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-11 X
-1 TS

94% | 1711 X | 1476 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

92% | 1708 X | 1429 TS

-53 X
-1 TS

79% | 1475 X | 1411 TS

-9 X
-1 TS

73% | 1410 X | 1388 TS

-39 X
-2 TS

63% | 1366 X | 1297 TS

+27 X
+1 TS

92% | 1614 X | 1520 TS

+50 X
+1 TS

85% | 1518 X | 1455 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

83% | 1527 X | 1428 TS

+39 X
+1 TS

74% | 1382 X | 1448 TS

-10 X
+1 TS

73% | 1411 X | 1387 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Kastrup ban phonix
00:00:10Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:11Affliction -ii
00:00:12Affliction -don
00:00:13Affliction -hhn
00:00:16Laier FF
00:00:18Affliction :/
00:00:20McNabb husk or ns for me
00:00:20Affliction Can CK
00:00:20dhgf jäta
00:00:20dhgf es phoenix pooli
00:00:20PeterLars phoniex
00:00:20dhgf saame ühe
00:00:20Soulyah ck
00:00:22PeterLars anyone ud?
00:00:22Affliction Get me UD
00:00:24dhgf NO TAKE ES
00:00:26dhgf PLOOX
00:00:28Laier dont give strom hes shredder
00:00:28dhgf YAYY
00:00:29dhgf get me
00:00:29dhgf es
00:00:30dhgf es
00:00:30dhgf es
00:00:34Affliction 2 late
00:00:35Affliction :D
00:00:40Soulyah take NS
00:00:44Kastrup any1 wany shredder?
00:00:45Kastrup or what?
00:00:48Soulyah ns imba
00:00:50dhgf ns
00:00:55Kastrup who want?
00:00:55dhgf fuck shredder
00:01:02McNabb can i mid?
00:01:05Soulyah im mid
00:01:07Soulyah xD
00:01:07dhgf mis tahad õli
00:01:07Laier i will win game for us
00:01:14Soulyah pelan ise seda
00:01:15Kastrup any1 want ns?
00:01:19dhgf tra
00:01:19dhgf ret õli
00:01:19Kastrup ANYonE?
00:01:22dhgf oleks võminud öelda
00:01:23Soulyah no
00:01:24Soulyah anna siis
00:01:25Soulyah axe
00:01:25dhgf oleks shredder pelanud :D
00:01:28Soulyah anna axe
00:01:30Soulyah -swap 3
00:01:31dhgf -swap 1
00:01:32tba i well go puck
00:01:33PeterLars give me bs
00:01:34Affliction you want ?
00:01:40dhgf me ns bot
00:01:40PeterLars -swap 5
00:01:42Affliction -swap 1
00:01:46McNabb puck
00:01:47McNabb go
00:01:54Laier says who
00:01:54Soulyah DAS IMBA BS
00:01:57Laier i babysit ns
00:02:06McNabb u wanna go mid vs axe?
00:02:07Kastrup wtf`?
00:02:07Laier soulyah send es top
00:02:08Soulyah im mid rest idc
00:02:08McNabb peter
00:02:11Laier kknp
00:02:15PeterLars no
00:02:16PeterLars take it
00:02:18Kastrup waht abt bot?
00:02:25Kastrup we dont need a trilane..
00:02:27Affliction -hhn
00:02:27PeterLars eza come top
00:02:29Kastrup ...
00:02:31Laier es top i babysit
00:02:32Affliction check runes
00:02:35Soulyah go top then dazzle
00:02:36PeterLars or wait
00:02:37PeterLars eza
00:02:37Kastrup i dont need babysit i think,..
00:02:38dhgf ma tagasi
00:02:38Soulyah dazzle top
00:02:38PeterLars go bot
00:02:39Kastrup i should be okay
00:02:40dhgf saad ata top
00:02:40Soulyah ES ROAMS
00:02:41PeterLars ud top maybe
00:02:42dhgf im gonna make
00:02:43Laier fuck you
00:02:44dhgf prison
00:02:45Laier and your roam
00:02:45dhgf so we rape
00:02:49Soulyah FUCK ME
00:02:50Kastrup i go urn
00:02:50Soulyah EVERYONE
00:02:51PeterLars then storm can get mana
00:02:54PeterLars and do his shit
00:02:55Strom sounds good
00:03:06Laier fb
00:03:11Soulyah why u play that braindead hero
00:03:15Soulyah affliction
00:03:20Soulyah u even suck at it lol
00:03:29PeterLars pull
00:03:58Kanpu3a ss1
00:03:59Kanpu3a ss1
00:04:12Kanpu3a re
00:04:19dhgf need pls
00:04:19Kastrup ???
00:04:19PeterLars WTF
00:04:19Strom again?
00:04:19dhgf 2 lasthits
00:04:19Kastrup k
00:04:19dhgf for soul ring
00:04:19Kastrup take ghoul
00:04:19Kastrup i take talon
