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Chat log

00:00:00Casberry [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 53 seconds.
00:00:09Kanpu3a -swapall
00:00:12mby_next_time btw
00:00:12JensDenLange slard swap pls fucking dang
00:00:17mby_next_time did you read rules?
00:00:18JensDenLange -swap 3 what heroes they have
00:00:20mby_next_time 2maidens?
00:00:24Kanpu3a -repick
00:00:242Maidens1Cup ?
00:00:272Maidens1Cup ya?
00:00:27Rhasti -swap 4
00:00:29JensDenLange i cant play lyca
00:00:30mby_next_time you got to buy courier u must buy chiken
00:00:32mby_next_time remember
00:00:33JensDenLange -swap 5
00:00:38mby_next_time tb woods?
00:00:46sandii void go mid
00:00:46JensDenLange -repick
00:00:47sandii vs bs
00:00:59mby_next_time me solo bot
00:01:00mby_next_time tb woods
00:01:01mby_next_time lovely this is a lost game
00:01:07sandii kanpu3 : )
00:01:13mby_next_time not
00:01:20sandii ..
00:01:27mby_next_time rhasti
00:01:30mby_next_time is such a bad player random is so pointless mode
00:01:39mby_next_time it's pretty funny
00:01:44mby_next_time cause you got to play every hero
00:01:50mby_next_time you show that you know how to do it
00:01:53mby_next_time tb woods?
00:02:22mby_next_time go woods come on
00:02:34mby_next_time other way we lose lane hard
00:02:53mby_next_time ff
00:03:08mby_next_time ret tb
00:03:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME stun omfg
00:03:44mby_next_time for what
00:03:48mby_next_time he 's not going to die
00:03:50mby_next_time you're ret anyway
00:04:02mby_next_time as i said
00:04:06mby_next_time it's pointless
00:04:09mby_next_time you're lane you're ret
00:04:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME do it
00:04:23mby_next_time go ret
00:04:25mby_next_time gogo --
00:04:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME oh yea
00:04:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME we died
00:04:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME so hard stop being kids.
00:04:48mby_next_time problem is
00:04:50mby_next_time you dont farm
00:04:52mby_next_time and i dont farm
00:04:59mby_next_time when on lane
00:05:282Maidens1Cup -.-
00:05:30JensDenLange sk inc mid
00:05:35mby_next_time go mid
00:05:37mby_next_time go ulti her
00:05:50mby_next_time how much to ulti? half lvl
00:05:57mby_next_time kk he denied my lvl 6
00:06:38mby_next_time saw
00:07:06mby_next_time omw top
00:07:32mby_next_time -.-
00:07:49sandii lold
00:07:51mby_next_time ya :D
00:07:542Maidens1Cup took one :P
00:07:56Astrocreep so fucking pro
00:08:00sandii yeah
00:08:01sandii ur terrible
00:08:07Astrocreep i wanna vomit
00:08:09Astrocreep at ut play recall chiken after mine recall chiken
00:08:462Maidens1Cup ddi
00:08:482Maidens1Cup 'did k
00:08:52sandii ss mid
00:09:27sandii ccould i get some gangs mid
00:09:32sandii and not just get ganged all the time myself
00:09:49mby_next_time -.-
00:09:51mby_next_time wp bss misklick actually :D
00:10:01mby_next_time why
00:10:02mby_next_time why
00:10:02mby_next_time why
00:10:03mby_next_time -- no misses
00:10:122Maidens1Cup gank top wp team atleast i bought my items no money lost and please carry teles team they will be hunting me
00:10:54mby_next_time lol phase lycan
00:11:212Maidens1Cup gank top again
00:11:232Maidens1Cup bala
00:11:26mby_next_time ff
00:11:27mby_next_time f
00:11:27mby_next_time ff
00:11:422Maidens1Cup ss top
00:11:43mby_next_time i go fucking cut myself
00:12:03Kanpu3a lol
00:12:13Kanpu3a hello mid
00:12:48Kanpu3a hahahaha
00:12:59Kanpu3a rhasti noob
00:13:38Astrocreep b
00:13:45Astrocreep oom
00:14:27JensDenLange care mid
00:14:52JensDenLange `??
00:14:56Casberry []why the fuck 8i8 u go on my 7i8e
00:16:002Maidens1Cup gj
00:16:09mby_next_time why ulti sandi?
00:16:14sandii dunno really why steal mby?
00:16:17mby_next_time top rune
00:16:21mby_next_time cause i wanted to :)
00:16:26mby_next_time nvm
00:16:28mby_next_time rune picked
00:17:09sandii wp mby
00:17:142Maidens1Cup tower
00:17:15mby_next_time thx boys: )
00:17:152Maidens1Cup tower
00:17:21Casberry stupid shit
00:17:39mby_next_time got my dagger shiet
00:18:02mby_next_time btw
00:18:05mby_next_time pretty funny heroes
00:18:07mby_next_time you got
00:18:10sandii y :D
00:18:17sandii they just dont know how to play them
00:18:25mby_next_time sad:<
00:18:252Maidens1Cup gank mid
00:18:29mby_next_time illu top
00:18:41JensDenLange PRO!
