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+52 X
+2 TS

92% | 1628 X | 1511 TS

+34 X
+2 TS

87% | 1571 X | 1473 TS

+21 X
+3 TS

84% | 1562 X | 1427 TS

+43 X
+2 TS

60% | 1247 X | 1351 TS

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47% | 1147 X | 1322 TS

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97% | 1806 X | 1559 TS

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-3 TS

80% | 1453 X | 1438 TS

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65% | 1316 X | 1409 TS

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-4 TS

66% | 1327 X | 1374 TS

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-2 TS

52% | 1215 X | 1365 TS

Chat log

00:00:20livingde4th wishes?
00:00:20coolass easy teamz
00:00:20mamyka ban husk
00:00:20livingde4th lol
00:00:20livingde4th phoe mby
00:00:20livingde4th soulyah good meepo?
00:00:20mamyka yes
00:00:20Soulyah can we proceed to the banning part?
00:00:20extremewaari some1 want es trhall?
00:00:20Soulyah i can sand king
00:00:20Soulyah ban krobe tho
00:00:20Soulyah livings hero
00:00:20extremewaari krobe
00:00:20livingde4th -meepo
00:00:21Soulyah u can fp ck
00:00:27extremewaari phoe?
00:00:32Soulyah dno
00:00:40extremewaari some1 want this?
00:00:43SieMpr3_TeAm3 wish?
00:00:49vaityl sk
00:00:54livingde4th get supprots
00:00:55SieMpr3_TeAm3 k
00:01:01coolass öööö
00:01:02extremewaari take zeus for me
00:01:04coolass minkä ottais
00:01:08extremewaari pelaa tää
00:01:13coolass -swap 1
00:01:13extremewaari -swap 3
00:01:16coolass no kai se o pakko
00:01:19Soulyah y u ban ma meepo
00:01:20extremewaari :)
00:01:21livingde4th sk u mid?
00:01:21SieMpr3_TeAm3 pick me kotl
00:01:26livingde4th i need good supp
00:01:28SieMpr3_TeAm3 vait
00:01:31livingde4th thrall?
00:01:34SieMpr3_TeAm3 -swap 4
00:01:34vaityl -swap 2
00:01:34Soulyah pick trall es?
00:01:37extremewaari take es thrall
00:01:40SieMpr3_TeAm3 !
00:01:40extremewaari es now
00:01:40Soulyah let him have it
00:01:40livingde4th retards
00:01:40mamyka tc
00:01:40Soulyah i dont care
00:01:40Soulyah play on
00:01:48Soulyah he can play it
00:01:51Soulyah as long as living wont
00:01:52extremewaari dont care lets play
00:02:07mamyka rmk
00:02:09extremewaari not
00:02:10livingde4th naa
00:02:11Soulyah u have ur krobe
00:02:16Soulyah play
00:02:18mamyka i dont wanna krob
00:02:19livingde4th ur fault dipshit
00:02:19extremewaari dont wanna rmk
00:02:22livingde4th u afked
00:02:22mamyka i said tc
00:02:24Soulyah ur own fault u picked it
00:02:27Soulyah leave and ban
00:02:36livingde4th go mid krobe?
00:02:38extremewaari we allowed u can play that hero
00:02:41Soulyah captains agreed to play so
00:02:42livingde4th build jango
00:02:44Soulyah u got no choice
00:02:44livingde4th build
00:02:47livingde4th trtanquil jango
00:02:49livingde4th and eul
00:02:51livingde4th and its win
00:02:53Soulyah they are so outpicked
00:02:54Soulyah :D
00:02:55extremewaari share chicken
00:02:58extremewaari yea :P
00:03:13livingde4th eza
00:03:15livingde4th i need famr
00:03:16livingde4th pull?
00:03:19SieMpr3_TeAm3 y
00:03:20coolass :DDDDDs
00:03:28extremewaari mid ss
00:04:00SieMpr3_TeAm3 laged
