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+2 TS

90% | 1673 X | 1403 TS

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+3 TS

86% | 1485 X | 1511 TS

+34 X
+1 TS

78% | 1406 X | 1449 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

70% | 1419 X | 1385 TS

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+2 TS

29% | 1067 X | 1250 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

91% | 1594 X | 1520 TS

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-1 TS

90% | 1620 X | 1464 TS

-39 X
-2 TS

76% | 1537 X | 1365 TS

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-1 TS

63% | 1295 X | 1319 TS

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-1 TS

25% | 1050 X | 1270 TS

Chat log

00:00:17PeterLars what u play sou
00:00:17Soulyah ddddddddont know'
00:00:17FireMal es for me plz
00:00:17Soulyah ban lc
00:00:17PeterLars lc?
00:00:17PeterLars they dont play him
00:00:17PeterLars lafrenz wanna play slark
00:00:17Soulyah well whatever
00:00:17Soulyah :D
00:00:17PeterLars SLARK
00:00:17Jaikki i can rubic
00:00:17PeterLars anyone want es?
00:00:17Lafrenzz commander
00:00:19PeterLars anyone es???
00:00:20PeterLars omg
00:00:21PeterLars comeo n
00:00:22Soulyah i want lina mid
00:00:26PeterLars es?
00:00:27PeterLars any
00:00:29PeterLars come on
00:00:57PeterLars play this hero plz
00:00:59PeterLars someone
00:01:22slc2 -swap 2
00:01:22Terkill -swap 4
00:01:30PeterLars get me doom anyone
00:01:37PeterLars doom to me
00:01:38PeterLars plz
00:01:40PeterLars plz
00:01:40PeterLars plz
00:01:41PeterLars plz
00:01:43PeterLars plz
00:01:43PeterLars plz
00:01:47PeterLars doom
00:01:54PeterLars -swap 5
00:01:56Raj -swap 1
00:02:23Jaikki get wards es
00:02:30PeterLars to late
00:02:37Terkill what did you skill first roof ?
00:02:38Aerwyn should luci solo mid?
00:02:42Inuusini nothing yet
00:02:43Aerwyn lina top
00:02:44Jaikki can i top
00:02:46Jaikki lina bot
00:02:46PeterLars lina
00:02:48PeterLars gank
00:02:49Soulyah now i emo
00:02:49Soulyah hf
00:02:50Jaikki possible to farm bot
00:02:52FireMal nice up 3 skill first plz
00:02:54Terkill if haste or dd go your slow
00:02:56Jaikki impossible*
00:03:06Terkill we can fb
00:03:07Soulyah ggwp ff
00:03:12Jaikki quelling blade ES -.-
00:03:14Inuusini wutsup?
00:03:16Jaikki and no wards
00:03:16Jaikki asdsa
00:03:20Soulyah noob team
00:03:27FireMal roof skill 3rd skill first plz
00:03:40Terkill es
00:03:56Jaikki nice gank XDd
00:04:00Inuusini epic
00:04:58Soulyah gg mid
00:05:07Jaikki DONT STEAL MY FARM
00:05:32FireMal ss lina
00:05:33FireMal care mid
00:05:45Jaikki swap lanes fffs
00:06:34PeterLars stay mid
00:07:02Jaikki ss rubick
00:07:04Jaikki inc mid
00:07:08Jaikki es please
00:07:11Jaikki dont steal my farm
00:07:44Jaikki u are slow as fuck
00:07:54Raj stfu
00:07:56Lafrenzz omw top
00:08:00PeterLars go sky
00:08:03slc2 yos
00:08:04FireMal come siletly
00:08:06Soulyah ss
00:08:06Soulyah ss
00:08:35Inuusini es low
00:08:37Aerwyn ...
00:08:40Terkill omw
00:08:43PeterLars someone plug
00:09:03Jaikki this es so fucking retad
00:09:05Jaikki retard*
00:09:10PeterLars plug
00:09:11Raj stfu
00:09:12Inuusini gj
00:10:05Soulyah ss
00:10:06Lafrenzz clock
00:10:20PeterLars lol
00:10:21Aerwyn nice timing :P
00:10:24Aerwyn to say ss
00:10:29Jaikki ss bot 1
00:10:57Lafrenzz need rune
00:11:00slc2 lina top
00:11:02Jaikki STOP IT FUCKING
00:11:13Raj learn 2 last hit
00:11:16Lafrenzz tower mid
00:11:22Jaikki u have lots of bigger dmg as i
00:11:25Inuusini ss bot
00:11:28Jaikki compared to mine*
00:11:29Aerwyn got ulti
00:11:30Aerwyn doom?
00:11:33PeterLars y
00:11:34Inuusini re
00:11:34Aerwyn k
00:11:35Aerwyn kill
00:11:51Terkill go
00:13:10Soulyah stun
00:13:11Soulyah got ulti
00:13:26Jaikki gang borT?
00:13:30Inuusini sven
00:13:32Inuusini u dont need to be here
00:14:11PeterLars got doom
00:14:11Aerwyn no mana
00:15:10FireMal can we got top plz
00:15:30Jaikki wards?
00:15:36FireMal stay b
00:15:37PeterLars up chick
00:15:39FireMal im bait
00:15:43FireMal come top
00:16:01FireMal wait
00:16:03FireMal wait
00:16:04Aerwyn tp
00:16:06Aerwyn some1
00:16:08Jaikki es heal me
00:16:25Jaikki ES
00:16:37FireMal tele mid
00:17:20PeterLars come mid
00:18:18Soulyah imba lina
