Game #4211089

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-17 X
-1 TS

96% | 1761 X | 1529 TS

-39 X
-1 TS

85% | 1556 X | 1413 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

82% | 1558 X | 1362 TS

+21 X
-3 TS

70% | 1483 X | 1259 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

58% | 1291 X | 1329 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

96% | 1710 X | 1559 TS

+1 X
+1 TS

94% | 1771 X | 1439 TS

+38 X
+1 TS

75% | 1431 X | 1398 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

71% | 1398 X | 1379 TS

+32 X
+2 TS

43% | 1118 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:04j22koer WAT
00:00:13EyeforanEye WHY? ! :(
00:00:17EyeforanEye could go ogre es
00:00:17j22koer because of smells taht dusbags ass
00:00:17Aerwyn ?
00:00:17EyeforanEye could try wd
00:00:17livingde4th hmm
00:00:17livingde4th i go sky mby
00:00:17j22koer deffenetly go
00:00:17Smell.this.ass lick my buttcheeks
00:00:17EyeforanEye with AM NS LEGIOn in pool?
00:00:17Smell.this.ass after i fart
00:00:17svents smd smell
00:00:17EyeforanEye ban ns
00:00:17livingde4th want ns or phoenix?
00:00:17Smell.this.ass niggas
00:00:17EyeforanEye no ty
00:00:17j22koer chinese
00:00:17EyeforanEye ban fenix/ns
00:00:17livingde4th anyone ns or phoenix?????
00:00:17j22koer go pick rice
00:00:17livingde4th ns
00:00:17mrk am
00:00:17livingde4th want phoeniox???
00:00:19EyeforanEye not me sry
00:00:19Iho i can
00:00:30livingde4th get me skywrath mby
00:00:31livingde4th lets see
00:00:33Aerwyn pick es for some1?
00:00:37j22koer '
00:00:45mrk tahad?
00:00:48Aerwyn pick es
00:00:48svents anna
00:00:49svents hg
00:00:50Aerwyn i can play
00:00:50svents hg
00:00:52svents jh
00:00:54svents i go eds
00:00:56svents eds
00:00:57svents es
00:00:58Smell.this.ass anyone going mid?
00:00:59Aerwyn k
00:00:59EyeforanEye Ogre or wd?
00:01:00Aerwyn svents
00:01:01Aerwyn goes es
00:01:02livingde4th ogre
00:01:03j22koer ogre
00:01:09Smell.this.ass mrk going mid?
00:01:12mrk dunno yet
00:01:13mrk what to play
00:01:14EyeforanEye ill start top then roam some
00:01:18EyeforanEye ill pull top
00:01:33mrk y im mid
00:01:36svents lc ei taha teha?
00:01:38mrk ei
00:01:40mrk qop
00:01:42svents ok
00:01:45EyeforanEye get wd
00:01:46svents ta v6tab ära
00:01:47EyeforanEye wd
00:01:47svents selle
00:01:47EyeforanEye wd
00:01:48EyeforanEye wd
00:01:49svents kindlalt
00:01:50livingde4th hmm
00:01:51livingde4th wd
00:01:52livingde4th ok
00:01:58mrk -swap 5
00:01:59livingde4th -swap 5
00:02:06livingde4th u said u can phoenix???
00:02:07livingde4th wt
00:02:07svents -swapall
00:02:08EyeforanEye afk:(
00:02:09livingde4th wtf
00:02:12livingde4th ive never played thois
00:02:12Smell.this.ass me bb bot plz
00:02:13Aerwyn hoodit on koht niitte teamil :D
00:02:16j22koer yeah
00:02:20j22koer its easy
00:02:20livingde4th lastpick afk
00:02:22mrk go top
00:02:24mrk u 2 then
00:02:24Aerwyn i was thingking being bot
00:02:27mrk es lina bot
00:02:28livingde4th and i wanted to swap to him
00:02:36Smell.this.ass let me bb bot
00:02:37livingde4th :((
00:02:40Smell.this.ass better
00:02:42Smell.this.ass we got slow
00:02:42Aerwyn i'm bot
00:02:43livingde4th he said he wants lol
00:02:43Aerwyn sky...
00:02:43livingde4th -swap 5
