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-2 TS

92% | 1641 X | 1521 TS

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-8 TS

81% | 1504 X | 1399 TS

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73% | 1428 X | 1372 TS

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72% | 1401 X | 1387 TS

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72% | 1397 X | 1387 TS

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93% | 1700 X | 1475 TS

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91% | 1678 X | 1428 TS

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78% | 1421 X | 1449 TS

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62% | 1354 X | 1308 TS

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57% | 1279 X | 1328 TS

Chat log

00:00:15Soulyah fucking awesome lol, friend having bd and i work in the centre hotel
00:00:16Soulyah fags wont leave me alone
00:00:16PeterLars how can u play from work
00:00:16Laier city centre or what
00:00:16PeterLars u nerd
00:00:16Soulyah cause im administrator
00:00:16PeterLars lol
00:00:16Soulyah ck
00:00:16PeterLars where
00:00:16Soulyah hotel
00:00:16Laier soulyah what hotel?
00:00:16PeterLars which
00:00:16Soulyah MyCity
00:00:16PeterLars ??
00:00:16Soulyah ??
00:00:16PeterLars what ciry
00:00:16Laier witch country? =DDD
00:00:16PeterLars city
00:00:16Soulyah estonia lol
00:00:16Laier fag
00:00:16PeterLars lol
00:00:16siemenlinko furi me
00:00:16siemenlinko or axe
00:00:16Laier though you talked about finnish hotel called holiday in centre
00:00:16Laier :D
00:00:16Soulyah i givez u free superior class roomz
00:00:16PeterLars spec
00:00:16Soulyah ban now
00:00:16Laier why
00:00:25PeterLars u give free rooms :D
00:00:26Laier SF IT IS
00:00:28PeterLars then i come
00:00:36Laier peterlarssen
00:00:38Laier gimme axe
00:00:40PeterLars anyone es?
00:00:51DeMiaN me es
00:00:55DeMiaN if u want
00:00:59Laier my axe
00:00:59Laier :(
00:01:02Joda was just about to pick es :P
00:01:08Laier gimme axe plx
00:01:09DeMiaN then give to joda es
00:01:09Joda panic @ 3 s picktime
00:01:21Laier gief AXE!
00:01:31siemenlinko is that okay i pick furi?
00:01:31PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:34Laier -swap 2
00:01:37Kastrup we dont need
00:01:39Kastrup so lpease dont
00:01:40Kastrup please*
00:01:41Laier cmon dude
00:01:42Kastrup unless u go woods
00:01:43Laier i wanted axe :(
00:01:44Kastrup then im fine
00:01:46Joda -clear
00:01:48Joda wont do aba
00:01:49siemenlinko this better?
00:01:49PeterLars tak es
00:01:51PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:52Kastrup ds
00:01:52Laier fucking say hero then
00:01:53Kastrup yes much
00:01:53DeMiaN -swap 1
00:01:55Kastrup ds u go woods?
00:01:55DeMiaN -swap 2
00:02:02DeMiaN -swapcancel
00:02:03PeterLars lol furi
00:02:05DeMiaN -clear
00:02:06Joda -swap
00:02:06siemenlinko i want be toop
00:02:06Laier ei vittu
00:02:09Kastrup Kanpu3a - you go woods?
00:02:19Kastrup tide go bot..
00:02:20Laier dagon abba it is
00:02:20Joda -clear
00:02:21Laier then
00:02:21Joda -swap
00:02:23Joda -clear
00:02:23Kastrup would be better i guess..
00:02:24siemenlinko okay
00:02:31PeterLars chick
00:02:32PeterLars fur
00:02:32DeMiaN lanes ?
00:02:33DeMiaN i'm lost
00:02:43siemenlinko moi soulyah
00:02:43Joda woods
00:02:47Soulyah jo
00:02:52Laier can ff
