Game #4204157

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-21 X
-1 TS

94% | 1732 X | 1477 TS

+24 X
-1 TS

91% | 1684 X | 1430 TS

-8 X
-1 TS

85% | 1572 X | 1407 TS

-7 X
-1 TS

73% | 1417 X | 1389 TS

+42 X
-2 TS

41% | 1108 X | 1330 TS

+17 X
+1 TS

98% | 1801 X | 1553 TS

-31 X
+1 TS

86% | 1549 X | 1454 TS

-1 X
+1 TS

83% | 1528 X | 1427 TS

+12 X
+1 TS

79% | 1463 X | 1410 TS

-19 X
+1 TS

74% | 1430 X | 1386 TS

Chat log

00:00:09Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:10Affliction -ii
00:00:11Affliction -don
00:00:11Affliction -hhn
00:00:14Kastrup god damn many op heros..
00:00:16Affliction get me Ud
00:00:18McNabb grønland
00:00:18Affliction biiibs
00:00:18livingde4th ban ns
00:00:18Laier ban lyca
00:00:18Soulyah lyc
00:00:23Laier LANAYAAA
00:00:24Soulyah fo
00:00:25Laier mulle
00:00:31Kastrup again!?
00:00:32Kastrup srsly?
00:00:39Laier hes noob
00:00:39livingde4th y so?
00:00:44livingde4th tiny is never boring
00:00:44Laier cant play anything else than tiny!
00:00:48Affliction Get me UD !
00:00:52Kastrup well i never tried..
00:00:57Kastrup lots of heros i never tried :)
00:00:57Soulyah dont
00:00:58Soulyah pick
00:01:00Soulyah paper
00:01:00Soulyah heros
00:01:03Strom ok
00:01:03Laier i will
00:01:04livingde4th tiny is hc action all game long :D
00:01:05Affliction <3
00:01:06Mircea.N i know the teams are unbalanced because of me :(.. I'll try my best not to feed
00:01:06Laier outplay with lina
00:01:06Affliction :D
00:01:18Mircea.N if i don't feed we got a chanse
00:01:22Kastrup :D
00:01:26Mircea.N :)
00:01:26Kastrup thats one way of putting it
00:01:26McNabb er lille grønland blevet glad for ud?
00:01:39Affliction you want ?
00:01:39McNabb get aa
00:01:39Mircea.N is ok if i play dar seer?
00:01:43livingde4th laier u mad?
00:01:44Kastrup fine by me..
00:01:46Strom get me spec
00:01:47Laier miks oisin? :D
00:01:49Laier kuha flippaan
00:01:51livingde4th loss streak u said
00:01:53Strom -swap 5
00:01:54Affliction -swap 3
00:01:57McNabb more carrys
00:02:00Soulyah I NEEDZ MEEPO
00:02:02Soulyah :(((
00:02:03Laier oli iha hyvä geimi, ärsyttää vaa ku hävittii tyhmästi ! :<
00:02:04Kastrup god damn they got tanky heros..
00:02:07livingde4th jugger
00:02:08livingde4th go
00:02:09Laier lesh top with me?
00:02:09Kastrup EVERY BATTLE
00:02:09livingde4th down
00:02:11livingde4th spectre
00:02:12Kastrup else this is lost
00:02:13Kastrup okay?
00:02:13livingde4th needs farm
00:02:20Kastrup and we should actually win early..
00:02:23Kastrup else this is hard aswell
00:02:27Strom share snake
00:02:28Kastrup i go for urn i think
00:02:28Affliction gonna pull hard
00:02:28Laier ds
00:02:29Laier go bot
00:02:31Laier lesh comes top
00:02:33Soulyah midgame
00:02:36dhgf can i go top
00:02:37dhgf with strom?
00:02:37Soulyah is possible to win
00:02:39livingde4th check rune plz
00:02:41Kastrup yes
00:02:47Kastrup please ping at map for me to gank
00:02:48Mircea.N i'll try my best
00:02:55livingde4th they got nasty nukes
00:02:55livingde4th bb
00:02:57Laier lesh afk?
00:02:58livingde4th can u get pipe
00:02:59dhgf sure
00:02:59Laier zzzzzz
00:02:59Kastrup hes back in 4
00:02:59Mircea.N one sec plz
00:02:59Kastrup sec
00:02:59Kastrup 321
00:02:59Affliction 1
00:02:59Affliction 2
00:03:02Affliction -hhn
00:03:08livingde4th send illu mid
00:03:18livingde4th send illu mid
