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Chat log

00:00:17mansikka any fishes?
00:00:17hibalunt are whales and dophines fishes?
00:00:17mansikka nope
00:00:17mansikka mammals
00:00:17Tooky ?
00:00:17mansikka ass furion
00:00:17valiante :D
00:00:17valiante respect
00:00:17valiante i like it
00:00:17valiante AM
00:00:17hibalunt a555555555555555555555
00:00:17mansikka anyone want something?
00:00:22hibalunt dr seus -.-
00:00:42hibalunt though noone picks it anyway
00:01:00hibalunt Tonker
00:01:05Kastrup tanker
00:01:20Kastrup -swap 1
00:01:20valiante -swap 4
00:01:23Palle get dazzle
00:01:26Palle for long lane
00:01:31valiante yeh
00:01:37Inuusini aww
00:01:39Inuusini tooky swap?
00:01:42Tooky no
00:01:48Tooky rexx or venge?
00:01:49valiante tooky
00:01:51Kastrup rex
00:01:52Tooky yes
00:02:15Tooky wtf manabars???
00:02:21Inuusini hax
00:02:24Inuusini wtf why u maphack
00:02:24Tooky zzz
00:02:25Inuusini noob
00:02:25Kastrup chicken
00:02:28Kastrup GET chicken
00:02:31valiante rex must buy chicken
00:02:33Kastrup thats rules when 5. pick
00:02:35Kastrup and share
00:02:36Kastrup gj
00:02:49valiante ur top
00:02:49valiante rex
00:03:01hibalunt I think I build some shit if I gets the monies
00:03:03-.- ogre should be bot
00:03:05-.- but w/e
00:03:17Tooky max aura or bird?
00:03:27valiante bird
00:03:39Inuusini wtf
00:03:40Inuusini rexxar
00:03:41Inuusini aura 1st
00:03:42Inuusini ......
00:03:45Tooky bugged
00:03:47Tooky i didnt skill
00:04:02Tooky this client is fucked up
00:04:06Inuusini ret..
00:04:07-.- ogre afk
00:04:10-.- booya
00:04:27Tooky wtf
00:04:31Tooky i didtn skill
00:05:08Tooky wtf
00:05:09Tooky is this
00:05:30Tooky my gotkeys dont work
00:05:36Inuusini rtfm
00:06:29Inuusini ~~
00:07:01Aleks875 go kill
00:07:02hibalunt shop
00:07:08Aleks875 dazzle
00:08:07Tooky fuck
00:08:13hibalunt care mid
00:08:42Aleks875 scorp
00:08:46Aleks875 let rthem come
00:08:50Aleks875 pull
00:09:03hibalunt mf why you kill my monkey -.-
00:09:12Tooky ??
00:09:26Kastrup mistake :/
00:09:29valiante ¨zeus miss
00:09:30Kastrup miss sk
00:09:37hibalunt dd
00:10:22Kastrup miss mid
00:10:22Kastrup care
00:10:23Kastrup bot
00:11:05Tooky got roar
00:11:08edgarass zeus b
00:11:18edgarass one stun u dead
00:11:23Palle go
00:11:26Kastrup miss mid
00:12:50edgarass ulti zeus
00:12:53Kastrup <- rune
00:13:11valiante omw top
00:13:13valiante lets get this ogre
00:13:22edgarass idiot zeus
00:13:31valiante got poisen?
00:13:33Inuusini nope
00:13:36Palle get ready
00:13:54Inuusini let pa lasthit
00:16:22Aleks875 fuckin idiiot
00:16:26Aleks875 why u feed mort
00:16:36Aleks875 idiots
00:17:33Inuusini pipe soon
00:17:43Inuusini top tier 2 pretty low
00:19:28mansikka oom
00:19:30hibalunt illu
00:19:47hibalunt illu rune bot
00:19:48Palle get mid?
00:21:03Aleks875 sucker team
00:21:07Aleks875 feed mort
00:21:07edgarass aleks
00:21:11edgarass idiot
00:21:43-.- why didnt u come ogre
00:21:45-.- at first
00:21:47edgarass he noob
00:22:11Aleks875 unreal
00:22:15Aleks875 team feeders
00:22:16valiante :D
00:22:17edgarass retards
00:23:09edgarass fefe
00:23:16Inuusini need a lower cd on heal
00:23:31Kastrup just upgrade it
00:23:38edgarass fucking noobs
00:23:38Inuusini maxed it 1st
00:24:09Tooky wtf
00:24:10Inuusini asdf
00:24:25edgarass ogre b
00:24:31edgarass idiot
00:24:32edgarass shithead
00:24:33edgarass go heal
00:24:35edgarass fucking shit
00:24:40Aleks875 stfu noob
00:24:43Aleks875 2-7
00:24:47Aleks875 overffed mort
00:24:48edgarass wtf u running there with 40 hp
00:24:50edgarass su
00:24:55edgarass dont do such mistakes
00:24:58edgarass and fucking play
00:25:02Aleks875 game over
00:25:04Aleks875 anyway
00:25:10Aleks875 we cant win
00:25:10hibalunt 3 minutes till end
00:25:13edgarass idiot
00:25:15Aleks875 we havent carry
00:25:18edgarass so dont feed more at least
00:25:28edgarass fucking shit
00:25:30valiante :D
00:26:02Aleks875 here silver players
00:26:07Aleks875 unvelieble
00:26:12Aleks875 so noobs
00:26:19edgarass u are
00:26:20edgarass idiot
00:26:46Aleks875 bronze gamers play so much better
00:26:48Aleks875 sure 100%
00:26:51edgarass we need good crix ulti
00:26:57Aleks875 ff
00:26:58valiante lets go bot
00:26:59valiante rape
00:27:09hibalunt ff
00:27:17edgarass rambo zeus
00:27:23-.- get aa
00:27:44hibalunt did you get him?
00:27:48-.- y
00:28:06edgarass idiot
00:28:09hibalunt I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:10edgarass zeus wtf u are doing?
00:28:13edgarass u die in one hit
00:28:15edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:19hibalunt like all of our team
00:28:23mansikka ggwp
00:28:24mansikka I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:34Aleks875 they dont undestand they need kill dazzle first
00:28:41Aleks875 so much hard for them intellect
00:29:09mansikka zeus ult
00:29:14hibalunt cool plan
00:29:34edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:36edgarass all type ff
00:29:40-.- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:30:21valiante gg
00:32:40Inuusini :D
00:32:44valiante :D
00:32:52Tooky gg
00:32:52Aleks875 dazzle make win
00:32:54Aleks875 gg
00:32:55Inuusini <3
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