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-12 X
-2 TS

96% | 1699 X | 1556 TS

+24 X
-1 TS

76% | 1415 X | 1429 TS

-39 X
-2 TS

73% | 1429 X | 1368 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

69% | 1369 X | 1365 TS

-6 X
-11 TS

39% | 1246 X | 1135 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

92% | 1654 X | 1482 TS

+34 X
+1 TS

81% | 1488 X | 1414 TS

-18 X
+2 TS

79% | 1489 X | 1395 TS

+41 X
+2 TS

52% | 1189 X | 1345 TS

+12 X
+2 TS

51% | 1197 X | 1331 TS

Chat log

00:00:00IamSoUnluckY [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 47 seconds.
00:00:06yeW- Faggot!!!
00:00:16yeW- noob
00:00:16yeW- -clear
00:00:16mby_next_time fag
00:00:16yeW- do i ban
00:00:16yeW- omni
00:00:16yeW- or naix
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY can you ban that piece of shit balanar
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY ?
00:00:16mby_next_time imo ns / naix
00:00:16yeW- piece of shit
00:00:16mby_next_time cause omni
00:00:16yeW- what?
00:00:16mby_next_time unluckty likes is
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY balanar
00:00:16mby_next_time unlucky
00:00:16mby_next_time want omni?
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY rly hate him
00:00:16IamSoUnluckY idk
00:00:16mby_next_time stop fucking
00:00:16livingde4th im here
00:00:16mby_next_time fapping
00:00:16livingde4th sorry
00:00:16yeW- k play
00:00:16yeW- then
00:00:16livingde4th comp frozen
00:00:16yeW- I aint got shit loads'a time
00:00:16Kastrup we should ban ns..
00:00:16livingde4th k
00:00:16mby_next_time you dont ?:<
00:00:16yeW- :p
00:00:16livingde4th ban naix
00:00:16mby_next_time ns
00:00:16mby_next_time fag ns
00:00:16yeW- NS!
00:00:22mby_next_time i go shredder prolly
00:00:26yeW- no
00:00:28mby_next_time yep
00:00:29yeW- k
00:00:30yeW- :p
00:00:32Kastrup knew it
00:00:35Kastrup can i moprh?
00:00:39yeW- i go mister omni
00:00:40livingde4th im mid
00:00:42livingde4th do what u want
00:00:43Kastrup yeye sure
00:00:45livingde4th we need thrall
00:00:48Kastrup ye
00:00:48IamSoUnluckY ill aa/clock
00:00:48mby_next_time hmm
00:00:52mby_next_time unlucky go troll woods ?:d
00:00:53yeW- clock is good
00:00:55yeW- for my heal
00:00:58yeW- terrific indeed
00:00:59yeW- -clear
00:01:01livingde4th thrall venge
00:01:01livingde4th aa
00:01:02livingde4th etc
00:01:04livingde4th clock
00:01:06IamSoUnluckY s
00:01:07IamSoUnluckY so
00:01:08livingde4th dk mby
00:01:08IamSoUnluckY clock
00:01:09yeW- *ye
00:01:09livingde4th or bm
00:01:11Kastrup <-- bot
00:01:11IamSoUnluckY some1 else
00:01:12yeW- VENGE!
00:01:12IamSoUnluckY go aa
00:01:18yeW- get venge
00:01:19livingde4th no more carry needed
00:01:23yeW- for furi mid gang
00:01:28yeW- ye..or that
00:01:32IamSoUnluckY lanes
00:01:33IamSoUnluckY ?
00:01:35mby_next_time furi doesnt need gangs
00:01:39Kastrup god damn they have heavy heros..
00:01:42yeW- clock top
00:01:44yeW- roof
00:01:45yeW- wards
00:01:46yeW- venge
00:01:47livingde4th get vengfe
00:01:49livingde4th thrall
00:01:50yeW- pick venge edgarras
00:01:50Kastrup venge and thrall
00:01:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi mid hahaa
00:01:52Kastrup and we're good
00:01:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME hahahhaa
00:01:55mby_next_time late
00:01:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:57yeW- ye
00:01:58edgarass now what?
00:01:59mby_next_time imo aa
00:02:02IamSoUnluckY aa
00:02:02edgarass no
00:02:05IamSoUnluckY y
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:05IamSoUnluckY man
00:02:06IamSoUnluckY so OP
00:02:06edgarass rex
00:02:06yeW- slardar
00:02:07yeW- then
00:02:08yeW- -clear
00:02:10IamSoUnluckY cmon
00:02:13IamSoUnluckY rex useless
00:02:15mby_next_time mele team
00:02:15mby_next_time WP
00:02:22mby_next_time mele team vs fucking their team
00:02:23mby_next_time ff
00:02:24mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:25mby_next_time -don
00:02:27mby_next_time -water red
00:02:28mby_next_time -clear
00:02:36mby_next_time mate you gonna pull ?:*
00:02:40IamSoUnluckY sure
00:02:41IamSoUnluckY why no
00:02:42IamSoUnluckY y
00:02:45McFele all mele team
00:02:46yeW- ring?
00:02:47IamSoUnluckY not*
00:02:52mby_next_time me?
00:02:54yeW- listen carefully slardar
00:02:56yeW- make pt str
00:02:59yeW- and go vlads
00:03:03mby_next_time lol he gets ring :D
00:03:08yeW- np
00:03:12mby_next_time i laeve it
00:03:12yeW- make it into vlads
00:03:12livingde4th share chicken
00:03:14mby_next_time top rege
00:03:14livingde4th need items
00:03:16livingde4th frogot
00:03:17livingde4th lol
00:03:20livingde4th was on windows
