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91% | 1610 X | 1510 TS

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85% | 1553 X | 1424 TS

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78% | 1422 X | 1433 TS

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66% | 1271 X | 1424 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:16Affliction -ii
00:00:16Affliction -don
00:00:16Affliction -hhn
00:00:16Allistysmies playing slark?
00:00:16nigulas nah
00:00:16nigulas -omni
00:00:16Firelord0.1 -krobe
00:00:16Kastrup fun pool actually..
00:00:16Kastrup any1 cm?
00:00:16Affliction i can
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T bs
00:00:16nigulas u want me to carry?
00:00:16Affliction But want sky
00:00:16Affliction :/
00:00:16nigulas or fun
00:00:18Allistysmies carry it
00:00:18Kastrup id play sky i think
00:00:20Allistysmies with slark!
00:00:33Rotkiv OMNI AND BS BANNED!!??
00:00:33nigulas nah
00:00:35nigulas fun times
00:00:37Allistysmies ;(
00:00:37nigulas brb
00:00:39nigulas im mid
00:00:51Kastrup u want cm?
00:00:54Affliction ey
00:01:02Kastrup 4 u
00:01:06Affliction roger
00:01:10coolass go slark :P
00:01:11Allistysmies woods
00:01:17Kastrup give me..
00:01:18Affliction but wont take Aura :/ only lvl 1 :/
00:01:18coolass or sand king
00:01:18Kastrup hm..
00:01:19NwC.CooL-T krob
00:01:22NwC.CooL-T sk
00:01:22coolass or keob
00:01:27coolass or sven why not
00:01:29Kastrup give gyro.
00:01:34Kastrup or necro
00:01:41Affliction necro ?
00:01:43Kastrup hmm
00:01:44Affliction or
00:01:46Kastrup hm
00:01:48Kastrup gyro
00:01:56Affliction -swap 2
00:01:56Kastrup -swp 4
00:01:59Kastrup <- top
00:02:04Kastrup -swap 4
00:02:09NwC.CooL-T ?????? ???? ?????????
00:02:15Kanpu3a [eq
00:02:18Kanpu3a ????
00:02:22Kanpu3a ???
00:02:24NwC.CooL-T ? ????? ????????????
00:02:32Kastrup one afk pause please
00:02:33NwC.CooL-T ???? ???? ???? ???????
00:02:33Kastrup nigulas
00:02:33Kastrup say when b
00:02:33Kastrup -afk
00:02:33nigulas suü
00:02:33Kastrup allistys
00:02:33Firelord0.1 wer is afk
00:02:33Allistysmies joo
00:02:33Kastrup pleas dont safe all your money again okay?
00:02:34Affliction G
00:02:39Kastrup u can gank top very easy
00:02:42Allistysmies well sure
00:02:42Kastrup with me missle
00:02:44Kastrup u go
00:02:47Kastrup should be fairly easy
00:02:49Allistysmies depends if outcome is obvious after 5 mins
00:03:20Allistysmies i don't plan to fuck up games, i just don't bother if it's just.. obvious
00:03:35Allistysmies result that is
00:03:44Allistysmies warded top
00:03:48Allistysmies no pull
00:05:28Kanpu3a ursa in wood
00:05:42NwC.CooL-T ??
00:05:43NwC.CooL-T ??
00:05:45NwC.CooL-T ss
00:05:59Kastrup fuck
00:06:06Kastrup tough top
00:06:24nigulas ret
00:06:25nigulas lucker
00:06:29NwC.CooL-T lick my balls
00:06:29coolass sven stun soon maiden
00:06:36nigulas 2x
00:06:37nigulas 1 hp
00:06:38Firelord0.1 ssmaiden
00:06:53Kanpu3a ?? ?? ??????
00:07:17NwC.CooL-T ???? ?????
00:07:24Kanpu3a ??
00:07:27Kanpu3a ssmid
00:07:29Kanpu3a ss
00:07:31Kastrup -1
00:07:31NwC.CooL-T care
00:07:37nigulas im invi
00:07:38NwC.CooL-T here rune
00:07:38nigulas so wait
00:07:46coolass -ma
00:08:09Allistysmies top miss still
00:08:31Kastrup ursa
00:08:33Kastrup an u gang?
