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-2 TS

86% | 1507 X | 1479 TS

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81% | 1497 X | 1398 TS

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73% | 1419 X | 1378 TS

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60% | 1289 X | 1352 TS

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87% | 1536 X | 1472 TS

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52% | 1188 X | 1363 TS

Chat log

00:00:19Soulyah coolass carry?
00:00:19coolass like wat
00:00:19Soulyah spec
00:00:19hibalunt mort obv
00:00:19Mercury slark
00:00:19Soulyah spec so much better
00:00:19coolass i can play mort spec
00:00:19Soulyah ns
00:00:19coolass sure
00:00:19Soulyah ns
00:00:19mamyka again this cunt fin with cips
00:00:26coolass xD
00:00:29coolass mort?
00:00:29Mercury get mid solo
00:00:31coolass i can.
00:00:31Soulyah well pick slardar
00:00:33Buttons ye
00:00:33Buttons doom
00:00:34Soulyah ok
00:00:35Soulyah go pa
00:00:38Mercury and pullwrads top
00:00:50hibalunt cm :OO mis sellega teed lol? :D
00:00:54Soulyah :D
00:00:54coolass cm
00:00:55Soulyah funnin:D
00:00:56coolass is the new imba
00:00:58Buttons qop or doo
00:00:59Buttons m
00:01:04Soulyah every hero in my hand is imba
00:01:05Mercury your call
00:01:07Soulyah xD
00:01:09hibalunt yks v2hestest dota herodest, kellega pole v6imalik fun pela saada...
00:01:09coolass true dat
00:01:14Soulyah pick SLARDAR KROBE
00:01:19Mercury get some range
00:01:28Soulyah krobe stronk
00:01:29coolass krobel
00:01:31coolass sick
00:01:35coolass or sd
00:01:38Soulyah panda also good but laning is bad
00:01:38Mercury pit bot with me
00:01:46coolass i want to get solo
00:01:49coolass as much as possibl
00:01:54coolass lol
00:01:56coolass their heroes
00:01:56Mercury wards
00:01:57coolass rofl
00:01:57DayDream war8[]s
00:01:58Soulyah eredar pick
00:01:59Mercury for top
00:02:09Mercury take
00:02:11Mercury wards
00:02:11Soulyah nice
00:02:13coolass ok
00:02:15hibalunt I can come pull...
00:02:15coolass i solo top?
00:02:19Soulyah u do that
00:02:21hibalunt then not two melee bottom
00:02:22coolass enigma woods
00:02:27hibalunt oh yea
00:02:27Buttons three
00:02:34hibalunt lol, didnt notince nigma :P
00:02:36Soulyah oeld bädäss carry w
00:02:45Mercury keda m6tled
00:02:47Soulyah sina
00:02:48Soulyah :D
00:02:52Mercury eks am proovi
00:02:53holostoi -ms
00:03:22coolass hmm
00:03:23coolass :>
00:03:44linnuke 'harass
00:05:22coolass no woods?
00:05:23Buttons ss mid cm
00:05:24Buttons care top
00:05:30Swagga seen
00:06:07linnuke ss top 1
00:06:50hibalunt gj
00:07:45Soulyah ss
00:07:48Buttons ss mid cm
00:07:50Buttons care top
00:08:18Soulyah re
00:08:22Buttons care bot
00:08:24linnuke ss top
00:08:25Soulyah kill spec
00:08:42mamyka cunt
00:08:57Soulyah gj noobs
00:09:04mamyka gj cunt mb w8 next time
00:09:11Soulyah ssmid
00:09:53Buttons ss mid
00:09:53Soulyah i give u salve
00:09:54Buttons care top
00:09:59Swagga b
00:10:02Swagga necro
00:10:16coolass gj tt
00:10:17coolass y
00:10:19Soulyah :)
00:10:49coolass ss two
