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81% | 1526 X | 1397 TS

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79% | 1477 X | 1408 TS

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78% | 1505 X | 1362 TS

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77% | 1447 X | 1411 TS

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92% | 1637 X | 1525 TS

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92% | 1586 X | 1560 TS

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74% | 1438 X | 1383 TS

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47% | 1187 X | 1312 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00extremewaari [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 49 seconds.
00:00:04extremewaari TUU MUMBLE joda u carry?
00:00:17extremewaari tuu mumbleen
00:00:17Joda problably
00:00:17DeduXserS jooo yer
00:00:17extremewaari ja haluutko invon?
00:00:17DeduXserS laitan kajarit pois
00:00:17DeduXserS kuha magina ja lyca banneis :D
00:00:17DeduXserS en haluu mitää erikoist
00:00:17extremewaari vagina
00:00:17extremewaari magina they get slark : /
00:00:17extremewaari some1 want lyca? :P
00:00:17Joda lyc
00:00:19infect seems not
00:00:24infect slark is left
00:00:25infect as well ill go wd
00:00:31Joda slark here ull mid with slark? fast lvls
00:00:48Joda y
00:00:53DeduXserS hmmmm
00:00:55infect i am so sorry, but i want to play this jugger :(
00:01:05extremewaari ANNA TIDE
00:01:06infect been wanting to play it for 10 games now
00:01:11DeduXserS -swap 1 If im under Windrunner, will yurneros hits miss ? :D
00:01:18extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:23DeduXserS sust ei kuulu mitää Ulti hits
00:01:25DeduXserS no
00:01:25Joda dont think so oki
00:01:29DeduXserS he cant miss hits on ulti
00:01:33DeduXserS but extra hits can miss
00:01:37DeduXserS if he got enough agilty
00:01:39Joda get roof last
00:01:55infect i will make mkb just for you my dear
00:02:02extremewaari OOTKO MUTENNU MUT?
00:02:05DeduXserS en kai =)
00:02:11mby_next_time skill invis roof
00:02:14extremewaari muille kyllä kuuluu ku puhun paitsi sulle :D
00:02:15mby_next_time on top lane we will need it Suhhi saame eniwey. :D
00:02:25mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:26mby_next_time -don
00:02:27mby_next_time -water red
00:02:28infect dedu
00:02:28mby_next_time -clear
00:02:37extremewaari kuulen sut
00:02:40infect you going exort?
00:02:44DeduXserS prolly
00:02:47Joda -clear
00:02:48DeduXserS not sure yet
00:02:49infect sunstrike and shit?
00:02:58DeduXserS prolly coz
00:03:00DeduXserS they got weak heroes
00:03:03infect nice
00:03:20infect so failzzz block
00:03:31Johnny_Cage ss
00:03:34extremewaari kyllä muut kuulee :d
00:03:37Johnny_Cage re ss bot
00:03:45DeduXserS kuuletko mua? re 1
00:03:51AliBaba :) re2
00:03:59extremewaari asdf
00:04:00extremewaari RG
00:05:25infect kotl
00:05:27extremewaari k
00:05:27infect next wave
00:06:00extremewaari dedu
00:06:02extremewaari muut kuulee
00:06:06DeduXserS joo bootin mumble
00:06:07DeduXserS iha jsut
00:06:31Joda fuckers
00:06:34DeduXserS n/c
00:06:39Raj give me mana
00:06:53mby_next_time nice lucky boy
00:06:58infect just like you
00:07:01mby_next_time rofl
00:07:18Raj mana
00:07:20Raj ty
00:07:21mby_next_time cd
00:07:33extremewaari et kuule?
00:07:40DeduXserS kuulen
00:07:43DeduXserS eikö mun mikki toimi?
00:07:44Joda oh fuck sake
00:07:52DeduXserS kyl se tos testis toimi
00:07:58extremewaari siis kuulen sut
00:07:59mby_next_time b
00:08:01mby_next_time invo here
00:08:02Joda care top
00:08:04DeduXserS kuulen iha hyvi sut
00:08:04Joda invo coming
00:08:09extremewaari puhu
00:08:13mby_next_time dedu dedu
00:08:16mby_next_time i m waiting
