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-26 X
-1 TS

97% | 1890 X | 1497 TS

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-2 TS

65% | 1379 X | 1317 TS

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-2 TS

57% | 1257 X | 1351 TS

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-2 TS

47% | 1244 X | 1289 TS

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31% | 1160 X | 1168 TS

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86% | 1568 X | 1431 TS

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81% | 1474 X | 1398 TS

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77% | 1462 X | 1380 TS

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47% | 1153 X | 1342 TS

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27% | 1080 X | 1248 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Dota.m Go Go Go Ban Ban Ban
00:00:16Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:16Usires im gonna farm my ass off
00:00:16Jaikki tide lich roof ogre eni
00:00:16Dota.m Hmmm
00:00:16Usires so i go luna
00:00:16FireMal for me slard ogre or luch
00:00:16Usires or weaver
00:00:16Kastrup dah.
00:00:16Dota.m get ogre for firemal
00:00:16Jaikki pick something for that list x)
00:00:16Mamo who is ban ?
00:00:16Kastrup yup
00:00:16Kastrup ban yew
00:00:16Jaikki no 1 yey
00:00:16yeW- anyone
00:00:16yeW- want lich
00:00:16yeW- ?
00:00:16yeW- anyone ogre
00:00:16yeW- anyone ns?
00:00:16Usires wow no geo or ursa, what now!??!!?!?
00:00:16acchilies i can ogre...
00:00:16yeW- dunno
00:00:16Jaikki i can ns
00:00:16Kastrup :)
00:00:16Jaikki give ns
00:00:16yeW- since i cant play anythin else
00:00:16Kastrup :)
00:00:16yeW- k
00:00:16Kastrup just ban
00:00:16yeW- slard
00:00:16Usires can u, do you want any else
00:00:16Mamo who
00:00:16Usires he goes weaver
00:00:16Kastrup yup
00:00:16Dota.m weaver
00:00:16Dota.m ban
00:00:16Usires lil cunt
00:00:16Dota.m he wil go i
00:00:16Kastrup should iban?
00:00:16Dota.m yes
00:00:16yeW- still angry usires cuz u got buttraped?
00:00:16Kastrup weaver
00:00:16Dota.m hvorfor skulle han ellers ban
00:00:17Usires im never angry xD
00:00:17Dota.m slaradr
00:00:17FireMal ^^ÅÅ
00:00:21Usires havent played month
00:00:22Kastrup fordi han vil ns
00:00:24Usires why should i be
00:00:27yeW- oh rly
00:00:50Mamo can i luna
00:00:53Jaikki no ucant
00:00:55FireMal furion plz some one
00:00:55acchilies no
00:00:55yeW- ^^
00:00:56Jaikki no please
00:00:58Kastrup i can furion
00:01:00Jaikki jew?
00:01:01yeW- get me DK
00:01:05Jaikki -swap 1
00:01:06yeW- -swap 2
00:01:10FireMal ¨'
00:01:10yeW- GET LIH
00:01:13yeW- lich
00:01:13FireMal jimmy go furion
00:01:16yeW- good for luna
00:01:18Kastrup get me furiion
00:01:19Kastrup its okay
00:01:19FireMal giv den til andreas
00:01:24Dota.m -swap 1
00:01:26yeW- lich and eni
00:01:26Kastrup -swap 3
00:01:27yeW- last ones
00:01:27yeW- pls
00:01:29yeW- lich and eni
00:01:32acchilies can i tide??
00:01:35Jaikki tide is good too
