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-29 X
+3 TS

96% | 1835 X | 1458 TS

-24 X
+1 TS

82% | 1556 X | 1384 TS

-10 X
+1 TS

72% | 1446 X | 1363 TS

+20 X
+1 TS

54% | 1187 X | 1378 TS

+38 X
+39 TS

NEW | 984 X | 1238 TS

+41 X
-1 TS

92% | 1572 X | 1544 TS

-53 X
-1 TS

77% | 1451 X | 1404 TS

-8 X
-1 TS

69% | 1348 X | 1371 TS

+24 X
-2 TS

63% | 1321 X | 1344 TS

+14 X
-2 TS

43% | 1122 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:22Netukka MITÄ LAITETAAAN
00:00:22Homeostat0000 banning invo
00:00:22Netukka banning
00:00:22Netukka banning
00:00:22Netukka blah
00:00:22Netukka banninko sdn
00:00:22Netukka vai furin
00:00:22Netukka vaa
00:00:22Netukka vai axen
00:00:22slc2 yes today?
00:00:22Netukka i ban furion
00:00:27slc2 i do huskar
00:00:40Netukka sd any
00:00:44slc2 gondar again?
00:00:51Homeostat0000 ye its fun
00:00:53MladenTaz me witch doctor if some1 else dont pict it
00:01:09slc2 get me huskar
00:01:14MladenTaz ok
00:01:15Astrocreep gl
00:01:21slc2 is it for me?
00:01:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME i didnt get u huskar
00:01:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME man
00:01:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME soz
00:01:25U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:28Netukka uh
00:01:29Netukka hm
00:01:30RalleBrazil i go with cent
00:01:31Homeostat0000 necrolyte against axe and cent = great
00:01:32slc2 bad team spirit
00:01:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME i got myself huskar
00:01:33RalleBrazil good combo :p
00:01:38Homeostat0000 necro imo bestest pick
00:01:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME well..i never wanted
00:01:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME doc
00:01:41MladenTaz want some1
00:01:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:49slc2 give me lesh
00:01:50Homeostat0000 necro
00:01:52Homeostat0000 som1
00:01:53Netukka take lesh
00:01:56Netukka or wr
00:01:56Netukka imo
00:01:58slc2 -swap 5
00:01:58Astrocreep wats good
00:01:59Netukka or puck
00:02:00Netukka gyro
00:02:04MladenTaz -swap 2
00:02:04Netukka lesh wr
00:02:11slc2 me wd bot
00:02:14slc2 please
00:02:19Homeostat0000 ok go with wd bot
00:02:24Netukka sk
00:02:26Netukka bottom lane
00:02:26Netukka now
00:02:29RalleBrazil -swap 5
00:02:31Netukka u dont go top
00:02:34slc2 i do pure tanky
00:02:36Netukka skele
00:02:36Netukka go top
00:02:37Netukka now
00:02:39Netukka i mean
00:02:40Netukka bot
00:02:43Netukka momdi
00:02:46slc2 meka pipe vg etc
00:02:48Netukka SKELE
00:02:49Netukka KING
00:02:50Netukka BOTTOM
00:02:51Jonneblarre me bot?
00:02:53Astrocreep and me?
00:02:53Netukka -AFK
00:02:57Netukka -afk
00:02:59Netukka MOMDI
00:03:01Netukka AFK
00:03:01Jonneblarre why me bot?
00:03:01Netukka wupsi
00:03:01Netukka cause sd cent goes top
00:03:01Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:03:01Affliction -ii
00:03:01Netukka momdsiw afk once again
00:03:01Affliction -don
00:03:01Affliction -hhn
00:03:01Netukka smoking fucking nigarettes
00:03:01Astrocreep i go orchid after treads?
00:03:01Jonneblarre i need some farm
00:03:01Netukka well
00:03:01Netukka mekansm would be great also
00:03:01Netukka momdsiw
00:03:01Netukka vittu
00:03:01Netukka vittu aina röökil
00:03:01Netukka vitun apina
00:03:01Astrocreep why not carry top?
00:03:01Netukka cause cent sd
00:03:01Netukka better lane
00:03:01Netukka certain kill
00:03:01Jonneblarre they can go bot
00:03:01Jonneblarre me wr top?
00:03:01Astrocreep y
00:03:01Astrocreep lol