00:18:542Maidens1Cup thx
00:18:552Maidens1Cup -.-
00:19:01mby_next_time well couldnt do much
00:19:022Maidens1Cup thx sk ...
00:19:082Maidens1Cup took it all to the face ^^
00:19:10sandii :D
00:19:17mby_next_time i would took as well much
00:19:20mby_next_time and we would die both
00:19:232Maidens1Cup no
00:19:24sandii true
00:19:24mby_next_time so ...
00:19:272Maidens1Cup but anyways
00:19:27mby_next_time he is lvl 11
00:19:29mby_next_time beams
00:19:35mby_next_time hits 7 times or so
00:19:38mby_next_time we would die both halberd disarm goes through bkb ?
00:20:02mby_next_time nope bad we shall start pushing soon sirs.
00:20:20mby_next_time ofc
00:20:222Maidens1Cup sure thing i get my halb
00:20:44sandii go
00:20:482Maidens1Cup ?
00:21:08JensDenLange b
00:21:43mby_next_time bala
00:21:52JensDenLange wards gank?
00:22:112Maidens1Cup sry
00:22:19mby_next_time we are all carries
00:22:22mby_next_time so np who gets kil
00:22:23Casberry -.-
00:22:27Kanpu3a u die
00:22:28Kanpu3a now
00:22:36Kanpu3a noob
00:22:38Casberry rofl so do they
00:22:50mby_next_time ofc
00:22:59Casberry fucking kill stolend and then killed love it but we have better players + u guys have my farm
00:23:21sandii gio
00:23:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME go
00:23:49mby_next_time eh should have left
00:23:512Maidens1Cup -.-
00:23:54Astrocreep yup
00:23:57mby_next_time w/e
00:24:01mby_next_time we got bot / top towers
00:24:212Maidens1Cup i stacked creeps
00:24:252Maidens1Cup supercreeps no mana
00:24:52mby_next_time bala go their woods
00:24:58Astrocreep y
00:24:58mby_next_time []kunka come also
00:25:03Astrocreep we got vision
00:25:18JensDenLange get HoD and control as many disabling neutrals as posible
00:25:28Kanpu3a slrd
00:25:342Maidens1Cup -.-
00:25:35Kanpu3a stupid
00:25:37mby_next_time ward
00:25:372Maidens1Cup wrong hotkey
00:25:38Casberry bitches
00:25:38mby_next_time make wards mid gogogo push
00:26:05Astrocreep ffs
00:26:062Maidens1Cup blink?
00:26:10mby_next_time used
00:26:24JensDenLange bs farm!! :O :D
00:26:29Casberry gg
00:26:35Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] Why hate
00:26:50JensDenLange ^^ fuck sakes
00:27:262Maidens1Cup -.-
00:27:26mby_next_time gosh i gave him dmg idiotic me
00:27:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME u gave dmg to luna
00:27:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME ? i need hp i think
00:27:44mby_next_time go bkb or i silenced the stunner
00:27:47mby_next_time or hm i need dmg i need 4k
00:27:57mby_next_time rofl ive got 1k so :D ez money What now?
00:29:22Astrocreep rosh
00:29:252Maidens1Cup -.-
00:29:27mby_next_time torrent
00:29:28mby_next_time fucking
00:29:28mby_next_time asap mana
00:29:342Maidens1Cup thought i did
00:29:34mby_next_time sad no micro
00:29:422Maidens1Cup my bad
00:29:442Maidens1Cup sry about it
00:29:48mby_next_time w/e
00:30:03mby_next_time we are makeing it lose
00:30:132Maidens1Cup all gather up?
00:30:13Astrocreep we lose
00:30:16Astrocreep yes
00:30:212Maidens1Cup and go woods and then push top ? christ
00:30:242Maidens1Cup or bot? how negative players
00:30:38JensDenLange get blink slard?
00:30:50mby_next_time -.-
00:31:12JensDenLange ^^
00:31:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME crix
00:31:16JensDenLange :(
00:31:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME wtf noob
00:31:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME were the fuck are u
00:31:27mby_next_time called
00:31:28mby_next_time fucking
00:31:29mby_next_time cd
00:31:292Maidens1Cup -.-
00:31:30Astrocreep well
00:31:30mby_next_time dagger
00:31:32Astrocreep gg
00:31:32mby_next_time and fucking
00:31:32mby_next_time cd
00:31:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME so
00:31:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:31:33mby_next_time ulti
00:31:34Astrocreep ulti so late
00:31:39mby_next_time FUCKING CD
00:31:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME just come and stun
00:31:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME whayt dagger what dick
00:31:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME one stun
00:31:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME all dead there
00:31:552Maidens1Cup just need all 5
00:32:012Maidens1Cup instead of going 2 and 2
00:32:022Maidens1Cup ...
