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99% | 1892 X | 1575 TS

+65 X
+2 TS

78% | 1425 X | 1453 TS

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+2 TS

73% | 1438 X | 1362 TS

+45 X
+3 TS

57% | 1249 X | 1349 TS

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51% | 1228 X | 1300 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

95% | 1749 X | 1490 TS

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-3 TS

86% | 1511 X | 1487 TS

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-3 TS

86% | 1507 X | 1489 TS

-17 X
-3 TS

70% | 1374 X | 1367 TS

+4 X
-3 TS

26% | 959 X | 1321 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Dota.m [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 185 seconds.
00:00:16Dota.m My Shaker-Baby !!!
00:00:20McNabb my wl
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME take me sky wrath if u dont have hero in mind PLZ
00:00:24zebbelito k
00:00:24Dota.m My-shakerbaby !!!!!
00:00:24DeduXserS slardar
00:00:24zebbelito am
00:00:25McNabb wl
00:00:28McNabb for me?
00:00:30DeduXserS y
00:00:32McNabb k
00:00:32zebbelito dirge any1?
00:00:39DeduXserS give me sky mage
00:00:40zebbelito dirge any1?
00:00:40Inuusini gief
00:00:48zebbelito skywrath for him
00:00:50McNabb cant
00:00:51DeduXserS or hmm
00:00:52Dota.m my shaker
00:00:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME will u swap it?
00:00:53Dota.m !!
00:00:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:00:55mansikka yes
00:00:56DeduXserS give me puck
00:00:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME k ty
00:00:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:03DeduXserS -swap 2
00:01:04McNabb -swap 1
00:01:07AliBaba TAKE RIKI
00:01:10mansikka y
00:01:13Dota.m me bot ? :D
00:01:16mansikka give riki
00:01:17Inuusini zebbe?
00:01:20zebbelito hmm
00:01:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME -swap 2
00:01:22mansikka -swap 4
00:01:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:26zebbelito axe
00:01:32Inuusini -swap 1
00:01:33zebbelito -swap 3
00:01:36McNabb get krob?
00:01:38Inuusini 3 melee
00:01:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME is urn magic dmg?
00:01:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:47mansikka yes
00:01:51McNabb cm
00:01:53AliBaba imba ultis
00:02:01DeduXserS wlock u mid
00:02:04AliBaba hero _
00:02:06McNabb oh
00:02:16DeduXserS im downwith es
00:02:22zebbelito sky mid?
00:02:24DeduXserS dp
00:02:25Dota.m hi abdul :D
00:02:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME sure
00:02:29Xove hey
00:02:29McNabb krob
00:02:30Xove dude
00:02:33Xove we are lan mates'
00:02:33McNabb your top
00:02:37DeduXserS so wat
00:02:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:37Xove dex pleas
00:02:42Xove dedu
00:02:42Dota.m det lige meget
00:02:43DeduXserS Im not going top with treant
00:02:44Xove kk
00:02:47Dota.m :D
00:02:49DeduXserS 40dmg vs roof 90dmg
00:02:57Inuusini aura+nova?
00:02:59Xove thught u was pro any lanes dedu
00:03:01Xove :D
00:03:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME aura
00:03:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME niva 1
00:03:05DeduXserS no
00:03:07DeduXserS i afk always
00:03:07Dota.m haha
00:03:09Dota.m :D
00:03:09DeduXserS when we make lanes
00:03:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME riki solo
00:03:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME mb not goo
00:03:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME d
00:03:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME idea
00:03:40Dota.m ss
00:03:43Dota.m re
00:05:06Inuusini -clear
00:05:20DeduXserS g
00:05:45Dota.m fack
00:05:45DeduXserS k
00:05:46DeduXserS xD
00:05:50mansikka gj
00:05:56Dota.m my bad
00:05:57Dota.m sry
00:07:24AliBaba bah\
00:08:33DeduXserS x
00:08:34DeduXserS xD
00:08:35Inuusini gj
00:08:37AliBaba >D
00:08:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME 0 mana
00:09:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME why not try him
00:09:03DeduXserS es
00:09:03McNabb ss
00:09:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME he had 50 mana
00:09:04DeduXserS lets try cm
00:09:15DeduXserS let me shake it
00:09:25Xove gj
00:09:27DeduXserS XDDD
00:09:27Dota.m fail
00:09:28Xove gg
00:09:28DeduXserS XDD
00:09:29Xove dedu