00:10:53Swagga ss sklarder
00:11:21Buttons ss cm mid
00:11:27linnuke ss top
00:11:31Soulyah omw
00:11:34Soulyah dive
00:11:39coolass ss two
00:11:41coolass re
00:11:53coolass go top
00:11:54coolass enigma
00:11:54coolass come
00:11:57holostoi oom
00:12:06holostoi ned 2 min
00:12:45mamyka noobslardar you have stun?
00:12:48hibalunt 185 -.-
00:12:54coolass huh
00:13:03mamyka oh coz we have cm with 1lvl aura
00:13:10coolass ss necro
00:13:12Soulyah yes and?
00:13:18Soulyah 1 is what it supposed to be
00:13:23Swagga need some ganks on mort
00:13:35mamyka stop do it
00:13:42coolass i go bkb strait?
00:13:50coolass or bf firstT?
00:13:51Soulyah omw
00:13:53Soulyah bf get
00:13:54coolass k
00:13:56Buttons ss cm mid
00:14:09coolass they have
00:14:09coolass wards
00:14:28Swagga well shit
00:14:29coolass xd
00:14:31Soulyah :D
00:14:35mamyka one lvl azura this is like panda with out ulti
00:14:39Soulyah dude
00:14:41Soulyah dont teach
00:14:42Soulyah me
00:15:11Swagga cm goin bot
00:15:46hibalunt doom midas, tuleb 50 minti pela
00:15:48Buttons wait
00:15:49Buttons i tp bot
00:15:58hibalunt ss mid
00:16:39Buttons cm goes top
00:16:44Soulyah dive
00:16:46Swagga slard too
00:16:53Swagga b
00:17:18Soulyah woah all here:D
00:17:19coolass they were awake
00:17:20coolass :S
00:18:11mamyka need gang spect
00:18:38DayDream b
00:19:24Soulyah nice crit:D
00:19:28coolass ye
00:19:29coolass :D
00:19:31Soulyah go b
00:19:32hibalunt b
00:19:33Soulyah dangerous
00:19:42Soulyah noh
00:19:44Soulyah im,ba cm w
00:20:05Soulyah pa come bot
00:20:10Soulyah spec returns to farm
00:20:14coolass y
00:20:27DayDream reg top
00:20:45Soulyah b
00:20:45Soulyah b
00:20:47Soulyah all here
00:21:10DayDream b
00:21:14Soulyah go b
00:21:16Soulyah i take rune
00:21:44coolass ty
00:21:46Swagga this silence animation
00:21:50Soulyah omw
00:21:50Buttons go
00:21:51Buttons panda
00:21:53coolass bf soon
00:21:55coolass 100
00:21:57coolass six
00:22:08coolass follow
00:22:49Soulyah gj
00:23:06DayDream inv
00:23:07DayDream cm
00:23:10coolass bf
00:23:10coolass ajajjaja
00:23:11Soulyah tlen mid
00:23:14coolass i come
00:23:15coolass soon
00:23:57DayDream help?
00:24:13coolass shit
00:24:13coolass :c
00:24:15Soulyah xD
00:24:22Soulyah doom
00:24:24Soulyah doomed me
00:24:24Soulyah lol
00:24:28Soulyah dooming poor little cm
00:24:28coolass hat
00:24:28coolass e
00:24:33Soulyah and necro ultied
00:24:34Soulyah :D
00:24:35coolass doom its not cool
00:24:37coolass :D
00:24:44Buttons to
00:24:44coolass obv you are a threat to them :>
00:24:45Soulyah i get top for agha mates
00:25:01coolass ok i go take a coffee break
00:25:14coolass treads
00:25:15coolass or
00:25:16coolass phase
00:25:21mamyka cips
00:25:22Soulyah treads ofc
00:25:42Buttons my alpha pls
00:25:46Mercury late
00:25:46Buttons nm
00:26:03Soulyah all mid
00:26:03Soulyah go
00:26:06Soulyah enigma can blink
00:26:06Swagga def mid
00:26:08Soulyah so can salrdar
00:26:42Buttons b
00:27:30Soulyah lahe pela w
00:27:49Soulyah FOR PA
00:28:02Buttons care
00:28:03Buttons pa
00:28:13hibalunt j2tke mull ka exp
