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+57 X
+4 TS

99% | 1962 X | 1559 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

92% | 1712 X | 1449 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

91% | 1672 X | 1446 TS

+29 X
+2 TS

80% | 1508 X | 1389 TS

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+5 TS

81% | 1460 X | 1411 TS

-2 X
-2 TS

97% | 1776 X | 1491 TS

-14 X
-1 TS

93% | 1644 X | 1536 TS

-57 X
-1 TS

88% | 1663 X | 1378 TS

-48 X
-1 TS

87% | 1581 X | 1447 TS

-57 X
-2 TS

82% | 1559 X | 1433 TS

Chat log

00:00:00BoBo.Ftw [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 53 seconds.
00:00:13Vaj.CO :D proti sebe ^^
00:00:21MYuksel <axe middle gg
00:00:27BoBo.Ftw bud rad ze nekupujes chicka :D
00:00:29Nethouse.Lanaya tak, tak on jest rad, że nie kupuje chicka :)
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw :D
00:00:29yeW- yeye
00:00:29Vaj.CO :D
00:00:29yeW- lets stfu now
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw ti dal :D
00:00:29SapphireEyes stfuu
00:00:29MYuksel hafla
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw naix for me if possible
00:00:29SapphireEyes ;lets ban?
00:00:29valiante WOOOHOOO
00:00:29yeW- ye go ahead
00:00:29valiante YEW IS MY CAPTAIN
00:00:29yeW- ;D
00:00:29yeW- :D
00:00:29SapphireEyes i ban yew
00:00:29SapphireEyes buhaha
00:00:29SapphireEyes funny?
00:00:29SapphireEyes wl
00:00:29yeW- way too funny
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw too pity that in loosing team ^^
00:00:29Kastrup fucking funny
00:00:29valiante stfu u little pussy ass momfucker
00:00:29yeW- omni or naix ban?
00:00:29Vaj.CO ban naix
00:00:29valiante hate sapphire
00:00:29valiante HATE
00:00:29valiante I HATE U
00:00:29Nethouse.Lanaya for what to ban yew
00:00:29valiante HATE HATE HATe
00:00:29yeW- NAIX
00:00:29SapphireEyes i pick naix for u
00:00:29SapphireEyes so
00:00:29yeW- OR OMNI
00:00:29valiante but yeW- = <3
00:00:29yeW- BAN
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw y
00:00:29SapphireEyes ok?
00:00:29Vaj.CO naix
00:00:29yeW- ?
00:00:29MYuksel <axe middle
00:00:29MYuksel g
00:00:29Kastrup i go enigma maybe?
00:00:29BoBo.Ftw but i think they ll ban him
00:00:29MYuksel i solo top
00:00:29yeW- hm
00:00:29MYuksel axe
00:00:29MYuksel or mid
00:00:29valiante ban naix
00:00:29yeW- jeez
00:00:29yeW- naix
00:00:29valiante hate him
00:00:30Nethouse.Lanaya you gonna fail again?
00:00:36Kastrup HELL YEAH
00:00:42valiante ne 1 roof or ogre
00:00:42MYuksel yew
00:00:43MYuksel bro
00:00:43valiante or omni
00:00:45MYuksel can i axe middle ?
00:00:48SapphireEyes some1 swap?d
00:00:49Kastrup i can omni
00:00:50Nethouse.Lanaya and again again and again = pink
00:00:51Kastrup if u want
00:00:57yeW- -clear
00:00:58yeW- ye u can
00:01:00MYuksel thx
00:01:05MYuksel what u want ?
00:01:06Jerkku get me ogre
00:01:12yeW- ench
00:01:16yeW- blah
00:01:20yeW- give wl
00:01:23yeW- oh
00:01:24yeW- no
00:01:25yeW- lol
00:01:25MYuksel waht u want ?
00:01:25Jerkku what now...
00:01:25MYuksel yew
00:01:25SapphireEyes glupi pick]
00:01:25SapphireEyes moj
00:01:25yeW- get me viper
00:01:25yeW- then
00:01:29BoBo.Ftw tak to hej
00:01:29MYuksel -swap 1
00:01:32Nethouse.Lanaya przecież lubisz bone ;d
00:01:33yeW- -swap 3
00:01:50yeW- u playin
00:01:50yeW- that
00:01:53yeW- valiante?
00:01:55BoBo.Ftw ench woods?
00:01:57yeW- -ma
00:01:58Kastrup i think i shall..
00:01:58Nethouse.Lanaya yea
00:01:59valiante storm?
00:02:00valiante or
00:02:01valiante what
00:02:02valiante shall
00:02:02SapphireEyes ale
00:02:03Nethouse.Lanaya but we can go for fb