00:01:38Mamo who
00:01:39yeW- hmm
00:01:40Mamo i
00:01:42Jaikki tide lich enigma
00:01:42FireMal jimmy what you whant
00:01:42yeW- lich mamo
00:01:43acchilies i go tide
00:01:46yeW- lich mamo
00:01:47Dota.m hmm
00:01:50Mamo ok
00:01:52yeW- share units
00:01:52Jaikki nice
00:01:54Kastrup tanky team huh? :d
00:01:55yeW- skill deny first
00:01:55FireMal roof or panda
00:01:56Mamo ok
00:02:01Kastrup roof would be nice
00:02:02Kastrup nice nice
00:02:02Dota.m obsi
00:02:04yeW- shaer
00:02:05Dota.m destroyer
00:02:07yeW- MY GOD
00:02:08yeW- WHAT PAT
00:02:08FireMal -swap 3
00:02:09Dota.m -swap 5
00:02:09yeW- OF SKILL DENY
00:02:10Kastrup and paper team
00:02:10yeW- FIRST
00:02:11Kastrup hurray
00:02:12yeW- DIDU FAIL TO GET
00:02:15yeW- -clear
00:02:15Kastrup du skal have aganims
00:02:16yeW- jesus fucking christ
00:02:18Kastrup imod det hold
00:02:18Usires :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:02:23Dota.m yy
00:02:27FireMal chick allready bought
00:02:30Kastrup we need aganims on deso
00:02:33yeW- gimme a sec lads
00:02:33Kastrup and u to get manta
00:02:34Kastrup and bkb
00:02:34FireMal what do i do then im last pick
00:02:34Jaikki general time!
00:02:34Usires get obs firemal
00:02:34Jaikki snus 3
00:02:34Jaikki :3
00:02:34Usires iho got chick
00:02:34Usires already
00:02:34FireMal ill up better for mid
00:02:34Kastrup i dont need yet
00:02:34FireMal ok obs
00:02:34Kastrup rather have the wards for bot
00:02:34Iho go wards
00:02:36Dota.m wards for bot
00:02:37Dota.m pulling
00:02:47Kastrup eghm
00:02:53Usires ff
00:02:54Jaikki jew
00:02:56FireMal lol 2 farmers top ?
00:02:56Kastrup stupid lanes actually..
00:02:56Jaikki long time for ns
00:02:56Usires no shit
00:02:56Kastrup ogre should go top
00:02:56Jaikki what first
00:02:56Usires ogre top
00:02:56FireMal one of you asholes in top come bot
00:02:56Dota.m ok
00:02:56Jaikki vlad basher or bkb
00:02:56Kastrup ogre go top
00:02:56Dota.m sw lane
00:02:56Kastrup deso bot
00:02:56FireMal 1 carry each lane
00:02:56Iho trilane bot
00:02:56Dota.m -clear
00:02:56Mamo yew
00:02:56Jaikki -afk
00:02:56Dota.m why pause ?
00:02:56Jaikki yew afk
00:02:57Kastrup ogre give wards to deso/silencer
00:02:58yeW- re
00:02:59Usires we care
00:02:59Jaikki jew
00:03:02yeW- u shud
00:03:03FireMal luna block
00:03:04yeW- when i plug
00:03:04Jaikki long time of ns
00:03:09Usires we care then too
00:03:10Jaikki vlad basher or bkb
00:03:11FireMal jimmy
00:03:12Jaikki what first
00:03:13FireMal take wards
00:03:14yeW- make
00:03:15yeW- URN
00:03:17yeW- then bottle
00:03:17Jaikki yes ofc
00:03:19yeW- oots
00:03:20Jaikki urn is first
00:03:21yeW- boots
00:03:21yeW- v
00:03:23Dota.m -.-
00:03:26Dota.m har ikke plads
00:03:28Iho or take
00:03:30Jaikki tide pull
00:03:33FireMal i tried to drop on your hereo
00:03:43Dota.m dejlig start
00:03:44Dota.m -.-
00:03:56Jaikki -afk
00:04:00Jaikki solo bot mby?
00:04:31yeW- 30s
00:04:33yeW- 30s
00:04:33Jaikki wasxz
00:04:33Mamo kok
