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Chat log

00:00:11iNeuron considering levis background, this game should be in the bag
00:00:15NotAHax okay
00:00:15eH4x.L3vaThiaN- with correct support i can carry np every pub
00:00:15Tuutu ban necro
00:00:15Tonicato ats u getting curier
00:00:15iNeuron Ats and nagashh are pretty bad
00:00:15karm this is not just a bug
00:00:15NotAHax eH4x carrying is my job
00:00:15karm this is gc :P
00:00:15ATS_ ?
00:00:15karm pub*
00:00:15Davvelito :)
00:00:15eH4x.L3vaThiaN- then i can solo np, lol :>
00:00:15ATS_ :)
00:00:15Tuutu u gotta get the courier and share for the team
00:00:15iNeuron ban wr?
00:00:15ATS_ :DDD
00:00:15Davvelito you dont think he knows that?
00:00:15Davvelito :D
00:00:15Tuutu why u telling him then?
00:00:15Tonicato the fith player get sthe curier is in the rules xd
00:00:15eH4x.L3vaThiaN- imo ban ogre, too stronkkk in pubs :d
00:00:15NotAHax plenty of gay heros in pool
00:00:15NotAHax fuck the wr
00:00:15ATS_ relax
00:00:15Davvelito hes been buying chicken the last 200 games
00:00:15Davvelito he played
00:00:15Davvelito :D:D
00:00:15Tonicato xd
00:00:15Tuutu lol
00:00:15NotAHax -viper
00:00:23NotAHax :D:DD
00:00:24eH4x.L3vaThiaN- but u should ban pugna ;o i was joking
00:00:26iNeuron 'lolpick
00:00:26NotAHax he srsly took my potm
00:00:32NotAHax ineuron wanna carry?
00:00:34NotAHax if i go pugna
00:00:35iNeuron no lol
00:00:38iNeuron levi
00:00:40iNeuron what do you want
00:00:42iNeuron ill pick for yuou
00:00:42eH4x.L3vaThiaN- MM
00:00:44eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -caps
00:00:50eH4x.L3vaThiaN- get me wr
00:01:04NotAHax aaa
00:01:07iNeuron gief uggh.. lets see
00:01:08eH4x.L3vaThiaN- guys, pugna is in the pool!
00:01:10eH4x.L3vaThiaN- fuck..
00:01:12NotAHax yes he took it
00:01:12YukiDaisy ...
00:01:13eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -hhn
00:01:13NotAHax fuck..
00:01:13eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -clear
00:01:14Davvelito get
00:01:17iNeuron ogre
00:01:18Davvelito rhasta and ogre/roof
00:01:19eH4x.L3vaThiaN- u wanna go na?
00:01:20Davvelito if possble
00:01:21eH4x.L3vaThiaN- k
00:01:21YukiDaisy you took storm over pugna =.=
00:01:22iNeuron ougr
00:01:24Tonicato i go ogre
00:01:25eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -swap 2
00:01:26Tonicato nop
00:01:26Davvelito :(
00:01:26iNeuron -swap 4
00:01:30Tuutu whyyy luna???!
00:01:35eH4x.L3vaThiaN- im solo bott make a 3lane top with ogre lina + 1 stun
00:01:42Nagash why potm
00:01:45karm im gonna go rhasta
00:01:45iNeuron im gay
00:01:45Nagash instead storm?
00:01:50karm or not :p
00:01:52eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -hhn
00:01:53eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -clear
00:01:55Tuutu not good with storm
00:01:57eH4x.L3vaThiaN- mm
00:02:00Davvelito then ban him
00:02:00Davvelito since
00:02:02karm zeus/na?
00:02:03eH4x.L3vaThiaN- get leshrac
00:02:04NotAHax na
00:02:05eH4x.L3vaThiaN- imo
00:02:05Davvelito his like the sickest hero well played
00:02:07NotAHax na or kunkka
00:02:08NotAHax fuck the lesh
00:02:08Davvelito and notahax is good
00:02:13YukiDaisy screw lesh
00:02:17iNeuron levi if you get nagashh on your lane, then he will try to kill at level 3
00:02:19iNeuron his moto
00:02:38eH4x.L3vaThiaN- i always get windrun on 2 so np
00:02:40YukiDaisy tri top
00:02:44YukiDaisy TRi TOP
00:03:06NotAHax why you took it
00:03:06NotAHax ..
