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-8 X
+1 TS

85% | 1498 X | 1472 TS

-2 X
+0 TS

56% | 1262 X | 1374 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

57% | 1263 X | 1348 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

55% | 1217 X | 1373 TS

+48 X
+1 TS

54% | 1167 X | 1411 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

84% | 1534 X | 1448 TS

+10 X
-1 TS

81% | 1513 X | 1382 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

78% | 1474 X | 1400 TS

-4 X
-1 TS

45% | 1142 X | 1329 TS

-15 X
-6 TS

7% | 1069 X | 1021 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Jerkku get me wl = win
00:00:16Aleks875 I like when u angry for me
00:00:16infect i am not angry for you
00:00:16Aleks875 I get game more fun
00:00:16infect or what ever that means
00:00:16-.- aa ma kapten
00:00:16-.- tsill
00:00:16Jerkku aleks picks crap but hes funny guy still
00:00:16infect but I just ask you, why you play in a place where nobody wants to play with you
00:00:16-.- -omni
00:00:16Jerkku boss
00:00:16infect võta wl sellele
00:00:16Jerkku pick me wl
00:00:16Aleks875 I said i get fun here
00:00:16-.- ugh ogh
00:00:16Aleks875 cose all hate me and try gang
00:00:16que2stress -wl
00:00:16Aleks875 so i get more hard in dota
00:00:16Aleks875 XD
00:00:16Jerkku fffuu
00:00:16que2stress any wishes?
00:00:16Jerkku tiny
00:00:17Jerkku me
00:00:19infect you get fun, when people make fun of you and comment on your very bad dota play?
00:00:22hibalunt tini for me
00:00:34hibalunt tinitinitini plz
00:00:38infect aa siis
00:00:41infect gyro fp :D
00:00:43Aleks875 stfu
00:00:44que2stress get es
00:00:45-.- normik
00:00:46Nickless any wl
00:00:48que2stress somone
00:00:48Nickless nv
00:00:50que2stress wl is banned
00:00:58Aleks875 u nooob player i dont wanna listen u
00:01:07hibalunt que, what you?
00:01:14hibalunt klonkz?
00:01:18infect and yet i am still 10x better than you
00:01:18Jerkku im woods
00:01:21que2stress hm
00:01:22que2stress y
00:01:23infect i solo top
00:01:24infect so bot lane
00:01:25que2stress give me clocnks
00:01:26infect take heroes
00:01:28que2stress get roof
00:01:28hibalunt -swap 1
00:01:30infect where 1 is range
00:01:31Jerkku AND BOTLANE
00:01:33que2stress -swap 4
00:01:34Jerkku buy wards
00:01:37Jerkku so they cant pull
00:01:42J0te aleks pizdec
00:01:44que2stress lastpick dazzle or pugna
00:01:45Nickless tiny going arcane?
00:01:49infect sorin
00:01:50infect range
00:01:51infect razzle
00:01:51Jerkku dazle
00:01:52infect pugna
00:01:53Jerkku dazzle
00:01:56Jerkku :)
00:01:56infect OD
00:01:57infect WHY OD
00:01:58Jerkku ff
00:01:59Jerkku ff
00:02:00Jerkku ff
00:02:01Jerkku Ff
00:02:01Jerkku Ff
00:02:03Aleks875 hahaha
00:02:06Jerkku :F
00:02:08infect sorin, if you fail this game
00:02:12Aleks875 ursa player
00:02:13infect i will ban you for gameruin
00:02:13Jerkku :D:D:DD:
00:02:14que2stress wtf
00:02:15infect i am sorry
00:02:16Aleks875 write it too
00:02:16que2stress tinker
00:02:19Aleks875 u sux anyway
00:02:30infect sorin, do you understand?
00:02:31que2stress tinker mid then
00:02:36que2stress es tiny top
00:02:40Jerkku KROBE
00:02:42sorin_elf whay
00:02:42Jerkku come rune
00:02:45sorin_elf i was afk
00:02:49infect when you fail this game
00:02:54infect i will ban you for gameruin
00:03:00sorin_elf why man?
00:03:04Jerkku rune BOT
00:03:06sorin_elf i failed all games
00:03:06infect cause you picked shit
