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Chat log

00:00:09Affliction OGRE LEGION PA
00:00:11FireMal kotl abba brood
00:00:11mansikka bs chen alkemist
00:00:13que2stress any1 wants cent?
00:00:15oo0OoO0oo razor axe thd
00:00:18BACKENiZER- demon witch, BB, ember spirit
00:00:20oo0OoO0oo gimmi legion plzz
00:00:20que2stress or necro?
00:00:23FireMal ill go abba
00:00:29BACKENiZER- give me cent maybe
00:00:32BACKENiZER- want something from me?
00:00:32que2stress y
00:00:33que2stress y
00:00:34Affliction axe
00:00:35Affliction :)
00:00:39que2stress lion
00:00:39Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:40Affliction -ii
00:00:41Rasmus.Seebach queen of pain-night stalker-ursa
00:00:41Affliction -don
00:00:42oo0OoO0oo -swap 2
00:00:42Affliction -hhn
00:00:44oo0OoO0oo iam woods ok
00:00:44que2stress get ns
00:00:45Affliction -swap 3
00:00:48que2stress -swap 3
00:00:50BACKENiZER- -swap 1
00:00:56FireMal axe woods or ?
00:00:59que2stress can u play nightstalker?
00:00:59oo0OoO0oo iam woods
00:00:59Affliction kk
00:01:04oo0OoO0oo he kan lane better
00:01:05Affliction Can i Solo ?=
00:01:09oo0OoO0oo sure
00:01:13que2stress can u play lion?
00:01:14oo0OoO0oo rhasta bot
00:01:14VVindoWz lanes?
00:01:16FireMal let him lane then
00:01:18que2stress can u answer to question?
00:01:20fUNCh i'm forest
00:01:28que2stress u want play qop?
00:01:45que2stress qop bpt
00:01:47que2stress bot
00:01:48que2stress i mid
00:01:59Affliction -hhn
00:02:01que2stress cent tpo
00:02:06que2stress or rhwatever
00:02:07que2stress cent bot
00:02:14que2stress qop mtop
00:02:15Affliction lol
00:02:18Affliction 21 g
00:02:19FireMal block plz
00:02:21que2stress now ure top
00:02:24Affliction 20 xp
00:02:25BACKENiZER- -ma
00:02:35Affliction i lane ?
00:02:44FireMal aleksa has bought nothing
00:02:49FireMal and no pulll ward either
00:03:26oo0OoO0oo ill pull every minute dont die
00:03:26FireMal lol lycan woods
00:04:22Affliction ss oqp
00:04:23Affliction qop
00:05:09BACKENiZER- tule alla
00:05:32fUNCh tapame rhasta ?
00:06:19oo0OoO0oo axe reuse chick
00:06:50que2stress gw
00:06:51VVindoWz sry
00:06:54que2stress np
00:07:19BACKENiZER- tapame ära
00:07:34BACKENiZER- funch
00:08:33Affliction comegank
00:08:39oo0OoO0oo lvl 6
00:09:49oo0OoO0oo get rdy
00:10:14que2stress lest dind tht commander
00:10:56oo0OoO0oo wasted 2 minutes
00:11:31FireMal cd
00:11:35que2stress sry tp cd
00:11:42FireMal on shield
00:11:52FireMal nice miss
00:12:01oo0OoO0oo axe get tower and gang
00:12:02que2stress go
00:12:41que2stress get rosh
00:13:08que2stress deny
00:13:28Affliction no coil
00:13:28Affliction :D
00:13:30Affliction WTF
00:14:01que2stress go mid
00:14:16FireMal im b
00:15:35Affliction heal me ?=
00:15:36FireMal wtf
00:15:42que2stress godo
00:15:43oo0OoO0oo was like fucking forever stunned
00:15:48Affliction lol
00:15:52que2stress get rosh lycan?
00:16:09fUNCh soon
00:16:19oo0OoO0oo b
00:17:12FireMal wtf
00:17:18FireMal dont control my hero plz
00:17:23oo0OoO0oo no opne did
00:17:26que2stress gang alche now pzl
00:17:35que2stress and lycan ger rsoh
00:17:47FireMal then why would my hero go forth and back when i give it clear instructions to go forth
00:17:47que2stress cent dagger
00:18:10oo0OoO0oo maybe you pushed map i dont know
00:18:19VVindoWz oom
00:18:25que2stress cent
00:18:26que2stress come
00:18:37VVindoWz wait
00:18:41VVindoWz cd ulti
00:19:09que2stress god
00:19:58FireMal wtf
00:20:44oo0OoO0oo come top
00:21:04FireMal fail
00:21:09FireMal alch plz dont sleep
00:21:15mansikka ok
00:22:10FireMal legion in woods making love to creeps
00:22:27FireMal care bot
00:23:18que2stress get jango
00:23:22que2stress qop
00:23:30Aleks875 ???
