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-19 X
-2 TS

76% | 1427 X | 1411 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

73% | 1406 X | 1383 TS

-9 X
-20 TS

NEW | 1324 X | 1289 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

48% | 1195 X | 1327 TS

+4 X
-3 TS

41% | 1227 X | 1203 TS

+28 X
+9 TS

81% | 1509 X | 1395 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

66% | 1320 X | 1371 TS

+2 X
+2 TS

52% | 1211 X | 1352 TS

-21 X
+2 TS

51% | 1210 X | 1335 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

46% | 1181 X | 1308 TS

Chat log

00:00:20Tooky ?
00:00:20Joda u?
00:00:20Tooky whats happening?
00:00:20Joda ban
00:00:20AbdA su
00:00:20AbdA plz
00:00:20Tooky k
00:00:20dhgf ye
00:00:20Tooky slow
00:00:20dhgf sd
00:00:20dhgf sk
00:00:20dhgf sk
00:00:20dhgf skele
00:00:20dhgf skele
00:00:20svents miks :S
00:00:20svents tra
00:00:20Joda pheonix
00:00:20svents oled w
00:00:20svents mu skele :S
00:00:20dhgf mhh
00:00:20dhgf öelnud tra
00:00:40svents teed ise seda?
00:00:44svents v6i tahad
00:00:45Tooky i take mid if im allowed
00:00:47Jerkku some1 ud ?
00:00:47svents v6in ise kh teha
00:00:48dhgf hmm
00:00:53dhgf tahad pelada?
00:00:53Jerkku SOME WANTS UD ?
00:00:56svents ye
00:00:57dhgf play ud
00:00:58svents v6iks küll
00:00:58dhgf plss play
00:01:01dhgf anna sky
00:01:03Jerkku svents ud ?
00:01:06dhgf oota
00:01:06dhgf OOTA
00:01:07svents okei teeme nii
00:01:10dhgf ud
00:01:10dhgf anyone???
00:01:10dhgf UD?
00:01:10Swagga what?
00:01:10svents pieti?
00:01:11dhgf nvm
00:01:12svents want ud?
00:01:14Pieti naah
00:01:23dhgf anna sky
00:01:28svents annan sky sulle siis jh
00:01:32dhgf mhmh
00:01:36dhgf -swap 4
00:01:38svents -swapall
00:01:41svents kus mati on?
00:01:44svents ja teised?
00:01:48dhgf scd pelavad
00:01:51svents -clear
00:01:53svents omg
00:01:55Tooky get stun plz
00:02:00dhgf im mid
00:02:05Tooky i need solo
00:02:07Joda viper bot
00:02:09dhgf forest svents?
00:02:11dhgf i need moar
00:02:12dhgf trust me
00:02:13Jerkku im bot
00:02:18Tooky 'im more skileld though
00:02:21Tooky zzz
00:02:23dhgf abba top
00:02:26Tooky no
00:02:28Tooky im solo to
00:02:29Tooky p
00:02:30Jerkku no
00:02:32Jerkku im solo
00:02:32Tooky obvious
00:02:37dhgf jerkku is
00:02:38Jerkku why u pick it idiot
00:02:38Tooky visage is a tri lane hero
00:02:40Joda pit and undy should swap lanes too
00:02:44dhgf just lasthit
00:02:46dhgf storm, ur good
00:02:50Joda lyc needs ganks
00:02:51Swagga no these are fine
00:03:01Tooky im twice as skilled as everyone on this shitty client
00:03:06svents stfu
00:03:08Jerkku then
00:03:12Jerkku why u pick storm ?
00:03:16Tooky for mid
00:03:22Jerkku fp is mid
00:03:22Tooky like i said b4 picks
00:03:24Jerkku usually
00:03:25Tooky omg
00:03:41Joda quillingblade?:P
00:03:47Tooky abadon is auto hitting
00:04:05svents ud woods
00:04:06svents wtf
00:04:35svents run botch
00:04:37svents bitch
00:04:40Tooky mid bottle?
00:04:42dhgf flying
00:04:43dhgf pls
00:04:50dhgf oli rune?
00:04:56Joda ss
00:04:57Joda re
00:05:09svents all oli jh
00:05:15svents v6ttis ära
00:05:22dhgf omg invis ud
00:05:25svents ye
00:05:30svents tema v6ttiski
00:05:35dhgf mhhmh
00:05:41Tooky abadon killed me?
00:05:44dhgf jerkku
00:05:45Tooky wtf is wrong with him=
00:05:51dhgf are you good with visage? :D
00:05:57Swagga ss
00:05:59Swagga re
00:06:15svents this ud
00:06:16svents woods
00:06:20svents gg
00:06:22svents cant farm
00:06:25Tooky srsly
00:06:33Tooky can we remake this abadon is 1st time dota player
00:06:43Pieti y
00:06:51Jerkku u lucky bitch
00:07:46Swagga niec miss
00:07:53dhgf heal pls
00:07:54Tooky look ata abdon
00:08:14Tooky this client is pathetic
00:08:28svents dont play then here