00:08:41Raj mana
00:09:06AliBaba :D
00:09:18mby_next_time nice that phase you got.
00:09:19DeduXserS regen
00:09:21mby_next_time lovely slark mid hm?
00:10:31Raj i need farm
00:10:35extremewaari ty
00:10:39extremewaari TOP SS 2
00:10:56mby_next_time :3
00:11:21Joda just a little support and we get 2 kills
00:11:22Joda wake up
00:11:28Joda instead i die like a creep
00:11:32mby_next_time omnonmom
00:12:17DeduXserS puck u got ulti?
00:12:19AliBaba got ulti
00:12:19DeduXserS we kill wr
00:12:36Johnny_Cage weak
00:13:05infect slark was top
00:13:08DeduXserS y
00:13:14DeduXserS he wil only roam
00:13:27infect tp
00:13:56Joda ss
00:14:15AliBaba hmm
00:14:19infect go
00:14:20infect panda
00:14:43infect fuck u panda
00:14:49Johnny_Cage ulti
00:14:51Johnny_Cage ?
00:14:56Johnny_Cage or u
00:14:57Johnny_Cage reatred
00:14:58Johnny_Cage ?
00:15:01Johnny_Cage retard*
00:15:32AliBaba got ulti
00:15:57Johnny_Cage bot omfg
00:16:00Johnny_Cage care
00:16:04Johnny_Cage 1 coming
00:16:06Johnny_Cage from
00:16:06Johnny_Cage mid raji has tele 'walks in 'pro shit going on in this team
00:16:37mxL- why you dont escape roof ? raji Garena
00:16:42mxL- when you are late as shell Go play there
00:17:00Raj go fuck yourself Go l2p
00:18:46Joda b
00:19:26Raj got ulti "got ulti" is late again
00:19:53Raj fuck u As i said garena bro
00:20:22mby_next_time \tp
00:21:42mby_next_time invo her.e
00:22:32mxL- wtf Fuck. You Raji
00:22:52mxL- why you guy chase puck when there is 3 against slark
00:22:57infect really need dust
00:22:59infect :D
00:22:59Joda mana
00:23:00Johnny_Cage ff
00:23:03mby_next_time cd because they are fucking noobs
00:23:06DeduXserS u ppl dont carry stick use mana leak on panda?
00:23:30mby_next_time OH RLY CAPITAN OBVIOUS
00:23:46Johnny_Cage ff
00:24:07DeduXserS wat about destroy ward
00:25:39Joda care
00:25:41Joda 2v4 finish ur basher bro?
00:26:46mby_next_time go die for fucking ezalor
00:26:48mby_next_time wise as fuck
00:27:35infect go in panda ? oom captain obvious your supposed to make meka
00:28:27mby_next_time do i care?
00:28:31mby_next_time did i say i go full support? i say ur idiot
00:28:56mby_next_time oh sir you made my day
00:29:56extremewaari B
00:29:58Joda warded
00:30:07infect let him
00:30:17AliBaba fuck you
00:30:23mxL- al mid
00:30:25mxL- and rax
00:30:26DeduXserS baba chill
00:30:30Joda need gank first
00:30:31AliBaba :D our full support sucks
00:30:37DeduXserS u should call me maybe
00:30:41Joda warded
00:30:42AliBaba 42759233
00:30:46mby_next_time sad you're ret.
00:30:46Joda b
00:30:47mby_next_time but w/e
00:30:49AliBaba +45
00:30:50mby_next_time happens sometimes ur got the best farming chance
00:30:56DeduXserS u are way too easy and u wont support team
00:30:57DeduXserS bitch
00:30:59AliBaba :D
00:31:00AliBaba hahah u want to out dps them? fucking pric
00:31:03mby_next_time cause we dont need it yet fucking yes we do
00:31:08mby_next_time your items
00:31:08Joda they are here
00:31:11mby_next_time are so helpfull
00:31:13mby_next_time right now :)
00:31:17Joda uphill
00:31:18Joda dont go im makeing your meka idiot
00:31:47mby_next_time gem invo .
00:31:55infect invi
00:31:56infect ?
00:32:07mby_next_time gem
00:32:10infect they didnt take gem
00:32:11infect :D
00:32:15AliBaba :D
00:32:18DeduXserS why we dont have even flying courier
00:32:20Joda roshj?
00:32:26infect puck aint gonna support
00:32:39Joda cant
00:32:48DeduXserS THERE WAS NO GEM
00:32:49DeduXserS iDIOTS meka doen
00:32:52infect spell farms infront of me
00:32:54Joda good
00:32:54mby_next_time gz
00:32:56infect :( go push bot
00:33:05DeduXserS WHAT THE FUCK MAN?
00:33:06extremewaari share
00:33:06infect ?
00:33:09infect you need to share
00:33:09DeduXserS THERE WAS NO GEM