00:03:22mby_next_time well ya vlad in that team is needed
00:03:24yeW- SS MID
00:03:25livingde4th share the fucking chicken
00:03:27mby_next_time also pipe would be cool vs thrall
00:03:37mby_next_time ss
00:03:40mby_next_time SS
00:03:52yeW- ss furi
00:03:55mby_next_time SS TOP
00:03:56mby_next_time CARE
00:04:05mby_next_time re
00:04:05mby_next_time 2
00:04:06mby_next_time RE
00:04:07mby_next_time RE
00:04:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME u try to out hit me man?
00:04:18IamSoUnluckY go?
00:04:29mby_next_time you crazy
00:04:44yeW- up courier
00:04:46yeW- roof.
00:05:16IamSoUnluckY kk
00:05:16IamSoUnluckY farm
00:05:20mby_next_time :*
00:05:31edgarass ss
00:05:31mby_next_time rege top
00:05:32mby_next_time still
00:05:53yeW- COURIER UP
00:05:53yeW- ls
00:05:54yeW- pls
00:05:55livingde4th ss
00:05:55yeW- need it
00:06:06edgarass ss vnge
00:06:10edgarass pulling
00:06:31mby_next_time SS DK ALL TIME
00:06:32yeW- ss furi mid :D
00:06:33mby_next_time re
00:06:44IamSoUnluckY he gone on 50
00:07:19livingde4th ss
00:07:21livingde4th re
00:07:55livingde4th wheres
00:07:56yeW- ss FURI
00:07:56livingde4th slardar
00:08:00yeW- ss
00:08:01yeW- re
00:08:03Kastrup hes b for low
00:08:05Kastrup hes low low
00:08:08mby_next_time ss 2
00:08:10mby_next_time TOP SS
00:08:16mby_next_time re thrall SS DK
00:08:22edgarass bot freefarming pls gang
00:08:25livingde4th ss
00:08:28livingde4th re
00:08:37mby_next_time -.-
00:08:41IamSoUnluckY fak
00:08:44mby_next_time i failed
00:08:46mby_next_time w/e
00:08:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME thos guy
00:09:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME only werast my mana
00:09:06mby_next_time this *?:D
00:09:29mby_next_time FF
00:09:29mby_next_time F
00:09:29mby_next_time F
00:09:30mby_next_time F
00:09:35mby_next_time HOPW I MSISED THAT TREE CGOD
00:09:37livingde4th midas
00:09:38livingde4th lol
00:09:39livingde4th and boots
00:09:44IamSoUnluckY ss venga
00:09:45IamSoUnluckY ?
00:09:52livingde4th outfarmed
00:09:52edgarass ss for like 5 minutes
00:09:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME give me mana
00:09:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi
00:10:22livingde4th ss
00:10:25Kastrup furi
00:10:29livingde4th cd
00:10:34mby_next_time SS TOP
00:10:34mby_next_time CARE MID
00:11:30livingde4th ss
00:11:48edgarass b
00:12:14yeW- ss
00:12:14IamSoUnluckY need 150
00:12:14yeW- furi
00:12:15IamSoUnluckY m8
00:12:19IamSoUnluckY let me take itt
00:12:19mby_next_time go on for it
00:12:22edgarass roof say when u have ulti
00:12:23IamSoUnluckY :*
00:12:23mby_next_time i go roam a bi
00:12:47mby_next_time waiot me bot
00:12:52livingde4th care
00:12:55livingde4th gre
00:12:55Kastrup got travels
00:12:56RalleBrazil i know
00:12:57livingde4th greyt
00:13:13IamSoUnluckY ss top
00:13:19mby_next_time go for
00:13:44mby_next_time NOW HE ULTI XDDDDD
00:13:47mby_next_time XCDDDDD
00:13:58yeW- ss lots
00:13:59mby_next_time WHY SO LATE
00:13:59yeW- get wards?
00:14:47livingde4th care mid
00:15:02yeW- lemme runes
00:15:03IamSoUnluckY top
00:15:04IamSoUnluckY ?
00:15:06mby_next_time bot ruine
00:15:09mby_next_time go
00:15:17IamSoUnluckY a lol
00:15:21mby_next_time ye :D
00:15:25mby_next_time omw bot
00:15:38yeW- illu
00:16:04mby_next_time it wasnt
00:16:04Kastrup furion
00:16:05mby_next_time ilu
00:16:06mby_next_time that i atacked
00:16:07mby_next_time nap
00:16:08Kastrup u got shit?
00:16:09livingde4th low mana
00:16:09livingde4th etc
00:16:12Kastrup hen outfarmed u
00:16:12mby_next_time i know how to look on nicknames: d
00:16:12yeW- :p
00:16:16yeW- i meant
00:16:18yeW- *car
00:16:20yeW- theres an illu
00:16:27mby_next_time no shiet sherlokcl
00:16:31IamSoUnluckY FURI
00:16:34IamSoUnluckY YOU GONNA PAY ME
00:16:40mby_next_time PAAAY
00:16:46yeW- wtf
00:16:47mby_next_time we cant
00:16:47yeW- creeps
00:16:48mby_next_time push
00:16:50mby_next_time i cut trees
00:16:52mby_next_time here
00:16:55mby_next_time and it makes bug
00:16:58mby_next_time :)
00:17:04livingde4th lothar
00:17:06livingde4th or
00:17:07yeW- ye
00:17:07livingde4th force
00:17:12mby_next_time omw bot
00:17:22livingde4th -ms
00:17:27livingde4th def bot
00:17:28livingde4th guys
00:17:29livingde4th now
00:17:34mby_next_time not wise stun :D
00:17:38IamSoUnluckY what a lame herop
00:17:45mby_next_time you?:D
00:17:50RalleBrazil fuck it i suport my ass and look how they are doing?
00:17:50IamSoUnluckY you
00:17:51IamSoUnluckY :D
00:17:56mby_next_time im perfect
00:18:02mby_next_time it's lame
00:18:03IamSoUnluckY :D
00:18:03mby_next_time when i got