00:02:03valiante i
00:02:05SapphireEyes mialem za malo czasu
00:02:07SapphireEyes zeby cos wybrac
00:02:13Kastrup -swap 2
00:02:14Nethouse.Lanaya bone jest spoko
00:02:14SapphireEyes moglem wziac
00:02:15Vaj.CO roof maybe
00:02:15valiante -swap 5
00:02:15SapphireEyes omni
00:02:20SapphireEyes ale oni i tak nie swapuja
00:02:22SapphireEyes cwele
00:02:22Nethouse.Lanaya silence na pande zrobisz ;d
00:02:24yeW- the pandas GO BOT
00:02:24yeW- :D
00:02:26SapphireEyes ostantio rgalem wl przeciez
00:02:27valiante axe versus clinkz?
00:02:30valiante really?
00:02:33yeW- -a
00:02:34yeW- -ma
00:02:36valiante ur gonna send two farmers bot
00:02:36yeW- shud i ?
00:02:36SapphireEyes silence omnie panda and storm
00:02:38Nethouse.Lanaya o co ci chodzi? ;d
00:02:41SapphireEyes potrzebuje 3x orchid
00:02:42Vaj.CO viper
00:02:43yeW- axe woods
00:02:46Vaj.CO let me with u top
00:02:50Vaj.CO or?
00:02:54valiante i top
00:02:54yeW- strom top
00:02:54Kastrup where do i go?
00:02:57Jerkku god need silence so bad :D
00:03:00Jerkku clink makes ?
00:03:00MYuksel let me mid
00:03:03SapphireEyes u
00:03:03MYuksel i fuck him up
00:03:03SapphireEyes y
00:03:04yeW- k
00:03:05SapphireEyes 3x
00:03:08Jerkku ye
00:03:09yeW- i trust u
00:03:10Nethouse.Lanaya morph
00:03:10yeW- :D
00:03:12valiante what?
00:03:12Nethouse.Lanaya diffu
00:03:13Jerkku ?
00:03:14Kastrup two meeles bot?
00:03:14Jerkku y
00:03:14Kastrup wtf
00:03:15Vaj.CO omg
00:03:16valiante this is the worst laning
00:03:19Vaj.CO it will be fail
00:03:20Nethouse.Lanaya clinkz silence
00:03:22valiante nothing to do with trust
00:03:23Vaj.CO 2 meele bot
00:03:24valiante he will fail mid
00:03:28valiante clinkz will be fucking fat
00:03:32valiante AXE cant stop clinkz
00:03:32SapphireEyes axe mid
00:03:37valiante gg
00:03:37valiante ff
00:03:39valiante i wanna plug
00:03:41valiante horrible
00:03:43valiante capt
00:03:53MYuksel just play bro
00:04:01Jerkku lemme farm a bit ogre
00:04:12Domess yep
00:04:16BoBo.Ftw n1
00:04:17Domess need arcane fast
00:04:25yeW- share
00:04:27Domess kill
00:05:17yeW- SHARE.
00:05:23Domess i put wards
00:05:26Jerkku y
00:05:50Kastrup this lane sucks
00:06:00yeW- k
00:06:02yeW- come top
00:06:19MYuksel ..
00:06:22Domess ???
00:06:25Jerkku at least got chick
00:06:27Domess what u do
00:06:33Domess lol chick...
00:06:39Domess nice..
00:06:42valiante gj
00:06:45yeW- soz
00:06:47yeW- :/
00:06:51Jerkku but my bad
00:06:55Domess now we feeded them
00:07:03Domess and gg
00:07:07SapphireEyes ss mid
00:07:08SapphireEyes 1 go
00:07:09SapphireEyes hp
00:07:20Kastrup ug ot calp`?
00:07:22Kastrup clap
00:07:27Domess OMG
00:07:29Jerkku ...
00:07:29Domess MORPH U BAD
00:07:30Domess !!
00:07:30valiante OUTPLAYED MOIFO
00:07:30Jerkku im oom
00:07:32Domess U SO BAD!!
00:07:33Jerkku IM OOM
00:07:39Kastrup -1
00:07:40Domess U CANT FUCKING BLINK next to him ??
00:07:50Domess UR BLINK IS WRONG!!
00:07:51Domess MAND
00:07:59Domess FFS U BLINK 4 MILES AWAY
00:08:03valiante go woods now
00:08:05MYuksel k
00:08:19SapphireEyes viper mid
00:08:32yeW- ss
00:08:36Domess lvl 5
00:08:38Domess :::
00:09:05BoBo.Ftw heal
00:09:05Kastrup a gank bot
00:09:06Kastrup would be nice
00:09:07BoBo.Ftw thx
00:09:09Kastrup cent farming
00:09:20Domess wher
00:09:40MYuksel rdy
00:09:41MYuksel top ?
00:09:43valiante y
00:09:44Domess viper misss...
00:09:45Domess b
00:09:46Nethouse.Lanaya care
00:09:47Nethouse.Lanaya miss
00:10:02yeW- gah
00:10:17Kastrup -2
00:10:24Nethouse.Lanaya wtf you do
00:10:30BoBo.Ftw pull
00:11:05Vaj.CO b
00:11:33MYuksel Eazy
00:11:38Domess nice