00:02:43Smell.this.ass need long lane
00:02:43j22koer how can you go afk
00:02:43svents ???
00:02:43Iho wtf
00:02:43EyeforanEye Give him some seconds.
00:02:43McFele ranged dont need to be bot
00:02:43j22koer when we are picking
00:02:43Iho you want this?
00:02:43McFele i need pull!!
00:02:43Smell.this.ass have some brains cap
00:02:43mrk lina es bot
00:02:43livingde4th iho u said u can phoenix?
00:02:43j22koer how stupid you are
00:02:43livingde4th i can
00:02:43Smell.this.ass ok brainless
00:02:43XXL u said iho
00:02:43Iho im sorry i was afk
00:02:43XXL :p
00:02:43mrk u just said u want long lane
00:02:43Aerwyn :D
00:02:43livingde4th well swap then
00:02:44XXL now u rly fucked up
00:02:44Smell.this.ass for us
00:02:45Iho -swap 1
00:02:47Smell.this.ass man
00:02:47mrk y
00:02:50mrk long lane
00:02:55Smell.this.ass from here
00:02:56mrk short lane
00:02:57mrk bot
00:02:59Smell.this.ass to here
00:02:59Aerwyn line and es---> good combo... easy me to stun
00:03:01mrk thats short
00:03:02Smell.this.ass we can chase
00:03:04EyeforanEye rune bot
00:03:06Smell.this.ass top we cant chase
00:03:11Smell.this.ass l2p
00:03:15Smell.this.ass all i can say
00:03:18Aerwyn es pull?
00:03:18mrk u saying
00:03:21mrk sentinel bot is long lane?
00:03:27mrk and flaming me cos of it?
00:03:27Smell.this.ass stfu
00:03:29McFele just STFU
00:03:34livingde4th pull
00:03:45mrk i wouldnt care less lol
00:03:48EyeforanEye get bot rune
00:04:32Smell.this.ass got slow brist?
00:04:55svents i pull
00:05:30livingde4th go bird?
00:05:34livingde4th go behyind?
00:05:37livingde4th pull onmce
00:05:45EyeforanEye can u take bot rune??
00:05:47mrk TT
00:05:49mrk IT DIDNT SHOOT
00:05:51EyeforanEye omg
00:05:52EyeforanEye fail..
00:06:02livingde4th come kill
00:06:09EyeforanEye 1 more lvl
00:06:28Smell.this.ass epic bb
00:06:37EyeforanEye gj
00:06:38Smell.this.ass i just love gc
00:06:42XXL bye
00:06:42EyeforanEye omw with heal
00:06:45livingde4th get me salve
00:06:48livingde4th good
00:06:50XXL XD
00:06:52XXL so epic
00:06:53XXL 2 times
00:06:55XXL failed
00:07:01Aerwyn hmm
00:07:03Aerwyn should have b
00:07:03livingde4th ty
00:07:07Aerwyn stupid
00:07:07EyeforanEye go again?
00:07:09livingde4th k
00:07:26svents im b
00:07:30EyeforanEye go mid
00:07:49Smell.this.ass epic captain
00:07:52mrk i do what
00:07:53mrk ogre came
00:07:55mrk ?
00:08:05mrk not my fault top is the same level as solo
00:08:06Smell.this.ass i blinked 3 times
00:08:13mrk and i shoulda done what?
00:08:22Smell.this.ass w8 me
00:08:31EyeforanEye bot gang
00:08:46Smell.this.ass epic lina
00:08:50Smell.this.ass epic team
00:09:00Smell.this.ass pff
00:09:10XXL ss
00:09:13EyeforanEye try bot?
00:09:15livingde4th ogre hawk
00:09:45j22koer wtf
00:09:47j22koer gax
00:09:49j22koer hax
00:09:53Smell.this.ass this happens when idiot captain cant lane
00:09:57Aerwyn xD
00:09:59mrk u wanted
00:09:59Aerwyn haha
00:10:00mrk long lane
00:10:02mrk i gave u long lane
00:10:04mrk peace
00:10:06XXL ss
00:10:08Smell.this.ass u freaking idiot
00:10:09XXL mid
00:10:11Smell.this.ass i told u bot
00:10:16mrk no, u told long lane
00:10:19Smell.this.ass so we have space to cahse with slow
00:10:29Smell.this.ass use ure little brain