00:02:58PeterLars laier
00:02:58siemenlinko ku sa oled?
00:03:00PeterLars stfu
00:03:00Soulyah -afk
00:03:01Laier nah
00:03:02PeterLars and dont talk
00:03:04Joda why pick aba and then cry aobut ur pick
00:03:07Laier their lastpicks rhasta tide etc
00:03:07PeterLars hate when u tlk
00:03:10Laier our lastpick FURIOOOOOOON
00:03:13Soulyah what does it mean:d
00:03:15Soulyah cant speak that well:d
00:03:18Soulyah finnish
00:03:19Laier nothing wrong with my pick
00:03:22Laier i can play abba np
00:03:25Laier but lastpick furi
00:03:25Laier gg
00:03:29siemenlinko tried
00:03:32siemenlinko eesti
00:03:34BACKENiZER- mis ma sellele pasale teen üldse
00:03:35Soulyah :d
00:04:06Joda hurtz
00:04:23Laier would been dead with call :/
00:04:34Joda skilled before rune
00:04:44Laier shoudltn do that ;s
00:04:44Laier ;d
00:04:52DeMiaN one creep for soulring
00:05:10DeMiaN furi ...
00:05:21Laier furi gang bt
00:05:23Laier axe come
00:05:31Joda zoon
00:05:59Kastrup -1
00:06:49Joda lol
00:07:06PeterLars ss mid
00:07:44Laier ill go dagon
00:07:55Laier never tried it :DD
00:08:12Kanpu3a np
00:08:15Kastrup ;)=
00:08:16DeMiaN Mad ?
00:08:48Laier call?
00:08:49Laier wtf
00:08:51DeMiaN stupid
00:08:52Joda oom
00:08:52DeMiaN axe
00:08:52Joda ?
00:08:55PeterLars ss mid
00:08:55siemenlinko gan kbot
00:08:55DeMiaN spend mana on
00:08:56siemenlinko 3
00:08:56Joda stfu
00:08:56DeMiaN dot
00:08:56PeterLars care top
00:08:57DeMiaN ...
00:09:09Joda ofc i do
00:09:31Kastrup stupid dragons
00:09:31siemenlinko ss
00:09:42Kastrup need chick plz
00:09:59Soulyah need obs rather
00:10:00Soulyah xD
00:10:35Soulyah ss
00:10:56Laier ok and where did my ulti go? :DDDD
00:11:00Laier wtf
00:11:02siemenlinko :D
00:11:07siemenlinko aktos
00:11:09DeMiaN furi
00:11:10DeMiaN furi
00:11:17Joda fuck off
00:11:22PeterLars ss mid
00:11:23Laier wp furi
00:11:25DeMiaN furi omg
00:11:25Laier vittu osaatko telee
00:11:29siemenlinko jaa
00:11:29siemenlinko a
00:11:31siemenlinko :D
00:11:40Laier jerkku taas hoitaa
00:11:44siemenlinko jännä juttu
00:11:47siemenlinko tuo ultis
00:12:05Soulyah twr
00:13:02Kanpu3a 5
00:13:04Kastrup 4 top..
00:13:36PeterLars i tp
00:13:41DeMiaN good
00:14:23PeterLars WTF
00:14:27DeMiaN ...
00:14:28Soulyah HAHAH
00:14:29Soulyah movie
00:14:30Soulyah material
00:14:31Soulyah :D:D
00:14:38DeMiaN I'm mad
00:14:40Soulyah dat was just awesome
00:15:17Soulyah i never get midas furi
00:15:19Soulyah its not like
00:15:21Soulyah hes a farm hero
00:15:25Kastrup :D
00:15:35Laier you see whos playing it?
00:15:55Soulyah well
00:16:02Soulyah jerkku is much better than on the old days
00:16:07Soulyah decent player
00:16:28Laier help
00:16:29Laier bot mby
00:16:31PeterLars tp bpt
00:16:40Kastrup go
00:17:38siemenlinko kill es`?
00:17:41Kastrup yup
00:17:42Kastrup 10 sec
00:17:48siemenlinko i heal first
00:18:00Soulyah OMFg
00:18:02Soulyah invi
00:18:03Soulyah too slow
00:18:45Laier push towers
00:18:46Laier with 5?
00:18:48Laier to get some CASHHH
00:19:20Laier bot tower
00:19:24siemenlinko sry
00:19:28siemenlinko was cd ulti
00:19:43Kastrup yup i see
00:19:49Laier rhasta taking our towers alone
00:19:54Laier we cant get 1 with 5?
00:20:00Soulyah GO
00:20:57PeterLars we need axe and es with dagger
00:21:12Soulyah ima get rune
00:21:19DeMiaN gj
00:21:41Laier top tower
00:21:44siemenlinko b
00:21:57Soulyah tp def