00:18:05mby_next_time +12 armor
00:18:10mby_next_time +16 *
00:18:30mby_next_time lol clock noob
00:18:31mby_next_time :D
00:18:32IamSoUnluckY 32rtbhnfaeOR4JKGQJ34 JERVB
00:18:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME eh this phone
00:18:43IamSoUnluckY i play like nob
00:18:47IamSoUnluckY not like noob
00:18:48IamSoUnluckY like
00:18:50mby_next_time like always
00:18:51IamSoUnluckY RETARD
00:19:26mby_next_time top rune
00:19:27mby_next_time yew
00:20:08mby_next_time wise
00:20:28mby_next_time dk freefarms
00:20:31mby_next_time mby he gets pt today
00:20:33mby_next_time :D
00:21:25livingde4th wtf
00:21:28livingde4th my forcestasff
00:21:30livingde4th doesnt
00:21:31livingde4th work
00:21:32livingde4th why
00:21:32livingde4th ff
00:21:32livingde4th s
00:21:33livingde4th sfdg
00:21:33livingde4th gsdfr
00:21:56mby_next_time 0-.-
00:22:02yeW- meh
00:22:09mby_next_time how long am i supposed to run ?
00:22:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME was kinda sad wasnt it
00:22:13mby_next_time :DD
00:22:16mby_next_time ya
00:22:42livingde4th bot
00:22:43livingde4th twr
00:22:51livingde4th morf
00:22:52Kastrup brb
00:22:53livingde4th doffui?
00:22:55Kastrup ye
00:22:55mby_next_time well k perservence to fucking bs.
00:22:55Kastrup fior
00:23:02mby_next_time rpretty sad farm
00:23:17mby_next_time wp[] yew
00:23:22mby_next_time good tree you cut :DD
00:23:29yeW- COME ON
00:23:37yeW- tp overrated
00:23:37mby_next_time napcake you get :)
00:23:39yeW- u fucks?
00:23:42mby_next_time no cash
00:23:43mby_next_time you fuck
00:23:58livingde4th oom
00:23:59livingde4th im b
00:24:04yeW- noob
00:24:07livingde4th i go necro
00:24:08edgarass roof u idiot
00:24:24edgarass gather all
00:24:28edgarass we cant win 3v5
00:24:32mby_next_time yeah
00:24:35mby_next_time cause i dont do anything
00:24:53IamSoUnluckY warded
00:24:59mby_next_time k
00:25:10Kastrup lafggg?
00:25:14mby_next_time btw
00:25:17mby_next_time wtf roof items
00:25:27livingde4th b
00:25:28livingde4th backstab
00:25:30mby_next_time omw mid
00:25:51IamSoUnluckY cmon
00:25:52IamSoUnluckY guys
00:25:53IamSoUnluckY wtf
00:25:54IamSoUnluckY wrong
00:25:56IamSoUnluckY with you
00:25:58mby_next_time wlel
00:26:01mby_next_time used everything
00:26:03mby_next_time had little cd
00:26:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME go mid
00:26:06IamSoUnluckY dont you say me well
00:26:08IamSoUnluckY :D
00:26:29IamSoUnluckY i pis of rly
00:26:37mby_next_time im pissed *
00:26:50livingde4th tp9ing top
00:26:51yeW- GO
00:26:51livingde4th soon
00:26:51yeW- ROSH
00:26:52yeW- !!
00:26:53yeW- now
00:26:53livingde4th cd
00:26:59mby_next_time i can tank with my armor
00:27:00livingde4th nvm
00:27:01livingde4th too risky
00:27:03IamSoUnluckY warded
00:27:03livingde4th care morph
00:27:05yeW- use one spell
00:27:07McFele asap
00:27:09McFele who can
00:27:18mby_next_time love my armor boys :3
00:27:24McFele DICKS
00:27:30McFele RLY AWESOME
00:27:37mby_next_time 2 top
00:27:39mby_next_time go rosh
00:27:41livingde4th push
00:27:42livingde4th top
00:27:43livingde4th base
00:27:48mby_next_time who take?
00:27:52yeW- u
00:27:52Kastrup a<.
00:28:14U.Fail2Amuse.ME control for animals?
00:28:18yeW- go in slard
00:28:18yeW- np
00:28:19yeW- go
00:28:19mby_next_time tp overratted
00:28:20mby_next_time :D
00:28:53mby_next_time who the fuck used courier
00:28:55livingde4th twr
00:28:57yeW- dunno
00:28:57livingde4th ger
00:29:03yeW- go mid
00:29:04livingde4th b
00:29:04livingde4th b
00:29:04yeW- now
00:29:14mby_next_time got bs
00:29:21livingde4th morph
00:29:25livingde4th u have skilled morph?
00:29:33Kastrup yes
00:29:35livingde4th good
00:29:40mby_next_time :DDDD
00:29:42Kastrup can't really decide what items im going
00:29:52Kastrup manta i think
00:30:01Kastrup care
00:30:03yeW- GO
00:31:00RalleBrazil omg?
00:31:06RalleBrazil why u take it from me
00:31:07IamSoUnluckY phone
00:31:08IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:31:23yeW- JESUS
00:31:26yeW- GOT ONE AFK
00:31:27mby_next_time rofl
00:31:27livingde4th who
00:31:27yeW- aleks
00:31:27mby_next_time our base being killed
00:31:27yeW- u worthless
00:31:27mby_next_time when roof
00:31:27yeW- russian
00:31:27livingde4th tree`?
00:31:27yeW- faggot
00:31:27mby_next_time is there
00:31:27mby_next_time yep
00:31:27yeW- -afk
00:31:27Kastrup we dont miss him ;)
00:31:27yeW- roof
00:31:27yeW- u here?
00:31:27yeW- -clear
00:31:27mby_next_time []well
00:31:27mby_next_time i dont
00:31:27mby_next_time also
00:31:27livingde4th dk
00:31:27mby_next_time also
00:31:27Kastrup :D
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME shredder fat ass punk