00:10:39mrk what?
00:10:42mrk u telling me top isnt long lane?
00:10:50EyeforanEye get rdy
00:10:55livingde4th hp
00:10:56livingde4th ogre
00:10:57livingde4th plz
00:11:21j22koer milline stun svents
00:11:26EyeforanEye go lina?
00:11:26livingde4th hawk needed
00:11:28livingde4th ogre?
00:11:32svents vait:d
00:11:33livingde4th risky
00:11:36livingde4th hew might get me
00:11:40livingde4th go
00:11:56livingde4th like i said
00:11:59livingde4th stupid idea
00:12:01livingde4th nmeedhp
00:12:02livingde4th but none
00:12:04livingde4th buying hawk
00:12:15EyeforanEye y thought he used ulti..
00:12:31mrk ss
00:12:33EyeforanEye wtf?
00:13:00Aerwyn b
00:13:04Aerwyn no mana
00:13:14Aerwyn cant do anything
00:13:20Smell.this.ass np
00:13:31Smell.this.ass good farming bot?
00:14:10EyeforanEye manaboots
00:14:29McFele ogre cent going mid
00:14:30Aerwyn coming mid
00:14:40McFele re
00:14:41j22koer oops
00:14:43j22koer dint wnat
00:14:47livingde4th twr
00:15:22Aerwyn ?
00:15:22mrk TT
00:15:23EyeforanEye gj
00:15:24Aerwyn blink?
00:15:25mrk cd
00:15:26EyeforanEye wp
00:15:40Aerwyn b
00:15:41Aerwyn b
00:15:46Smell.this.ass dont expect anything from this cap
00:15:53mrk but top is long lane
00:15:57mrk u wanted it
00:15:59mrk why blame others
00:16:09Smell.this.ass i said first bot
00:16:15Smell.this.ass i tried to explain whu
00:16:20EyeforanEye divew
00:16:20Smell.this.ass and said long lane
00:16:25Smell.this.ass will u Stfu now?
00:16:28mrk rofl
00:16:30mrk i dont really care
00:16:32mrk ure the one talking
00:16:35Smell.this.ass then stfu
00:16:37mrk im just saying shit to make u respond
00:16:40mrk which ur doing
00:16:42Smell.this.ass about the long lane idiot fuck
00:16:54Smell.this.ass u suck dick on command yes?
00:17:02mrk what?
00:17:04mrk thats like random
00:17:10mrk best insult u have?
00:17:25Aerwyn WTF
00:17:27Aerwyn BRISTLE
00:17:35Smell.this.ass i ganged twice mid and u got 2/3
00:17:42Aerwyn BRISTLE?
00:17:43Smell.this.ass what more can i say
00:17:44Aerwyn rellay?
00:17:48mrk nothing
00:17:50Aerwyn smell...
00:17:51mrk why u still talking
00:17:51Aerwyn shut up
00:17:52Aerwyn and play
00:17:53mrk when u ask me to shut up
00:18:00Aerwyn u really are most annoying guy
00:18:01Smell.this.ass ok mr 2/3
00:18:56Aerwyn wtf?
00:18:58Aerwyn smell??
00:19:01Aerwyn really?
00:19:27j22koer ?
00:20:43mrk bb:/
00:20:50Aerwyn ye
00:20:54Aerwyn this bristle sucks
00:20:58mrk es:D
00:21:01mrk njah
00:21:07livingde4th ogre
00:21:08livingde4th fight
00:21:10livingde4th i come
00:21:11livingde4th stunes
00:21:11Aerwyn ¨
00:21:11EyeforanEye to low..:(
00:21:11Aerwyn dont bug
00:21:12svents pilt koos j2lle?
00:21:13EyeforanEye hes gone
00:21:16livingde4th k
00:21:20mrk jeap
00:21:42Smell.this.ass Tank sf?
00:21:54XXL cant 1vs1?
00:21:55XXL :D
00:22:01mrk nope
00:22:04mrk ur better than me
00:22:06XXL need whole noobarmy
00:22:08XXL :p
00:22:36livingde4th fight omw
00:22:37mrk i wasnt serious btw
00:22:41mrk im just bad
00:23:03XXL same
00:23:05XXL lvl
00:23:06XXL as me
00:23:06EyeforanEye me
00:23:14livingde4th lol
00:23:16livingde4th i needed hp
00:23:19livingde4th could ditrnk
00:23:32mrk that was for me?
00:23:35mrk why wouldnt you be same lvl
00:23:46XXL same skilllvl
00:23:47XXL :D