00:21:58Kastrup sf tp
00:22:06Kastrup lol :D
00:22:07Laier vitun hienoo
00:22:07Laier hei
00:22:15Joda o mfg
00:22:26DeMiaN very bad
00:22:27DeMiaN sry
00:22:34Laier very bad trees from jerkku
00:22:49Joda sf lothars
00:22:50Joda dust up
00:22:57Soulyah this
00:22:59Soulyah noob storm
00:23:00Soulyah go away
00:23:00PeterLars ^^
00:23:35PeterLars get dust sopmeone
00:24:38Joda twr
00:24:55Kastrup can't
00:25:36siemenlinko ?
00:25:39Kastrup go
00:26:35siemenlinko omg
00:26:36siemenlinko sry
00:26:39Soulyah its np
00:27:14DeMiaN furi b
00:27:28Joda lol furi
00:27:29Joda b?
00:27:30Joda use map
00:28:10Kanpu3a reuse
00:28:29Soulyah es dag
00:28:52Soulyah come
00:28:53Soulyah homo
00:28:57PeterLars ^^
00:29:05DeMiaN we can go ?
00:29:06Laier inc
00:29:07Joda b
00:29:07Joda b
00:29:08PeterLars b
00:29:08PeterLars b
00:29:09Joda inmvis
00:29:09Laier potm ulti
00:29:18Laier go
00:29:19Kastrup lol
00:29:58PeterLars me omm
00:30:33Soulyah b
00:30:55Kanpu3a to me
00:31:03Kanpu3a pfff
00:31:10siemenlinko furi
00:31:10Kanpu3a shithead
00:31:10siemenlinko tp
00:31:15siemenlinko so no
00:31:38PeterLars lol
00:31:47PeterLars get me a gem :D
00:33:06Kastrup dagger on axe
00:34:05PeterLars b
00:34:06PeterLars me oom
00:34:07Laier nice that you join the battles
00:34:09Kastrup lol
00:34:25Soulyah oom kinda
00:34:38PeterLars we need a gem
00:34:40PeterLars vs sf
00:34:40Laier dno why es doesnt follow axe all day long
00:34:42Laier free kills
00:34:42PeterLars and mirana ulti
00:34:43Laier and entrys
00:34:45Laier if you both blink
00:34:50Soulyah well
00:34:51Soulyah lets
00:34:52Soulyah rosh
00:34:53Soulyah we have wards
00:34:55Soulyah we can do it
00:34:58Soulyah need all
00:35:25Laier y go all die there
00:35:25Laier :D
00:35:38Joda sf hurtz
00:35:41Soulyah tide
00:35:42Soulyah tank
00:35:45siemenlinko noo
00:35:48PeterLars get fucking gem
00:36:14PeterLars we need gem and wards
00:36:23Laier can ff
00:36:28Laier if they start fights and not us
00:36:28PeterLars stfu
00:36:38Laier we got fucking es axe with blink
00:36:39siemenlinko nouse
00:36:40Soulyah tude
00:36:42Laier and cant win fight? :D
00:36:43Soulyah i did it
00:36:50Joda go together
00:36:52Soulyah share back plz:(
00:36:54Joda with gem
00:36:55siemenlinko nope
00:37:01Soulyah k
00:37:11siemenlinko xD
00:37:21Soulyah need chick so
00:37:22siemenlinko why used my hero?
00:37:34Soulyah cause u didnt gush
00:37:37Laier we bait
00:37:38Laier you blink
00:37:39siemenlinko lol
00:37:41Laier go mid
00:37:45Soulyah gather
00:37:45Soulyah now
00:37:46Laier axe es stays back
00:37:50Kastrup comming
00:38:04Soulyah invis us potm
00:38:08Kastrup sec
00:38:11PeterLars axe jump first
00:38:12PeterLars to call
00:38:42Laier storm full hp mana
00:39:16Laier still
00:39:16DeMiaN don't want to blame
00:39:17Laier they came
00:39:20Laier before es axe blinks
00:39:25DeMiaN but worst axe jump
00:39:25PeterLars es
00:39:28PeterLars u wait to last
00:39:29Joda i blinked first.
00:39:32Joda but died solo
00:39:42Laier ye
00:39:42Kastrup lol :D
00:39:44Laier fucking run away
00:39:44Soulyah lured
00:39:46Soulyah so
00:39:47Laier if i come shield you
00:39:47Soulyah nicely
00:39:47Laier and heal
00:39:48Soulyah :d
00:39:53Soulyah knew hes gona come back
00:39:53PeterLars b
00:40:40Kanpu3a stop feeding
00:40:51Soulyah mis sa solod mees
