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-43 X
-2 TS

97% | 1798 X | 1501 TS

-50 X
-2 TS

93% | 1677 X | 1521 TS

-2 X
-2 TS

78% | 1453 X | 1415 TS

+14 X
-17 TS

37% | 1212 X | 1157 TS

-33 X
-3 TS

33% | 1032 X | 1309 TS

+14 X
+3 TS

92% | 1703 X | 1442 TS

+44 X
+3 TS

88% | 1609 X | 1446 TS

+9 X
+3 TS

69% | 1361 X | 1378 TS

+6 X
+3 TS

51% | 1181 X | 1346 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

44% | 1143 X | 1306 TS

Chat log

00:00:03yeW- ap?
00:00:03VVindoWz ap
00:00:04yeW- ap-
00:00:05Vaj.CO ap
00:00:05extremewaari -ap
00:00:07yeW- -clear
00:00:13extremewaari i take lyca :)
00:00:14BoBo.Ftw xove share now
00:00:31mby_next_time i had techies
00:00:32mby_next_time didnt i?
00:00:38VVindoWz :P
00:00:43Xove cap how do u skill ud ?
00:00:54BoBo.Ftw 1 str
00:00:56extremewaari tb was mid?
00:00:59yeW- no
00:01:00yeW- magnus
00:01:01mby_next_time maga
00:01:02Vaj.CO first second tomb tomb tomb
00:01:02BoBo.Ftw 1 heal
00:01:03extremewaari k
00:01:06mby_next_time hewal you had rhasta
00:01:09mby_next_time if you dont rembmer
00:01:12Xove y
00:01:14yeW- ol
00:01:14yeW- lol
00:01:16yeW- -afk
00:01:19mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:19yeW- -lear
00:01:19mby_next_time -don
00:01:21mby_next_time -water red
00:01:21yeW- -clear
00:01:21mby_next_time -clear
00:01:22yeW- -odn
00:01:23yeW- -don
00:01:27extremewaari hewal
00:01:28BoBo.Ftw take tomb since 4 lvl
00:01:38extremewaari take lighting and shackles max
00:01:40Xove ok so first 1 str
00:01:40-HewaL- kk
00:01:40BoBo.Ftw 1 str 2 3 heal and then 4 5 6 7 tomb
00:01:42Xove 1 heal
00:01:45mby_next_time 1 lvl hex
00:01:47Xove then heal agian
00:01:47mby_next_time is also usefull
00:01:49mby_next_time but w/e
00:01:50Xove and then tomb +
00:01:54BoBo.Ftw skill heal 2 and s 400 insta dmg
00:02:02extremewaari hmm
00:02:05VVindoWz y
00:02:17yeW- tb goes misd prob
00:02:21extremewaari take 1 voodoo and shackle'1
00:02:21mby_next_time hecant
00:02:27mby_next_time fuck off
00:02:30-HewaL- YES!!!
00:02:39VanillaThunder run bitch
00:02:40BoBo.Ftw go :D
00:02:42BoBo.Ftw kill sk
00:03:03mby_next_time no leap
00:03:04mby_next_time no fun
00:03:06mby_next_time no fun
00:03:13BoBo.Ftw i tought u ^^
00:03:19mby_next_time well i was sure about you
00:03:25mby_next_time and i still got stun
00:03:28mby_next_time REBEL!
00:03:29BoBo.Ftw O
00:04:09mby_next_time hi
00:04:15mby_next_time pro sk on way
00:04:25-HewaL- forget crixalis
00:04:34mby_next_time :<
00:04:45VanillaThunder ss sk
00:04:46mby_next_time got slow trax?
00:05:13VanillaThunder told u
00:05:16yeW- pff
00:05:17mby_next_time ff
00:05:22mby_next_time FF
00:05:23mby_next_time F
00:05:23mby_next_time F
00:05:23mby_next_time F
00:05:24mby_next_time F
00:05:24yeW- ?!!
00:05:24mby_next_time F
00:05:33yeW- b mb?
00:05:37mby_next_time HOW MBY
00:05:40mby_next_time WHEN HE SCRATH ME
00:05:44extremewaari ff
00:05:45extremewaari :D
00:05:49-HewaL- ?SÆ_
00:06:05yeW- why keep chasin
00:06:12yeW- when i missed that arrow?
00:06:18mby_next_time causeyou suck
00:06:20yeW- ye
00:07:04yeW- u aint supposed
00:07:05yeW- to gang
00:07:25-HewaL- All most
00:07:26VanillaThunder ss sk
00:07:37-HewaL- had no mana
00:08:07-HewaL- LO=L!
00:08:08extremewaari cant do nothing there
00:08:10-HewaL- LVL & ?!
00:08:22-HewaL- our sandking suck
00:08:23mby_next_time yew
00:08:28mby_next_time I SUCK?
00:08:29mby_next_time hahaha
00:08:45mby_next_time kk
00:08:50-HewaL- help the team
00:08:53mby_next_time HOW
00:08:54mby_next_time WITHOUT FARM
00:08:56mby_next_time WITHOUT BOTLE
00:08:56-HewaL- dont think about yourself