00:04:33Mamo ok
00:04:33Kastrup ok top?
00:04:33Kastrup ok bot?
00:04:33FireMal no keep going
00:04:33Usires ogre
00:04:33Usires u pulling or not
00:04:33Dota.m det ser fint nok ud her
00:04:33Kastrup fint
00:04:33yeW- soz
00:04:33Kastrup jeg kan gange hvis i pinger
00:04:33yeW- cookin at the same time
00:04:33FireMal this shitty hero walks so slow
00:04:33yeW- xD
00:04:33yeW- re
00:04:33Kastrup så gør det endelig
00:04:33Dota.m kk
00:04:38Dota.m ns er low
00:05:14yeW- courier up
00:05:15yeW- pls
00:05:15yeW- team
00:05:23yeW- lich
00:05:24yeW- mamo
00:05:26yeW- up courier
00:05:36Jaikki le me
00:05:52Jaikki use spell
00:06:00Mamo stun
00:06:00Jaikki if he put spell on yu
00:06:05acchilies i know...
00:06:32vaityl omg
00:06:33Jaikki hard lane again
00:06:33Mamo gj
00:06:37Jaikki need gank aspa
00:06:38vaityl this noob
00:06:44Mamo why
00:06:45vaityl me kill mb?
00:06:48Mamo why ?
00:06:50Mamo sry
00:06:50yeW- hard lane
00:06:53yeW- becaue u ont buy wads
00:06:55Usires lets kill lich
00:06:59Jaikki wards dont help
00:07:03yeW- they do
00:07:03Jaikki against manasuck
00:07:14yeW- oh
00:07:15yeW- u mean bot
00:07:15yeW- ye
00:07:16yeW- well
00:07:21vaityl b
00:07:26yeW- SS
00:07:29Mamo gang
00:07:38Usires gj
00:07:55Jaikki :3
00:08:00Jaikki need chicken
00:08:33Usires i pull
00:08:34Usires need heal
00:08:47Mamo go
00:08:49yeW- ye
00:08:51yeW- no stun
00:08:52yeW- tho
00:09:03FireMal you didnt stack
00:09:04Dota.m ss 1
00:09:06Kastrup ghes mid
00:09:08Dota.m re
00:09:21Jaikki FUCK XD
00:09:25Kastrup ready boty?
00:09:36vaityl omg
00:09:38Dota.m y
00:09:38Usires miss 2
00:09:40Dota.m bot
00:09:42Dota.m but
00:09:45Dota.m 3 here
00:10:08Mamo gj
00:10:09Kastrup go
00:10:12yeW- ss
00:10:12yeW- mid
00:10:15FireMal luna why
00:10:22FireMal why do you sit on cents lap
00:10:25Usires well didnt see this lich
00:10:27Usires i was going away
00:10:29FireMal luna
00:10:30Usires and using flask
00:10:34Dota.m gj
00:10:41FireMal dont sit on pedofile cents lap
00:10:45Mamo go
00:10:45yeW- oO
00:10:55Usires lets kill
00:10:56Usires u got mana?
00:11:02Kastrup miss
00:11:12Mamo go
00:11:37FireMal omg luna
00:11:42FireMal you fucking ashtray
00:11:45Mamo sry
00:11:53Kastrup rdy bot?
00:11:55FireMal you dont know how to play with team cock sucker
00:12:03Usires shut your fucking face little cunt
00:12:44Kastrup gj
00:12:54FireMal retard team
00:12:58Kastrup luna i come top
00:13:00Kastrup in a moment
00:13:06Kastrup run
00:13:19FireMal nortrom pro shit
00:13:38FireMal dude
00:13:39FireMal omg
00:14:07Jaikki get woodcutters
00:14:11yeW- e
00:14:31yeW- what?
00:14:37Mamo ok
00:14:39Dota.m ss
00:14:42Mamo go
00:14:47FireMal this fucking nortrom is fucking lame
00:15:01Mamo gj
00:15:10Mamo gj
00:15:29Jaikki tp bot
00:15:31Dota.m hope u get farm luna
00:15:33Kastrup deni
00:16:18yeW- lemme top
00:16:19yeW- farm
00:16:22Dota.m twr
00:16:23Kastrup get dk
00:16:53Dota.m b
00:16:53Dota.m b
00:16:54Dota.m b
00:16:58Kastrup iho?
00:16:59Kastrup wtf was that