00:33:10AliBaba share ?
00:33:16mxL- im oom
00:33:18DeduXserS I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:21mxL- ty mana
00:33:55mby_next_time cd k ty
00:34:01infect dno what vg panda does
00:34:09DeduXserS :p joda dead we b
00:35:13mby_next_time do me so i mana you and leap :<
00:35:18mby_next_time to me*
00:35:45DeduXserS :DD:d
00:35:46mby_next_time come on:D
00:35:50DeduXserS n1 move
00:35:51Joda wr drop gem in base before fights
00:35:57Joda in bird
00:35:57mby_next_time we[]ll was pretty sure you make it on mid
00:36:33Joda -ms
00:36:50mby_next_time go top?
00:36:54Joda y
00:37:16mby_next_time tried.
00:37:17DeduXserS mass hate ye _D
00:37:21Joda good gemdrop ty mhm get top now yurn no ulti so u know eza when i spawn
00:37:58mby_next_time will tp you tele me there
00:37:59mby_next_time i know y
00:38:01Raj mana'
00:38:13infect panda, do you realize how bullshit vg is on panda?
00:38:19mby_next_time oho wrong one :D
00:38:21mby_next_time mmt
00:38:22DeduXserS true :S
00:38:28extremewaari panda make agha
00:38:31extremewaari best item
00:38:32Joda roof finish that radi yet will u
00:38:34extremewaari for him
00:38:51Raj getting radi
00:39:22DeduXserS :D:D
00:39:23DeduXserS :D:D:D:D
00:39:24DeduXserS D::DD:D:D: =)
00:39:30infect w eshould fight
00:39:31infect 4vs5
00:39:38extremewaari now we can
00:39:42DeduXserS go
00:39:47Joda reuse
00:39:48Joda cihkc
00:40:30infect panda didnt even ulti
00:40:32infect and cyclon slark
00:40:35Johnny_Cage stop
00:40:35infect wtf :D
00:40:36Johnny_Cage control
00:40:37Johnny_Cage my hero
00:40:45infect panda, 1 ulti
00:40:48Joda rax
00:40:51infect 6 sec cyclon on slark
00:40:54infect and they cant do shit
00:41:37infect fukcing lastpick
00:41:46mby_next_time got eye :)
00:42:13Joda 5
00:42:13Joda b
00:42:18extremewaari share ffs
00:42:18Joda 300 for bklb
00:42:19Joda bkb
00:42:28infect u cant remove share btw
00:42:30infect even if some1 used
00:42:35DeduXserS we didnt use him
00:42:35Johnny_Cage u can't control my hero
00:42:35mxL- take these
00:42:36Johnny_Cage btw
00:42:38infect read the fucking rules lastpick chicken pcik faggot
00:42:39DeduXserS Im pretty sure
00:42:41Joda got enough
00:42:41Joda ty
00:42:42infect and you can request later
00:42:43mby_next_time i go ac btw hex pls?
00:42:51Raj i got threads now
00:42:53infect + you need to ulti and cyclon slark
00:42:56infect and we kill eveyrone else
00:43:00mby_next_time hex is boreing
00:43:07infect now give share back
00:43:13AliBaba share ffs
00:43:14Joda mid
00:43:15Joda go
00:43:16Joda bkb ready
00:43:17DeduXserS :DDD
00:44:36Joda focus rax mana pls
00:44:51infect wtf puck and panda
00:44:53infect they take rax
00:44:59infect and you are just strolling through shit
00:45:04mby_next_time imba eza L) ty just in time
00:45:08mby_next_time np
00:45:32infect we got a panda who made vg
00:45:32mby_next_time as i said
00:45:34mby_next_time eye imba
00:45:35infect so ofc you win :D
00:45:40DeduXserS -ii
00:45:44mby_next_time well tbh
00:45:46mby_next_time your jug
00:45:48mby_next_time sucked
00:45:49DeduXserS well u dont have anything aswell :D
00:45:52extremewaari I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] they sucked, we played well thats it
00:46:12Joda rosh and finish
00:46:15infect no shit when i need to buy dust
00:46:21mby_next_time sad
00:46:22infect and puck farms with spells
00:46:27mby_next_time sad x2
00:46:29infect when i am next to him :D
00:46:43Joda carefull
00:46:43Joda b
00:47:16Joda bot
00:48:34infect I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:48:42mby_next_time np bro
00:48:43Johnny_Cage y
00:48:43Raj gj
00:48:46Johnny_Cage nicefeed gg
00:49:05mxL- geege
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