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+11 X
-1 TS

90% | 1670 X | 1411 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

84% | 1558 X | 1403 TS

-41 X
+0 TS

74% | 1460 X | 1388 TS

-17 X
+0 TS

63% | 1382 X | 1333 TS

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61% | 1318 X | 1342 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

94% | 1610 X | 1552 TS

-9 X
+1 TS

86% | 1554 X | 1430 TS

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+0 TS

81% | 1447 X | 1459 TS

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71% | 1390 X | 1382 TS

+27 X
+10 TS

41% | 1212 X | 1214 TS

Chat log

00:00:12EyeforanEye ill go dazzle
00:00:16infect omni riki ban i guess
00:00:16EyeforanEye ban omni/dest?
00:00:16EyeforanEye or mb abaddon?
00:00:16Lafrenzz banning abba
00:00:16Firelord0.1 i dont like crix and gondar too
00:00:16Lafrenzz playing invok
00:00:16EyeforanEye cool
00:00:16EyeforanEye mb ban omni?
00:00:16infect svents, sa wispi või ursat ei viitsi pelada?
00:00:16svents riki
00:00:16svents imo ban
00:00:16svents :DD
00:00:16Lafrenzz living ?
00:00:16infect living
00:00:16infect ban omni
00:00:16Firelord0.1 take omni
00:00:16infect or does anyone want omni ?
00:00:16svents ei oska wispi absull
00:00:16svents pole kordagi m2nginud
00:00:16infect selles point ongi
00:00:16infect :d
00:00:16infect does anybody want Omni Knight ?
00:00:16Firelord0.1 hes afk
00:00:16livingde4th ban ursa
00:00:16EyeforanEye ban omni
00:00:16livingde4th ursa too imba with wisp
00:00:16infect i asked others
00:00:16svents riki
00:00:16Firelord0.1 i can omni
00:00:16infect kanpua strawberry
00:00:16infect want omni?
00:00:16Lafrenzz abba
00:00:16Kanpu3a no
00:00:16infect take omni for firelordi then
00:00:25livingde4th ok
00:00:31livingde4th but there is doom
00:00:33livingde4th etc
00:00:34infect too nice hero to leave in the pool
00:00:34livingde4th sp
00:00:37livingde4th good heroes
00:00:44livingde4th give me shadowpriest
00:00:47livingde4th aww fuck
00:00:52livingde4th doom then
00:00:55Strawberryjuice ´sk for me pls
00:00:58livingde4th doom
00:01:00livingde4th -swap 2
00:01:00Firelord0.1 -swap 1
00:01:04infect we got so much melee
00:01:05infect need range
00:01:09Strawberryjuice hm
00:01:13Strawberryjuice venge than
00:01:14EyeforanEye get sk
00:01:16EyeforanEye venge
00:01:21EyeforanEye EPIC FAILURE
00:01:22infect i will play od
00:01:24EyeforanEye gj sk
00:01:24j22koer :D
00:01:33j22koer svents make it happen
00:01:33edgarass i go venge?
00:01:34Strawberryjuice od?
00:01:40infect obsidian
00:01:40EyeforanEye venge or mb panda
00:01:42infect you can venge
00:01:44EyeforanEye no get venge
00:01:46Strawberryjuice so pick me venge
00:01:47svents i will analrape them
00:01:51infect -swap 5
00:01:52livingde4th check runes
00:01:55livingde4th plz
00:01:56Strawberryjuice -swap 4
00:01:56edgarass atro?
00:01:58j22koer thats good to know
00:01:59EyeforanEye venge
00:02:04svents atro
00:02:08svents gooid also
00:02:37livingde4th check plz
00:02:41infect we got quite decent combo with banish and heal
00:02:46Lafrenzz really ?
00:02:49Lafrenzz tryhard doom ....
