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-14 X
-3 TS

97% | 1865 X | 1450 TS

-7 X
-1 TS

82% | 1522 X | 1402 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

80% | 1476 X | 1421 TS

-26 X
-1 TS

47% | 1159 X | 1327 TS

-29 X
-17 TS

NEW | 925 X | 1063 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

92% | 1639 X | 1484 TS

+41 X
+1 TS

89% | 1543 X | 1516 TS

+37 X
+1 TS

59% | 1264 X | 1360 TS

-7 X
+2 TS

42% | 1115 X | 1327 TS

+46 X
+4 TS

40% | 1152 X | 1262 TS

Chat log

00:00:00svents [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Bct_Murder with 48 seconds.
00:00:02PeterLars RD
00:00:03Homeostat0000 -rd
00:00:15coolass hi
00:00:15Homeostat0000 hi all
00:00:15coolass moro jerkku
00:00:15PeterLars i give up
00:00:15Jerkku terve!
00:00:15Homeostat0000 rubick lich top picks here
00:00:15coolass mitä gosu
00:00:15PeterLars we got yew in our team
00:00:15PeterLars FF
00:00:15PeterLars YEW
00:00:15yeW- N1 joke mate.
00:00:15Jerkku mitä :D
00:00:15PeterLars THAT CUNT
00:00:15yeW- N1!!!
00:00:15Jerkku gosu
00:00:15coolass oot kuulemma ammattilaine
00:00:15Jerkku missä
00:00:15coolass etkö tiedä mitä gosu meinaa
00:00:15Jerkku en :D
00:00:15Jerkku siis
00:00:15coolass aijaa
00:00:15svents dak pocemy t6 ne govori anglija?
00:00:15coolass se o niin ku proo
00:00:15Jerkku tiiän et se on se
00:00:15Jerkku pelaaja
00:00:15Jerkku ???
00:00:15PeterLars svents stfu
00:00:15yeW- What do I ban?
00:00:15PeterLars ban ur self
00:00:15Bct_Murder ck? furi ?
00:00:15yeW- Slark/Rubick/Furi?
00:00:15PeterLars ck
00:00:15coolass gosu = hyvä pelaaja
00:00:15yeW- CK
00:00:15svents i asked
00:00:15Jerkku noni tiiän taas enemmä
00:00:15svents dak why he cant speak english
00:00:15Homeostat0000 -geomancer
00:00:15PeterLars we dont care
00:00:15Jerkku xd
00:00:15coolass jepu
00:00:16yeW- Meh, why doesn't it show the bans -_-.
00:00:17svents in russian
00:00:18Bct_Murder pick
00:00:18coolass pelaatko pokerii
00:00:20Bct_Murder furi
00:00:20PeterLars give me
00:00:21Bct_Murder now
00:00:21Homeostat0000 ck geo easy
00:00:22PeterLars pugde
00:00:22Jerkku enn
00:00:24coolass ok
00:00:24Bct_Murder furi
00:00:26Jerkku mut on se kivaa
00:00:26Bct_Murder pick furi
00:00:27Bct_Murder ...
00:00:28Homeostat0000 but i bet som1 picks it anyway :D
00:00:30PeterLars CK AND GEO BANNED
00:00:31Jerkku joskus nuorempana
00:00:33coolass okei
00:00:33svents coolas hows ur poker?
00:00:35Bct_Murder fail
00:00:35coolass kui vanha oot
00:00:36Bct_Murder gg
00:00:36Bct_Murder ff
00:00:38Jerkku 19
00:00:38PeterLars me?
00:00:41PeterLars my?
00:00:42yeW- yeh
00:00:43coolass svents kinda good
00:00:43Homeostat0000 lich rubick pls ;)
00:00:44PeterLars nice
00:00:46PeterLars arabj
00:00:47coolass +1,5k this week
00:00:48coolass :)
00:00:51PeterLars what u want
00:00:51svents oh nice
00:00:52PeterLars baby
00:00:52yeW- gimme lich
00:00:56svents i have downswing :(
00:00:56coolass u play?
00:00:57PeterLars -swap 1
00:01:00svents have lost 4k euros
00:01:00coolass whcih network
00:01:02coolass omg
00:01:03svents last month
00:01:04yeW- -swap 2