00:28:16Soulyah xD
00:28:16Mercury no tõesti, kui mina pean warde ostma
00:28:26Soulyah ma ka
00:28:53Buttons focus nigma pa
00:29:18coolass shit
00:29:19coolass :D
00:29:21Soulyah bah
00:29:24Soulyah nigma was a bit late:d
00:29:27coolass one crit more
00:29:29coolass and was over
00:29:30coolass .'c
00:29:43Soulyah kill necro asap
00:29:45hibalunt vladi tahad?
00:29:46Soulyah dont target spec
00:29:54Soulyah no tee medalion
00:30:16Soulyah i farm 500 for dag
00:30:29Soulyah 400
00:31:10Swagga panda invi
00:31:11Swagga b
00:31:13Soulyah got dagger now
00:31:18Swagga he scout
00:31:39Soulyah lenda sise slardar
00:32:07coolass rt
00:32:12holostoi ylty rdy
00:32:17Soulyah we can go b
00:32:22Soulyah or rape?
00:32:25holostoi rape
00:32:55coolass doomed
00:32:59Soulyah yuea saw
00:33:01Soulyah ima get gem
00:33:06Soulyah so he cant pop out
00:33:24Mercury leave me top
00:33:31DayDream leave
00:33:33hibalunt we are just greedy stuped fuks -.-
00:33:34Swagga stfu
00:33:40coolass =)
00:33:54Soulyah relic spec
00:34:03coolass ehh
00:34:04coolass S:
00:34:12hibalunt imo v2ga hea et diffu pole-.-
00:34:33DayDream mid
00:34:34DayDream def
00:34:52Soulyah dont
00:34:55hibalunt 4v5 olete
00:34:56hibalunt b
00:34:57linnuke doom they have gem
00:34:59holostoi go bot
00:34:59coolass ye
00:35:02Soulyah tule alla
00:35:02Swagga many got dagger
00:35:02Soulyah sa
00:35:03Buttons on who
00:35:06linnuke cm
00:35:09hibalunt ma teises mapi otsas fffssss
00:35:10Buttons is np
00:35:14Soulyah sprindit
00:35:18DayDream bot
00:35:22Soulyah WAIT FOR SLARDAR
00:35:29Soulyah we got time
00:35:35Buttons pa
00:36:07Buttons that was
00:36:09coolass :D
00:36:09Buttons terrible by me
00:36:10coolass :d
00:36:12coolass two cirts
00:36:13coolass in row
00:36:16Swagga doubble crit fml
00:36:16Soulyah xD
00:36:18Mercury doom that fucking panda
00:36:18coolass always nie
00:36:19Soulyah problem officer?
00:36:21Buttons n
00:36:23Buttons save it for pa
00:36:23Mercury b4 he ultis
00:36:29Buttons i was instagibbed
00:36:31Buttons ninja cm
00:36:33Soulyah lol 2 towers
00:37:17Soulyah b
00:37:17Soulyah b
00:37:17Soulyah b
00:37:22coolass rosh up soon?
00:37:25Soulyah y
00:37:50coolass hmm
00:37:51coolass :d
00:38:26coolass rosh up
00:38:27coolass :>1
00:38:39DayDream cm lothars
00:38:41hibalunt 1 valvesse
00:39:12Soulyah ra
00:39:13Soulyah x
00:39:13coolass the only hero
00:39:14Mercury b
00:39:16Soulyah fuck mid
00:39:17Soulyah we go rax
00:39:18coolass that doesnt need
00:39:27mamyka i h8 you
00:39:30mamyka thats all
00:39:35coolass i hate russia
00:39:36coolass thats all
00:39:46Soulyah come man
00:39:50Soulyah fuck t2 tower
00:39:51Soulyah we go rax
00:39:52Mercury go
00:39:53hibalunt russkie patasan6, kak dela
00:39:57Buttons PA
00:39:58Swagga no
00:40:03Soulyah wait for enigma
00:40:07Soulyah here
00:40:44coolass GEM
00:40:45coolass gEM
00:40:45Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:45coolass gEM
00:40:46coolass GEM
00:40:57coolass :D:D:D.d
00:40:58coolass D::D:DD::DD:d
00:41:05Soulyah gj!
00:41:11Soulyah rax
00:41:12Soulyah plz
