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94% | 1631 X | 1560 TS

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93% | 1642 X | 1524 TS

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89% | 1550 X | 1510 TS

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+3 TS

88% | 1594 X | 1437 TS

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70% | 1401 X | 1351 TS

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98% | 1928 X | 1465 TS

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96% | 1696 X | 1553 TS

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81% | 1479 X | 1433 TS

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74% | 1412 X | 1401 TS

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74% | 1417 X | 1383 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Zajeb [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... RumGone with 94 seconds.
00:00:08RumGone loaded in 5 sec when i came in game
00:00:10RumGone sry for wait
00:00:17extremewaari puhelimessa
00:00:20Netukka -clear
00:00:20livingde4th kuuluuko
00:00:20extremewaari joo kuulin sut
00:00:20extremewaari mut nyt laitoin äänet pois
00:00:20livingde4th ban phoenix
00:00:20livingde4th miiks
00:00:20extremewaari puhelimessa
00:00:20Zajeb AM?
00:00:20livingde4th ima go krobelus mby
00:00:20livingde4th or necro
00:00:20RumGone krob lesh tree ds?
00:00:20Zajeb ban am?
00:00:20RumGone + axe :P
00:00:20Maxy am
00:00:22PinaryB give me chen
00:00:49PinaryB axe mid?
00:00:49Netukka uuh
00:00:51IamSoUnluckY y
00:00:54Netukka i remember maxy´s axe mid
00:00:59IamSoUnluckY :
00:01:00IamSoUnluckY :D
00:01:03PinaryB op shit
00:01:07Zajeb who wanted cheb?
00:01:07RumGone i can jungle with DS
00:01:12PinaryB me
00:01:14extremewaari take sven
00:01:18livingde4th sven or lina
00:01:18mrk nah im jungle already
00:01:19livingde4th with sd
00:01:20Zajeb for u
00:01:21livingde4th would own
00:01:39RumGone imo better lina then sven?
00:01:41RumGone ds?
00:01:46RumGone or oof?
00:01:49RumGone roof?
00:01:54livingde4th lina sd
00:01:54PinaryB necro for you?
00:01:54livingde4th top
00:01:59Zajeb y
00:02:04livingde4th seer can solo bot
00:02:04Zajeb -swap 5
00:02:05PinaryB -swap 3
00:02:11livingde4th check runes
00:02:12livingde4th dude
00:02:13livingde4th s
00:02:26Netukka -afk
00:02:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME seer u know that agha no more gives imabness to ur ulti?
00:02:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME atleats not as before
00:02:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:02:54RumGone ill go vguard + whatever we need
00:02:56Zajeb auuuuuu
00:02:58mrk pipe
00:02:59livingde4th we need
00:03:00livingde4th pipe
00:03:01livingde4th dude
00:03:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME boli me KYRRR Che te Boli Dupee
00:03:20RumGone pipe before or after vguard?
00:03:25RumGone well
00:03:25mrk before
00:03:26IamSoUnluckY bezi be
00:03:26IamSoUnluckY :D
00:03:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME before boots even
00:03:28RumGone im not making it after..
00:03:28PinaryB reg
00:03:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz make him in hole
00:03:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME when he rishes us
00:03:53Zajeb ss
00:03:59IamSoUnluckY brate?
00:04:00Maxy dota
00:04:37extremewaari dont aa
00:04:44extremewaari let him push
00:05:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME make them disapear
00:05:10U.Fail2Amuse.ME not
00:05:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME \urserlf
00:05:43mrk can we get bird please
00:06:07mrk ty
00:06:08Maxy ss
00:06:23RumGone hneed it
00:06:55Netukka hm
00:06:57Netukka that was stupid
00:07:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME leyts rake the dog
00:07:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:07:30extremewaari COME
00:07:37extremewaari LINA
00:07:39Netukka ss sd
00:07:40Netukka top
00:07:41extremewaari ffs
00:07:45mrk axe miss
00:07:47Maxy ss
00:07:48mrk re
00:08:34RumGone pull it
00:08:34mrk -cs
00:08:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME wood
00:08:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME come
00:08:48livingde4th axe
00:08:49livingde4th needs
00:08:51livingde4th gank
00:08:52livingde4th ffs
00:08:57Netukka ...
