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Chat log

00:00:03SapphireEyes yew
00:00:10Dota.m jamie ?
00:00:10peCh stefanel /slap
00:00:18yeW- anyone wl?
00:00:18Dota.m hmm
00:00:18Dota.m ok
00:00:18Maxy ya mid whore or nou?
00:00:18Dota.m ill take
00:00:18Dota.m wl
00:00:18SapphireEyes pit dazzle
00:00:18SapphireEyes nice
00:00:18SapphireEyes + wl with meka
00:00:18SapphireEyes d
00:00:18yeW- nethouse
00:00:18IamSoUnluckY :D
00:00:18yeW- what do i ban
00:00:18yeW- ?
00:00:18peCh .......
00:00:18yeW- slark
00:00:18Nethouse.Lanaya krobelus, dazzle, slark
00:00:18Dota.m slark ?
00:00:18Dota.m were is it
00:00:18Dota.m oh there
00:00:18yeW- next to mira
00:00:18yeW- :p
00:00:18SapphireEyes krobe
00:00:18Dota.m yea
00:00:18Dota.m i saw
00:00:33Maxy you want mid? da?
00:00:48SapphireEyes y i go
00:00:49yeW- get me meepo
00:00:52Dota.m kk
00:01:00Dota.m -swap 1
00:01:03SapphireEyes LOL
00:01:04yeW- someone dazzle?
00:01:06SapphireEyes THERE WAS geo?D
00:01:07yeW- -swap 3
00:01:09yeW- :D
00:01:12SapphireEyes Ahs hit
00:01:13SapphireEyes D
00:01:31Dota.m get dazzle thd puck cent
00:01:34yeW- at least i got tab on this keyboard :D
00:01:35IamSoUnluckY i am woods
00:01:41SapphireEyes we are fucked
00:01:48SapphireEyes if u let geo farm
00:01:55Dota.m hven spiller på slc ?
00:02:11slc2 ja det er mig
00:02:15slc2 2sec skal pisse
00:02:18yeW- erm
00:02:21yeW- WHO MEKA,
00:02:40yeW- daz
00:02:41yeW- make meka
00:02:42yeW- k?
00:02:42yeW- -ma
00:02:44peCh leave now
00:02:47Maxy the only good player
00:02:50Maxy from poland
00:02:52Maxy > TAy
00:03:21SapphireEyes tey?d
00:03:21Dota.m top
00:03:31Maxy Dunno full nick
00:03:31Maxy ;D
00:03:33stefanelust ss 2
00:03:47Dota.m ss 1
00:03:49Dota.m care mid
00:03:49yeW- chomm ?ate
00:03:50Dota.m mby invis
00:03:51yeW- chyill mate
00:03:57peCh wazi
00:04:00SapphireEyes lastgame
00:04:16SapphireEyes U lsot mid 2
00:04:16SapphireEyes D
00:04:16yeW- courier
00:04:16yeW- ?
00:04:16SapphireEyes but win the game(
00:04:16yeW- do we have a courier?
00:04:16yeW- stefanelust?
00:04:16yeW- did u buy one
00:04:16yeW- ?
00:04:16Nethouse.Lanaya brown didnt read rules
00:04:16stefanelust ok
00:04:16yeW- oh come on
00:04:16yeW- jesus
00:04:16stefanelust u buy
00:04:16yeW- no
00:04:16SapphireEyes 321
00:04:16Maxy german dota
00:04:16stefanelust some 1 use
00:04:16yeW- u have to
00:04:16SapphireEyes well
00:04:16yeW- u gotta buy courier, u got 30s
00:04:16Maxy at least say why?
00:04:16yeW- or ima banreq ur ass
00:04:54yeW- BUY
00:04:55yeW- COURIER
00:04:56yeW- STELFN
00:05:11yeW- go
00:05:13yeW- activae tit
00:05:16stefanelust k
00:05:24slc2 go eza
00:05:44Maxy piut ss
00:05:54SapphireEyes kk
00:07:03yeW- gang mid
00:07:30Dota.m pit fffs
00:07:37Dota.m fucking open eyes 1
00:07:42SapphireEyes tbh
00:07:44SapphireEyes mid no farm
00:07:49Dota.m there was a fucking free kill there
00:07:53Dota.m newb
00:08:02IamSoUnluckY ss bto
00:08:02IamSoUnluckY wl
00:08:04Dota.m don't stay so long b
00:08:04yeW- blah
00:08:04raysick ss 2
00:08:06yeW- n1 spike
00:08:19SapphireEyes mid
00:08:20SapphireEyes ss
00:08:28SapphireEyes re
00:08:42Maxy dead
00:08:42Maxy !
00:08:47SapphireEyes shit
00:08:48SapphireEyes ahd my dagger
00:09:15Dota.m ss potm
00:09:18Dota.m re
00:09:20SapphireEyes mid ss
00:09:21SapphireEyes care
00:10:07yeW- up courier
00:10:08yeW- jesus
00:10:44Dota.m ty pit don't use soul ring -.-
00:10:51yeW- wl
00:10:53yeW- up courier
00:11:05SapphireEyes mid ss
00:11:06SapphireEyes care
00:11:09Dota.m with 30 gold and shitty pit on my lane
00:11:54slc2 go with nets
00:11:56SapphireEyes check wood
00:11:58SapphireEyes for other geos
00:12:13peCh ss 2 top
00:12:50slc2 yellow
00:13:13slc2 he pisses me off
00:13:18slc2 i come
00:13:27Maxy b
00:14:26slc2 skod spil
00:16:05yeW- -ma
00:16:40yeW- b
00:16:41yeW- dude
00:17:29slc2 pit come
00:17:58SapphireEyes owm
00:18:19Dota.m no def ?