00:04:19PeterLars can he write it before he does that shit
00:04:19dhgf k
00:04:19Laier i bet this is hes 3rd pizza
00:04:19Strom he usually writes during picking
00:04:19Laier from the oven
00:04:19Kastrup :D
00:04:19PeterLars ^^
00:04:19Strom he's playing from work
00:04:19Affliction Spontaneous diarre
00:04:20PeterLars lol
00:04:21Strom and he occasionally needs to do work :D
00:04:29Soulyah xD
00:04:50PeterLars har lag
00:05:14Kastrup ffs
00:05:21Laier gg
00:05:22Kastrup he bought obots
00:05:25Laier dont want grave bot?
00:05:32Laier suck it dude
00:05:42McNabb :D
00:05:43Soulyah yes
00:05:43Soulyah ofc
00:05:45Soulyah xD
00:05:58McNabb why u chase me?
00:06:01McNabb i was dead
00:06:04Soulyah dno
00:06:08Soulyah ego
00:06:55McNabb ss
00:07:14Strom ss es
00:07:24Strom sorry
00:07:26Strom I was typing ss
00:07:29Kanpu3a eee
00:08:01Strom ss 2
00:08:05Laier super fast bala inc
00:08:12tba y
00:08:14tba no boots
00:08:37PeterLars 3 top
00:08:59Strom mana
00:09:22Soulyah husk
00:10:02Laier fail
00:11:03Laier fissure?
00:11:12dhgf cdä,
00:11:46Laier b
00:11:47Kastrup b
00:11:47Soulyah inc
00:11:47Kastrup b
00:11:47Kastrup b
00:11:47Kastrup b
00:11:48Kastrup b
00:11:52Kastrup husk incm4
00:12:01Soulyah go rape
00:12:02Soulyah imo
00:12:02Soulyah all
00:12:03Kastrup omw top
00:12:04Laier y
00:12:04Soulyah start ganging
00:12:06Soulyah together
00:12:07Kastrup no tomb
00:12:08Strom es bot
00:12:31Laier tower
00:12:57Kastrup tomb
00:13:24Kastrup gj
00:13:36Kastrup es
00:13:39Kastrup soon time for ganking
00:13:48Laier sucks to leave boots to base :)
00:13:49Soulyah ligu ringi
00:13:50Soulyah es
00:13:53Kastrup es tp top
00:13:54Kastrup copme
00:13:55Laier :DDDD
00:13:58Kastrup we need shrededr down
00:13:59Laier you wanted es to roam
00:13:59Kastrup fast
00:14:03Laier hes been bot 10mins and he got soulring!
00:14:05Laier woah
00:14:09dhgf ye i suck
00:14:18Strom 3+ top
00:14:23Strom 4 top
00:14:23McNabb 4
00:14:26Laier rape
00:14:28Strom def top tower guys?
00:14:44Strom shit
00:14:55Soulyah i love these vomebacs
00:15:00Soulyah comebacks
00:15:02Laier vombats?
00:15:08Soulyah VOMBATs
00:15:09Soulyah :D:D:D
00:15:09dhgf no love for vomeback
00:15:11Laier :DD
00:15:23Laier kill
00:15:25Laier when he comes
00:15:27Soulyah GO
00:15:30Laier VITTU
00:15:32Soulyah b
00:15:36Laier let me fucking finish writing
00:15:39dhgf gpgppgpg
00:15:40dhgf ogogogog
00:16:02Laier top
00:16:03Laier tp
00:16:04Laier with me
00:16:06Kastrup cd
00:16:42Laier ff
00:16:50tba where the fuck where u ??
00:16:54PeterLars let take bot tower
00:17:14Kastrup any?
00:17:17PeterLars care
00:17:17Soulyah omw
00:17:19Soulyah nigger
00:17:32PeterLars come bot
00:17:33PeterLars all
00:18:32Laier ff it
00:18:33Laier @ 25
00:18:37Soulyah xD
00:18:42Kastrup this es..
00:18:43Laier dno
00:18:51Laier how the fuck i get these cunts allways
00:19:39McNabb lol
00:19:43McNabb bad plan
00:19:45Laier that was funny
00:21:39Soulyah owned
00:21:41Soulyah OMG
00:21:42Soulyah :D:D
00:21:42Soulyah wp
00:21:58Laier wp
00:22:02Laier just stand still
00:22:03Laier :DD
00:22:51Kastrup omw
00:22:55Kastrup -ms
00:23:10Laier BOOM
00:23:11Laier HEADSHOT
00:23:26Strom kill top guys
00:24:21Soulyah su es on kyllnull:D
00:24:29dhgf suht sitalt läheb jah
00:24:32dhgf aga lvl11 nüüd ja dagger
00:24:34Laier ban this fucking es
00:24:34dhgf lootust on veel
00:24:36Laier 21min boots
00:24:39Laier gg
00:24:51Soulyah he has dagger thoo
00:24:52Soulyah now
00:24:53Laier and
00:24:56Laier now he goes to suicide
00:24:58Laier watch this
00:26:20Soulyah tra