00:08:57Netukka fuj
00:09:06Netukka ss
00:09:07Netukka 2
00:09:07Netukka top
00:09:16Maxy ss
00:09:19livingde4th ss
00:09:20livingde4th axe
00:09:24Maxy get tower
00:09:26Maxy and them
00:09:33RumGone ss 2
00:10:05RumGone gg
00:10:09mrk seer
00:10:11mrk u get free soul ring
00:10:16mrk if u just spam all ur mana on shield
00:10:19mrk and then just 2 shield
00:10:21mrk gets u every cs
00:10:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME if came to kill lesh
00:10:35mrk and forces them back
00:10:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME we wouldnt eat dick
00:10:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME so hard
00:10:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME rly dude
00:10:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont run from me
00:10:57IamSoUnluckY reuse
00:10:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME seer
00:11:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME speed me
00:11:05livingde4th ss
00:11:06livingde4th mid
00:11:18RumGone b
00:11:20Netukka ss top
00:11:21Netukka 3
00:11:22mrk ward that shit
00:11:24mrk or we all die
00:12:52Zajeb b axe
00:13:15Maxy me
00:13:28PinaryB sry ;S
00:13:34IamSoUnluckY wtf
00:13:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking cant cancel
00:13:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME spell
00:13:36IamSoUnluckY down 5
00:13:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME fucking
00:13:38IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:13:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME shit
00:13:56mrk WARDS PLEASE
00:13:59mrk easy road to victory
00:14:00livingde4th doing jango
00:14:14livingde4th we need twrs
00:14:28RumGone i need to refill
00:14:33mrk wait me
00:14:34mrk ill ulti
00:14:35mrk then u ulti
00:14:45RumGone wait
00:15:20RumGone back
00:15:33livingde4th def
00:15:34livingde4th trwrs
00:16:10Maxy you know that axe says u fail to amuse me?
00:16:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME never played with sound actually
00:17:28RumGone split more
00:17:36mrk jesus
00:17:37mrk if i go in
00:17:41mrk i expect some nukes to go off
00:17:46RumGone i didnt see you go in... :(
00:17:46mrk instead lina runs as far as possible
00:17:46RumGone sry
00:17:57mrk lesh axe chen
00:17:58mrk necro
00:18:00mrk all were free kills
00:18:01mrk 4 stacked
00:18:07IamSoUnluckY ty
00:18:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME ofc i run as far as possible noob
00:18:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME haha
00:18:10Zajeb np
00:18:12U.Fail2Amuse.ME epic comment
00:18:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME lol
00:18:17mrk well you did
00:18:20U.Fail2Amuse.ME no i go tank with 700 hp
00:18:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME foc i did
00:18:35Zajeb chen?
00:18:38Zajeb wtf?
00:18:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME my job is to
00:18:43PinaryB ?
00:18:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME to stay back
00:18:54mrk well
00:18:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME and cast spells
00:18:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME not go tank
00:18:59livingde4th twr
00:18:59livingde4th gogo
00:19:00mrk u didnt tank
00:19:01mrk i did
00:19:02mrk krobe did
00:19:05mrk u werent even nuke range
00:19:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME i catsed all my spells
00:19:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME lol
00:19:09mrk no u didnt
00:19:10U.Fail2Amuse.ME i was with 100 mana
00:19:11mrk i was dead by then
00:19:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME watch the game before u cry
00:19:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME rly
00:19:16mrk when your team is dead
00:19:16Maxy sgd
00:19:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:19:17Maxy kdgsdkosdg
00:19:18Maxy sdgkko[hsd
00:19:18Maxy hsdoksdh
00:19:19mrk and you use spells
00:19:21mrk doesnt mean you were useful
00:19:22mrk just saying
00:19:34mrk even the fight before that
00:19:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME man just stop talkin ur embarassing urself
00:19:36mrk i said "i ulti u ulti"
00:19:40mrk then when i ultid
00:19:43mrk u turned away and ran
00:19:44mrk didnt ulti