00:03:22livingde4th scares him off
00:03:32Kastrup pull
00:03:35Affliction pulling
00:03:43Mircea.N yes master
00:03:45Soulyah funny
00:03:45Soulyah mid
00:03:46Soulyah :D
00:03:54Mircea.N illusion
00:04:03livingde4th nasty
00:04:06livingde4th passives
00:04:45Mircea.N gg
00:05:15livingde4th check bot rune
00:05:16livingde4th if not top
00:05:23livingde4th rune down
00:05:43Strom care ud
00:05:46Soulyah inc bot
00:05:47Soulyah tiny
00:05:58livingde4th ss
00:05:59livingde4th ,mod
00:06:02livingde4th levi
00:06:03Soulyah has rune
00:06:27Laier we should kill allready
00:06:36Soulyah ss
00:06:36Soulyah re
00:06:42livingde4th fuck u
00:06:44livingde4th fatty
00:06:50Soulyah :D
00:06:56livingde4th check bot rune
00:06:56Laier and now you go?
00:06:58Soulyah TOP
00:07:00livingde4th check
00:07:03Laier b
00:07:03Laier b
00:07:05Kastrup sd come when u rdy
00:07:11Kastrup ds*
00:07:11livingde4th leave if reg plz
00:07:15livingde4th come
00:07:16livingde4th gank
00:07:16livingde4th mid
00:07:17livingde4th jug
00:07:21livingde4th 10 mana
00:07:21Strom ss 2
00:07:37livingde4th obs mby
00:07:50McNabb go lesh
00:07:54Kastrup -1
00:07:56Kastrup jug
00:08:08livingde4th ss
00:08:36Kastrup gj
00:08:40Mircea.N perfect
00:08:43Soulyah OMG
00:08:44Laier sup
00:08:44Mircea.N i got skills today
00:08:45Lafrenzz WTf
00:08:45Laier :DD:D:D
00:08:53Soulyah imba shit
00:08:55Laier most epic stun ever
00:09:01Laier ulti*
00:09:04Strom :D
00:09:06livingde4th furi fuck u realöly
00:09:11livingde4th ff
00:09:18livingde4th we need obs
00:09:20Strom don't be ff-ing now
00:09:20livingde4th now
00:09:26livingde4th im not
00:09:32livingde4th i always say that
00:09:33Laier jugger here
00:09:34Laier for sure
00:09:39livingde4th so they think theiyer winning lol
00:10:11Laier BOT lane rapee
00:10:14Laier ime sitä
00:10:16livingde4th let me 100g
00:10:22livingde4th ugh
00:10:22Kastrup ready foir dirge?
00:10:22livingde4th need arcanes
00:10:22Kastrup we go his tomb first
00:10:22Mircea.N y
00:10:22Kastrup and then him
00:10:22livingde4th this is going bad
00:10:22Kastrup okay?
00:10:22livingde4th i go farm jungle lol
00:10:22Mircea.N full mana
00:10:22Kastrup im ready in 4 sec
00:10:22livingde4th ud
00:10:22Mircea.N on me
00:10:22Laier sup soulyah?
00:10:22livingde4th can u buy obs?
00:10:22Kastrup so im there in 7
00:10:22Affliction have no boots
00:10:22Affliction :/
00:10:22Kastrup who paused?
00:10:22Affliction but ok
00:10:22Affliction :/
00:10:22Mircea.N he will tomb
00:10:22Laier souylah
00:10:22livingde4th good
00:10:22livingde4th ty
00:10:22Kastrup yes and we kill tomb then
00:10:22Kastrup got urn
00:10:22McNabb ?
00:10:22Kastrup if we get him
00:10:22Laier dno, hes not answering
00:10:22livingde4th go on?
00:10:22Strom he went afk
00:10:22Strom probably
00:10:22livingde4th who
00:10:22Strom soulyah
00:10:22Mircea.N who
00:10:22Laier suljah
00:10:22Strom he should be back soon
00:10:22livingde4th well
00:10:25Soulyah ty
00:10:40livingde4th sorry
00:10:57Laier ei mul muut
00:10:59Laier FURI DOMINOI
00:11:04Laier go kill
00:11:05livingde4th top
00:11:05Laier got ult
00:11:06livingde4th spec
00:11:08livingde4th go
00:11:09livingde4th dd
00:11:23Strom bhahaha
00:11:25Mircea.N vanguard on me?
00:11:28Mircea.N is ok/
00:11:32Laier y
00:11:34Laier vangu
00:11:34Strom norm
00:11:35Kastrup ye
00:11:36livingde4th nothing going well
00:11:53Soulyah 11 1