00:02:57edgarass lets go check rune
00:02:59livingde4th lost 2 games
00:03:02livingde4th thats eenough
00:03:03Lafrenzz :p
00:03:10infect lost 5 in a row
00:03:10infect :D
00:03:28Strawberryjuice yy
00:03:29svents my max is 12 games in a row lost:D
00:03:34Kanpu3a no
00:03:44Kanpu3a where u warded
00:04:34EyeforanEye ill go orchid
00:04:54svents pull pls
00:06:41svents pff
00:06:42Strawberryjuice xDDD
00:06:44edgarass noob
00:06:48svents i misslcicked
00:07:20livingde4th help
00:07:38livingde4th gg
00:07:40livingde4th ff
00:07:42Kanpu3a su
00:07:54Lafrenzz i start roam now
00:08:20livingde4th ss
00:08:23Lafrenzz rdy top
00:08:32EyeforanEye sk
00:08:34EyeforanEye i got grave
00:08:58EyeforanEye gj
00:09:00Lafrenzz u2
00:09:11Strawberryjuice ss
00:09:12Strawberryjuice bs
00:09:15livingde4th dd bot
00:09:16Strawberryjuice re
00:09:17livingde4th venge take
00:09:18livingde4th dd
00:09:20livingde4th and gnak mid
00:09:33svents ss2
00:09:40Lafrenzz ss
00:09:41livingde4th obs river
00:09:50Strawberryjuice oom now
00:09:58EyeforanEye tide top
00:10:01EyeforanEye 3 top
00:10:09edgarass ss venge
00:10:16edgarass venge mid
00:10:19livingde4th ss
00:10:28Lafrenzz come mid
00:10:37livingde4th go
00:10:40livingde4th dude
00:11:13Lafrenzz ss
00:11:15livingde4th venge b'
00:11:15livingde4th mid inc
00:11:15livingde4th 2
00:11:15j22koer Aww
00:11:15infect venge
00:11:15infect run
00:11:15infect to us
00:11:15Lafrenzz :D
00:11:15livingde4th run to
00:11:15livingde4th lane
00:11:15livingde4th venge
00:11:15livingde4th 2 coming
00:11:15livingde4th bane
00:11:15livingde4th and
00:11:15livingde4th invokler
00:11:15Strawberryjuice cant move
00:11:15Strawberryjuice wtf
00:11:15Strawberryjuice ?
00:11:15Strawberryjuice ?
00:11:15Strawberryjuice wtf
00:11:15Strawberryjuice cant move
00:11:15Strawberryjuice ...
00:11:15Strawberryjuice haha
00:11:15Strawberryjuice i cant move
00:11:20Strawberryjuice ty
00:11:23infect b
00:11:23svents kill doom
00:11:25Lafrenzz y
00:11:38edgarass i sleep[ him
00:11:38EyeforanEye ss 2 top
00:11:49Strawberryjuice why not back
00:11:55livingde4th got ruptured
00:11:57Lafrenzz we are tryhards aswell :(
00:11:59livingde4th when i wanted to b
00:12:05Lafrenzz get tower
00:12:07Strawberryjuice gj
00:12:13EyeforanEye 3 top
00:12:20Lafrenzz go
00:12:21edgarass have ulti
00:12:24EyeforanEye omw tp top
00:12:25livingde4th top b
00:12:26livingde4th omni
00:12:28livingde4th can u
00:12:29livingde4th get repel
00:12:30Lafrenzz use ulti on omni
00:12:33livingde4th not slow
00:12:35livingde4th rpeel uir
00:12:37livingde4th best spell
00:12:51Strawberryjuice kill again
00:13:17Firelord0.1 again lose
00:13:22infect ravage
00:13:32svents :DDD
00:13:47Strawberryjuice gogogo
00:13:53Strawberryjuice b
00:14:02livingde4th this sure aint my day
00:14:06Lafrenzz :D
00:14:25j22koer wtf
00:14:29edgarass nice tp
00:14:30edgarass :)
00:14:31j22koer yea
00:14:32j22koer :D
00:14:40EyeforanEye fkn hotkeys ....
00:14:40edgarass no grave?
00:14:44edgarass have ulti
00:14:48livingde4th let me farm mid
00:14:52Strawberryjuice sec
00:15:55livingde4th omw bot
00:16:07infect come on mees
00:16:08svents tra homo :D