00:04:55livingde4th krobe get tranquilö
00:04:57mamyka ss zeus
00:04:57livingde4th its imba speed
00:05:00livingde4th and u need
00:05:01livingde4th reg
00:05:02livingde4th vs zeus
00:05:18livingde4th believe me
00:05:22livingde4th im best krobe in channel
00:05:34coolass sry
00:05:52coolass pugna ss
00:05:53Soulyah ss üugna
00:05:57Soulyah re
00:06:41livingde4th pause
00:06:44coolass MIXI
00:06:44livingde4th re
00:06:45livingde4th mouse stopped working .D
00:07:16Soulyah omg lol
00:07:22coolass shud have stopped
00:07:26Soulyah y
00:07:28mamyka ss mid
00:08:05livingde4th help
00:08:06livingde4th mid
00:08:42livingde4th go gank=
00:08:45livingde4th plz
00:08:55linnuke ss top
00:09:15livingde4th zeus with rune top
00:09:33coolass vittu
00:09:35Soulyah xD
00:09:53Soulyah bitches got raped and needed help
00:09:55coolass was thinking of outplaying but krobe came..
00:10:05SieMpr3_TeAm3 invis -_-
00:10:08mamyka b
00:10:15Soulyah yes b
00:10:23livingde4th twrs
00:10:24livingde4th gogo
00:10:54extremewaari tp
00:10:57vaityl ss
00:11:14SieMpr3_TeAm3 ss
00:11:29mamyka iteam for me?
00:11:46Soulyah omw
00:12:16SieMpr3_TeAm3 miss?
00:12:17Soulyah XCDDD
00:12:38mamyka go
00:12:55mamyka ????
00:13:00mamyka ?? ??????? ?????? ?????
00:13:02mamyka ?????
00:13:02extremewaari bot ss 2
00:13:10mamyka ????????
00:13:13vaityl yt gbib
00:13:15vaityl ?? ????
00:14:51mamyka ??? ????? ?? ??????
00:14:59mamyka ?? ????? ?????
00:15:15SieMpr3_TeAm3 zeus
00:15:23livingde4th need obs
00:15:25livingde4th cant faarm
00:15:38livingde4th def
00:15:38livingde4th mid
00:15:39livingde4th now
00:15:40livingde4th omw
00:15:51livingde4th go mid
00:16:19Swagga wtf am i doin?
00:16:37coolass :D
00:16:47SieMpr3_TeAm3 b
00:16:47SieMpr3_TeAm3 krob
00:17:06coolass nmelkee
00:17:07coolass :D
00:17:56livingde4th buy me tpo?
00:17:59Swagga b
00:18:02livingde4th ty
00:18:05Swagga inc 5
00:18:06livingde4th kill em
00:18:40livingde4th guys
00:18:44livingde4th im not supposed
00:18:45livingde4th to start
00:18:45livingde4th ff
00:18:46Soulyah lol u all die
00:18:46Soulyah xD
00:18:50livingde4th ofc
00:18:54livingde4th u got megacomboheroes
00:18:54SieMpr3_TeAm3 i am alive
00:19:20livingde4th pipe?
00:19:21livingde4th who?
00:19:26SieMpr3_TeAm3 i
00:19:29SieMpr3_TeAm3 try
00:19:41SieMpr3_TeAm3 invis
00:19:42SieMpr3_TeAm3 rune
00:19:53coolass kunnon lagi
00:19:54coolass huoh
00:19:59livingde4th ult
00:20:00livingde4th 25s
00:20:33livingde4th go zeus
00:20:50livingde4th let me
00:20:51livingde4th nvm
00:20:53livingde4th get twr
00:21:06extremewaari need gang spec
00:21:23livingde4th dont
00:21:24livingde4th za
00:21:25livingde4th my jo0b
00:21:26livingde4th ffs
00:22:38livingde4th eza
00:22:42livingde4th stay with team
00:22:42SieMpr3_TeAm3 y?
00:22:50coolass anyone pipe?
00:22:51coolass i go
00:22:52livingde4th mana
00:23:00extremewaari u can make it
00:23:03livingde4th ty
00:23:10SieMpr3_TeAm3 krobe
00:23:11SieMpr3_TeAm3 come
00:23:12SieMpr3_TeAm3 push top
00:23:14SieMpr3_TeAm3 i port u
00:23:23holostoi they all top
00:23:29extremewaari MITÄ?
00:23:34extremewaari mun ulti missas sut?
00:23:41livingde4th ty
00:23:50livingde4th go
00:23:52livingde4th fight=?
00:23:57livingde4th mana plz
