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Chat log

00:00:30linnuke mõttetu flist
00:00:34linnuke 1 sec :D
00:00:34MariahCarry Bala
00:00:34MariahCarry necro
00:00:34svents i think we have to rmk
00:00:34MariahCarry why
00:00:34linnuke 1 sec to pick
00:00:34svents 1 sec to pick :D
00:00:34MariahCarry np
00:00:34MariahCarry he can do that easily
00:00:34Swagga I just met u and this is crazy, but here's my dick, so suck it maybe?
00:00:34MariahCarry if he's not a tard
00:00:34nigulas back
00:00:34nigulas sory
00:00:34MariahCarry nigg u got 1 sec
00:00:34MariahCarry so be swift
00:00:34nigulas wtf :D
00:00:34svents swagga stfu
00:00:34MariahCarry so be fast
00:00:34svents suudad 1 seciga pickida?:D
00:00:34Swagga stfu svans
00:00:34nigulas dontunpause
00:00:34MariahCarry ban smth
00:00:34nigulas until
00:00:34nigulas i say
00:00:34nigulas smoething
00:00:34MariahCarry yy
00:00:34nigulas OK?=
00:00:34MariahCarry ban smth
00:00:34nigulas -furi
00:00:34MariahCarry bala
00:00:34nigulas go
00:00:34MariahCarry bala furi banned
00:00:37nigulas FF
00:00:38nigulas rmk
00:00:38svents pff :d
00:00:39svents ff
00:00:39MariahCarry mogikurdi
00:00:39svents rmk
00:00:39nigulas i pick
00:00:39MariahCarry u fucking tard
00:00:39nigulas sf
00:00:39nigulas I pick
00:00:39nigulas sf
00:00:40VVindoWz fuck u idiot
00:00:44VVindoWz he said go
00:00:46Swagga stfu
00:00:47VVindoWz u fucking retard
00:00:50Swagga eat a dick
00:00:59VVindoWz u eat mine
00:01:01svents any1 want something?
00:01:05VVindoWz u mom
00:01:05Swagga u aint go one
00:01:12Swagga xD
00:01:18linnuke why did you say bala banned?
00:01:22svents i try my luck now
00:01:27VVindoWz nigulas u cant just rmk cause of random pick
00:01:28MariahCarry cus he's banned
00:01:32Swagga let me plzy ogre
00:01:32nigulas yes i can
00:01:34svents yes je cam
00:01:37svents he can
00:01:37VVindoWz its not allowed u cock sucker
00:01:40linnuke banned says its necro
00:01:42svents stfu
00:01:44nigulas go argue with strompls
00:01:45MariahCarry i ban
00:01:47MariahCarry so i decide
00:01:47svents fcking svans
00:01:47nigulas stop talking shit
00:01:49MariahCarry and it's banned
00:01:49nigulas i took
00:01:50nigulas sf
00:01:51VVindoWz give me dark seer
00:01:54nigulas opk
00:01:55nigulas no rmk
00:01:55VVindoWz -swap 1
00:01:57nigulas we swap
00:01:58nigulas -swap 5
00:02:00svents ok no rmk
00:02:04VVindoWz today im sweet baby
00:02:05MariahCarry wow dusa
00:02:07MariahCarry ffs
00:02:09MariahCarry -swap 5
00:02:12VVindoWz cause yesterday got pussy from your ...
00:02:19McFele -clear
00:02:19Swagga father
00:02:22svents lanes?
00:02:23nigulas jokes
00:02:24nigulas mass jokes
00:02:26nigulas mass jokes
00:02:29VVindoWz didnt knew he had one
00:02:31nigulas wel
00:02:32nigulas ogre
00:02:33nigulas sveno down
00:02:34nigulas easy
00:02:43nigulas svents + veno = sveno
00:02:44svents venjo
00:02:47svents go check rune
00:02:51Swagga svents is a sans
00:02:51Inuusini omw
00:02:53Swagga svans
00:02:54MariahCarry dusa
00:02:55MariahCarry that pick
00:02:58MariahCarry was so fucking retarded
00:02:59svents u svans
00:03:01MariahCarry can u just leave
00:03:01svents stfu
00:03:01svents cunt
00:03:02McFele :DD
00:03:06McFele stfu )
00:03:08VVindoWz fuck dig din hund
00:03:08Inuusini top rune
00:03:09MariahCarry no
00:03:10MariahCarry srsly
00:03:12MariahCarry lastpick retard
00:03:17McFele who cares
00:03:19McFele fu
00:03:20VVindoWz dog of rome
00:03:22MariahCarry ill get u banned
00:03:24svents mc
00:03:29MariahCarry olk
00:03:29linnuke care bot
00:03:29svents say something to this kurfi
00:03:31svents kurdi
00:03:33linnuke gang mby
00:03:34svents i cant danish
00:03:34VVindoWz gl have dick
00:04:44svents try?