00:19:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME ye coz axe is just w8ing there
00:19:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME to be stunned
00:19:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME lol
00:19:54RumGone wtf!?
00:19:54mrk ye cois
00:19:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:19:57mrk we were 4v2
00:20:00mrk my point exactly
00:20:06RumGone -ii
00:20:09RumGone -water red
00:20:17livingde4th jango done
00:20:19livingde4th diont make it
00:20:22IamSoUnluckY np necro :D
00:20:29Zajeb ty :D
00:21:52livingde4th -ms
00:22:18RumGone b
00:22:51Maxy b
00:22:51IamSoUnluckY b
00:22:55IamSoUnluckY ulty on krob
00:24:30mrk gj
00:24:34mrk bad job
00:24:50mrk dota indeed
00:24:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME sick hook by this clock
00:24:55livingde4th -ms
00:25:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME why hp boots better than phase ones
00:25:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:26:03livingde4th m,id
00:26:04livingde4th twr
00:26:28mrk axe dagger
00:26:32livingde4th get mid
00:26:32livingde4th all
00:26:33livingde4th twr
00:26:34livingde4th gogo
00:27:11Maxy CRKNI BRE
00:27:12livingde4th ffs
00:27:13livingde4th dude
00:27:15livingde4th stop farming
00:27:15livingde4th gg
00:27:17livingde4th fucking
00:27:19livingde4th commander
00:27:22mrk yeah that was my bad
00:27:23mrk 100%
00:27:27mrk 3 poeple get caught
00:27:29livingde4th i said 3 times
00:27:32livingde4th come mid
00:27:34livingde4th lets get twr
00:27:36mrk axe
00:27:36mrk cought
00:27:37mrk 3 people
00:27:39mrk in call
00:27:41mrk from fog
00:27:43mrk nothing we coulda done
00:27:45mrk even if i was there
00:27:46PinaryB mana pls
00:27:48livingde4th y
00:27:49PinaryB ty
00:27:49Netukka cd
00:27:49Maxy cd
00:27:49Netukka soon
00:27:50livingde4th but still
00:27:50IamSoUnluckY cd
00:27:52livingde4th u should join
00:27:57RumGone necro was luring...
00:27:57mrk i needed 1 creep from level
00:27:59RumGone witch was obvious
00:28:02mrk i was right there
00:28:17Maxy b
00:28:22Netukka take the fucking rax
00:28:23Netukka ffs
00:28:26Netukka god
00:28:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME go mif or smth
00:28:41livingde4th y
00:29:08livingde4th tyhen top
00:29:09livingde4th gogo
00:29:10livingde4th tio
00:29:21livingde4th top twr
00:29:52livingde4th well b
00:29:53RumGone lost
00:29:54livingde4th and def
00:29:55livingde4th mid
00:30:06livingde4th seer
00:30:07livingde4th pipe?
00:30:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME seer cast better ultis
00:30:14Netukka bottom ?
00:30:39Maxy krobe no ulty
00:30:40Maxy gg wp
00:31:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME take the tower
00:32:05livingde4th 2 twrs
00:32:19RumGone have pipe
00:32:27livingde4th kill
00:32:28livingde4th him
00:32:33mrk no
00:32:34mrk all alive
00:32:38RumGone b
00:32:45livingde4th ok
00:32:46livingde4th b
00:32:48livingde4th all
00:33:00mrk if u put it far right
00:33:01mrk it sees rune
00:33:12U.Fail2Amuse.ME i have never been good with wards
00:33:16livingde4th go bot
00:33:17livingde4th all
00:33:18livingde4th now
00:33:42Maxy after ulty
00:33:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME a tip seer
00:33:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME cast ur ulti
00:33:49RumGone sgftu
00:33:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME when we clash
00:33:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME not before that
00:33:55RumGone stun
00:33:55livingde4th ffs
00:33:57livingde4th seer used ulti
00:33:59livingde4th and u sit
00:34:00livingde4th thnere
00:34:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME he used ulti as a total moron
00:34:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME in most usless way
00:34:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME and time
00:34:17livingde4th go tnak
00:34:18livingde4th moron
00:34:20livingde4th i ulti
00:34:20livingde4th go
00:34:21livingde4th ffs
00:34:22mrk b
00:34:26livingde4th dude
00:34:27livingde4th ffs
00:34:29livingde4th hookshot
00:34:30livingde4th inc
00:34:31livingde4th and gg
00:34:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME his ulti is after they attack us
00:34:32livingde4th come
00:34:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME other wise they just w8 it out
