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94% | 1724 X | 1439 TS

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90% | 1584 X | 1481 TS

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+3 TS

86% | 1548 X | 1446 TS

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68% | 1326 X | 1405 TS

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79% | 1459 X | 1424 TS

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51% | 1169 X | 1375 TS

Chat log

00:00:15XXL ideas?
00:00:15mamyka me ogre
00:00:15XXL lich
00:00:15valiante ns
00:00:22Palle ogre any1?
00:00:26hibalunt can
00:00:29XXL anyone want?
00:00:30Palle u want?
00:00:32hibalunt y
00:00:42XXL do u?
00:00:50edgarass xxl u play ud?
00:00:51XXL mansikak tääl?
00:00:55mansikka oon
00:00:55XXL u want?
00:00:58edgarass i can
00:00:59hibalunt since when is weaver not banned or firstpicked here?
00:00:59XXL kk
00:01:03XXL for u then
00:01:08Strom for long time
00:01:11Strom lich & ns much stronger
00:01:14valiante hes not to imba
00:01:14XXL skill max tomb as fast as u can
00:01:19valiante roof is a sick pick
00:01:21hibalunt I have been away a whole year ;)
00:01:28Palle we need counterpush
00:01:29XXL get me centaur
00:01:35XXL or not
00:01:39Strom ye, roof is most imba hero in pool
00:01:42XXL bh
00:01:44Strom but I don't wanna play it right now
00:01:44hibalunt Palle, what for you?
00:01:44edgarass ??
00:01:46edgarass what?
00:01:50Palle get me weaver
00:01:52XXL wtf
00:01:52valiante fair enuff
00:01:53Palle no
00:01:53Palle w8
00:01:53XXL he picked it
00:01:53XXL ..
00:01:53Palle they got bunty
00:01:53XXL so
00:01:53edgarass whannow?
00:01:53hibalunt problem?
00:01:53XXL mort
00:01:53Strom what's the issue?
00:01:53Strom lich & ns banned
00:01:53edgarass resume
00:01:53XXL yep
00:01:58hibalunt mort?
00:01:59XXL but this yellow picked her what i wanted
00:02:00XXL ^^
00:02:00Inuusini gondar rly?
00:02:01edgarass -swap 1
00:02:03XXL -swap 4
00:02:05XXL -swap 5
00:02:07Palle get me weaver
00:02:08Inuusini 4v5
00:02:13hibalunt -swap 2
00:02:15Palle -swap
00:02:18XXL hoitelekko midin
00:02:21mansikka toki
00:02:21XXL vai haluutko dual linen
00:02:23XXL kk
00:02:24Palle -swap 5
00:02:26XXL so mansikka mid
00:02:33Strom I'm not wood cent btw
00:02:34XXL i go with pit bot
00:02:36valiante hmm
00:02:37Strom I can pull if you want me top
00:02:38Strom but
00:02:38valiante wanna tri top?
00:02:41valiante and solo weaver bot
00:02:44Strom really NOT want tri
00:02:47valiante ok
00:02:49valiante ogre bot then
00:02:50Strom tris usually fail
00:02:57Kastrup cent ogre bot
00:02:59Strom need voice chat for tri
00:03:00valiante not always
00:03:01XXL pullaa sit mahd paljo
00:03:04valiante its more fun to win with tri i think
00:03:05Kastrup true
00:03:42XXL pullaa
00:03:56mamyka gg ud farm
00:04:02mamyka carry ud
00:04:07edgarass su
00:04:09valiante ogre
00:04:10valiante stop
00:04:10valiante it
00:04:13edgarass and deny
00:04:16mamyka oh this is edgarass
00:04:18valiante harras
00:04:19valiante with spells
00:04:20valiante OK?=!
00:04:30hibalunt harras what? Under tower chase lol?
00:04:34Strom lvl1 harass pointless with ogre imo
00:04:50hibalunt yea I start spamming at 3
00:05:27XXL guud
00:05:31valiante best game ive seen u paly so far
00:05:36mansikka ? :D
00:05:44valiante uve ruined my mid
00:05:49hibalunt shitty mouse not working well :/
00:05:58Kastrup tiomb
00:05:58mansikka thx for compliment
00:06:52edgarass gj
00:07:16Kastrup -2
00:07:18Kastrup dirge and bh
00:07:25hibalunt can pause ofr fix mouse?
00:07:35Strom do it
00:07:37Strom fast
00:07:38hibalunt need 1 minute
00:07:59hibalunt 321
00:08:02mansikka tapetaan ku oot pullannu
00:08:02XXL okei , hiema oom
00:08:02Strom gondar seems like a good target
00:08:02XXL kyl
00:08:02hibalunt 321
00:08:02Strom with 630hp
00:08:02XXL mut joo
00:08:02mansikka np
00:08:02Kastrup ye
00:08:03Kastrup i try rocket him
00:08:03Strom I'll iorder
00:08:05Strom some dust
00:08:05valiante b
00:08:06valiante lesh
00:08:07valiante inc
00:08:08valiante with rune
00:08:22hibalunt fuu, was nto batter problem :/ stil lsame :@
00:08:27valiante OGRE
00:08:29Strom I'll pull + take dust
00:08:30valiante I TELL U
00:08:36valiante I SAY GO BACK
00:08:37valiante INC WITH RUNE
00:08:40valiante ANND U STAY THERE?
00:08:54mansikka torni
00:09:27Strom ss
00:09:46edgarass dusts on cent
00:09:51mansikka oom
00:09:54XXL aa ok
00:09:57mansikka meen b
00:10:00Kastrup got ulti
00:10:45Kastrup why not kill cent?1