00:06:08svents tulen midi
00:06:11VVindoWz ss top
00:06:22nigulas wd
00:06:23nigulas invi mid
00:06:37svents neil wardid
00:06:39svents ruunides
00:07:41Swagga why so much hate?
00:07:45Dota.m ss top
00:08:01svents ss wr
00:08:08Dota.m ss 2
00:08:10nigulas how cant u kill
00:08:11Dota.m re 1
00:08:13nigulas veno ogre lane :D
00:08:14Dota.m re 2
00:09:07Dota.m gank top
00:09:20nigulas i have
00:09:21nigulas 3 epic
00:09:22linnuke oom
00:09:24nigulas gank heros in team
00:09:27nigulas but why gank
00:09:28nigulas freekill mid
00:09:31MariahCarry and 3 epic tards
00:09:32nigulas when we can all just farm
00:09:33MariahCarry :D
00:10:48nigulas get wards
00:11:13Dota.m omfg
00:11:19Dota.m this dusa see nothing
00:11:47Swagga ss top
00:12:23nigulas ogre
00:12:25nigulas hows the famr?
00:12:34nigulas ma terve gc fucking aja rääkind
00:12:36nigulas et sa oled
00:12:38nigulas kõige pasem vend
00:12:40nigulas terves
00:12:42nigulas maailmas
00:12:54svents well
00:12:55Inuusini care top
00:12:58svents ma tahtsin algul gankida
00:13:04svents aga mida ma tulen kui neil ruunides wardid
00:13:53nigulas sd
00:13:55nigulas how are u lvl 4?
00:14:06Swagga i die alot
00:14:11Dota.m spis
00:14:14VVindoWz sir die a lot
00:14:16Swagga fuck dig
00:14:17linnuke viper
00:14:18MariahCarry ty
00:14:21Swagga dit fjæs
00:14:25svents ss
00:14:28Swagga og dit hus
00:14:28Dota.m ghahahaha
00:15:01svents hy
00:15:02MariahCarry sup
00:15:10svents was shopping
00:15:13MariahCarry me2
00:15:20nigulas BUY WARDS
00:15:27Inuusini place
00:15:48nigulas ok
00:15:59nigulas faggotcarrry
00:16:02nigulas mariah
00:16:03nigulas u will
00:16:05nigulas be main focus
00:16:06nigulas in 20min
00:16:08MariahCarry :D
00:16:13MariahCarry me pls
00:16:14nigulas and i guarantee
00:16:15nigulas it wont be fun
00:16:21MariahCarry i guarantee it will
00:16:33Inuusini no vacuum?
00:16:52svents give me speed
00:16:53svents cunt
00:17:29nigulas mis selle cd on
00:17:31nigulas 0?
00:17:38svents miungi paar seci aint
00:17:52svents ja selle range on debiilne
00:19:06svents see sd
00:19:09svents gameruinib
00:19:45MariahCarry ward pls
00:19:50MariahCarry so they can't woods
00:19:52MariahCarry then it's won
00:19:55MariahCarry ty
00:20:36svents wtf
00:20:37svents sd
00:20:45Swagga svents stfu
00:20:48Swagga im tired
00:20:51Swagga and annoyed
00:20:54Swagga so plz
00:20:55Swagga shh
00:21:32Dota.m hmm
00:21:34Dota.m ^^
00:21:44linnuke im b
00:22:34Dota.m b
00:22:34linnuke cmon this meduse
00:22:34Dota.m b
00:22:34Dota.m b
00:22:34Dota.m b
00:22:35Dota.m b
00:22:35Dota.m b
00:22:35Dota.m b
00:22:35MariahCarry dust for sf
00:22:37nigulas notp
00:22:40Swagga y
00:22:50linnuke its like 4vs5 and he doesnt even have items:/
00:22:59MariahCarry -afk
00:23:18Inuusini teamwipe inc
00:24:03MariahCarry told u
00:24:04MariahCarry it'd be fun
00:24:07nigulas its 7min
00:24:10nigulas 13min
00:24:11nigulas to go
00:24:13MariahCarry :D
00:24:21Dota.m heal
00:24:33Dota.m me b
00:24:50MariahCarry got dust
00:24:54MariahCarry gogo
00:24:54MariahCarry wr
00:25:03Dota.m he is a pussy
00:25:09MariahCarry gogo
00:25:11MariahCarry top
00:25:20linnuke invi bottle
