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-40 X
-1 TS

98% | 1818 X | 1556 TS

-7 X
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93% | 1665 X | 1502 TS

-38 X
-1 TS

91% | 1684 X | 1432 TS

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70% | 1390 X | 1338 TS

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64% | 1284 X | 1349 TS

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100% | 1918 X | 1734 TS

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81% | 1545 X | 1365 TS

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79% | 1500 X | 1387 TS

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68% | 1327 X | 1433 TS

Chat log

00:00:24WANKmaster u want something guys?
00:00:24Nethouse.Lanaya get me ck
00:00:24yeW- er_er_er_er_er
00:00:24slc2 i would really like that ogre
00:00:24yeW- :D
00:00:24yeW- gief le fag le ogre
00:00:24Nethouse.Lanaya then pick him ogre
00:00:24yeW- ban le speczor
00:00:24slc2 no
00:00:24WANKmaster he kinda wants huskar
00:00:24slc2 jeps
00:00:24yeW- ye
00:00:24slc2 or naga
00:00:24yeW- that he does
00:00:24WANKmaster -huskar
00:00:24yeW- TIZ ME NAGA
00:00:24Buugi ck
00:00:24yeW- NO1 TOUCHES
00:00:26WANKmaster ns
00:00:27WANKmaster any1
00:00:27WANKmaster ?
00:00:33yeW- ,p
00:00:38RalleBrazil ytyes
00:00:41RalleBrazil i play ;)
00:00:41lumo want somethin?
00:00:41yeW- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
00:00:45yeW- ye too late now :D
00:00:45DeMiaN xin
00:00:46WANKmaster now u say
00:00:46WANKmaster :d
00:00:53yeW- xin'ed
00:01:00slc2 get atro
00:01:03DeMiaN u play or for me ?
00:01:05Buugi u
00:01:09Nethouse.Lanaya lol
00:01:10slc2 atro rape zin
00:01:10DeMiaN thx
00:01:10WANKmaster jeez .. :D
00:01:13DeMiaN u want ?
00:01:15Nethouse.Lanaya why in same time
00:01:18yeW- LATE GAME
00:01:18yeW- INC
00:01:20Zajeb ns some1?
00:01:25Buugi give me ns
00:01:25DeMiaN allo ?
00:01:26yeW- well i kidna said
00:01:28DeMiaN -swap 1
00:01:28yeW- i was nagain' :D
00:01:29Buugi -swap 3
00:01:30slc2 noobs why picj that
00:01:31RalleBrazil can i play ogre?
00:01:33Nethouse.Lanaya then pick it faster
00:01:37Nethouse.Lanaya then i can change
00:01:38yeW- lol
00:01:38Nethouse.Lanaya my idea
00:01:39yeW- -lear
00:01:39WANKmaster give me
00:01:39RalleBrazil should i play him ?
00:01:42yeW- -clear
00:01:46WANKmaster dunno
00:01:46coolass is this somekinda joke?
00:01:46yeW- whats that have to do wid anythin :D
00:01:46RalleBrazil what comeon ?
00:01:46slc2 i go lion then
00:01:46DeMiaN what u mean ?
00:01:46Zajeb why pause?
00:01:46Nethouse.Lanaya we need something strong
00:01:46WANKmaster give me atro
00:01:46coolass shadow demon still in pool
00:01:46yeW- need fast wank
00:01:46coolass :D
00:01:46yeW- Pls
00:01:51WANKmaster -swap 5
00:01:53yeW- cant hold it any longer
00:01:55RalleBrazil -swap 1
00:01:56yeW- FFFS
00:02:02WANKmaster first time
00:02:02DeMiaN well get sd then
00:02:02WANKmaster atro
00:02:03WANKmaster so
00:02:04WANKmaster .. :D
00:02:05DeMiaN yew ?
00:02:09Nethouse.Lanaya no aoe
00:02:23DeMiaN chen u go their woods ?
00:02:27Nethouse.Lanaya naga go top
00:02:28lumo y
00:02:32Nethouse.Lanaya with lion
00:02:33Buugi share courier
00:02:36yeW- -ma
00:02:37coolass gutsy move
00:02:38yeW- shud i mid?
00:02:42DeMiaN our lanes are weird
00:02:44Nethouse.Lanaya you can
00:02:46Nethouse.Lanaya vs balanar
00:02:48Nethouse.Lanaya easy
00:02:48coolass viime pelis tais olla aika sairas farmi
00:02:48slc2 atro spec down
00:02:54slc2 naga mid and ogre top
00:03:06Nethouse.Lanaya yellow cap ;d
00:03:06slc2 they call me el capitan:D
00:03:08DeMiaN lemme last hit pls
00:03:09WANKmaster so now u decide lanes .. :D
00:03:19lumo tuun gankkii midii