00:17:02acchilies luna
00:17:12FireMal luna you cunt
00:17:12yeW- LL
00:17:13Kastrup just run
00:17:15yeW- why back?!
00:17:20yeW- ah oom
00:17:20yeW- k
00:17:20Jaikki thought there is tower
00:17:21Jaikki sry
00:17:22Jaikki and oom
00:17:25Kastrup i come top
00:17:28Kastrup or not
00:17:29Iho ogre back
00:17:37Kastrup reuse chick
00:17:39Usires kill bot furi
00:17:40Usires got ulti
00:18:09Dota.m fury
00:18:09Kastrup ?
00:18:09Dota.m top
00:18:09Dota.m kill
00:18:09Kastrup not alone
00:18:09FireMal ban his ass
00:18:09Kastrup need at least one
00:18:09Dota.m i come
00:18:09Kastrup kk
00:18:09Dota.m har tped
00:18:09Kastrup ok
00:18:09Jaikki tonight! tonight is night of dead
00:18:09Kastrup who balance?
00:18:09Jaikki they look like sexy monsters
00:18:09Jaikki its graveyard party time
00:18:09yeW- me i guess
00:18:09Mamo who
00:18:09Jaikki jew needs to cook XD
00:18:09Kastrup ;)
00:18:09Jaikki what are u cooking :D
00:18:09yeW- :-(
00:18:09yeW- some tunisian
00:18:09yeW- stuff
00:18:09FireMal your ass
00:18:09Usires meth
00:18:09Mamo who
00:18:09yeW- hmm
00:18:09Usires crackhead cunt
00:18:09yeW- i dunn
00:18:09yeW- dunno
00:18:09yeW- who
00:18:09Kastrup hows farm luna?
00:18:09FireMal haha
00:18:09Jaikki dont be so rude
00:18:09yeW- which one
00:18:09Usires decent
00:18:09yeW- balances
00:18:09yeW- hard to tell
00:18:09Usires well vs lich and cent
00:18:09Usires decent
00:18:09yeW- they all suck equally
00:18:09Usires 35
00:18:09Kastrup :D
00:18:09yeW- equally
00:18:09yeW- :p
00:18:09Jaikki tide is lvl 6
00:18:09yeW- mkay
00:18:09Jaikki dno
00:18:09yeW- tide, was a pleasure
00:18:09Mamo who
00:18:09acchilies np...
00:18:09yeW- :D...
00:18:13yeW- tide
00:19:00yeW- lmao
00:19:01yeW- too fat
00:19:08Usires :S
00:19:21Mamo gj
00:20:34Mamo go
00:20:50Mamo go
00:21:21Kastrup fgdjklgdg
00:21:22Mamo go
00:21:40Kastrup no mana on ba
00:21:51Kastrup reg
00:22:11Mamo b
00:22:19Usires gj
00:22:39yeW- ULTI?
00:22:40yeW- JESUS?
00:22:43Mamo omg
00:22:50Mamo no mana
00:22:58Jaikki fuck
00:22:59FireMal hehe
00:23:02FireMal wp
00:23:05FireMal ^^
00:23:07FireMal dd
00:23:07yeW- what a bunch of cocksuckers
00:23:11FireMal haha
00:23:32Kastrup i come
00:23:45yeW- tt
00:24:06Mamo omg
00:24:19Jaikki unbeliavable
00:24:23Jaikki he killed u without ulti
00:24:27Jaikki though he used it
00:24:37Jaikki dust
00:24:38Jaikki need dust
00:25:27Mamo omg
00:25:37Kastrup hit
00:25:38Kastrup b
00:25:38Kastrup b
00:25:41Usires take ogre
00:25:51yeW- make
00:25:53yeW- vlads
00:25:54yeW- centaur
00:25:54yeW- pls
00:26:09yeW- eny
00:26:10yeW- deny
00:26:11yeW- cent
00:26:12Kastrup i go for deso
00:26:13Kastrup against dk
00:26:13yeW- -afk
00:26:39Jaikki wards
00:26:43yeW- lich
00:26:45FireMal care 2 in woods
00:26:51Kastrup im ready
00:26:53Kastrup no worrie
00:26:54Mamo what
00:27:01yeW- wards
00:27:01yeW- buy em
00:27:06Mamo ok
00:27:14FireMal im b
00:27:19FireMal for boots
00:27:19FireMal lol
00:27:31Mamo gj
00:27:37Jaikki model is too fat