00:11:53Soulyah :D
00:11:56Strom yeah this 11:1 situation isn't too good
00:12:03Strom 12:1
00:12:03dhgf lol
00:12:05Kastrup gjh
00:12:08Lafrenzz salve please
00:12:10Soulyah obs
00:12:11Soulyah some1
00:12:12Laier y
00:12:13Laier got boots
00:12:19Mircea.N look at me furion..
00:12:22Kastrup ;)
00:12:24Kastrup wp
00:12:25Mircea.N i'm doing a good game indeed :)
00:12:26Strom 13:1
00:12:29Lafrenzz n1
00:12:30Kastrup get top tower?
00:13:04Strom 3 top I think
00:13:05livingde4th ruine
00:13:07livingde4th wrong side
00:13:08livingde4th always
00:13:19livingde4th so bad luckj even
00:13:26Affliction -.-
00:13:27Kastrup go
00:13:28livingde4th go top
00:13:33livingde4th gop
00:13:34livingde4th FIGHT
00:13:35livingde4th NO
00:13:57Strom can't belive this
00:13:57Laier low hp
00:14:00livingde4th uhm
00:14:03livingde4th so outleveled
00:14:05livingde4th cant instagip
00:14:07livingde4th anyth9ing
00:14:19Laier DEAD
00:14:30Laier kill
00:14:33Mircea.N go
00:14:39livingde4th we need levels
00:14:40Soulyah got ulti
00:14:41livingde4th and turtle
00:14:48dhgf are you kidding me
00:14:51dhgf we need to ff 25
00:14:52Soulyah imba game
00:14:57livingde4th that probably too
00:15:04Strom no
00:15:06Strom hang on
00:15:07Strom and die less
00:15:12dhgf PWNT
00:15:13Lafrenzz :D
00:15:18livingde4th def only
00:15:20livingde4th at base
00:15:23livingde4th from now on
00:16:01Soulyah furi
00:16:02Mircea.N go tide
00:16:05Mircea.N omw mid
00:16:06Mircea.N go
00:16:10Lafrenzz omw
00:16:40Mircea.N do we need another arcane from me?
00:16:48Laier where
00:16:51Laier you seer go?
00:16:54Lafrenzz b
00:17:11Mircea.N sry
00:17:56Kastrup :(
00:17:58Kastrup fun had to stop..
00:18:05Mircea.N do we need another arcane provided by me?
00:18:10Kastrup well just get pibe
00:18:11Kastrup thats fine
00:18:17Kastrup unless you are needing mana
00:18:20Kastrup then arcane boots is fine
00:18:35Kastrup surge
00:18:36Kastrup surge lesh
00:18:38livingde4th almost dag
00:18:51livingde4th hmm
00:19:29livingde4th we can turn this over
00:19:37Strom ye
00:19:46Kastrup need that chick
00:20:11Mircea.N -ms
00:20:38Kastrup cmon
00:20:38Strom why trees?
00:20:40Strom when I alraedy tp :D
00:21:01livingde4th dagger now
00:21:17Soulyah lol
00:21:26Mircea.N shit my fault
00:21:29Kastrup np
00:21:29Mircea.N im verry sorry
00:21:31Kastrup n+
00:21:33Kastrup np
00:21:35livingde4th sorry didnt wanna risk my life
00:21:35Kastrup we need to get more towers
00:21:36livingde4th cos
00:21:38Kastrup and push more
00:21:38livingde4th dag was so close
00:21:41Kastrup no reason to let them in this game
00:21:42Mircea.N i'll try to push more
00:21:46Kastrup wards would do wonders though
00:22:06livingde4th sweet
00:22:10livingde4th im alrdy same lvl
00:22:19Soulyah imba tide
00:22:22McNabb lol tiny
00:22:34Soulyah urn
00:22:47Strom killing spree :D
00:22:50McNabb :D
00:22:51livingde4th lol
00:22:52Kastrup :/
00:22:53livingde4th idiot
00:23:01Laier :D:D::D:D
00:23:03Laier iha vitu varmaaa
00:23:06Kastrup sucks
00:23:28livingde4th outleveld now
00:23:32livingde4th i was 8
00:23:35livingde4th when their lowest 9 :D
00:23:50dhgf they are
00:23:52dhgf so fucking
00:23:52dhgf bad
00:23:54dhgf juts lol
00:23:54livingde4th mjol levi
00:23:59Soulyah 40s ulti
00:24:07livingde4th jango almost
00:24:16livingde4th all def
00:24:17livingde4th mid?