00:35:23IamSoUnluckY da fak
00:35:25IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:35:25RumGone push bot
00:35:27RumGone all is fine
00:36:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME and dont asnwer like that u fucking noob ass but get ur head out of ur ass and learn something
00:36:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME about this game
00:36:05livingde4th go bot
00:36:06livingde4th twr
00:36:10RumGone talking to me?
00:36:12U.Fail2Amuse.ME yes
00:36:12livingde4th seer
00:36:16RumGone ...
00:36:16livingde4th next time
00:36:17livingde4th use ulti
00:36:19RumGone i know i failed ulty
00:36:19RumGone ffs
00:36:20livingde4th when we fight
00:36:25livingde4th -ms
00:36:25RumGone but there is not like im not trying
00:36:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME i was just telling u a simple thing
00:36:32RumGone i was sure we would initiate
00:36:34mrk well the reason is
00:36:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME u strart raging like a noob
00:36:39mrk they fuck up so bad
00:36:42RumGone ur telling me things that i know
00:36:44mrk we have to keep fighting in base or we lose
00:36:48livingde4th kill em?=
00:36:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME good than
00:36:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME no need to go rage
00:36:56mrk they were 2v5 last fight
00:37:01Maxy ftw
00:37:10Maxy dont taake
00:37:15livingde4th commander
00:37:16livingde4th ffs
00:37:17Maxy after i lose hp i come for it
00:37:22mrk go
00:37:53Netukka we cant fight while krobe
00:37:53Netukka ults
00:37:54Netukka for real
00:38:05mrk krobe
00:38:20mrk nvm
00:38:21mrk :D
00:38:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME take the fucking wards krob
00:38:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME i have no room
00:38:49livingde4th dude
00:38:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME in base
00:38:50livingde4th luke
00:38:52livingde4th look
00:38:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME since 10 min
00:38:54livingde4th im full
00:38:56U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;/
00:39:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME someone
00:39:00mrk yeah i didnt know
00:39:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME than
00:39:01mrk i cna place
00:39:16mrk go help
00:39:17mrk bot
00:39:25RumGone B
00:39:30RumGone BASE
00:39:45livingde4th ms 502 :D
00:39:54Maxy b
00:41:02mrk b
00:41:02mrk b
00:41:03mrk b
00:41:03mrk b
00:41:10Zajeb fala
00:41:13Netukka fel
00:41:27mrk dunno why axe didnt
00:41:34Maxy take
00:41:43IamSoUnluckY tejk :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:41:46RumGone need 250
00:41:47Zajeb :D
00:41:50Zajeb cirilicom
00:41:54RumGone bacvk
00:42:08RumGone need 150
00:42:09RumGone PLEASE
00:42:13livingde4th top gogogo
00:43:06Maxy i go dagon so i can ista kill that
00:43:07livingde4th lina
00:43:09Maxy shadow demon
00:43:11livingde4th u thought selling ur bottle?
00:43:12Maxy annoying piece of shit
00:43:15livingde4th ...
00:43:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME i am attached to my bottle
00:43:40mrk go finish
00:43:42mrk when all alive
00:43:43mrk mid
00:43:46RumGone except me
00:43:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME soon i get my aghga
00:43:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME tha
00:44:13mrk mana
00:44:18RumGone keep pushing
00:44:35mrk brb
00:44:36mrk regen
00:44:38mrk wait seer
00:45:12U.Fail2Amuse.ME zz
00:45:15extremewaari LINA
00:45:16extremewaari FFS
00:45:31mrk god that woulda been so perfect
00:45:33mrk if people reacted
00:45:34mrk :P
00:45:43mrk i blinked like 20s before
00:45:58Zajeb I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME i couldnt use my dagger axe had his shit on me
00:46:10livingde4th are u dorks
00:46:12livingde4th u go 4v5
00:46:12mrk thats not the point
00:46:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME + we was all separated
00:46:15mrk still too far
00:46:19mrk that was so winnable fight
00:46:20mrk 5-0
00:46:25Maxy XD
00:46:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:46:26livingde4th no
00:46:26livingde4th dude
00:46:29livingde4th axe on our side
00:46:30Netukka lol
00:46:31livingde4th ...
00:46:34Netukka ff and quit
00:46:34mrk can i balance?