00:31:27edgarass lets b
00:31:27mby_next_time but need some def actually
00:31:27livingde4th next time tank
00:31:27livingde4th dont let me die
00:31:27mby_next_time me fat?:
00:31:27livingde4th u got more durance
00:31:27mby_next_time i died
00:31:27mby_next_time just :D
00:31:27Kastrup me?
00:31:27mby_next_time btw
00:31:27livingde4th dk..
00:31:27Kastrup ah
00:31:27mby_next_time you gonna help me ?
00:31:27livingde4th almost died
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME no
00:31:27yeW- i have ulti
00:31:27Kastrup well i kinda need my manta for us to fight
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME we must run
00:31:27yeW- and heal in 3s
00:31:27mby_next_time im here
00:31:27edgarass have stun
00:31:27mby_next_time 4 arroundme
00:31:27livingde4th we need to turtle
00:31:27edgarass run in woods just
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME my dragon over 2 sec
00:31:27Kastrup im home in a sec..
00:31:27livingde4th we win end
00:31:27mby_next_time well
00:31:27mby_next_time i get stun
00:31:27Kastrup i got fine farm i think..
00:31:27mby_next_time after i revive
00:31:27livingde4th me ok too
00:31:27livingde4th almost necro 3
00:31:27mby_next_time so no way i can be that fast
00:31:27edgarass so maybe we b u just die?
00:31:27yeW- seriously
00:31:27mby_next_time need some help prolly
00:31:27yeW- when is this
00:31:27yeW- son of a whore
00:31:27yeW- of aleks
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME we have their ass late
00:31:27Kastrup travels, diffusal, ultimate orb and the new basilius thing
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME but
00:31:27mby_next_time ALEKS YOU HERE
00:31:27mby_next_time well iw would enjoy
00:31:27mby_next_time -afk
00:31:27livingde4th we can just turtle
00:31:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME we dont reach late
00:31:27livingde4th and me and morph
00:31:27livingde4th push sides
00:31:27mby_next_time HE AFKS 0.7 MIN?
00:31:27mby_next_time HOW?
00:31:27livingde4th so they cant
00:31:27Aleks875 lol
00:31:27livingde4th finish
00:31:28livingde4th if we dont fail
00:31:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi listen man
00:31:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME tp
00:31:33yeW- BUY A TP
00:31:34yeW- U NOOB
00:31:45Kastrup go?
00:31:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME go there
00:31:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME kill
00:31:48IamSoUnluckY guys
00:31:49IamSoUnluckY phone
00:31:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME rax
00:31:50IamSoUnluckY what
00:31:53edgarass soon dagger
00:31:56mby_next_time s&y roof :DDD
00:31:58IamSoUnluckY you was talking about
00:31:59mby_next_time s&y roof
00:31:59IamSoUnluckY ?
00:32:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME kil rax
00:32:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME than'
00:32:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME tree
00:32:07yeW- fu -.-'
00:32:10mby_next_time ABOUT DEFF
00:32:14Kastrup ;=
00:32:29mby_next_time HWP
00:32:29mby_next_time ALEKS
00:32:30Kastrup ROFL
00:32:31mby_next_time HAHAHAJHAHA
00:32:32mby_next_time HAHAHAHA
00:32:33Kastrup does that go with me
00:32:34Kastrup srsly?
00:32:36Kastrup thats just lame..
00:32:37mby_next_time YEAH!
00:32:39edgarass carry tps
00:32:42Kastrup owned by roof :(
00:32:47mby_next_time by aleks *
00:32:51Kastrup hes sick
00:32:56mby_next_time he's op!
00:32:59Kastrup ;)
00:32:59yeW- go mid
00:33:00yeW- n ow
00:33:01yeW- we need
00:33:01Kastrup but...
00:33:04Kastrup the thing is..
00:33:09Kastrup call me? maybe+
00:33:11mby_next_time :DD
00:33:13edgarass we cant
00:33:14Kastrup ;)
00:33:15edgarass they push top
00:33:41livingde4th necro 3
00:33:43livingde4th dpone
00:33:46mby_next_time lameboys
00:33:50edgarass gather top
00:33:55mby_next_time so sick lame you are boys :))
00:34:08Kastrup cmon
00:34:13Kastrup that aleks is so imba
00:34:42mby_next_time tping
00:34:45Kastrup tp
00:34:47Kastrup or
00:35:00Kastrup i come in 10 sec
00:35:11livingde4th we need medallion
00:35:13livingde4th to kill thjose
00:35:14livingde4th tanks
00:35:15livingde4th etc
00:35:17Kastrup :)
00:35:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME k i was thinking
00:35:21livingde4th tp out
00:35:21mby_next_time that repel
00:35:22livingde4th vbenge
00:35:23livingde4th ffs
00:35:25livingde4th u got repel
00:35:26livingde4th tp
00:35:27livingde4th noob
00:35:29U.Fail2Amuse.ME blade mail
00:35:30IamSoUnluckY :D
00:35:30livingde4th noob doesnt tp