00:40:51Kanpu3a 1-12
00:40:55Joda should really focus sf
00:40:56BACKENiZER- lamp
00:40:58Joda before he bkb
00:40:59Soulyah :D
00:41:06Laier well he goes manta bkb
00:41:12PeterLars omw
00:41:17PeterLars go him
00:41:17BACKENiZER- vend tõmbab iga 20seki tagant ulti mul pooled elud läind:D
00:41:40Joda fucking sick dmg
00:41:44Joda 5 hits and gone
00:41:53Joda still he only got +100..
00:41:54Joda so weak
00:42:46siemenlinko i make ac
00:42:55Laier cant win fights
00:42:58Laier if they start it
00:43:01Laier instead of axe or es
00:43:44Laier nicees
00:43:55PeterLars b
00:44:01Laier fucking es
00:44:02Laier die irl
00:44:02PeterLars imba es
00:44:17Laier best es ulti
00:44:23siemenlinko xD
00:44:24PeterLars ulti furi
00:44:51Joda focus sf?
00:44:55Kastrup SRSLY?1
00:45:28Laier fucking ifght
00:45:28Laier pussy
00:45:28Laier ass
00:45:28Laier niggers
00:45:28PeterLars b
00:45:31PeterLars h
00:45:38PeterLars b
00:45:47Soulyah can we go with 5
00:45:48Soulyah once
00:45:50Soulyah or ff
00:45:57Kastrup agree
00:45:59PeterLars me oom
00:46:00siemenlinko same
00:46:01Laier storm stop being so pussy
00:46:02Joda mana
00:46:05Laier they cant do shit without sfd
00:46:07PeterLars i need fucking mana
00:46:08Laier so why b
00:46:10DeMiaN sf
00:46:11DeMiaN bouht
00:46:12DeMiaN bak
00:46:17DeMiaN bought back
00:46:26DeMiaN ...
00:46:41Laier gg
00:46:43PeterLars b
00:46:44Kastrup :)
00:46:44Laier ward
00:46:45Laier here
00:46:57Jerkku sec please
00:46:57Jerkku got megadelay
00:46:57PeterLars lol
00:46:57Kastrup well saving wont help
00:46:57Soulyah WHY U SAVE
00:46:57Soulyah idiot
00:46:57Soulyah not allowed
00:46:57Kanpu3a )
00:46:57PeterLars hahaha
00:46:57Soulyah banned
00:46:57Soulyah whoever saved
00:46:57DeMiaN ..
00:46:57siemenlinko who leave?
00:46:57siemenlinko cap says
00:46:58PeterLars ???
00:47:01Jerkku wtf
00:47:03Kastrup i ulti?
00:47:04Kastrup and we go mid?
00:47:09siemenlinko i got ulti
00:47:15Soulyah they haz gem
00:47:15siemenlinko they rosh
00:47:19Joda tp
00:47:25Joda 135 gold
00:47:26Soulyah go rosh
00:47:26Joda steal it
00:47:45Laier es
00:47:46Laier go
00:47:46Laier es
00:48:03Laier WHAT TOOK SO LONG
00:48:06siemenlinko rosh
00:48:10Kastrup fuck rosh
00:48:15Kanpu3a )
00:48:17Soulyah seer
00:48:18Joda just 1 stun es and sf i dead
00:48:18Soulyah nice
00:48:19Soulyah :)
00:48:25Laier storm + axe made best start so far
00:48:28Laier but where is es :DD
00:48:35Kastrup bot after
00:48:36Kanpu3a )
00:48:43Joda was 0.00001 from ulti sf
00:48:52Soulyah mantapowa
00:48:54Laier well es won
00:48:55Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:55Kastrup :D
00:49:02Kanpu3a )
00:49:04Kanpu3a fu
00:49:06Kastrup b?
00:49:36Joda I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:37Laier ff it
00:49:37Laier next game
00:49:38DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:38Joda 2 lanes down
00:49:41Joda we cant win
00:49:41siemenlinko jherkku
00:49:44siemenlinko lagailet
00:49:44PeterLars yes we can
00:49:49Jerkku tiiän
00:49:52Jerkku en ikinä lagaa
00:49:57siemenlinko outoa
00:49:57Soulyah doubleillukill!
00:50:00Jerkku mietinki et wtf
00:50:00PeterLars ^^
00:50:06siemenlinko :D'
00:50:13Jerkku I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:17Laier ff pls
00:50:19Laier next game
00:50:21Laier this 1 is over
00:50:23Jerkku please ff
00:50:26Jerkku got 2 sec delay