00:41:17hibalunt gospady pamil6i
00:41:18coolass next time do it 5 minutes earlier
00:41:23coolass and we will all survive
00:41:52Soulyah we still got no rax
00:41:54Soulyah we lost aegis
00:41:58hibalunt enigma hood + meka :'(((((((((((((((((((
00:41:59Soulyah fuck this
00:42:23Soulyah smoke gang
00:42:24Soulyah need all
00:42:31mamyka take it
00:42:42mamyka in my ulti gem dont work
00:43:23Soulyah b
00:43:23Soulyah b
00:43:23Soulyah b
00:43:27Soulyah w8 for krobe ulti
00:43:37Soulyah let her ulti end and we go
00:44:23DayDream I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:24linnuke ffs
00:44:29Soulyah this soulyah
00:44:31Soulyah best cap ever
00:44:35Soulyah xDD
00:44:44coolass :D
00:44:47coolass fo sho
00:44:49Soulyah 17 5 cm
00:44:51Soulyah gogo
00:45:01Mercury ma olen parema teinud
00:45:05Soulyah mhm:D
00:45:09linnuke I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:20Mercury I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:20Soulyah skt
00:46:22Soulyah mis feedid
00:46:32linnuke niisama
00:46:48hibalunt ma touchpadiga
00:46:54Soulyah xD
00:47:01hibalunt hiir andis otsad vana v
00:47:15coolass u play with touch pad? :D
00:47:22hibalunt mouse died during half game
00:47:27coolass pro
00:47:28coolass omg
00:47:42hibalunt wo hotkeys would be "fun" :D
00:47:46coolass :Dd
00:47:50Soulyah PEDDDDDDE
00:47:53linnuke :D
00:48:00linnuke mis feedid
00:48:02hibalunt oleme viisakad, pederillo, nii ei ole solvav
00:48:04Soulyah kle 19 6
00:48:27mamyka go end it?
00:48:29coolass sure
00:48:59Mercury doom him
00:49:29Soulyah lets not risk it
00:49:32coolass :D
00:49:32Swagga got gem
00:49:32Soulyah have lost games like this before
00:49:38hibalunt impossibru
00:49:45coolass soulya
00:49:47coolass play after?
00:49:53Soulyah cheese
00:49:57coolass full inv
00:50:00Soulyah yea 1 game b4 i go grilling i guess
00:50:04coolass good
00:50:04hibalunt i get assault and ready then
00:50:06coolass what r u
00:50:08coolass grilling
00:50:14Soulyah russians
00:50:14coolass stakes
00:50:15Soulyah haha
00:50:17coolass :Dd.
00:50:18coolass :D
00:50:20coolass hh
00:50:42Soulyah oioi
00:50:57Soulyah end now
00:51:02mamyka w8 me cunts
00:51:02Soulyah w8 for panda
00:51:23Soulyah try to kill krobe asap
00:51:27Soulyah lol
00:51:29Soulyah all our heros
00:51:30Soulyah blink
00:51:34coolass ye
00:52:29Soulyah hmm:D
00:52:34DayDream tp top
00:52:36DayDream come
00:52:42coolass slardar
00:52:42DayDream i tp
00:52:46coolass use ulti on krobe
00:52:47coolass 1st
00:52:47Soulyah okay then just go from top
00:52:48coolass please
00:52:51coolass i jump always on him
00:53:00hibalunt ok, I can try, hard
00:53:02Mercury go
00:53:04mamyka cunt dont hunt luci
00:53:04coolass :D
00:53:04Mercury i can ult
00:53:07Mercury il def
00:53:07hibalunt doom always so front. pit too
00:53:17Swagga take us mby?
00:54:11linnuke omg
00:54:12coolass np
00:54:26coolass i tak
00:54:29coolass stun item
00:54:32Swagga b
00:54:33Swagga b
00:55:19Buttons don't glyph when they kill creeps..
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