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-50 X
-10 TS

88% | 1193 X | 1372 TS

-9 X
-7 TS

83% | 1162 X | 1346 TS

-31 X
-7 TS

79% | 1208 X | 1291 TS

-31 X
-10 TS

57% | 1066 X | 1206 TS

+11 X
-15 TS

10% | 803 X | 1124 TS

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+8 TS

96% | 1390 X | 1418 TS

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+8 TS

95% | 1204 X | 1593 TS

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+52 TS

NEW | 984 X | 1162 TS

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+12 TS

33% | 905 X | 1178 TS

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+11 TS

28% | 893 X | 1159 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Dzinnu ap
00:00:07aRkker AP
00:00:09Lucky -ap
00:00:10Dzinnu if i ducking lose mid now...
00:00:13Wavesofchange rolf
00:00:16Wavesofchange -.-
00:00:17Vilkuky change lanes ?
00:00:19Wavesofchange hate this hero
00:00:19aRkker Qured enjoy your ban btw
00:00:22Soulyah not allowed
00:00:23Mario same lanes
00:00:23Soulyah to change
00:00:26Herre same lanes
00:00:29aRkker you do realize that its same lanes, aswell
00:00:31aRkker and same heroes
00:00:32NotAHax -swap 4
00:00:32Qured well there's nothing I can do about it so I will
00:00:36Soulyah btw
00:00:38Soulyah huskar
00:00:39Soulyah gj
00:00:40Vilkuky why same lanes ?
00:00:43Soulyah i got suc freefarm
00:00:43aRkker Rules are rules.
00:00:44Vilkuky whats the thing about it
00:00:46Mario i know
00:00:52aRkker Pick your centaur.
00:00:52Wavesofchange weaver mid
00:00:53Dzinnu chick
00:00:54aRkker Now.
00:00:56Soulyah cant
00:00:57Lucky y weaver mid
00:00:57Mario cant change lanes
00:01:00Dzinnu herre, chick
00:01:03Lucky better than lesh
00:01:03Dzinnu nbm
00:01:03aRkker too late
00:01:04Vilkuky ofc he can "go" there
00:01:06Vilkuky to take farm
00:01:07Mario not allowed to change lanes
00:01:11Soulyah after a minute
00:01:13Soulyah we swap
00:01:19Vilkuky kk
00:01:19Lucky lesh with me
00:01:23Soulyah same
00:01:24Soulyah lanes
00:01:25Soulyah as b4
00:01:26Mario GO MID LESH
00:01:26Lucky wee are mates
00:01:26Soulyah is a must
00:01:32Dzinnu god sake, a good game ruined
00:01:33Soulyah 1 minute
00:01:33Lucky no weaver
00:01:34Lucky you go
00:01:35Soulyah and u can change
00:01:37Lucky he cant
00:01:38Lucky you can
00:01:41Mario FFS
00:01:41Wavesofchange go mid
00:01:43Wavesofchange weaver
00:01:45Wavesofchange fuck that rule
00:01:46Soulyah *i' CANT GO MID
00:01:51Lucky y you can
00:01:52Lucky omfg
00:01:53Dzinnu :d
00:01:53aRkker you can't, indeed
00:01:56aRkker Leshrac
00:01:59Wavesofchange what
00:01:59aRkker You have to go to the middle
00:02:02Wavesofchange ok
00:02:05Lucky newb soulyah
00:02:05Mario crix top
00:02:06Wavesofchange i leave it after 30 sec
00:02:09Soulyah yea
00:02:10Soulyah we swap
00:02:14Vilkuky yeah he can leave it after 30 sec
00:02:15Soulyah after 30
00:02:21aRkker and get banned for 30 days!
00:02:24Vilkuky there is no "You must farm mid" rule... ?
00:02:27Wavesofchange no i can leave lane
00:02:28Soulyah we can swap lanes