00:25:21MariahCarry w8 for me
00:25:23MariahCarry got dust
00:25:39Dota.m veno ogre inc top
00:25:44nigulas -st
00:26:22McFele all ulty on me
00:26:23McFele funny
00:26:29nigulas THIS TEAM
00:26:29nigulas THIS TEAM
00:26:30nigulas THIS TEAM
00:26:31nigulas THIS TEAM
00:26:46MariahCarry THIS VIPER
00:26:47MariahCarry THIS VIPER
00:26:53nigulas if my team
00:26:55nigulas would understand
00:26:56nigulas anything
00:26:58nigulas how their spells work
00:26:59Swagga ihufa hold dog din kæft
00:26:59nigulas all good
00:27:03nigulas this seer
00:27:03nigulas farming
00:27:04MariahCarry hahaha xD
00:27:05nigulas 24min min
00:27:09nigulas pointbooster
00:27:14Inuusini lvl 1 vacuum inc
00:27:56Dota.m viper don't be smart
00:28:20linnuke b
00:28:20linnuke b
00:28:21svents :DD
00:28:21McFele gj
00:28:22nigulas destroy gem
00:28:32Dota.m der røg din gem fordi du skulle være supermand
00:28:47MariahCarry tak jimmy
00:28:52MariahCarry fortæl mig mere
00:29:00svents -st
00:30:32nigulas no ulti
00:30:32nigulas b
00:31:33MariahCarry så få dog noget fucking dust
00:31:41MariahCarry DUST???
00:31:42nigulas get antiwards
00:32:12linnuke :D
00:33:09Swagga 4 v 2
00:33:11nigulas nahhui sa fullhp linkeniga dusat stunnid mai saa aru
00:33:32svents stunnisin algul viperit ju
00:33:36nigulas ei
00:33:36nigulas dusat
00:33:37MariahCarry wd
00:33:38MariahCarry wr
00:33:39svents ta chases kedagi teist
00:33:41MariahCarry can u get dust?
00:33:44MariahCarry or sentrys??
00:33:47MariahCarry im getting wards
00:33:51MariahCarry and ganking
00:33:53MariahCarry and carrying
00:34:00MariahCarry atleast get detection
00:34:02MariahCarry wr
00:34:02MariahCarry ?
00:34:05Pufff-Reis got
00:34:07MariahCarry ty
00:34:42svents destrou
00:34:43svents fffs
00:34:56McFele 4 bot
00:35:02MariahCarry they counterwarding
00:35:06McFele y
00:35:27Dota.m wr get treads to strenge
00:36:01svents imba wall
00:36:22Dota.m dusa
00:36:30nigulas -st
00:37:36Dota.m boom !
00:37:37Swagga dø svans
00:37:45Dota.m Lige over dak dak
00:38:22Dota.m tped
00:38:53VVindoWz I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:50Dota.m no bkv
00:39:51Dota.m bkb
00:39:52MariahCarry i tp
00:39:56MariahCarry in 5 sec
00:39:57Dota.m dsd
00:39:57Dota.m as
00:39:58Dota.m da
00:39:58Dota.m ad
00:39:58Dota.m da
00:39:59Dota.m a
00:40:01Dota.m top
00:40:02Dota.m fsfs
00:40:03Dota.m asf
00:40:03Dota.m dfa
00:40:08VVindoWz push top
00:40:21Dota.m -.-
00:40:55Inuusini gem wr
00:40:58MariahCarry b
00:41:02nigulas tra
00:41:02MariahCarry B
00:41:03nigulas stunni enne
00:41:05nigulas oma sitta
00:41:05nigulas lammas
00:41:09svents pole range ju
00:41:54McFele y
00:41:55Dota.m warded
00:42:40nigulas ket me farm
00:42:41nigulas top
00:42:48nigulas jesus
00:42:49nigulas christ
00:42:52nigulas SEE THISDARK SEER?
00:42:54nigulas oh it ake
00:42:54nigulas 1kgold
00:43:14Inuusini ~~
00:43:27MariahCarry push mid
00:44:00MariahCarry can someone tp top
00:44:00MariahCarry fast
00:44:00Inuusini cool def
00:44:06MariahCarry b
00:44:09MariahCarry gotta def top
00:44:20nigulas they have to b
00:44:23nigulas cuz no twr top
00:44:52Inuusini theyre just getting fatter
00:44:58nigulas b!