00:08:58mby_next_time WITHOUT BOOTS
00:09:00mby_next_time LOL
00:09:03mby_next_time YOU'RE SO BRAINDEAD
00:09:07-HewaL- buy FARM do whatever
00:09:15mby_next_time BUY FAMR
00:09:16mby_next_time HAHAHAHAH
00:09:21mby_next_time forever bronze guy
00:09:22mby_next_time please
00:09:23mby_next_time shut yp
00:09:24mby_next_time up.
00:09:25mby_next_time im ill
00:09:30mby_next_time and i find person like you
00:09:31mby_next_time iritateting
00:09:39-HewaL- play more write less pls !
00:09:40mby_next_time jakiro
00:09:49mby_next_time kid
00:09:51mby_next_time shut yup
00:09:53mby_next_time that's al
00:09:56yeW- blah
00:10:00yeW- u rly had to give him that kill
00:10:01yeW- man
00:10:07mby_next_time idc
00:10:12VanillaThunder dd
00:10:14Vaj.CO y
00:10:33mby_next_time soul ring potm
00:10:35mby_next_time inceoming
00:10:37yeW- its sad
00:10:42mby_next_time potm
00:10:43mby_next_time without leap
00:10:45mby_next_time inceoming
00:10:53yeW- noes
00:10:55yeW- my internet
00:10:57yeW- dunno whats wrong
00:11:00mby_next_time \rofl :DDD
00:11:41-HewaL- spectre?
00:11:46extremewaari what u can do+
00:11:50extremewaari nothing
00:11:59-HewaL- its ok
00:12:07mby_next_time vajcoed.
00:12:11yeW- no wards well
00:12:16mby_next_time already bought
00:12:17mby_next_time one
00:12:19mby_next_time wont more
00:12:28yeW- -ma
00:12:29yeW- gah
00:12:30extremewaari ffs
00:12:36extremewaari b
00:12:40extremewaari he have ulti
00:12:45extremewaari and ud there
00:12:49yeW- go?
00:12:53mby_next_time never
00:12:53-HewaL- i know
00:12:56mby_next_time im pussy one
00:12:57-HewaL- i went back
00:13:32-HewaL- .
00:13:33mby_next_time no ulti ?:P
00:13:39-HewaL- SOME FUCKING HELP DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:13:52mby_next_time \wow our potm
00:13:54mby_next_time loseing to jakiro
00:13:58yeW- look where he leapt
00:13:58yeW- to
00:14:04yeW- arrow
00:14:25extremewaari dont nuke creeps ffs
00:14:33mby_next_time come top
00:14:34mby_next_time someone
00:14:43extremewaari bot ss 2
00:14:46McFele omw
00:14:55-HewaL- b
00:15:09BoBo.Ftw wtf
00:15:18extremewaari oom
00:15:22extremewaari we cant
00:15:36extremewaari we cant!!
00:15:40extremewaari u dont have ulti
00:15:41mby_next_time i thought
00:15:45extremewaari or i am oom
00:15:48mby_next_time i went in place you cant get into :DD
00:15:57-HewaL- :S:S:
00:15:57-HewaL- S:
00:15:58-HewaL- S:
00:15:58-HewaL- :
00:15:58-HewaL- S:
00:15:59-HewaL- S:
00:15:59-HewaL- :
00:15:59-HewaL- S:
00:15:59-HewaL- S:
00:16:00-HewaL- S:
00:16:00-HewaL- S:
00:16:05extremewaari WHAT I SAID
00:16:12-HewaL- what did you sa+
00:16:19extremewaari we cant kill him
00:16:21extremewaari or nothing
00:16:23extremewaari i am oom
00:16:27extremewaari and u dont have ulti
00:16:27-HewaL- SAND KING TALKING ALOT CANT SEEE SHIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:16:29mby_next_time lamefag :DD
00:16:33BoBo.Ftw :)))
00:16:35mby_next_time 3:2:1
00:16:51mby_next_time lalal
00:16:53mby_next_time and i killed
00:16:53-HewaL- doest mean shit when we are 0.5.0
00:16:53mby_next_time tb
00:16:54mby_next_time 2 times
00:17:03mby_next_time sr for killing their main carry
00:17:06mby_next_time and sr that you fail bot
00:17:08mby_next_time so hatrd
00:17:15-HewaL- we are running when we see somebody .
00:17:20-HewaL- stfu and lpay
00:17:20mby_next_time gz
00:17:23extremewaari rhasta wait
00:17:24mby_next_time you started
00:17:24mby_next_time kido
00:17:36mby_next_time love ppl like him
00:17:41mby_next_time starteing ,loseing argument
00:17:42mby_next_time crying
00:17:55mby_next_time he's pretty like you yew :D