00:09:33DeduXserS insane fissures
00:09:36Dota.m this is a joke
00:09:47McNabb ss
00:10:03McNabb care bot
00:10:21Dota.m oom
00:10:54Dota.m oom
00:11:08Dota.m ss bot
00:11:17zebbelito ss wl
00:11:19Dota.m re
00:11:19zebbelito care bot
00:11:19AliBaba ULTI _
00:11:23DeduXserS lets kill
00:11:26Dota.m oom
00:11:28DeduXserS i know
00:11:30DeduXserS dp waves
00:11:32DeduXserS twice i ulti
00:11:33DeduXserS gg
00:11:36Xove kk
00:11:40McNabb axe bot
00:11:52DeduXserS ?
00:11:54DeduXserS dont nuke then :D
00:11:54Xove gg
00:12:12AliBaba heal ? :D
00:12:16Dota.m tomb
00:12:23Inuusini soz, u werent gonna make it :p
00:12:29DeduXserS twr
00:12:32Inuusini even with a 150hp heal
00:13:32Inuusini wut, wards in gc?
00:13:48DeduXserS Wards?
00:14:28Dota.m that sick how much i fail with this fissure today
00:14:33DeduXserS 5
00:14:34DeduXserS fissures
00:14:36DeduXserS i saw :D
00:14:36Aleks875 lol y
00:14:38DeduXserS which failed
00:14:38Dota.m y
00:14:51Dota.m dunno whats going on with me today :/
00:14:56DeduXserS say
00:14:58DeduXserS "lagg"
00:15:00DeduXserS "but pro"
00:15:31Aleks875 dont leyt them topwer
00:15:32DeduXserS they got sa :S
00:15:56DeduXserS :D
00:16:06Dota.m xaxaxaxa
00:16:06DeduXserS miten näin sut?
00:16:09Inuusini tp top
00:16:15mansikka vaihoin treadsit just
00:16:18DeduXserS lol :D
00:16:43DeduXserS got ulti
00:17:25Inuusini teamwipe by 4man aoe
00:17:26Inuusini sad
00:17:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME place tomb more back
00:17:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME so they cant
00:17:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME kill
00:17:47Inuusini they didnt kill it anyway
00:17:49Dota.m omw top
00:17:52Inuusini not when it mattered
00:18:42McNabb b
00:18:47DeduXserS fuck u i watched top :D
00:18:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME me 2
00:18:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME i saw u when
00:18:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME u wa snext
00:18:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME :0
00:20:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME that slow is 2 op[
00:20:56Inuusini srsly?
00:20:57mansikka :D
00:21:13Dota.m 150 for dagger
00:21:41zebbelito go together?
00:21:42zebbelito once?
00:21:45mansikka no
00:21:54Inuusini 5x aoe team on sentinel
00:22:00Dota.m now i can intitani
00:22:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME we same lol
00:22:02Inuusini 5v5 = noty
00:22:06Dota.m krob
00:22:06Dota.m b
00:22:06Dota.m b
00:22:07Dota.m b
00:22:07Dota.m b
00:22:07Dota.m b
00:22:07Dota.m b
00:22:08Dota.m b
00:22:13McNabb HOW BAD ARE U KLROB?
00:22:18DeduXserS xD
00:22:19DeduXserS mega
00:22:23DeduXserS go
00:22:23Dota.m no ulti
00:22:24DeduXserS got ulti
00:22:41zebbelito :D
00:22:43zebbelito gg
00:23:00Inuusini thats what happens
00:23:10AliBaba Radi ?=
00:23:12AliBaba come on
00:23:13DeduXserS y?
00:23:16AliBaba come on ! :D
00:23:22DeduXserS u let me far m:D
00:23:26AliBaba narh
00:23:26Dota.m i have ulti
00:23:51DeduXserS inf ready
00:24:25Xove heal
00:24:32McNabb nah u are too bad
00:25:14zebbelito unplayable
00:25:17zebbelito ff
00:25:20DeduXserS :D
00:25:24Aleks875 XD
00:26:05Aleks875 -apm
00:26:07DeduXserS -apm
00:26:44DeduXserS b
00:26:45Dota.m no
00:26:47Dota.m need mana
00:27:00McNabb push top
00:27:01DeduXserS god own
00:27:02McNabb lets end
00:27:02DeduXserS go down
00:27:37DeduXserS impossibru
00:28:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME if only axe had dagger
00:28:08zebbelito yeah
00:28:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME so we can utilise my ulti
00:28:10zebbelito we would won
00:28:13Inuusini we could initiate and die faster
00:28:16zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:19Inuusini I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:26AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:53DeduXserS höh
00:28:58DeduXserS infs?
00:29:05AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:21mansikka I surrender!
00:29:28AliBaba go ff
00:29:29DeduXserS use infernals ? :S
00:29:33McNabb why
00:29:49DeduXserS throne
00:30:06AliBaba ffffff
00:30:13mansikka ffffff
00:30:17mansikka fffffffffff
00:30:18mansikka I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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