00:02:30Soulyah if the game is on
00:02:35Vilkuky ofc leaving and swapping lanes in game is normal
00:02:39aRkker ofcourse it is
00:02:39Vilkuky kill lvl 3 void
00:02:43Lucky y
00:02:56Wavesofchange come mid
00:03:02Vilkuky go soula
00:03:09Soulyah 30 gold
00:03:25Soulyah k
00:03:26Soulyah coming mid
00:03:41Wavesofchange go fb
00:03:42Wavesofchange top
00:03:45Wavesofchange after i tp
00:03:46Vilkuky kk
00:03:55Dzinnu mid miss
00:04:01Lucky lycan
00:05:01Vilkuky yeah :D
00:05:42Wavesofchange go pull husikar
00:05:51aRkker yo husikar
00:06:26Soulyah ss
00:06:31Qured miss
00:06:32Qured huskar
00:06:41NotAHax wait dzinnu
00:06:47Soulyah b
00:06:52NotAHax we cant
00:07:30Wavesofchange huskar
00:07:31Wavesofchange go top
00:07:51Mario fucking tard
00:07:55Wavesofchange stfu
00:07:56Wavesofchange did u see my hp
00:07:57Dzinnu someones bottle
00:08:02Herre MINE
00:08:07Dzinnu its here
00:08:11Mario missed stun and threw the lighting 2 weeks late
00:08:16Lucky sk..
00:08:18Qured miss
00:08:19Qured huskar
00:08:21Soulyah ss
00:08:25Dzinnu y
00:08:28Soulyah b
00:08:30Lucky your bad
00:08:32Vilkuky YES
00:08:38Wavesofchange wtf
00:08:40Wavesofchange why dint stun go off
00:08:51Qured re
00:08:55Qured miss lesh
00:09:03Vilkuky i go bot and let you farm ?
00:09:11Vilkuky void
00:09:31Wavesofchange k
00:09:54Dzinnu mid miss
00:10:08Vilkuky got stun
00:10:13NotAHax look bot rune
00:10:14NotAHax dzinnu
00:10:30Dzinnu weaver going bot
00:10:31Vilkuky go tinker
00:10:32Mario So
00:10:34Soulyah ss
00:10:37Dzinnu b
00:10:55Vilkuky b
00:10:55Vilkuky b
00:11:00Lucky gang top!
00:11:38Dzinnu mid miss
00:11:42Qured miss
00:11:45Qured bot
00:11:55Soulyah ssmid
00:12:16Dzinnu wards please
00:12:32Lucky rdy mid ?
00:12:36Dzinnu mid still miss
00:12:37Soulyah k
00:12:40Lucky i make ulti so you can hit
00:12:45Dzinnu rune top
00:12:48Dzinnu if any
00:13:06Mario u could've stunned him
00:13:09Qured huskar re
00:13:12Mario but np
00:13:15Vilkuky oisit antanu stunnaa vaa.
00:13:23Vilkuky olisin ultannut
00:13:25Mario ajattelin että viittisit :D
00:13:30Dzinnu mid miss
00:13:36Vilkuky en voi ultaa jos sil stunni
00:13:52Wavesofchange haha
00:13:57Wavesofchange where the fuck did my mana
00:13:58Wavesofchange go
00:14:01aRkker <-
00:14:02aRkker ward
00:14:06Wavesofchange ofc
00:14:06Soulyah ss
00:14:07Wavesofchange -.-
00:14:10Vilkuky anna stunnaa
00:14:11Vilkuky tuun ultaa
00:14:13Wavesofchange funny he can just
00:14:15Wavesofchange push lane
00:14:17Wavesofchange and no1 comes
00:14:29NotAHax arkker lv 9 mee sooloo roosa
00:14:30Dzinnu mid miss
00:14:36Wavesofchange go
00:14:37Wavesofchange crix
00:14:59aRkker tervist, renee
00:15:05Soulyah SS
00:15:13Qured chick dead?
00:15:17Dzinnu y, sry
00:15:19Soulyah care
00:15:20NotAHax buy new one plz
00:15:22NotAHax and upgrd it
00:15:24NotAHax upgrd it
00:15:26NotAHax so it dosent die
00:15:57Soulyah ss
00:16:38Dzinnu mid miss
00:16:39Dzinnu going down
00:16:54Vilkuky noin
00:16:58NotAHax Void fat ?
00:17:08NotAHax Gang void imba.
00:17:23Lucky well its working
00:17:33Wavesofchange nice ward