00:03:01Homeostat0000 he smokin whole packet?
00:03:01Netukka nope
00:03:01MladenTaz how long is pause here?
00:03:01Netukka i think
00:03:01RalleBrazil ?
00:03:01Netukka not first time
00:03:01Astrocreep he is drying the leaves
00:03:01Affliction OH you laddergoat you so random :/
00:03:01Homeostat0000 pause here is until u unpause
00:03:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME there is no rule for pause
00:03:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME u can unpause when u want
00:03:01Netukka yeah, then cutting
00:03:01Netukka and then rolling
00:03:01MladenTaz aha, oke
00:03:01Homeostat0000 its fucking waste of time
00:03:01Astrocreep i will go treads orchid agha
00:03:02Netukka dont agha
00:03:04Homeostat0000 he could smoke whole shitload
00:03:22Astrocreep no?
00:03:25slc2 wd u pull
00:03:30Jonneblarre dd bot
00:03:30MladenTaz ok
00:04:29slc2 wd dont hit cs
00:05:35RalleBrazil ss
00:05:39Netukka share
00:05:45Netukka -afk
00:05:47Netukka well gg
00:05:49Netukka droppiung
00:05:51Netukka in few sec
00:05:57Homeostat0000 hm?
00:06:01Jonneblarre ffs wrt
00:06:02Netukka we still got afk
00:06:20Jonneblarre stop prehitting
00:06:32Homeostat0000 -afk
00:06:37Affliction -adk
00:06:40Affliction -afk
00:06:42Homeostat0000 -kickafk 1
00:06:51Netukka -afk
00:07:00Homeostat0000 -kickafk 7
00:07:31Homeostat0000 miss axe
00:07:36slc2 -afk
00:07:50RalleBrazil help
00:08:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME -afk
00:08:03Astrocreep oom
00:08:17Affliction -afk
00:08:18Homeostat0000 -afk
00:08:21slc2 -afk
00:08:24MladenTaz -afk
00:08:25Homeostat0000 XD
00:08:39Affliction -afk
00:08:44Netukka -afk
00:09:11Homeostat0000 rege
00:09:11Homeostat0000 come
00:09:16Netukka /
00:09:17RalleBrazil ?
00:09:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME ur such a fucking
00:09:21Netukka still afk
00:09:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME iidioy
00:09:21Affliction -afk
00:09:21Netukka yes
00:09:23Homeostat0000 haha
00:09:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking rwtrad
00:09:25Netukka game ends
00:09:25Netukka soon
00:09:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME dman fucking
00:09:27Netukka -afk
00:09:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME bh
00:09:30Netukka 30f
00:09:32Netukka 30s
00:09:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME this bh retarted in brain
00:09:48Netukka ss mid
00:10:00Affliction -afk
00:10:00slc2 wd
00:10:13Jonneblarre w8 me
00:10:29Homeostat0000 u win 4v5 :D
00:10:29Affliction -afk
00:10:42slc2 -afk
00:10:45Homeostat0000 -afk
00:10:50slc2 -kickafk 7
00:10:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME -afk
00:11:00RalleBrazil ss
00:11:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME -kickafk
00:11:10Affliction -afk
00:11:11Netukka mid ss
00:11:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME -kickafk 07
00:11:27slc2 wd
00:11:28MladenTaz -kickafk
00:11:28slc2 wd
00:11:28slc2 wd
00:11:29slc2 wd
00:11:29slc2 wd
00:11:31MladenTaz y
00:11:31MladenTaz y
00:11:32MladenTaz y
00:11:34slc2 let me farm
00:12:02Netukka -afk
00:12:07Netukka how long is the afk time?!
00:12:12Affliction dunno
00:12:12Affliction ;/
00:12:13Homeostat0000 5 min
00:12:15Homeostat0000 afaik :D
00:12:16Affliction -afk
00:12:17Netukka 12min
00:12:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME i think admin keeps him here
00:12:35RalleBrazil help top
00:12:39Affliction hes and admin ?
00:12:42Homeostat0000 u want him out - type -kickafk 7 or so
00:12:50Netukka the red text havent come yet
