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97% | 1791 X | 1558 TS

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93% | 1726 X | 1441 TS

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91% | 1590 X | 1510 TS

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71% | 1360 X | 1398 TS

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95% | 1702 X | 1519 TS

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91% | 1666 X | 1434 TS

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80% | 1505 X | 1382 TS

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69% | 1389 X | 1344 TS

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65% | 1329 X | 1362 TS

Chat log

00:00:00XXL [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... gangstar1990 with 98 seconds.
00:00:05infect ap
00:00:05livingde4th -ap
00:00:40livingde4th me
00:00:43livingde4th waari down
00:00:48extremewaari TAKE OBS FOR TOP
00:01:17Pufff-Reis -ms
00:01:22Pufff-Reis -hhn
00:01:59PeterLars ^^
00:02:02Pufff-Reis ^^
00:02:13infect reg was top
00:03:59PeterLars ss mid
00:04:01XXL ss mid
00:04:05PeterLars re
00:04:23infect ss potm
00:04:27infect re
00:05:14infect ss 2
00:05:17infect re 1
00:05:25infect re 2
00:05:49gangstar1990 xD
00:05:51TrustNoGoblin lol
00:06:24PeterLars ss mid
00:06:33PeterLars re
00:06:34Momdsiw B
00:06:34Momdsiw INVI
00:06:36Momdsiw INC TOP
00:06:36infect ss potm
00:06:40Momdsiw B
00:06:41Momdsiw KUNKKA
00:06:50Pufff-Reis more than gg bot+
00:07:02TrustNoGoblin omg go more back
00:07:05TrustNoGoblin u scared pussy
00:07:05Momdsiw why you dont go back
00:07:11TrustNoGoblin why u so scared
00:07:12TrustNoGoblin ...
00:07:19Momdsiw were tabbed
00:07:39j22koer tranquile
00:07:41j22koer WTF
00:07:49Momdsiw tai tuun mid
00:08:06infect ss pomt
00:08:57PeterLars ss mid
00:08:59PeterLars re
00:09:13infect 3 top
00:09:27Momdsiw TUUN GANK MIDI
00:09:32Momdsiw no tapetaa
00:09:33PeterLars care bs is oging top
00:09:37Momdsiw we go top
00:09:44j22koer they hate you
00:09:44Pufff-Reis can we have gang?
00:09:45j22koer so badly
00:10:15gangstar1990 soon dagger
00:10:18PeterLars good
00:10:53j22koer oh nose
00:11:11PeterLars omg this bot
00:11:14j22koer omg
00:11:16j22koer tiny
00:11:17j22koer ty
00:11:19j22koer for ganking
00:11:20j22koer ty
00:11:21j22koer ty
00:11:22j22koer ty
00:12:02PeterLars bs is coming
00:12:44Pufff-Reis no gang?
00:12:46Pufff-Reis cool
00:13:32PeterLars noob
00:13:33Pufff-Reis dagger
00:13:38PeterLars yeah u gave him it
00:13:41Pufff-Reis lol
00:13:43Pufff-Reis you did
00:13:46Pufff-Reis ignore bot
00:13:49Pufff-Reis completly
00:14:24TrustNoGoblin ^^
00:14:41PeterLars bs
00:14:43infect y
00:15:04j22koer why tiny must go mid ?
00:15:10Momdsiw GANK AXE
00:15:11j22koer because he can get exp
00:15:15j22koer and can gank
00:15:22infect nothing wrong with tiny mid
00:15:27TrustNoGoblin ilus
00:15:27infect that's how real tiny is played
00:15:29TrustNoGoblin anyone?
00:15:31j22koer no shit
00:15:35gangstar1990 tp some
00:15:35Momdsiw go axe
00:15:41gangstar1990 and get wards!!
00:15:43livingde4th oom
00:15:52j22koer with waht money
00:15:54j22koer what
00:15:56j22koer get
00:15:58j22koer axe
00:16:01TrustNoGoblin why urn
00:16:03TrustNoGoblin i got alrdy
00:16:05TrustNoGoblin form min 5
00:16:56gangstar1990 you guys rly nabish
00:16:58infect picking necro in today's metagame
00:16:59gangstar1990 get wards
