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85% | 1572 X | 1446 TS

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83% | 1510 X | 1457 TS

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84% | 1553 X | 1403 TS

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80% | 1534 X | 1366 TS

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Chat log

00:00:16-.- almost the same
00:00:18-.- heu heu
00:00:22-.- 3 heroes that i like
00:00:22-.- meepo lanaya or axe
00:00:22diesel meepo
00:00:22diesel :D
00:00:22Affliction i want UD
00:00:22Strom I play shredder
00:00:22-.- -naix
00:00:22diesel :D
00:00:22Affliction 3rd time in a row
00:00:23Affliction :D
00:00:28Strom jeez
00:00:43Affliction someone get me UD
00:00:47Affliction To imba
00:00:49Laier gimme ogre
00:00:49dhgf if they dont pick
00:00:50dhgf yes
00:00:52Aerwyn pick ogre is can play
00:00:54diesel afk?
00:00:54Kanpu3a y
00:00:54Kanpu3a w8
00:00:54Strom he gets ud
00:00:54Strom :(
00:00:54Affliction :/
00:00:54Aerwyn too late to choose
00:00:54Kanpu3a und
00:00:54Strom you can say pick
00:00:57Affliction nvm
00:00:58Affliction :D
00:00:58Kanpu3a play
00:01:03diesel es good against ud
00:01:10edgarass \
00:01:13edgarass u play ud?
00:01:23Kanpu3a if u pick tusk
00:01:23dhgf es shredda top
00:01:29-.- tusk would be good
00:01:30-.- idd
00:01:31edgarass i pick tusk for myself
00:01:35diesel -swap 4
00:01:38dhgf -swap 1
00:01:45Affliction me DK
00:01:47Affliction ?
00:01:49Kanpu3a swap?
00:01:50diesel joda
00:01:52Strom panda better
00:01:53edgarass no
00:01:54diesel kujutad endale ette vähe v :D
00:01:55Kanpu3a edgar
00:01:58Kanpu3a FU!
00:01:58dhgf PANDA
00:02:08-.- undying tuskar top
00:02:12Kanpu3a cap?
00:02:17-.- what
00:02:22Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:02:23Affliction -ii
00:02:24Affliction -don
00:02:25Affliction -hhn
00:02:31dhgf eelmise pela tra
00:02:36dhgf kaotasime täna mu ühele fail ultile
00:02:40Strom :D
00:02:41dhgf tra ta ei blinkinud
00:02:43dhgf ja lasin ulti tühja
00:02:46Strom seal oli sitaks rohkem faile
00:02:48Laier kinda shit heroes we have
00:02:51Laier gotta push fast :D
00:02:51Affliction english plz
00:02:52-.- kinda
00:02:53Affliction :D
00:02:55Strom kõik mängijad failisid mitu korda
00:02:57dhgf no see oli enne seda viimast raxi pushi
00:02:58Strom ja tulemus oligi kaotus
00:02:58dhgf mis tegid
00:03:01dhgf mhm seda kül
00:03:02Laier dk viper so gay in late :/
00:03:03Aerwyn :P
00:03:10edgarass care
00:03:12edgarass rune bot
00:03:18Laier veno pull
00:03:26dhgf kle
00:03:28dhgf pulli esimene
00:03:30dhgf ja kui tulevad
00:03:31dhgf panen seina
00:03:40Strom edgar seekord üleval :D
00:03:59Kanpu3a lol
00:04:25dhgf vittu ;D::D:D
00:04:26Strom kuhu sein jäi? :D
00:04:27-.- kus on spinid
00:04:48-.- siin
00:04:49diesel ma saan üle jälle
00:04:50diesel midis
00:04:57diesel keegi tulgu midi
00:05:01Strom ära jama
00:05:03Strom viper > axe
00:05:07Strom võta farmi lihtsalt
00:05:15Affliction rune top
00:06:13Aerwyn ...
00:06:25diesel ei saa
00:06:27diesel pole võimalik lihtsalt
00:06:28diesel 0 chance
00:06:30Strom kuidas?
00:06:32diesel isegi puppy ei teeks ära
00:06:33Strom mida ta teeb sulle?
