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-21 X
-1 TS

97% | 1756 X | 1542 TS

-48 X
-2 TS

78% | 1483 X | 1384 TS

+17 X
-1 TS

73% | 1416 X | 1370 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

71% | 1386 X | 1375 TS

-26 X
-1 TS

36% | 1065 X | 1311 TS

+31 X
+1 TS

94% | 1687 X | 1523 TS

+48 X
+1 TS

72% | 1335 X | 1442 TS

-6 X
+1 TS

66% | 1355 X | 1351 TS

+18 X
+1 TS

64% | 1348 X | 1330 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

63% | 1210 X | 1468 TS

Chat log

00:00:30slc2 i think i go for thes skele
00:00:30nigulas -phoenix
00:00:30slc2 ali is roof
00:00:30AliBaba i am
00:00:30WANKmaster -ogre
00:00:45nigulas get sk aa
00:00:47nigulas would be nice
00:00:59PinaryB ill ds
00:01:06nigulas get sk
00:01:07nigulas sk
00:01:07nigulas sk
00:01:09slc2 then i solo
00:01:16PinaryB og
00:01:20Inuusini AA
00:01:21nigulas where u solo?:S
00:01:25infect i can sk
00:01:25Inuusini counters huskar
00:01:28infect if u want ds
00:01:29slc2 i thougt he did ds
00:01:29Inuusini i can play
00:01:33Inuusini zzz
00:01:39PinaryB mm ill play
00:01:46nigulas go aa
00:01:49nigulas and abba
00:01:50nigulas aa
00:01:51nigulas aa
00:01:52slc2 get aa
00:01:56Inuusini gg
00:02:03slc2 roof bot?
00:02:04nigulas sk aa top
00:02:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME get aba
00:02:10nigulas sick lane
00:02:10U.Fail2Amuse.ME or smth
00:02:13dhgf abbba
00:02:21dhgf mis skill on?
00:02:26PinaryB whenever some1 says that lane is lost
00:02:34WANKmaster korralik team teil
00:02:34svents dia
00:02:35infect agree :D
00:02:36nigulas not possibl
00:02:39nigulas to lose with aa sk
00:02:46nigulas rahulikud ehro
00:03:01Inuusini ff
00:03:22nigulas FFS SK
00:03:25nigulas TRA SE SK
00:03:38infect sitt sk jah
00:03:40infect you know
00:03:42infect you can stun blind
00:03:47infect that aoe is big
00:03:51PinaryB 400 range idiots
00:04:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking line
00:04:12Inuusini good pick
00:04:56svents gj
00:05:01dhgf sama
00:05:26svents tulen mid
00:05:54svents gj
00:06:32nigulas ts
00:06:34svents oot
00:08:05nigulas ssmid
00:08:05nigulas invi
00:08:06nigulas lvl 6
00:08:08infect ss ts
00:08:11infect nvm
00:08:12Inuusini botlane freefarm btw
00:08:13nigulas care
00:08:15nigulas mid lvl 6
00:08:15nigulas miss
00:08:17nigulas invi
00:08:21nigulas re
00:08:33infect why not stun ?
00:09:10nigulas mid top
00:09:10nigulas dd
00:09:33infect ts
00:09:36nigulas new wards
00:09:37nigulas needed
00:09:43infect go for jugger now sk
00:09:57nigulas ss
00:10:23infect 4 top
00:10:25infect sk as well
00:11:06nigulas why
00:11:07nigulas no
00:11:10nigulas doh
00:11:11nigulas i dont know
00:11:15nigulas i hope
00:11:17nigulas huskar gets farmed
00:11:23dhgf sk
00:11:24dhgf ooot
00:11:29Inuusini gang bot anytime soon?
00:11:29dhgf goo
00:11:30nigulas ebcause
00:11:32nigulas i have no vision
00:11:34nigulas and constant gank
00:11:34Inuusini husk 10min freefarm now
00:11:36svents go
00:11:39dhgf dive
00:11:40dhgf dive
00:11:56nigulas OH
00:11:58nigulas mouse
00:12:00nigulas shut down pls
00:12:00nigulas yep
00:12:23dhgf go
00:12:25dhgf make him
00:12:26dhgf go back
00:12:31nigulas wait for me mid
00:12:33nigulas stun and he is dead
00:13:05nigulas great
00:13:08nigulas save u
00:13:09infect jugger is randomly in our forest
00:13:09nigulas and die
00:13:10infect :(
00:13:45nigulas can we plant those warsd?
00:13:52AliBaba then f
00:13:58AliBaba ufkcing take them
00:14:05nigulas care
00:14:26slc2 good gank
00:14:35slc2 nice nigu
00:15:46slc2 care
00:15:52slc2 focus atro guys
00:15:59slc2 hes ulti rapes sf
00:16:16nigulas i need fam
00:16:26slc2 we know
00:16:34Inuusini warded
00:16:50Inuusini baikt
00:16:50Inuusini bait
00:17:13nigulas care
00:17:16nigulas ts
00:17:21nigulas ts here
00:17:29nigulas go
00:17:30nigulas ts
00:17:42svents vittu
00:18:23Inuusini nice timing for a lagspike
00:18:38slc2 i get bkb now...
00:18:55infect tree, are you retarded?
00:19:00infect it was obvious you cant take ts alone
00:19:02infect and still you go
00:19:11AliBaba stfu .. i thught sf was comming
00:19:21nigulas i had
00:19:22nigulas 200 hp
00:19:23nigulas where u think
00:19:26nigulas i will come?