00:03:09sorin_elf can u ban me?
00:03:13J0te Why u dont chicken as supports?
00:03:14infect yes
00:03:16sorin_elf i am borred of suport
00:03:23sorin_elf and all games noobs like u fail
00:03:23que2stress why u pick tinker as support?
00:03:24Jerkku like aleks
00:03:28infect then dota-gc isnt for you when you are a ba dplayer
00:03:28Jerkku never supports
00:03:28sorin_elf u arent so pro
00:03:34infect but you are even worse
00:03:43que2stress pull
00:03:59sorin_elf go mym
00:04:01sorin_elf if u are so pro
00:04:13infect mym isnt good @ dota
00:04:16que2stress may
00:04:17que2stress u
00:04:17sorin_elf if u are better than me, doesnt me u are a pro
00:04:17infect not anymore
00:04:18que2stress pull?
00:04:28Jerkku AND PLAY
00:04:29Jerkku focus
00:04:29Aleks875 no prob
00:04:30Jerkku ty
00:04:33infect cant let you carry anyways
00:04:38Aleks875 but no creeps
00:04:38hibalunt and not your weener, creeps
00:04:43infect useless to play support when carry is a noob
00:05:08sorin_elf the reason i didnt pick suport now
00:05:14sorin_elf look all my games
00:05:15que2stress can u stop
00:05:18sorin_elf all suport, all fail
00:05:22que2stress hitting creep
00:05:27infect means that you are a bad player
00:05:34infect you need to earn the right to play carry
00:05:39sorin_elf means i suport a rambo spectre
00:05:40Jerkku :(
00:05:41-.- plssssss
00:05:44sorin_elf or a suicider balanar
00:05:48J0te big play
00:05:49Jerkku so unlucky gyro
00:05:50que2stress tree stop lasthit
00:06:06infect ss tiny
00:06:06sorin_elf do stun
00:06:07sorin_elf got aura 2
00:06:39Nickless tiny krobe
00:06:52J0te ss gyro
00:07:00linnuke ss bot
00:07:05sorin_elf ss clinkz
00:07:13Jerkku ss tinyyy
00:07:16infect tiny ss
00:07:27-.- dead
00:07:33que2stress STOP IT
00:08:11sorin_elf can i get midas 1st item>
00:08:12sorin_elf ?
00:08:16J0te oh man
00:08:32infect ofc not
00:08:50que2stress gang bot plz
00:09:00Jerkku wards would help
00:09:01Jerkku a lot
00:09:10sorin_elf is forbiden to get midas guys?
00:09:14Jerkku YEP
00:09:20infect on od
00:09:21Jerkku useless for u
00:09:23sorin_elf giro?
00:09:24infect ofc it's idiotic
00:09:25J0te re
00:09:34que2stress tree plz
00:09:37-.- do whatever u like :D
00:09:38Aleks875 whast
00:09:39que2stress can u let met farm
00:09:42Aleks875 i need afrm too
00:09:42sorin_elf ty man
00:09:43sorin_elf :D:D
00:09:52sorin_elf and gyro is the captain, not infect
00:09:52que2stress go gang then damnit
00:09:56J0te ss
00:09:57que2stress im hadcore carry
00:09:58Jerkku got ult
00:09:58infect but he isnt admin
00:10:02Aleks875 opk
00:10:09sorin_elf but isnt fair
00:10:11sorin_elf to ban noobs
00:10:14J0te ss
00:10:26infect then dont pick carry
00:10:27Nickless increase ganks
00:10:30infect it's insta gameruin
00:10:36sorin_elf not at all
00:10:42sorin_elf i play good carry
00:10:44infect if you dont fail and carry
00:10:45sorin_elf i suck with suport
00:10:48infect you wont get banned
00:10:56sorin_elf can i flame u?
00:11:02Jerkku PLEASE STOP THAT
00:11:02-.- mid ss
00:11:04Jerkku play ffs
00:11:48J0te ss gyro
00:11:50que2stress flying plz
00:11:51Jerkku es tiny woods
00:11:53Jerkku dead
00:11:53Aleks875 kill now
00:11:56sorin_elf still ss bot
00:11:58Jerkku NEED WARDSSs
00:12:16-.- hew hew
00:12:28Jerkku wards ?
00:12:39infect linnuke, osta palun
00:12:45linnuke i bought them but they were on a courier:/