00:16:34infect nii see ikka päris ei käi :D
00:16:38svents :DD
00:17:01Strawberryjuice bot dd
00:17:09infect take it
00:17:11Strawberryjuice ofc
00:17:16Kanpu3a 4
00:17:19Kanpu3a def
00:17:24livingde4th i doom bane
00:17:25livingde4th or sp
00:17:28EyeforanEye nice farm blue ^^
00:17:32Lafrenzz thanks
00:17:56EyeforanEye deny? :(
00:18:04EyeforanEye phase
00:18:05livingde4th b
00:18:06livingde4th omni
00:18:20Kanpu3a they dont seee
00:18:39livingde4th i got stun
00:18:41livingde4th and soon lothar
00:18:43livingde4th then
00:18:46Strawberryjuice -.-
00:18:47livingde4th on fights repel
00:18:48livingde4th me
00:18:49livingde4th i go in
00:19:03Strawberryjuice gj
00:19:07svents no tra
00:19:09livingde4th what level repel u got?
00:19:12svents nahhuj sa siit otsid
00:19:16Firelord0.1 2
00:19:19infect noob bane :D
00:19:42Kanpu3a always farming
00:19:47livingde4th go def
00:19:47Kanpu3a and no wards?
00:19:52infect u are tide
00:19:53infect retard
00:19:54Kanpu3a 200g
00:20:04Kanpu3a sick my dick
00:20:05edgarass lol crix :)
00:20:06Kanpu3a lowobo
00:20:19livingde4th twr
00:20:20livingde4th gone
00:20:20livingde4th tr
00:20:26infect tide is a support hero
00:20:28Lafrenzz come bane
00:20:28Lafrenzz go
00:20:29infect you faggot
00:20:30livingde4th 300g lothar
00:20:31svents tp cd
00:20:33Kanpu3a fi
00:20:36Kanpu3a fu idiot
00:20:39Kanpu3a 200g
00:20:45Strawberryjuice ey
00:20:45Kanpu3a its no hmany
00:20:46Strawberryjuice heal
00:20:46Strawberryjuice !
00:21:12Lafrenzz oom :(
00:21:17EyeforanEye bane where did u go....
00:21:26livingde4th repel od is pretty nice too
00:21:33infect b
00:21:43livingde4th let me farm top
00:21:47livingde4th plz
00:21:48livingde4th levi
00:22:03svents rly?:DDDD
00:22:06Kanpu3a yeaaa
00:22:06svents 2 ulties
00:22:07svents fu
00:22:08svents :D
00:22:16livingde4th why not kill is kill :D
00:22:22svents but tide ulti
00:22:32svents i think it was a bit overkill :D
00:22:38infect tide doesnt even realize that his hero i support
00:22:40livingde4th b bot
00:22:42livingde4th twr gone
00:23:53svents cmon
00:23:54svents man
00:23:57EyeforanEye y..
00:23:58svents fcking third doom
00:24:00svents on me
00:24:05livingde4th i would use it
00:24:11infect venge, gj btw
00:24:11livingde4th but u came right when it was rdy :DDD
00:24:15svents rofl
00:24:17Strawberryjuice ty
00:24:22Strawberryjuice but im totaly failing
00:24:23livingde4th just in time
00:24:24livingde4th :D
00:24:38infect soz for using venge
00:24:48edgarass fuckling shit
00:24:51edgarass lothar
00:24:57edgarass def dont die
00:25:01Strawberryjuice farm btm
00:25:02infect y
00:25:03infect going
00:25:15edgarass ulti crix
00:25:16j22koer b
00:25:22edgarass u have dagger omg
00:25:22j22koer i have it
00:25:30j22koer only 2 of us
00:25:34j22koer dont be stupid
00:25:35Strawberryjuice sec
00:25:37Strawberryjuice gogo
00:25:43livingde4th b
00:25:45infect no tide and me
00:25:50infect tide farming
00:25:52infect gg
00:25:57livingde4th uhm
00:25:58Kanpu3a su
00:26:00livingde4th got ok farm now
00:26:02livingde4th can u repel me
00:26:03Kanpu3a pedic
00:26:04livingde4th so i go in