00:35:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME but i can do medalion
00:35:36yeW- gogo mid
00:35:37livingde4th morp
00:35:37mby_next_time tp cd he had
00:35:38livingde4th go tree
00:35:40mby_next_time cause he just tped
00:35:42edgarass carry tps
00:36:00yeW- t_t
00:36:21mby_next_time i got no tp guys btw
00:36:21mby_next_time :D
00:36:42mby_next_time just b
00:36:46mby_next_time clock fag
00:36:51mby_next_time :d
00:37:06mby_next_time well got pipe
00:37:09yeW- lol
00:37:11yeW- i did it too :p
00:37:13mby_next_time OWNED
00:37:14Kastrup illu
00:37:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME we cant oush
00:37:26mby_next_time you did pipe?
00:37:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME k
00:37:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME e,r
00:37:27mby_next_time i dont see
00:37:29livingde4th i go ac
00:37:34livingde4th share hawk
00:37:34livingde4th plz
00:37:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME go?
00:38:02Kastrup nah
00:38:26RalleBrazil haha
00:38:26mby_next_time LOL
00:38:27mby_next_time kOL
00:38:28mby_next_time LOL
00:38:31mby_next_time da faq
00:38:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME need 20 sec pause plz be good
00:38:39livingde4th mkb or ac
00:38:39mby_next_time 20 secunds
00:38:39Kastrup ac
00:38:39Kastrup we need the -armor
00:38:39yeW- meh
00:38:39yeW- im famished
00:38:39livingde4th y
00:38:39Kastrup for shredder
00:38:39yeW- never shudda done dis game
00:38:39mby_next_time ?
00:38:39yeW- :D
00:38:39livingde4th thought so
00:38:39Kastrup got manta now
00:38:39mby_next_time why?
00:38:39livingde4th but we could use dmg too
00:38:39mby_next_time passed
00:38:39mby_next_time 321
00:38:39Kastrup well it will come
00:38:39mby_next_time 321
00:38:39yeW- cuz im dyin of hunger
00:38:39yeW- :D
00:38:43mby_next_time well same here
00:38:49IamSoUnluckY i am totaly
00:38:50mby_next_time but i prefer not eating
00:38:52IamSoUnluckY . . . .
00:38:59mby_next_time eating is boreing for me
00:39:03Kastrup they rosh i think
00:39:06mby_next_time caues takes time
00:39:10yeW- roof
00:39:10yeW- HELP E
00:39:13yeW- i mena slard
00:39:14Kastrup share chicken
00:39:15yeW- help em
00:39:15Kastrup plz
00:39:21mby_next_time let me tank it
00:39:23mby_next_time god
00:39:39yeW- k lets mid?
00:39:53U.Fail2Amuse.ME kets takr them
00:39:54mby_next_time ya
00:39:54mby_next_time go em
00:39:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME mana
00:39:59mby_next_time they comeing
00:40:03mby_next_time come mid
00:40:54RalleBrazil haha :_D
00:41:11RalleBrazil haha
00:41:14yeW- ye
00:41:19yeW- always try to ulti first
00:41:21yeW- when u dagger
00:41:23IamSoUnluckY ill lose my streak
00:41:25IamSoUnluckY 8 wins
00:41:25Kastrup :D
00:41:26IamSoUnluckY :/
00:41:27mby_next_time saw it :D
00:41:39yeW- GO MID
00:41:39yeW- NOW
00:41:41yeW- ALL
00:41:42yeW- MOVE
00:41:49IamSoUnluckY and il lose like 100 x and 1000 exp
00:41:50mby_next_time go tree?
00:42:00yeW- this roof
00:42:00yeW- t_t
00:42:06yeW- COME
00:42:07yeW- JESUS
00:42:09mby_next_time da faq
00:42:10mby_next_time are roof
00:42:11mby_next_time items
00:42:15Kastrup its sick
00:42:15yeW- we are losing
00:42:16yeW- COME
00:42:17yeW- MID
00:42:28mby_next_time illu
00:42:40Kastrup ;)
00:42:42yeW- come
00:42:43yeW- md
00:42:51mby_next_time well
00:42:54Kastrup have sick lagg .7
00:42:58mby_next_time nvm
00:42:59Aleks875 they push up
00:43:01livingde4th weel
00:43:03yeW- slard
00:43:04yeW- stay
00:43:05livingde4th free to micro my units
00:43:06yeW- base
00:43:07yeW- all rest come
00:43:09edgarass k
00:43:17livingde4th u all got share
00:43:19livingde4th but not my hero
00:43:25edgarass 3 vbot
00:43:26yeW- well tp
00:43:28yeW- -.-
00:43:59Kastrup wtf
00:44:07Kastrup what did clcok have
00:44:11mby_next_time yoyo
00:44:18mby_next_time dunno waht tio buy
00:44:18IamSoUnluckY who used glyph
00:44:19IamSoUnluckY ?
00:44:20mby_next_time radi ?:D
00:44:26IamSoUnluckY divine
00:44:27IamSoUnluckY ?
00:44:27yeW- get
00:44:28yeW- radi
00:44:28yeW- ye
00:44:31yeW- they cant kill u
00:44:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi hex
00:44:33mby_next_time yep
00:44:35yeW- might as well deal dmg
00:44:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME would be USEFUL
00:44:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME OK>?
00:45:01livingde4th wlel
00:45:01livingde4th y
00:45:03livingde4th but need
00:45:04livingde4th gold
00:45:05livingde4th and dmg
00:45:06mby_next_time well still got aehis
00:45:07mby_next_time --
00:45:09yeW- gog mid
00:45:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME no gold