00:10:46XXL huhhu
00:10:48XXL ku ois low hp
00:10:52Strom well
00:10:52XXL porukka
00:10:54Strom kill who?
00:10:57Kastrup he were in range
00:10:58Kastrup bh :/(
00:11:17Strom I didn't wanna use double-edge there .. I guess I should've
00:11:22Kastrup we didn't D
00:11:23Kastrup :D
00:11:29Strom I imagined it would be easier, so we could get double kill
00:11:32Palle go heal and gang ogre
00:12:07Strom ss
00:12:44Kastrup tower?
00:14:25XXL 1 crit
00:14:26XXL !!!
00:14:27XXL cmon
00:14:37XXL tuo
00:14:39XXL pitäs tappaa
00:14:46hibalunt gondar coming top care
00:15:04XXL anna
00:15:05XXL mu
00:15:53mansikka b
00:16:30valiante iogre
00:16:42edgarass 3 top
00:16:57Strom ss mid 2
00:16:58XXL qr
00:16:58hibalunt gondar here
00:16:59XXL ekana
00:16:59XXL ?
00:17:01mansikka y
00:18:04hibalunt this lesh will so eat us all -.-
00:18:14mamyka w7
00:18:25Strom bb
00:18:55Strom that was such a bad idea, dunno why I came
00:18:56Strom :(
00:19:23Strom guys, feel free to make blade mails
00:19:28Strom me & clock should make 200% blademail
00:19:52XXL :d
00:19:55edgarass b mid
00:20:44Strom blademail will hard-counter mort, gondar & lesh currently
00:20:45Strom so do it fast
00:20:53Palle gi
00:20:54Kastrup 2k gold :)
00:20:56Kastrup where i find that? :D
00:20:56Palle go
00:21:11XXL ä
00:21:22Strom meh
00:21:49Strom dust on lesh
00:24:15Strom nooooooo
00:24:16XXL XD
00:24:42XXL mamyka
00:24:43XXL do bkb
00:24:44XXL now
00:24:46mamyka nope
00:24:54XXL huoh
00:24:57XXL nuita noboja
00:25:14mamyka you go vg and u talk me 2bkb
00:25:29XXL whats
00:25:31XXL wrong with
00:25:32XXL vg
00:25:41edgarass all mid?
00:26:01edgarass rambo
00:26:11mansikka def top
00:29:23mamyka towe
00:29:48Kastrup run
00:29:57Strom bleh
00:30:51Strom :D
00:31:34mamyka -st
00:31:42valiante top
00:31:43valiante come
00:31:48Strom k
00:31:49edgarass top twr?
00:31:55XXL sure
00:32:38hibalunt well this went shit
00:32:46valiante outpicked tbh
00:32:47Strom ye
00:32:50Strom nah
00:32:53Strom not outpicked
00:32:53valiante nah?
00:32:57Strom just too much fail early game
00:32:57valiante look at their push
00:32:59Kastrup dirge, pit and lesh
00:33:00Strom now hard to recover
00:33:01valiante and that
00:33:02Kastrup mega pushers
00:33:06Inuusini hope that was worth top raxes
00:33:12valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:14Palle I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:27valiante strom whats ur policy on forfeiting
00:33:27mamyka mort vlad?
00:33:32XXL hmm
00:33:36Strom 5 needed after 25min
00:33:39Strom 4 after 50
00:33:40XXL nah
00:33:40valiante :D
00:33:44valiante i mean do u wanna ff this game
00:33:53Strom not yet
00:33:55valiante kk
00:34:13Strom I've had much bigger comebacks
00:34:22mansikka b
00:34:32Strom not that there is a big chance, but it's possible
00:34:41XXL äh
00:34:50XXL bkbk
00:34:52XXL pakko tehä
00:35:01mansikka jep
00:35:04mansikka mäki voisin
00:35:07mansikka vai teenkö hex
00:35:20XXL tee vaa
00:35:25XXL tai no
00:35:27XXL juu
00:35:28XXL tee ehx'
00:35:30XXL hex
00:35:34XXL ne nukee mua
00:35:36XXL kuiteski
00:35:43Inuusini mä heitän veilin
00:35:48XXL juh
00:35:50mansikka joo
00:35:53Inuusini ihasama mitä mä teen oikeestaan :D
00:36:02XXL reuse
00:36:19Strom could use ward at rosh
00:36:35Inuusini mun huikee rooli puskee lanea tai istua healbottina kunnes kuolen
00:36:40XXL jep
00:36:41Inuusini haste
00:37:12XXL go
00:37:24Inuusini enpähän ainakaan yritä tehä muuta
00:37:31Inuusini sny pittiä
00:37:42Strom lol
00:37:47Strom your shuriken canceled my stun
00:37:49Strom almost double kilL!
00:38:06Inuusini mikäköhä näil on
00:38:12Inuusini haluu tappaa mut vaik menettää raksit
00:38:32Strom gotta def rax
00:38:45valiante now we ff?
00:38:49Strom no
00:38:54Strom didn't lose rax
00:39:38edgarass b pit
00:39:48XXL w8 all and then puish
00:40:24Strom ayeee .. suicide :)
00:40:43hibalunt yea cools story, 2 hit by gondar
00:40:58Strom ts bought out and I don't have buyout money :(
00:41:07mamyka -st
00:41:20XXL eiköhä mennä
00:41:23mamyka come some one
00:41:24Strom luckily they didn't push
00:41:25Strom :D
00:41:30mamyka lesh take
00:41:49hibalunt yea, "luckily they went for sure win. -.-
00:42:09edgarass wait me pls
00:42:50Strom well
00:42:53mamyka -st
00:42:53Strom good effort anyway
00:42:53hibalunt I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:54Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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