00:26:05livingde4th with lothar
00:26:09Firelord0.1 y
00:26:14livingde4th wait
00:26:15livingde4th need
00:26:16livingde4th 5
00:26:24livingde4th go
00:26:51Lafrenzz look
00:26:52Lafrenzz living
00:26:56Lafrenzz i gave them this game
00:26:57Lafrenzz for free
00:27:00edgarass retards
00:27:03Lafrenzz and no items on em
00:27:11livingde4th u all roamed
00:27:13livingde4th none farmed
00:27:19Lafrenzz what i say
00:27:22Lafrenzz bs could have
00:27:38edgarass crix u fucking shoufld always keep away
00:27:41edgarass for your ulti
00:27:43edgarass not with us
00:27:51infect b
00:28:01infect b
00:28:09j22koer ?
00:28:14j22koer i dont understand edgar
00:28:26Kanpu3a why
00:28:34j22koer go take up
00:28:35infect u nub didnt blink
00:28:37infect after gush
00:28:38Strawberryjuice omg
00:28:39infect was your shit
00:28:42Kanpu3a destr
00:28:49Kanpu3a plz die in real life
00:28:56Strawberryjuice xDD
00:29:03Kanpu3a u fucking stupied lowbob
00:29:03edgarass idiot sshithead
00:29:06j22koer adn
00:29:06Lafrenzz ok no dust
00:29:09j22koer y
00:29:09infect talks farming tide
00:29:10infect :d
00:29:10edgarass noob fucking stun
00:29:12j22koer no dust
00:29:16edgarass fucking STUN
00:29:16Kanpu3a never learn me how playing
00:29:16j22koer we cant do nothing
00:29:20Lafrenzz JUST STUN CRIX OMFG
00:29:21edgarass U CAN JUST STUN
00:29:22livingde4th -ms
00:29:22infect teach*
00:29:23j22koer and then
00:29:27edgarass i brainswap
00:29:27j22koer how much hp he has
00:29:29Kanpu3a oke
00:29:30edgarass moron
00:29:32j22koer why didnt you
00:29:34Lafrenzz idiot crix
00:29:36j22koer i was rdy
00:29:37Kanpu3a fucking teacher
00:29:37livingde4th thanx for sleep i got my loth cd back
00:29:39j22koer i was w8 for yo
00:29:42Strawberryjuice destro
00:29:43Strawberryjuice kill
00:29:46livingde4th hmm
00:29:46edgarass so why u did not stuned wehen he was asleep?
00:29:48livingde4th 3,4k
00:29:50edgarass fuckinmg idiot
00:29:50livingde4th i go radi'
00:29:52infect ac
00:30:01j22koer listen me stupid fuck
00:30:10j22koer why didnt you swap first
00:30:13j22koer when
00:30:15edgarass swap what
00:30:17j22koer you ultid him
00:30:18livingde4th dam bs didnt want third doom?
00:30:18edgarass just fuck u
00:30:19Kanpu3a stop this shit
00:30:24EyeforanEye deff bot
00:30:25svents fu :D
00:30:33j22koer and second of all
00:30:38j22koer buy dust
00:30:42j22koer ty
00:30:43edgarass retard
00:30:47j22koer stupid fuck
00:30:47edgarass u just had to stun him
00:30:53Lafrenzz go man
00:30:54Lafrenzz gogo
00:30:54Kanpu3a idioot
00:30:59infect you dont take damage
00:31:00infect idiot
00:31:26livingde4th 200g radi
00:31:35livingde4th def base
00:31:42livingde4th def at bas
00:31:48Lafrenzz b
00:32:05livingde4th -ms
00:32:24Lafrenzz next kill we do
00:32:26Lafrenzz we kill rosh
00:32:32livingde4th rosh?
00:32:32svents doom radi
00:32:40EyeforanEye atrop
00:32:41Strawberryjuice in 2 min
00:32:42EyeforanEye kill top
00:32:45Strawberryjuice ´need wards
00:32:48EyeforanEye welllyy...
00:32:56Firelord0.1 -ms
00:33:14livingde4th hmm
00:33:20livingde4th they see me when i eat their creeps+
00:33:21livingde4th ?
00:33:27infect no