00:03:20yeW- bala tough shit tho
00:03:20coolass lemme
00:03:21lumo koht
00:03:22yeW- gang needed :D
00:03:24WANKmaster xin is
00:03:24slc2 this is the best lanes when that pick 2 carrys in a row
00:03:25lumo otan ursa tai kentsu
00:03:25coolass moi lumo
00:03:28WANKmaster or not
00:03:28lumo moi
00:05:03DeMiaN gj
00:05:05Nethouse.Lanaya get some creeps
00:05:08Nethouse.Lanaya i go pull
00:05:08coolass yes
00:05:10coolass sry steal
00:05:11Zajeb ss
00:05:14DeMiaN na np
00:05:16Nethouse.Lanaya i cant
00:05:16Nethouse.Lanaya ;d
00:05:19coolass io like stealing
00:05:21Zajeb ss bot
00:06:08coolass lol
00:06:15coolass take lane
00:06:18coolass i take these
00:06:23yeW- ss
00:06:36DeMiaN go kill
00:06:40coolass o-k
00:06:47yeW- ?
00:06:49yeW- courier?
00:06:51yeW- gettin ganged here
00:07:07coolass ^^
00:07:08coolass gj
00:07:13DeMiaN u too
00:07:19Zajeb need gang bot
00:07:23yeW- OURIER?
00:07:24slc2 kill abba
00:07:25yeW- WHERE IS COUIER
00:07:38yeW- rallle
00:07:39yeW- ?
00:07:40yeW- courier?
00:07:50Nethouse.Lanaya u
00:07:57Buugi ss
00:08:12coolass mitä itemeit tälle
00:08:13coolass dagoni?
00:08:20slc2 u guys sucks so bad i cant belive it
00:08:20Buugi meka?
00:08:22coolass ok
00:08:26yeW- ur the one suckin
00:08:26yeW- lmao
00:08:27Zajeb gang spec pls
00:08:28Buugi ellei cheni tee
00:08:29yeW- freezein
00:08:31yeW- when he chases u
00:08:38slc2 fuck u tunesia gay......
00:08:40yeW- rallebrazil
00:08:42yeW- banreq inc
00:08:52slc2 thay saw getting hunted for like 30 sec and they where fucking farming,.,...
00:09:17RalleBrazil ss1
00:09:29Zajeb gj
00:09:30yeW- okay
00:09:31DeMiaN yy
00:09:31yeW- woods
00:09:32yeW- it is
00:09:46yeW- since
00:09:48yeW- fucking orange
00:09:49yeW- no courier
00:09:51yeW- and no gangs
00:10:03Nethouse.Lanaya it was ogre lion lane -.-
00:10:25DeMiaN sec
00:10:26DeMiaN oom
00:10:27DeMiaN wait
00:10:32DeMiaN wait bit
00:10:35coolass yes.
00:10:45DeMiaN chick inc
00:10:52yeW- NNN
00:10:53yeW- ???
00:10:54yeW- OGRE
00:10:56yeW- SON OF A WHORE
00:10:57yeW- BUY COURIE
00:11:00DeMiaN kkkk gooooooooo
00:11:06RalleBrazil sry
00:11:08RalleBrazil on my way
00:11:12WANKmaster buy
00:11:12WANKmaster it
00:11:13yeW- u worthless
00:11:14yeW- son of a whore
00:11:14WANKmaster i avtrivete
00:11:24WANKmaster BUY IT
00:11:25RalleBrazil will do sec
00:11:25WANKmaster FFS
00:11:44RalleBrazil got it
00:12:16yeW- ulti?
00:12:17yeW- stun?
00:12:18yeW- jesus..
00:12:26slc2 i wnated him to do ulti
00:12:27lumo otetaa lioni
00:12:33yeW- what is the fuck
00:12:52yeW- my god
00:12:53yeW- drop
00:12:54yeW- ogre
00:13:01yeW- u cunt
00:13:04DeMiaN i pull
00:13:06RalleBrazil we need help top i think
00:13:07DeMiaN and we get tower then
00:13:10RalleBrazil go to hell
00:13:11WANKmaster :d
00:13:13yeW- die
00:13:13yeW- irl
00:13:14RalleBrazil look our lane tard
00:13:16yeW- u son of a bitch
00:13:31yeW- ur ane?
00:13:32yeW- lane
00:13:33yeW- as in
00:13:35RalleBrazil bla bla baby
00:13:35yeW- 2 stunners
00:13:37yeW- not buyin wards
00:13:40yeW- and courier?
00:13:44yeW- must be tough
00:14:44Nethouse.Lanaya hey
00:14:50Nethouse.Lanaya why you ruin game on purpose
00:15:37WANKmaster ff
00:15:39WANKmaster fuck that
00:16:03Nethouse.Lanaya bot was fine
00:16:05Nethouse.Lanaya mid was fine
00:16:18Nethouse.Lanaya ech
00:16:19yeW- well
00:16:20yeW- u sent
00:16:21yeW- two fucking
00:16:23yeW- lowfags top
00:16:24coolass lol
00:16:31Nethouse.Lanaya yellow did ;d
00:16:34coolass meka rdy
00:17:19DeMiaN help him
00:17:45RalleBrazil ff
00:17:51DeMiaN 11 assist :s
00:17:59WANKmaster wel what can i say
00:18:00yeW- 8-0 coolass
00:18:03WANKmaster ralle is kinda autolose
00:18:03yeW- this is sad
00:18:07Buugi tower
00:18:08lumo jees