00:23:32Aleks875 gem
00:23:41oo0OoO0oo b
00:24:22VVindoWz noooo
00:24:29que2stress gem
00:24:30que2stress cent
00:24:31que2stress take
00:25:14FireMal i love it where only taking fight where we are 3vs5
00:25:18FireMal fucking buckle up team
00:25:27FireMal lets make this count and take a 5vs5
00:25:30FireMal where we all gather
00:25:35VVindoWz wards
00:25:37que2stress lycan
00:25:37VVindoWz 7op
00:25:39que2stress where is ur farm
00:25:56fUNCh been ganging with you too much
00:25:57Aleks875 idiot
00:26:00fUNCh -cs
00:26:01Aleks875 u cant steal creeps
00:26:08que2stress cent
00:26:09que2stress i give you
00:26:10Aleks875 read rules
00:26:11mansikka it was radi
00:26:11mansikka sry
00:26:12FireMal plz lets go mid
00:26:14BACKENiZER- ?
00:26:15que2stress gem
00:26:28que2stress go mid
00:26:29FireMal b
00:26:30FireMal b
00:26:30Aleks875 its not radi
00:26:30BACKENiZER- sec
00:26:32FireMal and gather
00:26:34Aleks875 u atacked them
00:26:43que2stress b
00:27:00VVindoWz :(
00:27:02que2stress back
00:27:03que2stress back
00:27:05que2stress this lycan
00:27:08que2stress cant farm at all
00:27:14FireMal still sucking dick
00:27:20VVindoWz stop
00:27:20que2stress cent b
00:27:22que2stress go base
00:27:23VVindoWz dont g
00:27:27Affliction your mom isnt playing
00:27:29que2stress def this cent
00:27:43FireMal no but yours is
00:27:48VVindoWz def
00:27:48que2stress go
00:27:49oo0OoO0oo toer and b
00:27:51que2stress GPO
00:27:53oo0OoO0oo b
00:27:55mansikka b
00:27:56oo0OoO0oo all out
00:28:25oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:28:27oo0OoO0oo said b
00:28:29oo0OoO0oo srsly
00:28:32FireMal rasta comes and sucks dick for the day
00:28:53Aleks875 i tried help u
00:28:59que2stress venge
00:29:01Affliction had 3 in battlehunger and still no shield
00:29:01que2stress dont get agha
00:29:02Affliction :/
00:29:02que2stress get dps
00:29:05Aleks875 newbie
00:29:06que2stress stygian
00:29:08FireMal u where supposed to be with team when we whent in
00:29:13VVindoWz lothars?
00:29:14que2stress bavk
00:29:15que2stress y
00:29:44que2stress what
00:29:45que2stress was that?
00:29:55VVindoWz ?
00:29:57que2stress why u go
00:29:58que2stress with gem
00:30:00que2stress solo?
00:30:05oo0OoO0oo axe
00:30:13que2stress GUZYS
00:30:14que2stress WHAT
00:30:15que2stress THE FUCK
00:30:16que2stress ARE U DOING
00:30:21oo0OoO0oo let me take
00:30:25que2stress LYCAN
00:30:26que2stress GO
00:30:27mansikka i take
00:30:27que2stress NOW
00:30:51oo0OoO0oo fucking said let me
00:31:26que2stress cent
00:31:29VVindoWz we need damage
00:31:39FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:53que2stress if lycan could farm
00:31:55que2stress we would have dmg
00:32:02VVindoWz lycan shit
00:32:06FireMal lets take mid plz
00:32:15oo0OoO0oo ugur tig stille
00:32:30que2stress cent get ac plz11
00:32:33FireMal adem din noob hvis vi var gået sammen fra start havde vi nakket dem
00:32:39oo0OoO0oo hold nu kæft
00:32:47FireMal nice wd waste ulti
00:32:47oo0OoO0oo du ved ikke havd du snakker om
00:33:16FireMal inc mid
00:33:20VVindoWz we need agressiv wards
00:33:22que2stress lycan if u farm on lane
00:33:23mansikka push mid all
00:33:25que2stress u get 1000 more gold
00:33:51mansikka come mid now all
00:34:37FireMal total waste
00:34:48que2stress good
00:34:49VVindoWz go go
00:35:05FireMal tard team
00:35:06oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:35:06Affliction lol
00:35:08FireMal no team play
00:35:08Affliction n00b
00:35:09Affliction :D
00:35:12Affliction De har gem
00:35:15oo0OoO0oo nej
00:35:17Affliction og du bruger ikke bkb
00:35:18Affliction :D
00:35:18oo0OoO0oo de så mig ikke
00:35:21que2stress go
00:35:22oo0OoO0oo nåede det ikke
00:35:25FireMal jeg er ligeglad om de har gem vi skal holde sammen
00:35:35FireMal i
00:35:40oo0OoO0oo b ugur
00:35:46VVindoWz b
00:35:47VVindoWz b
00:35:55que2stress y
00:36:22fUNCh gem down
00:36:32VVindoWz om
00:36:40FireMal now mid all
00:36:41que2stress well get new one
00:36:46Affliction now Kiss
00:36:52fUNCh they took it ?