00:17:01gangstar1990 ffs
00:17:02infect idiots
00:17:05gangstar1990 we have supportter
00:17:07gangstar1990 and no wards
00:17:08j22koer get
00:17:09j22koer axe
00:17:11j22koer get aaxe
00:17:13j22koer wards
00:17:17j22koer now
00:17:18j22koer ger
00:17:19j22koer get
00:17:34j22koer buy
00:17:35j22koer axe
00:17:40j22koer we need them
00:18:01Pufff-Reis -ms
00:18:25j22koer cent coming
00:19:06TrustNoGoblin rubck
00:19:07TrustNoGoblin noob
00:19:08gangstar1990 watds!!!!!!
00:19:09TrustNoGoblin we could kill
00:19:10gangstar1990 wards!!!
00:19:16j22koer can you see
00:19:16extremewaari was windows :)
00:19:18infect you got your dagger
00:19:18j22koer that
00:19:21j22koer we dont have cash
00:19:22j22koer ffs
00:19:24infect can you realize that you need to buy
00:19:24j22koer stupid fuck
00:19:28infect cause they have no money
00:19:38j22koer ma loodan et sa ei ole eestlane
00:19:45gangstar1990 tiny or necro no gold?
00:19:47gangstar1990 200
00:19:52gangstar1990 k them
00:19:52infect tiny isnt support
00:19:53infect idiot
00:19:56gangstar1990 be rdy
00:19:56infect necro isnt support
00:19:59infect axe is way mro support
00:20:54PeterLars good necro we have
00:21:03gangstar1990 rly good necro
00:21:31gangstar1990 gogo
00:22:34livingde4th go top
00:22:41livingde4th necro
00:22:42livingde4th come
00:23:18PeterLars go them
00:23:23infect y
00:24:01gangstar1990 fight nab
00:24:02gangstar1990 omg
00:24:30infect necro, ulti cd all the time
00:24:33infect 30% cent
00:24:36infect running around
00:24:42TrustNoGoblin fu u rubick and ur urn
00:24:47livingde4th go necro?
00:24:50TrustNoGoblin i didt get any
00:24:51gangstar1990 he is tard
00:24:52TrustNoGoblin kk
00:25:03PeterLars invis bs
00:25:04PeterLars care
00:25:05PeterLars dead
00:25:37gangstar1990 tw rnow
00:25:40j22koer orly
00:25:41gangstar1990 mana
00:25:44PeterLars cd
00:25:54gangstar1990 and seconf twr too
00:26:07gangstar1990 b
00:26:07gangstar1990 b
00:27:40TrustNoGoblin teaM?
00:27:43TrustNoGoblin we gather gank?
00:27:52livingde4th hawk waari?
00:28:11gangstar1990 necro plz pipe
00:28:13gangstar1990 or mekka
00:28:16PeterLars care
00:28:29gangstar1990 de fit all
00:28:36gangstar1990 gogo
00:28:37PeterLars base
00:29:06gangstar1990 necro plz
00:29:10gangstar1990 use your ulti right
00:29:16gangstar1990 you know how it works?
00:29:20Pufff-Reis no
00:29:22TrustNoGoblin urn me
00:29:24TrustNoGoblin ty
00:29:25Pufff-Reis i am new
00:29:31PeterLars fuck this necro
00:29:34gangstar1990 that i am thinking too
00:29:40gangstar1990 gogo i coming
00:29:47gangstar1990 gogo
00:30:28PeterLars that was bd
00:30:32infect y
00:30:34Momdsiw no
00:30:35PeterLars there wasnt any creeps
00:30:36j22koer Aww ban
00:30:37Momdsiw creeps were in base
00:30:38Momdsiw when he entered
00:30:41PeterLars u went back and go in again
00:30:41infect yes, no creeps were @ base
00:30:42Momdsiw you just killed them same time
00:30:44infect he left
00:30:44PeterLars lol
00:30:46infect and came back
00:30:51gangstar1990 2 dead gogo
00:30:51livingde4th im not sure
00:30:56infect you left the base
00:30:59infect and no creeps were in
00:31:00infect i checked
00:31:01gangstar1990 twr and b
00:31:14infect that's wehy i blinked so fast, i was ready for some1 to bd
00:31:25PeterLars go
00:31:29PeterLars gogog
00:31:31gangstar1990 care cent
00:31:31Momdsiw b
00:31:47infect b?
00:31:52PeterLars no
00:31:54j22koer ?