00:17:56yeW- great ulti
00:18:01-HewaL- still talking ?!
00:18:05yeW- i whine
00:18:08yeW- only when others suck
00:18:10mby_next_time what you fonna kill me rasta? :DD
00:18:15mby_next_time or when uim in game ?:D
00:18:50mby_next_time LAMEZOR
00:19:51mby_next_time god
00:20:17mby_next_time good reason to hate ud
00:20:36yeW- just get vg and phase
00:20:40yeW- radi can wait
00:20:45extremewaari yea
00:20:51yeW- my god.
00:20:57yeW- braintumored
00:21:09-HewaL- coming from YOU?
00:21:12yeW- yeye
00:21:13yeW- mate
00:21:18BoBo.Ftw mby next time sk :D
00:21:24mby_next_time that ice
00:21:26mby_next_time was epic timed
00:21:30-HewaL- only because 1 fail doest mean all his fault !!!!!!!!!
00:21:34mby_next_time or rather luck timed *:D
00:21:49yeW- z_z
00:21:58mby_next_time kk
00:22:00mby_next_time sk noob
00:22:06mby_next_time best lvl in team
00:22:16mby_next_time im fapping
00:22:24yeW- inc top
00:22:26-HewaL- haven¨t seen you in fights yet sk
00:22:31mby_next_time :DDD
00:22:38mby_next_time seriously you're so low ?:D
00:22:42mby_next_time HEX
00:23:20mby_next_time dat arrow
00:23:20yeW- lol
00:23:50-HewaL- ofc
00:24:09extremewaari my bot
00:24:11extremewaari :(
00:24:14mby_next_time dagger
00:24:15mby_next_time in 400
00:24:15mby_next_time but k
00:24:17extremewaari take
00:24:21BoBo.Ftw heal me ud
00:24:43mby_next_time k thx
00:24:46extremewaari np :)
00:24:46mby_next_time got in 10
00:25:01mby_next_time well got dagger babies
00:25:05mby_next_time but no ulti yet
00:25:23mby_next_time nvm :d
00:25:31mby_next_time you know i wanted to go for you tb?:D
00:25:40BoBo.Ftw no :(
00:25:46BoBo.Ftw i come in peace
00:25:52mby_next_time i wanted third kill on you :&
00:26:06yeW- rhasta
00:26:08yeW- son of a fag
00:26:10yeW- get wards
00:26:13mby_next_time :D
00:26:22-HewaL- look really rich right cant even afford SHOES !
00:26:57yeW- too much aoe at em
00:27:06mby_next_time well i can try pipe
00:27:09mby_next_time but not sure when i get it
00:27:16yeW- great
00:27:20yeW- blah
00:27:39mby_next_time without hands :D
00:27:47mby_next_time ok i lied
00:27:49BoBo.Ftw genius :D
00:27:51mby_next_time :D
00:28:05-HewaL- b
00:28:10mby_next_time huper + dagger magna
00:28:13yeW- hey how about i leap in front of the ud to block him while divin
00:28:16-HewaL- FUCKING
00:28:28yeW- ur worse than cancer
00:28:29yeW- hewal
00:28:32mby_next_time :D
00:28:36-HewaL- not really
00:29:36Xove ¨why u still farming
00:29:37yeW- gah
00:29:39mby_next_time LAME LAME LAME
00:29:40Xove we can fucking end this
00:29:41Xove cap
00:29:42Xove ffs
00:29:44BoBo.Ftw y
00:29:49BoBo.Ftw sec
00:29:50-HewaL- cast your shit and die thats the shit going on today
00:29:54Xove omg
00:29:55BoBo.Ftw pro pro pro pro
00:29:58mby_next_time PRO
00:30:00VVindoWz ak ak ak
00:30:11yeW- b
00:30:11extremewaari max that lighting :D
00:30:12yeW- b
00:30:19Xove g o all
00:30:20-HewaL- look LVL
00:30:20Xove mid
00:30:23VVindoWz y
00:30:29extremewaari yea 8
00:30:37mby_next_time OOOOO OWNED
00:30:45extremewaari lvl7=lvl 4lighting
00:31:26Xove gg
00:31:28mby_next_time pro sk
00:31:29mby_next_time that's all
00:31:32McFele not bad
00:31:35BoBo.Ftw gg? :D
00:31:37mby_next_time pro sk as i said
00:31:40Xove yeah
00:31:44extremewaari imbaness!
00:31:45mby_next_time now i let you :P
00:31:51Xove because of u fucking tards just farm and farm
00:31:52mby_next_time well got hood
00:31:54extremewaari ur my god ;)
00:31:55mby_next_time now rushing pipe
00:31:56yeW- we might win
00:31:59Xove we could in this for 7 min ago
00:32:01mby_next_time if they stick
00:32:02BoBo.Ftw u better shut up
00:32:03mby_next_time when i ulti