00:03:10iNeuron cause tree was there?
00:03:13Tonicato i pull creeps
00:03:14NotAHax lol ok
00:03:22eH4x.L3vaThiaN- i have Delays -_-
00:03:30iNeuron where you from ?
00:03:32eH4x.L3vaThiaN- SK
00:03:36iNeuron na stu n1st
00:03:46Nagash uuu
00:03:47YukiDaisy ..
00:03:47Nagash 4 lane
00:04:00YukiDaisy worst then pubs?
00:04:02iNeuron when we get a chance na has to stun first
00:04:06ATS_ ss
00:04:56iNeuron xD
00:04:57NotAHax rofl
00:04:57iNeuron nice
00:04:58NotAHax gj
00:05:01Tonicato are u kidding me?
00:05:03Tonicato 2v1?
00:05:18eH4x.L3vaThiaN- they Both lvl 1
00:05:18eH4x.L3vaThiaN- haha
00:05:26Davvelito guess not
00:05:36Davvelito lvl 1 vs 5
00:05:36Davvelito imba
00:05:37Davvelito .D
00:05:56Tuutu ss mid
00:05:59Tuutu re
00:06:16Nagash INVI ME
00:06:17Nagash VVS
00:06:18Nagash ffs
00:06:34Nagash ffime kohe ara
00:06:42eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ss1
00:06:43iNeuron ma ütlesi nseda alguses juba, et te kaotate
00:06:45iNeuron oma tiimile
00:06:45Nagash alumine lane saab 2v1 rapie ja pu ei oska invida
00:06:53Tuutu ss mid
00:06:54NotAHax too bad
00:06:54Tuutu care top
00:06:57eH4x.L3vaThiaN- serious
00:06:58eH4x.L3vaThiaN- laGs
00:06:59eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ..
00:07:11NotAHax revenge of noobs i call it
00:07:16eH4x.L3vaThiaN- its serious laGs mate
00:07:22eH4x.L3vaThiaN- i DiDnt even see that rhasta comin
00:07:23NotAHax you from africa?
00:07:24iNeuron where are you from
00:07:34eH4x.L3vaThiaN- im stealing internet from neighbour ^_^ thats why
00:07:39NotAHax rofl
00:07:43NotAHax MID MISS
00:07:49NotAHax re
00:07:55NotAHax why you dont play with own internet?
00:08:03eH4x.L3vaThiaN- connection Down for maintenance
00:08:04eH4x.L3vaThiaN- till 2morrow
00:08:10NotAHax lol
00:08:40Davvelito rhasta i need you
00:08:41Davvelito bot
00:08:50NotAHax go
00:09:23iNeuron god fuck
00:09:31NotAHax rofl
00:09:31iNeuron big heroes are big
00:09:35Nagash pwner luna
00:09:37Davvelito are
00:09:39Davvelito you retareded
00:09:40Davvelito he got
00:09:41Davvelito 2 kills
00:09:43Davvelito like 5 level
00:09:44Davvelito over me
00:09:46Davvelito and im alone
00:09:46Davvelito vs him
00:09:47Tonicato gang bot i got ulti
00:09:49Davvelito what shall i do
00:10:05ATS_ b
00:10:13Davvelito please
00:10:14Davvelito come
00:10:14Davvelito donw
00:10:15Davvelito 1
00:10:17ATS_ y
00:10:18NotAHax lina
00:10:18Davvelito hes freefarming
00:10:19ATS_ i come
00:10:20NotAHax can you get wards
00:10:33NotAHax ty
00:10:34karm b wr
00:10:37karm mid miss and top miss
00:10:42eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ty
00:10:51NotAHax wr
00:10:52NotAHax lets go
00:10:53NotAHax rape
00:10:55eH4x.L3vaThiaN- wait
00:10:58eH4x.L3vaThiaN- BrinGin reGen
00:11:47NotAHax lol they go with 4
00:11:50eH4x.L3vaThiaN- well, we rapeD
00:11:51NotAHax im off to afk farm, cya
00:11:54eH4x.L3vaThiaN- noooot
00:12:19eH4x.L3vaThiaN- take oBs
00:12:19eH4x.L3vaThiaN- storm
00:12:29NotAHax ¨lina
00:12:31NotAHax go off
00:12:32NotAHax mid
00:12:39iNeuron okay im 6
00:12:41iNeuron ill gank
00:12:46NotAHax go
00:12:49Davvelito y
00:12:50Davvelito kill bot
00:12:56eH4x.L3vaThiaN- u suD Gank Before 6 for lower mc stun
00:13:20iNeuron top
00:13:22iNeuron i got dusts
00:14:24Davvelito OK
00:14:24Davvelito :D
00:14:35Tonicato gang brown
00:15:00iNeuron got dusts
00:15:09Davvelito reg
00:15:09Davvelito ..
