Game #4113433

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+37 X
+2 TS

96% | 1768 X | 1536 TS

-11 X
+2 TS

84% | 1573 X | 1375 TS

-14 X
+2 TS

82% | 1525 X | 1405 TS

+35 X
+4 TS

70% | 1380 X | 1371 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

57% | 1240 X | 1358 TS

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-2 TS

97% | 1775 X | 1565 TS

-41 X
-5 TS

91% | 1684 X | 1398 TS

-16 X
-2 TS

74% | 1445 X | 1375 TS

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-2 TS

74% | 1439 X | 1365 TS

-8 X
-4 TS

48% | 1160 X | 1339 TS

Chat log

00:00:13MYuksel sup baby
00:00:19Astrocreep gl
00:00:19livingde4th wishes?
00:00:19livingde4th plans?
00:00:19mrk anyone want
00:00:19mrk ns
00:00:19livingde4th i probably take krobe if it is left
00:00:19mrk ?
00:00:19Homeostat0000 i can do good rubick krobe furion
00:00:19mrk or krobe
00:00:19mrk ns
00:00:19livingde4th anyone want ns or aba?
00:00:19Astrocreep go for it boss
00:00:19livingde4th -shredder
00:00:21mrk no?
00:00:23livingde4th hate that bitch
00:00:25mrk furi?
00:00:26livingde4th so hard to kill
00:00:33Homeostat0000 rubick most imba here still
00:00:41Astrocreep really?
00:00:42Astrocreep how come
00:00:51livingde4th i go mid
00:01:01Astrocreep mid easy tower for krob
00:01:01mamyka any ogre&
00:01:04MYuksel get it
00:01:06holostoi im
00:01:09Homeostat0000 please go slard ogre or tc with me
00:01:23livingde4th mid easy for me
00:01:25livingde4th if furi
00:01:28mamyka take me jugg or tc
00:01:29Homeostat0000 tc or lion or roof
00:01:30livingde4th but care the tp ganks
00:01:31MYuksel get treant tc then gg
00:01:34MYuksel get tc
00:01:37livingde4th aww
00:01:38Homeostat0000 sigh
00:01:38holostoi tc?
00:01:39livingde4th no more carry
00:01:40MYuksel tc for mamyka
00:01:42mamyka y
00:01:45Astrocreep want tank?
00:01:48livingde4th get abaddon
00:01:48holostoi -swap 3
00:01:49livingde4th abaddon
00:01:52mamyka -swap 5
00:01:53livingde4th or olion
00:02:02MYuksel trilane bot ?
00:02:03livingde4th or bane
00:02:06Homeostat0000 u cant pick a fucking hero to dominate a lane with me, sad
00:02:08livingde4th or we are screwed
00:02:09MYuksel slarder solo top
00:02:13MYuksel tc solo top
00:02:15mrk no
00:02:18Homeostat0000 instead of easy win and fun u choose farm :D
00:02:22Homeostat0000 bone bara
00:02:25livingde4th they choose shit
00:02:26Aleks875 they have 4 stuners
00:02:30Aleks875 we need all bkb
00:02:36livingde4th we need
00:02:37livingde4th luckbox
00:02:40MYuksel hahaha
00:02:40Homeostat0000 fuck your bkb we need to win lanes
00:02:41livingde4th cos u picked shiot
00:02:48MYuksel du kommer til at owne
00:02:54Aleks875 we will see
00:02:55Astrocreep i did?
00:02:58Aleks875 who picked shit
00:03:07livingde4th rune down
00:03:08livingde4th get it
00:03:16Homeostat0000 gl hf
00:03:22Homeostat0000 can u pull 1st?
00:03:55MYuksel ss
00:05:12Homeostat0000 srsly let me some lasthits
00:05:52livingde4th ss