00:45:21MariahCarry need wards
00:45:23MariahCarry need to def sides
00:45:24MariahCarry against sf
00:45:25svents -st
00:45:35Inuusini rosh
00:45:40Inuusini theyre in
00:45:47McFele rosh
00:46:16McFele i take
00:46:17McFele and all mid
00:46:26nigulas dont focus dusa
00:46:27VVindoWz all b
00:46:31nigulas go base
00:46:55VVindoWz focus wd
00:47:06MariahCarry b
00:47:24VVindoWz push
00:47:27VVindoWz go go mid
00:47:30nigulas cant
00:47:36MariahCarry push top
00:47:46MariahCarry all top gogo
00:48:00linnuke 4 mid
00:48:02linnuke sf bot
00:48:11Inuusini b
00:48:15VVindoWz b
00:48:49Inuusini -ms
00:49:02VVindoWz ffs
00:49:05VVindoWz u wanna loose?
00:49:09nigulas i have b-o
00:49:10nigulas np
00:49:17VVindoWz get the fuck back
00:49:29Pufff-Reis he will be problem
00:49:51nigulas hmm
00:49:53nigulas actually
00:49:56nigulas im only out in 40 sec
00:50:03VVindoWz bye bye
00:50:14MariahCarry jimmy
00:50:18MariahCarry kan du ikke sætte wards???
00:50:33MariahCarry de er enda på kyllingen
00:50:39Pufff-Reis sf wil farm gang them
00:51:08nigulas HA
00:51:08Inuusini all bot
00:51:22MariahCarry HA
00:51:32Pufff-Reis found ya
00:51:34nigulas its funny
00:51:35nigulas that
00:51:36nigulas u guys
00:51:39nigulas sux
00:51:45MariahCarry raxces bot
00:51:46MariahCarry gogo fast
00:51:48VVindoWz i only see u dying
00:51:50MariahCarry dusa can def
00:51:53nigulas still
00:51:54nigulas most farmed
00:51:55nigulas hero
00:51:55MariahCarry care sf back
00:52:02MariahCarry no utli tho
00:52:02VVindoWz U ? :O
00:52:04nigulas go tp
00:52:30MariahCarry sf top
00:52:33MariahCarry pyus bot all
00:52:45McFele i go def
00:52:55Pufff-Reis gem
00:52:58svents yeah
00:53:01svents save ur asses
00:53:02svents fck
00:53:07Pufff-Reis gem
00:53:22nigulas -st
00:53:57Pufff-Reis gem lost
00:54:49Inuusini plant
00:55:05svents ofc
00:55:07svents imba shackel
00:55:15svents while i force staff
00:55:16svents obv
00:55:18nigulas WTF GUYS
00:55:23MariahCarry push mid
00:55:24MariahCarry gogo
00:55:26linnuke i can def
00:55:29linnuke you push
00:55:29VVindoWz always u veno
00:55:31MariahCarry dusa should def bot
00:55:37VVindoWz russian cunt
00:55:39Inuusini havent died in 15min
00:55:42Inuusini nap :DD
00:55:47VVindoWz nice lie
00:55:50linnuke dusa should push
00:55:54VVindoWz natural born retard
00:56:07Dota.m woow
00:56:23nigulas YEÜ
00:56:51Pufff-Reis its lost
00:57:51Dota.m dusa
00:57:52Dota.m make mkb
00:57:53MariahCarry skadi and mjoll stack?
00:58:07MariahCarry go skadi
00:58:12MariahCarry it stacks with split arrow
00:58:13McFele nn skadi dont stack
00:58:18Dota.m to orbefect
00:58:21MariahCarry it does on all the other arrows
00:58:28MariahCarry and mjoll on the one u focus
00:58:37MariahCarry stop farming
00:58:39MariahCarry and come with us
00:58:46MariahCarry rosh b?
00:59:48MariahCarry just hit ffs
00:59:51McFele well
00:59:57Dota.m just stay and hit newb
01:00:02VVindoWz bad played veno
01:00:06MariahCarry lastpick shitcarry
01:00:08VVindoWz u really suck
01:00:11Dota.m hara
01:00:11Inuusini lastpiock
01:00:12VVindoWz where was your ulti ?
01:00:12Dota.m ffs
01:01:22svents so much hate
01:01:23svents mc
01:01:25svents fu :D
01:01:36MariahCarry lol i hate on u?
01:01:37MariahCarry ok
01:03:01VVindoWz mcFail
01:03:11Inuusini sf
01:03:15nigulas nice
01:03:27VVindoWz shut the fuck op veno this game just erased your rights to talk
01:03:47Swagga he is just t8olling u.. u know?