00:32:06Astrocreep we lost now
00:32:092Maidens1Cup need stryg dmg we arent lost
00:32:232Maidens1Cup okay to gather? u fucking punch of pussies
00:32:27Astrocreep we are
00:32:30Astrocreep dont be dumb
00:32:322Maidens1Cup no we are not l2p u got silence i got silence etc gather mid and fuck em up
00:32:552Maidens1Cup dd and now we push entry is given
00:33:22Kanpu3a rhasti unhero
00:33:26Rhasti ^^ mid imo guys go
00:33:49JensDenLange what should i build?
00:33:58sandii hp
00:33:59JensDenLange arm?
00:34:31sandii gah
00:34:33JensDenLange no stun?
00:34:34Casberry lol
00:34:59mby_next_time husk :) Lost you say?
00:35:26Kanpu3a cant control hero
00:35:26JensDenLange I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:27Kanpu3a wtf pussies
00:35:332Maidens1Cup i never gave up ;)
00:35:35mby_next_time called dumb fags ye aniways wp team
00:36:01mby_next_time top invis
00:36:02mby_next_time btw
00:36:06Kanpu3a hext
00:36:07mby_next_time anyway we didnt win yet
00:36:10mby_next_time we need second rax for sure
00:36:18mby_next_time hammer?
00:36:192Maidens1Cup :D i was oom so. :/ :D
00:36:28mby_next_time ah would be ez win against them if i had halb well ive got bkb now
00:36:452Maidens1Cup just need you and terro
00:36:502Maidens1Cup and one stun from sk :D ive out farmed them so badly
00:36:582Maidens1Cup bala should just silence luna
00:36:592Maidens1Cup and GG
00:37:04mby_next_time wow we are so greatfull you farm
00:37:10mby_next_time you know how to farm *
00:37:11mby_next_time :))) you should be :D
00:37:16mby_next_time always alrite void ise geting bit scary lets finish of mid and start giving some pressure from sides but dont go without me
00:37:41Astrocreep rosh?
00:37:46mby_next_time i go check
00:37:50mby_next_time copme asap bs omw
00:38:242Maidens1Cup as ,f.gyt
00:38:272Maidens1Cup i suck
00:38:28mby_next_time k those fags stick so badly
00:38:40mby_next_time bala
00:38:43mby_next_time what are you farming
00:38:44mby_next_time for
00:38:56Astrocreep was pushinb bot
00:38:58Astrocreep but too slow to come
00:39:04Astrocreep in day
00:39:16mby_next_time they push bot?
00:39:242Maidens1Cup all gather now mid?
00:39:32mby_next_time ffs
00:39:33mby_next_time seriously
00:39:38mby_next_time you are most gay person
00:39:41sandii :D
00:39:41mby_next_time i have ever met
00:40:072Maidens1Cup gather here
00:40:24mby_next_time haters
00:40:252Maidens1Cup dotn
00:40:27Astrocreep gg
00:40:32sandii gonna hate
00:40:33mby_next_time and rich bitch we go mid
00:40:342Maidens1Cup back
00:40:372Maidens1Cup and wait for all im loosing this atm ego to big
00:40:53Rhasti i go for rosh
00:40:54mby_next_time go mid.
00:41:24sandii well thats that
00:41:32JensDenLange true
00:41:35Astrocreep gj sk
00:41:36mby_next_time called giveing entry?
00:41:37sandii dunno even why i came to help Where ya running doggy?
00:41:47Astrocreep top after
00:42:31Kanpu3a more fail plz
00:42:32sandii we are losing with lycan and void :D:D:D
00:42:44mby_next_time let's start
00:42:54mby_next_time with that you got fucking stun luck u have to fear the fucker so he misses
00:43:24mby_next_time who's faster
00:43:25sandii lyca
00:43:28mby_next_time bala /slad dagge
00:43:39mby_next_time lol bala DDDD
00:43:41mby_next_time :DDD Afking bala is slower
00:43:422Maidens1Cup ¨????
00:43:43Astrocreep wtf
00:43:44mby_next_time how to die :D
00:43:452Maidens1Cup :P
00:43:46Astrocreep i click back true idiot.
00:43:48Astrocreep and he stops
00:43:52JensDenLange go mid throne? :P
00:43:53Astrocreep wtf
00:44:00mby_next_time i can 1/1 all! Lycan ur mom is very risky item now we keep pressuring top
00:44:39mby_next_time so just come all until they split to lanes and then we rape em 1b1
00:44:55JensDenLange we deff or do something?