00:12:16SapphireEyes ss viper
00:12:18SapphireEyes mid
00:12:24MYuksel ss
00:12:24MYuksel 2
00:12:25MYuksel top
00:12:49valiante ?
00:12:51BoBo.Ftw gj ench
00:12:54valiante tell me
00:12:56valiante if u wanna ruin it
00:12:58valiante then i wont tp
00:12:59BoBo.Ftw b
00:13:16yeW- shudda sent u woods
00:13:17yeW- :D
00:13:25MYuksel ye
00:13:40Domess well
00:14:08Domess pff
00:14:08Domess rlly
00:14:12Kastrup <- oom
00:14:41Domess ufck it now
00:15:00Domess pffff
00:15:16valiante gå nu skoven
00:15:19valiante og få nogen items forhelvede
00:15:24valiante du er useless med sko
00:15:26MYuksel shhhhhh
00:15:32valiante fatter ik du vil mid for at tabe saa stort
00:15:35Jerkku what u make ench
00:15:39Nethouse.Lanaya hex
00:15:42Jerkku y
00:16:07SapphireEyes needmroeinvlvl
00:16:07SapphireEyes d
00:16:11valiante ench?
00:16:15Vaj.CO sef
00:16:21Domess wait
00:16:27Jerkku bot
00:16:44Domess nice
00:16:58Nethouse.Lanaya miss viper
00:17:12Domess b
00:17:12Domess b
00:17:19Kastrup gåA woods!
00:17:22SapphireEyes b
00:17:38MYuksel lol
00:18:06SapphireEyes run run
00:18:06SapphireEyes d
00:18:18SapphireEyes i cant fight w.o creep
00:18:21SapphireEyes so i always b
00:19:11Domess pff
00:19:13Domess wtf so fast!!
00:19:25SapphireEyes b
00:19:33valiante hehe 2 k
00:19:34valiante :D
00:19:34Vaj.CO go him
00:19:44SapphireEyes b
00:19:46SapphireEyes 3
00:19:59Domess gogo
00:20:36Domess gogo
00:20:49Domess nah
00:20:55Domess b
00:20:56Domess b
00:20:56Domess man
00:21:07Domess ah
00:21:12MYuksel wuuuhu
00:21:24Domess nice :)
00:21:25Kastrup i think ench got hex soon
00:21:48Domess what item can i get
00:21:54Domess blood stone ?
00:22:03Kastrup de
00:22:12Domess b
00:22:43yeW- gh
00:22:58Kastrup hex on ench
00:23:00SapphireEyes b
00:23:03SapphireEyes i go for creep
00:23:35valiante omw
00:23:41yeW- lolz.
00:23:49valiante its ur loss yew
00:23:50valiante u told u so
00:23:55yeW- well
00:23:57yeW- he insisted
00:23:58MYuksel axe
00:24:00MYuksel lost
00:24:02MYuksel noob
00:24:05Domess gang
00:24:06Domess mid
00:24:17Domess wait mme
00:24:23valiante as captain is his responsible not to let ur kind go mid
00:24:25yeW- i was goin mid
00:24:35yeW- he said lemme
00:24:36SapphireEyes 2 abd
00:24:38SapphireEyes shuld silence
00:24:39SapphireEyes omnie
00:24:41Domess ye
00:24:46valiante and i said dont let him
00:24:52Nethouse.Lanaya mad, he didnt kill ;d
00:24:54MYuksel well
00:24:57MYuksel bot
00:25:00MYuksel lost more then me
00:25:15Kastrup BOT
00:25:18Kastrup WE WERE TWO MEELE
00:25:22Kastrup aingast a fucking ench and cent
00:25:24Kastrup what do you want
00:25:27Kastrup and we had noone ganks
00:25:29Kastrup in 10 min
00:25:31Vaj.CO gg
00:25:32Kastrup = lost
00:25:32Kastrup gg
00:25:33Kastrup ff
00:25:34Kastrup wp
00:25:51Nethouse.Lanaya leave me cent
00:26:00Nethouse.Lanaya you even cant get it
00:26:03Nethouse.Lanaya you can give me tp
00:26:16BoBo.Ftw ye my fault
00:26:16BoBo.Ftw sry
00:26:31Nethouse.Lanaya foult was mine ;)
00:26:37Nethouse.Lanaya but you could repair it :)
00:26:45SapphireEyes tp
00:26:46SapphireEyes soime1
00:26:59Kastrup 1 min for ff
00:27:27valiante :D
00:27:29SapphireEyes D
00:28:04MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:05Vaj.CO I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:07yeW- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:07MYuksel I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:18valiante I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:28:22Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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