00:15:31iNeuron õfffuuu
00:15:40eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Dust mate
00:15:40eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ..
00:15:48iNeuron there was no need for it yet :/(
00:15:57eH4x.L3vaThiaN- zzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:16:04eH4x.L3vaThiaN- u care to join?
00:16:07YukiDaisy no just farm
00:16:09YukiDaisy and push
00:16:12eH4x.L3vaThiaN- we are always outnumbered
00:16:20NotAHax true
00:16:28YukiDaisy just farm and push storm
00:16:34YukiDaisy zz
00:16:37YukiDaisy ..
00:16:39YukiDaisy told you
00:16:39NotAHax sigh
00:16:40NotAHax lol
00:16:41Tuutu gj
00:16:58Tuutu need rune
00:17:13Tuutu let me
00:17:26NotAHax go
00:17:36NotAHax wtf na
00:17:37eH4x.L3vaThiaN- TY
00:17:39eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -caps
00:17:42Davvelito care
00:17:43Tonicato go mid i ulti
00:17:47ATS_ oom
00:18:24eH4x.L3vaThiaN- watch us Get rapE4 By puGna
00:18:33NotAHax more like raped by retarted moves
00:18:46ATS_ nice plock
00:19:06iNeuron ghavent seen na use his ultiu to gank yet
00:19:27iNeuron someone top ?
00:19:32eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Doesnt neeD too spenD so much mp with 7 seconDs 500 DmG comBonuke lol
00:20:14Davvelito FUCKING
00:20:16YukiDaisy bb lol
00:20:17Davvelito IDIOT CREEPWS
00:20:24eH4x.L3vaThiaN- zzzzzzz
00:20:28eH4x.L3vaThiaN- storm lina wtf?
00:20:31Davvelito port
00:20:32Tuutu pugna dont do like that
00:20:34YukiDaisy dont blame us
00:20:38YukiDaisy that was ur fault
00:20:40eH4x.L3vaThiaN- u left? i DiDnt notice
00:20:46YukiDaisy =.=
00:20:48YukiDaisy the wards are thr
00:20:50YukiDaisy for a reason
00:20:57eH4x.L3vaThiaN- man i thouGht u were BehinD me
00:21:00eH4x.L3vaThiaN- -.-
00:21:08NotAHax Haha ok
00:21:13Tonicato care
00:21:16Nagash kõik ei oelgi veel läbi
00:21:43iNeuron meie omad suht alla andnud juba
00:21:53Nagash karm
00:21:56NotAHax wr
00:21:57NotAHax just farm
00:21:59NotAHax fuck the ganging
00:22:03Nagash eestlasi ei näpita...:D
00:22:11karm heh
00:22:20Tuutu b
00:22:26Davvelito get
00:22:26Davvelito bot
00:22:59Davvelito we cant
00:23:01eH4x.L3vaThiaN- rhasta is here to protect her ass
00:23:02eH4x.L3vaThiaN- j2k
00:23:28Nagash karm 1 hp:D?
00:23:31karm y
00:23:41ATS_ mirana could use ulti?