00:23:57mamyka ? ??? ??\
00:24:14vaityl fuck you
00:24:56Soulyah what can i say
00:25:00Soulyah lack of obs
00:25:05Swagga kill the ward first
00:25:06holostoi ???? ???1? ???? ?????? ?????????
00:25:14livingde4th heal?
00:25:17coolass ward does shit loads of dmg
00:25:20livingde4th ty
00:25:22Swagga y
00:25:31Swagga and we got alot of casters
00:26:05livingde4th krobe eul
00:26:53mamyka ??? ???????? ?????
00:26:59mamyka ??? ?? ?????? ?????????
00:27:20SieMpr3_TeAm3 you go pipe, spec?
00:27:25livingde4th no
00:27:26livingde4th just
00:27:27livingde4th hood
00:28:05livingde4th mana
00:28:38coolass D:
00:28:49livingde4th sk
00:28:50livingde4th get
00:28:51livingde4th arcane
00:28:51Soulyah daguq u hold money
00:28:52livingde4th boots
00:28:53livingde4th plz
00:29:02livingde4th krobe can u get euls
00:29:03livingde4th it would
00:29:04livingde4th give
00:29:07livingde4th u mega ms
00:29:49Soulyah go top again
00:29:53Soulyah we have vision there
00:29:55livingde4th gank top?
00:30:05holostoi ?
00:30:17livingde4th not phoe
00:30:26holostoi b
00:30:30livingde4th ffs
00:30:31Soulyah WTF
00:30:33livingde4th b
00:30:33mamyka ????
00:30:38Soulyah gg
00:30:42Soulyah ty
00:30:59holostoi b
00:30:59mamyka b
00:31:09livingde4th i see
00:31:11extremewaari obs
00:31:16coolass i am not hthere
00:31:17coolass tp son
00:31:19coolass soon
00:31:23livingde4th get thraölö
00:31:35livingde4th b
00:31:41livingde4th sk
00:31:41holostoi eat tre
00:31:44livingde4th he was weak
00:31:46livingde4th sup?
00:31:50Soulyah rape
00:31:50Soulyah go
00:31:54livingde4th mana
00:31:54livingde4th eza
00:32:32coolass :d
00:32:35coolass forgot to use pipe
00:32:35coolass xd
00:33:21Soulyah b
00:33:34livingde4th mana
00:33:40SieMpr3_TeAm3 twr
00:33:52coolass what next
00:33:54coolass hmmhmmmhm
00:34:01extremewaari guinsoo? :)
00:34:26Soulyah need vision to fight
00:34:34holostoi tp me
00:34:47livingde4th go 2
00:34:49SieMpr3_TeAm3 b
00:34:53livingde4th def
00:34:53livingde4th base
00:34:55livingde4th if they go
00:36:22holostoi ?????? ?????
00:36:23Soulyah nice
00:36:26livingde4th eza
00:36:28livingde4th 1 hit
00:36:29livingde4th to egg
00:36:30livingde4th and gg
00:36:31coolass aAAAAAaaaa
00:36:31mamyka eza lowbob like sk
00:36:31extremewaari hope
00:36:31extremewaari he
00:36:31linnuke i will go if he quits
00:36:31extremewaari wont
00:36:31extremewaari drop
00:36:31extremewaari k
00:36:31livingde4th douche zeus
00:36:31livingde4th with
00:36:31livingde4th regen
00:36:31livingde4th ruined us
00:36:31mamyka es bye bye
00:36:31holostoi ?? ??????? ???
00:36:31Swagga who goes?
00:36:31linnuke me
00:36:31coolass x
00:36:31coolass xD
00:36:31Swagga i can go np
00:36:31livingde4th hmm
00:36:31coolass i acn go too
00:36:31linnuke i have lag
00:36:31coolass me too
00:36:31extremewaari k
00:36:31livingde4th he has hood?
00:36:31livingde4th and meka?
00:36:31extremewaari es u
00:36:31extremewaari can elave
00:36:31extremewaari if need
00:36:31mamyka only meka
00:36:31livingde4th k
00:36:31holostoi dont sell
00:36:31livingde4th hmm
00:36:31livingde4th for krobe or me
00:36:31livingde4th mby
00:36:31livingde4th krobe
00:36:31livingde4th im so low mana