00:08:33Allistysmies k
00:08:34Allistysmies i'll come
00:08:52nigulas sk
00:08:53nigulas why u
00:08:54nigulas dont
00:08:54nigulas fucking
00:08:55nigulas buy tp
00:09:33Kastrup -2
00:09:51Allistysmies ogre coming
00:09:54Allistysmies 3 coming
00:10:00Rotkiv ss
00:10:05Allistysmies 3 top
00:10:07Allistysmies at least 3 top
00:10:20Kastrup i got ulti
00:10:23Kastrup can someone come top?
00:10:29Allistysmies well ican
00:10:32Allistysmies need more though?
00:10:45Kastrup back
00:10:46Kastrup bac
00:11:29Allistysmies ogre top
00:11:32Allistysmies 2 top
00:12:01Rotkiv cmoon
00:12:14coolass so fuckin poor shit
00:12:16Kastrup tried
00:12:29nigulas cm
00:12:31nigulas we need u to roam
00:12:37Affliction k
00:12:43Kastrup when im there we go ursa
00:12:47Allistysmies low on all
00:12:52Kastrup kk
00:13:00Kastrup sk
00:13:08nigulas wtf?
00:13:57nigulas b
00:14:12Kastrup jaazz top
00:14:48Firelord0.1 b
00:15:12Kastrup lina
00:15:13Kastrup come top
00:15:14Kastrup we nee that ogre
00:15:45nigulas wtf
00:15:54Kastrup where did thy come from
00:15:59nigulas no
00:16:00nigulas fucking
00:16:01nigulas idea
00:16:05Kastrup this is madness
00:16:10Allistysmies madness?
00:16:10Kastrup 2839012389 people top all the time
00:16:16Allistysmies this.. is.. you know
00:16:19nigulas cm
00:16:20nigulas why
00:16:22nigulas u so stupid
00:17:07nigulas taem?
00:17:15nigulas they play with 5
00:17:15nigulas we
00:17:17nigulas are like
00:17:18nigulas idiots
00:17:30Kastrup we need pibe
00:17:31Kastrup .com
00:17:43Kastrup ursa can take roshan
00:17:46Kastrup if he smokes
00:17:47nigulas long time ago
00:17:50Kastrup jmmm
00:18:17nigulas ffliction
00:18:18nigulas :D
00:18:19nigulas ur just
00:18:20nigulas i have
00:18:20Affliction :/
00:18:21nigulas no wards
00:18:23nigulas words
00:18:30nigulas send a rocket
00:19:33coolass back
00:20:17nigulas WTF
00:20:19nigulas 2v1
00:21:14coolass lol
00:21:15coolass i am blind
00:21:15coolass :D
00:21:50Kastrup srly
00:21:57nigulas cm!
00:22:06Kastrup guys
00:22:06Kastrup why
00:22:06Kastrup why u go rambo
00:22:06nigulas he
00:22:06nigulas dont even have boots
00:22:06nigulas and im the one
00:22:06nigulas buywing
00:22:06nigulas wards
00:22:06nigulas wtf
00:22:06nigulas is this
00:22:06Allistysmies having fun?
00:22:06nigulas yes
00:22:06Affliction have boots
00:22:06Affliction :/
00:22:06Firelord0.1 lol?
00:22:06Affliction on chicken
00:22:06Affliction :D
00:22:06Kastrup well u go fucking rambo
00:22:06nigulas take a wild
00:22:06Kastrup STAY back
00:22:06nigulas gues
00:22:06nigulas who balances
00:22:06Affliction me
00:22:06Affliction :
00:22:06Affliction :D
00:22:06Affliction or ?
00:22:06Allistysmies i'll go
00:22:06Kastrup not ursa
00:22:06Kastrup we need ursa
00:22:06Kastrup i think..
00:22:06nigulas orly :D
00:22:06nigulas ofc cm balances
00:22:14Rotkiv go balance
00:22:14coolass AAAAAAAAAA
00:22:14nigulas ursa
00:22:14nigulas u need bkb
00:22:14cooper ???? ?? ????
00:22:14nigulas not vanguard
00:22:14nigulas useless
00:22:14nigulas 2k
00:22:14nigulas waste
00:22:14coolass -roll
00:22:14coolass X^X^X^^X
00:22:14cooper ? ???????
00:22:14Allistysmies k, give money
00:22:14nigulas ur wasting ur money
00:22:14nigulas on random
00:22:15nigulas shit
00:22:15Firelord0.1 fix taht laggs or leave rubrick!!!!!