00:45:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME only hex
00:45:16mby_next_time radi in 300
00:45:18livingde4th dude
00:45:20livingde4th look my dmg
00:45:21livingde4th mkb
00:45:25livingde4th would pawn
00:45:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME we have morph to carry
00:45:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME and i am semi
00:45:32mby_next_time got radi
00:45:33yeW- goGGP
00:45:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME we need support an donly u have the gold
00:45:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME for it
00:45:39IamSoUnluckY no tp
00:45:41IamSoUnluckY no money
00:45:51IamSoUnluckY roof
00:45:54IamSoUnluckY are you usd uty;l
00:45:55IamSoUnluckY ?
00:45:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME + hex is 50 dmg
00:45:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME not little
00:46:17mby_next_time TEAM
00:46:27livingde4th healing
00:46:29livingde4th 2 low
00:46:53mby_next_time how long am i supposed to kill you all
00:46:58mby_next_time to my team come
00:47:02Kastrup untill throne is down :/
00:47:05mby_next_time :<
00:47:08Kastrup we need silence for shredder
00:47:09yeW- go
00:47:10yeW- just once
00:47:25yeW- sloard
00:47:39mby_next_time clock let me tank it
00:47:48yeW- gj
00:47:50Kastrup not good
00:47:53livingde4th y
00:48:04livingde4th u should be able to def
00:48:05livingde4th vs 3
00:48:15mby_next_time im back in 10
00:48:16livingde4th i made em def
00:48:17livingde4th base
00:48:26IamSoUnluckY i am stucked
00:48:31IamSoUnluckY couldnt move
00:48:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME go end
00:48:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME wtf u doin
00:48:38mby_next_time well i got ghost
00:48:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME chase omni
00:48:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME tt
00:48:46mby_next_time 2 much damage from fag morph dk furi now
00:48:49yeW- gosh
00:48:53livingde4th go mid
00:48:54livingde4th all
00:48:56livingde4th im up
00:48:57livingde4th sopopn
00:49:00mby_next_time TP
00:49:01mby_next_time BUY TP
00:49:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME mana
00:49:02mby_next_time TPTPTPTPTPTP
00:49:06yeW- -ma
00:49:08Aleks875 sftu
00:49:12mby_next_time dude
00:49:13mby_next_time you lsoe
00:49:14yeW- go miod
00:49:15yeW- go
00:49:15mby_next_time acuase of you
00:49:20mby_next_time so better not iriate me
00:49:28edgarass def bot
00:50:01yeW- lolz.
00:50:03Kastrup b
00:50:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME go base
00:50:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi
00:50:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME now
00:50:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME k lose
00:50:20U.Fail2Amuse.ME u lame
00:50:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME noobs
00:50:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME why dont u just go b
00:50:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:50:33yeW- tp top
00:50:34livingde4th b
00:50:35livingde4th morph
00:50:43yeW- JESUS
00:50:44yeW- WHY CANT U PUT
00:50:47yeW- WHY DO U ALL BACK
00:50:47yeW- ffs
00:50:48Kastrup :D
00:50:51mby_next_time oh illu :D
00:50:54Kastrup juked? :D
00:50:56livingde4th lameganme
00:50:58mby_next_time ye
00:50:59livingde4th ur stronger
00:51:01mby_next_time you're lame boys
00:51:02livingde4th but we got 2 pushers
00:51:22mby_next_time and we got acrry aleks
00:51:27mby_next_time mby he become carry
00:51:28livingde4th should have made ltohars
00:51:29livingde4th this
00:51:30mby_next_time in next 50 minut
00:51:30livingde4th force
00:51:32livingde4th sucks
00:51:33livingde4th balls
00:51:39yeW- get me the cheese
00:51:40livingde4th like usually
00:51:49yeW- gief
00:51:58mby_next_time hmm
00:51:59yeW- slar
00:52:01yeW- jesus
00:52:02mby_next_time should i go
00:52:04mby_next_time for
00:52:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME they have aiges + chees
00:52:08mby_next_time eagle + ghost?
00:52:11mby_next_time you know what i mean
00:52:16mby_next_time BTW ME NO TP
00:52:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME go b
00:52:17mby_next_time !
00:52:17livingde4th go right
00:52:17mby_next_time :D
00:52:18livingde4th morph
00:52:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME they push
00:52:20yeW- sec pls
00:52:21mby_next_time i go kill myself
00:52:21yeW- listen team
00:52:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME if u die now
00:52:21yeW- slard
00:52:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME we are fucked