00:01:05coolass what limits u play
00:01:12svents and i lost my bankroll
00:01:15Homeostat0000 rubick lich gogogo
00:01:16coolass fuck that
00:01:18svents fcking 5050poker
00:01:21coolass ok
00:01:21Jerkku ffs their heroes
00:01:22coolass o,aha
00:01:22Jerkku :D
00:01:23PeterLars get some stunners
00:01:28yeW- get quelling blades
00:01:35svents so bad yeah
00:01:38PeterLars get
00:01:40PeterLars trall
00:01:40Jerkku coolass
00:01:41coolass :S
00:01:41svents now rebuild my roll :D
00:01:42coolass joo
00:01:44Jerkku minkä ikäne sä ?
00:01:46coolass 22
00:01:46PeterLars or sven
00:01:46yeW- peter
00:01:48svents i play nl 50 6max
00:01:49yeW- im thinkin 2 mid
00:01:49PeterLars y
00:01:50Jerkku 90 ?
00:01:51yeW- -clear
00:01:51yeW- -ma
00:01:51Homeostat0000 ff
00:01:52PeterLars lo
00:01:53PeterLars l
00:01:53yeW- -clear
00:01:54PeterLars lol
00:01:56PeterLars looooooooool
00:01:58yeW- :DDDD
00:02:00PeterLars i own him mid
00:02:01PeterLars i go mid
00:02:04svents dak pideer
00:02:06svents nahuj
00:02:06Homeostat0000 so i can leave unpunished now?
00:02:07coolass jep
00:02:07yeW- rubick bot
00:02:08coolass 90
00:02:08svents cyka
00:02:10Jerkku wut
00:02:11Jerkku is
00:02:11Jerkku this
00:02:12Jerkku pa
00:02:13Jerkku pick
00:02:14yeW- Not after you said that ^^.
00:02:19yeW- RUBICK BM BOTY
00:02:20svents pocemy t6 vosmi pa???
00:02:21PeterLars all top
00:02:26coolass meetkö metsää
00:02:30Jerkku en
00:02:33coolass hienoo
00:02:33Jerkku iha perseestä
00:02:33yeW- :DD
00:02:35PeterLars plz stfu
00:02:39coolass svents
00:02:40PeterLars now we play not talk
00:02:42Jerkku koitan saaha nopeem idas
00:02:42coolass 4k in nl50
00:02:43coolass is much
00:02:44Jerkku midas*
00:02:45svents no
00:02:47coolass joo
00:02:50PeterLars u cna talk on skype
00:02:50svents i played NL 100 then
00:02:53svents but just
00:02:53coolass okay
00:02:57Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:57PeterLars and cam with each other nake
00:02:58svents could move down right time:S
00:02:59PeterLars D
00:02:59coolass lets hope u bounce back
00:02:59Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control rubick [z,x,n,q]
00:03:01yeW- -ma
00:03:02coolass what nnetwork
00:03:06coolass how long u been playing?1
00:03:09svents stan james now
00:03:15coolass stan james? lol
00:03:15svents idk :D
00:03:15yeW- lemme farm
00:03:18svents u started
00:03:19PeterLars lol
00:03:19yeW- phase boots fast
00:03:19coolass never heard
00:03:25yeW- :D
00:03:31Jerkku pullix
00:03:31svents i started when i was 16D:
00:03:35coolass ok
00:03:35svents played freerolls:D
00:03:36yeW- PULL
00:03:37yeW- ABA
00:03:42coolass me too
00:03:44svents now im 21
00:03:45coolass when i was 12
00:03:48coolass seventeen
00:04:14svents u play pokerstars?
00:04:20coolass yep
00:04:24coolass but
00:04:26coolass unibet mostly
00:04:27svents screenanme?
00:04:27coolass and ongame
00:04:28coolass network
00:04:31svents played there also
00:04:32coolass secret ;)
00:04:37svents i was 2 years supernova
00:05:00PeterLars ss mid
00:05:14PeterLars re
00:05:20Homeostat0000 10s pls
00:05:22coolass saatko puihi