00:24:23livingde4th go lesh
00:24:26Soulyah 15s
00:24:30Lafrenzz k
00:24:49McNabb tiny?????
00:25:13Laier ei sit eulannu
00:25:15Laier .s
00:25:24Laier wake up dude
00:25:33Affliction asd
00:25:33Affliction SDSAD
00:25:34Affliction ASDasd
00:25:59livingde4th spectre
00:26:00livingde4th get
00:26:03livingde4th blademail
00:26:08livingde4th we need items fast
00:26:12Affliction makeing vlads
00:26:13Affliction :/
00:26:13Soulyah go bot
00:26:19Strom I've ben trying to get vitality booster for 15 minutes
00:26:29livingde4th y
00:26:32Soulyah sl mingi elupela w:D
00:26:41Soulyah 30s
00:26:42Soulyah ulti
00:27:26Laier mite nörtti oot
00:27:58Kastrup care
00:28:03livingde4th i mean
00:28:07livingde4th buy cheapo bm parts
00:28:10livingde4th if u cant anything else
00:28:12Kastrup take rune
00:28:24Mircea.N 10x
00:28:29Mircea.N im not good with runes
00:28:29livingde4th well do vg
00:28:31Strom I got my vitality
00:28:32livingde4th better than ntohing
00:28:33Kastrup well u need the mana aight?
00:28:33Soulyah we should
00:28:36Soulyah try to push in
00:28:45livingde4th b
00:28:52livingde4th hmm should i do
00:28:53livingde4th agha
00:28:54livingde4th or bkb
00:28:58McNabb agha
00:29:06Laier mid
00:29:06Laier mid
00:29:09livingde4th bkb cheaper
00:29:12livingde4th and prettyy nice
00:29:12livingde4th too
00:29:15Soulyah ulti in 30
00:29:18Lafrenzz nice
00:29:20livingde4th bb
00:29:24livingde4th get blademail
00:29:49Kastrup we need wall
00:29:52Lafrenzz When tide ulti
00:29:54Lafrenzz oneshot tiny
00:29:57Affliction GO
00:30:05Mircea.N sry
00:30:06livingde4th no
00:30:07livingde4th wauit ulti
00:30:08livingde4th over
00:30:09Soulyah sped me
00:30:10Soulyah i go in
00:30:15Strom we turtle anyway
00:30:49Mircea.N shit fuck fuck
00:30:50Soulyah hmm
00:30:50Laier gg
00:30:51Kastrup we can't just go in
00:30:52Kastrup ffs
00:30:55dhgf you guys
00:30:58dhgf are fucking horrible
00:31:03Soulyah stand still and press R
00:31:03Affliction :D
00:31:07Soulyah show ur imba skill
00:31:13dhgf thats what im doing
00:31:15Mircea.N :))
00:31:17dhgf and its working
00:31:20Affliction *is the monkey saying making mjolnirs
00:31:27livingde4th :D
00:31:29dhgf cant beat a guy standing still and pressing R
00:31:31dhgf lol
00:31:44Kastrup wtf?
00:32:04dhgf NAAAWWWW
00:32:11Lafrenzz omfg
00:32:12Lafrenzz 4hy so hate
00:32:13Lafrenzz srlsy
00:32:16Lafrenzz u gonna die ?
00:32:19livingde4th that was stupid
00:32:25livingde4th but i can buy
00:32:27livingde4th if they come
00:32:30livingde4th lets rape
00:32:30Soulyah 60s
00:32:31livingde4th i buyout
00:32:32Kastrup mid?
00:32:33Kastrup fast
00:32:33livingde4th tp mid
00:32:35Soulyah y imo
00:32:43Lafrenzz tiny is ou
00:32:50Strom I can ulti
00:33:08Soulyah lol ok
00:33:20Laier mjollnir happened
00:33:37Soulyah all
00:33:38Soulyah 1hp
00:33:39Soulyah :D
00:33:44livingde4th i get bkb
00:33:45livingde4th really
00:33:46livingde4th its better
00:33:46Kastrup after hex i go deso i guess..
00:33:46Soulyah hmm
00:33:47Laier y
00:33:47Kastrup or ac?
00:33:49McNabb k
00:33:49Laier tide bo
00:33:49Soulyah agha seer owns
00:34:05livingde4th then i can dive
00:34:08livingde4th in like crzy
00:34:08Kastrup now pibe ds
00:34:13Kastrup then we're should be able to doo it
00:34:22Laier later it gets
00:34:24livingde4th 1k to bkb
00:34:25Laier its harder for us
00:34:39Strom I got that blade mail
