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-38 X
-2 TS

97% | 1770 X | 1531 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

89% | 1647 X | 1400 TS

-14 X
-1 TS

57% | 1221 X | 1335 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

49% | 1219 X | 1303 TS

-57 X
-1 TS

25% | 1029 X | 1250 TS

+35 X
+1 TS

81% | 1531 X | 1386 TS

+43 X
+2 TS

78% | 1515 X | 1360 TS

+51 X
+1 TS

77% | 1385 X | 1477 TS

+31 X
+4 TS

59% | 1267 X | 1326 TS

+2 X
+6 TS

53% | 1293 X | 1265 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Aerwyn was it ar?
00:00:07siemenlinko swap?
00:00:10slc2 me storm!
00:00:13slc2 me storm!
00:00:13tba -swap all
00:00:16siemenlinko -swap 1
00:00:16Lafrenzz yiiiir
00:00:18tba -swapall
00:00:20slc2 -swap 4
00:00:22Fxx. gyro , tiny swap ?
00:00:23siemenlinko -clear
00:00:24slc2 -clear
00:00:26Lafrenzz -swapall
00:00:27Fxx. -swap 1
00:00:27tba -clear
00:00:32mrk nah
00:00:32tba -no
00:00:33Fxx. -swap 5
00:00:37Lafrenzz swap me
00:00:38Lafrenzz someone
00:00:38mrk get wards
00:00:39Lafrenzz please
00:00:41Lafrenzz -swap
00:00:42siemenlinko me up
00:00:45Lafrenzz -swap 5
00:00:46AliBaba -clear
00:00:50FireMal -swap 2
00:00:52FireMal -swap 3
00:00:56FireMal -swap 3
00:00:57Lafrenzz i solo bot
00:01:00slc2 bm rhasta top
00:01:01Lafrenzz i solo bot
00:01:05siemenlinko sure
00:01:05FireMal -swap
00:01:06Lafrenzz chen woods
00:01:06FireMal -swap
00:01:09Lafrenzz CLOCK
00:01:10Lafrenzz go top
00:01:11mansikka jou siemen
00:01:12FireMal -swap 3
00:01:13siemenlinko nii
00:01:14Lafrenzz mrk tell him to go top
00:01:22mrk clock bat top
00:01:24siemenlinko teen necron
00:01:25slc2 get wards for bot
00:01:27Aerwyn reaxxar, pull?
00:01:28Fxx. fuck u
00:01:28Lafrenzz CLOCK FFS !
00:01:30mansikka no money
00:01:30Lafrenzz fuck u
00:01:31siemenlinko mby
00:01:32slc2 get wards for bot
00:01:32AliBaba me solo
00:01:33AliBaba :D
00:01:35tba have
00:01:38Aerwyn mby?
00:01:40Aerwyn ye or no
00:01:58Fxx. rune down
00:02:53mrk pls
00:03:01mansikka :D
00:03:02mansikka whats that
00:03:19siemenlinko b
00:03:41Aerwyn fucking asshole rexxar
00:03:45Fxx. ...
00:03:47siemenlinko ?
00:03:48Aerwyn why didnt come first place?
00:03:48tba care
00:03:55Aerwyn b?
00:03:56siemenlinko sry
00:03:56Aerwyn wtf?
00:04:45Aerwyn bat
00:04:59mrk .D
00:05:03Lafrenzz :D
00:05:06mansikka stun
00:05:07mrk was like
00:05:09mrk here
00:05:10mansikka soon
00:05:13tba y
00:05:14Lafrenzz :p
00:05:16slc2 up chick
00:05:19slc2 ss mid
00:05:20slc2 re
00:05:45Lafrenzz wanna gank bot tiny
00:06:22Fxx. batr
00:06:27Fxx. without fire run ....
00:06:28mansikka gj rex
00:06:31Fxx. FUCK U MRK
00:06:38Fxx. i rly dont wanna play with this guy
00:06:38AliBaba fuck you maybe ?
00:06:43AliBaba hahaha
00:06:51siemenlinko i was shop
00:06:56siemenlinko when them came attack u
00:06:59mrk ss
00:07:12slc2 imba
00:07:13slc2 gj
00:07:14mrk wheres rhasta peoples
00:07:24mrk always place rune wared
00:07:25mrk ward*
00:07:26mrk man
00:07:26Aerwyn coming bot
00:07:28slc2 im inc bot
00:07:35siemenlinko ss2