00:05:22coolass :S
00:05:23yeW- hows mid
00:05:23Casberry u pull ?
00:05:23yeW- :D
00:05:23Jerkku ehk
00:05:23PeterLars WHY
00:05:24svents pa useless cunt
00:05:25yeW- ye
00:05:52svents ss1
00:05:56Homeostat0000 fuck no
00:05:57yeW- afk?
00:05:58yeW- lol
00:06:00PeterLars no
00:06:02Homeostat0000 talking phone and u fucking unpause
00:06:02yeW- k
00:06:13svents murder unpaued
00:06:15svents so
00:06:18svents murder
00:06:22svents u want ban or what?
00:06:26svents dont unpause like that
00:06:29svents fcking retard
00:06:29PeterLars u cant pause in g
00:06:31PeterLars GC
00:06:44Bct_Murder ss FURI
00:06:44Jerkku fuck my life
00:06:45Bct_Murder SS FURI
00:06:47Jerkku myöhästy pulli
00:07:42coolass kiitosta :D
00:07:46Jerkku eipmitää
00:08:02Homeostat0000 miss pudge
00:08:03yeW- up courier rubick
00:08:26Jerkku justisa
00:08:28coolass harmi
00:08:31PeterLars *^^
00:08:32coolass no jee
00:08:32Jerkku xD
00:08:33coolass sain
00:08:33coolass vähä
00:08:35coolass sielt goldii
00:08:36coolass :D
00:08:38Jerkku jep
00:09:18Homeostat0000 fuck u srsly who unpaused
00:09:20PeterLars ^^
00:09:28svents murder
00:09:32svents unpaused
00:09:40svents he is retard
00:10:06coolass vittu
00:10:09svents dak
00:10:12svents ckolko let?
00:10:13coolass noniii
00:10:14coolass sieltö
00:10:14coolass .D
00:10:17Jerkku :D
00:10:30coolass harmi
00:10:31yeW- go
00:10:36Jerkku ?
00:10:41Casberry ffsd
00:10:44yeW- :DD
00:10:50coolass just nii
00:10:51coolass ff
00:10:51Jerkku fuuu
00:10:52coolass FF
00:10:55coolass lku siis pekrele
00:10:57PeterLars ss mid
00:10:57coolass levussa jäles
00:10:58PeterLars care
00:10:59coolass nii vitusi
00:10:59PeterLars tpo
00:11:02Homeostat0000 ty
00:11:02Jerkku nii
00:11:03yeW- mkay
00:11:12casper ss
00:11:13PeterLars nicejump :D
00:11:21coolass he is overrated
00:11:30Bct_Murder ss furi and puck
00:12:03Homeostat0000 sry for that fail mid but i was pretty busy and coundt play properly
00:12:07Homeostat0000 lets win anyway
00:12:11yeW- omw bot
00:12:12yeW- rubick
00:12:14yeW- get puckj
00:12:15Homeostat0000 can outplay them with these heroes
00:12:23yeW- nap
00:12:42Bct_Murder lich no ulti ?
00:12:44Bct_Murder nioce
00:12:44yeW- nope
00:12:44coolass terveppä terve
00:12:45Bct_Murder noob
00:12:46Bct_Murder dsucker
00:12:52yeW- lmao
00:12:55Bct_Murder oh
00:12:56yeW- i say go
00:12:57Homeostat0000 go
00:12:58yeW- u back
00:12:59Bct_Murder lich YEW :DDD
00:13:05Homeostat0000 FUCK YEA
00:13:15coolass coming
00:13:18yeW- was typin ^^'
00:13:43coolass NOOB
00:13:46casper ss
00:13:46coolass FF
00:13:50coolass ei vitu
00:13:52coolass jaksa täätä1
00:14:16svents rofl
00:14:20PeterLars ^^
00:14:28svents :DDD
00:14:39Jerkku wardss
00:14:50Homeostat0000 get wards
00:14:57Homeostat0000 coming
00:14:58Jerkku y
00:15:03Homeostat0000 dont block me
00:15:08coolass slark l2p
00:15:45casper ulti
00:16:25svents omfg
00:16:53Bct_Murder push uop
00:17:15Homeostat0000 donbt ever go 5v5 yet
00:17:16Homeostat0000 pls
00:17:34Bct_Murder kill mid?
00:18:08Homeostat0000 lothar? ;/
00:18:11Jerkku ?
00:18:12Homeostat0000 gem guaranteed
00:18:17PeterLars omg