00:05:53MYuksel afk
00:06:02slc2 lets go tc
00:06:07slc2 in lvl 4
00:06:08Homeostat0000 charge
00:06:18mrk go rubic
00:06:19holostoi y
00:06:20Homeostat0000 k
00:06:21livingde4th ss
00:06:22livingde4th care
00:06:42Homeostat0000 ROFL
00:06:48livingde4th said 2 times
00:06:49Homeostat0000 do 1 thing right retard
00:06:50livingde4th u dont listen
00:06:51Homeostat0000 or i leave lane
00:06:56Homeostat0000 talking to bara
00:06:57slc2 leave lane then
00:07:04holostoi ss2
00:07:17Homeostat0000 u farm farm steal all creeps then are useless in fight
00:07:44Homeostat0000 strong bones too
00:07:45MYuksel rubic bot
00:07:56livingde4th he tpd
00:07:57livingde4th aww
00:08:04livingde4th to kill it
00:08:19Homeostat0000 imba carries
00:08:21Aleks875 rubick
00:08:22Aleks875 idiot
00:08:27Aleks875 go away from here
00:08:28livingde4th lahg
00:08:32holostoi baru ??? ???
00:08:33Aleks875 i dead cose u moron
00:08:35Homeostat0000 go top u useless fuck
00:08:36holostoi ???
00:08:43Homeostat0000 u cant play properly u missed 2 kills
00:08:50Aleks875 stfu noob
00:08:55Aleks875 learn play better
00:09:01mrk ss
00:09:21livingde4th furi miss
00:09:23livingde4th remember
00:09:25MYuksel gj
00:09:25livingde4th he can tp anytime
00:09:37mrk share
00:09:45mamyka fuckin cunt share
00:09:50MYuksel he did
00:09:50mamyka )
00:09:55livingde4th hawk ne3eded
00:09:56mrk GO BARA
00:09:57mamyka he is my bro
00:10:13livingde4th lol
00:10:13livingde4th why
00:10:16slc2 keep on tc
00:10:17livingde4th 40s
00:10:19Homeostat0000 XD
00:10:28slc2 on tc
00:10:35MYuksel ring
00:10:48mrk GO
00:10:50Aleks875 kikll
00:10:51Aleks875 kill
00:10:53slc2 cant
00:10:55Aleks875 he alone
00:11:03vaityl lol
00:11:05MYuksel hahah
00:11:08MYuksel just for fun
00:11:10slc2 and he has slow and stun
00:11:13Aleks875 need 6 lvl
00:11:17Aleks875 y
00:11:19Aleks875 ok
00:11:34vaityl b
00:11:39mamyka fhrfys
00:11:41mamyka arca plz
00:11:49MYuksel kill
00:11:50mrk stun
00:11:57mamyka ?? ?????
00:12:08MYuksel gj
00:12:08slc2 i come krob gogo furion
00:12:10mamyka ss bnara
00:12:16vaityl lol
00:12:21holostoi )
00:12:24MYuksel thx for ring
00:12:25vaityl acr?
00:12:27MYuksel it saved me
00:12:30MYuksel cd
00:12:48MYuksel orge in 10 min
00:12:50MYuksel start ganking
00:12:51livingde4th wait
00:12:53livingde4th i come gank
00:12:56livingde4th nvm
00:13:09livingde4th runeup
00:13:16livingde4th twr
00:13:16mrk 4 bot
00:13:16livingde4th gogo
00:14:21livingde4th jango done
00:14:38livingde4th help mid?
00:14:43vaityl gio
00:14:46vaityl ]rubick
00:15:20mamyka [bkmyb
00:15:38Homeostat0000 do 1 charge please
00:15:42mrk dont chase
00:15:43mrk rkobe with ulti on
00:16:06mrk and dont walk courier
00:16:10mrk that far when it isnt flying
00:16:16livingde4th get
00:16:17livingde4th twrs
00:16:18livingde4th mid
00:16:19livingde4th now
00:16:39livingde4th go
00:16:40livingde4th 20s
00:16:41livingde4th uklt
00:16:42livingde4th ulti
00:16:45livingde4th mid
00:16:46livingde4th ppl