00:28:08Jaikki 7
00:28:12Kastrup they have dust
00:28:19Mamo gj
00:28:19Usires :D
00:28:20Usires ye
00:28:20FireMal luna
00:28:21Jaikki IT WAS MY RUNE
00:28:21FireMal haha'
00:28:23Jaikki MY RUNE
00:28:25Mamo gj
00:28:31FireMal what the fuck did you smoke luna hahaha
00:28:36FireMal haha
00:28:41vaityl //////
00:28:50Kastrup i go ac no
00:28:51Kastrup now
00:28:53Kastrup i think
00:28:54Kastrup to counter dk
00:28:55vaityl wards
00:28:57Kastrup hes Quite fat
00:28:57vaityl lich
00:28:57Mamo coming am for water
00:29:57yeW- wait
00:29:57yeW- b
00:30:03yeW- SE
00:30:04yeW- SEC!!
00:30:16Mamo gj
00:30:26yeW- ust
00:30:27yeW- dust
00:31:06yeW- rune
00:31:45Jaikki need that bkb
00:32:02Usires MOPASD
00:32:04Usires FUICK ME
00:32:06Usires how stupid
00:32:12Jaikki where is ur tp???
00:32:13yeW- cent
00:32:15yeW- buy gem
00:32:16yeW- pls
00:32:29yeW- dead ^^
00:32:36Jaikki i dont think so
00:32:46yeW- close
00:32:49yeW- not
00:32:49yeW- xD
00:33:22Jaikki where the fuck ogre came
00:33:23yeW- jesus why
00:33:29Mamo o?mg
00:33:52yeW- we just need gem
00:33:53yeW- we have it
00:33:55yeW- stick together
00:34:08Jaikki need bkb also
00:34:10Jaikki bkbs*
00:34:20yeW- def
00:34:23Jaikki need 300
00:34:23yeW- go
00:34:24yeW- all rosh
00:34:40yeW- fast
00:34:40yeW- move
00:34:42Mamo tide
00:34:46yeW- GO BOT
00:34:52Mamo ulti
00:34:59Dota.m b
00:35:13Jaikki LE ME FARM
00:35:14Jaikki 200
00:35:23Mamo go
00:35:25FireMal 3v4 no thanks
00:35:38Dota.m care
00:35:40Kastrup b
00:35:53Dota.m omw
00:35:57Kastrup b
00:35:59Jaikki GO
00:36:01Mamo go
00:36:10Jaikki GIDDIGNS
00:36:20Kastrup got ac
00:36:25Jaikki no mana
00:36:26Jaikki thanks to cent
00:36:26Mamo sry
00:36:29FireMal they smoked bitches
00:36:31yeW- b
00:36:38Usires got bkb in sec too
00:36:40Jaikki lich armor me allway
00:36:42Jaikki s
00:36:45Mamo gj
00:36:45Kastrup gem on cent
00:36:54Kastrup we really need that gem
00:37:01FireMal y
00:37:07yeW- make pipe
00:37:07yeW- now
00:37:08yeW- cent
00:37:10FireMal smart though to put it on cent
00:37:20Kastrup we can't go rosh before someone ward
00:37:26Kastrup and i looks like im the only one buying wards..
00:37:34Dota.m ns got haste
00:37:54Kastrup wHY?
00:37:56Kastrup WHY u go without me
00:37:57Kastrup srsly
00:38:04Mamo gj
00:38:05Dota.m nice one
00:38:05Usires no idea
00:38:08Kastrup srs
00:38:09Dota.m fuck tard ogre
00:38:13Jaikki thanks luna for night
00:38:19Mamo gj
00:38:21Jaikki kinda needed it
00:38:23Usires ok jaikki
00:38:25Usires oot kovis
00:38:27FireMal thanks honey i love your ugly bitch ass 2
00:38:30Jaikki Xd vituttaako
00:38:38Mamo gj
00:38:50yeW- rax
00:38:51yeW- rax
00:38:51yeW- rax
00:38:52yeW- ra
00:38:52yeW- rax
00:39:00Usires miks vituttais
00:39:03Usires hävitsitte pellet
00:39:17Mamo ty yew
00:39:20Jaikki oot silti aika vihane
00:39:32Usires nääh
00:39:36yeW- get that pipe cent
00:39:41yeW- lich make meka
00:39:43Usires ei vaan jaksa puolinabojen kommentointia
00:39:47Usires säki 5000 peliä