00:18:19yeW- why?!
00:18:22coolass say no more
00:18:23PeterLars that lucky
00:18:28coolass sry
00:18:37yeW- why hook h im
00:18:42svents peter u such a cunt noob :D
00:18:45svents cant even kill me
00:18:45Homeostat0000 come furi
00:18:52PeterLars ^^
00:18:57Jerkku yy
00:19:22Homeostat0000 b
00:20:14yeW- tt
00:20:20Bct_Murder were all ?
00:20:22Bct_Murder ....
00:20:30svents too ez
00:20:31coolass metkuja
00:20:32PeterLars get me a fucking gem
00:20:36Bct_Murder yew you realy sucker
00:20:42yeW- do u watch the map
00:20:43yeW- ?
00:20:44Bct_Murder with lich you farm all game ....
00:21:05Homeostat0000 b
00:21:06Homeostat0000 bb
00:21:32Homeostat0000 b soon
00:21:40yeW- oopsioe
00:22:07Bct_Murder ff
00:22:10Bct_Murder enough
00:22:10Homeostat0000 go pudge
00:22:14Bct_Murder i go farm now ALL GAME
00:22:31svents peter in team
00:22:34svents instalose
00:22:37PeterLars *
00:22:38coolass XD
00:22:39PeterLars lol
00:22:46Bct_Murder now yew in team and auto looose
00:22:49svents me in team
00:22:54svents insta win
00:22:56PeterLars ^^
00:23:02yeW- get gfem
00:23:04yeW- for pudge
00:23:06PeterLars y
00:23:06PeterLars plz
00:23:29yeW- dont nuke
00:23:30Homeostat0000 warded here
00:23:30yeW- rubick
00:23:32yeW- pls
00:23:38Homeostat0000 ;ets gank?
00:23:50PeterLars get me a fucking gem
00:23:51yeW- wp rub
00:23:51PeterLars cunt
00:23:57yeW- aba
00:23:59yeW- buy gem p^ls
00:24:00Homeostat0000 AHAHHAHA
00:24:24dak ????\
00:24:46yeW- ABA
00:24:47yeW- BUY GEM
00:24:48yeW- FOR PUDGE
00:24:49yeW- PLS
00:24:57Casberry to lkate
00:25:20PeterLars omg
00:25:21PeterLars FF
00:25:22Bct_Murder slark win
00:25:24Bct_Murder ff
00:25:24PeterLars FUCKING THIS TEAM
00:25:24Bct_Murder gg
00:25:43yeW- well
00:25:49yeW- he had to buy that javelin
00:25:53yeW- javelin > gem
00:25:55Casberry i buyx u gem next
00:25:56PeterLars ded
00:26:10Bct_Murder take
00:26:11Bct_Murder it
00:26:12Bct_Murder game
00:26:14Bct_Murder take gem
00:26:32Homeostat0000 care
00:26:36Homeostat0000 b
00:26:36Jerkku LOL
00:26:37Homeostat0000 let him die
00:26:53Jerkku pudge gem
00:27:07Homeostat0000 ofc
00:27:09Jerkku need to go kill pudge
00:27:20yeW- 0 brains
00:27:37Jerkku pa 24 min no items
00:27:38yeW- i make jango
00:27:48Homeostat0000 yeah but that lothars
00:27:51Homeostat0000 totally messed up
00:27:55Jerkku with lothars furi
00:27:58Homeostat0000 we gonna have hard times killing him
00:27:59Jerkku is good to push
00:28:00Jerkku alone
00:28:14Jerkku if we just gather
00:28:16Homeostat0000 forcestaff is equally good
00:28:16Jerkku its easy
00:28:17Homeostat0000 imo
00:28:23Homeostat0000 but doesnt cost as much
00:28:30Homeostat0000 just try it in other ganes
00:28:31coolass .
00:28:55coolass illu
00:29:00PeterLars ^^
00:29:28Jerkku help me
00:29:39Homeostat0000 dont...
00:29:41Jerkku b
00:29:41Homeostat0000 warded.
00:30:37Jerkku well
00:30:41Jerkku we need to jsut gather
00:30:43Jerkku try once
00:30:44Jerkku ?
00:30:45Homeostat0000 no
00:30:46Jerkku or smoke
00:30:55PeterLars lol
00:30:56yeW- finally
00:30:56svents send pa
00:30:56Casberry olol
00:30:56Homeostat0000 mortred leaves
