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Chat log

00:00:15Jerkku though nice plug earlier
00:00:15Jerkku :)
00:00:15coolass i can wlock ^^
00:00:15PeterLars he ban it
00:00:15PeterLars and if he dont then i ban it
00:00:15coolass okay c00l
00:00:16PeterLars y
00:00:16PeterLars like ur name
00:00:16PeterLars coolass
00:00:16Tough omni
00:00:16coolass yes
00:00:16PeterLars wl
00:00:16Tough any1 warlock?
00:00:40PeterLars any whishes?
00:00:47coolass lina
00:00:58PinaryB fuck my geo...
00:01:08PeterLars geo
00:01:10PeterLars u want mid?
00:01:14mansikka no
00:01:17mansikka pls no
00:01:17PeterLars oka
00:01:20PeterLars get
00:01:21PeterLars me
00:01:22Jerkku omg
00:01:23PeterLars storm
00:01:28PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:29coolass -swap 1
00:01:29edgarass what to play???
00:01:33edgarass bristle?
00:01:36Tough lion
00:01:40PinaryB nah we have 2 tnaks
00:01:47Tough lion
00:01:49Tough chen
00:01:50Tough eza
00:01:54PeterLars get bb
00:01:59vaityl dk
00:02:24edgarass itembuild?
00:02:31Jerkku meka
00:02:34PinaryB wards
00:03:06edgarass fb?
00:03:46coolass ss
00:03:47coolass ss
00:03:50coolass two
00:04:52PinaryB u should have stunned
00:05:12coolass tapetaa
00:05:13coolass lion
00:05:25edgarass ff
00:06:11edgarass ff
00:06:14coolass lol
00:06:16edgarass idiot
00:06:24edgarass no hp regen
00:07:14PeterLars ss mid
00:07:51edgarass gang bopt
00:08:18PeterLars ss mid
00:08:36PeterLars re
00:09:50Tough ss mid
00:10:04edgarass ss
00:10:07edgarass re
00:10:13coolass ss
00:10:14coolass tw
00:10:20edgarass bot freefarm help
00:10:28PeterLars ss mid
00:10:35PeterLars he got ulti
00:10:42Tough coming
00:11:08Zulu ruine topå
00:11:23edgarass idiots
00:11:24coolass no voi vittu
00:11:26edgarass fucking noobs
00:11:26coolass olis voinu tp
00:11:27coolass :S
00:11:29edgarass alex u idiot
00:11:36mansikka :<
00:11:42vaityl kik
00:11:43vaityl lol
00:11:46vaityl noob
00:12:27Aleks875 ss
00:12:28Aleks875 2
00:14:38coolass ei hyvä
00:15:23PeterLars care
00:16:02PeterLars go dk
00:16:10Jerkku pelaatko yhellä meepolla
00:16:14edgarass ff
00:16:15mansikka joo
00:16:19Jerkku miks :D
00:16:26mansikka en tarvii enempää
00:17:02PeterLars wtf
00:17:02coolass :DDDd
00:17:07mansikka what happened
00:17:12PeterLars to
00:17:14PeterLars tp
00:17:51Jerkku manaboots bb
00:17:53Jerkku wtf
00:17:58PeterLars gi
00:17:59PeterLars hi
00:18:05edgarass 1-5
00:18:11edgarass def bot
00:18:43PeterLars omg
00:18:45PeterLars tp mid
00:18:50coolass oom no tp
00:18:51coolass :S
00:18:54edgarass moid vvb
00:19:13PeterLars def bot
00:20:53PinaryB b?
00:21:08edgarass bot b
00:21:22Jerkku illu bot
00:21:26Tough ill take
00:21:28Aleks875 lina lothar..
00:22:26Tough wards pls
00:22:45Aleks875 go rosh
00:22:50Jerkku lol
00:22:50Tough DONT
00:24:09edgarass ff
00:24:13PinaryB lol
00:24:13PeterLars gj
00:24:15PinaryB cant loose this
00:24:18coolass ye
00:24:20coolass gu7
00:24:26PinaryB mansikka has no control over meepo
00:24:35PinaryB lina is running around with 0 mana all the time
00:25:23edgarass top b
00:26:15edgarass help
00:26:40Tough D
00:26:59PinaryB aleks playing is usual useless style
00:27:04Jerkku ye
00:27:17Aleks875 u go together?
00:27:19Aleks875 unral
00:27:22Aleks875 i come
00:27:56PeterLars care
00:28:02PeterLars they want y
00:28:21edgarass iodiot jerkuuu
00:28:26PeterLars DIE
00:28:27PeterLars CUNT
00:28:39Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:47Tough np
00:28:49Tough we got aleks
00:28:51PeterLars Y
00:28:55PeterLars then u loose :D
00:28:56Tough he will rape u
00:28:59Tough trust me
00:29:02Tough 25 min free farm
00:29:04PeterLars ^^
00:29:05Jerkku manaboots bb
00:29:24edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:46Tough aleks
00:29:47Tough tell me
00:29:47Tough why
00:30:01PeterLars dead
00:30:11Zulu fu u
00:30:14coolass :D
00:30:15PeterLars ^^
00:30:52Tough check
00:30:54PeterLars let me farm bot
00:30:56PeterLars need my linkin
00:31:45vaityl radi or taraska?