00:52:21yeW- and
00:52:21yeW- clock
00:52:21yeW- stay
00:52:21livingde4th yea
00:52:21yeW- base
00:52:21livingde4th but if we dont
00:52:21edgarass ok
00:52:21IamSoUnluckY k
00:52:21U.Fail2Amuse.ME so come
00:52:21livingde4th poush
00:52:21yeW- us 3 push
00:52:21yeW- re
00:52:21livingde4th were fcked too
00:52:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME creeps will enter based
00:52:24mby_next_time aleks is in base :DDd
00:52:24yeW- MEANS ROOF
00:52:25yeW- COME MID
00:52:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME we can def
00:52:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME i need ur ac
00:52:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME come now
00:52:37mby_next_time we cant
00:52:38mby_next_time with 2
00:52:43mby_next_time or we go ?:d
00:52:46mby_next_time i can rebu
00:52:57mby_next_time OOOOWNED
00:52:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME b
00:52:58IamSoUnluckY roof
00:52:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME b
00:52:59IamSoUnluckY go mdi
00:53:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME b
00:53:03livingde4th 30m hp
00:53:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME u
00:53:04livingde4th lol
00:53:09mby_next_time well got eheral shiet
00:53:22IamSoUnluckY roof
00:53:25IamSoUnluckY go help them
00:53:40yeW- bb
00:53:45yeW- blahg
00:53:45mby_next_time well
00:53:46mby_next_time im back
00:53:47mby_next_time in 30
00:53:48livingde4th go mid
00:53:49mby_next_time secuinds
00:53:51Kastrup :)
00:53:53yeW- k good
00:53:54edgarass dont die now
00:53:55Kastrup hes alive in a sec
00:53:57livingde4th brb
00:53:58mby_next_time OH IT'S SO EASY
00:53:59livingde4th 20s
00:54:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME we kil again
00:54:11Aleks875 repel me
00:54:14livingde4th focuds
00:54:15livingde4th buildings
00:54:18mby_next_time repel him
00:54:19mby_next_time n go
00:54:36mby_next_time you acn go
00:54:38mby_next_time i can def solo
00:54:41Kastrup well we can backdoor now
00:54:43mby_next_time with push top
00:54:50Kastrup no tower ;)
00:54:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi?
00:55:01Kastrup ulti
00:55:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME dude
00:55:12livingde4th fucking stupid me
00:55:13livingde4th dfrgs
00:55:13livingde4th gdfs
00:55:14livingde4th dfg
00:55:15livingde4th ffs
00:55:20livingde4th why i made this shit foircestaff
00:55:21yeW- go mid
00:55:21livingde4th lothar
00:55:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME why not tp when saldar was in trees
00:55:23yeW- FFS XD
00:55:24livingde4th would save m,e
00:55:26livingde4th 10 times
00:55:28mby_next_time so sad game
00:55:30livingde4th cos
00:55:31Kastrup well sladar got ulti
00:55:32livingde4th he has
00:55:32Kastrup remmeber
00:55:33livingde4th blink
00:55:34Aleks875 morph
00:55:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME he used dagger
00:55:36livingde4th dude
00:55:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME already
00:55:38Aleks875 what u say
00:55:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME when he cam at uy
00:55:44Kastrup i say aleks is imba
00:55:45livingde4th well didnt know that
00:55:48mby_next_time he think he 's good
00:55:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME .
00:55:49Aleks875 ah ok
00:55:50Aleks875 XD
00:55:51mby_next_time after 50 minutes farm
00:55:57Kastrup hes insane :D
00:56:00mby_next_time let him fap pls
00:56:30yeW- :D
00:56:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi
00:56:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME gpo
00:56:50Kastrup nono
00:56:56mby_next_time TREE
00:56:56Kastrup just dont die now
00:56:59Kastrup they can't open
00:57:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME go for omni
00:57:03yeW- no1 notices base? ^^
00:57:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME and base
00:57:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME our only chance
00:57:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME dude
00:57:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME do it
00:57:13yeW- TP
00:57:13yeW- TP
00:57:13yeW- TP
00:57:14yeW- TP
00:57:14yeW- TP
00:57:15yeW- TP
00:57:17Kastrup :D
00:57:35mby_next_time SOOO LAME
00:57:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME dude why not make ghost
00:57:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME they cant
00:57:38mby_next_time SOOOO
00:57:39livingde4th i mnever do
00:57:42livingde4th dude
00:57:44livingde4th in case
00:57:45livingde4th un didjnt
00:57:46livingde4th notice