00:23:48mrk ah
00:23:52mrk well thats situational
00:23:57mrk im sure ur better in some areas
00:24:07XXL sometimes
00:24:08mrk dota isnt exactly strightforward
00:24:53mrk k
00:25:04mrk kus sa öähed
00:25:05Aerwyn ES
00:25:05mrk svents
00:25:06Aerwyn WTF
00:25:06mrk :D:D:D:D
00:25:36mrk haha mis sa tegid :D
00:25:38EyeforanEye to greedy of us
00:25:38j22koer we were bit mad
00:25:41j22koer yea
00:25:44Iho y
00:25:45svents :DD
00:26:07j22koer svents kaugel blink
00:26:07svents ez own oli ju
00:26:08j22koer ?
00:26:11svents olemas
00:26:14j22koer oih
00:26:19j22koer nyyd oled eriti ohtlik'
00:26:22svents mis siis?:D
00:26:36j22koer sain ka k2tte
00:26:39svents mina ja ohtlik ära tee nalja:D
00:26:41j22koer :D
00:27:17Aerwyn just def
00:27:18livingde4th es blink
00:27:18Aerwyn all
00:27:19livingde4th care it
00:27:20j22koer y
00:28:05mrk see vend teeb meelega
00:28:08svents suht
00:28:10mrk kuna suutis ennast närvi ajada lambi asja üle
00:28:22Aerwyn invi
00:28:28Aerwyn ogre
00:28:32Aerwyn care
00:28:34Aerwyn ogre invi
00:28:37j22koer mana
00:28:59Smell.this.ass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:01Aerwyn k
00:29:02Aerwyn gg
00:29:06mrk ggwp
00:29:06mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:15Aerwyn fuck that bkb
00:29:15Smell.this.ass nice ulti svents
00:29:19Smell.this.ass but sadly
00:29:26Smell.this.ass we cant do anything
00:30:12Iho deny
00:30:21j22koer he will
00:30:40j22koer or not
00:31:08j22koer mis sa teed nalja
00:31:13svents :DD
00:32:09svents oli hea:D
00:32:13j22koer :D
00:32:16Aerwyn just try def
00:32:19Aerwyn our only chance
00:32:21j22koer ni pahasti blinkisi otse sus stuni
00:32:28Aerwyn jep :)
00:32:31svents teadsin et blingid
00:32:37svents sp paningi fissure kohe :D
00:32:39j22koer kaval poiss oled
00:32:40Aerwyn se oli taitoo :D
00:32:42Aerwyn harkittu teko
00:33:11Aerwyn some1 else buy wards next
00:33:20livingde4th hunt?
00:33:21livingde4th got haste
00:33:34Aerwyn b
00:33:35Aerwyn b
00:34:34EyeforanEye b
00:34:35mrk kill
00:34:41j22koer sf
00:34:51j22koer i hope youl one day with us
00:34:51XXL tell
00:34:52XXL i am noob
00:34:54XXL :D
00:34:55Aerwyn gj
00:34:56j22koer no :D
00:34:58j22koer not that
00:34:58mrk ye gh
00:35:02livingde4th phoenix
00:35:03livingde4th focus
00:35:04Aerwyn we still got little chance :D
00:35:05livingde4th bird
00:35:06Aerwyn just try deff
00:35:08livingde4th its freaking weak
00:35:11Smell.this.ass not rly
00:35:12Iho y
00:35:24Iho but can this sf focus playing
00:35:32mrk care
00:35:35XXL we can now move
00:35:49j22koer good to know
00:35:55Iho akasha no items :D thats good
00:36:11Aerwyn gj we got bristle
00:36:13Aerwyn our only tank :/
00:36:20XXL farming
00:36:23XXL ^^
00:36:23livingde4th ogre
00:36:24Smell.this.ass they mass bkb
00:36:26livingde4th bloodlust would be nioce
00:36:27Smell.this.ass we no chance
00:36:28livingde4th let me
00:36:29livingde4th 500g
00:36:30livingde4th agha
00:36:31j22koer mby rosh
00:36:32j22koer ?
00:36:36XXL nah
00:36:39Aerwyn go?
00:36:39XXL i think they got wards
00:36:43mrk es:
00:36:45XXL aka
00:36:47Aerwyn es
00:36:47XXL sha
00:36:47Aerwyn come
00:36:52XXL b
00:36:57Aerwyn b
00:36:58Aerwyn b
00:37:02j22koer roger that
00:37:03livingde4th ty