00:23:49YukiDaisy mana
00:23:52iNeuron cd
00:23:53Tuutu probly
00:24:05eH4x.L3vaThiaN- fu
00:24:08Davvelito this game
00:24:10ATS_ lol
00:24:12Tuutu didnt have mana then
00:24:15Davvelito i suck so much all the time
00:24:16ATS_ y really are pro
00:24:18Tonicato ur playing like a noob
00:24:20Davvelito yes
00:24:21Davvelito OFC
00:24:22ATS_ ok
00:24:22Davvelito you think
00:24:23Davvelito lina
00:24:24Davvelito and ogre
00:24:25Davvelito come
00:24:25Davvelito here
00:24:49ATS_ we have
00:24:59Davvelito def
00:25:00Davvelito mid
00:25:00Davvelito tower+
00:25:34ATS_ all
00:25:41Davvelito we need roof
00:25:46Tonicato sec
00:26:09ATS_ y lets say they wait
00:26:27Tonicato ok i tp now
00:26:30Tonicato try to arrow
00:26:43Davvelito just in time
00:27:24Tonicato b
00:27:38Tonicato push bot
00:27:40eH4x.L3vaThiaN- they will rosh
00:27:41eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Go
00:27:55ATS_ dusts
00:28:12eH4x.L3vaThiaN- on my ult
00:28:13eH4x.L3vaThiaN- we Go
00:28:23eH4x.L3vaThiaN- let me solo farm them
00:28:26eH4x.L3vaThiaN- stay Back for Back up
00:28:52eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Go
00:28:53eH4x.L3vaThiaN- come Guys
00:29:05Tonicato he has no mana
00:29:21Davvelito so unlucky you see me there ats
00:29:22Davvelito instead
00:29:32ATS_ what
00:29:38Tuutu go def
00:29:46Tuutu dont go on with ur poetry
00:29:53eH4x.L3vaThiaN- wait
00:29:53eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Pls
00:29:54eH4x.L3vaThiaN- wait 30 sec
00:29:54Tuutu why?
00:29:54Nagash put armot on tree
00:29:54karm kill tree?
00:29:56Davvelito put armor on towr
00:29:59Nagash armor tpwer
00:30:00iNeuron dont be a cunt now..
00:30:01eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ty
00:30:11Tonicato b
00:30:11Tonicato b
00:30:19eH4x.L3vaThiaN- zz
00:30:23eH4x.L3vaThiaN- B
00:30:30iNeuron oom finally
00:30:45Tonicato go all bot
00:30:46Tonicato i got ulti
00:31:05eH4x.L3vaThiaN- zzz
00:31:05eH4x.L3vaThiaN- afuj1kh4l;fa4f
00:31:07eH4x.L3vaThiaN- fuckin visitor
00:31:10Tonicato go roshan
00:31:12eH4x.L3vaThiaN- is hre anD talks to me i click whatever
00:31:13eH4x.L3vaThiaN- zzz
00:31:32Davvelito they omcve
00:31:35Tuutu pugna stop last hitting kills with dagon
00:31:36NotAHax yo
00:31:39Tonicato kill fast
00:31:44Davvelito be fast
00:31:44Davvelito with ult
00:31:45NotAHax watch
00:31:56eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Dont Do it without BkB
00:32:05YukiDaisy ..
00:32:06eH4x.L3vaThiaN- cu
00:32:19Davvelito bot
00:32:23Nagash lol
00:32:42ATS_ lol.,
00:32:50Tonicato get b
00:32:54Davvelito b
00:32:56Nagash arva ar amisk muga vingutalkse:D
00:33:00Nagash cap vingub:D
00:33:03iNeuron ks
00:33:05Nagash :D
00:33:09Davvelito cmon :D
00:33:10Nagash ei mitte steal
00:33:13ATS_ wtf
00:33:13Nagash Vai lasthitin :D
00:33:15Davvelito worlst longest tp
00:33:18iNeuron õige kah ju
00:33:20ATS_ qho
00:33:20iNeuron Gc ikkagi
00:33:22Nagash imo ka
00:33:23ATS_ how
00:33:26Tuutu sa ei tee seda siis v?
00:33:34iNeuron mis ei tee
00:33:36iNeuron ütlesin õige jkah
00:33:46Tuutu ütlesin pugnale
00:33:54iNeuron ta pole väitnud, et ei tee ju
00:34:00Tuutu veits lame ju, äkki ma panen ka dagoni, teised ka ja siis võidu last hitime
00:34:06iNeuron do it
00:34:10Nagash aga pane keeig ei keela:D
00:34:15Tuutu mine mängi cs'i pugna
00:34:52Tonicato fuck me
00:35:25ATS_ dont die
00:35:34ATS_ panmda
00:35:36ATS_ panda
00:35:46Davvelito oh noes
00:35:46ATS_ lol
00:35:47iNeuron quitting and plugging are same thing, sir Treant
00:35:54Tonicato ?