00:16:46mamyka ????
00:16:47livingde4th twr
00:16:47MYuksel orge salve
00:17:17slc2 ehhehehe
00:17:20MYuksel love
00:17:20Homeostat0000 b
00:17:26Aleks875 b
00:17:29Aleks875 3v5
00:17:31Homeostat0000 low mana
00:17:43Aleks875 i come
00:17:43livingde4th aba
00:17:45livingde4th can u buy arcanes
00:17:49Astrocreep y
00:17:50MYuksel lol 5-1
00:18:01livingde4th so?
00:18:10MYuksel just saying
00:18:13MYuksel u bitch
00:18:32livingde4th go mid
00:18:33livingde4th twr
00:18:34mrk kill
00:18:38livingde4th got ulti
00:18:44Homeostat0000 bone can top when we go mid
00:18:50Homeostat0000 ok mid
00:18:51Homeostat0000 xD
00:19:01MYuksel tc
00:19:01livingde4th no ult needed
00:19:01MYuksel tp
00:19:02livingde4th go bot
00:19:04livingde4th with my ult
00:19:05Aleks875 all up
00:19:50mrk go help
00:20:20mrk in 10s
00:20:34Homeostat0000 aba if a chicken dies it respawns :P
00:20:36MYuksel this
00:20:38MYuksel orge
00:20:38livingde4th y
00:20:39Homeostat0000 for 4 versions or so
00:20:39MYuksel really fail
00:20:40livingde4th i said
00:20:41livingde4th we need
00:20:42Astrocreep oh
00:20:42MYuksel lasthit with stun
00:20:43livingde4th hawk
00:20:43Astrocreep lol
00:20:48livingde4th not second chick :D
00:20:53Astrocreep ic
00:20:57Homeostat0000 well he had good intentions ;)
00:20:58holostoi ? ????? ???? ????,
00:20:59mrk b
00:21:05holostoi u wanna play solo&
00:21:07holostoi bob?
00:21:08livingde4th k
00:21:10MYuksel omw bot
00:21:11slc2 bone
00:21:14livingde4th b
00:21:15Homeostat0000 ww
00:21:15livingde4th too far
00:21:16Homeostat0000 ww
00:21:51livingde4th abadodn
00:21:52livingde4th idiot
00:21:53MYuksel lol
00:21:53livingde4th heal me
00:21:56Homeostat0000 aba u shouldnt farm trees
00:22:00Homeostat0000 when we had a 4v5
00:22:01Homeostat0000 ;d
00:22:10livingde4th ok aba doesnt save me gg
00:22:13Astrocreep i shoyldnt have helped bone
00:22:14Astrocreep sorry
00:22:19livingde4th u had heal
00:22:23livingde4th they used all spells
00:22:26livingde4th i would only
00:22:28livingde4th need one
00:22:29livingde4th heal
00:22:33livingde4th and they would die hunting us
00:22:35livingde4th i had
00:22:38livingde4th jango boost on
00:22:39livingde4th ffs
00:22:42Homeostat0000 def
00:22:46livingde4th they used every single spell
00:22:47mrk fast tower
00:22:47livingde4th on me
00:22:47mrk and b
00:22:48livingde4th ...
00:23:07livingde4th aba
00:23:10livingde4th all u need to do
00:23:13livingde4th is keepo me alive
00:23:13Astrocreep ok
00:23:14livingde4th and we win
00:23:42livingde4th help
00:23:43livingde4th ys
00:23:48livingde4th def mid
00:23:58mrk b
00:24:07Homeostat0000 omw
00:24:10Homeostat0000 bone come fucks sake
00:24:17mrk b
00:24:17mrk b
00:24:23mrk clinkz here
00:24:24livingde4th let
00:24:24livingde4th me
00:24:26livingde4th 100g
00:24:28mamyka ???? ????
00:24:29Homeostat0000 gogo
00:24:31mamyka ???
00:24:31Homeostat0000 but care
00:24:49vaityl furi
00:24:55MYuksel ses
00:25:03livingde4th fight