00:12:49que2stress flying?
00:12:50que2stress wards?
00:12:54Aleks875 all ss
00:12:59Jerkku ty
00:13:10J0te ss
00:13:14que2stress gang
00:13:14que2stress bot
00:13:32Jerkku tiny our woods all the time
00:13:33infect get 1 lvl prison
00:13:39infect for disable
00:14:05que2stress oh cool allies here
00:14:19-.- waste :p
00:14:25Jerkku im useless
00:14:27que2stress do you know
00:14:27Jerkku without wards
00:14:30que2stress that bot is getting attacked?
00:14:31infect base
00:14:32Jerkku they gank me all the time
00:14:34infect has 4 wards
00:14:36sorin_elf so
00:14:40sorin_elf u will ban legion?
00:14:42J0te 'y
00:14:43Nickless im farming from now on
00:14:44que2stress good
00:14:48Nickless gank are meaningless in thi game
00:15:28Aleks875 get mid
00:15:56-.- go all
00:16:49infect prison
00:17:09J0te imber roof
00:17:16J0te solo gamer
00:17:31infect tule b
00:17:36J0te axaxax
00:17:49Jerkku some1 wanna up chicken ?
00:17:56hibalunt pk
00:17:59linnuke sec
00:18:02infect sul bracerit vaja
00:18:45que2stress wtf
00:18:46Aleks875 tiny
00:18:47Aleks875 come
00:19:13infect siin oli ta
00:20:16Aleks875 come shaker
00:20:19Aleks875 invis u
00:20:24Aleks875 ah no mana
00:20:25Aleks875 back
00:20:31que2stress -ms
00:21:14infect njah, pidin hittima, et ta ei saaks blinkida
00:21:18-.- np
00:21:32-.- go in
00:21:32-.- ffs
00:21:59Nickless w8 bonez
00:22:05sorin_elf can i unshare?
00:22:10infect lol ofc not
00:22:19sorin_elf isnt this a fucking abuse?
00:22:25sorin_elf someone use me
00:22:28Jerkku FUCK THIS
00:22:29que2stress why u waste ult
00:22:31Aleks875 no ult-(
00:22:32infect then request
00:22:32Jerkku they got wards everywhere
00:23:01sorin_elf where can i report?
00:23:03Jerkku need wardsss
00:23:21hibalunt wards
00:23:49-.- sa tapaks nad ära :D
00:23:51sorin_elf where can i report man?
00:23:55sorin_elf someone fuck me
00:23:58infect 1vs4 mitte
00:23:58sorin_elf 2 times till now
00:24:00sorin_elf usemy hero
00:24:11Jerkku sorin elf
00:24:14Jerkku u cant know
00:24:16Jerkku who used u
00:24:17Jerkku so
00:24:18Jerkku :S
00:24:21infect yes he can
00:24:22sorin_elf admin will find
00:24:23infect replay shows
00:24:25hibalunt ac?
00:24:25Jerkku oh
00:24:32Aleks875 y
00:24:36infect when me and gyro were bot ifghting
00:24:40infect it leaves on you legion
00:24:49Jerkku why i would use him ?
00:24:58infect or sven
00:25:01Aleks875 ult rdy
00:25:01linnuke ei
00:25:02Aleks875 go
00:25:15linnuke ma ei viitsi enda heroga isegi m2ngida :D
00:25:18-.- igav
00:25:18infect :D:D
00:25:21sorin_elf just dont touch me anymore
00:25:25sorin_elf let me play as i can
00:25:27que2stress es
00:25:41infect shit
00:25:42infect had dust
00:25:43infect :D
00:25:43Jerkku wtf :D
00:25:45Jerkku i ultied
00:26:24-.- mid push
00:26:26-.- i guess
00:26:38infect or top twr
00:26:44que2stress go
00:26:51-.- take two then
00:26:53Nickless def
00:26:56sorin_elf omw
00:27:18Jerkku this is fucking epic shit
00:27:22Jerkku im so unlucky today
00:27:37Nickless push
00:27:40Nickless try tower
00:27:47Jerkku imba roofbuild
00:27:50infect sul double bootsid ka
00:27:50infect :d
00:27:59-.- more speed
00:28:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:11que2stress i farm bot
00:28:11sorin_elf dont
00:28:13sorin_elf we can win
00:28:15hibalunt all up
00:28:33Jerkku get those wards
00:28:38-.- :D
00:28:39Nickless omw up
00:28:56infect miks ma pean alati hästi mängima ja team sitasti :D