00:19:33svents tra see on kui m2ngid pooleldi 1 keäga:D
00:20:25nigulas b
00:20:29infect invi ts
00:20:31slc2 inbi tsx
00:20:40nigulas -st
00:20:46slc2 -st
00:20:54AliBaba jugger
00:21:22nigulas wtf
00:21:24nigulas was that?
00:21:29slc2 i have no idea
00:21:31nigulas did sk
00:21:32nigulas even stun
00:21:33nigulas any1
00:21:38Inuusini ty
00:21:40infect roof, you care to join us ?
00:21:42svents np
00:21:52infect or you only use your ulti to escape and still die?
00:22:11nigulas tra
00:22:28slc2 comw
00:22:32nigulas 0 souls
00:22:33nigulas -st
00:22:40Inuusini camp?
00:22:41Inuusini vacuum+aoe
00:23:02svents ok
00:23:22slc2 souls
00:23:28nigulas y i tp
00:23:29nigulas dont go
00:23:33Inuusini leoric items?
00:23:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME veil
00:24:13svents :DD
00:24:36slc2 nice move aa:D
00:25:55nigulas he got blink?
00:25:59slc2 no
00:26:15nigulas no ulti
00:26:40slc2 tower+?
00:27:04slc2 nigu come
00:27:10nigulas y i tp
00:27:12nigulas got travels
00:27:15slc2 nice
00:28:22nigulas YEP
00:28:36Inuusini 4-1
00:28:37slc2 thats happen when not all tp at once
00:29:11nigulas need sk to get blink
00:29:12nigulas he has made
00:29:14infect dno what that tree is thinking
00:29:14nigulas 0 proper ultis
00:29:45WANKmaster jugger
00:29:46WANKmaster takes
00:29:49infect jugger our forest
00:29:57infect and tree, invi some1 even if they arent near a tree
00:30:01infect they go mini invi anyways
00:30:03nigulas tehey have
00:30:03nigulas book 3
00:30:06infect stops jugger ulti
00:30:08infect oh
00:30:08Inuusini mid?
00:30:13infect then fuck that shit
00:30:52infect use your stun
00:30:54nigulas jesus christ
00:30:54infect to get away
00:30:55infect ffs
00:31:01infect dont
00:31:01infect go
00:31:07infect def base
00:31:08nigulas def base
00:31:12nigulas tree
00:31:15nigulas they got book3
00:31:21nigulas OK :D
00:31:23nigulas i just
00:31:24nigulas random ultied
00:31:25nigulas base
00:32:21AliBaba dont fucming use my hero
00:32:22AliBaba ffs
00:33:26nigulas NAHHU SA NGID MIND
00:33:30WANKmaster :D
00:33:59nigulas haha
00:34:00WANKmaster miks
00:34:01slc2 cunts
00:34:03WANKmaster sa ei lää svents?
00:34:04WANKmaster ret oled ? :D
00:34:04svents vitt
00:34:09svents tra
00:34:13nigulas see rott jõudis enne surma saamist dusti vajutada?
00:34:13svents ma m2ngin 1 käega pm
00:34:15nigulas tere hommikust
00:34:28svents ei saanud ultit vajutatud -.-
00:34:55nigulas -st
00:35:14WANKmaster lets
00:35:15WANKmaster push
00:35:16slc2 we can still win
00:35:26nigulas y
00:35:53nigulas -st
00:36:33slc2 base
00:37:19nigulas gem
00:37:21nigulas on jugi
00:37:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME shall i rush them
00:37:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME now
00:37:29Inuusini ill vacuum them
00:37:33slc2 we need roof to start so we can insta
00:38:02nigulas TRE
00:38:03nigulas ARE UF UKCING
00:38:05nigulas KIDDING ME?
00:38:06nigulas treant
00:38:07slc2 lothars on sk?
00:38:12U.Fail2Amuse.ME why not
00:38:15nigulas heroso n massiivsed
00:38:18slc2 all are goin fucking lothars on gc
00:38:18nigulas tegudest jääb puudu
00:38:27nigulas hey jookeks gemi ja book 3 vasstu invis ultima
00:38:27nigulas yep
00:38:28nigulas idee
00:38:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME lorthas cool item
00:38:34WANKmaster :D
00:38:35infect tree
00:38:37infect are you retarded?
00:38:40infect they have gem and book3
00:38:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME best item after dagger and radi
00:38:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME 3rd place
00:38:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME n1
00:38:46infect and you try to go invi with radi?
00:38:53slc2 a
00:39:37dhgf no ma olen lihtsalt ret
00:39:44svents :DDD
00:39:49svents tore et tunnistad
00:39:53slc2 i must say that threads are the best item and stick
00:39:57infect head razed
00:39:58infect :D
00:40:08Inuusini force staff > all
00:40:34nigulas kui te selle kotti saate
00:40:37nigulas Olete kõik 5 euri võlgu
00:41:54nigulas care
00:41:56dhgf reuse
00:42:06slc2 they rosh?
00:42:11infect they already did
00:42:14slc2 haha nice
00:43:33svents gg
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