00:44:56mby_next_time somebody
00:44:58mby_next_time your tactic
00:45:02mby_next_time is so fucking funny
00:45:03Rhasti go mid end ? yet it works
00:45:15Casberry ned man
00:45:15mby_next_time damn you're napoleon oldest trick in dota book
00:45:19mby_next_time come top fags
00:45:30mby_next_time come bs
00:45:33mby_next_time nvm astro why ur makeing deso u need basher
00:46:14Astrocreep bought wrong
00:46:15mby_next_time wjhy the fuck
00:46:20mby_next_time everyfucker here
00:46:23mby_next_time wants to get basher
00:46:26mby_next_time for love of some god what he should get then? smartass
00:46:35sandii :D
00:46:41mby_next_time yeah basher is best
00:46:44mby_next_time but fucking come on
00:46:47mby_next_time most iritateing item
00:46:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME go
00:46:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME nap they are owning us with 4
00:47:06mby_next_time nah
00:47:10mby_next_time just tb need to stay alive
00:47:14mby_next_time and he pwns em solo yer stay with us
00:47:42sandii :DDDD
00:47:43mby_next_time wpwp
00:47:45JensDenLange lol perm stun! ^^
00:47:46mby_next_time useful boy thats our
00:47:48sandii :d
00:47:50sandii yep entry
00:47:55JensDenLange got perm stunned!
00:47:59mby_next_time OH NO
00:48:04JensDenLange i did man! true! :D
00:48:10mby_next_time I DO CARE A LOT :<
00:48:16Rhasti mid ? And you do talk alot
00:48:18JensDenLange ur so dramtic!
00:48:20JensDenLange 'a
00:48:23mby_next_time i know!
00:48:54mby_next_time gg
00:48:552Maidens1Cup -.-
00:49:00mby_next_time 2 late already :D kunkka is supposed to stay back o.O
00:49:20sandii wp there void
00:49:202Maidens1Cup ya
00:49:21Astrocreep won game? it was
00:49:272Maidens1Cup mb until you guys started fucking around and diein there when we commanded you top
00:49:492Maidens1Cup just def this logical?
00:49:50mby_next_time pretty pitty
00:49:51Casberry mid all ?
00:49:54mby_next_time to let 5 carries
00:49:58mby_next_time get to the late game
00:50:06mby_next_time and 2 lose
00:50:09mby_next_time vs 4 2 guys hitting No bash. :D
00:50:30sandii =)=)
00:51:12mby_next_time LUNNNA go from mid
00:51:37Kanpu3a eeee -5
00:51:39mby_next_time those haters huh ?:D
00:52:05Kanpu3a where uitems
00:52:08Kanpu3a jusk
00:52:15mby_next_time blade mail > you get top raxes
00:52:16mby_next_time BITCHES bros
00:52:22JensDenLange died 16 times
00:52:23sandii well my team > me
00:52:26JensDenLange no items!
00:52:30mby_next_time well pretty ya :D
00:52:34mby_next_time anyway ...
00:52:36mby_next_time on both sides
00:52:392Maidens1Cup i would die asap
00:52:422Maidens1Cup agasint tower
00:52:42mby_next_time there were so fucking stupid mistakes :D
00:53:26mby_next_time rofl
00:53:27mby_next_time wpwpw
00:53:28mby_next_time wpwpwp
00:53:29mby_next_time wpwpwpwp
00:53:30mby_next_time wpwpwp
00:53:40mby_next_time how to die to sladar dot com yer
00:53:44sandii :D
00:53:45Casberry come herew bitch
00:53:56JensDenLange all go How to lose won game to Tbh Lets walk around on the map Solodie ( liek i just did ) And not listen to your captain
00:54:37Kanpu3a b
00:54:48mby_next_time both fags
00:54:51mby_next_time bot *
00:54:572Maidens1Cup all topå
00:54:582Maidens1Cup plz terror ur needed def at base leave that tower.
00:55:09JensDenLange i deff
00:55:14mby_next_time OK THANKS FOR INFO
00:55:16mby_next_time DAMN
00:56:13mby_next_time go all top bitches?
00:56:21mby_next_time FU LUNA tb stay behind us
00:56:272Maidens1Cup they are all back ima try to lure
00:56:30sandii ?
00:56:32mby_next_time void not there
00:56:34mby_next_time my puish
00:56:35mby_next_time my end of game
00:56:37mby_next_time you kil it go top
00:57:20Casberry rofl focus ????
00:57:24sandii where is void!
00:57:282Maidens1Cup gg
00:57:30sandii oh he was dead
00:57:31mby_next_time WP ME!
00:57:43JensDenLange gg
00:57:44mby_next_time wanted me void ?:)
00:57:45Astrocreep love luna ulti wo all
00:57:51mby_next_time !
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