00:25:05livingde4th clinkz
00:25:26mamyka ?? ?????,
00:25:39mrk just
00:25:40mrk b
00:25:40MYuksel lol
00:25:40mrk ?
00:25:41MYuksel k
00:25:48mrk krobe ulti = kill her or run
00:25:49mrk for ur life
00:25:59livingde4th furi had loth?
00:26:00MYuksel fuckin silence cunt
00:26:08Homeostat0000 i didnt watch
00:26:13mamyka ??? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ???
00:26:14livingde4th i do
00:26:15livingde4th pipe
00:26:16livingde4th hmm
00:26:17livingde4th or bkb?
00:26:24Homeostat0000 normally its mek
00:26:27Homeostat0000 but here hmm
00:26:27MYuksel tc
00:26:29Homeostat0000 bkb good imo
00:26:33Homeostat0000 ill pipe
00:26:33mrk go
00:26:40livingde4th y
00:26:43livingde4th so much disable
00:26:45livingde4th and nuke
00:26:55Homeostat0000 get bkb armor and u are unkillable
00:27:02livingde4th i go
00:27:04livingde4th got
00:27:05mrk anyone have dust?
00:27:05livingde4th megams
00:27:06mrk gem?
00:27:07livingde4th alrdy
00:27:08livingde4th -ms
00:27:11livingde4th 478
00:27:53MYuksel ^hahahah
00:27:57Homeostat0000 stupid mechanics
00:27:59livingde4th y
00:28:14vaityl ahahh
00:28:19MYuksel fu
00:28:22livingde4th mid
00:28:23livingde4th twr
00:28:25Homeostat0000 lemme dd
00:28:26mrk havent seen a tc combo
00:28:28mrk last 3 fights
00:28:30mrk or sk ulti in those
00:28:31Homeostat0000 0 fucking farm 0
00:28:31mrk need em
00:28:35MYuksel allways
00:28:38MYuksel got silenced
00:28:40MYuksel 'every fight
00:28:46livingde4th og
00:28:47slc2 lets do rosh?
00:28:48livingde4th rosh
00:28:49livingde4th y
00:28:50livingde4th my ult
00:28:50Homeostat0000 go rosh
00:28:52Homeostat0000 i def bot
00:29:00livingde4th i take
00:29:01MYuksel tc
00:29:02MYuksel go
00:29:03livingde4th help
00:29:05slc2 abba come fasr please
00:29:13vaityl B
00:29:30livingde4th b
00:29:31livingde4th my ult
00:29:32livingde4th gone
00:29:36mrk go
00:29:36Homeostat0000 b
00:29:42livingde4th idioit
00:29:44livingde4th idiots
00:29:46livingde4th now they rosh
00:29:47livingde4th cos
00:29:47slc2 bone b
00:29:48mamyka ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ?????
00:29:48livingde4th u are not
00:29:49livingde4th hgere
00:29:50livingde4th ffs
00:29:55vaityl rblfkj
00:29:57mamyka ?????? ??????
00:29:57vaityl ?????
00:29:58vaityl ??
00:30:00vaityl ????
00:30:01mamyka go rosh
00:30:08livingde4th gather
00:30:08livingde4th ffs
00:30:10mrk clinkz is here
00:30:13livingde4th or they free rosh
00:30:14livingde4th go
00:30:15livingde4th tanks
00:30:16livingde4th first
00:30:28mrk tc
00:30:30mamyka krob no ulti\
00:30:30livingde4th fight
00:30:30mrk tc
00:30:31livingde4th aba
00:30:32livingde4th first
00:30:40Aleks875 sleep more
00:30:48mrk KROBE
00:30:48mrk STUN
00:31:05Aleks875 u suck really
00:31:10Homeostat0000 XDD
00:31:18Aleks875 i neevr more go fist
00:31:22Aleks875 first
00:31:24livingde4th well
00:31:25livingde4th u
00:31:26Aleks875 cose u stupid
00:31:28livingde4th went wrong path