00:34:41Soulyah gather
00:34:43livingde4th bb
00:34:44livingde4th drop
00:34:46livingde4th ur shield
00:34:48livingde4th take bm
00:34:51livingde4th reuse
00:34:52livingde4th hawk
00:35:01Soulyah 50s
00:35:12McNabb ik solo grønland
00:35:13McNabb du dør
00:35:17Affliction i see
00:35:19Affliction :/
00:35:19livingde4th BRISTLE
00:35:21livingde4th TAKE
00:35:22livingde4th BM
00:35:22Mircea.N brb with tp
00:35:23livingde4th DROP
00:35:24McNabb du blir jpo ved
00:35:25livingde4th POOR MANS
00:35:26Mircea.N im afraind of spec
00:35:30dhgf no
00:35:30livingde4th DEF AT BASE NOW
00:35:34Kastrup sec
00:35:56Strom seer top
00:35:58Strom so 4 max mid
00:36:01Soulyah ?
00:36:03Lafrenzz Ds WTF
00:36:16Laier gg
00:36:17Laier thats it
00:36:19Soulyah yer
00:36:26Lafrenzz DS WTF
00:36:34Kastrup this is really bad
00:36:43Laier well its over allready
00:36:46Laier none of us can take that hit
00:36:52livingde4th rosh?=
00:36:53Strom 1:14 to 34:47
00:36:54Strom not bad
00:37:06Kastrup im 400 frmo hex
00:37:09Kastrup then we just need to hun tiny
00:37:13Kastrup and then we' should be good..
00:37:17Kastrup hes our main target
00:37:19Kastrup besides tomb..
00:37:24livingde4th me regen plz
00:37:29Kastrup tomb
00:37:30livingde4th bkb done
00:37:31Kastrup ups
00:37:34livingde4th now i can try insta levi
00:37:35livingde4th or lesh
00:37:35Kastrup he got lothars
00:38:08Laier mitä :D::D:DDDD
00:38:10Soulyah lol wtf
00:38:12Soulyah u hit it
00:38:12livingde4th bkb
00:38:13Laier bkb
00:38:17Soulyah ah
00:38:21Soulyah wp tiny
00:38:23Soulyah carried ur noob team
00:38:35livingde4th failed early
00:38:44dhgf AWWW
00:39:08Laier lesh no items
00:39:08Laier gg
00:39:12Lafrenzz lol
00:39:13Kastrup b
00:39:19livingde4th jsut b
00:39:22livingde4th no need to risk it
00:39:31dhgf this is so won
00:39:38livingde4th not yet
00:39:40livingde4th but likely y
00:39:42dhgf ye
00:39:48dhgf its totally won
00:39:51livingde4th lol
00:39:52Strom :D
00:39:53dhgf they are just
00:39:55dhgf so fucking bad
00:39:56livingde4th thats what happened to them
00:39:57Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:58livingde4th :D
00:40:08livingde4th they thought it totally won
00:40:10Kastrup chill
00:40:11Kastrup not lost
00:40:20livingde4th and palyed like retards
00:40:27Kastrup care
00:40:29Soulyah tiny
00:40:36Kastrup go tiny
00:40:50livingde4th im out
00:40:59livingde4th b team
00:41:00livingde4th b
00:41:05Laier ty strom
00:41:31Kastrup ffs
00:41:34Lafrenzz I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:34Kastrup how fucking hard is it
00:41:37dhgf about time
00:41:42Soulyah kutid
00:41:43Strom wow, got sacred
00:41:44Soulyah Lihtsalt
00:41:46Soulyah targetivad sind
00:41:49Soulyah sul0 damm
00:41:50dhgf :D:D
00:41:51Soulyah ja ikka
00:41:53Soulyah ma ei saa aru
00:41:57dhgf get that bristle!!
00:42:02dhgf fuck him UP
00:42:13Kastrup not that way
00:42:17Soulyah HAHAHA
00:43:03Soulyah go ff
00:43:04Soulyah ffs
00:43:12livingde4th bb hit him
00:43:12Laier blademail won
00:43:13Laier gg
00:43:14livingde4th if ur stuck
00:43:18Soulyah yea
00:43:20Soulyah imba item
00:43:36Soulyah u can ff now
00:43:38Soulyah new fast game
00:43:38Kastrup youm goingff fucking mjolnir?
00:43:39Mircea.N I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:40Lafrenzz I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:40Kastrup fuckniog idiot