00:36:55que2stress dunno
00:36:58VVindoWz dont think so
00:37:05VVindoWz he ran the other way
00:37:11VVindoWz DEF
00:37:13fUNCh gone
00:37:16oo0OoO0oo wards
00:37:38oo0OoO0oo got rax
00:37:39oo0OoO0oo :D
00:37:42FireMal haha
00:37:44FireMal hahaha
00:37:44que2stress k mid
00:37:44VVindoWz fuck this
00:37:45FireMal hahaha
00:38:00FireMal and we got a noob in woods
00:38:10FireMal inc mid
00:38:15FireMal in comiiiiiiiiiiiing
00:38:24VVindoWz dps lycan
00:38:42FireMal axe go do your shit
00:38:46mansikka no
00:38:47mansikka dont go
00:38:50fUNCh b
00:38:51que2stress not
00:38:51que2stress b
00:39:06fUNCh lanes too pushed to risk?
00:39:16que2stress LYCANM
00:39:37VVindoWz that fight was winnable with lycan
00:39:39que2stress y
00:39:40que2stress lycan sucks
00:39:46VVindoWz really?
00:39:48VVindoWz :P
00:40:02que2stress save buyout moiones
00:40:03que2stress farm top
00:40:21VVindoWz he gives rosh to alchemist all the time though we have wards and he dosent fight with us
00:40:24Affliction b
00:40:25mansikka b
00:40:31oo0OoO0oo b
00:40:33mansikka b wtf
00:40:40que2stress ROSH NOW
00:40:43que2stress all
00:40:44Affliction så sidder du og sviner os andre til også er du selv i basemn
00:40:49que2stress NOW
00:40:49que2stress ALL
00:40:54que2stress NOW ALL
00:40:59que2stress CENT
00:40:59que2stress NPOW
00:41:02FireMal jeg skulle have item
00:41:04VVindoWz all got tp ?
00:41:05Affliction lol
00:41:09oo0OoO0oo gathert
00:41:10que2stress ok
00:41:13que2stress alche not
00:41:15Rasmus.Seebach y
00:41:19mansikka need wards
00:41:22FireMal gather witout extra t on the end
00:41:29oo0OoO0oo i gewt smoke we smoke gang
00:41:32oo0OoO0oo rosh up
00:41:37que2stress venge come
00:41:46VVindoWz go go
00:41:47oo0OoO0oo gather for smoke
00:41:55FireMal +800
00:42:13oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:17que2stress get bot
00:42:26Aleks875 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:30VVindoWz from mid
00:42:36Affliction hold kæft du skidt abba :D
00:43:11que2stress go top
00:43:11Affliction bf ?
00:43:14que2stress i got tower
00:43:15que2stress go top
00:43:16Affliction Af alle items
00:43:17Affliction :D
00:43:47que2stress b
00:44:08oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:17que2stress gg
00:44:19mansikka I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:06oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:08oo0OoO0oo last
00:45:09oo0OoO0oo ffs
00:45:10VVindoWz gg
00:45:11FireMal I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:11oo0OoO0oo its over
00:45:15FireMal I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:15que2stress wp venge cent
00:45:18Affliction det utroligt man kan sidde og kæfte op som dig og stadig være så skod :D
00:45:19VVindoWz thx
00:45:20Rasmus.Seebach y
00:45:22VVindoWz u2
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