00:22:16nigulas u dont need
00:22:23nigulas buy phase
00:22:30nigulas def
00:22:38Kastrup leave it
00:22:40Kastrup LEAVE IT
00:23:29Kastrup this is going to be hard
00:23:55Kanpu3a fire lordf
00:24:04Kanpu3a kiss my ass
00:24:05Rotkiv do we?
00:24:08Kanpu3a fucking noob
00:24:09nigulas y
00:24:10Kastrup i think we should
00:24:16nigulas but ursa
00:24:17nigulas notp
00:24:18Firelord0.1 than dont lagg
00:24:18cooper ????????????)
00:24:20Rotkiv ..
00:24:31Affliction :FD
00:24:54NwC.CooL-T toogether faggots
00:25:02Allistysmies waste
00:25:07nigulas he deaD?
00:25:09nigulas cd 90
00:25:11Allistysmies yeah, waste still
00:25:13Allistysmies oh nothing
00:25:13Kanpu3a ???? ?????
00:25:18Kanpu3a ???????
00:25:19Allistysmies thought they would be pushing top
00:25:39NwC.CooL-T sky come on
00:25:43NwC.CooL-T push mid and gg
00:25:44coolass ....
00:26:02Kastrup nah
00:26:45Rotkiv guck silnce
00:26:54nigulas huh
00:26:55Rotkiv but gj gyro :P
00:26:58Kastrup ;)
00:27:03nigulas sk u got
00:27:05nigulas ulti down?
00:27:09Allistysmies yeah
00:27:10Rotkiv allmost ..
00:27:14Rotkiv or did i?
00:27:16Allistysmies yeah
00:27:19Rotkiv k
00:27:20Allistysmies didn't you?
00:27:22Kastrup what should i go?
00:27:23Allistysmies :/
00:27:23Kastrup items wise?
00:27:26nigulas get
00:27:28Rotkiv i dont know :P
00:27:28nigulas pipe
00:27:28NwC.CooL-T buy ward
00:27:31nigulas u get money
00:27:32nigulas we dont
00:27:42Rotkiv pipe best
00:27:51nigulas rocket
00:27:52Firelord0.1 1 creep for bkb
00:27:57Kastrup b
00:28:17nigulas wow cm
00:28:17nigulas just
00:28:18nigulas stay
00:28:19nigulas invi
00:28:21nigulas while we kill ogre
00:28:26Affliction no look @ skys HP
00:28:55Allistysmies I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:41Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:45Affliction to much stun
00:29:45Affliction :/
00:29:53Allistysmies gg
00:29:55Rotkiv too much dis,
00:30:02nigulas with bkb ursa
00:30:03coolass go top
00:30:04nigulas by now
00:30:05nigulas they
00:30:06nigulas so ez
00:30:11Allistysmies k, give money
00:30:15nigulas my fault
00:30:17nigulas ur retarded
00:30:17Kastrup well its not over yet
00:30:19nigulas and cant farm
00:30:19Kastrup i get pibe soon
00:30:22Allistysmies k
00:30:23Allistysmies having fun?
00:30:57nigulas def
00:31:03nigulas cm
00:31:04nigulas no t
00:31:04nigulas p
00:31:40Firelord0.1 comen help me when i tank
00:31:56nigulas and sk?
00:31:57nigulas u stun
00:31:57Kastrup well im trying
00:31:58nigulas into
00:31:59Kastrup but lina
00:32:00Affliction out picked and playes :/
00:32:00nigulas 5 disable
00:32:01nigulas team
00:32:01Kastrup that item build
00:32:04Kastrup iss fucking idiotic
00:32:04Allistysmies having fun?
00:32:10nigulas yes
00:32:12nigulas im having fun
00:32:17Allistysmies so, bitching is fun for you?
00:32:17Kastrup well not fun loosing
00:33:13nigulas I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:16Affliction I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:10Firelord0.1 cd
00:34:15Firelord0.1 w8
00:34:16NwC.CooL-T i coming
00:34:27coolass rosy then
00:35:33nigulas ff?
00:35:35Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:49coolass WHAT?
00:35:51coolass he killed it
00:35:53coolass and took
00:35:54coolass aegis
00:35:58NwC.CooL-T ok
00:36:01Kastrup who got ank?
00:36:01coolass :D
00:36:02NwC.CooL-T dont see
00:36:06NwC.CooL-T die or not
00:36:32Allistysmies sven
00:36:48Kastrup I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:36:49Kastrup gg
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