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Chat log

00:00:07svents -ap
00:00:07mansikka ap?
00:00:07svents -ap
00:00:07TrustNoGoblin sry once again i was akf and i didnt notice
00:00:07mansikka -ap
00:00:08TrustNoGoblin im grey
00:00:20mansikka tuleeko han pataan Hit-IT triolta :DDDDDDDDD
00:00:49svents i can solo
00:00:55svents if u gank mansikka
00:01:05mansikka i play shit chen
00:01:14Firelord0.1 why u pick than ?
00:01:19mansikka random
00:01:19svents u said tide
00:01:21svents goblin
00:01:22svents wtf
00:01:27mansikka no
00:01:30mansikka tide was banned
00:01:31svents mcfele gonna pick tide?
00:01:32mansikka he pick axe
00:01:34svents oh
00:01:34Firelord0.1 nah he sayd axe
00:01:34TrustNoGoblin y
00:01:39TrustNoGoblin tide was banned
00:01:41TrustNoGoblin xD
00:01:44svents ok
00:01:46mxL- axe jungle
00:01:48svents my bad
00:01:49Firelord0.1 ommni wasnt banned ?
00:01:54J0te let me solo
00:01:56custy tide was banned
00:01:57TrustNoGoblin np my bad i afk randomed
00:01:57mansikka no
00:02:00J0te ax wood
00:02:01TrustNoGoblin i go woods
00:02:03TrustNoGoblin dont worry
00:02:04TrustNoGoblin be happy
00:02:06TrustNoGoblin :)
00:02:10Firelord0.1 so shit they got omni
00:02:19mansikka np mxl goes diffu
00:02:22mxL- XD
00:02:26mansikka or? :D
00:02:37TrustNoGoblin chen is woods also
00:02:40TrustNoGoblin so care bot ganks
00:02:48J0te kk
00:02:48svents ss2
00:02:52svents re1
00:02:55TrustNoGoblin gj dusa blocked creep spot
00:03:05mansikka go grobe
00:04:44Strom care top
00:04:46Strom clock inc with rune
00:04:51Strom re
00:06:22mansikka :D
00:06:23J0te axax
00:06:24svents :DD
00:06:29mansikka gj svents
00:06:32svents same
00:06:35mansikka wana go bvase?
00:06:39mxL- miss care bot
00:06:40mansikka i buy u tp back
00:06:55svents :D
00:07:01J0te n1 lucker
00:07:03svents ty
00:07:10svents zkills stfu
00:07:18TrustNoGoblin use chiken
00:07:19TrustNoGoblin pls
00:07:36J0te ss sk
00:07:45Strom ss mid
00:07:50TrustNoGoblin heal me pls
00:07:55TrustNoGoblin WTF
00:07:58TrustNoGoblin OMNI?>
00:08:01J0te re sk
00:08:01TrustNoGoblin TY
00:08:03TrustNoGoblin ff
00:08:10Firelord0.1 OMg
00:08:10TrustNoGoblin man are u on drugs?
00:08:17TrustNoGoblin i was low hp u tp full
00:08:19mxL- MISS MID
00:08:20TrustNoGoblin and u heal ursefl
00:08:22TrustNoGoblin rly man
00:08:40TrustNoGoblin and u dont say a word
00:08:51TrustNoGoblin one sry would be fine coz that was mega noob move
00:08:53TrustNoGoblin ...
00:09:48Firelord0.1 got arcane
00:10:18Strom def mid
00:12:09svents ss
00:12:38svents re
00:12:39Aleks875 hazte meduza
00:12:46Aleks875 the uselesse hero
00:12:56Aleks875 and steal creeps
00:13:15svents rofl
00:14:17Strom this is going to end badly I fear
00:14:22TrustNoGoblin ofc
00:14:23Strom we have so weak lineup
00:14:25TrustNoGoblin all lanes fail
00:14:29TrustNoGoblin omni i druged
00:14:35TrustNoGoblin or i dont know
00:14:36Strom all lanes fail?
00:14:47Strom mid was just fine
00:14:49J0te dno where u are
00:15:15Strom that medusa pick is the worst
00:15:19Aleks875 y
00:15:22Aleks875 shit hero
00:15:24Strom axe needs boots + dagger
00:15:45svents oh :d
00:15:45svents ok
00:15:48svents 3 sec ulti cd
00:15:49svents :DDD
00:16:05TrustNoGoblin invi lcock
00:16:15TrustNoGoblin rune is top
00:16:32TrustNoGoblin this omni
00:16:33TrustNoGoblin ...
00:16:36TrustNoGoblin ff
00:16:42Aleks875 whats omni
00:16:45Aleks875 i was stuned
00:16:46mxL- tp
00:16:52mxL- ty
00:16:52Aleks875 and dead
00:16:54TrustNoGoblin man u heal ursefl top with full hp and i was low
00:16:54Aleks875 cose u
00:16:56TrustNoGoblin now u dont come
00:16:58TrustNoGoblin u feed
00:17:00TrustNoGoblin pls
00:17:01TrustNoGoblin ...