00:50:29Laier since es doesnt follow what axe and storm does
00:50:30Jerkku dunno what is happening
00:50:45Laier end it
00:50:50Laier bestesoneurope cant ff
00:51:00siemenlinko they rohs
00:51:06Laier storm can you pls ff it
00:51:06Laier this is waste of time
00:51:06PeterLars no
00:51:06Laier and this 1 bob is lagging like hell
00:51:06Laier wait time +thousand
00:51:06PeterLars i never ff
00:51:06Laier fucking fag
00:51:06siemenlinko omfg
00:51:06Laier end it
00:51:06Laier storm cant ff
00:51:06PeterLars like u
00:51:06siemenlinko who leave?
00:51:06Kastrup wild guess
00:51:06Joda sf balance?
00:51:06Kastrup rhasta
00:51:06siemenlinko same
00:51:06PeterLars balance tide
00:51:06PeterLars ^^
00:51:06PeterLars then it gg :D
00:51:06siemenlinko lol
00:51:06Laier like hes gonna drop
00:51:06Laier we just gonna wait 10x this wait time
00:51:06Laier coz 1 bob cant ff
00:51:06Soulyah wtf is this shit
00:51:12Soulyah rasta
00:51:13Joda sf drop for balance?
00:51:13PeterLars BALACE
00:51:13Soulyah hmm
00:51:13Laier peter gonna win this now
00:51:13Kastrup backenizer leave.
00:51:13Soulyah i could
00:51:13Kastrup dont
00:51:13Kastrup w
00:51:13Soulyah we try
00:51:13Soulyah who
00:51:13Soulyah rolls more
00:51:13Soulyah me or rhasta
00:51:13Soulyah -roll
00:51:13Kanpu3a -roll
00:51:13Soulyah OMG
00:51:34Laier gg
00:51:35Laier end it
00:51:44Soulyah gg
00:52:25Laier I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:52:26Soulyah storm
00:52:32Soulyah no bkb
00:52:33Soulyah won
00:52:42Soulyah omfmgmfgmfgmfgf
00:53:22Soulyah ffs
00:53:25Soulyah lets prolong then
00:53:30Laier they really deffed it?
00:53:32Kastrup cmon lets just finish it
00:53:33Laier was on windows allready
00:53:36siemenlinko kanpuea
00:53:40siemenlinko item stealer
00:53:44Kanpu3a ohhhh
00:53:46Kanpu3a ....
00:53:54Kanpu3a how u see...
00:53:58siemenlinko hahaha
00:54:00Kanpu3a this is my secret
00:54:01siemenlinko could
00:54:06siemenlinko send this to strom
00:54:10siemenlinko and u banned
00:54:11Kanpu3a hahaha
00:54:14siemenlinko nut nah
00:54:16Kanpu3a permanent
00:54:19siemenlinko :D
00:54:20Laier :D:D::D:D
00:54:21Laier n1 es
00:54:22siemenlinko not
00:54:23Laier fucking nice
00:54:39Kastrup go top?
00:54:42Soulyah y
00:55:38PeterLars b
00:55:44Joda deff!
00:55:45Joda es
00:55:48Laier yes!!!
00:55:49Joda do 1 ulti plz
00:55:52Laier lets do it!!!!!
00:55:54Laier nah
00:55:54Joda esssssss
00:55:55Laier he farms
00:55:56Laier :DDDD
00:56:02DeMiaN game is over ?
00:56:02Joda and he runs
00:56:03Joda hahaha
00:56:03Laier hahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:56:24Soulyah :D
00:56:31Laier had dagon
00:56:32Laier :D
00:56:45Laier es hits first ulti in 53min
00:56:49Laier epic
00:56:51Kastrup rax
00:56:52Kastrup sd
00:56:53Kastrup ds
00:56:57Kastrup rax
00:57:05DeMiaN big mouth laier
00:57:26Laier I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:27Laier I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:55Laier zerk base
00:57:56Laier plx
00:57:59Kastrup :P
00:58:04Soulyah who
00:58:06Soulyah cant ff
00:58:08Laier this storm some serious shit head
00:58:10Kastrup peteræars
00:58:11Kanpu3a why rast
00:58:13Kanpu3a dancing
00:58:14Laier storm cant ff
00:58:50Laier y
00:58:52Laier lets win game
00:59:25Laier thank
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