00:07:35slc2 w8 me
00:07:36siemenlinko top
00:07:38siemenlinko rwe 1
00:07:38mrk and say misses
00:07:47AliBaba want ?
00:08:09mrk what is this shit
00:08:11mrk top
00:08:14Lafrenzz ¨'i dont fucking now
00:08:27slc2 wards
00:08:28mrk just fucking kill him
00:08:31mrk ur clock and bat
00:08:33slc2 wards
00:08:44slc2 wards would be imba
00:08:59Lafrenzz wait
00:09:02Lafrenzz 3
00:10:02Fxx. 1 hp ?
00:10:02mrk WHY U SHOW URSELF
00:10:04mrk CLOCK
00:10:09Aerwyn come
00:10:10Aerwyn neru
00:10:15Aerwyn neru
00:10:20Aerwyn NERU
00:10:22mrk its like u wanted to die
00:10:26Fxx. he see me
00:10:29Fxx. cause zeus ulty
00:10:33mrk he was
00:10:34mrk halfway
00:10:37mrk to secret shop
00:11:11mrk TP PEOPLE
00:11:20Lafrenzz no money
00:11:40mrk so useless
00:11:46slc2 get wards
00:11:49slc2 so we dont get ganked
00:12:03Aerwyn STORM
00:12:44Fxx. :-)
00:13:21Fxx. oh
00:13:25slc2 get wards
00:13:26Lafrenzz ok
00:13:28Lafrenzz 900 manapull
00:13:30Lafrenzz great
00:13:34Fxx. chen
00:13:38Fxx. u cant repick ?
00:13:46slc2 get wards please
00:13:52Fxx. 12 min 4 lvl
00:13:55FireMal i where told to play this by lafrenze
00:14:08mrk DONT GO
00:14:09slc2 payback
00:14:31mrk this misclick army
00:14:33mrk WHY U GO
00:14:34mrk JESUS
00:14:41Lafrenzz mrk
00:14:44Lafrenzz we got a team of noobs
00:14:50slc2 go him
00:14:54Aerwyn take towers
00:14:58Aerwyn those win the game
00:15:46siemenlinko help
00:15:55siemenlinko 3
00:15:56siemenlinko up
00:15:58siemenlinko or 4
00:16:00slc2 i come
00:16:03mrk scout
00:16:05mrk with illusions
00:16:49Aerwyn bj
00:16:54slc2 i did it very bad
00:17:35mrk please get wards
00:17:36tba invis
00:17:40Aerwyn i take
00:17:41tba rasta
00:18:10mrk care
00:18:14mrk care mid
00:18:14mrk b
00:18:15mrk b
00:18:15mrk b
00:18:15mrk b
00:18:16mrk b
00:18:27mrk INVIS NA
00:18:27slc2 w8 me
00:18:28mrk REX
00:18:52slc2 mid tower
00:19:52mrk they are there
00:19:53mrk clock
00:20:01mrk why u tank rhasta wards
00:20:05mrk and get urself down to 300hp
00:20:06mrk and then go
00:20:21Fxx. cause u are retard
00:20:23Fxx. and go 1
00:20:26Fxx. to shadow
00:20:26mrk i didnt go
00:20:27Fxx. vs 3
00:20:31mrk i
00:20:32mrk did
00:20:32Aerwyn b after this
00:20:32mrk not
00:20:33mrk go
00:20:36mrk rex bird
00:20:37Fxx. and cause u send me up side with this retard batr
00:20:38mrk na came
00:20:44Fxx. and destroy my game
00:20:50mrk yeah w/e
00:20:53mrk thats no reason
00:20:55Lafrenzz stfu clock4ork
00:20:56mrk to play bad
00:21:00mrk after laning phase
00:21:22Fxx. i m not good clock
00:21:32mrk well u might be good clock
00:21:35mrk but you lack map awareness
00:21:51Lafrenzz GET WARDs
00:22:19Lafrenzz b
00:22:20Lafrenzz b
00:22:34Fxx. 22. min
00:22:36Fxx. tiny no dager
00:22:37Fxx. ...
00:22:43mrk mby because im not buying it
00:22:46slc2 lets gank
00:23:03Lafrenzz DEF mid
00:23:05slc2 scout with bird
00:23:31Aerwyn push top
00:23:32siemenlinko noob
00:23:34Lafrenzz fucking retard
00:23:35siemenlinko stop taht
00:23:37mrk my point exactly
00:23:41Aerwyn lol
00:23:45Fxx. i had no gold on tp