00:30:56svents he is useless
00:30:56svents mort leave
00:30:56svents go
00:30:56Homeostat0000 i get some of items
00:30:57Homeostat0000 rest u can take
00:31:06PeterLars take his wards
00:31:16Casberry invis
00:31:28Homeostat0000 ring anyone?
00:31:31svents i take ring
00:31:36Homeostat0000 she had treads axe..
00:31:56yeW- RFFFS
00:31:57yeW- FFS
00:32:13Homeostat0000 lemme finish bkb
00:32:16Homeostat0000 dont go to death
00:32:19Jerkku i do bkb as well
00:32:35yeW- goo
00:32:36yeW- rosh
00:32:37yeW- go
00:32:44PeterLars fuck that rosh
00:32:59yeW- pudge
00:32:59yeW- take
00:33:00yeW- it
00:33:03yeW- drop ur tp
00:33:17yeW- mid?
00:33:18coolass damdadidam
00:33:23Homeostat0000 focus lich and bm
00:33:33Homeostat0000 w8
00:33:33yeW- GO MID
00:33:34yeW- TEAM
00:33:39Casberry sek tp
00:34:45Homeostat0000 lothar = gem+necro
00:34:52Homeostat0000 we are pretty fucked in short run
00:34:54Jerkku np got bkb
00:35:12coolass svents
00:35:17svents ?
00:35:18coolass u like pizza or hamburgers moar?
00:35:24coolass queastion of the day
00:35:24svents pizza
00:35:25svents :D
00:35:27coolass totally
00:35:29coolass correct
00:35:33yeW- no more
00:35:35yeW- noob moves
00:35:36yeW- peter
00:35:37coolass do u like hesburger
00:35:38PeterLars ^^
00:35:41coolass i guess u have it in ee too
00:35:46svents yeah
00:35:50svents its pretty good
00:35:55coolass expensive though
00:36:03svents but pretty expensive yeah
00:36:19Homeostat0000 invis
00:36:22Homeostat0000 or so
00:36:26Homeostat0000 cause smth saw me
00:36:27svents and macdonalt normal also
00:36:28Jerkku vittu kärpäne sisäl
00:36:31coolass :D
00:36:31Jerkku häiritseee
00:36:33svents but these burgers are too small :D
00:36:33coolass joo
00:36:34coolass uskon
00:36:39coolass true
00:36:41coolass so fuckin small
00:36:44Jerkku yep
00:36:45svents this meal also
00:36:46coolass but cheese burgers are only
00:36:47svents so small
00:36:47coolass 1 e
00:36:49yeW- gogo miod
00:36:50yeW- ls
00:36:55svents its expensive:D
00:36:58coolass i usually buy like six cheeses
00:37:05svents look this cheese burger:D
00:37:05Casberry sek
00:37:21coolass who has gem
00:37:22coolass abba?
00:37:30Homeostat0000 i destroyed
00:37:31Homeostat0000 but
00:38:00Jerkku vittt
00:38:29coolass vittu
00:38:33coolass kaikki vihaa
00:38:39Jerkku jep
00:38:48coolass tuli kiire pickatessa ni otin tän paskaheron
00:38:52PeterLars fu
00:38:53svents rofl
00:38:54yeW- np
00:38:57svents u imba peter
00:38:58svents cunt
00:38:59PeterLars ARAB
00:39:04svents u arab yeah
00:39:07yeW- jews
00:39:09Jerkku puck on just kiva hero
00:39:09svents together with yew
00:39:23svents u buttboys?
00:39:25coolass ihan kiva mut jos alku menee niin ku mul ni aika paska
00:39:27PeterLars Y
00:39:30Jerkku nii
00:39:31svents :S
00:39:53yeW- K
00:39:53yeW- MID
00:39:54yeW- PLS
00:39:54yeW- FATHER
00:39:58svents peter u have small dick?
00:40:02yeW- gather
00:40:03PeterLars Y
00:40:03yeW- GFATHER
00:40:04yeW- GATHER
00:40:05yeW- LE MIOD
00:40:13Homeostat0000 warded