00:06:34Strom ta melee ju
00:06:35Laier ....
00:06:37diesel panegb selle pasa peale
00:06:37Laier what are you doing
00:06:40diesel ja jookseb kõrvale
00:06:40Aerwyn dieing
00:06:41Strom noh, võtad lasthiti
00:06:41diesel ja kõik
00:06:43diesel rohkem ei peagi tegema
00:06:45diesel ei saa
00:06:48diesel ei saa lasthitte
00:07:22diesel keegi midi
00:07:24Laier gj
00:07:25diesel kohe paluks
00:07:59Strom tulen
00:08:14Kanpu3a hahahahahahah
00:08:15diesel keegi midi
00:08:20-.- wow u guys are slow
00:08:30Kanpu3a just u
00:08:54diesel mid missing
00:08:55Aerwyn i give you bottle
00:09:26diesel :D:D:D
00:10:38Strom ära mine axe'i juurde siis
00:10:45diesel no vennal on 100 hpd
00:10:49diesel arvata on et üritan ultit visata
00:11:08diesel strom hakka gankima
00:11:15Strom ma ganginud igalpool
00:11:20Strom sup
00:11:21-.- huh
00:11:39Strom 4 top :(
00:13:44-.- fight
00:14:06Aerwyn why didnt stun shedder?
00:14:07Aerwyn tuskar
00:14:54Kanpu3a mnore
00:15:05-.- 5vs4 fight
00:15:07-.- u just farming
00:15:08Kanpu3a and
00:15:08-.- dududu
00:15:21Aerwyn and?
00:15:24Kanpu3a and
00:15:25Aerwyn what answer is that
00:15:35Aerwyn gj
00:15:45-.- care
00:15:50-.- need more
00:15:50-.- of us
00:15:59Aerwyn stun
00:16:01Strom def top tower
00:16:26edgarass roll
00:16:28edgarass xae near me
00:17:01-.- why steal
00:17:23Laier all bot
00:17:23Laier come
00:18:02edgarass mana
00:18:09Aerwyn just def tower
00:18:12Aerwyn got no ulti
00:18:17Laier get here now
00:18:23edgarass ud mana me
00:18:24-.- cd
00:19:05Aerwyn why waste ulti?
00:19:10-.- not a waste
00:19:12-.- when cd is so low
00:19:20Laier axe ulti never waste imo :D
00:19:42Aerwyn hmmm
00:19:59Aerwyn b
00:20:02-.- yy
00:20:07Aerwyn just saying :)
00:20:21Aerwyn :D
00:20:32Laier pussy
00:21:12-.- buy me a tp
00:21:24Laier no money
00:21:27-.- ty
00:21:27Aerwyn say ty
00:21:28-.- some1 did
00:21:30Aerwyn :D
00:22:22Aerwyn top
00:22:23-.- take him
00:22:23Aerwyn got ulti
00:22:27Joda towers
00:23:05-.- es dagger
00:23:10-.- oh well ':D
00:23:50Laier go kill strom
00:23:58dhgf KILL AXE
00:24:01Aerwyn b
00:24:04Kanpu3a hahahah
00:24:13-.- seriously this wd
00:24:17-.- annoying
00:24:35Aerwyn xD
00:24:55diesel lets gank
00:24:57Aerwyn i go place wards now
00:25:15diesel wd
00:25:17diesel get wards pelase
00:26:08Laier es blink
00:26:09Laier ssems so
00:26:23diesel wd
00:26:24diesel wards
00:26:43Aerwyn wards <3
00:26:48-.- :)
00:26:49Joda viper and dk shitfarm
00:26:57diesel good point
00:26:58diesel can u get wards?
00:27:07Joda if u get items
00:27:10Joda boots 24 min
00:27:12Joda phwww
00:27:36Joda lol why tp
00:28:32Kanpu3a deny
00:28:35Kanpu3a lowbob
00:28:46Aerwyn hehe, sry
00:28:57Joda raped illu
00:29:05Kanpu3a wtf
00:29:13-.- reuse
00:29:33Joda viper farm!