00:46:35Netukka balance
00:46:37livingde4th no
00:46:37Maxy i take armour
00:46:37livingde4th we ened to make seer go
00:46:37livingde4th ...
00:46:37livingde4th seer go
00:46:37Netukka he didnt have anything else
00:46:37Netukka i could take
00:46:37RumGone im the one to balance?
00:46:37Netukka hood
00:46:37RumGone great
00:46:37Maxy he did have
00:46:37RumGone sure
00:46:37Maxy hood
00:46:37livingde4th y
00:46:37Maxy and vanguard
00:46:41livingde4th we dont need uir hero
00:46:43RumGone imho sd is less usefull but great
00:46:44livingde4th that much
00:46:46RumGone cya
00:46:51Maxy YO
00:46:52Maxy YO
00:46:52Netukka ill take hood
00:46:53Maxy YES
00:46:54Maxy !!!!
00:47:00livingde4th commander
00:47:01mrk items?
00:47:04livingde4th hmm
00:47:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME this balancing thins is emotional shit
00:47:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:47:14mrk can i sell ring/boots?
00:47:16Netukka rosh
00:47:16Netukka re
00:47:16mrk take pipe?
00:47:22livingde4th sd takes hmm
00:47:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME i take meka
00:47:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME np
00:47:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:47:33livingde4th take pipe sd?
00:47:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME sd
00:47:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME take the tipe
00:47:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME pipe
00:47:53mrk go
00:47:56mrk i gotta go soon
00:48:04mrk go there
00:48:07mrk they will come from behind
00:48:08mrk we win
00:48:17mrk they there
00:48:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME seer was good tank
00:49:12livingde4th need dmg
00:49:13livingde4th fdfs
00:50:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME idiots
00:50:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont
00:50:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME farm
00:50:20U.Fail2Amuse.ME live farm
00:50:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME with leaver
00:51:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME let him with us
00:51:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME we need
00:51:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME him ulti
00:51:13Maxy wards
00:51:14Maxy needed
00:51:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME i control
00:51:48Maxy they on low-low
00:51:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME this nap does all time on me
00:51:51livingde4th if u die
00:51:53livingde4th use seer
00:51:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME my dagger is practly uselss
00:52:07livingde4th go rosh???
00:52:16livingde4th fucking commander
00:52:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME i use him to plant ward
00:52:21extremewaari -AFK
00:52:22Netukka taking too much time
00:52:30Maxy pushed so np
00:52:32Maxy if we fight
00:52:37Netukka clock is low
00:52:37mrk need 130
00:52:39Netukka out of fight
00:53:13mrk steal
00:53:28Netukka keke
00:53:29livingde4th take
00:53:31livingde4th aegis
00:53:31IamSoUnluckY lesh
00:53:31livingde4th noobs
00:53:32IamSoUnluckY use
00:53:36IamSoUnluckY fucking spells
00:53:38Netukka i did
00:53:38IamSoUnluckY on roshaN>:?
00:53:41Netukka every single
00:53:41Netukka one
00:53:46Netukka on roshan?
00:53:47livingde4th gg wp
00:53:49Netukka u kidding right?
00:53:50IamSoUnluckY diabolic?
00:53:51IamSoUnluckY mby
00:53:51IamSoUnluckY ?
00:53:57livingde4th go clock
00:54:30extremewaari B
00:54:42PinaryB I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:44Maxy smoke gang
00:54:47Maxy last try
00:54:53Netukka go mid
00:54:55Netukka thrgouh
00:54:56Netukka when they push
00:55:03Netukka or mid now
00:55:03Maxy go heal mana
00:55:04Maxy ;D
00:55:45Maxy kill and go throne
00:55:46Maxy ftw
00:56:31Maxy almost
00:56:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz heal
00:56:35IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:38Netukka I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:56:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME ty
00:56:47PinaryB I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:58:25Maxy I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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