00:13:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME -kickafk 7
00:13:17Jonneblarre -kickafk 7
00:13:36slc2 wd fuck oof
00:13:41Affliction -afk
00:13:44MladenTaz i need godl 2 u know
00:13:47Homeostat0000 come
00:14:14Homeostat0000 JUST KIDDING
00:14:17Homeostat0000 DONT HURT ME
00:14:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME so what battle hunger is 3 sec cd
00:14:42Netukka ye
00:14:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME is this sensless
00:14:46Netukka 5 actually
00:15:15RalleBrazil 3 top
00:15:30MladenTaz ss mid care
00:15:37RalleBrazil omg greedy :D
00:15:55Affliction -afk
00:16:16Netukka im gonna need my dagger
00:16:16Netukka fast
00:16:20Netukka -afk
00:16:25slc2 huskar mid tower?
00:16:45slc2 wd go top
00:16:48Jonneblarre fun 4v5
00:17:58MladenTaz oom
00:18:23Netukka die
00:18:25Netukka :D
00:18:26Homeostat0000 shit
00:18:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME hahah u see how it feels to suck the dick
00:18:33Netukka -afk
00:18:36Netukka 19minutes
00:18:37Netukka soon
00:18:38Netukka lol
00:18:40Homeostat0000 stfu useless piece of shit
00:18:45Netukka -afk
00:18:49Netukka but
00:18:52Netukka he have moved
00:18:52MladenTaz -afk
00:18:53Netukka ab it
00:18:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME homo dont talk to me like that
00:18:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME fukcing bitch
00:18:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME i died coz of u
00:19:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME 2 times
00:19:02Netukka in he have moved in base
00:19:06Affliction -afk
00:19:10Homeostat0000 u lost 30 games of mine
00:19:13Homeostat0000 so gtfo retard
00:19:13slc2 -afk
00:19:14Netukka tower
00:19:19Netukka we win this
00:19:21Affliction farm bot
00:19:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME i lost sqaut ur just a retarted down syndrom fucking noob
00:19:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME who cant carry for this
00:20:02Netukka push
00:20:07Homeostat0000 losing another one
00:20:12Homeostat0000 huskar :D
00:20:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME gtfo
00:20:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME joker kid
00:20:35Netukka mid now
00:20:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME playing 2 hero every time i see u
00:20:37Netukka we can end this
00:20:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME one of them bh
00:20:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME and cant even play him
00:20:46Netukka momdsiw
00:20:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking loser
00:20:48Netukka miks oot fägäri
00:20:50Homeostat0000 i can play each dota hero
00:20:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME u cant even play a hero
00:20:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME who is all the time inv
00:21:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME ur pathetic
00:21:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME kid
00:21:14Netukka i jump in when i see
00:21:15Homeostat0000 when u are 1% of me then u can talk
00:21:16Homeostat0000 ty
00:21:16Netukka some1
00:21:25U.Fail2Amuse.ME haha if i play 2 hero
00:21:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME 2 of them inv
00:21:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME like u
00:21:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME and i ks all the time
00:21:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME i will easly even surpass u