00:29:34Laier get mid tower
00:29:35Laier easy
00:29:40diesel ye I am
00:29:41Aerwyn sure
00:29:41-.- y
00:29:42-.- coming
00:29:42diesel to get wards and shit
00:30:17Joda es why do u never stun after ulti?:S
00:30:18dhgf that was shit
00:30:21dhgf oom
00:30:25Joda u had 350
00:30:28Joda 345
00:30:33dhgf well look again
00:30:35dhgf because i was oom
00:30:38Laier so pointless chase
00:30:38-.- whoops
00:30:39Laier :/
00:30:40Joda haha no u had 345
00:30:42-.- i know i know
00:30:42Joda exactly
00:30:46-.- take tower and b
00:30:48-.- i ruined
00:30:51Joda dk damn
00:31:14-.- well
00:31:18-.- we can push it to the end
00:31:20-.- when im back
00:31:22-.- go refill
00:31:22-.- all
00:31:28-.- not like that
00:31:29-.- tho
00:31:29Aerwyn :D
00:31:34-.- and that
00:31:56Laier come fight with your blademail mby :/
00:32:03Laier 2v3
00:32:06Laier and you were full hp anyway
00:32:06Aerwyn ye
00:32:17Kanpu3a ye
00:32:19Kanpu3a FU!
00:32:22Kanpu3a ye
00:32:23Aerwyn :D
00:32:25Laier funny
00:32:29Kanpu3a very
00:32:43Affliction -.,-
00:32:55Laier both takes own target
00:32:56Laier smart :D
00:33:01Aerwyn wtf guys?
00:33:06Aerwyn really
00:33:11Aerwyn dont feed them
00:33:12dhgf well dk
00:33:14Aerwyn b
00:33:15Aerwyn all mid
00:33:15Aerwyn b
00:33:15dhgf it all looked so tasty
00:33:18Aerwyn let's go with 5
00:33:31Strom bot tower low tho
00:33:35Kanpu3a help lowbobs
00:34:07Kanpu3a eeeeee
00:34:09Kanpu3a tuck
00:34:11Kanpu3a gj
00:34:12Kanpu3a fu
00:34:22edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:24Kanpu3a stupied
00:34:25Kanpu3a tuck
00:34:31Kanpu3a never pick him
00:34:35Kanpu3a idiot
00:34:53Aerwyn we lost this :D
00:34:57Kanpu3a cap?
00:35:01-.- what
00:35:04Kanpu3a )))
00:35:14Laier no 1 said you need to rush in 2v5
00:35:16Aerwyn now we must try turtle
00:35:20Laier just stay at fucking tower and wait others
00:35:30Affliction roshj after
00:35:38-.- np
00:35:40-.- we can take this
00:35:42Strom dd bot
00:35:44-.- but not for long
00:35:46Joda roshy
00:35:51-.- get some wards in their forest
00:36:19-.- yup
00:36:23diesel lets gank
00:36:27dhgf ARE
00:36:28diesel wtf
00:36:29dhgf YOU FUCKING
00:36:30dhgf RETARDED
00:36:31diesel its bannable
00:36:32Laier wd aegis? :DD
00:36:33Laier wtf
00:36:34dhgf no
00:36:34Joda lol
00:36:35dhgf banned
00:36:37Joda best i take
00:36:38Joda noob..
00:36:40Strom seriously wtf was that
00:36:49-.- here
00:36:50Joda who else
00:36:52-.- gather
00:36:52Joda stupid
00:36:53diesel :D u just fucking ask for it eh :D
00:36:55dhgf dk
00:36:56dhgf idiot
00:36:57Aerwyn they wont come
00:37:00Joda dk got bootd
00:37:01Joda boots
00:37:05dhgf :O
00:37:06Joda i do 10x more than dk in fights
00:37:15diesel gj
00:37:16dhgf NICE JOB
00:37:17diesel waste of aegis
00:37:18Strom you give entries
00:37:18dhgf YOU ARE SO GOOD
00:37:20Strom not do dmg
00:37:22Joda coz u idots write
00:37:27dhgf FUCKING RETARD
00:37:28Laier mid?