00:08:30svents leave
00:09:11VVindoWz ss bot
00:09:14dhgf pls
00:09:15Swagga ss
00:09:16dhgf use spells
00:09:22dhgf pull him
00:09:22Tooky we wont kill
00:09:23dhgf mby?
00:09:24Tooky '
00:09:26dhgf ye we kill
00:09:29dhgf why not use???
00:09:31dhgf pro
00:09:42Joda no heal?
00:09:47Tooky if he ulti we cant kill
00:09:48AbdA sry
00:09:51Joda shadowwanker
00:09:52AbdA cd
00:09:56Tooky yeye
00:10:15Joda gad
00:10:20Jerkku y
00:10:20Joda b
00:10:21Joda b
00:10:21dhgf STUN
00:10:24Joda tard
00:10:28Joda n00b
00:11:24Tooky this is worse skill lvl than bnet
00:11:50svents dont play then here
00:11:53svents leave
00:12:14dhgf issand kui sitt see vend on
00:12:19dhgf ja seletab ka :D
00:12:21svents y
00:12:29svents koguaeg iga m2ng temaga nii
00:13:58Joda wake up fuckers
00:14:03dhgf omg
00:14:47Swagga gank bot mby?
00:15:08dhgf mul uds
00:15:21svents vittuu
00:16:42Jerkku 3
00:17:17dhgf GO
00:17:28svents tra
00:17:30svents vaata veel
00:17:31AliBaba Svans
00:17:34svents toppi -.-
00:17:47Tooky NICE TO USE BUGGS
00:17:51Joda bug?
00:17:54Joda its not a bug
00:17:56Tooky yy
00:18:15Tooky do u think it works in dota 2
00:18:16Tooky ?
00:19:00dhgf svents meil vaja sind
00:19:25Tooky we will loose cause i didnt get mid
00:19:35dhgf lol
00:19:35Tooky i have like 10/10 wins on this client
00:19:37dhgf you are so bad
00:19:40dhgf you are delisional
00:19:44dhgf if you think you are good
00:19:48Jerkku easykills
00:19:54Tooky im 1500 point player on dotalicious
00:19:59svents haha
00:20:01svents it
00:20:06Joda b
00:20:42svents this 1500 points shows a lot
00:20:43svents omfg
00:21:40dhgf :D:D:D::D:D:D
00:22:06svents lina:D
00:22:11svents always all spells on me:DDD
00:23:59Pieti lolz
00:24:26Tooky abadon...
00:24:53Tooky unkillablöe
00:25:01Joda me rune
00:25:27AliBaba ????
00:25:35Joda lal
00:25:37AliBaba :D
00:26:08AliBaba fuck you sucjk
00:26:08Joda its fucking sick
00:26:13AliBaba :D
00:26:13Jerkku omw
00:26:25Tooky go
00:26:37Swagga b
00:29:21Joda care
00:30:05Joda oom
00:30:36dhgf VALE NUPP :D:D:D
00:30:39svents :D
00:30:43svents got bkb
00:30:45svents now i can rape
00:30:47svents these fckers
00:31:01Jerkku me2
00:31:05Jerkku got 3 birds
00:31:17Tooky haha
00:31:18Tooky omg
00:31:58svents lol
00:33:01Jerkku lyca b
00:34:46dhgf so fail
00:35:23svents together now pls
00:35:23Swagga go mid
00:35:25svents we can
00:35:28svents we cant
00:35:28dhgf ye
00:35:30svents if all solo
00:35:40svents just going 1 by 1
00:35:59Jerkku we can go end mid
00:36:00Jerkku ...
00:36:02Joda b
00:36:04Joda b
00:36:12Joda b
00:36:12Joda b
00:36:12Joda b
00:36:13Joda b
00:36:25dhgf need 5
00:36:25dhgf b
00:36:33Jerkku go all mid
00:37:11svents tra
00:37:11svents see
00:37:13svents storm
00:37:14svents farmib
00:37:16svents nahhuj
00:37:32Swagga got a gem
00:37:37svents storm good farm?
00:37:39Joda what do agha do for visage?
00:37:43svents 1 more
00:37:44Swagga 3
00:37:47svents familiar?
00:37:50Joda kk
00:37:51AbdA invis
00:37:51Swagga y
00:38:43dhgf tee deso
00:38:48AliBaba go away storm
00:39:02Swagga hi
00:39:05Tooky sup
00:39:36Jerkku can we do something
00:39:38Jerkku so boring
00:39:40Jerkku all farms
00:40:00Jerkku mid now ?
00:40:06svents ma hakkasin
00:40:07dhgf yes
00:40:09Swagga b
00:40:12svents basherit juba tegema:S
00:41:00Jerkku ok ff
00:41:06Jerkku go all ff its useless
00:41:10dhgf we just need a good 1v1
00:41:11Jerkku we cant go as a team
00:41:12dhgf 5v5
00:41:16dhgf ye we can
00:41:17dhgf we havent
00:41:19Jerkku all just wanna farm
00:41:29Joda come pit
00:41:32Joda down
00:44:02dhgf b
00:44:02dhgf b
00:44:35Joda oom
00:45:14Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:19Swagga fag
00:45:22AliBaba svans