00:21:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME coz ur usless
00:21:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME noob
00:22:45Netukka b
00:23:06Netukka bm soon
00:23:35Netukka nvm
00:23:42Netukka gj
00:23:55slc2 vent på mig gønland
00:24:00Netukka now we can end
00:24:13Affliction come smoke
00:24:18Netukka go mid
00:24:36Netukka do u see
00:24:39Netukka cent is moving
00:24:40Netukka oh
00:24:41Netukka its
00:24:41RalleBrazil lol
00:24:43RalleBrazil hah
00:24:46Netukka zeus ulti
00:24:54Homeostat0000 care for axe dagger
00:25:11Netukka dead
00:25:23Affliction gem
00:25:26Affliction @ SK
00:25:37Netukka zeus ulti is moving this centaur
00:25:41Netukka thats why he moves
00:25:45RalleBrazil dust anyone who can buy please ?
00:25:46Netukka -afk
00:25:48Netukka we got
00:25:49Netukka gem
00:26:01Netukka gather
00:26:02Netukka mid
00:26:04Netukka im re soon
00:26:21Netukka i push bot
00:26:23Netukka a bit
00:26:24Netukka so it wont push
00:26:59Homeostat0000 axe inc
00:27:01slc2 b
00:27:52RalleBrazil b
00:28:02RalleBrazil gem
00:28:05Jonneblarre take gem
00:28:08Jonneblarre ffs
00:28:08Jonneblarre wr
00:28:16slc2 i couldt do more
00:28:33Netukka ok
00:28:37Netukka now with 4 only
00:28:42Jonneblarre need gem
00:28:49Homeostat0000 WHAT
00:28:52slc2 grønland
00:28:55slc2 få dig euls
00:28:57Netukka gj
00:29:00Affliction y
00:29:02RalleBrazil What ?
00:29:03RalleBrazil !
00:29:07slc2 hvordan går det med dig?
00:29:08Jonneblarre buy gem
00:29:09Homeostat0000 fuck ur sentries or tower idk
00:29:09RalleBrazil DEAD MAN TALKING
00:29:10Homeostat0000 !
00:29:15Affliction fint er nice på arbejde :D
00:29:17Jonneblarre wr
00:29:18Netukka we all got mh
00:29:19Netukka thats al
00:29:41MladenTaz b
00:30:05Homeostat0000 -afk
00:30:08MladenTaz -afk
00:30:08Homeostat0000 30 min afk
00:30:10slc2 def at base
00:30:11Homeostat0000 stronkness
00:30:12Netukka yeah
00:30:17Netukka huge ban inc
00:31:31Affliction LOL backstabber zues :D
00:31:54Netukka why u wasted ur ulti
00:31:55Netukka like that
00:32:24Affliction 3 lvls
00:32:24Affliction :D
00:32:41Affliction SD gem
00:32:42Affliction !
00:32:46Homeostat0000 SD GEM I SEE
00:32:55Netukka -afk
00:32:56Jonneblarre give gem to some1 else
00:32:59slc2 def in base
00:33:00Homeostat0000 b
00:33:00Homeostat0000 b
00:33:00slc2 or we loose
00:33:47Netukka i cant win this alone :/
00:33:57Affliction you have 3 m8ds :D
00:34:00Netukka no
00:34:02Netukka i dont
00:34:06Astrocreep sd hid someone inappropriately
00:34:11Netukka they are like
00:34:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME ye leo dont deal any dmg
00:34:14Netukka hidden creeps
00:34:14Jonneblarre what should i buy?
00:34:16Astrocreep zeus instead of wd
00:34:17Netukka bkb
00:34:18Netukka obv
00:34:51Astrocreep rosh?
00:34:52Netukka uuuuu
00:34:55Netukka go
00:35:01Homeostat0000 IMMORTAL
00:35:01Astrocreep for axe
00:35:22MladenTaz -.-
00:35:40RalleBrazil omg
00:35:40RalleBrazil !
00:35:45RalleBrazil what a team haha
00:36:01Homeostat0000 care
00:36:30Netukka oom
00:36:42Netukka all alive
00:36:43Netukka ;:/
00:36:45Homeostat0000 axe oom
00:36:47Astrocreep b?
00:37:18Jonneblarre b
00:37:23Homeostat0000 give up u cant break this turtle :D
00:37:46Homeostat0000 go axe
00:38:32Affliction -st
00:38:34Affliction -afk
00:38:46slc2 huskar
00:38:50slc2 go fucking attack theme
00:38:59slc2 i tanked u cunt
00:39:03Netukka imo 1 should balance
00:39:03Netukka :D
00:39:24Homeostat0000 imo i balanced enough with fail on mid :D
00:39:24slc2 he will get banned