00:18:18yeW- why do these fags keep playin games they ant play
00:18:57Nethouse.Lanaya it was not bad lane
00:19:16Buugi ok go b
00:19:47yeW- we need to
00:19:49yeW- camp a lot
00:20:57DeMiaN radi buugi ?
00:21:00Buugi agha
00:21:17Zajeb ty xin
00:21:20DeMiaN np =)
00:22:08yeW- -ma
00:22:28Buugi go 5
00:22:29Buugi gather
00:22:42yeW- question is
00:22:42yeW- which of these fags
00:22:42yeW- leaves
00:22:42coolass näyttääks tää muka noin pahalta
00:22:42coolass :d
00:22:42DeMiaN 2nd plug
00:22:42DeMiaN of him
00:22:42DeMiaN Today
00:22:42coolass AAAA
00:22:42coolass huoh
00:22:42coolass tätä tää o
00:22:42slc2 hey wanki who goes
00:22:42yeW- the botha u
00:22:42yeW- imo
00:22:42WANKmaster ogre goes
00:22:42RalleBrazil k
00:22:42yeW- u sure
00:22:42yeW- that multi
00:22:42yeW- might come in
00:22:42yeW- handy
00:22:42DeMiaN we should end
00:22:42DeMiaN as fast as
00:22:42DeMiaN possibl
00:22:42yeW- lion silenced
00:22:42Buugi ye
00:22:42Buugi hard game soon
00:22:42yeW- is as good as a cre
00:22:42yeW- ep
00:22:42Nethouse.Lanaya we can use him
00:22:42Nethouse.Lanaya we can only turtle
00:22:42DeMiaN well neither
00:22:42DeMiaN balanar nor
00:22:42DeMiaN xin
00:22:42DeMiaN are very late
00:22:42yeW- aight
00:22:42DeMiaN carries
00:22:42yeW- the biggest
00:22:42yeW- fucker
00:22:42yeW- might as well
00:22:42yeW- gtfo
00:22:42yeW- then
00:22:42coolass lol
00:22:42coolass xin is still kinda sick
00:22:42DeMiaN naah
00:22:42coolass +1k crits
00:22:42DeMiaN not very late
00:22:42coolass all the time
00:22:42WANKmaster or lion
00:22:42WANKmaster cuz
00:22:42WANKmaster he has
00:22:42WANKmaster no hp
00:22:42WANKmaster also
00:22:42yeW- my point
00:22:42yeW- exactly
00:22:42DeMiaN compared to
00:22:42DeMiaN spectre or naga
00:22:42yeW- but as spec
00:22:42yeW- said
00:22:42DeMiaN my stats buff
00:22:42DeMiaN on lvl
00:22:42Nethouse.Lanaya ogre has 1.2k and
00:22:42yeW- might as well turtle
00:22:42DeMiaN sucks
00:22:42Nethouse.Lanaya 8 level
00:22:42coolass :)
00:22:42WANKmaster lion
00:22:43yeW- mwell
00:22:43WANKmaster go then
00:22:44Nethouse.Lanaya lion is 6 and 69
00:22:44WANKmaster sry
00:23:07DeMiaN get top tower
00:23:09yeW- what u doi
00:23:11yeW- with items
00:23:12yeW- leave
00:23:45Buugi can we use chen?
00:23:47DeMiaN yy
00:23:56Buugi or nvm
00:24:00Buugi he has lvl 2 persuation
00:24:17Nethouse.Lanaya tp pls
00:24:19DeMiaN ahahahahaha so retard xin
00:24:19Nethouse.Lanaya and we go
00:24:24DeMiaN how long is ur net btw
00:24:40yeW- was oom
00:25:19yeW- joke
00:25:19yeW- lal
00:25:22DeMiaN end
00:26:00WANKmaster ff
00:26:53Buugi go regen
00:26:54Buugi and mid
00:26:57Buugi or rosh
00:26:59RalleBrazil ff
00:27:02Nethouse.Lanaya ff
00:27:14Nethouse.Lanaya crap with this pick in same time -.-
00:27:23yeW- we did fine
00:27:26yeW- em just fed
00:27:50Buugi xin take+
00:27:51Buugi ?
00:28:02coolass sec
00:28:05coolass i muts buy items
00:28:08Buugi y
00:28:10Buugi wait for all and mid
00:29:28coolass miks agha
00:29:30coolass onks se muka nii kova
00:29:34Buugi on
00:30:17WANKmaster I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:30:20Nethouse.Lanaya f
00:30:21Nethouse.Lanaya I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:30:28DeMiaN party animal
00:30:47yeW- how come
00:30:54yeW- everytime i play with u demian and coolas
00:30:58yeW- u play like fucking whores?
00:31:13yeW- I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:31:18coolass sry man
00:31:19Nethouse.Lanaya just ff
00:31:21Nethouse.Lanaya for what
00:31:21coolass thats the way it is
00:31:23Nethouse.Lanaya we feed more
00:31:25yeW- like
00:31:26yeW- really
00:31:27yeW- big fag
00:31:30yeW- sons of whoeres
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