00:36:05YukiDaisy wr btm
00:36:16NotAHax c,on
00:36:16NotAHax cmon
00:36:19NotAHax why you dont stun
00:36:19NotAHax na
00:36:23karm mana .p
00:36:27YukiDaisy lol i got used to this team
00:36:29karm little miss watching :D
00:36:33YukiDaisy i wont die with them
00:37:07iNeuron tree overfarmed ?
00:37:16Tonicato seems not
00:37:22ATS_ :DDD
00:37:23Tuutu b
00:38:08iNeuron -mc
00:38:15iNeuron 5/25
00:38:17iNeuron success
00:38:22YukiDaisy -mc
00:38:58Nagash gpo miod?
00:38:59Davvelito bot
00:38:59ATS_ give invi
00:39:00Davvelito towr?
00:39:00YukiDaisy wr b
00:39:02YukiDaisy tp
00:39:07ATS_ pls
00:39:07Tuutu go
00:39:08NotAHax no
00:39:10NotAHax keep pushing
00:39:13Nagash 4v5 0 tree ulti 0 luna aegis
00:39:13NotAHax oh they coming
00:39:13NotAHax get b
00:39:18ATS_ trean
00:39:26eH4x.L3vaThiaN- im not BackinG
00:39:29eH4x.L3vaThiaN- Dont loose
00:39:29eH4x.L3vaThiaN- lol
00:39:34NotAHax well cant do a crap
00:39:35NotAHax skiåp
00:39:35YukiDaisy haiz
00:39:36YukiDaisy gg
00:39:39YukiDaisy told u to b
00:39:39NotAHax heitit wardit ku creepit ei ollu ines
00:39:41iNeuron skip allowed
00:39:46iNeuron as you said yesterday
00:39:50NotAHax for first towers
00:39:52NotAHax fucking retard
00:39:53iNeuron o
00:39:55NotAHax not for base towers
00:39:57NotAHax go read rules
00:39:57NotAHax ...
00:39:58NotAHax sigh
00:40:02iNeuron cbfed, I never skip anyway
00:40:04Tuutu b
00:40:07Tuutu b
00:41:21Nagash w8 1 min and take aegis
00:41:27Tuutu come
00:41:31iNeuron invis rhasta coming near bot
00:41:36Tonicato go roshan
00:41:42YukiDaisy lol
00:41:51NotAHax ok
00:41:51NotAHax lol
00:42:09iNeuron karm kanna alati teet
00:42:16iNeuron telet*
00:42:21Nagash take3 and down
00:42:22iNeuron 'turtle time
00:42:26Tonicato roshan and finish
00:42:31Tuutu y
00:42:37eH4x.L3vaThiaN- i haD it clickD But i DiDnt use skill
00:42:40karm u not a hax?
00:42:44eH4x.L3vaThiaN- i was reaDy to Be heronic aBout u fuckn ur ult
00:42:45NotAHax its a me marioo
00:42:46Davvelito bot
00:42:46Davvelito or top?
00:42:49Davvelito mid and hten bot
00:42:50Tuutu bot
00:42:53karm thought so
00:43:04Davvelito roof
00:43:06Davvelito why aegis on you?
00:43:09YukiDaisy pls
00:43:10YukiDaisy def
00:43:10iNeuron dont def bot?
00:43:11Tonicato why not?
00:43:11YukiDaisy wr
00:43:13Davvelito .
00:43:21Nagash coz u only are usefull with uöti:D
00:43:29Tonicato radiance now
00:43:32Davvelito oh
00:43:33Davvelito ..
00:43:41YukiDaisy useless carries
00:43:49NotAHax y i played so crap
00:44:43iNeuron this coulda been won so easy..
00:44:52eH4x.L3vaThiaN- ye with a GooD na..
00:44:59iNeuron they got fucking ats for goods sake
00:45:19eH4x.L3vaThiaN- we lost cos of puGna pick anD BaD na enDup
00:45:47iNeuron gg ikka
00:45:47Tonicato gg
00:45:49iNeuron väga valus
00:45:50eH4x.L3vaThiaN- GGwp
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