00:31:50coolass radi
00:32:02Aleks875 it was nice teamplay
00:32:07mansikka i go rosh
00:32:08mansikka +
00:32:11PeterLars ok
00:32:21edgarass your last 25 min was nice teamplay
00:32:26Aleks875 u know answer now
00:32:30Aleks875 why?
00:32:35Aleks875 ur teamplay imba
00:32:41edgarass use silence opmg
00:32:48Jerkku hp
00:32:48Jerkku ?
00:32:54Aleks875 rosh
00:32:54mansikka they might have wards :----P
00:33:03PeterLars go
00:33:51Tough gg
00:34:15Tough b
00:34:16Tough b
00:34:17Tough THE FUCK
00:35:06Tough b
00:35:09Tough b
00:35:56vaityl fuck
00:36:09coolass ÖD
00:36:15Zulu lol
00:36:38PeterLars wards fist
00:38:06Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:24vaityl im tard
00:38:25Zulu hahhahah
00:38:26coolass :D
00:38:52PeterLars dk
00:38:52PeterLars take
00:39:35Tough all b
00:39:59vaityl )
00:39:59Tough really
00:40:00PeterLars DOE
00:40:02PeterLars DIE
00:40:52Tough BASE
00:41:10Tough gem on dk
00:41:35coolass silence cD? ^^
00:41:53PinaryB im silencer under this shit
00:42:58edgarass ff team
00:43:01Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:21coolass fuck it
00:43:22coolass :D
00:43:25Jerkku cmoon
00:43:27Jerkku go ff
00:43:44Aleks875 fast
00:43:45Aleks875 rosh
00:43:48Aleks875 i will help
00:44:17PinaryB is there any hero that benefits from these items bb has?
00:44:22mansikka rosgh
00:44:27mansikka they
00:44:30mansikka prolly doing it
00:45:33mansikka fuck
00:45:40PeterLars b
00:45:47edgarass mid
00:45:59PeterLars base
00:47:11edgarass mana
00:47:11coolass mitä vittua
00:47:14coolass ei niil oo ees gemii
00:47:17coolass ja näkee mut
00:47:26Tough ALL B
00:47:42vaityl ohhh
00:47:46vaityl b
00:47:47vaityl b
00:47:51vaityl wtff?
00:48:03Tough 6k gold :D
00:48:14Aleks875 get tower
00:48:31edgarass b
00:48:31Aleks875 b
00:48:34edgarass \
00:48:56PinaryB have ult again
00:49:00Tough try
00:49:00Aleks875 b
00:49:03Aleks875 we need all
00:49:21Tough b
00:49:39PinaryB b
00:49:49Tough GJQ
00:50:12Tough 4k
00:50:12Tough 4k
00:50:13Tough 4k
00:50:14Tough gold D
00:50:20Jerkku me2
00:50:35Aleks875 now he dont whine
00:50:39Aleks875 about me
00:50:44Aleks875 now he say me inma
00:50:45PinaryB y well played
00:50:49PinaryB you were there?
00:50:50Tough well played?^^
00:50:51Aleks875 oh nice
00:50:52Tough not really
00:50:55Tough he wasnt even there
00:50:57Tough later y
00:51:03vaityl vaards
00:51:04Zulu inma?
00:51:05Tough but earlier we played 4 vs 5
00:51:08Aleks875 imba
00:51:22coolass we mush push
00:51:24Zulu are you imba?
00:51:24Aleks875 cose i needed farm
00:51:28coolass together
00:51:30Jerkku is it up
00:51:35Aleks875 nop
00:52:15Jerkku god
00:52:22mansikka fuufuu
00:52:42Tough I WAS SHOPPING
00:52:44Tough THE FUCK
00:52:45PeterLars STFU
00:53:20Tough gg wp
00:53:21Tough I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:53:23Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:53:39Jerkku these 3 losed it at top
00:53:46Jerkku lost*
00:55:31PeterLars 5000 gold for that push :D
00:55:31Tough cheese
00:55:39Tough dont
00:55:40Tough wait all
00:55:42PinaryB lion def?
00:55:46Jerkku go mid
00:56:21mansikka :D
00:56:24mansikka i suck
00:56:29coolass hahahaha
00:56:29coolass ei vittu
00:56:31coolass hävittiinks
00:56:31coolass :D
00:56:37mansikka ehkä
00:56:41Aleks875 mid
00:56:41mansikka buyback cd :S
00:56:45Aleks875 finish
00:56:49mansikka for some seconds
00:56:51mansikka 40 mby
00:58:38Jerkku ok
00:59:02Jerkku gg
00:59:25Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:28Tough DEF
00:59:49PeterLars kill
00:59:50PeterLars that
00:59:51PeterLars rax
00:59:52PeterLars omg
00:59:58mansikka .D
01:00:37Tough gg
01:00:39Tough ff it
01:00:39PeterLars BB DIE
01:00:42PeterLars creeps
01:00:43PeterLars lol
01:00:56Jerkku CNMOOB
01:00:57Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:00:57Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:00:58Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:00:58Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:00:59coolass lolzor
01:01:15Jerkku that wont raise ur x
01:01:15coolass vähä regee
01:01:18Jerkku though
01:01:19Tough idc
01:01:22PinaryB I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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