00:18:18Jaikki bot
00:18:18Soulyah i say
00:19:17Lafrenzz are u kidding me
00:19:22Lafrenzz where were u last time
00:20:25Soulyah go
00:20:35Jaikki wp es
00:20:51Inuusini fuck
00:20:53Inuusini ulti was like 2s cd
00:21:26Jaikki need meka
00:21:59Soulyah yes?
00:22:01PeterLars b
00:22:03Soulyah ofc
00:22:25Lafrenzz roof :(
00:22:29Jaikki meka, urn?
00:22:30Lafrenzz why travel
00:22:31Jaikki some1?
00:22:52slc2 roof ulti ggogo
00:23:00FireMal wait for us to gather
00:23:06Jaikki spread
00:23:08Soulyah woods
00:23:42Lafrenzz dont tp top
00:23:43Aerwyn jaikki, why didnt blink to doom?
00:23:44Lafrenzz i def it
00:23:45Lafrenzz push here
00:23:47Jaikki cd
00:23:49Aerwyn was it really cd?
00:23:56Jaikki no kaippa mää muute oisin :D
00:23:59Jaikki rämpytin sitä
00:24:06Soulyah we def
00:24:16Jaikki pipe meka urn some1
00:25:13PeterLars pa go bkb
00:25:31Aerwyn xD
00:25:32Jaikki VITTU
00:25:33Soulyah wtf
00:25:35Soulyah u doing there
00:25:39Jaikki clock
00:25:42Aerwyn ?
00:25:42Jaikki why u didnt stay
00:25:45Jaikki that i could blink to u
00:25:45Aerwyn lol
00:25:47Aerwyn 2v4
00:25:48Aerwyn xD
00:25:48Soulyah he must be stupid
00:25:49Soulyah to stay
00:25:50Jaikki .-
00:25:55Jaikki somewhere there
00:26:15slc2 i come gogo es
00:26:43Aerwyn ...
00:27:18Soulyah CHICK
00:27:19Soulyah WHERE
00:27:40FireMal roof where is your second skill
00:27:44Aerwyn hmm
00:27:45Aerwyn okay
00:27:46FireMal why didnt u use second skill on mort
00:27:55FireMal you have enought mana
00:27:57Jaikki mana
00:28:12FireMal if you had used second skill on mort it could have saved me my cd on stun was litle
00:28:25Jaikki le me
00:28:49slc2 top tower
00:30:43Aerwyn fuckn this shit
00:30:46Aerwyn really
00:31:00Jaikki mkb roof :D
00:31:07Jaikki epic farm
00:31:21Jaikki roof u hate me? :|
00:31:29Inuusini u harassed me early
00:31:32Jaikki :D
00:31:38Soulyah use doom?
00:31:41Inuusini with at least 3 daggers
00:31:41Jaikki nice mkb
00:31:44Inuusini ty
00:32:09Soulyah es:D:D:d
00:32:34PeterLars b
00:33:02Soulyah like a boss
00:33:07Inuusini u so pro
00:33:12PeterLars u need bkb
00:33:12Soulyah ty
00:33:22Jaikki yes
00:33:35Jaikki incoming
00:33:37Inuusini wp
00:33:41Aerwyn soulyah?
00:33:43Aerwyn why
00:34:29PeterLars got imba delay
00:34:38Soulyah andimba armor
00:34:53Soulyah -ms
00:34:59Jaikki got bot
00:35:01Jaikki go*
00:35:07Soulyah gotmilk?
00:35:25Lafrenzz roof tp
00:35:25Aerwyn tp
00:35:49Inuusini hate more
00:36:06Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:07Raj gg
00:36:10Raj I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:10Inuusini worth?=
00:36:11Jaikki pipe would own this game
00:36:15Aerwyn ye
00:36:28Jaikki just turtle
00:36:29Jaikki not lost
00:36:41Aerwyn some1 get pipe
00:36:45Jaikki you?
00:36:47Aerwyn i can farm
00:36:48Aerwyn it
00:36:49Aerwyn try
00:36:50Aerwyn :P
00:36:55Jaikki y
00:37:06Jaikki i need farm that bkb
00:37:09Jaikki le me top
00:37:12Aerwyn just stay at base and def
00:37:13Aerwyn :)
00:37:19Lafrenzz gather
00:37:21Lafrenzz my dd top
00:37:45Jaikki dont go
00:37:47Soulyah :D
00:37:48Aerwyn ?
00:37:49Aerwyn lol
00:37:52Aerwyn wtf?
00:37:52Soulyah :DD
00:37:58Soulyah i dont even want to comment
00:37:59Soulyah :D
00:38:05Jaikki 1k to bkb
00:38:08Lafrenzz hex rdy
00:38:13Inuusini bkb
00:38:36Lafrenzz doom
00:38:49Soulyah gg
00:38:52Soulyah now u lost
00:38:52Inuusini take mid ffs
00:38:57Inuusini they were all top
00:39:09Soulyah go
00:39:09Soulyah go
00:39:11Jaikki hp
00:39:51Aerwyn they killed us with three...
00:39:53Aerwyn great
00:41:02Jaikki trap is so fucking terrible idae
00:41:04Jaikki idea
00:41:09Jaikki against that motherfucker
00:41:33Soulyah go ff now
00:41:36Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:42Raj I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:39Inuusini -ms
00:42:47Soulyah :D
00:42:51Soulyah owned
00:42:53slc2 i was juked uyes
00:42:53Jaikki i jump in
00:42:54Jaikki go
00:44:47Soulyah can uj ff
00:44:51Aerwyn I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:53Jaikki WTF
00:46:31Soulyah FFFFFFFFFF
00:46:34Lafrenzz hahaha
00:46:44Lafrenzz soulyah dead 17 times :D:D
00:46:49Soulyah :D
00:47:58Jaikki gem
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