00:57:47livingde4th i die
00:57:49livingde4th constaNTLY
00:57:51mby_next_time hmm
00:57:53livingde4th TRYING TO POUSH
00:57:53mby_next_time I BUY TP BOOTS
00:57:53IamSoUnluckY shiva or hot
00:57:54IamSoUnluckY ?
00:57:55mby_next_time MAYBE
00:57:57livingde4th HOW U THINK I GET GOLD
00:58:00yeW- YE
00:58:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME good thats good
00:58:02yeW- clock
00:58:05yeW- get BoT
00:58:06Kastrup god damn hes fat
00:58:08yeW- -clear
00:58:09livingde4th i failed
00:58:10IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:58:10Aleks875 me imba
00:58:13mby_next_time see
00:58:13livingde4th when i didnt make lothars
00:58:14livingde4th so gg
00:58:15mby_next_time aleks faps
00:58:17Aleks875 dont foget
00:58:17livingde4th now cant escape
00:58:19livingde4th while pushing
00:58:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME well sladar
00:58:27livingde4th so
00:58:29mby_next_time im scared
00:58:30mby_next_time that he
00:58:30livingde4th he is not always there
00:58:33mby_next_time seriously do fap now
00:58:35livingde4th and i could ahve used it before
00:58:36livingde4th he ultis
00:58:36mby_next_time seriously ap now
00:58:50mby_next_time aleks died!
00:58:52mby_next_time oh no !
00:58:55Aleks875 u better
00:58:57Aleks875 2v1
00:59:01Kastrup use or dont
00:59:02livingde4th man i was stupid not to make ltohars
00:59:03Aleks875 its ok
00:59:12mby_next_time ya just slad there :D
00:59:24yeW- AND NOT ANY SLARD.
00:59:29Kastrup just get lothars now
00:59:34yeW- go
00:59:34yeW- MID
00:59:35yeW- ALL
00:59:36mby_next_time BTW
00:59:37mby_next_time 25 FIRST
01:00:02Kastrup b
01:00:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME b
01:00:37mby_next_time OOOWNED
01:00:45Aleks875 owned with omni
01:00:48mby_next_time GTFO
01:01:18mby_next_time XDDDDD
01:01:23mby_next_time CIOME ON LET US END
01:01:26livingde4th morph butter?
01:01:29mby_next_time i dont know what to do with money
01:01:30livingde4th why orb
01:01:31RalleBrazil farm
01:01:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME i lost 3k gold
01:01:33Kastrup eye
01:01:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME well
01:01:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME its
01:01:36Kastrup or what?
01:01:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME over
01:01:44mby_next_time mby mby
01:01:45yeW- gosh
01:01:45livingde4th skadi wont work with ur manaburn?
01:01:45mby_next_time hmm
01:01:46mby_next_time what to get
01:01:47yeW- can we all go :/
01:01:51livingde4th or will it
01:01:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME it will
01:01:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME but'
01:02:01mby_next_time dunno what should i get
01:02:03yeW- get that
01:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME only on building
01:02:06livingde4th well then do it
01:02:06mby_next_time def top
01:02:07mby_next_time slad
01:02:08livingde4th or hex
01:02:15edgarass i want to be in fghts..
01:02:15yeW- roof
01:02:27mby_next_time so ask aleks for it
01:02:35mby_next_time mini works on rosh?
01:02:38mby_next_time new thing for me
01:02:38U.Fail2Amuse.ME can we do double medallion on one guy
01:02:40IamSoUnluckY no
01:02:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME >?
01:02:43livingde4th we got
01:02:44Aleks875 newbie
01:02:45mby_next_time MID
01:02:45mby_next_time GO
01:02:46mby_next_time GO
01:02:48livingde4th let me
01:02:49livingde4th 300g
01:02:50livingde4th m orph
01:02:51mby_next_time aleks called me newbie :DDDDD
01:02:52yeW- HEY
01:02:52mby_next_time :DDDDDD
01:02:52yeW- DUDE
01:02:52edgarass me too?
01:02:55yeW- ALEKS
01:02:56yeW- COME
01:02:57yeW- MID
01:02:57IamSoUnluckY roof
01:02:57yeW- JESUS
01:02:58IamSoUnluckY CMON
01:03:02Kastrup :D
01:03:04mby_next_time :D
01:03:16livingde4th b to base
01:03:17livingde4th ffs
01:03:27mby_next_time THRONE
01:03:52yeW- THRONE
01:03:54yeW- TOWERS
01:03:54mby_next_time KILL IT
01:03:56U.Fail2Amuse.ME furi top top
01:03:56U.Fail2Amuse.ME and
01:03:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME last chamce
01:04:00mby_next_time gg
01:04:05mby_next_time fag pushers
01:04:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME with morph
01:04:26Kastrup wp
01:04:26IamSoUnluckY throne
01:04:27livingde4th swap
01:04:27Kastrup gg
01:04:27livingde4th noob
01:04:31livingde4th my bad
01:04:32mby_next_time etgeral is nice item i need to admit
01:04:33livingde4th i tried this
01:04:35livingde4th force
01:04:36mby_next_time wp
01:04:36livingde4th it ruined
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