00:45:23svents :DD
00:45:26AliBaba :D
00:45:26svents din svans
00:45:29AliBaba du en svans
00:45:43Swagga svnasede svans
00:45:46svents U SMD CUNT
00:46:00Swagga lick my balls
00:46:03svents storm
00:46:06AliBaba willy syd
00:46:09svents maby u gonna join or not?
00:47:33svents storm
00:47:34Jerkku yea
00:47:36svents fcking stop emo
00:47:36Tooky y?
00:48:52svents dont heal me
00:48:55svents dont shield me
00:48:56svents and storm
00:49:00svents is again farming
00:49:02Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:02Joda deff
00:49:03Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:03svents fck it for real
00:49:03Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:04Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:06Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:42Tooky they are so bad :D
00:49:46svents no shit
00:49:50svents like ur better
00:49:53Joda go all
00:49:54svents i hope we lose
00:49:55svents cuz
00:49:56Tooky ok i suck
00:49:57Joda gank and push
00:49:58svents u fcking cant
00:50:02svents join iwht us
00:50:04svents with us
00:50:14Joda rosh re
00:50:25Joda gater rosh now!
00:50:29Joda bring wards
00:50:29dhgf take
00:50:31dhgf if they dont
00:50:39Joda ward it
00:50:39Joda now
00:51:21svents I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:36Joda push
00:51:38Joda i do rosh
00:51:42Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:53Swagga push my as'
00:51:56Swagga we are 3
00:51:59Swagga that plays
00:52:03Swagga rest sucks ass
00:53:01Swagga gem on lycan
00:53:16Tooky so easy here :d
00:53:19Joda god how can hex beat my bkb
00:53:22Joda was spamming
00:53:28svents thanks to gem
00:53:36Tooky stay behind me i carry this now
00:54:09Joda deeeeff
00:54:12Joda tomkb
00:54:13Joda tomb
00:54:13Joda go
00:54:20Joda undy??
00:54:29Joda Use fucking spells
00:54:35svents fcki g
00:54:36svents pit shity
00:54:40svents is going
00:54:50svents throught bkb
00:54:51svents fck it
00:55:00Joda push
00:57:02Joda hmm viper
00:58:33dhgf go mid with 5
00:58:34dhgf and won
00:58:37Jerkku y
00:58:48svents dust
00:58:50svents sentires
00:58:52svents needed
00:58:53svents a lot
00:58:55Swagga all def mid
00:58:56Swagga now
00:59:14Jerkku no one has dusts
00:59:17Jerkku / sentry
00:59:28dhgf b
00:59:28dhgf b
00:59:28dhgf b
01:00:15Joda pit tp us bot
01:00:17dhgf can we just go with 5?
01:00:19dhgf :/
01:00:19Joda go
01:00:26AliBaba wtf ?
01:00:26svents seems not
01:00:26Tooky stop going with 3
01:00:28dhgf b storm
01:00:30Jerkku :D:D
01:00:31Jerkku lol
01:00:36Joda 1 deff
01:00:36Jerkku cap said go all mid
01:00:36Joda top
01:00:38Jerkku u go farm top
01:00:40Jerkku (Y)
01:00:45AliBaba i go
01:01:39Joda omw
01:01:40Joda get more
01:01:47Joda More
01:02:12dhgf I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:13dhgf this team
01:02:18dhgf gg storm
01:02:20dhgf just going alone
01:02:21dhgf every time
01:03:08dhgf and they get aegis again
01:03:09dhgf ...
01:03:44dhgf GO ROSH
01:03:46dhgf WITH 5 PLSS
01:03:52dhgf they get aegis
01:03:53dhgf and its gg
01:03:56dhgf go with 5 plss
01:03:57dhgf or 4
01:04:05dhgf storm come pls
01:04:08dhgf lets win this ffs
01:04:20svents gg now
01:04:20Joda cheese
01:04:21Tooky stop suicide then
01:04:21svents I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:22Joda tale
01:04:22dhgf oh well
01:04:25Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:25dhgf dont ff
01:04:28dhgf omg dont ff :D:D:
01:04:30Pieti I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:04:30dhgf we CAN win
01:04:32dhgf D::D:D:D:
01:04:35Tooky omg
01:04:37Tooky this was won
01:04:39Tooky i had divine
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