00:23:47Fxx. like u
00:23:47Aerwyn like ills matters something
00:24:35mrk zz
00:24:36mrk my bad
00:25:06slc2 yes
00:26:28slc2 gj
00:27:24slc2 wards
00:27:35Lafrenzz linken
00:28:45slc2 he baitc
00:28:49mrk bird
00:28:54mrk b
00:29:16mrk why not go b
00:29:19mrk we saw nerub go
00:29:24mrk obvious bird
00:29:31slc2 end
00:29:39mrk :/
00:30:06mrk go
00:30:08mrk def rax
00:31:00mrk he ultied
00:31:01mrk long imte ago
00:31:11slc2 stop
00:31:14Fxx. :-)
00:31:20Aerwyn stupid that tiny doesnt have blink
00:31:26FireMal -cs
00:31:27slc2 oh yes
00:31:36slc2 he had a rought time
00:31:37mrk care
00:31:45slc2 go mid
00:31:49mansikka ILLU
00:31:50Lafrenzz n
00:31:51Lafrenzz b
00:31:53Aerwyn illu
00:31:54Aerwyn ilull
00:32:00slc2 go mi
00:32:15slc2 come????
00:32:17Aerwyn gang
00:32:18siemenlinko no
00:32:18Aerwyn forest
00:32:19Lafrenzz dont
00:32:27Lafrenzz WTF ARE U ODING
00:32:32mrk wanting to die
00:32:35mrk ggwp
00:32:35mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:41FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:57mrk not like my actions change the outcome of the game
00:33:10mrk i cant stop people going 0-5 in 10 minutes
00:33:45Fxx. chen
00:33:48Fxx. why u dont repick
00:33:48Fxx. ?
00:33:56Lafrenzz not about heroes
00:34:02Lafrenzz about all of us being shit
00:34:05mrk its about the ability to play them
00:34:08siemenlinko -cs
00:34:11Aerwyn push bot next
00:34:11Lafrenzz about u clock
00:34:13Lafrenzz u motherfucker
00:34:17Fxx. y
00:34:19Lafrenzz huh
00:34:21Fxx. i fucking your mom
00:34:22Lafrenzz problem bitch ?
00:34:24Fxx. every day
00:34:35Lafrenzz k bitch
00:34:41Fxx. she is bitch like u
00:34:48Lafrenzz ill got your sisters face, sorrounded on my dick atm
00:34:59Fxx. super
00:35:01Fxx. i hate my sister
00:35:13mansikka push
00:35:14mansikka bot
00:35:15mrk sad to be you then
00:35:18Lafrenzz that is What she saying
00:35:18mrk or what
00:35:22mrk :D
00:35:26slc2 kill
00:35:32Aerwyn bait
00:35:34Aerwyn bait
00:35:34Lafrenzz When she gag me
00:36:12Fxx. fire walk used after teamfight
00:36:13Fxx. ...
00:36:31FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:32FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:33FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:34FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:34FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:35FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:36FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:37FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:37Lafrenzz ban him
00:36:39Lafrenzz for spam please
00:37:02mansikka käytä kirjaa
00:38:31mrk ggwp rhasta zeus
00:38:33Fxx. funny game
00:38:34Fxx. :-)
00:38:39mrk and ur 4th pick winning vs 2
00:38:43mrk like yo
00:38:43mrk gj
00:38:44mrk wp
00:38:44mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:51mansikka wp s-linko
00:38:55siemenlinko xD
00:38:56Lafrenzz I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:56siemenlinko ty
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