00:37:04livingde4th got it
00:37:05XXL :D
00:37:06Aerwyn b
00:37:15Aerwyn cant
00:37:16Aerwyn push yet
00:37:19Aerwyn we die
00:37:22mrk y
00:37:22Aerwyn just turtle
00:37:25Aerwyn all b
00:37:26Smell.this.ass focus phoenix
00:37:30Aerwyn cant push
00:37:33Aerwyn do u understand?
00:37:42Smell.this.ass fack
00:37:56mrk DIDNT HIT
00:37:56mrk AGAIN
00:38:00Aerwyn FUCK
00:38:00mrk es tra
00:38:01mrk tule ulti
00:38:02mrk meid
00:38:03Aerwyn WHY DONT U LISTEN?
00:38:03mrk ära chase
00:38:09mrk gg
00:38:15svents wtf
00:38:16j22koer kuhu minek
00:38:18svents mei saanud
00:38:22svents tappa eggi ära 2kesi
00:38:24svents mida fakki
00:38:25Aerwyn fucking smell, u really suck
00:38:28svents see pole normaalne
00:38:29mrk no sa oleks
00:38:31mrk double saanud
00:38:32mrk teisel poo
00:38:34Aerwyn "focus on pohenix" "let's push"!!!
00:38:45mrk kunagi ei tohi chaseda
00:38:47mrk kui fight käib
00:38:47Aerwyn fucking great
00:38:48mrk eriti kahekesi
00:38:53mrk bb u aswell
00:38:54mrk never chase
00:38:58svents no ma j2in bb aitama sinna
00:39:05svents hpoe l2ks talle peale
00:39:12mrk tule ulti nüüd
00:39:15Aerwyn def
00:39:21livingde4th dont hit mbb
00:39:22mrk MITTE NII ROFL
00:39:48livingde4th help fasteeeer
00:39:54mrk nagu
00:39:56mrk mida sa tegid :D:D:D:D:D:
00:39:59Iho we need pipe too
00:40:02Aerwyn just try turtle for a while
00:40:04Aerwyn dont push
00:40:04svents nali
00:40:05Aerwyn some1
00:40:06svents tegin
00:40:07Aerwyn buy wards
00:40:09Aerwyn now
00:40:12Aerwyn i go place them
00:40:19Aerwyn smell, buy 4 wards
00:40:20Aerwyn i place
00:40:27Iho centa you go pipe?
00:40:29j22koer y
00:40:31Aerwyn or just 2
00:40:38Aerwyn some1... buy those wards
00:40:39Aerwyn now
00:40:42Aerwyn i place them
00:40:42mrk cant yet
00:40:49Aerwyn cant yet???
00:40:52Aerwyn u can buy 2
00:40:54Aerwyn i got no money
00:40:55Aerwyn buy
00:40:57Iho rosh fast
00:41:07Aerwyn pls, just buy... i place fucking idiots
00:41:10Smell.this.ass lol
00:41:23Aerwyn mrk?
00:41:24mrk why are you tehre
00:41:26Aerwyn can u buy those?
00:41:32mrk are you doing this on purpose?
00:41:35mrk smell?
00:41:41mrk cos it seems u are
00:41:43Aerwyn prob yes
00:41:58Smell.this.ass u idiot im baiting
00:42:03Smell.this.ass cant u come
00:42:04mrk hows
00:42:05Aerwyn smell, u really suck
00:42:05mrk dieing
00:42:06mrk baiting
00:42:11mrk feeding even
00:42:19Smell.this.ass were pretending we didnt see them
00:42:21Smell.this.ass 5v3
00:42:22Aerwyn can't understand ur % :D
00:42:26Smell.this.ass 5v2
00:42:53Aerwyn gj xD
00:42:54Aerwyn smell
00:42:55svents wtf msell
00:43:07Aerwyn smell really is amazing player :D
00:43:23Aerwyn wohoo
00:43:28Aerwyn right on time svents!
00:43:30Aerwyn gj
00:43:37Smell.this.ass well games ends bad when team cant communicate
00:43:43mrk oh shut up
00:43:45mrk i know ur mad
00:43:47mrk but that gives no reason
00:43:50mrk to purposely fuck up
00:43:55Smell.this.ass im not
00:43:55Aerwyn games ends bad when ur are somebody's side
00:44:22Smell.this.ass im doing my best
00:44:23mrk its obvious u are
00:44:30Smell.this.ass idd
00:44:35livingde4th -ms
00:44:45mrk stanging in their sight alone?
00:44:46Smell.this.ass but nothing to do with useless bb top