00:36:31holostoi krobe
00:36:31linnuke !ping
00:36:31livingde4th i take rest
00:36:31livingde4th we need
00:36:31coolass jännää
00:36:31livingde4th to
00:36:31livingde4th turtle
00:36:31holostoi vs ck?
00:36:31mamyka yes
00:36:31livingde4th only chance
00:36:31livingde4th lol
00:36:31livingde4th u think we can push?
00:36:31livingde4th we got good def
00:36:31mamyka we need contr push
00:36:31livingde4th we need items
00:36:31livingde4th items
00:36:31holostoi def and control rosh
00:36:31coolass monta minsaa toi kestää?
00:36:31mamyka need wards for control
00:36:31extremewaari 4
00:36:31livingde4th there are
00:36:31livingde4th pugna
00:36:41livingde4th krobe
00:36:43extremewaari go heal
00:36:45livingde4th he has almost hood
00:36:45mamyka ?
00:36:50livingde4th i take meka
00:36:52livingde4th no
00:36:53livingde4th i mean
00:36:58livingde4th headress
00:37:03livingde4th go buy roh
00:37:05livingde4th and u got hood also
00:37:13livingde4th b mid
00:37:13livingde4th b
00:37:14livingde4th b
00:37:14livingde4th b
00:37:14livingde4th b
00:37:14livingde4th b
00:37:16livingde4th care
00:37:16livingde4th b
00:37:17livingde4th b
00:37:17livingde4th b
00:37:17livingde4th b
00:37:17livingde4th b
00:37:18livingde4th b
00:37:19livingde4th sk
00:37:23livingde4th 5 miss
00:37:27extremewaari nam redu
00:37:29extremewaari refu
00:37:44extremewaari some1 want urn?
00:37:49mamyka take meka spec
00:37:52Soulyah i waa end this game
00:37:53Soulyah and go away
00:37:56coolass ye
00:37:56coolass m7
00:39:33Soulyah xD
00:39:43Soulyah NOOO
00:39:44Soulyah denie
00:39:56Soulyah buhahah
00:40:01livingde4th nopobs
00:40:01livingde4th AS
00:40:01livingde4th sadefDF
00:40:02livingde4th GEFRT
00:40:02livingde4th DFS
00:40:03livingde4th §
00:40:24Soulyah calm down sir
00:40:29Soulyah im with u
00:40:31livingde4th ima throw this keyboard to wall
00:40:33Soulyah xD
00:40:33livingde4th almost
00:41:03livingde4th USE EZA IF UR DEAD
00:41:08Soulyah tank a bit
00:42:15mamyka MERKA
00:42:18mamyka MEKA MAN
00:42:27vaityl I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:42:33livingde4th I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:42:49holostoi ???? ????? ?? ???? ????? ???????
00:43:01Soulyah hp need
00:43:02Soulyah xD
00:43:23Soulyah OMG
00:43:50holostoi ????? ?? ???? ?????????
00:43:53mamyka ytn
00:44:08holostoi spec join fast new game
00:44:12holostoi couse i ban u
00:44:40livingde4th b
00:44:41livingde4th sk
00:44:42livingde4th ffs
00:44:50vaityl idi nahui
00:44:50Soulyah hahahahaha
00:45:08vaityl go ff
00:45:12livingde4th def mid all
00:45:13livingde4th come
00:45:14livingde4th now
00:45:19mamyka Pfdfkb t,kj rjyxtysq ye,
00:45:24livingde4th sk
00:45:26mamyka ?????? ???? ???????? ???
00:45:26livingde4th use eza
00:45:27vaityl ylbt ebet pizda
00:45:27livingde4th he is up
00:45:28livingde4th soon
00:45:30vaityl _
00:45:31vaityl )
00:46:19mamyka vfksq ns dct&
00:46:23mamyka ????? ?? ????
00:46:29holostoi lfdfq kfcnjde.
00:46:33holostoi ????? ??? 1
00:46:47mamyka ????? ????? ????????? ? ???? ?? ????
00:46:52mamyka ??? ?????? ?????
00:46:59mamyka ?? ????? ??????????
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