00:18:10Wavesofchange crix
00:18:11Wavesofchange go bot
00:18:30Dzinnu kill down
00:18:32Wavesofchange go ff
00:18:34Wavesofchange prolong :D
00:18:48Vilkuky b
00:18:49Vilkuky b
00:18:49Vilkuky b
00:19:07Vilkuky buy me tp
00:19:08Lucky ffs
00:19:09Vilkuky i go ulti
00:19:12Lucky come bot
00:19:17Dzinnu oh god
00:19:32Mario invi pugna
00:20:15Mario PUGNA COMING
00:20:18Wavesofchange lycn bkb soon
00:20:20Soulyah go
00:21:01Mario care
00:21:20Mario lycan with bkb any sec now
00:21:24Wavesofchange y
00:21:41Lucky gang
00:21:42Soulyah getting mkb for that pugna
00:21:43Mario omw
00:21:53Soulyah 1
00:21:54Soulyah to
00:21:54Soulyah bot
00:21:59Soulyah y
00:22:11Dzinnu wards please
00:22:40Lucky stun sk
00:22:41Herre :DDDDDDDDD
00:22:41Lucky omfg
00:22:44Lucky so slow
00:22:47NotAHax CAN WE GO
00:22:50Vilkuky didnt see cent
00:22:51NotAHax ALL 5
00:22:51NotAHax TOP
00:22:54Lucky cuz your slow..
00:22:54NotAHax ALL WITH 5 TOP PLZ
00:22:56Wavesofchange rolf
00:22:56NotAHax we can push
00:22:57NotAHax raxes
00:22:57Dzinnu lets wait till arker has deso
00:22:58Dzinnu and then
00:22:59NotAHax no
00:23:00NotAHax just go NOW
00:23:02NotAHax we dont need deso
00:23:04NotAHax we can push now
00:23:06NotAHax ALL TELE TOP
00:23:07Mario they are going 5 on top i bert
00:23:09Mario bet
00:23:09NotAHax cent
00:23:10NotAHax come
00:23:10aRkker I got mah bkb now
00:23:11NotAHax tele top
00:23:12Qured omw
00:23:18Mario gang
00:23:20NotAHax gather
00:23:21Dzinnu coming
00:23:29Mario lycan has bkb
00:23:34Wavesofchange okk
00:23:56Vilkuky i ulti
00:24:10Soulyah ULTOI
00:24:11Soulyah NAHHUI
00:24:13Soulyah EI TÖÖTA
00:24:14Wavesofchange Wtf
00:24:16Wavesofchange suchj fail
00:24:29NotAHax b
00:24:32NotAHax wait
00:24:34NotAHax i get dd
00:24:35NotAHax and we go
00:24:37aRkker fuck that
00:24:38aRkker we go now
00:24:39Mario all top
00:24:46Soulyah start ur ulti b4 and stun in, sk
00:24:53Dzinnu coming
00:24:58Dzinnu wait 1 min till i get there
00:26:11Wavesofchange look my items
00:26:12Dzinnu wait
00:26:16aRkker Look my!
00:26:23Mario look at me
00:27:57Vilkuky go ulti
00:28:37Herre out plei out plei
00:28:37Vilkuky gj
00:28:41Soulyah hax
00:28:42Herre tinditindindii
00:28:53Qured reg
00:28:56Soulyah need 350
00:29:10NotAHax go win now
00:29:11Dzinnu could use hex
00:29:13NotAHax after arkker has
00:29:13NotAHax got
00:29:16NotAHax rosh
00:29:29NotAHax ALL TOP
00:29:49Vilkuky needar dust
00:29:50Wavesofchange otw
00:30:28Soulyah over
00:30:31Soulyah play
00:30:32Soulyah mad
00:30:43NotAHax dzinnu
00:30:45NotAHax lets just go now
00:30:45NotAHax plz
00:30:48NotAHax we can finish it sarsly
00:30:49Dzinnu i was there
00:30:50NotAHax from top
00:30:51NotAHax yy i know
00:31:00NotAHax tank lesh
00:31:01NotAHax i see.
00:31:07Wavesofchange Ofc
00:31:09Wavesofchange no tank no nuke
00:31:28NotAHax centaur
00:31:30NotAHax def mid and go top
00:31:30NotAHax NOW
00:31:35NotAHax ALL TOP
00:31:38Wavesofchange im b
00:31:48NotAHax CENTAUR
00:32:01Soulyah they will push top
00:32:06Mario Ye
00:32:08Soulyah kill
00:32:09Soulyah them