00:26:26Soulyah sõbad käivad edasi tagasi
00:26:30Soulyah ei lase töölrahlikult olla
00:26:31Soulyah parmud
00:27:10Laier can we push some towers
00:27:11Laier mby
00:27:13Kastrup doubt it
00:27:14Soulyah come mid
00:28:02Laier es hits no1
00:28:04Laier with hes ulti
00:28:05Laier =DDDD
00:28:12Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:14Soulyah gogogo
00:28:15Laier I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:21tba Es = The New FireMal
00:28:26Strom :D
00:28:30Laier i thinks its banevade
00:28:33Laier firemal banned?
00:28:36McNabb or even worse=svents!!!!!
00:28:44tba i dont think so
00:28:45PeterLars svents is good
00:29:07Laier Mby russian mafia with high IQ
00:29:09Soulyah we havent done anything as 5
00:29:22McNabb he has played twice as many games as the rest combined and u say he is good with his 50%?
00:29:59Laier why the fuck is puck and es first 1's to run allways
00:30:15Strom totally wrong target imo :D
00:30:31Laier kill?
00:30:32Laier wtf
00:30:39tba can't
00:30:40Kastrup you dont have dust ffs
00:30:43Kastrup so you can't
00:30:46Kastrup im the only one buying dust..
00:30:51Strom we should push some towers
00:30:55PeterLars y
00:30:59Kastrup and btw this isn't lsot
00:31:02Kastrup if es put out a good ulti
00:31:04Kastrup we should be good
00:31:07Kastrup i eat up their supports
00:31:10Laier strom hard to kill
00:31:10Kastrup and shredder is silences..
00:31:26Soulyah lul
00:31:31Laier and axe feeds
00:31:32Laier =DD
00:31:49dhgf 20 sec to ult
00:31:56PeterLars ud
00:31:58PeterLars come with us
00:31:59PeterLars noob
00:32:05Kastrup well mid
00:32:17Laier they rosh
00:32:17Laier btw
00:32:22Kastrup doubt it
00:32:32Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:33Strom care es dagger
00:32:57Kastrup ffs
00:33:02Kastrup SOulyat
00:33:02Laier gg this es
00:33:02Soulyah where was es
00:33:03Soulyah :D
00:33:04Kastrup thats TWICe
00:33:09Soulyah twice what
00:33:10dhgf they were apart
00:33:11dhgf cant ult
00:33:14Kastrup you dont hit him with ulti
00:33:16Kastrup u use it to early
00:33:22Soulyah doesnt matter
00:33:23tba u dont fucking do nothing es
00:33:32Strom did es ulti?
00:33:35McNabb nope
00:33:49Kastrup get ready to all alive
00:33:51Kastrup then we go with es ulti
00:33:51Strom lets get bot as well
00:34:00PeterLars why not
00:34:05Laier es
00:34:05Kastrup ES
00:34:06Laier ult
00:34:06Laier now
00:34:10Kastrup AX#E
00:34:11McNabb we could have gotten rax by now:D
00:34:31Laier haha
00:34:32Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:32Laier gg
00:34:35Laier bala too afraid to go
00:34:38Laier and 1 idles base
00:34:46Soulyah this is DOTAA
00:34:53Kanpu3a lol
00:35:18Soulyah :D
00:35:30Soulyah fffffffffffff
00:35:35Laier ff it
00:35:37Laier bitches
00:35:47Kastrup and again axe with no dagger
00:35:48Kastrup hurray
00:36:02Laier ulti huskar?
00:36:05Laier it goes true bkb
00:36:06Soulyah silenc
00:36:06Soulyah :(
00:36:13Soulyah i know it does
00:36:18Soulyah but bs silences always
00:36:45tba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:01Laier such a great game we had
00:37:03Kastrup once again dirge wins game..
00:37:28dhgf I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:31Laier such a retarded game
00:38:33Laier ff it now
00:38:41tba es have 5 assist
00:38:47Laier y
00:38:48Laier got 20
00:38:48dhgf 7
00:38:53tba me 2
00:38:58tba nice and u are es
00:39:03tba well done es
00:39:10Laier imba 7 assist es
00:39:13Laier where havey ou beeeeen
00:39:29dhgf ::D:D
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