00:40:53Jerkku I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:40:56coolass I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:40:56Homeostat0000 retarded itembuild furi totally
00:41:04Jerkku ?? hmm
00:41:06Homeostat0000 not only u provoke necro 3 and gem but also u spam ulti to farm
00:41:07Jerkku whys that
00:41:12Jerkku ofc
00:41:13Jerkku :D
00:41:14Jerkku ???
00:41:17Homeostat0000 normally agha is good only in 10% of the games
00:41:17Jerkku they losel ike 200
00:41:18Jerkku my ult
00:41:30yeW- GOGO
00:41:34yeW- ABA
00:41:34Homeostat0000 in this one when wr and slark need some farm its not best
00:41:53yeW- tower
00:41:57yeW- rax
00:41:57yeW- FAST
00:43:01Homeostat0000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:43:13coolass I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:43:16coolass svents please
00:44:02Casberry bird ?
00:44:04yeW- dead
00:44:07Casberry what
00:44:09Casberry fucking
00:44:09yeW- ye
00:44:11yeW- u killed it
00:44:15PeterLars give me new gem
00:44:15PeterLars plz
00:44:15yeW- u had receipt in it?
00:44:18Casberry i didnt send it
00:44:23yeW- well
00:44:24PeterLars new GE_M
00:44:25yeW- he who sent it
00:44:26PeterLars GEM
00:44:27PeterLars GEM
00:44:27yeW- during fighty
00:44:28Casberry i know i had fuck sake
00:44:28PeterLars GEM
00:44:28yeW- killd it
00:44:42Casberry luckily i am rich
00:45:54Homeostat0000 i push top
00:45:58Casberry push mid
00:46:06svents coolas u live with urparents?
00:46:10coolass yep :S
00:46:14svents :DDD
00:46:16yeW- poeter
00:46:18coolass how so
00:46:18coolass :D
00:46:26svents nah
00:46:29coolass its really expensive
00:46:32coolass to live in helsinki
00:46:33svents i want to be independent
00:46:38svents i believe
00:46:39coolass id like to be too
00:46:52svents i get no money from my parents at all :D
00:46:52coolass but my school is near
00:46:53coolass etc.
00:46:58coolass i get neither
00:47:02coolass only a place to stay :
00:47:02svents cuz i didnt go school :D
00:47:14coolass what do you do for a living?
00:47:19svents poker:D
00:47:24coolass srlsy? :D
00:47:26svents y
00:47:28PeterLars let go mid
00:47:30coolass nl100?
00:47:38svents nl 50 atm
00:47:41coolass k
00:47:43svents have to rebuld roll
00:47:50coolass are you busto soon?
00:48:06svents not yet:d
00:48:09coolass k :P
00:48:10svents but thing is
00:48:10Jerkku dont focus abba
00:48:12Jerkku at all
00:48:19Homeostat0000 go bd
00:48:20svents that i have to go to the army sooon
00:48:23svents fml -.-
00:48:28coolass :S
00:48:33coolass i was in the army
00:48:36coolass few years ago
00:48:37coolass sucks
00:48:39coolass so much
00:48:39PeterLars ^^
00:48:45svents how old u?
00:48:48coolass 77
00:48:49coolass 22
00:48:52svents oh ok
00:49:03svents im 21
00:49:04PeterLars FU
00:49:06coolass k
00:49:12svents but will be 22 on 5.october:D
00:49:25svents and i go the army on 8.october:D
00:49:28svents so it will be hard:D
00:49:30coolass :D:D:D
00:49:33coolass happy bday
00:49:40svents yeah fck it
00:49:45svents i have fcking armt
00:49:46Casberry finish
00:49:46svents army
00:49:48svents it sucks
00:49:50svents u must go
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