00:31:57j22koer y
00:31:57gangstar1990 ?
00:31:58infect stay there
00:32:10PeterLars magnus
00:32:11PeterLars comen
00:32:13PeterLars i toss u
00:32:15infect b now?
00:32:19PeterLars no
00:32:37gangstar1990 b all
00:32:53gangstar1990 b all
00:33:06infect get bs
00:33:08infect rubick
00:33:30gangstar1990 b
00:33:31gangstar1990 b
00:33:37infect soz
00:33:38gangstar1990 always necromissing or dead
00:33:39infect got arrowed
00:33:40gangstar1990 np
00:34:21j22koer i dont need cahs
00:34:22gangstar1990 they rosh?
00:34:25j22koer cash
00:34:26infect get papers down
00:34:26gangstar1990 ahh no
00:34:32infect pomt rubick
00:34:34infect need to go
00:34:47j22koer :D
00:34:52gangstar1990 wards+
00:35:00XXL -ms
00:35:20TrustNoGoblin team?
00:35:21TrustNoGoblin full hp
00:35:23TrustNoGoblin all back
00:35:26TrustNoGoblin fucking pussy
00:35:27infect me
00:35:28TrustNoGoblin :/
00:35:30livingde4th hey
00:35:31livingde4th bs missed
00:35:32livingde4th dude
00:35:35TrustNoGoblin kk
00:35:39TrustNoGoblin but we are stronger
00:35:40TrustNoGoblin ...
00:35:41Momdsiw -MS
00:35:42TrustNoGoblin anyway
00:35:44TrustNoGoblin 4v5 we win
00:35:46PeterLars dont die
00:36:55PeterLars gj
00:36:57TrustNoGoblin dafuq
00:37:00infect leave now
00:37:01TrustNoGoblin i was dead
00:37:02infect let me farm
00:37:08TrustNoGoblin why u focus axe
00:37:10TrustNoGoblin he is tank
00:37:15gangstar1990 necro pipe would be nic enow
00:37:19TrustNoGoblin no logic
00:37:20TrustNoGoblin blue
00:37:24TrustNoGoblin better jump on necro
00:37:28livingde4th y
00:37:30livingde4th was stupid
00:37:33livingde4th but hate
00:37:35livingde4th when axe jumps
00:37:38livingde4th on our pile
00:37:48TrustNoGoblin i w8 for him
00:37:50TrustNoGoblin and torent
00:38:10PeterLars no one make pibe :S
00:38:15gangstar1990 necro
00:38:18gangstar1990 i think
00:38:20j22koer im making pibel
00:38:23livingde4th kunkka
00:38:27livingde4th u need some escape
00:38:28livingde4th or bkb
00:38:33infect care top
00:38:35infect all ss
00:38:36TrustNoGoblin i go currias now
00:38:37livingde4th come kunk
00:38:43TrustNoGoblin w8 me pls
00:38:46TrustNoGoblin u need me
00:38:53PeterLars car
00:38:53PeterLars e
00:38:59j22koer got mega blink
00:39:08gangstar1990 gogo
00:39:20TrustNoGoblin team>
00:39:23PeterLars go
00:39:23TrustNoGoblin I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:24livingde4th idiot
00:39:26livingde4th ur on tower
00:39:30livingde4th we cant fight
00:39:31livingde4th there
00:39:35TrustNoGoblin u can help me
00:39:38TrustNoGoblin ...
00:39:40TrustNoGoblin u dont need to fight
00:39:41livingde4th we wont
00:39:43TrustNoGoblin but never mind
00:39:47TrustNoGoblin we lost this
00:39:48livingde4th dr hIr mll
00:40:04j22koer ?
00:40:05infect keep me cleave
00:40:09XXL sec
00:40:09j22koer y
00:40:09gangstar1990 ?!?!?
00:40:09infect next wave
00:40:09j22koer i know
00:40:09gangstar1990 why pause
00:40:09PeterLars WHY
00:40:09j22koer my magna
00:40:09TrustNoGoblin we can pause
00:40:09infect pane pärast
00:40:09XXL living s comp no working
00:40:09infect mantat
00:40:09livingde4th im back some updates
00:40:09gangstar1990 you have to sayy reason!
00:40:09livingde4th stuck my comp
00:40:09PeterLars good for him
00:40:09XXL i said
00:40:09livingde4th re
00:40:09XXL kk
00:40:26gangstar1990 b now
00:40:28gangstar1990 kunnka alived
00:40:29PeterLars no
00:40:32PeterLars fuck him