00:37:29-.- push
00:37:33Joda stupid noobteam
00:37:41diesel yep
00:37:43diesel please talk more
00:37:44-.- got no tomb
00:37:45Joda viper 0 farm, es cant stun
00:37:45Affliction nice use off agies
00:37:46-.- umh
00:37:50Aerwyn care es
00:37:51Kanpu3a 30 sec
00:37:56Joda dk is extremly bad at lasthitting
00:37:57dhgf dk
00:37:58dhgf dk
00:37:59dhgf go tank pls
00:38:01dhgf so i can
00:38:01Kanpu3a 15
00:38:02dhgf good ult
00:38:10Joda viper fed great also
00:38:16Kanpu3a go?
00:38:19-.- y
00:38:41Kanpu3a fucking
00:38:44-.- sick combo
00:38:44Kanpu3a tuskar
00:38:49Kanpu3a agaim
00:38:51Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:00Laier nothing sick in it
00:39:00edgarass what did i do wrong say me pls
00:39:06Laier just stupid from you to run all in same spot
00:39:13Aerwyn i put all of us at same spot
00:39:17-.- its kinda obvious
00:39:18Aerwyn u*
00:39:30Aerwyn made es's job really easy
00:39:39-.- not like we can prevent it happening anyway
00:39:41-.- when we fight
00:39:43Aerwyn fuck that shedder
00:40:37Strom they al there
00:40:38-.- need all
00:41:02dhgf base
00:41:02dhgf pls
00:41:04dhgf fight base
00:41:56Aerwyn fuck this lag
00:42:00Aerwyn can't see NYTHING
00:42:47Laier take bot axe
00:43:02Affliction 300 for bkb
00:43:17edgarass make pipe
00:43:39Laier we need shitloads of damage
00:43:43-.- we need wards
00:44:12edgarass b ud
00:44:48dhgf wtf
00:45:00-.- go
00:45:02-.- top
00:45:33Laier care ES
00:46:11Aerwyn I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:20-.- too fatty fat heroes
00:46:20Laier i told you something
00:46:21-.- too late
00:46:26Laier care es and you just run all to same spot again :D
00:46:36Laier at this point
00:46:37Joda rosh re
00:46:38Joda go
00:46:41Laier tuskar dont take ANY1 with you in ball
00:46:42-.- as i said its not preventable
00:46:44-.- he will hit anyway
00:46:48Kanpu3a \ahahahaha
00:46:56-.- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:14-.- go forfeit
00:47:17Affliction lol
00:47:17Affliction :/
00:47:23-.- kill
00:47:40dhgf dont take aegis
00:47:42dhgf this time
00:47:42dhgf pls
00:47:48dhgf dk
00:47:48dhgf take
00:47:49dhgf drop
00:47:50Aerwyn no stun
00:47:51Aerwyn :)
00:48:05Laier 1 more fight
00:48:10-.- go mid
00:48:11-.- fight
00:48:15Aerwyn dont push
00:48:16Aerwyn try gang
00:48:17Aerwyn them
00:48:19Aerwyn in forest
00:48:24-.- we got no wards
00:48:25-.- still
00:48:26Aerwyn push when it's 4v5 or 3v5
00:48:33Aerwyn buy urself
00:48:37Aerwyn u can also so that
00:48:38Aerwyn u know?
00:48:41-.- no
00:48:45dhgf b
00:48:45dhgf b
00:48:46dhgf b
00:48:47dhgf b
00:48:47dhgf b
00:48:47dhgf b
00:48:47dhgf b
00:48:48dhgf b
00:48:48dhgf b
00:48:48Strom b wd
00:48:49Strom b wd
00:48:58dhgf strom b
00:49:00dhgf pohh see taun
00:49:05Laier now
00:49:05Laier again
00:49:06dhgf we can win 4v5
00:49:06Laier care es
00:49:08dhgf np
00:49:22dhgf take
00:49:25dhgf ud tower
00:49:26dhgf down
00:49:27-.- cant go
00:49:28-.- tbh
00:49:39-.- GO
00:49:40-.- GO
00:49:40-.- GO
00:49:40-.- GO
00:49:41-.- GO
00:50:02Laier I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:05Laier gg
00:50:10Aerwyn ?
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