00:39:50Usires ja aina vaan paska
00:39:51yeW- always armor us
00:39:51Jaikki *500
00:39:53Usires whast the deal?
00:39:57Jaikki tiiätkö mistää mitää :D:D
00:40:03Usires tiedän että oot paska
00:40:03Jaikki käy kattoo, mul on 500 peliä uudes gcees
00:40:04Usires :DD
00:40:13Dota.m tank it ogre
00:40:24Jaikki sul varmaa 2k?
00:40:26Jaikki vähintää
00:40:27Usires now stick together
00:40:32yeW- man
00:40:34Mamo mh
00:40:35yeW- wtf
00:40:37yeW- are u wankin thee
00:40:41Usires push
00:40:43Kastrup ye
00:40:58Mamo tide
00:41:12Mamo gj
00:41:19Jaikki team?
00:41:25yeW- he has aegis
00:41:26yeW- dont u see
00:41:29Mamo go
00:41:57Mamo go
00:42:18FireMal oom
00:42:20Kastrup b
00:42:20Kastrup b
00:42:21Kastrup b
00:42:57Kastrup eye og hex?
00:42:58Kastrup ro*
00:42:59Kastrup or
00:43:12Jaikki what now to build?
00:43:14FireMal eye imo
00:43:19yeW- harlbre
00:43:20yeW- d
00:43:25FireMal epic dps is allways better
00:43:26Jaikki new item?
00:43:29yeW- sange
00:43:31yeW- + evasion
00:43:31Jaikki y
00:43:33Jaikki ok
00:43:34yeW- ye
00:43:37yeW- use it on furi
00:43:39Jaikki j
00:43:40Usires go mid
00:43:40yeW- go mi
00:43:41yeW- mid
00:43:41yeW- now
00:43:45Usires u got aegis
00:43:46Usires u tank
00:43:47Usires this time
00:43:50Dota.m need 500 for staff
00:43:52yeW- wait
00:43:52yeW- b
00:43:53Dota.m mystic
00:43:56Kastrup deso
00:43:57Kastrup come
00:43:57yeW- what u wankin?
00:44:05vaityl 100
00:44:09yeW- z_z
00:44:10Jaikki ei luoja
00:44:11Kastrup :D
00:44:11Usires asrfasjdas
00:44:13yeW- 0 brains
00:44:15Kastrup wtf luna?
00:44:18Usires wrong
00:44:19yeW- MAKE
00:44:19Usires butto
00:44:21yeW- UR PIPE
00:44:21yeW- JESUS
00:44:23Kastrup np
00:44:34Mamo someone has share
00:45:12Kastrup deso..
00:45:13Mamo gj
00:45:14Usires well tower
00:45:16Kastrup we really need u back there
00:45:18Usires 3vs5
00:45:31yeW- cent
00:45:32yeW- u need
00:45:34yeW- ring of health
00:45:38yeW- k
00:45:42yeW- go
00:46:08yeW- go
00:46:09yeW- mid
00:46:10yeW- all
00:46:27FireMal we have to go together
00:46:28FireMal 4
00:46:31FireMal ppl ate same time
00:46:41Mamo go
00:47:00Dota.m lets supries
00:47:23yeW- gj cent
00:47:25yeW- usin pipe
00:47:27yeW- terrific
00:47:34vaityl idi nahui mraz
00:47:35yeW- I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:47:37vaityl I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:47:44yeW- once tards
00:47:47yeW- always tards
00:48:00Usires no ursa or geo :S
00:48:09Kastrup i need chick
00:48:12Mamo go
00:48:13yeW- ur kiddin right
00:48:16Usires :DDD
00:48:20Mamo go
00:48:47Jaikki mis vitus mun tiimi
00:48:48Jaikki D;::Dd.
00:48:52Usires SA;:DF
00:48:53Jaikki ei kiirettä
00:48:57Jaikki vaik raxit menee
00:48:57Jaikki k
00:49:06Mamo b
00:49:26Jaikki I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:30yeW- type ff
00:49:39Mamo !ff
00:49:41Mamo I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:44yeW- wp leaver
00:49:46yeW- won u the game
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