01:03:47VVindoWz your like a worm in the ass
01:04:02VVindoWz baby worms
01:04:05nigulas -st
01:04:24Swagga vipe8 gem
01:04:28nigulas np
01:05:19VVindoWz OMG VENO what was that about u fucking russian cunt
01:05:41nigulas b
01:05:58VVindoWz all venos fault
01:06:10VVindoWz just running around like a cunt
01:06:14svents idk
01:06:19svents u started to kill dusa first
01:06:22Inuusini while ur pushing woods
01:06:24Inuusini pro ds
01:06:31McFele i tp
01:06:33McFele in sec
01:06:33Swagga ty
01:06:33VVindoWz i was dead u cunt
01:06:38Inuusini wp
01:06:42Dota.m rax
01:06:45Dota.m twr
01:06:56nigulas gys?
01:07:01nigulas u blind?
01:07:18Swagga gem
01:07:23MariahCarry get raxes
01:07:24Dota.m gem
01:07:33Inuusini good farming
01:07:34Dota.m rax
01:07:35MariahCarry bot too
01:07:46Pufff-Reis rax
01:07:49linnuke take rax ffs
01:07:50Dota.m get
01:07:51Dota.m it
01:07:52Dota.m ffs
01:07:53Dota.m b
01:08:00MariahCarry hit
01:08:01MariahCarry ffs
01:08:04Inuusini wp
01:08:15VVindoWz this dua
01:08:16VVindoWz dusa
01:08:35VVindoWz i give veno speed and he runs back without using anything and with full hp and mana
01:08:40VVindoWz serious u noob ?
01:08:48Inuusini wp
01:08:48svents well
01:08:51svents i have 0 items
01:08:58VVindoWz svents u are good
01:09:00VVindoWz u got balls
01:09:04VVindoWz but this veno just OMG
01:09:06svents cuz i have bought all wards
01:09:15Swagga u have balls of steeel
01:09:31VVindoWz veno got cunt of steel
01:09:33Inuusini -disablehelp
01:09:48Dota.m 600 for hex
01:10:13Dota.m get rosh
01:10:16McFele no
01:10:16MariahCarry w8
01:10:17MariahCarry care
01:10:22nigulas go 5
01:10:22nigulas bot
01:10:29VVindoWz wait me
01:10:40MariahCarry kill them
01:10:48MariahCarry u never hit people
01:10:57nigulas RETARD
01:11:01Inuusini farm
01:11:01VVindoWz fuck u
01:11:03VVindoWz i say wait
01:11:07nigulas why
01:11:08VVindoWz i was fucking just revived
01:11:09nigulas must we fucking wait
01:11:10nigulas for u?
01:11:13nigulas when u
01:11:14nigulas pick
01:11:15Inuusini farm
01:11:16Inuusini farm
01:11:17nigulas illu runes
01:11:17nigulas while
01:11:18nigulas we fo
01:11:19nigulas go
01:11:20VVindoWz i didnt farm
01:11:20Inuusini farm
01:11:20nigulas battle
01:11:45VVindoWz i go rosh
01:11:48Dota.m rosh
01:11:49Dota.m ?
01:11:53nigulas sucks that i missclicked and bought etheral
01:12:17VVindoWz veno u gonna fail again ?
01:12:21Inuusini farm
01:12:21nigulas they roshin
01:12:27VVindoWz why no scepter
01:12:30Inuusini farm
01:12:34Dota.m if we not
01:12:35Dota.m they will
01:12:37linnuke i will def
01:12:43nigulas -st
01:12:49nigulas st
01:12:51nigulas -st
01:12:56nigulas -st
01:13:00nigulas go now
01:13:01nigulas now
01:13:15Dota.m hit
01:13:16Dota.m ffs
01:13:17Dota.m dusa
01:13:18Dota.m stay hit
01:13:34svents HY
01:13:42VVindoWz best wall ever in dota
01:13:50svents haha
01:14:03Dota.m 10 sec im out
01:14:40svents again
01:14:42svents again
01:14:43nigulas u noobs
01:14:45nigulas go hunt
01:14:46nigulas instead
01:14:46svents i force u fcking shackel
01:14:47svents wtf
01:14:48nigulas of getting
01:14:48nigulas rax
01:14:48nigulas top
01:14:50VVindoWz veno again
01:15:52Pufff-Reis b
01:17:39MariahCarry gg
01:17:39MariahCarry I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:17:42svents gg
01:17:54nigulas i tp
01:18:11Dota.m why dusa u unshare ?1
01:18:18McFele coz u control me?
01:18:20Dota.m lol
01:18:24Dota.m never
01:18:57svents gg
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