00:31:31livingde4th aba
00:31:31Aleks875 not
00:31:31Homeostat0000 never pick bone again and u win
00:31:33livingde4th shoudl
00:31:57livingde4th u
00:31:58livingde4th just need
00:31:59livingde4th bkb
00:32:01livingde4th to fight
00:32:02MYuksel farm 200
00:32:04MYuksel for blink
00:32:05livingde4th me also
00:32:06Aleks875 i try get
00:32:07livingde4th 1k to go
00:32:13livingde4th roshan
00:32:13livingde4th now
00:32:14livingde4th ome
00:32:16mrk take
00:32:19slc2 gogo
00:32:26livingde4th aba
00:32:27livingde4th go tnak
00:32:35Homeostat0000 without smoke its stupid
00:32:37Homeostat0000 but try
00:32:40livingde4th i take
00:32:40Homeostat0000 hope they top
00:32:41mrk go
00:32:41mrk fast
00:32:42mrk tc
00:32:42mrk go
00:32:46mamyka i run
00:32:46livingde4th go
00:32:47livingde4th out
00:32:48livingde4th aba
00:32:49livingde4th scout
00:33:20mamyka ?? ??? ????? ???????
00:34:29Aleks875 why no eul
00:34:34livingde4th was using hawk
00:34:36mrk GO
00:35:40livingde4th bkb
00:35:41livingde4th donbe
00:35:58mrk was ur blink on cd?
00:36:00mrk or the fuck
00:36:02mrk on 3
00:36:19livingde4th go
00:36:20livingde4th mid all
00:36:22livingde4th twrs
00:36:23livingde4th now
00:36:24livingde4th bkb done
00:36:27Aleks875 bkb
00:36:29Aleks875 first
00:36:32livingde4th k
00:36:38livingde4th gj aleks
00:36:39Homeostat0000 go in
00:36:42livingde4th now u will be useful
00:36:47Homeostat0000 XDDDD
00:36:50livingde4th hard heroes
00:36:51livingde4th they got
00:36:55Aleks875 b
00:36:56Aleks875 all
00:36:57Aleks875 w8 me
00:36:58mrk dont
00:36:59mrk chase
00:36:59mrk b
00:37:00Homeostat0000 back
00:37:04livingde4th wait
00:37:05livingde4th him
00:37:11Homeostat0000 u talk in wrong moment
00:37:15Homeostat0000 now no way i can fight
00:37:16livingde4th buy me gem?
00:37:18Aleks875 gogogog
00:37:19livingde4th or aba
00:37:21livingde4th hold gem?
00:37:23Astrocreep no money
00:37:31mrk bait
00:38:26MYuksel why
00:38:27mrk where
00:38:28mrk are
00:38:28mrk you
00:38:29mrk guys
00:38:31MYuksel didnt u get stunned ?
00:38:32mrk all 5 alive
00:38:32Homeostat0000 to me
00:38:33livingde4th fight
00:38:38Homeostat0000 run away moron
00:38:38mrk tc dont chase
00:38:40mrk when team gets killed
00:38:49mrk never chase alone
00:38:50mamyka ?????? ??? ? ? ???? ???
00:38:52mrk when both teams alive
00:38:57mamyka fuckin cunt i kill aba
00:39:00mrk exactly
00:39:00Aleks875 u dont knwo whats teamplay
00:39:01mrk u dont need to
00:39:04mrk krobe+bara+clinkz
00:39:05Aleks875 just pink know
00:39:05mrk behind you
00:39:06mrk killing us
00:39:08mrk help others..
00:39:12Homeostat0000 teamplay is picking clinks
00:39:22mamyka with aba we cant killl any
00:39:26mrk not really
00:39:31mrk krobe is the only one they are even alive
00:39:33MYuksel you ulti + mine gg
00:39:35mamyka oke you will see that
00:39:38mrk ye
00:39:41mrk show me
00:39:42mrk be with us
00:39:45mrk and tell me when we lose
00:40:03Homeostat0000 take smoke krobe