00:43:43Laier 0-7 strom goes 10-9 ?
00:43:43dhgf LOL
00:43:45Laier and godlike
00:43:46Laier :DDDD
00:43:49livingde4th that happens when u think uve won :D
00:43:54Soulyah i build what i want
00:43:57Soulyah yea
00:44:00Soulyah 3 fail pushes
00:44:03Soulyah 1 without seer
00:44:07Soulyah and game was turned
00:44:25livingde4th ur fun build helped also
00:44:30livingde4th dagger would help to push
00:44:31Soulyah xD
00:44:33Soulyah dagger
00:44:34Soulyah lol
00:44:37Soulyah pointless item
00:44:39Soulyah to tide
00:44:41Laier y
00:44:51Laier I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:53Laier ff it
00:44:53livingde4th well atleast mjol is shit
00:44:54Laier lastpick
00:44:54Laier now
00:45:02livingde4th u could go tank too
00:45:10Laier you can hit it lafrenzz
00:45:19Laier DS ff pls
00:45:20Laier next game
00:45:24Soulyah ye
00:45:26livingde4th laier how many losses on roll?=
00:45:27Soulyah we cant win anymore
00:45:28livingde4th u got curse
00:45:28Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:29Laier 11
00:45:31Laier ny
00:45:32Soulyah 11:D?
00:45:33livingde4th this was 1-14
00:45:34Laier joo
00:45:35livingde4th lol
00:45:39Soulyah my record is around 19
00:45:42livingde4th 1-14
00:45:43livingde4th it was
00:45:50Laier from 92 to below 70!
00:45:51Soulyah 1v1!!
00:46:02Soulyah why u affraid
00:46:09livingde4th but well it isnt over :D
00:46:15Soulyah our last
00:46:16Soulyah wont ff
00:46:29Laier mitä
00:46:31Laier homo
00:46:32Laier :D
00:46:45livingde4th hitting dagger like maniac it is
00:46:50Laier :D:D:D
00:47:01livingde4th u couldnt kill me anyway
00:47:03livingde4th bkbtp
00:47:07Soulyah PLZ
00:47:08Soulyah I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:10Laier I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:10Soulyah i beg u
00:47:11Laier SOMEONE
00:47:11Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:11Laier PLS
00:47:13Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:14Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:15Laier lafrenzz
00:47:15Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:16Soulyah ah
00:47:18Laier ff it now
00:47:18Mircea.N !ff
00:47:18Soulyah kastruo
00:47:22Kastrup nope i wont
00:47:25Kastrup due to your play
00:47:27Kastrup was so much won
00:47:31Kastrup and u decide to do shit
00:47:33Soulyah is this my "punishment"
00:47:37Soulyah im rofling:D
00:47:38Kastrup nope our team
00:47:40Laier Kastrup cant ff
00:47:42Laier cunt he is
00:47:48Laier end it pls
00:47:50Laier and next game :)
00:48:01Laier ota salamaa
00:48:05Laier :DD
00:48:05Soulyah LOL
00:48:10Laier vittu kirjotin ni käännyt
00:48:27dhgf im making ac
00:48:51Strom shall we end it or what
00:48:56livingde4th spectre nice items in 20m :D
00:49:04livingde4th u had vg
00:49:06livingde4th at 25?
00:49:07dhgf wait
00:49:08Laier kui masentava jätkä tää furi o
00:49:09Strom at 30
00:49:09dhgf ac inc
00:49:13Laier ei voi ff ku pelattii surkeesti
00:49:16Laier ku se voitti jo pelin earlys
00:49:17Laier gg
00:49:34Kastrup cmon..
00:49:37McNabb :D
00:49:38Laier ff it
00:49:40dhgf still cant understand
00:49:43dhgf how the fuck did we turn this
00:49:48Laier cant say after 10mins "won game"
00:49:50Kastrup wp
00:49:52Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:53Laier when they got tiny spec
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