- -ms
00:30:43yeW- haha
00:30:43XXL WTF
00:30:44XXL WTDF
00:30:45XXL WRTF
00:30:48XXL !!!
00:30:49XXL !!
00:30:502Maidens1Cup you would die
00:30:532Maidens1Cup ulti ?
00:30:56XXL foc
00:30:57XXL i got
00:30:59XXL 60
00:31:00XXL sec
00:31:02XXL cd
00:31:07yeW- s&y
00:31:10yeW- not that good a choice
00:31:10yeW- mate
00:31:172Maidens1Cup sry then
00:31:21slc2 i get basher
00:31:222Maidens1Cup thought i did you a favor
00:31:26slc2 so yes
00:31:34slc2 manta illus removes bash
00:32:10dhgf we need gem
00:32:11XXL just run
00:33:09Iho leo taske gem?
00:33:112Maidens1Cup care
00:34:07101010 why u didn use meka?
00:34:142Maidens1Cup sry
00:34:16yeW- get manta
00:34:172Maidens1Cup you ran
00:34:17yeW- next
00:34:20yeW- good for blue
00:34:28101010 np
00:34:58yeW- bb
00:34:58yeW- team
00:34:59yeW- b
00:35:052Maidens1Cup es come ?
00:35:18slc2 go m,id
00:35:23yeW- ye
00:35:45yeW- JOIN THE GAME
00:35:45yeW- U WHORE
00:36:16yeW- dhgf
00:36:18yeW- u an admin?
00:36:21tba go ban req him
00:36:27dhgf ye
00:36:34AliBaba fucking ban rasmus
00:36:35yeW- can u ban that dusa afterwards
00:36:42dhgf we dont skillban
00:36:45dhgf he just just meganoob
00:36:53tba he do nothing in this game
00:36:56dhgf we dont skillban rly
00:37:222Maidens1Cup oom
00:37:232Maidens1Cup and hp
00:37:24yeW- well told him to come
00:37:53dhgf dat fissure
00:37:592Maidens1Cup want to be rescued?
00:38:012Maidens1Cup leoric?
00:38:08XXL come
00:38:11yeW- get bjb
00:38:17slc2 rosh
00:38:22101010 rosh up
00:38:27Iho :D
00:38:30yeW- lol how
00:38:37dhgf they going rosh
00:38:382Maidens1Cup allready casted
00:38:48yeW- not that
00:38:55yeW- how come the link wasnt seizured
00:39:042Maidens1Cup dunno
00:39:142Maidens1Cup w8 for all
00:39:15yeW- wtf am
00:39:21yeW- u srsly makin bf?
00:39:25slc2 no
00:40:06yeW- wp
00:40:11yeW- shi titems
00:40:12yeW- win the game
00:40:14dhgf from mid
00:40:15dhgf to bot
00:40:552Maidens1Cup take rax?
00:41:202Maidens1Cup stun again?
00:41:382Maidens1Cup :(
00:41:422Maidens1Cup why not b?
00:41:59AliBaba what to build ?
00:42:04yeW- bkb
00:42:06yeW- drop
00:42:07yeW- tat gem
00:42:08yeW- kill it
00:42:08XXL need
00:42:09XXL new
00:42:12XXL good
00:42:15yeW- my rune
00:42:22yeW- kill gem alibab
00:42:27yeW- b
00:42:382Maidens1Cup leoric
00:42:422Maidens1Cup gem
00:43:00XXL magina
00:43:07yeW- b
00:43:28XXL d
00:43:302Maidens1Cup WTF?!
00:43:45AliBaba its fucking 4v5
00:43:47dhgf fuck me
00:44:34slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:042Maidens1Cup no buybacks
00:45:092Maidens1Cup all go bot?
00:45:30XXL fcukign cd
00:45:31XXL to
00:45:33XXL buyout
00:45:502Maidens1Cup just need bot
00:45:54yeW- blah
00:45:56yeW- fuckin shit misclick
00:46:312Maidens1Cup they go soon
00:46:33dhgf we go rosh?
00:46:35dhgf they went now
00:46:422Maidens1Cup when all re
00:46:432Maidens1Cup ya
00:47:06yeW- b
00:47:08XXL 1st
00:47:18tba noob
00:47:27yeW- ALL MID
00:47:27yeW- GO
00:47:35AliBaba w8 bkb
00:48:20XXL ofc
00:48:25dhgf no gem = gg
00:48:25XXL well
00:48:35yeW- push mid
00:48:37yeW- u gus
00:48:37yeW- fast
00:48:38yeW- all
00:48:40XXL just
00:48:42XXL dotn
00:48:45XXL be so braindeads
00:48:46XXL .p
00:49:04XXL -.-*
00:49:32XXL ES
00:49:53XXL ...
00:49:552Maidens1Cup es ulti
00:49:572Maidens1Cup allready
00:50:00101010 WAS CD'
00:50:04101010 stop whining
00:50:542Maidens1Cup throne it mid ? ??D ? :DD:D:D:D:
00:51:142Maidens1Cup i bring es for u
00:51:192Maidens1Cup and def base
00:51:31dhgf go throne?
00:51:34XXL cant
00:51:39XXL gan him
00:51:44yeW- def mid
00:52:50yeW- take cheese ali
00:52:57XXL TT
00:53:00XXL no wards
00:53:01XXL still
00:53:01yeW- gogo
00:53:02yeW- end
00:53:06XXL well
00:53:09XXL kill wl
00:53:10XXL 1st
00:53:122Maidens1Cup lol
00:53:12XXL before he ult
00:53:142Maidens1Cup no wards?
00:53:19XXL lets
00:53:202Maidens1Cup been warding like crazy all game
00:53:21yeW- go from top
00:53:22XXL do surprise
00:53:242Maidens1Cup and then i fail once
00:53:272Maidens1Cup and you complain!?
00:53:31XXL i do trap
00:53:47XXL i go
00:53:47XXL in
00:54:05AliBaba wtf
00:54:12dhgf I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:14yeW- LOOL
00:54:18101010 I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:20yeW- loll
00:54:20yeW- oLL
00:54:20XXL WTF
00:54:21yeW- lol
00:54:22yeW- Loooooooooooool
00:54:24Iho I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:252Maidens1Cup TROLOLOLOLO
00:54:292Maidens1Cup RASMUS :D
00:54:502Maidens1Cup planets have lined up i guess :P
00:54:52XXL so bullshit
00:54:56XXL we got 100x
00:54:58XXL betetr heroes
00:55:00XXL still lost
00:55:052Maidens1Cup farmed magina
00:55:072Maidens1Cup and luci?
00:55:08yeW- well
00:55:10yeW- tiz le luci wp
00:55:102Maidens1Cup what you recon
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