00:40:05Homeostat0000 if u got slot
00:40:11Homeostat0000 outpush lanes and meet
00:40:13livingde4th get me gem
00:40:19mrk sec
00:40:19mrk gem
00:40:35livingde4th come
00:40:35holostoi -ms
00:40:36livingde4th smoke
00:40:36Homeostat0000 does furion have lothars?
00:40:42Homeostat0000 meet here
00:40:44Homeostat0000 or
00:40:47Homeostat0000 not now..
00:40:55Astrocreep furi gem
00:40:59Homeostat0000 b
00:41:17Aleks875 they have gem
00:41:20mamyka bl?
00:41:39MYuksel sry where afk
00:41:43livingde4th aba
00:41:45livingde4th use shield
00:41:46livingde4th when sutnned
00:41:47mrk GO B
00:41:48mrk I TAKE TWOER
00:41:48livingde4th it removews
00:41:49mrk DONT DIe
00:41:53Homeostat0000 go in
00:41:54livingde4th negative buffs
00:41:55mrk if they tp
00:41:55Homeostat0000 furi obt
00:41:56mrk then u go again
00:42:00mrk go b now
00:42:01mrk NO
00:42:02mrk B
00:42:43MYuksel that was
00:42:44mrk all the time in the world
00:42:45Aleks875 why i dont see no one
00:42:45mrk to get back
00:42:46MYuksel really bad ulti
00:42:48mrk free tower
00:42:49livingde4th 7
00:42:50Aleks875 just pink
00:42:54Aleks875 and urselkf
00:43:01Aleks875 fast
00:43:02Aleks875 get it
00:43:08livingde4th no ulti
00:43:08Aleks875 fast
00:43:09livingde4th for it
00:43:09Aleks875 rosh
00:43:12Aleks875 we have time
00:43:13mamyka go rosh slaradar
00:43:16mrk bara has gem
00:43:31Aleks875 run bara
00:43:33Aleks875 we need gem
00:43:48livingde4th -ms
00:43:51livingde4th 478 ms sorry
00:43:56MYuksel he
00:43:57slc2 -ms
00:44:10livingde4th bara
00:44:12livingde4th give gem
00:44:13livingde4th to aba
00:44:16livingde4th they dont focus him
00:44:17Astrocreep i die fast
00:44:20mamyka me furi and slrardar go rosh
00:44:24mamyka bl me
00:44:34mamyka not all
00:44:39Homeostat0000 back mid
00:44:41livingde4th clinkjx
00:44:42livingde4th we need
00:44:43Homeostat0000 no vision
00:44:43livingde4th rosh
00:44:57MYuksel come orge
00:45:00mrk take someone
00:45:02livingde4th clinkz
00:45:02mrk i have no room
00:45:03livingde4th buy tp
00:45:04livingde4th ffs
00:45:12Astrocreep gg
00:45:13livingde4th now freerosh for them
00:45:14livingde4th cos ur top
00:45:17mamyka good
00:45:40livingde4th go mid all
00:45:41livingde4th come
00:45:42livingde4th clöinkz
00:45:49slc2 when they have agies?
00:45:51mrk need chick :S
00:45:54livingde4th b
00:45:55livingde4th b
00:45:57mrk wait
00:45:57livingde4th need clinkz
00:45:57livingde4th b
00:45:57livingde4th b
00:45:58mrk im base
00:45:58livingde4th b
00:46:11livingde4th gg CLINKZ TURD
00:46:20mrk go push
00:46:20Homeostat0000 go there buy a tp
00:46:20livingde4th dude
00:46:20mrk 5
00:46:21livingde4th buy tp
00:46:22livingde4th ffs
00:46:27Homeostat0000 :D
00:46:59Aleks875 retards
00:47:00Aleks875 omg
00:47:04Aleks875 whats the team
00:47:05Aleks875 unreal
00:47:09Astrocreep why did my ulti not activate
00:47:25Aleks875 imba team
00:47:26Aleks875 gg
00:47:43livingde4th buy
00:47:44livingde4th out