00:18:39slc2 fast
00:18:49Maxy b
00:19:47Maxy ?
00:19:59SapphireEyes y
00:20:15Maxy hate dazzle
00:20:17Dota.m ty
00:20:27slc2 vidste de kom
00:21:00Nethouse.Lanaya b
00:21:11Nethouse.Lanaya pls b
00:21:30SapphireEyes i need to b
00:21:41yeW- g?
00:21:42yeW- go
00:21:43yeW- ulties
00:22:10yeW- gho rosh
00:22:11Maxy -aa
00:22:14Maxy -st
00:22:28SapphireEyes dazzle
00:22:32slc2 got bot meepo?
00:23:28Nethouse.Lanaya bad ;/
00:23:31Dota.m -.-
00:23:35SapphireEyes invis
00:23:43SapphireEyes geo
00:23:46SapphireEyes care
00:23:47SapphireEyes down
00:23:50SapphireEyes invis geo
00:23:57SapphireEyes b
00:24:56IamSoUnluckY ae peko
00:24:58IamSoUnluckY samo cuti
00:24:59IamSoUnluckY :D
00:25:01yeW- b
00:25:02peCh hah
00:26:17SapphireEyes shit radiance
00:26:27SapphireEyes how did he farmed ;d
00:26:35SapphireEyes geo
00:27:24slc2 meepo bot and dagger?
00:27:57Nethouse.Lanaya hmm
00:27:59Nethouse.Lanaya i was alone
00:28:02Nethouse.Lanaya lets gank
00:28:11yeW- wp
00:28:32Dota.m they come geo
00:28:45yeW- 3 supps
00:28:50yeW- no1 buyin wards
00:29:17Nethouse.Lanaya bot
00:29:20slc2 i safe money for a gem
00:29:21SapphireEyes c
00:29:22SapphireEyes b
00:29:23SapphireEyes seer
00:29:23SapphireEyes b
00:29:41SapphireEyes u got ward
00:29:43SapphireEyes and sitll dying
00:29:48Nethouse.Lanaya we have to push
00:29:51Maxy and the best part is
00:29:52Nethouse.Lanaya just
00:29:54Maxy we are 4 on skype
00:32:25yeW- io push top
00:32:27yeW- hold on
00:32:45Maxy in last sec
00:32:46Maxy btw
00:33:05SapphireEyes sux i didint saw geo there inn pool
00:33:20yeW- blah
00:33:26yeW- gj killin courier :p
00:33:33Dota.m at least u got raxes
00:33:37Maxy place slow
00:33:50yeW- regen
00:33:51yeW- aba
00:34:02slc2 abba wanna have gem m8?
00:34:08yeW- lol
00:34:11yeW- bottle it? :DD
00:34:20slc2 abba'
00:34:25Dota.m b
00:34:47slc2 abba come for gem
00:34:59Maxy we got to join fight
00:35:01Maxy fro mbehind
00:35:05Maxy not from front
00:35:54Nethouse.Lanaya we have to push
00:35:55Nethouse.Lanaya again
00:35:57Dota.m me bot
00:35:59Dota.m for aagah
00:36:00Dota.m plz
00:36:05Nethouse.Lanaya we have 3 not leveled suppoertrs
00:36:11IamSoUnluckY w8 lana
00:36:19Dota.m -.-
00:36:19IamSoUnluckY ok
00:36:19IamSoUnluckY :D
00:36:24Dota.m great
00:37:09SapphireEyes oh gem
00:37:21Dota.m push bot ?
00:37:35Nethouse.Lanaya go rosh
00:37:37Nethouse.Lanaya good time
00:37:48yeW- k
00:37:54slc2 nethouse u go shivas right?
00:37:59Nethouse.Lanaya no
00:38:05Nethouse.Lanaya its hex
00:38:05slc2 why not
00:38:23SapphireEyes ]they got gem
00:38:30Nethouse.Lanaya coz hex is much better
00:38:32Nethouse.Lanaya vs them ;d
00:39:00Nethouse.Lanaya ?
00:39:06Nethouse.Lanaya now? ;d
00:39:25Nethouse.Lanaya gem
00:39:29Nethouse.Lanaya pick
00:39:32Nethouse.Lanaya gem dazzle
00:40:49slc2 fuck faces:D
00:41:02slc2 just leave me alone????
00:41:34slc2 nice move
00:41:39Dota.m go mid `?
00:41:40Nethouse.Lanaya just gather
00:41:43Nethouse.Lanaya i am always alone
00:41:43Nethouse.Lanaya -.-
00:41:52yeW- :((
00:42:01Dota.m mid all
00:42:24slc2 just go mid???
00:42:24Nethouse.Lanaya comming
00:42:26Nethouse.Lanaya dont die
00:42:39stefanelust b
00:43:16Dota.m mid
00:44:00SapphireEyes my fault i didint banned geo..
00:44:07SapphireEyes only hero yew
00:44:07IamSoUnluckY its ok
00:44:09IamSoUnluckY :D
00:44:11SapphireEyes know how to play d
00:44:20Maxy !
00:45:01SapphireEyes I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:05peCh I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:12IamSoUnluckY gg wp
00:45:14Maxy -aa
00:45:17Maxy -st
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