00:39:28Netukka true
00:39:34Netukka but
00:39:38Netukka its still not helping us
00:39:38Netukka atm
00:39:40Homeostat0000 but u still have low low chances
00:39:47Netukka low?
00:39:51Netukka i think we got 50/50
00:39:56Homeostat0000 i think 30/70
00:39:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME 1 can balance with plug
00:39:59Netukka not really
00:40:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME so he wont get banned
00:40:04Netukka nah
00:40:09Netukka this is interesting
00:40:18Netukka game are always so boring
00:40:20Netukka this is great
00:40:25Homeostat0000 yeah
00:40:51Netukka damn
00:40:52Netukka i really
00:40:53Netukka dont know
00:40:55Netukka what to build
00:41:02Astrocreep guinsoo
00:41:08Astrocreep shiva
00:41:13Homeostat0000 check
00:41:15Netukka i do need armor
00:41:17Netukka shiva it is
00:41:22Netukka u guys
00:41:24Homeostat0000 i think they smoke
00:41:24Netukka need gs
00:41:26Netukka ghostie
00:41:27Homeostat0000 nvm
00:41:37Netukka lol
00:41:44Jonneblarre whats next for me?
00:42:20Homeostat0000 tl dr with buy back
00:42:58slc2 hello
00:42:59Jonneblarre ac or heart?
00:42:59Affliction -afk
00:43:00Homeostat0000 XDD
00:43:04Netukka ac
00:43:27Homeostat0000 TARP
00:43:48Homeostat0000 fight
00:44:01Homeostat0000 XDDDDD
00:44:20RalleBrazil lol
00:44:34Netukka lol
00:44:34Homeostat0000 balance inc
00:44:34Netukka -afk
00:44:35Astrocreep -afk
00:44:37Homeostat0000 ;(
00:44:42Jonneblarre we could use cents money
00:44:47Jonneblarre :P
00:45:29Jonneblarre we need to go for som towers
00:45:48Homeostat0000 b
00:45:52Netukka stop
00:45:53Netukka fucking
00:45:54Netukka retard
00:45:58Netukka how dumb
00:45:59Netukka are u
00:46:32Jonneblarre rosh re
00:46:37Netukka they go
00:46:39Netukka huskar
00:47:08Netukka b
00:47:13Netukka its keke
00:47:20slc2 i9 push mid
00:47:36Homeostat0000 together better
00:47:40slc2 i come thjen
00:47:55Netukka gj
00:48:07RalleBrazil omg skele ?
00:48:26Netukka we can hold it
00:48:32Netukka 10s
00:48:33Netukka im re
00:48:41Astrocreep then rosh
00:48:45Affliction b
00:49:11slc2 i get shivas now i think
00:49:19Homeostat0000 yeah
00:49:25Homeostat0000 shiva or hex both good
00:49:29slc2 this has been a long game for me
00:49:39slc2 i have been so useless
00:49:42Jonneblarre rosh?
00:49:43MladenTaz yea but need to stay alive for some time
00:49:50RalleBrazil gogo
00:49:53MladenTaz sry m8 if i steel creeps
00:50:01slc2 idc
00:50:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME lets go mid and takwe them
00:50:04Homeostat0000 gather all
00:50:06slc2 its just a game
00:50:06Netukka place sentry
00:50:12Jonneblarre illus die
00:50:21Homeostat0000 AHHAHAA
00:50:27Jonneblarre i take
00:50:46RalleBrazil Fuckers
00:51:12Netukka fight
00:51:14Homeostat0000 MORE?
00:51:24MladenTaz finally
00:51:25Homeostat0000 cmon 2 more sk
00:51:26MladenTaz :D
00:51:51Jonneblarre so unfair game
00:51:55Netukka lol= :D
00:51:56Netukka ethreal
00:51:59Affliction *;LD
00:52:35Netukka somekind of bug
00:52:41Affliction ye :/
00:52:42Netukka cause there wasnt this red text
00:52:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME lets kill him 1 time
00:52:42Homeostat0000 u cant -kickafk 7
00:52:44Homeostat0000 ?
00:52:45RalleBrazil I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:52:46Homeostat0000 ?
00:52:47Jonneblarre *nope
00:52:49Netukka -kickafk 7
00:52:55Homeostat0000 give him to us :D
00:53:03Netukka -switch 1
00:53:07Netukka disabled
00:53:08Homeostat0000 -ok
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