00:41:05infect necro ulti not cd
00:41:11infect still doenst use on cent
00:41:11infect :d
00:41:36gangstar1990 w ecant when all her ein base
00:41:40PeterLars magina u dead too fast
00:41:59infect i died cause i got bs ulti, rubick stuff and cent stun edge
00:41:59infect :D
00:42:05infect was too aggresiv
00:42:05PeterLars ^^
00:42:11TrustNoGoblin b
00:42:12TrustNoGoblin b
00:42:36PeterLars farm am
00:42:44TrustNoGoblin we w8 magnus and am to get items
00:42:46TrustNoGoblin that is bad
00:42:48TrustNoGoblin its gg
00:43:12gangstar1990 all miss care
00:43:14infect wards would be nice
00:43:22TrustNoGoblin they rosh
00:43:23TrustNoGoblin proly
00:43:38PeterLars b
00:43:39PeterLars b
00:43:50PeterLars ^^
00:43:53gangstar1990 here wards
00:43:53j22koer :D
00:44:07infect :P
00:44:11infect mkb or hot?
00:44:24PeterLars got
00:44:25infect base
00:44:26PeterLars hot
00:44:27livingde4th b
00:44:35PeterLars def
00:44:36PeterLars base
00:44:40infect no
00:44:41infect go
00:44:52j22koer listen to cap
00:44:56infect cent tp-d
00:44:57infect out
00:45:03PeterLars didnt see
00:45:11livingde4th b
00:45:11livingde4th b
00:45:13livingde4th mid
00:45:13livingde4th b
00:45:14livingde4th b
00:45:14livingde4th b
00:45:27livingde4th smoke
00:45:27livingde4th obs
00:45:29livingde4th etc
00:45:53gangstar1990 b
00:45:54gangstar1990 b
00:45:54gangstar1990 b
00:46:13PeterLars fuck :S
00:46:20gangstar1990 omg guys
00:46:21j22koer was bait
00:46:22gangstar1990 dont go so far
00:46:27gangstar1990 now 3 dead cuz of tiny
00:46:27TrustNoGoblin use chik
00:46:28Pufff-Reis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:30gangstar1990 now gg
00:46:34infect i might have buyback
00:46:38TrustNoGoblin chik on MID
00:46:39livingde4th throne?
00:46:39TrustNoGoblin uSE IT
00:46:40gangstar1990 so buy back
00:46:41livingde4th or bot
00:46:41gangstar1990 now
00:46:42livingde4th ok
00:46:45j22koer :_D
00:46:47infect i am alive
00:46:47infect :d
00:46:49PeterLars ^^
00:47:04TrustNoGoblin top tower less hp
00:47:07TrustNoGoblin but whatever
00:47:44TrustNoGoblin tp?
00:47:51PeterLars cunt
00:47:54infect rosh now
00:47:57PeterLars go
00:47:58gangstar1990 y
00:47:59infect come fast
00:48:01gangstar1990 am aegis
00:48:12gangstar1990 come am
00:48:29infect dont
00:48:31infect bs
00:48:36infect will have vision
00:48:42infect axe
00:48:43infect ?
00:48:46infect why didnt you come
00:49:11PeterLars heal and go mid
00:49:15PeterLars and am go first
00:49:26PeterLars let him get all ultis and shit :D
00:49:41livingde4th tiny
00:49:46livingde4th hide
00:49:47PeterLars let go mid
00:49:48PeterLars all
00:49:52PeterLars magnus
00:49:52gangstar1990 gang dirst
00:49:55PeterLars u stay back
00:50:16TrustNoGoblin gg
00:50:22gangstar1990 gogo mid rex
00:50:26PeterLars anmd bot
00:50:32PeterLars heal
00:50:33TrustNoGoblin bs no radi
00:50:36TrustNoGoblin agaisnt tiny and magnus
00:50:38TrustNoGoblin and axe
00:50:39TrustNoGoblin suck fail
00:50:40TrustNoGoblin ty
00:50:43TrustNoGoblin 3 blink
00:50:45TrustNoGoblin and u dont go radi
00:50:46TrustNoGoblin gj
00:51:17livingde4th go in
00:51:19livingde4th tiny
00:51:21gangstar1990 rex
00:51:25PeterLars b
00:51:50PeterLars b
00:51:51PeterLars omg
00:51:59gangstar1990 b
00:52:01gangstar1990 2 rex done
00:52:07infect got buyback
00:52:08livingde4th bot all
00:52:09livingde4th i def
00:52:10TrustNoGoblin gi
00:52:11livingde4th i
00:52:12PeterLars god