00:32:05mby_next_time then yes
00:32:05yeW- ye
00:32:06yeW- magnus went
00:32:10Xove u better suc my cock
00:32:12yeW- for mjlonir
00:32:15mby_next_time we cant let him initeate
00:32:20BoBo.Ftw no..i ll let it for your dad
00:32:22mby_next_time + we cant stick
00:32:31Xove thats good deal
00:32:38Xove then i fuck u mom
00:32:46BoBo.Ftw i m not your mom...
00:32:52mby_next_time not ?:<<
00:32:56yeW- hp towe?
00:32:56VanillaThunder heal
00:33:01BoBo.Ftw no :)
00:33:02-HewaL- back
00:33:05McFele asap
00:33:08Xove :D
00:33:08mby_next_time gonna tp[
00:33:11VanillaThunder ud heal
00:33:17Vaj.CO give me armor
00:33:49mby_next_time rofl
00:33:56mby_next_time wp yew.
00:33:59mby_next_time so useful :D
00:34:00yeW- what did i do?
00:34:02yeW- i killed tomb
00:34:05mby_next_time you died :D
00:34:06yeW- cant do more
00:34:06yeW- ye
00:34:07yeW- well
00:34:14yeW- u died before i did
00:34:18mby_next_time well
00:34:21mby_next_time magna ultied etc me
00:34:21McFele it was obvious we will lose
00:34:27yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:28mby_next_time just after i combo
00:34:32mby_next_time btw
00:34:34mby_next_time mcfele
00:34:36mby_next_time DONT PICK POTM
00:34:38mby_next_time if you cant play it
00:34:41mby_next_time andif we got alreadu
00:34:43mby_next_time team like that
00:34:44mby_next_time thanks
00:35:02mby_next_time well i go for tb kill again
00:35:08yeW- omw
00:35:17-HewaL- free tower?
00:35:49mby_next_time that sk.
00:35:51yeW- PLUG
00:35:51mby_next_time bobo hats me :d
00:35:51-HewaL- yea
00:36:03BoBo.Ftw i love you ^^
00:36:04mby_next_time bobo you still love my i hope
00:36:07mby_next_time good <3
00:36:28mby_next_time 550 to pipe
00:36:37mby_next_time omw omw
00:36:42mby_next_time gj
00:36:43mby_next_time :d
00:36:48Xove nice
00:36:57extremewaari need 200g for relic
00:36:58extremewaari .D
00:37:03mby_next_time rofl noob relic !
00:37:10-HewaL- we CAN still make it !
00:37:14yeW- SHUT
00:37:15yeW- UR HOLE
00:37:16mby_next_time with you
00:37:17mby_next_time always
00:37:22-HewaL- you know it :D
00:37:22Xove all gather'
00:37:24mby_next_time got pipe
00:37:24Xove then go
00:37:32mby_next_time now trying my agha
00:37:37mby_next_time mid bitches
00:37:38mby_next_time get tps
00:37:39yeW- tb dmg rape
00:37:43mby_next_time wekll
00:37:45VVindoWz all come
00:37:46mby_next_time i always focus him
00:37:50VanillaThunder go smoke
00:38:00-HewaL- rape tills you cant walk anymore
00:38:00Xove w8 magnus
00:38:12mby_next_time seriously
00:38:13mby_next_time hewal
00:38:17mby_next_time why you even bother talking ?:d
00:38:18mby_next_time b mid
00:38:18-HewaL- what?
00:38:22mby_next_time imo they come for you.
00:38:22-HewaL- idk
00:38:30-HewaL- they love my body
00:38:42mby_next_time as i said :D
00:38:55extremewaari i ahve ulti
00:39:22yeW- b
00:39:37yeW- W
00:39:38yeW- b
00:39:46yeW- WHY?
00:39:50yeW- are u retadd
00:40:26yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:29-HewaL- joking right?
00:40:30-HewaL- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:32-HewaL- !ff
00:40:33yeW- u are
00:40:36yeW- what kind of ulti
00:40:36mby_next_time gg
00:40:36McFele !ff
00:40:38yeW- was that
00:40:40-HewaL- WE ARE ALL A JOKE!
00:40:41mby_next_time nice undy + lich pick
00:40:41yeW- u foolish son of a whore?
00:40:43yeW- -clear
00:40:50mby_next_time and well ofc bobo noob
00:40:52mby_next_time feeded us
00:40:55mby_next_time for purpose
00:40:56-HewaL- stfu bitch
00:40:56mby_next_time ban ihm
00:40:56BoBo.Ftw :D
00:40:57mby_next_time :D
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