00:32:09Soulyah b4
00:32:11Soulyah raxes
00:32:28Soulyah tp
00:32:30Mario void come FFS
00:32:34Soulyah please
00:32:59NotAHax RAX
00:33:41Soulyah lost raxes
00:33:41Soulyah gg
00:33:45Wavesofchange wellæ
00:33:47Wavesofchange what can we do about it
00:33:54Dzinnu buy ultimate orb herre
00:33:54Dzinnu imo
00:33:56Soulyah void shoulda come faster
00:33:57Soulyah 3 secs
00:33:58Herre not
00:34:03Soulyah and try to get pugna and tinker in
00:34:04Lucky mine
00:34:10Dzinnu you are doing guinsoo?
00:34:13Herre y
00:35:41NotAHax :;DD
00:35:42Soulyah rofl
00:35:43Vilkuky FUUUUUUUUUU
00:36:17Dzinnu need all
00:36:18Dzinnu lets wait
00:36:54Lucky fast tps plz
00:37:39NotAHax b
00:37:47Soulyah TURA
00:37:50Soulyah so much
00:37:50Dzinnu :D
00:37:51Soulyah unluck
00:37:54aRkker TÜRA *
00:37:59Dzinnu ära m6tlegi kobistama hakata:D
00:38:04Soulyah teie kobistate
00:38:10Soulyah sa saad ma ei tea mitmes kord alla saja elu ära
00:38:15NotAHax gop all
00:38:16NotAHax mid
00:38:17NotAHax go all mid
00:38:17NotAHax plz
00:38:28aRkker 15 seconder
00:38:31Herre hei
00:38:41Dzinnu dont die
00:38:42Dzinnu pugna
00:38:44Dzinnu ..
00:38:45Wavesofchange so slow
00:38:46Wavesofchange sk
00:38:56Vilkuky no ulti
00:39:00NotAHax ALL MID
00:39:01NotAHax NOW
00:39:05Dzinnu wait tinker
00:39:07NotAHax y
00:39:14Vilkuky got
00:39:22Vilkuky w8
00:39:24Vilkuky mid
00:39:26Vilkuky ulti @tower
00:39:32Dzinnu could use a gem
00:39:35Dzinnu b
00:39:39Wavesofchange he dont have ulti
00:39:42Mario Void has no ulti yet
00:39:44Vilkuky i have
00:39:44Dzinnu b
00:39:46Dzinnu waot
00:39:51Vilkuky blink
00:40:29Wavesofchange fucking no ward
00:40:30Wavesofchange down
00:40:31NotAHax gg
00:40:32NotAHax :D:D
00:40:55Qured bah
00:41:04Soulyah so fial
00:41:05Dzinnu rosh
00:41:06Soulyah with
00:41:06Dzinnu take
00:41:07aRkker yy
00:41:08Soulyah voids ulti
00:41:09Soulyah (
00:41:10Soulyah :(
00:41:11Wavesofchange y
00:41:43aRkker v6ta
00:41:43Lucky do you know how hard it use to set a perfect ulti ?
00:41:44aRkker chees
00:41:45Qured cheese
00:41:45aRkker JUUST!
00:41:50Dzinnu someone
00:41:51Dzinnu take
00:41:51Wavesofchange Funny game realy
00:41:53Dzinnu no room
00:41:59Wavesofchange we all bkb and take down rax
00:42:08NotAHax You mad?
00:42:10aRkker -afk
00:42:25Dzinnu need some souls
00:42:27Soulyah go?
00:42:57Wavesofchange I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:57Soulyah gg
00:42:59Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:02Wavesofchange !ff
00:43:03Wavesofchange I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:05Wavesofchange !ff
00:43:05Lucky this game was 4v5..
00:43:06Wavesofchange I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:11Lucky huskar so bad
00:43:12NotAHax imba ppunga np
00:43:16Wavesofchange hah
00:43:17Wavesofchange not a hax
00:43:22NotAHax axaxax
00:43:23Lucky nah freefarmed pugna..
00:43:23Wavesofchange your ward is imba
00:43:38Lucky not impressed at all
00:43:40Wavesofchange and i suck with lesh
00:43:42NotAHax y i farmed heros
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