00:52:18livingde4th go kunkka
00:52:19livingde4th bot
00:52:20livingde4th i got
00:52:21livingde4th tp
00:52:21gangstar1990 soem goys currias?
00:52:25livingde4th kunkka run mid
00:52:34gangstar1990 when not i go
00:52:35infect tiny goes prolly
00:52:45gangstar1990 tiyn you go curi?
00:52:47PeterLars ?
00:52:49infect care mid, they might suicide
00:52:49PeterLars y
00:52:52gangstar1990 k
00:52:58infect 10 secs
00:53:00infect i am back then
00:53:06gangstar1990 gogo
00:53:32TrustNoGoblin joke
00:53:37livingde4th u are
00:53:40TrustNoGoblin sure
00:53:41livingde4th u die all the time
00:53:43TrustNoGoblin bs bulid
00:53:46TrustNoGoblin and our team play
00:53:48TrustNoGoblin is joke
00:53:56TrustNoGoblin we should finifh long tiem ago
00:53:57TrustNoGoblin ...
00:54:04TrustNoGoblin finish*
00:54:06TrustNoGoblin time*
00:54:09TrustNoGoblin but no
00:54:13TrustNoGoblin we w8 them farm
00:54:18livingde4th dude
00:54:19livingde4th they got
00:54:20livingde4th aoe
00:54:21livingde4th como
00:54:24livingde4th hard to push
00:54:43PeterLars def
00:54:54TrustNoGoblin y we had chanse few time to pwn but whatever
00:54:55livingde4th rune
00:55:06livingde4th go roshan
00:55:07PeterLars they smoke
00:55:07livingde4th roshan
00:55:08PeterLars care
00:55:11gangstar1990 y
00:55:16infect potm
00:55:33gangstar1990 iluu
00:55:34infect illu
00:55:38livingde4th b
00:55:40livingde4th def
00:55:41livingde4th bot
00:56:07PeterLars let go and end :D
00:56:12PeterLars magnus
00:56:13PeterLars stay back
00:56:30infect top ?
00:57:17PeterLars that bs forcus me with ulti :S
00:57:19gangstar1990 i have to jump
00:57:24gangstar1990 only go oin is bad
00:57:56TrustNoGoblin rosh fast
00:58:08livingde4th i def
00:58:28TrustNoGoblin fuck
00:58:29TrustNoGoblin not re
00:58:33PeterLars he is not back
00:58:44TrustNoGoblin go woods rubick
00:58:48TrustNoGoblin scout we need solo one
00:58:58PeterLars someone get wards
00:59:06PeterLars lol
00:59:09infect soz
00:59:13gangstar1990 get
00:59:17PeterLars we hide
00:59:19gangstar1990 i look
00:59:20livingde4th go rosh
00:59:32infect axe need you
00:59:34TrustNoGoblin go all
00:59:48TrustNoGoblin bs we need radi
00:59:50TrustNoGoblin dont u get it
00:59:53TrustNoGoblin they got 3 blink
00:59:57livingde4th kunkka
01:00:13PeterLars omg
01:00:42PeterLars wtf
01:00:44gangstar1990 lol
01:00:44PeterLars u stay back
01:00:46gangstar1990 now gg
01:00:46PeterLars and die later
01:00:48gangstar1990 rebuy who can
01:01:00infect cause we were out of position and i fought with bs
01:01:03infect if you noticed
01:01:50gangstar1990 gogoo
01:02:06infect suicide mid
01:02:11gangstar1990 w eneed all mid now
01:02:14gangstar1990 and try
01:02:20gangstar1990 1 defing
01:02:22gangstar1990 necro
01:02:28gangstar1990 necro defing and we 4 mid gogo
01:02:32gangstar1990 try
01:02:32PeterLars we need necro
01:02:39gangstar1990 w ecant go all 5
01:02:43gangstar1990 we nneed 1 def
01:02:46gangstar1990 megacreeps
01:03:04gangstar1990 k necro come mid
01:03:05gangstar1990 try
01:03:22PeterLars go them
01:03:27livingde4th go
01:03:45infect gg
01:03:46infect I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:03:47infect I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:03:49j22koer I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:04:39PeterLars HAHA
01:04:40XXL xD
01:04:43XXL gg wp
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