00:29:00J0te cmin
00:30:14Aleks875 almost got me
00:30:15Aleks875 gj
00:30:34Aleks875 needed 6000 rang
00:30:37Aleks875 and its ok
00:31:06J0te go gem?
00:31:41Aleks875 come up
00:32:02Jerkku see
00:32:06Jerkku they got wards everywhere
00:32:16que2stress ops
00:32:27sorin_elf go all 5
00:32:30sorin_elf legion ulti clinkz
00:32:32sorin_elf rest is gg
00:32:39Jerkku i need fking bkb
00:32:42Jerkku useless without
00:33:27Nickless 4
00:33:30Nickless care
00:33:40que2stress gogo
00:33:57Jerkku love ur wards
00:33:59Jerkku we have 0
00:34:15Jerkku JUST ff
00:34:24Jerkku look gyro items
00:34:26Jerkku its gg
00:34:29sorin_elf great farm giro
00:34:34infect .D
00:34:39infect teevad nalja su üle :P
00:34:44-.- much appreciated
00:34:55-.- panin tähele jah
00:34:58-.- väga ei kõiguta :D
00:35:00infect :D
00:35:02hibalunt low crits
00:35:39Jerkku hahahaha
00:36:26sorin_elf isnt good a gem?
00:36:32infect miks ma nii hea olen :S
00:36:38Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:45-.- ei oska öelda :D
00:36:49Aleks875 just ffff noob ursa player
00:36:54-.- äkki oled õppinud midagi :OOO
00:36:56J0te stronk aleksey
00:36:57infect :D
00:37:14infect vaatasin kuu aega dota2 mänge
00:37:18infect ja rohkem pole vjaagi :D
00:37:26-.- ma pole kunagi ühtegi replayd vaadanud
00:37:30-.- ega streami
00:37:31infect lives ikka
00:37:38linnuke infect purge videosi?
00:37:39-.- nay
00:37:47-.- isegi lives mitte
00:38:03-.- aia
00:38:13infect :D
00:38:17infect kõike streami
00:38:24infect tobiwani ikka pigem ka
00:38:33infect puppey-d tahtisn näha
00:38:36infect ja siis jäi külge
00:38:45infect võitis 200 000 $ ka :D
00:38:51-.- seda ma kuulsin jap
00:39:04-.- ei salli seda tegelast ikka
00:39:18infect mulle küll gc meeldis
00:39:22infect gc-s
00:40:27linnuke I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:32-.- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:45-.- nüüd küll dota isu paariks kuuks läinud
00:41:00infect said aleksid ja sorinat jah tunda
00:41:04infect ei saa pahaks panna :D
00:41:06hibalunt not bad krobe...
00:41:08-.- ei mitte seda :D
00:41:11-.- ma ise halb
00:41:13Aleks875 XD
00:41:57sorin_elf a gem...
00:41:59sorin_elf for gg
00:42:18-.- nõuu
00:42:25J0te blyat
00:42:35Aleks875 russian mat
00:42:36J0te this lucks
00:42:37Aleks875 lol
00:42:42infect nüüd ilmselt hakkavad mind fofcusma
00:42:52infect siis hapu :D
00:42:52Aleks875 estonian use rus mat?
00:42:53que2stress go with 5 now
00:42:53Aleks875 XD
00:43:02-.- bljet
00:43:16-.- kõigil bkb
00:43:18-.- mu ulti on igav
00:43:24que2stress meet
00:43:26infect mu ulti läheb läbi õnneks :D
00:43:30-.- yarr
00:43:42-.- ootan baasis kuni nad ründavad
00:43:46-.- sounds like a plan
00:44:02Nickless got smoke come
00:44:30-.- yeaaaah
00:44:31-.- buddy
00:44:48linnuke aa :D
00:44:54-.- yeah buddy
00:44:57linnuke normaalne mingi paar hiti :D
00:45:12Aleks875 pro
00:45:13Aleks875 Lol
00:45:22Aleks875 delete dota
00:45:25-.- x'i saad enivei
00:45:25Aleks875 worse player
00:45:30Aleks875 as i had seen
00:45:31-.- :D
00:45:41infect i am 13-4-12 on a hard core lsoing team :D
00:45:43infect losing*
00:45:51infect I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:45:54Aleks875 and still lose cose noob
00:45:59-.- i english speak good not bad
00:46:03sorin_elf I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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