00:47:44livingde4th now
00:48:11Aleks875 why u so suck
00:48:12Aleks875 really
00:48:14livingde4th u
00:48:15livingde4th suck
00:48:17livingde4th once again
00:48:19livingde4th 8u solo
00:48:25Aleks875 u must go help me if i go
00:48:28livingde4th look ur stats
00:48:30livingde4th dude
00:48:33livingde4th u attacked ins hitty
00:48:34livingde4th spot
00:48:38livingde4th we were blocked
00:48:41livingde4th with treants
00:48:58livingde4th go
00:48:59livingde4th mid allk
00:49:02livingde4th for once
00:49:03livingde4th go together
00:49:11livingde4th iver asked
00:49:13livingde4th thast for
00:49:14livingde4th 20m
00:49:40MYuksel fight
00:49:54mrk STUN KROBE
00:49:55Aleks875 gem
00:50:06MYuksel go
00:50:24mamyka next
00:50:27slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:50:29Homeostat0000 ahhahaah sk
00:50:34mrk TOP
00:50:36MYuksel fail
00:50:36mrk TOWER
00:50:39Homeostat0000 ;D
00:50:41slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:50:46mrk no b
00:50:47mrk b
00:50:47mrk b
00:50:49mrk u cant
00:50:52mrk run
00:51:00livingde4th shiva
00:51:01livingde4th done
00:51:11livingde4th i GUESS im support carry and gnak for this game
00:51:15livingde4th shit
00:51:16mamyka let mne for shiv
00:51:26Homeostat0000 -afk
00:51:52MYuksel 'i got gem
00:51:54MYuksel anyone want ?
00:52:04livingde4th go bot
00:52:04livingde4th all
00:52:07mamyka gem here
00:52:07slc2 use ur fucking dust?
00:52:08livingde4th kill
00:52:09livingde4th em
00:52:11mrk no room
00:52:16mamyka i have
00:52:23Homeostat0000 ilu
00:52:33livingde4th come
00:52:34livingde4th mid
00:52:35mrk THEY SMOKE
00:52:35livingde4th all
00:52:36mrk GO BASE
00:52:37livingde4th rape em
00:52:37Homeostat0000 smoke here
00:52:38MYuksel 600 for gem
00:52:39mrk THEY SMOKE
00:52:40mrk GO BASE
00:52:41MYuksel for agha
00:52:43livingde4th xclinkxz
00:52:57Homeostat0000 split too much
00:53:01mrk THEY SMOKE
00:53:02livingde4th y
00:53:03MYuksel some plz buy 2x salve
00:53:03livingde4th follow
00:53:04livingde4th us
00:53:04MYuksel for agha
00:53:10mrk GO BACK
00:53:50mrk KEEP HIM BUSYH
00:54:18livingde4th rax
00:54:19livingde4th gonje
00:54:20livingde4th noobs
00:54:20MYuksel gj
00:54:23slc2 lucky i know
00:54:25livingde4th leearn
00:54:26livingde4th to watch map
00:54:28livingde4th dorks'
00:54:37livingde4th GOD DAM IM FILLED WITH NOOBSA
00:54:40Aleks875 go mid all
00:54:43Aleks875 last chance
00:54:43livingde4th I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:54:45mrk lolbash
00:54:45livingde4th fucking rewtards
00:54:47Astrocreep I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:55:35livingde4th go
00:56:06livingde4th die noob die
00:56:10livingde4th bkb tp too hard
00:56:24Astrocreep no tp
00:56:28livingde4th y
00:56:31livingde4th thats noobness
00:56:39Homeostat0000 try def
00:57:08Aleks875 bara farm
00:57:30Homeostat0000 I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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