00:17:04TrustNoGoblin dont u what omni
00:17:19TrustNoGoblin we are never 5
00:17:20Firelord0.1 got forge
00:17:49custy zzz
00:17:50custy i
00:18:26TrustNoGoblin he never heal me
00:18:27TrustNoGoblin ...
00:18:36TrustNoGoblin this is joke
00:18:41Aleks875 no mana
00:18:42TrustNoGoblin im tank and suport dont heal me
00:18:43Aleks875 noob
00:18:48TrustNoGoblin U GOT SOUL RING
00:18:49custy did some1 control me??
00:18:49TrustNoGoblin NOOB
00:18:50Strom oh boy
00:18:51TrustNoGoblin USE IT
00:18:57custy i felt like it
00:19:01Strom stop afking at fountain
00:19:02TrustNoGoblin ur so fucking low u cant use soul ring
00:19:12Strom -afk
00:19:20mansikka GOT MEKA
00:19:27TrustNoGoblin they rosh proly
00:20:12mxL- ROOF ULTI
00:20:14mxL- ?
00:20:21Firelord0.1 cd
00:20:27mxL- k
00:20:31mxL- push
00:20:42svents ty
00:20:45Firelord0.1 need mana
00:20:50Firelord0.1 spamm
00:20:55Aleks875 krob
00:21:05J0te def bobs
00:21:35J0te i wont answer u to
00:21:39Firelord0.1 b
00:21:53Aleks875 duza
00:21:56Aleks875 imba in team
00:22:09Aleks875 krob
00:22:12Aleks875 i will repel u
00:22:14Aleks875 go
00:22:25Strom don't go anywhere, wen eed to turtle
00:22:26Strom in base
00:22:37Aleks875 go krob
00:22:55custy i b
00:23:12Firelord0.1 ty
00:23:33Firelord0.1 hood rdy
00:23:44Firelord0.1 deff mid ?
00:24:05Aleks875 wood warded
00:24:25Firelord0.1 finish it
00:24:51mansikka gj for wards
00:24:59mansikka very nice
00:25:04custy sry
00:25:20Strom why you steal
00:25:41J0te 1 creep
00:25:44J0te doesnt matter
00:25:44TrustNoGoblin ff
00:25:47TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:25:47Strom yeah, biggest creep in game
00:25:52TrustNoGoblin how we ff?
00:25:53Strom in normal camps anyway
00:25:59Strom we don't
00:26:00Strom we win
00:26:12J0te hard when no 5 def
00:26:17J0te together
00:27:21J0te dont understand this medusa
00:27:26Aleks875 me too
00:27:28J0te useless heros
00:27:31J0te hero
00:27:35TrustNoGoblin strong in late
00:27:39TrustNoGoblin but our dusa is low
00:27:45Strom dusa is strong only after 500 cs
00:27:48Firelord0.1 pip in 500 gold
00:27:50mxL- push top rax
00:27:51Strom before that, most heroes are better
00:27:51McFele i didnt like anything from that pool
00:28:03McFele play ap sometimes too
00:28:07J0te it was moron choice
00:28:09McFele not only fuking rd
00:28:13J0te when u saw all push heroes
00:28:15TrustNoGoblin man rd is fine
00:28:17McFele i dont care
00:28:19McFele i want dusa
00:28:19TrustNoGoblin and u dont wanna play suport
00:28:22McFele so i took it
00:28:22TrustNoGoblin ur carry wanna be
00:28:29Strom blah
00:28:36svents sup?
00:28:41Strom lol svents
00:28:44mansikka go top
00:28:48J0te strong ult
00:28:54J0te professional work
00:28:58svents mis?:D
00:29:06Strom sinu töö siin mängus 0 ju
00:29:15svents mism6ttes?
00:29:17Firelord0.1 mana
00:29:20Strom otseses
00:29:23Strom farmid ainult rahus
00:29:33svents nii peabki ju
00:29:49TrustNoGoblin il tp
00:30:09J0te def
00:30:32Strom I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:34TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:35Aleks875 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:39TrustNoGoblin !ff
00:30:43J0te important medusa
00:30:46McFele thx for turning of my shield dumbfucks
00:30:46TrustNoGoblin how i type i surender??
00:30:48McFele i will not ff
00:30:51TrustNoGoblin i surender
00:30:53TrustNoGoblin /
00:30:54svents wp all
00:30:58custy gg
00:30:59TrustNoGoblin />//??>
00:31:06TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:08TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:11TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:19TrustNoGoblin strom
00:31:23TrustNoGoblin tell me
00:33:21svents gg
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