00:33:42livingde4th tping mid
00:33:57svents ei saa kille
00:33:59svents no tra
00:34:01infect go mid
00:34:04svents ei saa kille
00:34:09Strawberryjuice rosh
00:34:09Strawberryjuice ...
00:34:12livingde4th no
00:34:14livingde4th mid
00:34:14infect mid rax
00:34:16infect rather
00:34:18Strawberryjuice well
00:34:19Strawberryjuice kk
00:34:19EyeforanEye this is just to much fun
00:34:23infect or twr
00:34:23j22koer :D
00:34:24infect more gold
00:34:28infect and rosh later
00:34:32edgarass crix wait
00:34:34infect you got 20 secs
00:34:35j22koer ofc
00:34:37j22koer i w8
00:34:49livingde4th b
00:34:49infect b
00:34:50livingde4th after
00:34:50infect now
00:34:53infect b
00:34:53infect b
00:34:55infect dont dive
00:34:58infect all alive
00:34:58Strawberryjuice -.-
00:35:26livingde4th stupid me
00:35:26EyeforanEye go
00:35:28livingde4th should just run
00:35:29infect y
00:35:38EyeforanEye stryg rosh go
00:35:40livingde4th though i could instagip this
00:35:47livingde4th he has zeroitems
00:35:54Lafrenzz maybe come
00:35:54EyeforanEye ahhahaha
00:35:57livingde4th wtf
00:35:58livingde4th lol
00:36:01livingde4th :O
00:36:02EyeforanEye imba stun :D
00:36:12EyeforanEye join it, its awesome
00:36:15infect :D
00:36:20infect doesnt feel awesome:P
00:36:23livingde4th omni i tp mid
00:36:25livingde4th and lets kiil
00:36:26EyeforanEye i know right!
00:36:31Firelord0.1 im low mana
00:36:49Kanpu3a ooopppssss
00:36:50Lafrenzz overkill ? :D
00:36:51edgarass all base!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:36:51Firelord0.1 okay
00:36:54Lafrenzz I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:56j22koer ?
00:36:59Lafrenzz just ff it
00:37:00Lafrenzz its lost
00:37:02Lafrenzz cant def now
00:37:03livingde4th top
00:37:03j22koer aww
00:37:03livingde4th come
00:37:06Lafrenzz and they take rax again
00:37:06EyeforanEye ofc its lost:D
00:37:07Lafrenzz just ff it
00:37:08livingde4th mid rax gone
00:37:09edgarass crix ulti?
00:37:19livingde4th repel
00:37:37EyeforanEye ,ff
00:37:38Lafrenzz just ff
00:37:38EyeforanEye I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:39j22koer I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:40svents I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:43edgarass fuicking morron team
00:37:45j22koer :D
00:37:47j22koer ahah
00:37:49Lafrenzz dont blame me
00:38:31EyeforanEye Look out, our creeps end it bot.
00:38:36EyeforanEye Damn
00:38:42infect farm tide is there
00:38:59livingde4th -ms
00:39:21j22koer one last push
00:39:23j22koer full force
00:39:24edgarass idiot
00:39:28livingde4th -ms
00:39:30Firelord0.1 -ms
00:39:33Lafrenzz just ff
00:39:37edgarass u wasnt able to do one prioper ulti
00:39:45livingde4th basher or sy funnier? :)
00:39:48j22koer we all gonan cry now
00:39:49livingde4th -ms
00:39:51j22koer niu niu
00:39:54Firelord0.1 devine
00:39:57infect noo
00:39:57j22koer ma loodan et sa ei ole eestlane
00:40:00Firelord0.1 very funny
00:40:23svents yo :D
00:40:30infect ah mida perset sa nussid :D
00:40:33edgarass I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:37infect võta miex
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