00:44:48mrk playing the best u cane?
00:44:49Aerwyn u just do so much stupid suicide missions.... not smart
00:44:51mrk standing*
00:44:51McFele I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:53Smell.this.ass so i started roaming
00:44:55mrk can*
00:45:00Smell.this.ass and went bad
00:45:02mrk yeah u did
00:45:03Aerwyn this point of the (lost now) but we should just try def at base
00:45:03mrk try at start
00:45:04mrk thats fine
00:45:08Smell.this.ass bot lina slept when i cam
00:45:09Aerwyn we got bristle, imbe end gamer
00:45:09mrk but the last 10 deaths
00:45:11mrk have been on purpose
00:45:13mrk bad plays
00:45:18Smell.this.ass whatever
00:45:31mrk next time dont respond to people
00:45:32mrk or better yet
00:45:34mrk dont start it
00:45:42mrk then no emotions get involved
00:45:44mrk and everyones better
00:45:44mrk :P
00:45:58Iho rosh?
00:46:27Aerwyn xD
00:46:28mrk sup guys
00:46:35Smell.this.ass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:37svents lits ei blingi mai tea
00:46:37mrk if u can choose from 50% ogre or 50% cent
00:46:37Aerwyn why kill cent? :D
00:46:37svents tra
00:46:39mrk choose the ogre
00:46:42svents mingi pask
00:46:48svents ei lasknud mul blinkida
00:46:48svents fml
00:46:51Aerwyn gg wp :)
00:46:54mrk ggwp
00:46:54mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:55EyeforanEye gg
00:46:57Aerwyn finish now
00:47:11mrk the thing is
00:47:19mrk if i send my 3 and 5 vs the same lane
00:47:24mrk chances are they do even worse than u and bb
00:47:27mrk dont u think?
00:47:42Smell.this.ass just stfu
00:47:45mrk what
00:47:47mrk im just explaining
00:47:49mrk normally
00:47:51mrk without flaming
00:47:57svents jou
00:47:59j22koer :D
00:48:03j22koer kohe minek jah?
00:48:05j22koer kuhu
00:48:05Smell.this.ass i tried to explain to you at start
00:48:14Smell.this.ass but u chose to act like a kid
00:48:19mrk a kid?
00:48:22mrk i just sent my lastpick
00:48:23mrk safe lane
00:48:32mrk and a tank+imba silence lane top
00:48:35mrk hows that me being a kid
00:48:54mrk im just responding to your questions btw
00:48:58Smell.this.ass just forget it and listen to teammates
00:49:02mrk what..?
00:49:09mrk its like ur not even reading what i write
00:49:20mrk lina said he wants bot aswell
00:49:33Smell.this.ass i told u we got slow
00:49:41Smell.this.ass we can chase from here
00:49:45Smell.this.ass to here
00:49:48Smell.this.ass up
00:49:50Smell.this.ass from here
00:49:56Smell.this.ass to dive tower
00:50:01Smell.this.ass understand now?
00:50:02mrk why do you have to kill
00:50:05mrk with a bb sky lane anyway
00:50:10mrk sky dominates the lane
00:50:12mrk bb farms
00:50:15mrk team does better midgame
00:50:24mrk id rather have my lastpicks get safe farm
00:50:25mrk and items
00:50:26mrk on es
00:50:27mrk and lina
00:50:29mrk dont u think?
00:50:40Smell.this.ass not rly
00:50:41livingde4th -ms
00:50:57Aerwyn I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:12Aerwyn wp viper
00:51:17mrk true
00:51:23Aerwyn got bkb so fast :)
00:51:24svents j6udsin ennem blinkida tra:D
00:51:27j22koer :D
00:51:42mrk these 3x on me
00:51:50svents I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:52mrk gg
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